The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, November 27, 1933
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Served by the United Press EVUIE COIMEE THE DOMINANT NKWSPAl'EIl OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. blyiheville , iJatly News. BlytheYlUo CourHc. Mississippi Valley Le«dtr. Blytherlll* HernM. . ,„„,,,,,,,, , ,, .,.,,..,„.., ,,^.,,1 IA 1 1II-.VH.1.I-,. ARKANSAS, MONDAY. NOVKMHRU 27, HIM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO $1,100 TO HELP SITE Work on First County CWA Project Started OECKOLA. Ark., Nov. 21—Ground i I ivas brokeji on the first CWA pro- j [jeci [n|ipi counly t'.i3 af- ; to noon when 30 laborers sf.irtccl < wcri: pri'Hniinary to Ihc'graveling! of ihe Luxora-Lillle River read, B.' county diiX'Clor. an- Blond Another Wynekoop Dupe JN. Wilson. ; ncunced. While Gaii'iicv Dismisses Poll I ion iRecl by Victoria Planla- f *e f\f\(\ W/'ll While graveling of Ihe Luxora-i linn for $5,000 Will; Little Hirer road is the only pro-' "° n Be Completed Today orHjj^. 1 *''^., :lll . l .' r °y K ' > au '-!!° rM j J ec;ts anticlptitwl momentarily, OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 27.—South ssissippi county's quota of 51,000 the proposed county fairgrounds , according is ihe county CWA di- JONESHOHO, Ark. — Chanccllo, J. F. Ganlney .Saturday alti-rnoon deniL-il a l>clilion askini; for n])for I.oe 1*1. t-i. — uv.n... ,,„„,,,, ,, . „ • llu^AJU iv vsujlJlytm J , .urn (k'Clat'CCll Mississippi county's quota of 51,000, -"-"a <c have all o, the 372 men t ,, r companv lobe thoroughly sol-i ., transferred from emergency reliof vt .,,( •• I "^,"'; *V™ M " Mi V lnl lll> '*"! Wllwn, fc Company. puintment of a receiver and Die county, announced today. Completion today of the campaign for S5.000 to purchase a site for a permanent Mississippi county lairgrounds appeared possible this afternoon. More than 34.000 had been subscribed prior to Saturday night and with a good list of prospects yet to see leaders iti Ihe movement were confident that they would complete the task today or tomorrow. Application for a Civil Works allotment for improving tr.e grounds will be made at once. To supplement this it is prohable that an R. P. C. loan and grant will be sought to iiftance tnc erection of permanent buildings. employed. Will Pick Successor to J. Lan Williams at Meeting Tomorrow. GSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 27.—Election ol a president lo succeed J. The fair organization nas options] Lan Williams of Osceola is slated 1.800 persons will be [aged" and (hat they had not received crop selllemenls In accord- |ance with the lerms of their con-1 i lincls. The defendants charged dial the claims held by Ihe plaintiffs amounted to lers than S250. Judge Gautney's decision listed the personal assets of the company at Sl.250.000 as ngalnst liabilities of only "5112.000 and the real property of the company ill $2.800.000 as against only S700.00QJ in debts. on a number of suitable sites and an early decision on which to buy will be made. Services Held Here for Victim of St. Louis Fire Funeral services were lield here yesterday for Mrs. Eunice Tatc Mc- Ccrmick, wife of C. A. McCormick. who was fatally burned Nov. 24 at her home, 4045 McPiicrson Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. The Rev. \V. V. Womack, pastor -it the'First-Metficdist church." oi- ficiated at the services held at Cobb chapel, interment was made at Maple Grove cemetery. Mrs. McCormick, the mother of four small children, was burned in nn explosion of a highly inflammable cleaning fluid, according lo reports received here. