The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1943
Page 6
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VOLUME i—NO. 194. BLYTHEVJM'Jfi, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, MAKCH 31, l'J-13 SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON BEQUEST THE BIrtTHEVIUUE ARMY AIR COUPS NEWS Published .dally/.except Sundays in the int*rtst o! the personnel of the Army Air Forces Ad- vtnced T»u Engine Flying School of Blythevlllc, by th e BlytheviUe courier News. It contains the news ot tlie. Air Ease. They Guarantee 'Chutes First Sure Sigh Of Spring- Boys Trot Out The Baseballs Tlie whtpllke motion of- llic pitcher's arm . . Ihe svuft flight of the small, »hite "pill . . .the crack of a bat . . the scurry of a fielder . the smack of a baseball against a glove . . . these aie the heralds ot Spring whcre- evertthere are Americans. , At the Blylheville Arriiy Air Field these familiar sights .and sounds have 'already—and < perhaps pre- maturely—signalled ..the end of a long winter and the arrUal of wai-m weather The GI has pulled his • treasured old glove from the bottom of his barrack bag and Is loosening his "whip" dm 1 ing every moment of his spare time As soph-. 1 as he. is off duty he hies himself to the nearest squadron area for a game of catch, a luin at,bat, or a little fielding practice He is in most cases, not so hot at the game There are a numbei of talented ballplayers licie, but the average soldier Is just a guy with'- a / tremendous love for the game He plajs It out of enthusiasm for the. sport and with no expectation of e\ei being a Ul- MSBEIO or'a Hubbell This 'enthusiasm, has .caused baseball .to become .the chief topic of;conversation'!!! the nightly barracks confabs Rabid Dodger fans ere once again explaining the failure of their idols In last season's competitions - and are predicting a new' deal for "Dem Lovely Bums" this'.time. Cardinal fans arc contemptuous of such mental mcand- erlngs and are voiciferous ovei the prospect of theii tavontes winning the National League bunting again this jeai The othei clubs also have their following. Ueanfthlle, the Athletic Department is Ignoring the baseball fever to the extent that no plans have been • "announced for this season. Each squadron, however, has been asked . to organize a team so it -seems:-probable that something is" in the offing The GI is not worried He Issuie that some step will be taken to gratify his love for slugging the horsehldc, even though a war Is on. He is perfectly willing to fight at Ihe drop of n hat, but in his off dilty moments he cnn't Imagine a summer pawing without tjie opportunity to Join In that beautiful refralii, "Kill the ump." To the soldier baseball Is as American as hot dogs, • C it 1 v In Coolidge, and Mae It Us an Institution aiid he thinks It's hero to stay. It Is our national pastime and Baby Ruth Is still the Douglass MacArtlmr of the sports world. So, he's biding his -111110 and owalling the call to "t'lny Ball," Seven Graduates Will Remain Here F>av?n members of lost week's gradation class of the lihihevlltc Army Air Field have been assigned to duty here as flying Instructors. They are: Second Llcuts, George R. Hutchison, Donald R. Mahdslcy, Kenneth 1,. Bunker, Charles B. vo'gclcy, Cai'lton F. ; Wells, Francis E." Stull7, Lemuel H. . McCorninck Ji Other members of the class have been assigned to duty elsewhere, either as pilots or for further training in Ihc piloting of two and four motored aircraft. ME-OF HUES' Mrs. Mclbn Caldwcl! Hamlll, 1!)20 W. Vine St., Blylhevllle, and E. E, Under, foreman of the Pniiichute Shop of Ihe Blythevlllc Army Air Field, adjust the harness of a parachute. If It doesn't work -Mrs. Hamlil would be very sorry. But Mr. Llnder reassuringly declares (hat all jobs are guaranteed 'and any ilier can step' out al miy lime, at any reasonable altitude, and conic down easy. Mrs. liamill Is Ihe wife of Sergt. Franklin S. Hamlll, provost sergeant at Ihe Blylhevllle Field. League Games Played In an Inlcr-squaclron basketball league ganie at Ihc Post Gym Monday night -.Ihe 32Gth quintet defeated the 103rd cagcrs 51-23. Beats \\ns high point man for the victors, ;scoring 2-1 points. Hoffman led tlie losers In scoring with nine points. " In earlier, games the Fliers, an officers' team defeated the 100th quintet 41-40, and the 701st squint I beat the 001 Quartermasters 35-24. Sergt. Marvin L, Marlon to train At Fort Sill : ; Sergt. Marvin L. Maiion of the 320th Suadron, a member of the crew which operates the floodlights of Ihc landing field, letl this week to attend the next ses- Mon of the Field Artillery Officer Candidate School, Fort Sill, Oklu, Sergeant Marlon enlisted n year ago and has been stationed at Blythcvllle since. July. He is the soil of'.Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Marlon, 039'West End Ave., New York, N. Y., •• Upon satisfactory completion of Ihe ' three months course at Fort Sill, lie will be commissioned a second lieutenant in I lie Field Artillery. FUNNY BUSINESS Post Theater-Goers Treat Patrons of the Post Theater a Ihe Blylheville Army Air Field hac then 1 money's worth Monday evening. Besides the regular first mi feature picture, . Iherc was ninsi< on the elcclric organ by Sergt. Donald L. Scribncr along wllh th drumming of- Pfc.i Jackie Mitchell And as an added special attraction Slim nhodcs and bis Mountaineers who are heard regularly over sta lion KLCN, provided a' half hou of . singing, music and comedj which was well received by Hi audience, judging by Ills vlgorou applause which greeted each number rendered by "Bca', "SHm'>, ana "Dusty". • . • Corporal Johnson To Begin Training <\s Aviation Cadet Corp. William L. Johnson, a pho- ographer at Ihe Blythevllle Army ilr FUld, has volunteered for trailing as ah aviation cadet, and after >assing the rigid physical and meii- al examinations, has reported this vcek lo San Antonio, Tex., for pre- llght training. HIYIN HEBE .ee Bartell Will Sitig Special Numbers With Crazy Show Friday LEE Bill-tell, liclle of the blues, vill sliuj special arrangements of •Joseph, Joseph" and the "St. />uls Blues" to military personnel at the post Theater Friday night. She Is one of a number of star jcrformers of stage, scrceii anil adlo fame who will appear here in Crazy Show, a /any. and laugh- iblc musical revue. A newcomer to the entertainment world. Miss Bartell has already convinced veteran performers, critics that she has gobs of talent as a .songstress and that her personality will carry her far. Competing with the blues singer for the fav.jr of the audience will be Vivian * Frances, attractive curvaceous aero and tap dancer who 1ms charmed soldiers throughout .the country with her. flashy routines. Definitely a coming dancing star, she has already made a name for herself In vaudeville as a thorough going trouper who can always be depended upon tor a sterling performance. Wilbur Hall and Renie also will bo present to do their stuff. And this talented twosome arc a show by themselves. Hall plays the violin arid trombone, and can even get music out of a bicycle pump. He was with Paul Whlteman before he went into vaudeville. Rente sings, plays Ihc saxaphohc, and is the "Straight man" in their comedy act. Tlie two entertainers met In England .several years ago formed an acl, nnd played in leading European theaters before returning to this country. Other entertainers In the show arc Aki'cn and Roberts, boy and girl jitterbug dancers, and Eddie llnnlcy, a comedian. They are capable performers with talent and Schedules Revised For Post 'Exchanges New hours of operations, at all post exchanges of the Blylhevllle hny Air Field went Into effect lo- day. According lo the new schedule nnounccd by Capt. Irvliig n. Lee, )ost exchange officer, the. main lost exchange will be open daily roin 10 a. m.. to 9 p. in., from, vlonday through Friday; from 11 in. to 0 p. in., on Saturday and roiii noon to 6:30 p. m., on Sunday. The Jewelry, clothing and shoe dc- larthient of the post exchange 'will lose at 7:30 p. hi. every night and ' vill hot be open on Sunday. The cadet post exchange hours Corporal Johnson enlisted August ' have a big reputation as vaudeville 11 at Little liock. He Is the son of stars. Mrs. Elanora Johnson, Malvefii, ; ncii McAlce, the poor man's ''' Ark. Milton Bearlc, Is emcee of "C Upon successful completion of; the Show," and a good one. His smooth course, he will receive pilot's wings line of patter is well fitted to ind be commissioned as a flying 1 vaudeville entertainment and his officer in the Air Corps. '.''. ! ' " L_ : ; .,.j : Jinnrt Sale Rtcnrt Set ( '>jj :• BINGER,',Okla.;(UP)— Bing'er :SM a new- 'Caddb 'rccbrd Tor war bond sales when a box supper aUctton brought in $10,088. One box' sold . Iff Ht ill Administrative Inspector Resumes Duties; Helped Mobilize Schools Maj. Charles. E.. Laylpn is back on duty as post administrative in- vlll be from 2"to 9 p. m., while the Ispcctor nft'er six weeks of .work In xchaiige located ill the operations tllc program lo mobilize the na- lutldihg will be open from 8 a. m. t'on's colleges and universities in o 9 p. in. The negro post exchange vill lie open daily Including Sunday rom 2 to 0 p. m. • Soldiers Will Grow Vegetables Fowl will help win the war and if it Is right for civilians to grow .., „.„ „.„,. o .„ „„... garden stuff its good for the army tllins to t i, e Al . my Aii . Forces, with the war effort. College men today are soldiers, privates in the army, studying what the army tells them to study, eating army chow, and living an army life. . Standard practice Is for them to be assigned to college for a five- months training period to "study the basic principles of mechanics, physics, mathematics, political geography, physics and military training, the studies that are considered essential to operate and navigate the modern high powered aircraft in combat. That is Hie program as it per- for $l;712.50. itlcs tire calculated to keep soldier audiences holding their sides. There will be two performances of "Crazy Show," the first lie- Ulmilng sit (S:30 p. m., the second al I! o'clock. Tlie rcVue is brought here by USD Canip Shows, under the au- Slill Champion LOS ANC1ELES (OP)—The California Shipbuilding Co. remains the champion shin-producing company of the world. The Terminal Island plant delivered 15 Liberty ships of 10,500 tons each, launched 14 others, and laid the keels for 14 others during the month of February. Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut Phone 453 "lie nsctl lo be n photographer, sir!" Say 'Haw Easter' With Flowers! • , V" >•- KF* PLACE TELEGRAPH ORDERS NOW By placing tel^raph orders now you'll be sure of V Sf th^wir?! S an *' >•««'» also save (he cosl The Flower SlwpJ, GlncM Hotel BMg. Phone 491 OfMihlfary Merchandise Items .. . We're not going to stop selling clothing for enlisted men and officers—quite the contrary is true—we intend to stock more' than ever before, • \ . . . Listed below ar e Five items that we don't want to carry through Summer (we're badly pressed for space). All are offered at below cost! Regularly $15 PINKS Now $10! Regularly 10.95 0. D. TROUSERS Regularly 7.95 0. D. SHIRTS One Lot c{ $5 GAURISON CAPS Now HiK Price! Regularly $3 Khaki SWEATERS Now Half Price! Hudson CLEANER-TAILOR—CLOTHIER to do it, loo, and so Col. Kurt M. Landon, eomriiandlng officer of the Blythevlllc Army Air Field, is going to have a garden to produce fresh vegetables for tlie men at Hie Air Base. Capt. Hugh B. Montgomery, post mess officer, and Capt. Walter V; Hogan, commander of the 309th (Negro) Squadron, are in charge of the project. An eight-acre tract near the water plant Is being plowed. The crops, it is expected, will provide garden fresh vegetables from time to time for all the messes. They're planting tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, sweet corn, okra, string beans, carrots, onions, turnips and potatoes. Rapee Teaches Navigation NEW YORK (UP)—Erno Rapce, director of the Radio City Music Hall orchestra, lias joined the faculty of the evening and extension session of Hunter College as ah instructor in a course in navigation. Rapce, who makes a hobby navigation, holds n certificate s navigator for the U. S. Coast •Hard. Pa.; , Grove Cits Geneva College which Major Lay ton was engaged as an administrative inspector from the inspector general's office at Headquarters of the Southeast Training Center. He supervised arrangements at Mount Union College, Alliance, o.; Allegheny College, Meadvllle, College, Pa.; Beaver Falls, Pa., and Hiram College, Hiram, O. One or more army officers -.are in command of the student military detachment at each college, including several officers. formerly on duty at the Blythevllle Army. Air Field. They are preparing the students for assignment as aviation cadets or other duties with the Air Forces. Soldiers who qualify are assign- nspection Honors Awarded To 309th INSPECTION—14 ITAL .. ARMY I'We have the best squadron oh hs tost. We have the best day•coin and tlie best orderly room; And you «m put, that in the It's Capt. Walter V. Hogan speak', ng. He is commanding officer x of he 3(KHh i Negro) Squadron. Anil ,'lve "E" banner for excellence In the weekly Inspection of squadron area, nilklines aiid personnel flies from . flag stuff at the door of his orderly room. . ; The 303lli had Hie best' record . in the Inspection, last Saturday, with a mark of 01) out of a possible 100, the 20th Training Oi'oun coining second with 95. Captain Hogan boasted 100 per ctnl cooperation and Interest among his men and declared that although with few exceptions they are new to/the Service, (hey have, iiiken readily to military life. "They love it,' he said, "and are becoming excellent soldiers." ed to a college, after induction, for specialized training according to their aptitudes, upon completing recruit training. At school military drill and 'rigorous physical training continues under the military regime. The students are eager, interested and anxious to go, according lo Major Layton. The governing principle, according to Major Layton, is that "the time and efforts of the students shall not be wasted in work -, which does not contribute to the 1 purposeful Intention, that of educationally equipping each student to understand the basic principles behind the poeration and navi- galioii of tile weapon known as he military aircraft." >ices of the Special Service Of- ce. ,...". CORSAGES and BRIDAL FLOWERS • For the dance, commencement and your bridal flowers. We are fully prepared to serve you— Orchils, Cammelias, Gardenias, Roses, Carnations and various olhtr flowers. Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED If the upptrs art still good. Bring them to us, for quality work. . HALTER'S e ymir orders early. Phone 549 or come make your selection. HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 2M Davis Avc. Quality 121 W. Mmln Sn*p PJh..«St 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. LANGStON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw.y & Walnttt Ph. 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