The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 19l THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THl COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS V O. B. BABCOCK, Editor H. W.JHA1NES, Advertising Menagcr '•BcHe N*tion«l Advertising Represcntuilvcs: Arkansas Dallies,- Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. * Published Every Altcrnoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter al M 1C pasr onfice nl Blytlicvlllc, Ar- ksnsas, under act of Congress Oc- tobcr 9, 1911. served by me United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in me city ot niyllievlUe, 15c per week or 1650 per year In advance. By mall within a radius at 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.61) for six months, tic Jor three months; oy mall In postal zones two to six, inclusive, 18.51) iwr year. In zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 ocr yuir, payable in advance. Inflation Clouds Veil Mountains oj Debt Statements mid artfDmciiU about tin. 1 uuvoriimont's monetary policy ;n'o arising to heaven these tliiys like H (ii-ifting fqfe about a nv.iiinliiin poult; and tliu peak which they veil—il" you care to roiitinuc this mclaplior—is thai enormous mass of debts whkli we ran up back ii\ the l)')oni days. That pile of debts, in other words, is, after all, the central fnct hi the whole matter. The lontr series of claims anil counter-claims about the ins and outs of inflation, imm.ijed currencies and the like simply hangs over il, .sometimes ruvtnliiii; it and s-'omoliiiius obscuring: it. Up to a certain point the tliini; is fairly simple. Back in Hie boom limes, when sunie- thing that looked very .much like money grew on every! hush, we vtnl deeply into debt. Farmers went into ileb.1, business housej went into debt, industrial concerns went into.debt A Hood ol' paper covered the land, like a lava flow from a volcano. » * » This Hood eventually congealed to form the mountain mentioned above. Meanwhile, money becair.e scarcer. It ceased to j;row on bushes; for a lot ot people it; ceased to grow at nil. We found il necessary. io conduct uur Vbiisiik-'-s and nersonid all';(,iis with few-' •er doiii'.rs ihaii we had had before. But the ivoun^ain of debt rcm.iiined unchanged. It stands t^Jny, its crags gloomy and Monk, with chill hli/./.ards swirling aboiH them. And in one way or another we must whittle that mountain down to its size luiforc we can stand up on our hind Uv/s again. * * ^ w What is being allemp'.ed at Washington today may look iillnt'cther too much like an effort to DMVC mountains by faith alone to suit practical men. But the job has to be done, and if we disapprove of the way thai is being • tried, it is up to u- to suggest another way. Suppo.Hc we do not like the idea of reducing the mass of debt by monkey- ing with the currency. What do we want? A general scaling down of all fixed charges, from freight rates to utilities rates, coupled with a,straight horizontal sla.ih in al! mortgages, all OUT OUR WAY bonds, and all commercial loans? Now is the lime for us to speak up. For the load of debts is simply too great to be borne. It is easy