The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVH—XO. 311 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSI'AI'EU OP NORTI1EA ST ARKANSAS AND BOUT1IKAST .MISSOURI Blythovllle Courier, Ulythevule Dally Nc^s, ... ,,,„,.„"" ..,,., v ,«"~ " ~~ ~" Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. H1 ^ NIKVII.LR, AKUAN8A8. WLODNKSDAY, MARCH 18, 19M1 HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I Announces Charges i Against Jimmy Walker ' ALBANY, N. Y.. March 18 (UP) j — Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt j lotluy made public the charges I agaln-a Mayor James J. Wnlker of Now York 'cay. filed by the City! j Alfnits committee which requested : the mayor's removal from oltice. I | The charge* allege misfeasance I Hoover Ready for Sea Trip \Y7'I1 D ' \ T i al "l s: >id Walker hail "failed pri.p- n • • i i T i i will l royiuc ronnage to ciiy to administer me government 1 revisions on Horse Island- Justify Crush; no of the city." _ .- The governor declined to com- bv Lolton Oil Company l l:lcm on thc ch| »'e ra - u Ms "- \ Plained on his behalf as he h:id A project, (he [iilfi]lr,.-i,i nf 'i>-«umcd HID role of.Judfc it would n: nul ^ I(1 n|s ]>nn j, ]cc i 0 Br i.,,, : comment. winch will combine practical help: to Mississippi county agriculture; with the establishment in Tilylhe- ville of a new industry, will be launched by the Blythevillc cham- V;r of commerce this' week at JiiL-etiiH..: hr're and at Dell. Thc Blythevillc Colton Oil Com-, pnny has agreed to ciush soybean | seed at its local mill this year if sufficient aeiear.i car, be obtained PnSTTHE Exhausted, Caplaiu Radios Rescue Ship. ' ST. JOHNS. N. F.Mnr. 18 <UPI '' | —Starvation thrratenod the sur- j vivors of llie wrecked sealer .Vlklns 1 nt Horse Maud today while chances lessened tlmt anv more or their companions would be found alive on ihe ic.> floes. Captain Abraham Kcan. Jr., skipper of the Viking, who reached Horse Island with some 120 of his men. revealed the pitiful plight: of the survivors In u wireless message to t'ne captain of llie Ungavn. lo justify Ihe necessary Investment c .,, , . ,-, ^ ..sage lo me capi in c(]iil]>me'nt and storage space., jtate lYlaKing (jVCat Lome one of the ships trvhis lo reach the The chatub?r of comnicrce is un-1 ~ * — '"'—' " :il " — ikrt?.l''n? lo piace the nialter be-i fore Die farmers of the county wtlh! a viev: to sii;i:m^ up not less tbmi [ <,CW ncre> of *hn crop. '. Quick n 1 C Hil' i island with supplies. Thc message back bay Minnesotans p ^,1. -^ you ti,u,h it {•ollowmg Tour. LITTLE ROCK. March 18. (UP) The two meetings, called by the .—Conditions in Arkansas are ns'. safe for my men who are able ti travel out to ; your ship to attempt it. and set ' transferred to other ships? Proviv .ions are .exhausted here." I Captain K?an's simply worded chamber's agricultural committee, | ns scr !° us ns Pictured and there Is j ulea mea[ll ,'],,. few residents of •f which Jesse Taylor is chairman, !" 0 !