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Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN. THURSDAY MORNING, -NOVEMBER 13, 1930, THE EAU CIAIBE LEADER. i 1 ILLINOIS MAN EASTERN GRID BOWLING New York Hack Stand Not Jot Hacks, Even on Horse Show Night i (By Associated Press i NEW. YORK, Nov. 12.

The sign Northwestern Offers to --Aid Charity Fund With Receipts of 1931 Game western will take a chance of regaining Its $100,000 advance on the extra receipts made at Soldier Field, a stadium which can accommodate 55,000 to 65.000 more fans than Notre Dame's President Dill Scott of Northwestern, in making the announcement, said he was confident that Notr Dame and Western conference would accept the conditions. "Northwestern is in full accord with the conference athletic committee in that all games should be play-el on the college fields President fimtt said, "and in making the sug CHICAGO UIT HARD BY LOSS OF FAST BACK Minnesota, Michigan Eye Eeach Other's'. Strength (By Associated Preis) EVANSTON, Nov. 02. Coacli Dick Hanley of Northwestern almost lost his temper today as the Freshr men, armed with Wisconsin plays, made the Wildcat varsity look like Just another football team Instead of one on the threshold of 'Big Ten championship.

Taking ihe offense In a long scrimmage, fhe yearlings passed and ran. the varsity ragged. Hanley. Jerked his team about with numerous substitutions and said he was very much dissatisfied. Associated EVANSTON, 111, Nov.

13. The executive" committee, of Northwestern university's board of trustees today offered'to'make an immediate donation of $100,000 to the Illinois state unemployment condition providing certain conditions pertaining to the 1931 Notre Dame-Northwestern football game are allowed. The offer, made in the face of requests that the Nov. 22 game between otre Dame and Northwestern be transferred to- Soldier Field, Chicago, and the proceeds given to charity, carried these provisions: 1 That Notre Dame and the West-em conference agree, to permit the transfer of the 1931- -Notre Dame-orthwestern football game from South Ind, to Soldier 2 That Notre. Dame consent that all funds In excess of amount to be shared between the two universe ties on the basis of a full attendance at Notre Dame be turned over to Northwestern as a refund tor the $100000 to be donated at.

the present time, 3 That the. South park board of Chicago again offer free use of Soldier field tor the 1931 game at suitable date to both Notre Dame anl Northwestern. all conditions are met, North? Badger Alumni Back Marquette-Detroit Charity Contest (By Associated 'Press) MILWAUKEE, Wis, Nov. 12 Support of the Marquette-Detroit charity football game Saturday has been pledged by the dub of Milwaukee, composed of alumni of the University of Wisconsin. Harry Aben-droth.

has called for 500 tickets for distribution at a meetlnj of the club tomorrow night, according to Alderman John Koerner, member of the ticket sales committee. Connecticut Pro Wins Mid-south Tournament PINEHURST, N. Nov. 13 Billy Burke, of Roundhill Country nriwlch. today won the mid-south golf tournament with a score of 143 for tne 35-noie event.

Emmet French, Youngstown, Tommy Armour, Detroit, and Mike Turnesa, Emsfofd, N. divided second, third, and fourth prize money with scores of 147. Showers that fell almost all dya showed up. the field and ran. the scores high but Burke's 74 in the morning and par 71 in the afternoon gave him a total of 145 that was two strokes better than his nearest competitors.

Gene Sarazen, former national open champion, quit in disgust on the ninth hole when his clubs played him -false in the wet weather. Burke won the mid-south three years ago. He had a chance to better par and his winning margin on the last round but three. putts on the short fourth and the ninth, and" two on the 11th spoiled. his hopes, Rangers, Bruins Senators Victors in Hockey Games (By Associated, Press) 12-Thel930-31 national hockey league campaign was on in full swing today- with; the New York Raneers.

Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators boasting vic tories gained the opening games of the season last night' Ottawa showed surprising strength In turning back -the Montreal Maroons 20. At Ottawa the. Senators flashed sensational form and out played, the Maroons decisively throughout. Thm mm A lb New York Americans' a much improved outfit but finally managed to exe out a i-u decision-before, a capacity crowd oi isnnn, Th lone, score of the game came in the first period when Eddie Shore rushed down the ice and passed to' Clapper, the latter banging the puck into the; left side -of the game. gangers spoiled the league debut of the Philadelphia Quakers by taking a' 3-0 verdict at Philadelphia before a crowd of 5,000.