to I'nul Kootl reasons for disapproving the way in which Washington is trying to reduce il; but in listing those reasons we are bound to suggest some other wny of accomplishing I he same end. And it seems reasonable '.o insist that the "other way" has to be one that the people would lolcratt 1 . Cation. I SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Paying For a Crime A man wilkivl into :i hardware :;ioru in Sunbiiry, I'n., recently arid told tliu t.torukucper Dial hu would !il<e to xettlo up for a very old debt. Thirty-one years ago, when the man wan n Minall hoy, he wauled a sled. Lucking the money lo buy it, lie calmly had I alien one from (.he .store; a .sled valued at 7. r i cents. Kver .sinet.: then, thi.s \:»A pruyiid on his mind, so finally h<> wont in (p .settle up—anil, after some discussion, relieved liis conscience l>y paying the storekeeper 52.25. • ""' -•••It ;is hiird tii read' this story- without wishing for inore J';icls about 'it. Did the yotinsrster who igoli tlie sled 31'years <\KI> get as mud. fun out of it as he liiid hoped? Did the pangs of conscience that all'licted him afterward counterbalance the ache cf uiisalislied tlcsiro lie would have fell if he had not taken it? A youiif;r,ler who wants' a sled and can't j;'et one is a palh"tic spectuclc. This loug-fofgoUeii "crime" somehow IK one that is very easv to unilerstancl. The Big Bad "Greenback" V/ho's afraid of iiic big b.vl "erec-n back"? Is it the fanner who hasn't received production costs for his cotton, corn, wheat, hogs, etc., In four or five yours? Is It (he unemployed man has been kept alive 1 by charily? Is il the laburhiy man who tins been barely existing on .starvation n-iigc*. or the sulnrlcd man who has suffered cxcculvc reductions in pay? Is il the professional man w::o has forgotten . what the term putlcni or client means? TV* No. They arc not- afraid of Inllntlon. They'll lake all the greenbacks they can gel their hands on because they know that, the American |:cop!e still have failh in their govern- merK, ar.(i that, after all, is t'.ie only thing behind any kind of money. Of course, il is essential that tno government- remain folvcnl, or rather, p,x-scrve its credit, bin it Is net essential that Die dollar remain liljli. and commodity uriccs lor.-, cxccpl to satisty a group ol greedy, selfish money changers, wlio wax fat OH Uiu elloits of Uicsc who produce thills (hat have actual valtv:. —Pine Blurt' Commercial. 's Special Must Bo Avoidci series of rapidly to exposure - A ., Ur. ! Morris I-'ibli- I ... ci;i,.uii winter .health and safely I A man v.lio had bjc:\ drinkin and ways to avoid them, heavily, and had lain in the stree ..'*"" all night \v!!h the tcmperatiu • BY T)H. SlonillS FISHIII-IN j about 20 decrees, was found in tl Editor, Jnurnal of tlie American i moi nine with the body tempera Medical Association, and of Hy- | lure be-low 1)0. and yet he reco scia, the Health Magazine i crcii. Tor this reason iKrsons wi Every season of Ihc year livings I scent to be dead from frazil with 11 new enjoyments and with should not be permitted lo pa II:em. new hnzards to health and aw.iy without any attempt, b