The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1941
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1941 BLtTHEVILLE (AftK.) COURIER NEWS W ^B^ ^ •? — SALE FOR RENT enef it CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate p«r une ror consecu-; tive insertions'. One time per line 10c two times per line per day—OSc Three times per line per day..06c Six times per line per day......OSc Month rate pet line... 60c Card of Thanks........ 50c & 75c Minimum charge SJOc. Ads ordered for three or six times For Sale EVERYBODY'S SHOUTING BARGAINS AT PHILLIPS Big Used Csr Sale A few of our Many 'Bargains l>e charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. ky submitted by persons residing out^ Bide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above' table Advertising- ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility , will be taken lot more than one .incorrect inser- iiori of any classified ad. For Rent 1S37 CHEVROLET COACH ................. 1939 DODGE' TOURING 2-DOOR Bird dogs, 2 and 3 year olds. Must do it all. Mid-season prices. Fred Boren. Dell. Arkansas, l-pk-14 Restaurant, complete with fixtures. Reasonable. Plaxn Grill. 110 E. Main. 6-pk-10 FOR SALE—Hay and corn. Wiley Smith, Burdetto, Arkansas. l9-Dk-l-19 ,1935 FORD COUPE ... 1940 FORD DELUXE TUDOR- 1936 DODGE TOURING SEDAN 1933 MERCURY DELUXE SEDAN 2 room furnished apartment. All ' conveniences. Adults c'nJy. 819 W. Ash. 7-ck-M i unfurnished apartments. Automatic hot.water. Nice location. Phone 727. 719 W. Ash. * 7-ck-H -1939 FORD j TUDOR 1940 FORD CONVERTIBLE CLUB COUPE.-.1937 FORD FORDOR ... 1939 HUDSON 91 Nice room in private home. 313 North 6th. S-ck-tf 3 roorri' furriished apartment. Thomas Land Co. Call 527'' or 924. G-ck-13 COUPE 1936 PLYMOUTH $248 $444 $115 $597 '$134 $562 $447 $648 $289 $399 $144 Good work mules. Cash or terms. Cash or terms. Sec Floyd Simpson, Manila, Arkansas. 3-ck-tf HOLD EVERYTHING 65 Acres near Rives, Mo. $3.000 cash or on terms. 80 Acres near Hayti. Mo. cash and terms. Part 120 Acres'-cut-over west of Hay- Li. Mo.. ?i mile off gravel. Can be had for $30.00 per acre. Part cash. Several other Blytheville. tracts south of ROLLISON & CAGLE, Inc. 2-ck-tf One light housekeeping room. One bt) bedroom for two. Cheap. Close ** in. Water and lights furnished.. 115 East Walnut. 'J5 furnished rooms. Private entrance. Lights and water, bath. 33.50 week. 1117 Holly street. 3-ck-9 My five room brick home.. 3 miles South' on H. W. 61. Furnished. Phone 19XF-4. ' 2-ck-3 Furnished front bedroom. Next to bath. 713 'W. Main. Phone 983. v.. • 2-ck-tf Modern 3 room unfurnished -apartment. Good condition. Corner o Main and Second. Call F. Simon Phone 764 or 1170. 1-ck-tf Two room furnished apartment Also bedrooms. 100 W. Kentucky. Call' 1129. 31-pk-l-31 Ccrrie hy or Call Us for a Demonstration PHILLIP USED Salesman with car at once. Phone 1144. 6-pk-lO MOVING We move anybody, anywhere, anytime. CALL BIKE PHILLIPS AT 610 27-CR-I-27 Only American DOK Some authorities say the Boston terrier Is the only American breed of dog. The .crossing of a bulldog with nn English terrier in Boston more than 60 years ago is said to have originated the breed. Nature Improves NtUumlly filtered and humidified' winds blowing through the Roquefort caves, in France, and the rain water trickling from tha crags, produce aCmospheric cbndl ~ Lion's acting on f< unripe" cheese In such a way as to give It its inimitable flavor. Thus, genuine Roquefort cheese can be made only in one plncc in the world. Beautiful Used CHRYSLERS and PLYMOUTHS AT CLEARANCE SALK PRICKS llilO CHJtYSLKlt Sum toga Hcdun. Uke new. Brunei new rrbber. Air-cniidiUomMl. Radio. I ow milca gt*. Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Ortr J«e baM* 8tor» Phont 540 SAVE 41 of (M—TiBk c* on flftl every Uftk car to ywr «*r. (T«trMthyl GM) JOYNER Olt CO. D. g. Highway ff]. North Traveler \ -door siHlun. Kiulfo, Per- f'r'ct condition. Low mileage.' 193!) PLYMOUTH, luxe 4-rtoor ftdun. •ondition mc'cliaiilciilly. clean, For Sale or Rent That must be the new strategist I heard Ihe general was getting!" Phones 810. 811. 1122 W. II. Bunon, Used Car Msrr, Welding 300 Acre Stock farm, 10 miles west of Paragould. Will rent for $1500 a year or will sell at $15 an acre or will take care of 150 head oj stock from October to March, inclusive, at $2 head per month Other 6 months at $1 head per month. See Frank Lane, Phon r 331, Paragould. Ark. 12 pk 1-1'J Notice EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING ?elc [. Co, Lost < More for ibe money in ALLEN'S Oil and Coal Circulating HEATERS SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. WAfiR Minnows for Sale Goldfish and Shiners-. 300 E. Mairt St. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 19-ck'-l-19 Light, traveling 186,000 miles fi second, requires eight .minutes to come to the earth from the sun Interior 1939 PLYMOUTH. Deluxe4-door scrtnn. KiuiJo ami healer, looks arid runs like newv I.o\v mUenge. 8KB THESE OAKS BEFORE BUYING AN AUTOMOBILE! SEAT MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash I'honc 11 COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call 16 DELTA 'OFFICE SUPPLY-STOKE R.It, iinil Ash Sis. Long, Country Chile, tf placed 6n the west coa«t of North America/ would reach from Sitka, Alaska, to a point opposite" Mexico City. The- country is 60 to 200 miles wide and 2600, miles long. Try Our Barbecue RIBS They're Delicious Ole Hickory Inn PRESCRIPTIONS Freahest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE G room bungalow E". Ky. Ave. Corner lot tOfli feet frontage. A 'big bargain al $19CO.OO. THOMAS LAND CO. II. C. Campbell, Salesman Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms fnterrml'hemorrhoids that, do not protrude are oftentimes ftn illusive allmertt since they are usually not painful. They are iYeqiVenliy the bnsic'.-cause of much reflex suffering. Some of the most common conditions that are caused more or less directly by Internal Hemorrhoids as well as other rectal pu'thology MO. : high blood pressure, digestive disturbances; extreme nervousness, dull low-backache, back oJ thighs richo, insomnia (sleeplessness) and constipation. It is folly and dangerous to deier or neglect examination and treatment thiil. will relieve and cure this ailment. B'lyt-hcvlJIeV Ark. N T 1ES''& NIES Clinic 514 Main Tel. 98 D r a £ 1 i n e and heavy welding a specialty. larksdale N ^^r Phone 19 or Eea. 101?) Store building .-Main and .Lake. Phone 329. 31-ck-tf. 2 loom furnished apartment. Lights and water furnished. Reasonable. 1601 W. Ash. 30-ck-tf Bedroom' convenient to bat'n. Steam heat. Phone 280. 27-ck-tf Desirable bedroom, twin beds. Men Preferred. 1'017 Walr.-ut. Phone 102. 24-ck-tl. Two., 2-room furnished apartments. 6lo Chickasawba. : 23-ck-ti , jElcctric ami Acetylene W E 8 ''ft 5 13 (ft t I EJ 2 R m Fender and Body Work and Lawn Mivver Snarpehinr B. W. GRAM 1 bay rriare mule. 1 sovrell hors mirte. l black mare mtile. white- ncse, 1 sorrel 1 horse. 1 bay horse. E. H. Schultz. or notify Lex Chamblin. Torn Little Chevrolet Co. 7-pk-14 Large English Bulldog. White and yellow. Bob tail." . REWARD Phone 990-W. 6-pk-10 Position Wanted Del). Ark. 2 room furnished apartment. T0=: W. Main. . 23-ck-ti '.* room fuornished apartment. Private bath. OesfvabTe location Phone 280. 