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Tats of this city. Mrs. McCormick who had attended school here. Relatives of both Mr. and Mrs. McCormick live here. Besides her husband. Mrs. McCormick is survived by two sons, Harold and Donald, and two daughters. Betty and a nine months old baby. Strike Halts Activities at Chicago Stockyards CHICAGO, Nov. 27. (UP)—Tl: Chicago livestock exchange toda> reached an agreement with striking stockyards employes to permit the clearance and sale of 75.000 head of livestock which had jammed the huge marketing center. CHICAGO. Nov. 27. (UP)—Striking stock handlers today brough operations at the largest livestock cenler in the world to a sucidsi halt. , Work at the gigantic Chicag< . packing plinls proceeded temporarily but will be brought to a standstill soon unless the dispute is set tied quickly. The scene at the Union stock yards was of confusion. . Pick"! jammed the streets surrounding th plant, police patroled the area Several sluggings were rcnorted Almost 6,000 men in all will b" alTectcd by the strike order. Quic action was being, taken by stock yards officials to solve ti:o langl: Objectives of the strikers is a re turn or wages to the 1920 scale. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 27. (UP)-Col ton closed barely steady. op?n high low close DSC. Jan. Mar. May- July Oct. 932 984 . 987 937 1002 1003 1016 1017 1028 1030 1049 1049 959 %0 985 D98 1011 1030 9G9 971 9 36 999 1011 1031 Spots closed al 990. off 20. stead r tlx; first .session of the newly ccteil SI. Francis levee hoard at i Wesl Memphis office lomor- w. Twenty members of the board, losen for Ihe firsl time at the ells instead of by appointment of ic governor, are lo be v present the reorganization meeting, even of. the board members will e former members ppoi ontinue • in office. Among them is harles ! .R. Coleman of Osccola ho defeated Mr. Williams as di- ector Crom the third-division-in hts ^county. Mr. ~ ' cen appointed a ON THIN. Ohio Attorney Charged With Poison Murder of Four Near Benton. • BENTOr4. Ark.. Nov. 27. (UP) — Attorneys in the trial of Mark II. , , Shank. Akron, O.. attorncv facing ormer members who -served by. rour murder chargcSi we re'engaged "^"^ _1?1 w flU^l '." "Us afternoon in selection'of a jury. The first two jurors selected were Saline county farmers. M. V. Sanders anrl Anderson Green. Pale and dejected. Shank entered the courtroom cr. the arm of flis wife at 9:15 a.m. She held hi3 hand throughout the morning while attorneys examined the venire. A fesv minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Observations =1=^ by C. K. n - Coleman had few weeks bc- irc the election to fill a vacancy reated by the death .of R. E. Lee 'ilson. Other members of the new *>ard from Mississippi county are: Another victim of Ihe philander- iiiK ways of Enrle Wynekoop, dashing ladies' man. Marsuerltc .Mcllalc, 22, allrncllvc blond, is shown here as she laced him in a Chicago police station, anil declared that he hail given lier a diamond ring and promised to marry tier. Wynekoop, while, be- of his G. Byerley. Leacliville; C. C.| Mitchell Thompson of Malvern en- i angston, .Elythevllle; Charles (erect t;:e courtroom leading Clydel owranec, 'jr.. Driver, and Lex - •• • : icholson. Whitton. Colley. 4. whose parents and broth-i ers died in an automobile of a dead-' ly poison admittedly administered I by residents of tin' O.-Tr-cla district of $1,100 tewaul the finiu that is b.'inn ratal to buy a iir nviir Hljt.-.c'Vlllf for « p;-rnui- iii'iu Mississippi rminly fairgrounds ituki-s HII. U s being „ >,pioii:|i(| i'.x- miipU' HI t -&o]x.>riill\v action for l!ie K(t,l .if t!ie counly. A loi of people around here have had i!u> i ( ii;n dial ally time Osceola K<H in iii'hind a proposition it v.,is nib:::!;- cvrialn thai Osciwhi iv.-mlil B«'l >iii- lion's share of the b-.'ni'lh. Mayla- :.jmc of llie folk-; down Ihen- hiivt- nn.. .vmiu idea :ibimt niylnc- viile. T.'