life. When cold weather comes. |Inn mude to vcvivc'theni. you spend more time. indoors and i " u : cases of pas poisoning, sun arc ex|»scd to'Ihc special h:uards s t rc ke. and o'.i-cr conditions whi interlcrc circulation of tl blcoil and breathins. it is ncce that exist even nbout the home. Actually more people are injured nt home tlinn any other place, j S n ry to lcs tore breathing and ci probably because more time Is I dilation by artificial rcsplratio cut there than elsewhere. iThls also must be tried; in con- Thc first hazard for which:yen nrctlon with frecyitv The Editor's Letter Box All IlHiipy at Armorel 'o the editor:) Noticed in the Courier wt.ere liters and share croppers at Vlc- :!a, Ark., were tuelng Lee Wilson f3r se'.ilenient on croi)s. Paper aled tlie same eondiiiony existed all Ills fauns. 'I tie good people Atmc-rel, Ark., wish to stale th>v ley rave the utmost confidence in r. Wilson. Mr. Wilson's manager of Armo- 1 and all the clerks nave the good- ill of all he:.- 1 . His bis business t Aimorel !ic-lp-.'d to ca:ry all of (armors thro'.ii'h ice past crop. till we were no; on his land. We uy as cheap at Armorc-1 as we do t anj stove in Hlythcvillc. We get -ally mole for our i--'.ton here than sewlicio. His '.i-nants all 'r.avc oney, C'5p«!y thuse who work, 'e all are friends oi Nfr. v/il!i ic sure inana:-?-!'. Mo belter class ' men can l>e found at ArmcrM or tiy town. If Mr. Wilron :; had al Vielorhi our p.ipar cotilj '.'.V.VL' out Armo- '1, for we knew '1 he-re is a Jiule i-U In i':.* best ~i '.LS. It dees not ay fcr the best u: i;'. to talk abD v.'ornl of us. .',:; :vc wis:- for is hat ArniOfel will ahvays flourish ndcr Us good ni:ne. We have n tin? <i /.-.or Hero, a first lass dri:<5 sloiT. the best ain in ' o stat;. and nbj.v all. when we lecd an acamr::i::::c,n, \ve nsvcr ail to get it rcr:. Our Eag'.c here }•. working fine nd there is no •.-.nil thin« as a I •iiuibug here, v.'o: 1 .::! like to say! answer to Mr. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD *-» THE CALIFORNIA 6K3 TREE, '' HAS A BRANCH I OlA/AETER., GRCWIN& /iOF£r'£r ABOVE GROUND/ 'GENERAL SHERMAN," SEVEN i n \VOULO REQOiRS ABOUT 5OO YfAfiS TO COMPLETE EVCffV COURSE OFFERED AT \\ VALE UNIVERSITY/ A METEORITE P1.UNSED THRODGK A kOOF IN KRTHICK., EN&., ON DECE/WBER 3, (QI7/ MR. AND AAH5. HILL, TKB OCCUPANTS, WERE NOT INJURED. ..., claim sometimes is disputed, that the Genel the "largest living thing," measurements in:| AUhnueh th t beinj nil bnlonev. r. is'mixed up I Eilc ™ £ " lrcc 'th cheese Mentis. | l!1 iiK8 fc i' N - E - Beckwith, a disinterested civil engineer of Rcc ARTHUR srUBDS I ley. Calif., tend to justify the tree's reputation in rliia respect. Oil Annorel. Ark I iv ees j n California, as well as in other parts of tlie world, lire i to he older than the General Sherman. President 55th Time | -, PITTSFIELD, ML:;.:, i UP)—Miss I .NEST: Tan the American Indian gro-.v a beL'.nl.' Anna L. D.-.we:;. vh:i cnj.ur'.zjd the] - Wcdurjoftay jVorniiv; Club in 1378, Tho climate at the North Pole •eccntly was e!cc:..