14-ck-ts T^rge hedroor;;. Twin beds. Stean heat, Men preferred. Come- Chickasawba fs-rid lOtlt Phon^ number 1. 23-ck-u Available soca'--two-room offict suite, • windows >n' Main streei Sudbury Bldg. Phone No. One. Found Personal \rousp Sm^gish Wvi«T f work off he hflpi to rid yourself of ' consti- »ation, g?~s pains. tfnJ ^.hat 'ink feeling Take one box ol Widov: with little girl aged 3 yr? wants house work in childless Christian itome in BTythe^lle. Elderly couple preferred. Will v.-ork for home and reasonable wage. See or write Mrs. Thelma McClelland. 'jRc.seland, Arkansas. 7-pk-B Will do any kind of housework. Experienced. 101 E. Sycamore. 3-pk-3 Washing Ironing; LTVE* FILJL8 guilts or blanftets S1.IM* Bell Green, behind City Ice PTnnt. U.W. fil North, 9-«k-ini-9 SOURCE OF FOOD Female red Chow. 'Owner pleas? inquire at Courier News Office These Quality C^rs Muse Be Seen to ie Appreciated 1940 Chevrolet, Special 1P<',0 Ford V-8 Tudor. Only • 1940 Plymouth Town Sedan for HORIZONTAL l.Eog. 6 Its young animal. 8 It is a -—legged mammal. 13 One who parades. 15 Pertaining to an areola. 17 At Ihe top. 18 To compute. 20 To contradict. 21 Half an em. 22 Opposite of merit. 44 Foot (abbr.). 24 Preposition. 45 Sun god. Answer to Previous Puzzle Chevrolet Sport Sedan-.' Bargain — •.. Chevrolet 'Town VERTICAL 1 Mineral spring 33 **ops to 25 Credit (abbr.). 47 And. 2 sprinkles. 34 Knock - 26'Males. 48 Italian river. TA<r<r 36Into.-' 27 Spirit of the 49 To decline. 3 Metm ' 38 Sttgar stream. 51 Game. 4 Pile of clot "- 39 Toward. 29 Type standard 54 Indigo shrub. 5 Verbal ending. 41 To sprain. 31 Pertaining to 55 Fissure. ... 6 Baby carriage. *J Ceremonial. osmium. 55 Crooked tree. ,. c nf > r i^ O f re ' 33 Rowing tool. 58 Grinding wild cattle *8-French ' 35 Self-esteem. tooth. wua cauie. sol ^ er . 37 Paraphrase. 59 Crystalline 8 Southeast 49 File. 40 Compass point substance. (abbr.). 50 Tatar lancer. (abbr.). 60 The 9 Mortar tray. 52 To poke. 42 To prepare for animal, ready" 10 Olive shrub. 53 Sour. printing. for market, is 11 Stormed. 5-7 To proceed. Harbor. called hog. 12 To attempt. 58 Mother. mB Ford V~8 Tudor. A steal at . . ........... 1937 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe; Only .......... JS3S DeSoto 4-Door Sedan.. : 1034 Chevrolet Coach. A rfial buy 5330 Chevrolet Coach for Easy G.M.A.C, Payment Plan Open Nights and Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 63-? 60 SOU ARE A. 6-3IQL! A BRAVE AMD DEU3HTFL)Ll.y BOMiAWTICj iWCE ! TELL \\E - HOVV1 ^CH PRESENT ACTIVITIES CO^AE .COMRADES ARROW! THER PRETTV WiM<5SM WOTBELIEV/E! FORIFVOU VOOULt) WOT 'A5JE To UEWT TrtS APASltMEMT NEXT TO THIS DOESN'T MAKE tUSE..' HOW IS THAT I, OF THE I THIWK 1 HAVE WELL A^THEWH OOP3 APPAREklT USE OF MODERM EKJGLISH, THO HE REdT. FROM THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ABOLTT TIME- TRAVEL THAT OIVES ALU PARTIES THE (MSTAMTLV TO PRET5POKEM S4Ck.vFBQM CLEOPATRA f OH.VtAM? ^ SO WHAT? THESE AKJCI'EWT WHAT ARE YOU DOihJG IM HERE ALOME ? ARE YOU TRYING To ISOLATE THE ATOM TME OWSJER. op IT GO OUTS\OE AMD COOMT THE STARS WITH. JlMNY WVN3ME / KISS HER FOR ME —AND HILDA'S LISTENING » OMLY FOOUNX3/ WMAT IS IT —FINE OR: SUPER-PINE? You BETTER JOIN THE PARTY-WE'RE PLAYING FORFEITS, AND THE JUDGE/ JUST BEEN DOING SOME THINKING/ . 1?wt BY NEA SEftVICE. INC. T. M. RfC. U.S. PAT. OFF, RED RYBER PR6FE.SSOR G0r\£ OUT QUICK-' COfAS OP CANYON FOCTT OF ROPE VJE Uv KT»Q-AR MARTIN CfVU GO HOtA^c ViOvi\ C\< ' ^ "O ~?SVP> 14 Opposed to odd. 16 Bridle sCrap. 19 Licit.. 22 Periods of JO yeari 23 G«nus of. tapirs. 25 -^—> is its . chief food. 26 Mud. 28 To jog. 30 Its -— is an important food. 32 Mountain (abbr,).

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