The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on June 24, 1975 · 46
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The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · 46

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1975
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A-4 Tuesday June 24 1975 HONOLULU ADVERTISER Poor job by HHA, says Mayor Fasi NEWS Big Island launches : agriculture park JL. PAHOA H ..uuu lie oiaic a in a i ou ituiiuiai udi i ...... t i . i . . - was launcnea nere yesterday in formal ceremonies attended by State and County officials. State Agricultural Director John Farias Jr. said, V "TVlie 1C thm fircf rTnA,,t nf iltl : I -" ".v mov jiiuuuii wi a aigumiaui agricultural bill" and declared the park is representative of the State's "commitment to agricultural zoning and development to serve you." County Managing Director John P. Keppeler said the development of the 19-lot, 290-acre farming subdivision reflected the nature of the Pahoa residents, whose "industry is known throughout our land." After the ground blessing, the 18 lessees of the 10- to 31-acre parcels gave guided tours of the lots where guava, asparagus, bird of paradise, green and red ti plants, maile, orchids, anthuriums and ginger have been planted. - Some of the farmers plan to establish residence at the rocky pahoehoe site that the State opened up by establishing a basic water line. A State Department of Land and Natural Resources spokesman said a second increment will be opened in "six months, adding eight more lots and 119 acres to the development that has a potential of involving 6,000 acres of State-owned land. Lessee spokesman James Kuwana said the development will produce "future income on land that wouldn't support one jackass per acre before." Big Isle gun charge filed WAIMEA, Hawaii A 32-year-old Waimea man was arrested and charged with a felony offense after allegedly firing a rifle over the heads of his girl friend's children. Charged with a felony count of reckless endangering was Milton H. Phillips, 32, who posted a $1,025 bail. Officers said he had a quarrel with the 25-year-old mother of the children and fired the shots from the rifle, which police confiscated. Taxation hearings slated HILO The board of review for the Third Taxation Division of the Big Island will hold gearings tomorrow and Thursday on complaints against assessed values of property. The West Hawaii hearing is planned for 7:30 p.m. at the University Extension Service Office in Kainaliu, North Kona, and the West Hawaii hearing will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the conference room of the State Office Building in Hilo. New Kauai building backed LIHUE The Kauai Council has thrown its -support behind plans to develop a new County building in Lihue. During a committee meeting last week it became apparent that there is general consensus within the Council that a new County building is needed because of insufficient space in the present structure. Some County offices, have had to rent space elsewhere in Lihue. County .Engineer Akira Fujita said his office has been working on a proposal for a new County building. He said he hopes a proposed bond floatation this year will provide funds for development of a master plan and a conceptual design of such a structure. With this, he said, the County could go to the State Legislature to ask for assistance in funding the construction. Councilman Roger C. Hee emphasized the need for fast action on the proposal, since leases for office space outside the existing County building are short-term ones and it is possible they will not be renewed. "We cannot disadvantage our taxpayers (and) let them do business on the street," Hee said. ? Big Isle eyes 55 m.p.h. S HILO The Big Island soon may raise its basic .'