\: its president- . t!:-: hcnltriie.',' in Hie world, uc- ftir I he 55th term. imxiirrj to Sir Doujlas M?.wson. ^ritlbli explorer, who says thai germs can live in the C'| there. War is biological—or glandular, if you —Ur. \Villiam E. Lower of Cleveland. # » ^ My uniriaje was jnst. another noble cxi»ri- ment gone wrong. —Mary McCormic. * » -. v celli].- Charles W. Fiint of Syracuse Unheniiy. eo':'e;,e sport, probably the tcadirr? sport. —Chancellor Charles \V. Flint o Syrncuse University. By William* OH.NO. NOT TRYIN' TO BE SMART- JUST BEIN 1 PREPARED PER TH' \AJORST. I NEARLY FROZE TO DEATH OME. NIGHT, VMHEN YOU STOPPED TH' CAR TO TALK TO OME OF YOUR BOY FRIENDS! NOW,IF I ONLY HAD A PAIR OF EAR MUF-FS.SO I COULDN'T HEARTH' MUSH -WHY,! THINK I COULD LIVE THRU TWO ER THREE HOURS, ' e MUSH— WHERE. \ DO YOU GET THAT ) MUSH "STUFF? IF ANYBODY TALKS AMVTHING eUT- LEFT JABS, FORWARD PASSES, HOME RUNS, OR SOCKS ON TH 1 CHIN-ITS MUSH.' LISTEN!-YOU mild prepare, with the coming winter, is the possibility of czinj to dcatli from exposure cold, From 200 to 400 pel-sons eczc to dentil each year in the lited Stales, You miiy he able to withstand urcmc degrees of cold under i . Warm balhs or packs gradually increase in temperature will do much to heip. Drinking of warm fluids also aids resuscitation, once the unconsciousness has teen overcome. 3ine circumstances. Undc rcutnslnnces. you inlgli idcr. otlie t siiccumi other CHURCH EXCUSES Hy Geo. W. Barium 'car -AUIU: Cue of Ihe rrcrnL. discoveries of medical scimcc is tlia f«ct that some people are especially sensitive ! to cold. When expasecl to cold thcy 7 j cicvcJO]j redr.ess, itching, swelling, and somclinies eruption on the skin. In other CF^CS they develop nrllimntic symptoms. obviously Eiich pcop'e must be particularly careful about exiwsure to cold, because sudden submersion in ex- 1 tremely colci water may be fatal .to them. '' ! A GernKir. physician repjrls liiat : TODAY Wlio lillk'il TIIACY K1NR. or- rhrxir.i IcmTLT tuiind (lend in hit upurtniriLt f DAVlIt llAX,MS"ri:il, anther, furnu-r nc%vsun[i.>r rirtiurler, uuilcr- l.tEfCH til tillJ OIK. TiilU-c nrr scnrcbtn^; Inr nn "unknrnvit Ijtnntl 1 ' \\l\n visiU-J Kins .shttrdy Iji-Iorc Ills ilcath. Ilr.iiulMLT linn seen this cirl, but «Iic lin> tli.<t:i] i iirari-il kince. Ui:iMlAN S C It |< I, A C n. wlio iTrrUe Kins :« lUrPiiIi-iiJnic IPTirr, I* in jnll. Hr tlrrhiTt-x him limn- vcnci-. Ilnnnlntcr work* on <he *':i«p «Tth.r. HAMJOI.VU CJA1XKV. »l:ir ri'iMiric-P [>T the PnM. In Ibc ilrnrl iriTLu'* n|inrimont IlnnnHlrr |ilch« n ji nn nltt-{:i-.hlfinrrt %rcd- i)ln.s: plrlnrc "liich br kvc-p Al. imt.'n\V. frlpint nf Tf MJ-K rhe nrrln-*lr:i Ir.nitcr ln-rn hnvirK Irm/Tplp »\mi I.\\M^OTT. .hlji rnrnirr v;n:.l li'lrlnrr. ;itnl' accinrji 1'arri Hie- wiiirdc-r. Cnlncy nut! Mnnnisfrr :-n lo ivcn 11 Fi y n I' X J M : I, A X i '.. t; Tn nnnt'i-f 1'AKU'KII Cf) MllIA.V. Mil frifiHl, i,I-[. cnlF-i. !),-u. finlicr rnier^ (iit* rnr>in. ^rr* .