The -Quakers formerly "the Pittsburgh Pirates, were outplayed all the way. GOASTSCiOL SEEKING BIG TEN COACHES Hanley, Zuppke 'Are Spoken of for California (By Associated Press) BERKELEY, CaL, 12 Unconfirmed persistent reports today said two coaches of the Big Ten, conferencer-Dick -t Northwestern, and Bob Zuppke cf Illinois had been! approached or would be approached to take over the berth as bead football coach of the university of Campus gossip' said Coach M. Nibs" Price would be replaced at the end of this season. -Consensus Ts the executive committee of the associated" students" would discuss hiring new, The impending- action was prompted by an Editorial written and published in the Daily Californlan, student publication, by Arthur Arlett, editor, Artett's article an investigation' of' the- athletic situation at California, football coaching department It followed California's 74-0 defeat last Saturday by-soutbren California, While confirmation was not forthcoming, it was reported prominent alumnus' of had made overtures to coaches, Hanley and Zuppke, being- the most prominently mentioned. SOUTH LEADING ALL SECTIONS IN GAMES WON (By Associated Press) NEW.

YORK, Nov. 12 With 14 vcltories and 11 defeats for an average of .560, the south Is leading all rivals in the success of its college football teams in interseotlonal conflict, -a tabulation of results so' far Indicate today. The east is secbhd with .543, the far west third with .500 and; the middlewest-fourth with .453. The southwest trials, with .203 as a result of having' tackled some of the mid-dlewest's strongest teams. i In actual number of intersectlon-al victories won, the east leads with '25, only one game ahead of the middlewest, which gained irpreciab-ly in the last week's pla7.

The private argument between the east and middlewest found the latter section forging ahead by winning five of its last nine. games with eastern rivals for a total of 17 victories to 16. Most of the Important games have gone to the midwest forces. The south, on the other hand, has proved a persistent Jinx for Che middlewest, winning ufne games and losing only two. The far west tangles with the east for the first time this season Saturday when St.

Mary's of California plays Fordham here. The southwest will have a chance to fatten Its average at the east's expense the same day as Southern Methodist encounters the navy. Other intersec-tional cnofllcts this week are Ohio State-Pittsburgh, Iowa-Penn state, Pennsylvania-Georgia1 Tech, Loyola of Chicago vs. Boston college, Army-Kentucky Wesleyan and Villa Nova-Oglethorpe. American Entry Out of Argentine Meet BUENOS AIRES.

Nov. 12 J. Gil bert Hall of South Oranee. N. sole representative of, the United states in the Areentine tennis cham pionships, was eliminated from ihe men's singles competition -today by Eric Peters, English player.

iiie scores were 7-5, 6-2. in anotner upset, ouuiermo itoD-sc-n of ArKentina defeated Littleton Rogers, Irish player, 6-2, 6-4, 6-4. Buzzard Gets Ball, Golfer Loses Birdie (By Associated Press) PALM BEACH, Fla, Nov. 12. Mike Rideri who learned his golf in Scotland, faOed to get a birdie here today, because the birdie was a buzzard.

-'Mike 'got a clean drive straight down 'the middl? some :23 yards and the bird swooped down, plcke up his ball, and Cew away. STILL SEEKING iCHARTOLGAHE Would Bring Wildcats and Ramblers to Big Field (By Associated Press) Nov. Gets, chairman of the Blinds UnemployK meht Commission, and some thousands of would-be purchasers of Notre Dame-Northwestern football tickets, today still hoped the-eontest a week from Saturday would be transferred to Soldier Fields Getz Monday reopened the plea that the Western Conference permit the game to be moved from Dyche Stadium at Northwestern, to Soldier Field and its much greater seating facilities, to obtain funds for relief of the unemployed. The Western Conference faculty committee on athletics already has vetoed the proposition, but Gets has asked reconsideration, directing his at President Walter Dill Scott of Northwestern. Mr.

