The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1933
Page 3
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.MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1933 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Legislature Seems Virtually Certain to Pass Re- cluclion Measure. PAGE THREE! JEPFEUSON CITY. MO.. Nov. 21 (UP)— Missoml automobile owners were virtually assured today of a license fee reduction of al least 25 per cent. A sub-committee of tlie house committee on roads and highway was prepared to offer a commute! substitute for 10 license reduction bills mat Imve been introduced. Meanwhile, road advocates organ- ised as the citizens Road Committee have taken a stand in opposition to the Automobile Club of Missouri ugalnsl the proposed reduction. Hugh Stephens, Jeffemm City, a former member of the Missouri I'.i'jhway commission, has attacked the reduction measure which is expected lo reduce by $2.250,000 the $9,000,000 iccelvetl annually by the highway department. "This measure." said Stephens, ':ould reduce the funds available j >•: new roid construction in Mis-, bouri to 52,000,000 a year or less, after 1934." | The "chief sufferer." Stephens said, would be the farmer who has; looked forward to completion of the farm-to-markct highways. "License fee reduction at this particular session of the legislature is a head-on collision with the purpose for which tile session was called," Stephens said. "That purpose was to put men to work. "Fee reduction will take men out of work in every county of the state and keep them out of work." Chairman C. C. Hayward of the Farmers Who Slaughter Hogs Must File Return* Fanners or others who slaughter hogs and sell the products direct to consumers without, payment of the processing lax violate the agricultural adjustment act and are liable to heavy penalties, Ouy T. Hel- verlng. commissioner of Internal revenue, has advised the Courier News. The act and the regulations promulgated under It provide thai any person who slaughters hogs for market must file appropriate returns and pay Hie processing tax thereon. The tax applies evi-n in the case of the producer slaughters his own hogs and sells oV otherwise 'disposes of all or any pan of the products. Farmers slaughtering hogs for market are advised to get in to'.ich with the collector of internal revenue at Little Rock and obtain In- foimalion concerning the preparing and filing of the required returns. Louisiana Man Tells Senate Committee of Threat by Long Forces. NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 27. (UP) --Sam D. Hunter, wealthy Shreve- post oil and g*5 company official, told a senate investigating com imittee tcday that Senator Huey P. I Long's administration threatened him \vith imprisonment unless he contributed $5,OW to the John H. Overton- campaign fund. The committee is investigating charges of fraud in Overton's elec- John Smith, Answering Alarm, Collides With Negro's Car on Main St. John Smith, city fireman, sustained a bruised chesi and minor cuts, and John D. Johnson, negro employe of Nabers Drotheis grocery, sustained possible internal injuries when liielr cars collided al Main nut! Eleventh slivets tilts morning while the fireman ',vas :e- suondiiig to 11 fire nlarm. Smith was atteniptlng to :l:-ive past ilie negro's ear. both ir.nvling «'.'si on Main, when I he negro :rncd his machine to IrU left to liter Eleventh street. 3mit 1's rashed Into Ihe south curb as he llcinpted lo avoid tr.e negro's ma- hine and then struck re other sending it hurtling into a tele- hone pole. Neither driver was be- cvcd to be seriously Injured but Smith's new car was considerably amaaed. Smith said other firemen chiving 11 front and in tee rear of his car .'ere sounding sireni and that he *'as blowing his horn when the ne- ro allempted tile left turn. The legro. according lo Smitn. saiil he dill not hear the warning alarms. house roads ami highways committee disagrees: "Highway commissioner has as- .surcd me that Missouri's road- building program will not be impaired by a 25 psr cent cue," he said. | tion over Senator Edwin S. Brous- 3ard in the 1932 primary. Hunter said that Dr. A. J. S' supervisor of the state mineral de> partment in the Long regime, ordered him to curtail oil and production by 75 per cent because The proposed reduction will flndj^J lis a ?,"' 1 ^" g £ Ctl -" if h "?