. speed limit from 50 to 55 miles per hour to conform 7 with the national maximum set for all public highways. The recommendation was sent to the County Council .'. yesterday by Mayor Herbert T. Matayoshi and chief ; engineer Edward Harada, who noted the County High-v way Safety Council has recommended reverting to the " standard. The speed limit was dropped in early 1974 by former mayor Shunichi Kimura under an emergency he de-- clared during the fuel crisis and later was adopted by the Council. "This change will enable the posting of speed limits consistent with the design speed of the highways and : also allow for a more realistic enforcement of the speed limit," Harada said. ; At the present time, the only 55 m.p.h. zone on the Big Island is a five-mile stretch on the Belt Highway south of Hilo near Keaau that was federally funded. , Social Security visits set :-' HILO A representative of the Hilo Social Security Office will visit Kona to offer assistance at 10:30 a.m. July 1 at Hale Halawai in Kailua. : Conditional probation given HILO Judge Shunichi Kimura has sentenced Russell Strong, 21, to five years' probation on condition he ei- ther seek full-time employment or enter a full-time ; training program. The sentence came after Strong was declared to have violated his probation for first-degree theft for which ' he was sentenced a year ago. He was found guilty of a misdemeanor count of possession of a deadly weapon. Kimura also ordered Strong to reside in Honolulu with his parents. - Aquarians' truck auctioned Z LIHUE The last visible sign of the Aquarians will disappear soon when the truck, hauled from the airport '- to pay back rent, is turned over to a Kauai merchant ; who bought it at auction. The Aquarians, a religious group following a leader - they call "Yahowha Ho" (real name: Jim Baker), ; came to Kauai in December but left in three months ' after angering a number of Kauai residents. obtain back rent and to get them off the property. When thpv left, he cot a court order to take the truck, a 6,600-pound, six-wheeled 1975 Ford van. The truck was auctioned off on the courthouse steps jnursuay lO Businessman vtuije niwi auiiji lur o,iiuv. Kawakami said one of his first acts will be to scrape tha name nf thp pronn off the side of the truck. While Kawakami appeared happy with his purchase, Regalbuto probably won't be. The court said he was owed $2,000, but after the police pay the United Bank of ri:t. ik iisilVa In ti I nurin t K KKH 00 anI : take their own fee, there a do consiacraoiy less man icil lor negaiuuiu. urbanized. He said if you put up six housing units per acre, that alone would amount to 66,000 units. "Too often you find politicians or political lawyers tied up with developers," he said. "They get the land overnight, and we have to go in and buy it and pay then anywhere up to eight times the value of raw land." FASI WAS UPSET because the Legislature struck down a 1974 law which would have permitted the City to purchase, for housing purposes, agricultural land adjacent to urban areas. Gov. George Ariyoshi contended that repeal was needed because the Fasi Administration planned to build a large development on land near Kunia now in agricultural zoning. weather, temperatures 1 1 . o Honolulu and Windward Oahu forecast: Sunny. ' Few sprinkles at night. Trade winds 15 to 25 .m.p.h. High in the mid 80s. Low in the low 70s. . Sunrise 5:51; Sunset 7:17. Temperatures-rainfall ( Honolulu Airport weather Station) Highest temperatur 0 'Record high (1968) Average high for month Lowest temperature Recordlow(l73) Average low for month 34 hour rainfall ending I p.m. Rainfall so tar this month Averegerainfalifortnisperiod Rainfall so tar this year Average rainfall for this period Relative humidity at 3 p.m. Relative humidity at I p.m. STATE ROUNDUP (Airport Readings) "Now they cannot tell me when they took those powers to condemn agricultural land away from the City and County that no