.c apparent caix 1 with which flaic Jac-kson obtained $1,100 In lh? t<j'.i:h end of lhi-> county to help put ovi-r a prc|X>silion which appears ;-e: lam lo bcnelli niylhevllle more than it \\-lli Osccola proves our Os- frlends belter neln::bo:s than of us have been willing lo Perhaps Biytheville can .>n opportunity to return the one of tin-so day:; and thus llie way toward Inlrii-county cooperation ol a kind Ihal will do a J". more loward udvanolni; l:ic 'n'.-.'ri'sls of nil of us than any ' of siiuabblliig over who Is t u l:avc the biggest piece ol pic. oOo This ami c-U:cr ncwsimiiers have given more or toss space In recent weeks to discussion of Ihe jurlsdlc- licn o! Justice of Ihe peace courts in criminal cases. In Ihc Chlcka- «'ba districl of Mississippi counly. It has been implied that in holding criminal trials nnd finding convictions In misdemeanor cases Jus- lice cciiri-, at IjCachvillc and elsc- v;hc-re outside Chicka.v.uvba township have challenged Hie act of ihu stale legislature under which the municipal courl at niylhevllle wa 1 crciiU-,-1 and under which il hoids jurisdiction in misdemeanor case: thrciighont the northern or Chick a5.iv.-ba district of Ihc county. I! I understand correctly an Interpretation of the law by Circul ,0i:dgs G. K. Keck,-made rocenllj Cralghead county case, 'th act authorizing the establlshmen inunici;ial courts does ml see to lake away jurisdiction from jus lice courts ou'.side ihe township Ir I which the municipal court Is lo 'catcd. So if Justices of the pcac outside Chlckasawba lownsr.lp sc fit to try misdemeanor cases the may do so and their decisions wi have the same authority as wcul- those of the municipal court. Tin Lynchers Praised by Gov. Rolph Announcement May Be! i- , c c I SACIIAMI-;NTO. cai., NOV. 27. r.Xpecleci OOOn Says! IUPI--AII kidnapers held In f-'nlsum M -iimv Aflnv V r Triii |: ""' S:ih ^"enlln prisons should bo ,iyoi A.ttci IS.. L, 1 np. i .,.,,,,,,.,1 la lhl . p ,^ )lL . of S(||) JC3 ,. ! Inr proper tveiilna'nt, Gov. James li'llnlii' aiinminccinent as lo the ijuljih Mild today nihibWly of of Ihe will- | -| !lm ilil,,klnv If parollnu any I plant and sy.stem here by Ihc, kidnapers (o these fliu- |-ilrlotle Uy is anticipated within Ihe iioxi; ( -itt-,,|).s of San who know how- days fallowing 11 slaUjmc'iiljio iniidl'.- ti u , siimitton." •?* sold f*WB •« f f w u > Oilallr\. 1 II CTDLET a chair opposite Hi nil I -WHuesses scr. U I II LL I ItliD state inch!' by Shank. Th:y led the child to P 0 ]i ce AsSCl'l He Conspired a chair op;)Dsi!e tne defendant. .„.. , ... .., . r . With His Mother in Slaying of His Wife. Would Be Robber Flees, Grear Grocery Store. The fifth display window to be broken in the Main street business district within a month was mashed early this morning. A vindow nt Ihe G. H. Grcar grocery' slore, 210 Easl Main, was the r.eduled to testify for .chide officers who ob- j tallied a crnfcssisn which Shank! jsaij «-as an outgrowth of "third! I decree" inrihoUs. and residents of [a farinl'oL-je who Identified the attorney as the man who lsap?d nnd led from the death car. State's Att:rney Millar Halbcrl ' wils P rc 'V are;1 to demand the dnath Knal|v CDntcn(1Jng t , m th5 crimc was plotted several days in advance and committed on an automobib trip for that purpose. mac l!i!s mamlng by Mayor Cecil Oltlrer Ed While is much bam- Just, before leaving town on|iu-j busy us It Is. 1 brli:( business (rip. Uuip], determined Ihal Mayor siiane said that ncnotlu- lons were Mil] underway wllh Ihe cdcral receiver for Associated Utilises for of Ihc plant, '"he mtiyor ami U L. Wnrd and B. Lynch, members of his wntcr- Iwo kl'd- arc In the prisons, ire ad- lliat he probably corld not pa.-olc Hie men lo the citizens of San Jose but lie said lie Draught it wenild be n "nnc Idea." "They did n good Job," Governor vorks committee, and Police Cnlet: Ro |,,v sM lls -,,,. reviewed news- .d llicc returned night from "Californit Will Not Put Up With Kidnapings" Is Governor's Comment.