* Oi approval from Oov. Guy B. Park.! ™ n . Eal _ d _f hat , he . ^"^ \ Oov. Guy B Park The executive has advoca'ed a re-l?. lat - Senalor J ' A ' duction of 40 p=r dent ' Ncc went to see Sf p ' ;Klngfish was said to have promise I ' na ' Hunter's operations would no r> nil LaSC Defendant I be interfered with if l:e contributei Promised elp to Heirs OSOEOLA, Ark., Nov. 27. -S. H. Mulpuss. 50 year old former locomotive engineer, charger] with using the mails ir, a scheme to de, fraud, and arrested here Saturday ; bv Post Office Inspector Wm. J. ft^'hite of Batesville, 'Ark., was re, moved Saturday night to Jonesboro, where the federal grand jury, in session this week, will be ask- and t , reduce oi , prah , ctio , was threatened with prcsecu irate Pack Rat Treed Ranger BEND. Ore. (UP)—Being treed jy nn irate pack rat was the re- rent experienc-j of John Clark, west lookout. Clark set a trap for \vhat he thoueht wns a mouse. He was awakened at night by a great commotion. Investigating, lie found an un- isually large pack tat in the trap. He hurled a boot, then another, missed both times. The rat then look the offensive, pursued Clark icross the cabin nml treed him on up of the fire finding equipment tattle ended \vhen Clark recovered a boot and was accurate m his aim. me that if Shrevepxt judges failed .to convict me they would be replaced by Judges who would." Read Courier News want Ads. ^••••^^•^••^^ ^^KI^^M^M^HNIM^HHMIHBVIH^B ROXY Last Time Today S2 Bill 95 Years Old MONTREAL IUP) —A 95-year- old S2 bill, (believed to be the old- ,cst in existence in Canada, was In Spanish-speaking countries Christopher Columbus is known "ai Cristobal Colon. ed to indkt-him . " " fcimd^belwcen..the. leaves of. an Mulpuss was arrested when he '°'d b<»k"bougrt in a second-hand called for his mail at the Post. stor e "<*« by A. H. Ward, of Office here Saturday morning, i trea1 ' Ttle bl!1 is drawn on the For the past six weeks he has; Union Bank of Lower Canada. The been subject of correspondence in- ] fcrm was printed in New York slituted by the White Oak Stave ' and issued on Aug. 1, 1838 . and Handle Co. of 147 Kciser St.' in which he was represented to Attorney J. T. Coston of Osceola as nn employee of the company, soon to come to Arkansas on bus- iness, who would be in position to give attorneys for the heirs of 1he late R. E. Lee Wilson information -, of value .in their suit contesting! the Wilson will. On his way from i • a local boarding house to keep an I appointment with Mr. Ooston he' slopnert at the post office for his mnll. Inspector White, who had . trailed him here from St. Louis, where he left a forwarding address, was at the post office and tcok him into custody. : Mat. Nite 2;30, 10-25c f,-.'\5, 10-2oc Baseball Injury Fatal WABASH. Ind. (UP)—An liijnrj- received wlien he \vns struck in the heart by a bnsebnll dming a game n yenr ngo caused the death here recently of Arthur Whitakcr. 11. Children's Coughs Need Creomulsion Always get the best, fastest and Mirest treatment for your child's cough or colrl. Prudent mothers mere and more are turning to CreomuSsion for any cough or cole: 'tn' starts. Crcomuls.ion eip.ulsifies creosote w'th six other imnortant medicine• ' >mcnt-s which soothe and henl •!>G inflamed membranes. U is not •» cluap remedy, but contains no ri:rco'ics and is certain relief. Get ? bottle from your drue?Lst rirlvt new and have it ready for instant . use. —Adv. 11G LEE TRACY in TURN BACK THE CLOCK' with MAE CLARKE OTTO KRUGER GEORGE HA RIMER Taxi Boys Comedy Baby Hurlesko in "The Kid's Last Fight" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c FREE PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION of the Famous Reelfoot Meat Products Tues. Nov. 28 1 p. in. till 4 p. m. The pubiii: is cord'ally invited to nt- tciul Uiis interestinjr free demon.