Scott has promised an announcement by tomorrow, but the key to the situation still remains with the faculty committee. Presidents of other Big Ten universities also have been asked to aid. "Forget Notre Dame" EVANSTON, Nov. 12. Coach Dick Hanley of Northwestern, desires and appreciates support and encouragement from the institution's alumni but how he wishes its members would forget about Notre Dame until Wisconsin is looked after Saturday.

Northwestern's Big Ten title hopes rest fin the outcome of the Badger game Saturday, and the Big Ten title is Northwestern's first consideration The alumni, however, have forgotten all. about the championship and are sending letters "and telegrams to Hanley exhorting him to break his neck to beat Notre Dame a week from Saturday. "Of course, we want to beat Notre Dame," Hanley said last night. "We want to win all our games. That' what we are out there for every Saturday.

But we want at least a share of the conference championship before we start worrying about Notre Dame." BACON MAY BE GOPHER, BADGER GRID TROPHY fBY Associated PresaV MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 12. Football games have been going on Between the Universities of Minnesota and Wisconsin ever since 1800, long agj reaching that exclusiveness knows as but with never i trophy for the winner with whlcJi a. i 1 -A, ne mignt proclaim ms canuueaic So today the Gophers selected trophy and promptly challenged Wisconsin, to take out of their pos session in their engagement Novem ber 22. The emblem, for which Goph er and Badger are expected to fight as viciously as they have over thi? past four decades, is a slab oj: "bacon." The 'laacon however, for the saki of permanence and for is not true bacon, but was made from black walnut wood with suitable de signs and inscriptions for the foot.

ball occasions. The general Alumn! association decided to use it as 8 1 trophy and hopes for concurrent from Wisconsin. The slab was carved from blacs walnut by Dr. R. B.

Fouch, a Mln-I neapolis dentist and Minnesots Alumnus of the class of 1914. It ill two feet long and one foot wide, has? a raisea icotoaii me center, uh-word rBacon" at endV and the ini-1 tial reversible to a when ths slab i3 turned the cthr way, placed on the football. When Wisconsin wins a football atarne, the will hang in tlie! Badger trophy case with the riKht side up. Minnesota's victors! would keep the trophy In Gophers' to make it read, Pop Warner Once Bet on Team; Lost Money (Ttv Anqor.lated Press) AMES, Nov. 12.

Glenn Warner, Stanford football coach.f once learned the" hazards of betting' cn his team. Back in 1895 Warner coached the Iowa State College gridders for sis. weeks, coming here from Cornell TJnl-s versity. His team lost only two. games, on one of which "Pop" made a bet that cost hlra his season's eal-j ary, $80.

Dr. T. L. Illce, a tackle on the team, told the story today. I The cyclones they earned that, name by beating Northwestern 20 to under Warner tutelage were scheduled to.

play the Silver BowJ Athletic Club, a semi-professional, eleven, at Butte, Mont. Warner vras so confident of victory, he wagered his team would win, unmindful that the Montanahs had de- velopedjat fcriss-cross play; When the game was over the "club" had two more touchdowns than the lowans. I fB? Associated Press) I MILWAUKEE, Nov. 12. Talt mann, the up and coming middle weight from -Cudafcyr today had nr.

offer, 'from Nata Sta- diam matchmaker, to meet Jimmy" Slattery, former light heavyweight, champion, in a flsht at the Chicago-Stadium in December. The offer taken under advisement ty manager, Richie Lewis. RIVALS POINT FOR CONTESTS Intersection Games Mark Saturday's Schedule (By Associated- Press) NEW Nov, 12. Saturday's slate finds nine football teams involved in battles with elevens from other sections. Fordham's.

undefeated-and untied eleven, one of the strongest: in the sector, battles the rugged. St. Mary's team from California. Nay has little hope of stopping Southern Methodist; but Penn hopes for the best against Georgia Tech. Villanova and Army wlU not be up against strenuous" opposition, former' meeting orfethoroe ahd the Cadets tangling with Kentucky Wesleyan.

Marshal meets Louisville at Huntington, Va. Pitt takes on Ohio' State at Co- liimhua nd seema llkelv to' Win but Penn State figures no better than even-un aitalnst Iowa at Iowa City, Boston Collese should ton Loyola at Chlcaeo. purely 'domestic part of week-end schedule is -packed lth games backed by tradition. The sui meetlns between Yale and Princeton will find the Blue an. overwhelming favorite.