™ u1 ce of communistic work. , HorsQ lsla|K , attempting to car valc and mnk Clague, : (n , ,, 1(v vlk ,, lg sllrv , vors 1]Bd dolle will be at Dell. 7:30 Friday night.! v and at ihe conrlhouse In'Blylhe-' * , m . ? congressmen, said here , „„ tlley were - Bblc lo rto _ foaA sup .: ville at 2 o'cicck Saturday after- • i" 1 ^' beforc departing by airplane j pUes ^. arc ex i m isted and the in-. neon. Speakers will explain the j J^,^' 1011 ' °" m roulc ln m ' sh -; jiired men could not be given pro- j attention. ' Three Perish in Hotel Tire at Lynn, Mass. 1FIBISTB r D 15 KuniOl'. possibilities offered by soybeans P cash crop. J. E. Critz. county The two representatives finished ;i uit^Ji LI uu. *i. J-i. vji lit., ^.uuiu.i • * • j j i t agricultural agent, will be present a'stafjwldc Insifsfctlon tour yesterday and Ihey said they conditions past the crisis. They described the suffering as the "^real- per Little Hope was felt that Varlck - Frlssoll, ycung New York motion' t ^: : -'*&---?&*4tfr.rf*-* : t^ ^^^^fM®'"-*-*^^^'- 1 ' -•^^•*- J '* *&'" V-^ffrf '--"•"•'•"•* '-'fe^ss^3^a^^sS^^^^ ;L --' s -"'" lu ' '""~""'""'"" LYNN, MUM... M.,,^ m njp, _ Klre, said by polliv (a have sturled in 11 bii-senu'iit tulnlinur;i yolf couisr, ivsulied In three deaths, j | ("Vi'iv Injuries lo ciijlu olhcr per-1 i 5011s. and vitiunlly deslroyed thej M-yeur-iild Hctul Li-nox lion: to-: liny. ' T-i,,. bodies ,,t ii',7 day cioik and Qrii-inal Decision of Grand two t'lieils wen 1 found in Hi" mini in ! Policemen nud firemen announced i Jury IVCVCrScd OU Later I th:u all of llu- other BO occupants) of Hie hotel had been located. Af-[ tor Hv.' lire n do/.en persons wn e | ; reported missing following Ihcj The name of Finley W. Cart- $'JOO.OOO bin?*. i w-rlght, Osceola merchant who shot 'I MI oi the i-liarml boillcs re- nnil filially woundi'd M. L. Cniw- coveted were Identified us those o( fold Ihe night of Mnrch I, was not i Arthur Haiv^y, duy clerk, and « ninonx 19 "no true bills" returned | guest, A. M. Young, of Vermont, In Hit 1 final report of tile frrnnel '• These bailies and n third not Iden- Jury In criminal court at Osccoli i lined 1 H'dlutely were found an this afternoon. the third llooi- of the five story Tlie grand Jury rr£rncd CO lvu.j bills, and while the iuentliy of the persons numcd In Ihcm will not be I made public until warrants nre ! served upon them, failure of the j grand Jmy to return a "no bill" in i Csrlwilgh'.'s case mal:cs it appear I cvltlcnt Tnat ho has been indicted. , The ns-tmd .lurv diHchargcd 1 -Jiortly beforo 3 o'clock (his after- i 'i on. According to lejiorls current at • in f\nn r\ n't ' Oscepln. which because of the scc- S>4U,UUU Damage Done by i ret nature of grain; Jurv nrucccd- ni . D r 1 M_-.,i f^t.'l!"Js cannol lw fjivcn official con- Blnst Believed Meant ioi. flrmn . lon . ^ K J of thc grnnd ] Jury to Indict Cerlwi'lght on its first b illot w - as follo^od by another t'.- i brick luilcl. . 'fmmd'allve'"" 1 e>Lp ' orCr ' Prts ' c 'f»t Hoover will get some needed relaxation and at thc same time inspect the country's Caribbean Racing Service. ST. LOUIS. Mnrch Explosion of a dynamite bomb l 'rii'ot on which the jury again, this s by a vote of 10 to G, refused to indict. Later an attorney for Three more survivors of (lie \vlien he leaves for a 10-day trip on the newly reconditioned battleship Arizona Ibelow). The and will explain the federal drouth relief loan program. No difficnly is anticipated h FiTmr? up n soybean acreage mor.-. - . than sufficient to provide the ton- • '".^ "lp was personal and not on ; t)le s teamer Bcothic today. Cap-' Thccdore Uoosevclt, Jr. (upper right of map) and to ihe Virgin- Islands for conferences with the ua?e needed to justify the oil mill'r i .!