- SAN JOSE, Ca!., Nov. 27 (UP)— Ring leaders of the shrieking mob that lynched Tiiomas Thurmond and John Holmes, kidnap killers of Hrooke Hart, here last night, may never be punished, It appeared today. Although' they lefuwd to be riuotcd by name,-city .and / counly authorities were Inclined to agree with Gov. James Rolph jr., : ' who, in nn Interview with the • United Shane and his commillec- membfrs. "It's about lime the people. In On His leliirn here Mayor Shane their homes have a little peace and .aid ilint a definite statement as lo comfort, it's KOtlen so bad slnci- -ticll-cr the city will or will not b-.-|tr.c kidnaping of Ihc ntcrcclcd in purchase of the plant by thai mothers are afraid lo let vlll b= made in Ihe next few days, [their children so out'to play." .oss by Fire,Early Sunday Morning Is listimated at $15,000. SHE BJPIELD Purchase hy Douglas From Paving District Approved by High Court. and MANILA. Ark.. Nov. 27.-The Two' decisions in (circuit unu Ilculn Gin company's plant, here chancery courl here We -nphifld wAs destroyed .by fire of unknown by the state supreme couvr7ii^tfc- origln early Sunday morning after an earlier fire, which was discovered late Saturday night, was believed to have been extinguished. lie Dock today. In one case, appealed from chancery conrl, the high courl,up- held the legality of {he sale of San Jose appealed lo Ihe governor for stale militiamen at 10:'JO o'clock liisl night, an hour before the snarling mob stormed the county Jail and seized the vlclims. "Troops were not needed," Ihc governor said. •. '• Emlg nnd : 60 officers fought the mob for two hours before the crazed throne broke, Into the jail. Tear- bombs held Ui5 attnckers off for n while until they battered down the main door and surged Into the Jail proper. '. : .Holmes Cool to End Thurmond was already unconscious when a rope was . placed around lib neck. He was hanged from a tree nt 11:20 p. m. He'. h«"t been beaten and kicked senseless. Holmes was hanged to another tree a few minutes later. ' His" clothing had been torn from., hlmi - I iby me mcfb.-He~Vrai l *c86V--ltf"Sife-: : ""- < l Whether th'rc was any connection. the former Malnstreet residential between Ihe first and second fires i properly of Kforyln Robinson by a "defense, conceding lhat the crime was committed by the defendant, was prepared to launch a plea of temporary insanity. Shank. his attorney will plead, was tub- tr.e law docs not provide any com i:ensalion Ic justices of the peace fcr such n-ork. in fact it expressly provides that they shall receive no fees, but thai their compensation shall consist of an annual salary of S25. Trat being the situation it CHICAGO. Nov. 27 (ITI-- [ do?s not ?cem likely that many Frank Tyrrell, attorney tor Dr. j justices will encourage the trying of Alice I,. Wynckcop, said today »misdemeanor or any other cases In their courts. All of which brinjs us down 10 the main point, whicr. Is that the municipal courl system Is greatly M'p?rlor lo the justice court sys- is nol known. The two fires broke out In different places In the gin. Tile loss was cstimaled at $15,000, said to have been partially covered by a SC.OOO insurance policy. A Biytheville fire Iruck wns paving district lo Mrs. Lob L. Douglas. The plaintiffs, trustees for tile Missouri Congregational Conference, had .sought lo have the deed set aside, alleging fraud. J. T. Coston, Osceola attorney, that his client had repudiated her "confession " "I did r-cl Hm-f Rhela," Dr. \Vynrkr.op HAS rinoted by hpr attorney ;is dedaririT aflcr .in in- moulh. arget of the smasher. N ec f to outbursts of emotion. No articles were removed from I Shank is charged with the miir-1 .he window, in which were dis- )laycd boots and other outdoor nuarrel. It is believed the presence of tcrvicw at llie counlv jail. To- lem. but the municipal jujge shcuUi lice pul those words in my be elected by vote of Ihc qualified """•"•" cleclors of the entire territory over wilier: he has jurisdiction, nst by vclt> only of ih.c-je of Ihc lownshiji in which the court hns lls seat. At the last session of the Icsis- e Representative c. J. Little CHICAGO. Nov. 27. lUi 1 )— Earle Wynekoop. handsome young hus- . _ ... . . ^ before Judge J. Schiller nltlii| ntrod|ICC .' bl ., ' i,,.,. 