The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1941
Page 3
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JANUARY .,8. .19.1,1 BTATTIEVTLLR (ARK,). COTJRIRK NEWS V .A [St. George's Island S W. ' ""' M. ,—, __ Eastern End Bermuda Mainland st Ceor ge Highway ims Do-on Uf'ij.'iKtcnt, lor the '20 y furs on the tourist, (nutc Iknv well tiu«y like UK- bn.scs is t.o ho-.v litllc i,ho v Ua'>o.s will hurt tourism "PAGE THREE. Tlu- mosl iiopt'l'ill vl'ics Koumnji 'I ul the isliind'.s UK-HI l'iM-1 ;i.s ini/imni. hi-«d ^l prominent o! ,i inut.ius ni-imiirUv to Here is tht- eastern cud of the hermucla with St. George's Island by fillcd-in land, Castk *, \vhrre the U. S. will estublish ai ran ,i navii , lmses Harbor will hi Long- Bird site of the land plane b<> <'Onncct(.(t Labor Problem Ticklish F J. S. Building Bermuda B or a es First of three on-tlie-the articles telling the story of Bermuda at war. 1JV TOM WOLF NEA Service Staff Correspondent HAMILTON. Bermuda, Jan. 8.— Labor trouble follows the flag. The most ticklish of the many problems arising out of Great Britain's 99- year lease to the U. S. of naval and air base sites in Bermuda concerns labor. The standard Bermuda wage is 10'. shillings (now about $2) a day. American wages are much higher. If'the' U. S. Army pays American wages for base workers. Bermuda's native labor supply will be entirely diverted from local business and industry—some of it, vital. like the Bermuda naval dockyard. So the Bermuda Labor Board announced .that, it would arrange for the Americans- to pay native worker? the staiidatrd 52 a day. Buij najEJve ^abov is^e its demands 'foV as high a wage as the American laborers get. So it recently formed .the Bermuda Workers' Association—the first, labor union in Bermuda history BASES TAKE 1-25TH Of LAND AREA This is one of the many repercussions- that have shaken these sunny, after 300 tranquil-years, they are suddenly awakened to'find themselves vital bastions .in. an American defense chain stretching from Canada to South America. And, as yet. the American bases are only in their preliminary stages. The sites comprise about 510 acres—one-twenty-fifth of Bermuda's total area—at the. eastern- end of the islands. The air base is composed of. a horseshoe of islands .encircling the sparkling blue waters of Castle Harbor..The harbor Itself, once it has been blasted clear of, a myriad of delicately-shaped coral formations, will serve as the CT. S. naval base. The main islands affected—Long Bird, St. David's and Cooper's— are among the most beautiful and best-loved" parts of Bermuda. Their green, cedar-covered hills and their valleys -that next Easter will be white with lilies are now dotted with multi-colored flags. They mark, the progress -of the surveys which a 30-man army commission headed by stocky, efficient Maj. Don-aid White, 'is pushing ahead at top speed. . Attached to the seaplane tender U. .S. S. George E. Badger, now anchored in the Little Sound -off Hamilton, three navy Consolidated bombers unake daily scout and patrol flights under the command of handsome, well-liked Lt. Cornmdr. T. R. Frederick. In addition a navy hydrographic ship, the Bowditch, is making daily observations around St. George's. The date the bases will be ready has not yet been announced. Perhaps .some men will sail for Ber;mi:da next spring. A lot depends en how ' BERMUDA ISLANDS Scale of Miles Atlantic Ocean Coral Reef High Land ailroad Map shows locations of proposed U. S. air base, munitions dump >and barracks on the British Islands of Bermuda* :>—An ammunition dump on Cooper's. GOVERNOR PHILOSOPHICAL' : - .-,' •.Bernvudians are of a unanimous opinion on one aspect of the bases: "It's the bloody biggest thing that ever hit us." Here unanimity ends, though naturally there' are 'certain aspects which few Bermuclians like. They dislike giving a twenty-fifth of their land to a foreign power. They dislike the thought of mod| ernization which the bases must , bring—for much of Bermuda's ap- ' peal has been its charming quaint, ness. . On this score, however, many Bermudiam are philosophical. His Excellency Lt. Gen. Sir Denis John Charles Kinvan Bernard, governor of Bermuda, sums up this point of view in an interview he ganted me, his first with a representative lot" the press since he came to Bermuda in October, 3939. "Is it possible," Sir Denis asks, "that these islands should" go on forever without being touched? If these changes had to come, perhaps it is for the best that they should come at this time. I should Symbols of. peace are the famous lilies, of Bermuda but Bermuda itself is warlike these days. which must be imported) and labor the army decides to send to do the job. Present plans call for: 1—An air field \nth three runways of 5COO, 4500 and 3500 feet on Long- Bird Island (involving a tricky 200 acre fill). 2 —Barracks for 45CO men, exclusive of the navy, on St. jike to add, however, that motor cars must not be used outside the confines of the American bases. It -would . be absolute ruination to. Bermuda." How you feel about the bases, after certain fundamental regrets, depends pretty Izu-gely on what you do for a living. St. George's is more pleased than Hamilton, .because it will profit, most, from the bases. .. .The colored population, which by and large has never had much money. ; is [generally please:!. The Negroes figure -any new business will improve their situation. • At the other end of the economic scale, the very rich -are primarily resentful of change and the intrusion. In the middle is the large yroup .SOOTHES CHAFED SKIN WH.tTE PETROLEUM C MOROLINE HAIR [BtBotttcs TONIC ( of Cold Symptoms 666 Liquid or 666 Tablets with 666 Salve or 666 Nose Drops generally relieves cold symptoms the first day. Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal, For the New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE 76 A NEWS STORY OF INTEREST! COMMON COLD FINDS ENEMY IN LAUNDRY JOLIET. 111., Jan. 8.—If colds are passed among the members of your family in this sniffly season like hot rolls at the dinner table, one of the reasons may be lack of sanitation in your home washing. According to a survey by the American Institute of Laundering, the average • housewife uses only 1.7 gallons of water for every pound of clothes when she does the family washing. This probably accounts for the high bacteria count in most washing done at home. The modern, professional laundry uses 4.5 gallons of water for every pound of washing entrusted to its scientific care. This liberal usage of water, plus controlled high temperatures, assures the customer of complete laundry sanitation. The average housewife uses only three changes of water, the survey showed, while the professional laundry averages ten. The above news story is correct in every detail Your clothes are CLEANER, MORE SANITARY when you send them to us for laundering or cleaning. Just give us a call. CALL 180 FOR PROMPT LAUNDRY-CLEANER SERVICE NU VA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS tourisi e so u.uie. they will which touri.sUs, Mr. Hie ! nu'iual (o i\\ they :iiv loriii end ol i he Mand.s. And be a j-voal. boon to Si itself." AW l-'HCI.O IN ASTOK'S YAKI) by 111,- i;:|.;,-s f s (! ho/iu'.s and umiiiuii ttstlnmU'd M'o:n $| Un> 50 lajnilii'.s Ui,> u tJM .. s w jj'j tih . PO.SSC.S.S. TliiA Js p»'(iij t j-lv un',>;•='- uife Jn the- <.-nsi' of t)jr- ,s:, Davki,, -sume -spot foi- :HU) y.'nr.s \m ; « u>ho hnyt* bt-oojjH' n)nio.sf u mcc npiu-i, I'eu Ahirnciin.-; in 1 . 1 Vkfrr-rip;! |>v UJP buaos. aJUjoujih VimWu Actor's '^-aon:- csiuu' will luiv?; nil' liolil for ;i jjont yard. Tlu* •H'S!/ ;»-ivnt«' r.suiu- on the f;iu\s ti> Wililtuu M. tijvvt'. K loni.t'i- NOW Yo.k mil- lioiuilif who inmsftn-eu lii.s clti- Konshij) io lax-nrc Lidjlmwtpln. He hn.s Just .sj>,>w >\ y( . lu . | ju ii ( ij m , an C'htboi'iia.' homt- on Long Bird tfsUnmu-d cost, of H's too wu-ly to (oil wha{. u\e eventual ellecl. of tlu. bases will 'f- ^ >I ''nudi, luis i-oous deep in America, ft wi.s first settled as )art ' Oj U»e Virginia colony. There nro ninny, wlio UiJnk Hint, even bcfoj'o the 9Q-y<?ni' IPORCS expire suijny coral i.sliuid.s will' ngniu belong to the sumo ctountry as Virginia. This Is few Bcnmidiuns jij idea that to think Do* l-Vyliins -In Divorce SAN PrUNOt.SCO UJP)-rn Uu> djvorci'j rt»Ji. of Vhu'ont j. and Mi", airut.v.s O'Brien, si iv^riMUnent wu.s- reached I 1 ,'.), fninJly polio.t dog. was award< i (i to the husbrmci. Mrs, b'ariwi however, r^elvod a - conn order her to visit the do-ni Vou Ca:i honifld toads, Them Uir'les fro«s and newts, have been ruled by the Unlied- states -postofficc to be ac- for .shipments. How To Relieve Bronchitis Ci-eomulston relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender inflamed bronchial mucous rnenv- b 'i an ,t?' T ? n your dr U88lst to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un- • derstanding you must like the way it Quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couehs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis NN'e Proudly Announce tho Arrival of Our New CADILLAC AMBULANCE . winy when tte ,, m l ,,,| se .. Wmcmta . «,," m c< "" f( "-"""" 0»» AmtaHanc, POK AJVIttW.ANnC 8KRVICK CAM, 2fi Cobb Funeral Home "The Typewriter ROYAU SMITH CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING pHONE bu 'Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) efrigerators Automatic Roomy porcelain Interior light Vegetable ..convenient! Freshener! 2cu.ft READ—ACT H ••••••. j •....' f We have twenty-one 1940 floor samples and repossessed refrigerators that we must sell within the next ten days to make space for a carload of new 1941 models. All of these refrigerators are backed by our S-year Protection Plan to be in first class mechanical order. You can't afford to be without refrigeration when we offer bargains like these. Remember this sale is only for ten days; so make your selec- 1 tion early. As Shown Above YOU SAVE §50.00 $'1 DOWN, Monthly Payments, Carrying Charge • Backed by Wards own 5-year Protection Plan! • Sfngfe-bi;ffon I0-po/nf temperature control'. • 73.7 iq. ft s/ie/forea/Poree/o/n interior I • Two sliding shelves for your convenience i • Handy crystal chill tray , , , 26. inches deep! Just Imagine, you would pay the above price for an ordinary ice bo.\. Don't delay. He here c,irVy for this special bargain for we have only three at this price. Remember these refrigerators sold regularly through 1940 at $104.95. Re thrifty, save now. 1940 DcLUXE MODELS We have only seven of those bargains. Size 6.25 cu. ft..& fully equipped. You save S36! Regularly $1!9J5 Terms 1940 SUPREME MODELS Only eight of these beautiful 7 cu. ft. fully equipped with glass covered vegetable freshener. You save $48.00. Reg. $t6?.95 Terms SPECIAL FOR FARMERS Only three large 9 cu. U. refrigerators ai this extremely * low price. You save $50.00. Reg. $184.95 Terms CATALOG ORDER SERVICE tarings yfru t>vsr 100,000 items! OMERY WARD BUY NOW...PAY MOMMY on Words Month! y Payment PfonJ 406 W. Main Phone 676

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