™' r ^ 5Oiness ', (11 ° 5 sa '^; [lain Carter of that vessel reported, appointed governor. Dr. Paul M. Pearson tat left). The president will then return to begin a series ot venture. With little prospect for '" r ° ""™ c " » -" any substantial improvement in. 10 the price ot cotton farmers have a msting bee; C! cst disaster in the state's history." ' C [ ealner yikng were rescued by : Ai!zcn,i. due for a test cruise, will carry Ihe president to Porto Rico, where he will confer with Governor r ™" *~ '' ' ~ " ~ ~ 'it of map) and to ihe Virgin- Islands arson tat left). The president will 11 elrht speeches in the United States. — . , ,, , *_,t <i t LI.*, lu mulct. i,myi nil un,iriin;y l wrecked he eighth noor of the narluTlP i lt ft . os 6llm!1 , 6ncd to th liuder building, a downtown olllce ^, n ^ tWrd bM1 structure here today. Damage \vas. wns tnko]1 ' nnj ln estimated at S«,000. No one wM Injured. ere seems to bs ample reason j Tne men hlul i^en in a dory . that thc drouth will have i sjnce the explosion that wrecked .„, ,M.. C .„ ^™ ..... ., . ,. CIT * ct [° r the B 0 " 1 ' wlth itlie Viking but were unable to jccn locking for another cash. all ., lts att ™dant ills," Mr. Kvalj j i,. ttvc i tllroll! i, the ice Hocsc- They -rop and soybeans particularly £iua - Tnat a PP'ies, of course, ta! wcrc reported not to be in serious ."itii a lo-il market In sight, are diversification of crops and to in-; condition. Their names were, e'™ 1 '•••«rde:l as the best proposition.! dicatlons lllat raan >' farmers will. „• John Johnson. Alfred-Kean, and R|-ntllfM'>- T"llll Wll'll '1 Dif ffMV .DI OUlt! J5--.DUL >V 1UU cl UliiLIC mimerows o'.hers have expressed an ">« ' ?'™^ s »* s °ns.. . i We didn t sec as many cows as ' intention to plant smaller acreages. - e'Senate Asks Prohibition Repeal ALBANY. N. Y., Marcli 18 (UP) for r pi y the efforts j. .^cre-: situation, beyond a doubt, has b?en V c and to sell the beans to tte 'handled by that organization in th- iccal raill if the price there is. best Possible manner, they s-id ciiual or better than any obtain- '. able elsewhere. An Ii!(iorlanl Industry i Whi!e the crushing of soybean ••crrt ior cil and meal is nsv; in this ],.ut of the country it is n well es- , tablished industry in central 111-; ir.ois and elsewhere v.-1'.cre fannsrs; hav? been growing soybeans, en a; c-.;nninrrlal ."-rale for years. Bccnusa soybeans make a larger yield ami higher oil test here than in the: : "i-Qiiifoijion today placed Us stamp ! of approval on earlier action by ! thd assemulv in seeking repeal of I tha eighteenth amendment, i /Ut r r adopting the Smith reso- ! lution petitioning ccirzress for a j constitutional convention to consider • repealing th:l eighteenth amentiment. the senate passed the Hastings bill 29 to 22 which would remove all limitalions on physic: ians lo prescribe liquor. ' i •oes lo Kansas Cily for : Arkansas'P.wer Levee Mid-Western Conference j Work Given Approval , you;. CAME TO, :-..- -'AMERICA-, KLAUS/ BESTEN.-CANK/ ES FROST MICH DASS\WIR ENDL1CH ZUSAMMEN SIND/ is said, rc- i suited in the unai-.ii''ous voting of , ,,, „ ! u bill of indictment. of the eighth floor! ,„,,,, from 1 Tnr! react!