Harvard draws a strong de fensive foe in How cross ana cor nell will be the under-dog against Dartmouth's unbeaten eleven, syra cuse does not seem to nack the punch to beat back the high-powered of fense of Colgate. New York univer sitv hones for its first victory in three starts against Georgetown. Columbia looks forward to the Brown game with confidence. VilMm Bmnchrr Bits of Byplay Jimmy Slattery was euchred out of a decision over King Levinsky Chicago and the fans are all in a hubbub about It. The decision of a referee, a lawyer and a butcher went 2 to 1 for Levinsky.

The bout was held in Chicago and Jimmy Slattery 's home is in Buffalo. Le- vinsky's Chicago I Hurrah for Horn! When. Purdue played Chicago at Stagg Field, among those present was George norn, wno graauaiea from" Purdue in 1897 and whd has seen 32 consecutive Chicago-Purdue n-ames. And it must have taken a lot of patience to watcn some oi those games. Those Rigid Rules i tr like iettini nastv with the Big Ten proressors wno neia that Northwestern must nlav Notre Dame in Northwestern's small stadium at Evanston because of a conference "rule aealnst claying away from a Bisr Ten field, we might ask if thak reallv was the Illinois that played the Army team the other day in Yankee Stadium, New York.

Rut then, that would be nasty in deed, and wtf are not going to ask it. Coin for Cagle Thev sav thev are navlnsr Chris tian K. Cafirle.j the former benedict- cadet, $20,000 a year to play for the professional New "York Giants. Cagle will remain at hfire he coaches the. A.

ez M. Col lege team until the college season' Is ended, after which he will Join the Giants. Mr; Cagle also has a jour-calistlo contract with a New. York nespaper that pays him ell Are all red-neaaea lucky? Letthe Band Playl 'Just Jn Tiasslnff. we were wonder- in if roach Bob ZuDDke of' the University of Hlinois nldnt wish sometimes that it were longer Between halves.

The Illlnl band happens to be one of the best in the country; heli. to take Mr. Zuppke's mind off "his' football team, which happens to be not the best in the Found: A Job Cheer up, you need not be unemployed. If worst comes to worst you can always sue Gene Tunney for half a million dollars; mpo'iteness With pain we observe evidences of impoliteness from a young gen-reman of the Old South. We mean Young Stribllng, of Ga.

Young Stribling asks for a fight with Max Schmeling for the world's heavyweight championship. Doesn't he know that Mickey Walker wants to get to Mr. Schmeling. first Bass Must Defend' Title by January 1 "rF Press) -i PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 12.

The Pennsylvania State Athletic commls-cion announeed today that Benny Basi must derend his title as Junior lightweight champion before January 1 or the title wiH be declared vacant. Bass won the titla in New York last January 20, when he defeated Tol Torgan of Cal'fornla. Since then the New York boxing commission, has afcolifihed the Junior ligatwelht in that Is recojna-ed In certain 'other ttatca. 'i andfSLIltS Major League Showing plenty of "pep" and many strikes, the Northwestern Motors set a -season'secordonday-nlght when they met the Glllet'a Tires and had a grand total of 5127. To attain this score they had games of 1071, 1013 and which are some games.

In spite of this stellar exhibition they lost 2 of .3 games to the Tires who. were there, with scores cf 035, 1063 and 1077 for total, cf 3075. Fred Anderson- set Individual record when he shot scores of 255, 233 and 235 good for 728 though he was pressed hard by Art Mason who had 695. 1 -While all this was taking place the PubHx Theaters were making the night miserable the' Ed Phillips and Sons team sinking out to- win 2 Boyd' was alone "in 600 class in this contest, navlng 632. to his credit.

i. The Uecke Dairy. team had just a little more stuff than their competi tors and won 2. games by: and 5 Pins. Over 600: Fred Anderson 728: Art Mason 695; Jack Selmer, Wally Luna 64i; Ladwig Over, 220: Anderson 255, 235, 236 Selmer- 255, 224; 225; Art Mason Ladwig 236; iLund 224; Geisler 224; Rasmussen 4221 Gelsler 224; Misura 221.