=tr:i- lion. Here yuu will ."eo displayed the popular line of Ueolfoot Sausage, Uacon and Country Style Cured Hams as \voll as mir high quality fresh beef. Second Door West- of Kroner's — Next lo Green Beetle Cafe. Demonstration Sponsrrod by Reynolds Packing Co. Union City, Tenn. i A smack o n the lips — crack on the jaw! None other t h ;t n Marie iind W a 11 y, America's: sweethearts in their first joy-o u s since "Min and Hill''! So Babe Rulh Gav W A It NINO ORDEI IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWUA niSTIUT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS 1(. V. Ctirpenler. Plaintiff. vs. No. 0135 Jmws M. liiii'kner ol til, Defend- nnls. The defendant. Jtimes M. Buckner. wurned to appear within ninety days In the court nnmcd in the 01 pi Ion hereof anil iin-swer Ihe complaint ol the plaintiff H V. CiniXMiter. Uuled this 21th day of Nov. H. I,. Oiilnes, Clerk, ny Kll?iilwlh lllythe. D. C. F. C. Donglns, Ally, for Philnliff. Z1-4-11-18 Death Hale Hit New Low MONTREAL, (UP) — Montreal's (ienih rale reached R new low level in 10M. Dr. 3. Boucher, Director of Hit ifenltli bci states In his annual report, just Issued. During Hie year, a record of 11,08 deaths per'1,000 Inhabitants was registered on • a population of 833,000, the report states. the l.usllnnlu sank, ]s<il their lives. 1108 Thedford's Family Laxative ff i\ Children like the Syrup atxr Kuril, is rtfiixmtikle lor three tiitnus you seu in (his picture— 1' the dog. and for the smiles on the of Jack McCann tlefn .id Stanley Harde.sly mglu>. When Hie Mory ytn nrcmixl that Jack id Stanley had been ordered (o lake ICLIL: daily milks for their ealth at a Baltimore hospitit! for cripplril ciiildr'.-n, but felt lonely ccause they had no dog to frisk atom mill them, the Dubs <|ulckly provided the toys with tht-ir canine pal. Gclikn Troul Hauled ' BEND, Ore. IU1') — Calilornla o!(!en trout, a new variety in Orc- on, are being placed in land- ccked Cascade mountain lakes by state game commission. Ncnr- 25,001) fish were raised from cuss cceived from the California game omims=ion. lo avoid Irovn ;is alarming the game is t sneak Loal. G. G. Caudill Genera! Insurance IOC N. Ilroadvuy Phone 797 C.KAOI: A Raw Milk I'liunc 7-1 Craig's Dairy Did You Know- There ure only 22 more shopping days uiilil Christmas . . , 1C you're puzzled itlioul what to buy rt-ftr to the "Christmas Shopping Guide" On Page 6 of This P aper A foiittire lhat will uppi'ar in the Courier News until Christmas and will j?ive yiiti many valuiibk- stiUKeslions of Gifts PIGGLY WIGGLY KROGER STORE Prices For Tuesday and Wednesday We Will Be Closed All Day Thursday, 30th LAST TIME TODAY lU.'itinee 2:30—Iflc - 2r>c || TURKEYS Home Killed. Fr«sh. Full Dres- std. Each Turkey Carries 4 I'oinl Guarantee Pound 25c DICK I'OWELL, and ANN DVORAK, PAT O'BRIHN LYL15 TALIiOT in " COLLEGE COACH" The Greatest Football Picture Evei Filmed PARAMOUNT NEWS - - CHARLEY CHASE COMEIJY TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY I0c-25c SHE WAS BORN TO DANCE! Glorious Joan ... in a role the whole world has clamored for ... a great romance, again with Clark Gable ... a marvelous musical setting! reunion DRESSLER with Robert Young and Maureen O'Sullivan Directed bj- Mcrvyn LcRoy A; Picture for the Entire Family! FOX NEWS - - COMEDY 300 of America's Greatest Dancing, Singing Beautiet'. Smash song hits! Thrills! MINCE MEAT Bulk, Brandy Added II). 15C lialtimoi'e Selects Pint HE-NS Fanev. Full Dressed Lb. SPRING LAMB « Ib. 18c CHEESE No. 1 Full Cream . 12i c GEESE Fresh. Full Dressed iri B to 12 Ih Av. Lb. U HAMS Swift's Empire, Half or Whole Ib. ll|c GRAPES Fancy Tokays Lb. POTATOES Fancy U. S. Xo. 1. Lb. LETTUCE California Iceberg, 60's Head 5C ORANGES Juicy Fla. Large OQt Size. 10-lh. BagOJ APPLES Cooking and Eating Dozen CELERY Oregan Fancy, Well Bleached Stdik 8C PURE LARD "£. $3.651 COFFEE CRAN8FRIUES, Fresh, Je\vel 1'AKAMOUNT NKWS - - CAUONKT COMKDY Central Ward 1'. T. A. Will Give A FREE TUKKRY Tuesday Night! Programs Broadcast Daily Over KLCN al 12:20 BANANAS Yellow, Ripe Lh. 5 C flRANGK Large California Dozen COCOflNUTS, Fresh. Each 4c g Gititrantccd F C. C. and Spring Urook. L'>. POMPKiN: Country Club rgc No. y/i Can 3 Cans 25c PICKLES Sweet, Ql. l»c >;• Dill, <J< Qupen Qiiiirt Jar PINEAPPLE Avondale Sliced Yi Can Can 12ic WESSON OIL Ql. 37c F'int Sloklcy's. No. 2 Cans 2 for SUGAR, Pure Cane, 10 Ib. 47c

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