'I,, ,.'„ or^cf-jft^ rA ^ c ±d!;™f^ f f^7 j " thc "^H^'si^sssvss^ vote cf Ihe cnlire district. It passed the hotsc but was blocked In the of Akrcn and two of their chil-!of his wife. Rhela. drcn. Clemen!. 11. and Ciarence, 7.' The charge was placed despite his confession ht said he sought I the bitter objection cf Dafcnse At- , ____ Buck Tomllnson. merchants' pa- l ° wipe out :he entire familv be-ilornev Frank Tyrrell. rolman. at a fruit stand a block, cause Collcy "knew tco much" and! The formal warrant charged thai ' 'rom the store, prevented the window smasher from making awav any loot. Tomlinson heard fallinc; when the window was Broken and hurried to the store 3iit the window breaker had fled. Windows were smashed earlier during the month at Lelghton's store on East Main. Guard's Jcwcl- -y store. .221 West Main. Aldrii'jc 'ewelrv company. 301 W. Main and Jack Applcbaum's 301 Wesl Main Some of the arlicles stolen from ihir oilier stores have been recovered hut no arrests have ypl been made. Chicdf/o Corn had id attempted to blackmail him In'Wyiiekoop was an accessory bcfon 'nnecticn with a forgery case in i the fact in h:s wife's murder, t. which one of hi, clients 'h>urc,1. ! rabcas corpus hearing before Jurt^e mm „ ,, — , Moore Case Up Today _ r j | Joc?pri B. David fcllowej immeill- sfnate by pressure from Hot Springs, willed wants control of the municipal judge who collects Ihe license fees from gambling resorts In lire form cf periodic fines. Il should te possible to overcome Jj" I lhat cppositlon at the next legis- broughl here at the request or offi- represented Mrs. • Douglas, and lasl. "You've (tot the wrong man," he shouted. "I'm Joe Pierce." Thurmond'H body was jerked 20 feet Into the air. The rope was fastened to a limb and the 'body rlnn?ted grolesquely. Holmes' body dangled near n monument erected to President William McKlnley. " •". Tlie mob cut down both bodies' .' Gasoline was poured over Thur-' mor.d's corpse and ignited. The fire did' not consume the body, merely burning the clothing away. Both bodies were then taken to/ llw city.morgue and given over to Coroner Amos Williams. Thurmond was in the third floor cell recently occupied by David Lamson, Palo Alto, convicted wife slaver, when the mob found him.- He climbed up on the lavatory- nnd was trying to break out" II,rough the roof as a hundred, hands • reached for him. He rcrcamed from fright. : Holmes was In a cell on the second floor. The mob poured in and his clothing was ripped and torn away. A trail of blood led from both. cells down the corridors and out into the courtyard, lltlercd by tile ' glass, bricks, and debris of battle. ' • Sheriff In Hospital LEPANTO Ark —Lloyd Carmack j sh " m Emi S nnd Deputy Sher-; o-....^ ,..*,..„.„. ,„, i,,^ .u.u-juun, i ' • J ' iff Howard Buffinalon, refusing to r t £'h±eThcr^L n ^^ " 1Ctr ^^ W " fe b ^"" The gin building to and a frelg nuge. was the car on a first hold., in circuit curl here was also ""V affirmed. The case Involved allcg- Cd Mh " C l ° ™ rcllt "» Whl '' road siding, pour bales of colton were deslroycd. ihree owned by llie Herrin company anil a fourlh by a farmer living near Manila. ncr, who In turn had charged that Thompson had breached their con- Iracl by failure to repair pipe lines of the hotel's heating system. Mrs. George M. Riddick of Hornersville Is Deadj HORNERSVILLE. MO. -Services';Lepanto Boy Injured F. C. Douglas was attorney for Mr. Thompson and Harrison, Snittli and Taylor reprcsenlcd Wtiilncr. were held al Ihe Melodist church! here this afternoon for Mrs. George I M. Riddick. wife of the federal I game projector for the mid-south | When Struck by Auto -- .... pan and Mrs, A. W. Goodwin, of a brain ] , ing near tumor. She had been 111 for nearly a year. , Mrs. Riddick was corn December 8. 