more ag land is going to be pulled out," he said. "That's shibai (political theatrics), and you know it .. . "If the State, said, 'We're going in and condemn land or we're going to buy raw land and we're going to put it out and develop it for construction,' that would undercut all these speculators. But what they've done is sustain all these people. And I say this is wrong." FASI QUESTIONED whether the HHA has really, built any housing. "They did not build any units," he said. "All they did is act as a bank a small business-loan outfit. You mean to say that all the banks in Honolulu that put up some money for housing can say, 'We built 10,000 units'? "In other words, they themselves have not done what we wanted to do on the City level that is, to go out and get raw land; condemn it and put it out for bids; and have private enterprise build the units and control the prices the way we did at Block G (the Kukui Development project off Fort Street Mall). "They haven't done that, with a few exceptions. For the most part, they've taken the $100 million, plus another $20 million, and acted as bankers, and they say: 'Look at what we've done.' " FASI IS PLEASED with the Block G project. He said the City worked hard on the plan. The developer can earn only six per cent. It appears to be a success. "Do you know that when Hansen (Hal Hansen, the builder) opened a sales office, in one month he sold $26 million worth of units?" said Fasi. "It's a record in the sale of housing units in Hawaii." The Block G apartment are not inexpensive. A total of 227 of the 908 units are set aside for low-income families. Fasi said the apartments for sale run from $47,000 to $97,000. He said .that in 1969 the Downtown Improvement Association and the City Council wanted to build a 4,000-space parking building on the Block G site. He said he told them: "No way. We need people downtown." FASI SAID THE CITY had good plans set up to provide housing, had the Legislature not stepped in to impede them: "We had the financing set to go Zenith Corp., $350 million. "We had Federal programs ready to move in. We had our own bonding authority. And we had a package where we could put people in housing who earn $10,000 a year ... "It was a good, viable plan, but they killed it. Now the Democrats for years have said, 'We're going to break the land monopoly.' Baloney! What's happened? "Look how many Democrats who have been in power have joined up with the landowners; how many deals they've made with them; how many sit on the boards of directors of the landowning companies and banks , and investments trusts and what have you ... "The government was supposed to step in in 1971 to make an assault against . . . high-priced ingredients And what happened? Nothing. "I'm concerned that many families in the $10,000-to $20,000 income bracket are becoming dispossessed." Yesterday's Honolulu Barbers Point Kanaon Lihue Molokal Kahulul Hilo High Bo a ao (4 U K 12 Low 73 72 7) 74 64 63 69 MAINLAND . Tomorrow' Yesterday's Forecast Low High Albany 7 partly cloudy 62 19 Albuauerqut partly cloudy 56 91 Amarillo partly cloudy 59 U Asheviiie haze 56 60 Atlantic City fair 68 7S Austin partly cloudy 72 91 Baltimore partly cloudy 64 91 Billings showers 49 82 Birmingham partly cloudy 67 16 Bismarck fair 53 8) Boise partly cloudy 64 (5 Brownsville thunderstorms 74 92 Buffalo lair 69 13 Burlington, VI.... partly cloudy 71 93 Casper partly cloudy 44 BO Charleston. S.C... partly cloudy 6t (4 Charleston, W. Va. partly cloudy 65 U Charlotte partly cloudy 63 (4 Cheyennt partly cloudy 45 74 Chicago thunderstorms 68 82 Cincinnati partly cloudy 60 86 Cleveland partly cloudy 73 89 Columbia, SC. ... partly cloudy 60 85 Columbus, Ohio .. partly cloudy 72 88 Dallas partly cloudy 75 95 Dayton partly cloudy 71 89 Denver showers 51 83 Des Moines partly cloudy 66 84 Detroit thunderstorms 71 89 Duiuth thunderstorms 58 