Toam Standings Glllett Ed PhllllDs 12 12 13 14 14 17 235 215 162 Publlx Theater ...14 Uecke Dairy ........13 Country Club Beverage Northwestern Motors 10 Northwestern Motor Co. Anderson 235 338 Johnson ....................178 213 Nordby 189 Selmer 25S 197 Baker .191 179 224 207 Total 1071 1013 Cillettes Hdred ne Hutchen IM 235 Lund .224 203 Mason .....................203 257 Udwlg ....177 202 1043 225 t167 214 235 238 Total 935 1083 1077 fjeclct Dairy Glomskl' iTa ia iw Newman 178 180 184 Lynnea .....179 209 167 C- Hart 1M "3 191 Osterman ..................152 193 177 Total' 1'' 843 81T 908 Merrill .........183 197 180 Nelson 198 1 194 Stub Johnson .........217 197 181 E. Klaes 151 8 193 Bun Mason ....213 164 173 Total 941 913 901 VJt PhllHm and Sons Ttmnnitr ....193 S03 183 Koneazny 188 181 194 RjmmllSifll.n 168 221 Rulnhard 193. 201 198 Holden 212 169 172 Total "968 920 968 rnUlx Boyd 223 205 r.I1r 224 158 210 Misura, ...221 205 171 ......168 217 191 Mlbbard 162 172 170 Total 979 973 947 Commercial League Mnndnv nleht.

on the first shift the league leaders held their places, both top teams losing two. ne ana A. Sales took tne leaders ior iwo, Poller rollins 534 for the car dealers while Captain Gault was high for the Cafe team with 537. Campens took the first two; from thm Walt Hart to taling 584 for Campens while Shaw, turned in the only euo count oi xne ftVMiincr with 605.1 The Ben Shoe Service rose up and took the 'strong Northern States team for three straight the last game by 4 pins. Glomskl was high for Bens with 577 whUn Nelsnn trhn leads the leaTUe in individual ayerage was high-for tne fower team wiin om.

Standings; 'vr Stats Cafe .....................18 Johnetn-Huleaw lo Bens Shoes 16 Northern States 14 Cumrwris .10 T. and A. Sales. F. Anderson ...............210 185 157 Joe Carl 184 156 169 W.

aault io i ..................184 147 161 Total 903 797 838 T. and A. Sales BUnd C. Bmlth. 157 JU, av.

J. Olds A Armstrona: 135 198 Irtckson 167 Polzer ...............5 Total -783 eo4 896 Johnson-Huleatt Shaw ..214 215 IT" Holm ........158 isu -a Hpnrirntnn 221 168 cieasbv .152 197 153 Blbelhausen ......163 109 .163 Total i 818 952 903 Cam pent C. Hart- ............203 174 ru A. Grlnsell Curry Pfnkuch ...170 210 155 W. Hart ........158 233 183 Total 875 901 823 Ben Shoe Service Miller Glomskl ..,,..223 Oppen "12? Hermanson .......210 Misura 2aa ,202 131 147 207 166 193 154 189 178 190 Total 923 817 907 Norhern States Stokke Borgen iTerson Aarrtad 161 181 Nelson 120 172 188 Total 873 793 903 Central State age Form League (By Associated Press) .1 WEST EEND.

Wis, Nov 12 Or ganization of the Wisconsin state basketball league," eight teams representing cities in Wisconsin, was pushed by spcrts enthusiasts here today. The prospective entrants -are West Eend city team, Fort Bla'ikhawsk, Watertown Turners, Leaf Fords of 1 Oconomovroc, ford Eazles.iand.the Mayviilc City team, vrith either, Slingx or Por-tsse completing the' list' at the comer oi. Macoson cquarc Garden eaysHackstand-So-a-hack drew im there last nlzht and stood, It was a hack. In truth; horse, oil tamos, hirti hat driver, and all. There are only a few of them left.

The cop on the corner strode over. "Get along, -be said, VYou can't park here. nt fleer remonstrated the -'Hack- stnd." I sure it xt Joined the of ficer. a hackstand not a place for a horse and buggy." "But this is a hack." "Dont make me laugh, retorted tTm'inw. -A hack is a taxicab.