1835. at Rcdwalcr, Tex. She was married lo Mr. Riddick September 22. 1023. They had no chll- __ ... ......i,. (*|sii.j : . "ii vinj uriKllti Ul LUL IIIUniLLJKl asamst O. M. Moore, former] <"*""• " r ', Allc(1 I - ! » (ls(: >' W J™' I courl system and eliminate cau< wholesale srccer of Osccola. cliarg-' kc -P- ln tfl{vlr uso - i for ccmnlilnt i»iinst it ed with cm-.cealing assets in bank-I,.' ""» my^ opinion." teslifietl Dufly.l ct - m P' a "«- a^ainsi it. ruplcy. is scheduled for hcsriiis! " Rhclrl Wvnekcop died as a resull I in federal court at Jonesboro to-l of a shot fired inlo her back by Hr. day. Wynekc-op with the gun which The defendant, now In the retail! Wynekoop purchased." groctry business here, who Is nlj "Tr.ere is no murder case here liberty under bond, went to Jones- '. against my client," Tyrreil raged. D.?:. May op?n high W 1-2 44 5-8 50 1-2 51 5-8 low 43 1-8 50 Tl'c statement by Gov. James ficlph jr. of California that he approved the act or a San Jose mob in storming a jail and lync--.inz t"-o murderers, and that he viewed Ihe 50 3-4 New Orleans Cottoi NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 27. (UP —cclton closed barely steady. open high low close Dcc 909 972 961 9fi3 J»" 086 980 9ii8 Ma 1001 1002 980 May .... 1015 1015 995 July .... 1027 1027 1009 '«ct 104G 1046 1029 Spots closed steady at 963, off 20. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec. 81 1-4 83 1-4 80 3-4 81 1-2 May US 1--1 87 84 3-8 «=, 8-8 968 982 998 1009 1027b A. T. and T 119 3-8 Anaconda Copper 13 7-8 Betrlehem Steel 321-8 Chrysler 46 1-8 Cities S:rvicc 2 Ccca Oola 97 7-8 General American Tank 28 1-4 General E'eclric 1!) 3-4 General Motors 31 3-8 Internatloniil Harvester 38 3-4 Montgomery Ward 21 1-4 N;w York Cenlral 34 3-3 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum .... 15 1-2 Radio 61-8 -Simmons Bods 16 5-8 Standard of N. J 43 1-2 Texas Co 25 1-8 U. S, Steel 43 close l)or o yesterday. He is represented. "This is jiift a .conspiracy by pn- lynching as proM to the world al .13 3.4 by Bruce Ivy. Oscrola attorney. h'cc to hold him and try to sweat! larg? that California will nol tol- ranie information out cf him." f Illness Fata! to J. H. Anthony, 83: Local People Injured in H. Antho^3. well known C ° llision ^H CoOterj^'U^ ........ ' But ths responsibility of the pov , resident of the Forty and Eight crate kldnaning. reflccls a natural human reaction. Justice overtook the two kldnap- cr s and murderers of Brooke Har' from )ail community died at his home ' at Mr3 ' F ' B - Elliott > hpr daughter- ] ernor of California, goes further 6:30 o'clock last night. His death i ;n ~' a T' Mrs ' Robm Elliott, and the! than that. It is his sworn dutv tn followed a Ions lliuess. Uitlcr's fnmll ton. Robert Elliolt.'unhsld the dignity and the majesty The deccr.fed" had been a rest- Jr - s>«'al»ed injuries when lhelr:Cf the law, which have surfercJ f-ir dent of the section for many years! cnr collided wilh n Carnthersvllle more because o'. what t'-e San Jo=e : 1 ' struck him as he alighted from a wagon near Lcpanto Saturday afternoon. His jaw was broken and he received, severe cuts and bruises! to a hospital for treatment. No arrests had been made. Mob action-had been threatened nc reiKivra. severe cms ana onuses. clnber ]6 thev had k | dnaDcd thc about fcls face. He was given mcd-! Ilc , r of a wcaltny San Jasc fnm . iicnt by Dr. J. K. Jones \ u yi stunned him with a blow on J pnT IvlEIWr it 1U O I liCV rnfl HO Cflll- r j ._ LI i_ n i ' •»• J'->*ii««.u mill mm u UiUW "Jii dren. Besides her parenU and her " nd nlshcd tQ ' Mcmphls ""P 1 *"-!