78 El Paso partly cloudy 61 101 Fargo fair 58 83 Flagstaff sunny 35 78 Great Falls showers 52 83 Helena showers 45 78 Houston thunderstorms 73 90 Indianapolis partly cloudy 70 85 Jackson, Miss. ... partly cloudy 70 88 Jacksonville partly cloudy 74 86 Kansas City partly cloudy 66 86 Las Vegas showers 70 98 Little Rock partly cloudy 71 92 Los Angeles partly cloudy 60 74 Louisvme drizzle 70 88 Memphis partly cloudy 74 89 Miami Beach ...thunderstorms 73 81 Midland partly cloudy 71 95 Milwaukee thunderstorms 66 85 Minneapolis thunderstorms 63 84 Nashville fair 69 88 New Orleans thunderstorms 72 81 New York fair 65 Norfolk fair 63 88 North Platte partly cloudy 53 83 Oklahoma City ... partlycloudy 67 77 Omaha sunny 66 82 Orlando thunderstorms 70 89 Philadelphia fair 65 87 Phoenix sunny 67 103 Pittsburgh partly cloudy 68 85 Portland. Melnt fair 61 89 Portland. Ore showers S3 67 Providence sunny 64 90 Raieigh haz 56 86 Rapid City cloudy . 52 84 Reno showers 54 81 Richmond fair 59 86 Salt Lake City showers 61 86 San Antonio partlycloudy 71 90 San Diego partlycloudy 59 68 San Francisco.... partlycloudy SO 58 Seuit Ste. Merit sunny 65 82 Seattle showers S3 71 Shreveport partlycloudy 67 89 Siouk Falls partlycloudy 57 85 Spokane shower SO 75 Syracuse fair 75 92 Tucson Sunny 63 97 Tulsa partlycloudy 67 82 Washington fair 70 90 Wichita partlycloudy 82 8S Alia Mann 71 II Hon Kona 81 91 Kueie Lumpur 75 94 Singapore 75 91 Bangkok 75 89 Tokyo 8 83 Naha 79 88 Taipei 77 93 Seoul 66 7? j""' " "' M-l lIMIIWIIIWWMWIMM- --- 12.41 I i?si: 1 Je-hour s f r - x 1V ' : 1 rainto j i1 ' ' f A Ymf I W'v K .era, f7m l :tVfi 5 Vi-Lt- ,f:'-i ;if Y 0 0 P) I- KrMl" KN r fit.:: . . cz::tlt.:: 1 . . it ! ; fel "" ' 1 ' 1 1 111 1 ry- ; ' ?:- -Br jB SIR' M itV'X : ' 3-YCAR i;"VZ3Tr.:ZJT : . , 5-YEAir ' Mi T' 'Air- WIM -- ' n czhti7:catii , . d2z:jtu2 : ; III if l f " i-. - - ' V it"1-' : 'I ! r 1 U ' c'Y:!An 1 " y, :. I I For resident of Hawaii only of tides DAY ii TUES. 25 WED. 2 TMURS, 27 FRI. 28 SAT. 2 SUN. X M0N, NIOH TIMI 4 Dim. 5 OS m, lOtim. S 37m. S i n. I lOem, 4 4J a m. 8 43 e m. 7 warn. 1 15am. I 50am, 7 SI p m. 10 Ma m. I Um. LOW TIMt NT, (Mam. -4.1 Mam, 10 13 em. I? 54 am. 10 5 a m, I.Xini, 11 35 am. 2 03 am. 12 1 Mem. I 27 pm. tlam. l.Sap.m. tl TIDES tLSIWMERI UtM Honolulu tides as the tMH, add or Subtrect the fiture briow or multiply if the height lisur is preceded by an asterisk. He'eiwa Heneiel Hanewma Bay H'ia Honuao Fehuivt Faneoh ua kav'toxl Kewaihae Nawiliwill Lanarna Laie Sty Meaiaea Mahueona Weienae WeimenelO Time rllfh Lew -I M -2 08 -I 30 -I 50 101 -4 41 -Ml -4 it 2 78 -0 t I.U 1.24 4 71 0 75 1 48 -I 21 -t 18 -4 IS 07 -0 II 0 09 -4 02 -4 34 -e 79 -4) 37 4) -1 47 .l it -4 01 4 75 -4 78 -4 70 8 48 4( 14 -1:1 -1:11 Hull Lew 0 84 '04 I 80 01 t S ! 404 0I CS 02 482 08 4C 08 407 it 01 00 401 0I 401 401 401 8 101 00 12 0 80 0 0 '00 island skies "PLANtTl JECRITI RIVIALID," It a m. and 1 IS a m , Monday through Safurdavi t and 1 -IS a.m., Sunday; 8 am , Friday and Saturday, Bishop Museum Planetarium. Thrauth Jam 29. THE MOON will rise f I 11 e m , and t 8t t 57 a m t vemn twineht, 24 minutes titer tunseti first I tent tomorrow, 24 minutes be 'ore sunrise, ecurity. Solid Our thrift plans have been developed by financial experts right here in Hawaii. They're the result of our 23 years experience helping Hawaii's people get more for their money. Today Finance Factors is recognized throughout the Islands for sound leadership . . . integrity . . . responsibility. With 21 offices and resources of more than $110 million. A solid record of confidence. High Interest. Start earning the kind of return on your investment you deserve. Talk to a financial consultant at any of Finance Factors office. His advice will be sound. He'll help you select a plan that's just right for you. We take your money seriously.

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