™ of Osccola citizens were''° tllc '"loificinl report ot the first - c'urred"halt l "'aii"nour""hiter' Hie' "" open expression ot pyWlc sentl- building would have been filled '"snt to, the effect that . Ite coir with olllce workers. would te ***** lo ca " a SI>eclal Felice bomb was pany, a racing "news ^service".."" ~.-\ .Cartwi5ht_has made no denial rr> ^nld tliev' believed thc session of thc grand Jii'.v to in- was ntendd 5 to Soy the «»«»«?«« Crjyrfo ,' murd.r of the Empire News com- . 'hould this Jury fall to), ndlct. , ., caused Crawford's death, bnt is to |mve at a habeas corpus hearing before Circuit Judge Killougli in Harrls- bur(? . to prove lnat he shot m self defence when Crawford drew a gun a°"t prevSy Leaves for Hampton Roads Tonight on First Leg ofj Southern lour. WASHINGTON, March 18. (UP) —Last minute preparations wcrclni- • • • r , ' el : being made_ today at the white!Mississippi Lounty S Share ^u^^blng'thop7ac"e a"nd with'* for Last Half Amounts j n?sanlt with a deadly weapon and i ii-IT fJA. ! ls sr - i(1 to havc Erov.n out of Mrs. lO JtJL,JlM. ; cnrtwvlsht's charges that l:.;v old- cily neighbor had made improper ,. - - , MiEsisslppl county's share of the advances to her and threatened her the president. She is expected to tsU i t( , EC!IOO I ( un d revenue for thc H[c w | 1cn she disco-.irngcd his at- leave in a day or two lor Ashevllle.; ^ | la i ( ot n le nscal year ending icmlons. Eyo witnesses to the : c - \°. vlsit ller son I!cru ert jr.. ,)ii- mol ith has been received by shooting Included constable J. W. W. W. Holllpcter, county treasurer 'rj OXi c )ty marsholl Dave Young, and apportioned among thc school deputy sheriff Baker Turner, and districts of the county. Thc conn- cartwright's nr-phcw, J. W. Cart- President Hoover en' a ten day cruise to Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Mrs. Hoover will not accompany who is 111 The president and his small pnr- ty will leave by Irain this evening Ti;e J ..r;0 arvs Fn::ght for the'souri. Ncbnska and Oklahoma, oil miil ir- of course only n unall M r . r.ynch h chairman of the onrt of total planting of soybeans conference advisory committee, to be made in this county. Most of He was accompanied by Mrs.! the additional acicage, which may'Lynch, who will remain at Colum-!\ exceed 10.000 acres in Ihe Chick- bit. Ho., for a visit w 1th their son. • asawba district alone, will be with i« r t a student at the University of cr.:n. Corn and soybeans hav? prov- Missouri, while ?.fr. Lynch is in , cd an ideal combination in this Kansas Citv. territory anrt will be planted this i take "proper cteps" to collect taxes. ! to proude p'rmancnt repairs cost-: Ing about 5295.000. ITl^n Indicted for ",, . " . „ D , iKur«Er 01 Her Dl'Otfier 177 , T i' WCCUCCck Predicts hllC- nr n nip mi r rn nl W Ul ! i!ldl!l\! ioHei; Warden Refuses of the ing to an night by manager. The original chain Included 85 cp:ratin? in five states. Flf- C. W., genera, Court adjourned early yesterday afternoon when cue of the state's _ , two itar witnesses In ths caso Tlie office of the. county depart- ]nst Ncwton fallo{i to np p; ar , mcnt of education was credited „,=>,,, th(? ^^ Ivn5 contlnucd till this morning, to allow the state cess for WALNUT niDOE, Ark.. Marc-' f«ir>mprrnl ViolaInvs . . This conference is one or several IB. (UP)-Mrs. Fay Perry was ?:' ' '• ll "- L1Llt11 VIOIdlUtb. year