Any body knows that." And anyway, need this space for taxicabs, to take peopel home tne norsesnow. Cagle Joins Giants, Quits Coaching Job (By "AssocUted Press) NEW YORK, 12 Carte Cagle, former star of the Army football has decided he Ilk playing much' better than coachluj and will take up professional football for the rest of the, season. He has signed to play with the New York Giants of the National league, Tom- Mara, owner of that club, announced today. In" a letter which accompanied Cagle's signed contract," the former Army ace said he was satisfied he was not a 'success as a coach and wanted to get back into the game as a player. After eight years of college football at Southwestern Louisiana Institute and Army, Cagle signed this year to Coach Mississippi A His team has lost five of its six games.

Cagle is to leave Sartkville, Miss by airplane tomorrow and will arrive home in time for Sunday's game Giants and the Chicago Bears. He Is not expected to play until the following week against the Green Bay Packers. Hortori Smith May Not: Enter Tourney (By AsocUte Preis) SPRINGFIELD. Nov. 12 Horton Smith came home today to spend a week forgetting golf and resting at his home here.

He is recuperating from an operation for removal of his tonsils. Smith said he was "not sure if he would Join the winter golf caravan in the far i west before the national match play championship at San Francisco early In December. Pirates Let Bool Go' Over to Braves (By AnwscUted Press) PITTSBURGH, Novr 12. Bool, catcher obtained by the Pittsburgh Pirates from Baltimore of the Inter-, national league in 1929 for the 1930 season, today was released outright to1 the Boston BraVes. The price involved was not divulged.

who hatted 345 during his last season in the International and accounted' for 31 home runs, hit -60 in "77 games for the Pirates last season while serving as second string catcher. Marquette MILWAUKEE, Wls Nov. 12. Marquette university's line this fall has enabled Frank J. Murray's Golden Avalanche to set up one of the great est defensive records In the, country, but the Hilltop forwards will meet a great test here Saturday when they face' the University Of Detroit Titans In a charity gama.

the upper left Is Kenneth (Jcrt) Wendt, Chicago, burly right guard of th' Avlarer. and in t'ie center is Tony Dornoff. former Marquette pvc-p at left tackle, consiaered tlic 'x Ke VJehot. 1 gestion for the otre Dame-North- tupMprn came in 1931. Northwestern does not desire to create a precedents The suggestion is made oniy Because of the existing emergency." The conference faculty committee Tpsmtlv refused to Dermlt the trans fer of thii Northwestern-Notre Dame e-fima from; Northwestern's field to Soldier field because of the rule.

President Scott also said that all of the 48.000 seats for this fairs No tre Dame-Northwestern game had bim sold and delivered anl that it would be almost impossible to get the tickets back and re-deliver them for Soldier field even If the conference should relent and permit the trans fer. Loyghran, Levinsky Matched in Chicago Stadium, November 12 CHICAGO, Nov. J3. Tommy Loughran, Philadelphia, was matched today to meet King LevinsKy, unica-vn'K new heaWrweleht i sensation, in a ten-round battle at the Chicago stadium Nov. 21.

Fake Tickets Out for Fordham Game NEW YORK, Nov. 12. Authorities at Fordham university issued a warn ing to the football public today to be on the lookout for counterfeit tickets fnr th earns with St Mary's at the polo grounds With the in-tersectlonal match apparently certain to draw a capacity crowi, it was saia that counterfeits were in the hands of speculators. A number of spurious pasteboards were taken up at the gates at the Army-Illinois game here last Saturday. Fields to Fight Cleveland Welter rrr rrrrtrr Knv.

12. JaCKlB Fields, former world'svwelterweight boxing champion, wui meet raui Plrrone, hard-hitting Clovclander, in a ten-round bout on the Cleveland Christmas fund boxing program uec. 10, it was announced tonight. Fidel Labarba. former flyweight tltleholder, and Eddie Shea.

Chicago, will put on a 10-round fettherweight scrape on tno same caru. lUMAH'Qsnrrejz, prep, while Honkamp comes from Sioux S. D. Capt. Arthur (Red) EuItmahofGreen UayrWisr- is ihe huslry at the right, Bultman has been center, for the Marquette eleven the last three years, and has a splendid.