•it'HM;iriufr TJICII nn-1 ilr/iKimN i:rily. ( 'Wli»t is (Uc liit-:inm-- "Gosli, but it's cold," and turned up his coat collar. • • • PIII3 wiad. as Parker Cbleman had Informed them, was coming from the west. It was a gale with a nip in It. a promise of frosty nights to come. Overhead [ho sky was starless aiicl the ouly light came from a none loo brichl By Laura Lett BROOKMAN I thought. Very liloble! It you'l knoT,-n him at .ill you'd know hrrJ utterly preposterous it Is to thinl that anyone could murder him" He hesitated. "I suppose It murder?" ha asked. "The policj arc suro of that?" "It couldn't have been nnytbinl else." Galney told him. "Char:.| \Vcslwood, the coroner, toh street lump a dozen yards ahead, Ittiere v.'ero no poivder burn= where Ibe walk leading to the, sides, a n-.nn caa't shoot in house branched off from the main sidewalk. Heads bent to protect themselves from the wind, Gainey and Bau- 'ifn'i -ulster set off. "lio'.v're we goius to got down town?" Bannister wanted to know. "^There's a car line over here a ! ccuplo of blocks or so." Oainey told him. "It's the only way I .in n villr without a Wboei-cr_stiot tVii| _ bullet took tlie gun away." - Coleman's Mils ECt In a siraiglj line. "Poor Denise!" he "She's trying to bo brave about it.| "Itstiucl; me." Baniilsler "that the fnthcr was more ny| terical tlinn the daughter. shouldn't think a mnn like tr.:| would tx> r.:* loo pleased to u.:v his danslilCT cnsap.-d to marry liJ master of ceremonies In a movil \Vc hnvc- been' very much \vor-1 icd nil this week. We found ; childhood. io cold cince IIP put his ways, we watched for sev- days nnd worvied ;\1! tlie iiue arid v:hile il set'uicr! to fade ut iu a wnv S'.vell and itch. Several tiuifE v:hen iv.-i::)iiji!ii! he suddenly <vou'.d hc- i conic v. eok and develop ulisters f. : f d,WWY MOTHERS GET "GRAY. or examined Junior. 1: f I did not have am. nnd he advised a a small portion of lysoi h: the v;a- cr. So. Junior is fine today and ' o add to my worrie,-; your weekly J ctter which is aUrai? .-o full of! ;ews nnd such good :iriv:;-c arrive, and I have been so liurelur \Vas 1'olite SEATTLE" IUPI—A polite ., j-»r cnlrrcd the aparlmen'. of Harold Pebbles, attorney. :>lr.-.. Pcbb'.ei anxious to know how ! he "choir : hcard lhc and pianist rame out. Archibald i thinks to keep down talk and r.ayfcc n church rn-.v. i: would uc •Jills turn ."i having ;: venlize setter to lot seme ot the music- tor her. Y ever how lilt 1 been married ttr.ichey some ihetr i.nbb.ii .>ervites 101 e.'l'^c l;'ll> \i tin- door open and si; shouted for him to leave. "B? pardon, madam." was the midnight caller's answer and he departed. :v.en are l.iri- Duriin the ;:.nny monllr, of i! mil in "the United Kiatos, a ccr- ler:-!!yui3 r.iotlan piclnri caused an avciagc ot 23 poison: .! week io faiu'. cr KO into l-.yster- ical collapse. AIISWPII on Pajc Six 15X0= Magellan ,. enters tne Pacific Ocean. •tt90<ertsns re , -turns shovj U.S. population to b. Old-timers complain a 1 ---•*-•'" crowded. xn\v no o.\- »VITII Tin: srnnv CHAPTER XVI plIK girl was on her fec-t In- knoiv. Say. the more I think o! liie nerve ot that guy—!" i Thcro was a noise behind them j theater." I ami liolb turned. Silhouetted in I "1 don't suppose he was," r>H j Ibe open doorway was a figure. It ; man agreed, "but lie's never rteiil' ! called. "Hi. there]" and n moment j Dcnise anything In her lire. 1 bter Parker Goleinan was hurry- i couldn't very veil start (loins ft.intly. "li'allior, nlesse—" she ; '"!