by nearly every farmer who b( , jnir j n different sections ot the liberty today following her indict- makes a serious effort to grow his rolm t r y under the auspices of the m cnt here yesterday on charges of own feed. • Bank Management Commission of first degree murder In connection : the American Association. The w j t h the death of her brother Ray-;,,,, Ten Year Prison Term ; p ' lri)OSC is to ar . c , lre a i d . cr ' n ,"_ e ^ n : mond Cris P- 18 {or Msl S. Daugnerty WASHINGTON COURTHOUSE, i • vorld - ' neighbor and sect him. Hs died O March 18 (UP»—Jlal S Daush- ' T>« program will include sueh several days later in thc Jones- criy 68 former president of the notables in banking circles as boro hospital. defunct Ohio State bank, nn-i Craii; B. Hazlewood. rice-president: brother of U. S. Attorney Oen:rS : of the First National Bank of Chi- HArin AID GROWTH SHOWN Harry M Daugherty. convicted of cago and a past president of the- PARIS. (UP'—The rapid dcvel- misustnz funds of the bank w=- American Bankers Association, who^pment cf air transport in Europs Ecnlcu-ed to ten years In the stiio , will deliver the coiif-3rencc sum- is Indicacd by the annual report of and" fined S5.000 by : 'nary: Fred W. Ellsworth. A • . ! ,\ L-, , \V/'.L D' i ' tesn cf thcse I" Mississippi have A^lIlSt. Arb'.'rate With KlotOUS' been disposed of to a former dlvi- ; Icr he last half of the fiscal to elfcct return of. witness, • D ', ,' T i Penitentiary Inmates. iposod of to a former dlvi- :on superintendent In that terri- not in- WASHINC-TON'. Mar. 18 (UP)— j JOLIET. 111.. March 18 (UP) — incs \V. Woodcock, federal prohi-; An announcement that Joliet pcn- . bitJon director, expressed thc be-' itcntlory was not a "country club"' todnv the government would and that he would maintain order [ | a ,, raSDn j iwo^^Okhhoma ° 11 ' 5 " «••••• u invinovu fjy i.iv "iniii.ii i ti-w. b ui r"fv«i 11 1 iiv, vice- the Air Union, a French aviation '"" '• ' "' v|>l1 ca-rmon'plcis""Judge" Charles 5.1 president of the Hibernla Bank and firm operating air lines from Ports ^l™;;- __ BelV tod'av ' Tr " st Co - New Orle - ans ' and the 'o London. Ocr.:vn and Mnrselliei, ing If granti | which virtually would amount to | He voiced his optlmi'in jurt be-i llomc ta}e - Tlie prisoners' offer j fere he left todw fr.r a tour o! ri:ltl thc Mvdcn's prcmp'. and vig- in;ecc'.!on into K-n!ncky. J.I''F.iuri. Kansas, and probpblv Okblio-'i - . ._.... •>rrt Arkansas, which Is p-epara- '^successful riot attempts, one at: Cottage hospital r.ere for tc:v lo ih- new drive which wi" r ' d Jol;c; - and thn otbor at the treatment, It was learned amount coupled witli who 7;as 5ald " t ' 0 b? in Forrest City, trial of one ct the'three returned by the ,.„ provides ti-.e only first that the county re- de , rc . mur der case on tlie docket ;ved approximately S3.92 per cap- [0 ° this lcrm Newton, who has . on Its school enumeration of for years j^,,, a !rust€ d m£&5en;er children. Of this amount ap- [or .,,„ B . infc c; O scro!a and jani- ; proximalcly 20 cents per capita t(r { ^ ^th the Os;sola bank was credited to the cour.U dr-. bul ]ai nss , is charged with the, fat3l S7.451 credited to the department torv and thc remainder no' in ' 1:lst f1 " B ' ves " n totnl of $D ' 8C() eluded' in thc reorganized group'. T J? e «PPO'tlonnicntot the state liVe'lrand''^^''^ rcaclu-d. .I'.avc been SDld elsewhere. The ^!!l. fl ™°. :1 ?. '.'