In holding the University of Iowa for four downs on Hilltoppers' 4-yard lire last icek, the Marquette forwards proved their class. Only one has been scored a-jalnst the Avalanche thus far this season. Stars Ready for Detroit MADISON, Wis, Coach" Glenn Thlstlethwalte sent his Wisconsin team back to the game's fundamentals today as he rushed drill for the Important Northwestern game." After he had shown the entire squad the all-conquering Northwestern offense. Coach Thlstlethwalte put his first eleven on the dummy line, an "Improvised reproduction of 'the enemy forward wall, and sent his regular backs through a fast offensive scrimmage. CHAMPAIGNE.

EL-The SCrfm- mase famine, which has extended for two weeks at the Illinois foot ball camp, was broken today when Coach Bob Zuppke drove his varsity through an hour of stm skirmishing with the strong Freshmen team. The yearlings employed Chicago's famed flanker pass play with telling effect and converted two successive tosses into touchdowns. CHICAGO Chicago's hopes of fceaHner TTMnnlft fiftturdav llumDed today when It became probable that Bob, Wallace, one of the few backs on the team with a punch and speed, would be out of the game. Wallace has been suffering from boils on his leg and today iniecuon set in. co structlon of a scoring punch continued to worry Coach SUgg.

AJTK ARBOR, Mich. Jack Hand, hard smashmir full' liX was a lesson all by himself In icigsn camp today as Coach Ecrr Klpke. drilled his men for the irscrtan duel with the Gophers. GoDher back was ImDerson- by one of Kipke's chargers and ha performed Well. The Freshmen used Minnesota' plays against the In a hard scrimmage, and saowea wen on aeiense.

Minneapolis. Tad Wieman, a former coach at Michigan, took charge of Minnesota's drU today and trained tne varsity on a aeiense against the Wolverines pass and running attacks. Head Coach' Fritz Crisler spent his time watching the second team scrimmage with the Freshmen, feeling that if any man on his staff knows Michigan plays that Wieman Is that BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Indiana held a long scrimmage in the mud today as Coach PatPage began pre parations for the7 traditional -last stand against Purdue's Boilermakers, Nov. 22 The first reorganization for the day came today when Coach Page promofed Oren, a sophomore fullback, to the first team.

IOWA7 CITY, la. The third stiff scrimmage of the we: occupied University of Iowa gridders today In preparation for the homecoming bat tle against Penn State Leo and Llovd Jensvlc'. bacfpld stars, remained idle. Neither or tne twins may be able to "start against Penn. Fordham Rams Get Brand New Mascot y.

in Rameses Line (By Associated 'Press) NEW YORK, Nov. 12 The. latest in an honorable line of Fordham football mascosts began his reign today as Rameses IV. The new ram is black one considerably smaller and younger than his predecessor, Rameses which was killed by degs on the campus on Sunday night. Whether or not Rameses IV 7.111 bring victory to Fordham's unbeaten football team In its game with St Maiy's of Calif ornla at the Polo grounds Saturday, he already has established a reputation as a very lucky beast He was snatched from the shadow of the butcher's cleaver at the 23rd street stockyards to become a monarch.

Quinn Would Stay With Major League (By Associated Press) ROARING CREEK, Pa, Nov. 12-f Jack Quinn, veteran pitcher unconditionally released by Connie Mack, is going to keep right on pitching in the major leagues if he can" find a berth. He is not through "he said, "not by a long shot." Jack, one of the few spit ball, artists still left, was found in a cabin in the river hills where he followed his favorite sport cf gunning for small game. "I still think I am good for another year," said Jack as he poked the embers of a log fie. "I believe I can win the quota of games allotted every good major league pitcher, which Is about 15.

I'm going tj lock around in the majors and another year which will give e.4record of service that any c-n proud of." i il, I 7 -Zl v'rt-C bf 1 4 II Vv' strongest man- on the line. The picture at the right shows Joe King, another Chlcagoan, who weighs only 17 pounds but is a standby, at left guard. Line John L. (Tarzan) Taylor, the former Ohio State all-Amerl-can guard and line coach, is pictured In the His. native home is1 in Duluth.

Minn. r' 1 Edmund (Red) Andrews, i Marquette's right tackle, is shown at the lovver left, and next to him is! Dick veteran curly rlicadcd end. 'A: Ddrt-s is another former Hilltop.

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