•' toward them. j now. He—lie's a rather hard n.:i| ?•:.-,;] , "You two:" be cxcbiinc-t!. broth-:" 5 understand. 1 don't pretend tl Ilo did not EC-em to hear her. ' icssl - v - " Cn "' L ' Bive you a lift ! nnderPtanrl h,:;i and I've k:-.e'.v| i . dow:; i ;' I've KOI inv cr-r o t- or i - l iiu al! niv Lrtlnir I.anc n-ns a man cf r.ic. - . ••!><- b«^ 1.15 -<-.-r] :iere. eiiht. plijhlly Imili. LM:I angor coined to tr.ake 'him for:::lriab!o Io too'.: a fe-.v steps forv.-;ud. then "This is an o-jtrj^:-!' 1 he c-hiaicd draniiiticul'.y. 'Ncwri ::c:i —::;r.!'s what you arc: :y to tei! n-.c- yutiYe not—I :::ou^ti to know. Sac-CLki v[;c:e you're not wr.nt?.]. i. 1 '. lo c.itiic nrouii;! n:y li>u-.^. 1 .-^!f! yo:: ,;) strty away frr-n: liete!' "I'.ut. Mr. !.n:!=—.'" riicre '.vas no u:ic Irving to S'.CLII the ionent. U:inui.M^r saw liua us jco:i as !;e had siicUon. Tiie oldor lu-in'- 5 v:'ii.e r.ib° In ITULLL^C. "I -von't have \o:j l;:-re!' ;:fj ^Ii'iiiKd, liis I:I: --^:i. "l):T.'l yr-ii * inr.u t::i~ a ri.rbt to £r:,? 1:1 J:i? nv.n !io::;e: \u ~; i .\i.:.: you w;:r:t li: :• - ^iicct.-: you <ri! pr:;. t '.:• i;c-yli-->: r' i:ic;,':. !.!'l! have ll.e liif.' on y, vrc. it you don't set o;:; 111-:" Tncy saw ihc car then, a dart sli::iiow in li;o diivt'.vay. "That'? swell." nnid r.aiiicy. "Did the old [:e<?zcr sen:l yon out lo he sure we .vcro rcaily Ipaviti- h',.; premises?' Colennn laughed scod unturccity "N'n." be said. "Uc -iid:i't tend me Lord, i-n't he a T;;rinr? Xct p.\ ways, you know. He cr.n DC a? ,m j,. decent a? anyone. I did:>.'t Lnnw It's ;.:: ! il h ^fi>re. but r.;iii.ireutly lie hriF n tor::;::^ ;;n:di;e a:;ainsl<;iaiu j r men >u-.^. 1 : ^I't l)o::i=e no: tr> SCL? a:iy o[ thoLii 0: COKI-SL- he U-;LS only iryi:i_ u. t ; ;' her. 1 ^npprt?e be s upj-.l ab:n:t tliis wiiole ibin^—" They lind reached Hie roadster. ^ lar.L;*, low-sv. uity n:odel, and Colotrnii held back the d'jor "Climb in." be invited. m>in- ^ruiLUd to tiie other siile L.nd slir- I'iin iLito iho driver's scat. "Th'i.i Is. rnisllty kir.c! of you. 1 i:rLiii::?lcr raid as ths rond. '.':•,'? i-;i •iue came to life nnd the hi:; ear l:a:-]icil slowly out into th* 1 ---ur-rt. Coleiuau Ignnrod ll.!;. "Whur< ' l ' a . tho::?il n,\N\ISTi:i!'S line l ' c!:;::i S cd ;i:'!.!- : 'y. "Vn:: ,: have h:e:i w]\*i l.r.r.L.-." FiiiJ. "at t:ic- time that bullet Kill?." Me turned irr.vrird CJai "Iliiin't IJe c : r.^ure u between :ii:iG L:acl air.c<i::TLy Co!:-r.ian's c;-cs !?ft ;!:e ibend fcr ::n i-;j'.a"t. "ip t':" h? r..':::.i. "I d:0::'t tii: !-.L;I.; cr;m- ::ir.:! that? ,?o |:;:v.icy tu-rcl Al"Come "I rentiy he wac- oil hi: ; T( : -:>. t;.l:::cy." he E-'.id hvcliy. :;.kc It we're bring i:ivi;r ,; ( .> i-.ovc elsewhere. Soiry, ^^i.;3 l.:.:u[" Over his shoi'.hlcr lie c-,.:g;it n .lir.'.ito oi Ih? Eir'i'j v ;.::•; (ace. • '.Vas thers rr.utc appo.-.! 1:; tlm ^•.vii't gl.ince — cor.'.?:!:::,.; iiio cir] waited to tell him? ]^i::,islor ilio::;lu so. I'crlnp.- !' u.-,s nolh- ::ii; r.'ore than an ;.po:.^_\ r or | ier r^tiier's hciiavlor. U'h. ;-v(. r n was _ t!:er? wa^ c-a:y a Ir;irrr.v. Q[ a 5CC oi:d bcfnie!er !..i : turned- nwny. A n:ou:e:u I.:;.;: lie an<! (;.'