.'I. ^ (ncts ._.° f . th? Newton e.«e provides the only ,iiew chain of 39 will operate 3: P 3rtmEnt of educati and after sheeting of Scales, last summer crous refusal to arbitrate 'hem followci! close upon two mere lure comedian, is a'patient at the c! Lloyd Patient f ft • U 'i I I'" 1 " 1 " 11 OI Til LailtOrnia nOSplta! discount of treasurer's ccmtnis- iopovjiiu trouble over a gambling sions. each district received over ^ e ^ t SAITTA BARBAEA. Cal, March the entire ;,v»r approslmately S3.62 ' ^ mdto.-tcd when thc c=s2 18 (UP)—Harold Coyd. mottcn pic- per capita fcr Its school '-- " was " lu ' ll -"- u pcnltentiarv SCO additional : statcsvlll e mode! prison Ihree i ::'.ilcs av.ay. tr diet Lloyd cam» here March 12 to United States Legislation ! chairman of •'.• Woodccch tho enfoTcemcnt the A". B. A- Bank' published tcday. showing that 2,- cnmpalgr^ hji changed its ap- ; , nc p rlson consult Dr. W. D. Sar.s'.tm, nation at; ally known specialist, ar.d has re of j rr.ained ever since, fought among j Will mi! came up for trial yesterday that 1 special ~c.-ur.3t", v.ho assisted the : pro-'ccution r.l the preliminary ?r,d ' siitsrqucnt licbeas corpus hearing when Ner.ton wss arraigned last f-r '-ad withdrawn from active part!ilnalio:i in the case. The at- a;r..,. Wils T. Bavls, of Memphis, OTTAWA Ont.. <UP)-Tf.o Unl- Patrick W. Ireland. Dublin. Ga..' BERLIN. (UP)—More than one- while treating her throat and «'.applied fcr admission to ;he U. S third of bulsb'.irg's 420,000 peopl: gMtivc tract for burns from pal5o:i. Marine corps here St. Patrick's d.'". are dependent upon the city's char- She Is now able to cat ordinary but was rejected because he ccul' Ities for support, according to a dol- food, recognize the color gre;n. egation of officials which called o"i' Lieut. J. R. Whlt'ng told the Chancellor Bruenlng to ask fcr gcv-1 St. Cyr In France is one of th." t'.anler says"the dog and hw; nr. focd .and (Mies and shouted for I observer, Charles Phillips, the "IT within a stone's throw of ths 27, drc.r 13 jr.Miths in jail wren he^or, Axn HOG CHUMMY n B'incrti ric! to "wreck the joint ; minimum temperature- hore yester- houses of parliament and the prin- failed to show that his "Bureau I'-ir COLUMBUS. Miss., (UP)—Sw-'et' asaln." I day was 44 degrees and the maxl- clpal govsrnment buildings. Harn'.or.'r^s Mirriases" hsd !;jl- Lanier. far.ner near here, haE a | m»m, 65 degress, On tlv? The site is ccsthiR fnOWO and umatc lists of prospective bridc- and 1103 that are fast frienls. In FIJI toys are taught by their | lame day a year ago thc minimum the lejatlon buiiaing. for which grooms. Lalb found plenty of fathers to strike their mothers, this United Press all colors, even green, eminent intervention In settling h- greatest military schools In th? Imepai.ible and roam the fields to- being a prr.:'lcc to prevent thc bay; were red tt> Ireland. bor disputes In the Diiisburg area, world. | gelher. .from beccmine temperature was 45 and the maxl- plans have been approved at Wash- tr.en applies :• 'a by advortis:r.j fir reum, 63 degrees with one-half inch Inc. will cost £-100,000. It will be rain. . thrcs stories. or "orphan ivht> sought husbands.

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