.:.•?>• were (a Iho l-.all r;-,e inalj si:n:::cJ their lints aiv.; i!, c two ui'.:i stepped OuLide. ; <ia::iey snoric.'.. "T::e nl.l crocodile: Say. u!io doe' : : ;;:ink be] is. anyway? I'd like to t. ,ui:ce him ' on ihc b-.-ou! I'll like lo uil Lim a thins or two — I' 1 "Well, you'll l;.',ve to i id; r.r.- o'.hcr time." ti:^tiicd hir.i. I Ihoualit we'd Letter get out before tho old chif'er had apoplexy. Certainty doesn't love- Iho brethren of the press much, d^es i:e?" nauseous anil delibei-nlelv io listen. Uctwccii 0 ai:-.; : :iisbt lioi'ore ho. ren:cr.:lj.:: cii o;:l| \r-.o weil wiicre bn I:;:: 1 . ;-:f li::| : l:ec:i. A j):ctii:o nf U:o j:ir] u: i tas.hab f.a=licil bl'Ture him-: Sirl in ibe crco:, suit. It [,i...| been ,i!n:"..; :t;:;j ^v!,eri if : met IKT ai:'T -^ Kill:-:;- 1 - ]-i!er \v>: left tirr HI tho |:C,L-.]. Tr~.rt ynn bound (or?" he ss-ic.'!. lvi::s lli " 1 ' Iiccl t ' ;l '-'-°- :i ; ' ;; "Cci-.lral police s!::!h.:i." Oainey t!l - c >:r '" cr s::i ' ; Well. t!:c toid him. "If you ran jnbt drop I <vas '"' !KCL ^ v: "- ! -' "-.n. e:an.n;ci| :is near a car line—" | "I'll lake yon all the way." Cole ', rii":i otfeveii. "I wr t ? K^in^ down j town nnybu'.v. Xo ircuble at all. ;i:c'i:r.i,e in l,:s ily tlio WT<V. do:s ci:c o' you b.ip I.eii to bavo a cis-nct?" tl.-; tiirec 5.>AXXISTER nrocV:,-cil '~* and a lighter. V.'iicu cigLirels were glowing back in the seat. "I followed you,' 1 he rxpaincd. "becn.uso Oenise can h.iv.d;e :icr (atiicr helter than onjnar; ,-i;.;, ami I thought it would he cn;:er tur her if they were ah):,?, uonlsc I.ans id—well. >oi: f,v. we've been Ibe Iwsl of fricads ever 6i:;ce we v.ero kids. Deniso is r.b.soliitcly 100 leader?" A tniauto more aad lilt rtf< h.-.d drawn up before tho a:'.ri:.| brio!; bnildir.c that s:rvc.d p.s (_\ !r.-;l Police llcnil'iunrtc-rs. ilan::istcr ar.d flaiuey S'.CTTV out of - the car. Colomnn wavi C'o;e:uan aside their lin.iks for the lift 2u| tiie roadster was oC aitain i xi'iaiacd. : the street. "Tint's a nice suy," (tainey c<'?.\ inc-ntcd as ho n-.cuMed t!-,e stepii the buildiag. Itaarmrcr nodded. "V.'mlrta't think Uo:ii;e l.anq would |ir : him tn the croei, ing orcbc: per cent!" There v,ij feeling In the mm'.- voice. Ka;y to guess how "Aw nerts!" Haiuey h3C~.n:c s i'( c.ia i ucss how j < |ihilr.'.oplitcal. "Wlm he felt about l)e:iiso Lang! "1 ! anything about a woman?" stopped In tonisbt." he went on. i Inside the building pans "lo see if thcro was anything 1 ( to speak to a Wnc-coatcil ofic could do for lier. Of course tliere : Vcs, he said, Captain McNoi Isn't. There's nothins. I suppose. : around iho building son' y that anyone can do. Tho thing Is i Just came In halt an be —too ten-ible!" j They nilglit look In his "I suppose you Vnc-w Tracy Kins,; staira. too?" Gaincy asked. Kor tho second time that rta j "Well. yes. I've s'.cn him oyt at Eanni.-ter climbed 'he tli;Ui Oal-.oy's nntlt.-.npa si;hiided (3 iha club and me,' hl:n once or twice stairs. jirofanity. Ho concluded, | with D^nlse. *«; likable Iellow,[ (To Be Contii-acd)

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