^ ^ad, and threw his wire- husband she Is survived by three sisters. Mrs. M. C. Wilkius, Senath. Mo.. Mrs. Turney Hall, Fllnl. Mich., and Miss Mary Goodwin, of Hor- ncrtville, and four brothers, Clyde, Claude. Aubrey and Cllflon Goodwin, all of Hornersvilic. The funeral services, held at 2:30 Ihis afternoon, were conducted by the Rev. D. M. Margrave. Loses Leg as Result of Accident Near Dell Forest Fire Endangers Mississippi Families CLEVELAND. Miss.. Nov. 27 (UP) forest fir? roaring through Interstate woods near here endangered bctv.cen -10 and 50 fam- l!l:s today. Reports here sold the fire was spreading this afternoon over a —A the 4i-mlle area. Ucporled. No casualties were and was well known. He Is survlv-j by J. L. Portlock,| mob did than they could po«!Kyl fl>! l ) - Ernest Glenn. 51. farmer of near Dell, had his left !cg broken r.nrt his right I?? so badly crushed that amputation was necessary, in a Highway 18 accldenl late Saturday. Glenn, a highway pedestrian, was struck by a car driven by \cwt Moore, deputy constable under Kid Wright of Big Lake town- by his widow. Mrs. Cora An-1 1:enr Cooler. Mo., late Salurday. |fi-(Tcr bcraus; of any conceivablrj According lo reports Glenn was -- - __..._, -riin nM,*,. M.- r-ii:_,, — .,...^ i^«i— , _. __. .' .. . _ i.-_.,._ ^vith a group of other the highway when he .vay and walked sudden.., - - l> Into the path of the car. He Eihctt suffered possibly Intcnnl, rymjuthizc wit 1 - t!:a mctives ol ihe was knocked down and the car . . - ., thny. five sous. Will. Kerry. Lotn.-=. I T1 'e elder Mis. Elliott war, thrown I delays in melln? out to tin tws 3an litamllns wit Raymond and Clcarmont. and four j ^in-.-t (lit- windshield of her car'Jcsc killers the p-.mishmcnt provicl- 1 n. en on tin riuashlers, Mrs. Ivle Crcllows, Mrs.| ?nci siiMnlncfl Injuries about the'crt bylaw. tvrr.»d away l.eona Taron. Gladys and Agncsl 5 ^ 1 alld head while Mrs. Kob:rtl It is one thing to understand and Anthony. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at the Cobb chapel on Second street with the Rev. W. V ' Womack, pastor of the First Mrthodist church nfflcliUing. A strong north wind sent heavy clousd of smoke rolling Into Cleveland, four mile's from the blaze. [bound and weighted body into San PYanclsco bay on Norerber 9, an hour after the abduction. Violence came when - the body, mutilated alter 17 days In the wa- 1 ter, was found floating near San Mateo bridge late yesterday by two duck hunters". The mob formed quickly. * H slarlcd wllh 100 men, grim but showing no outward sign of their iritcr.llons. Soon It had increased to 2.000. then to 3.000. When the attack on the jail started about 9:30 p. m. others joined until 5,009 were there. A youth not yet out of hts teens started the attack. He was tte The feathers of birds are. perhaps, more effeclent as an armour than Is commonly realized; shot are often deflected by the feathered coats of gameblrds, WEATHER injuries. tic,be>t Elliott. Jr.. ha.i h-i bead slightly Injured. The victims of the accident, men who d2fird the law at . Joss last night. But the governor of a alalc. sworn to uphold the law, vcro confined, m Ihc Elliott home [cannot condone such action and be here tnday. I true lo the trust Imposed in him. bell:vcd to have passed over both ]>>rrs. Tho injured man was rushed to the Biytheville hospital where the crushed leg was amputated. ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, warmer in east portion and in routh tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy, cooler. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Coolsr Tuesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 56, minimum 42, clear according to Samuel F. Nor- rls, official weather observer. The temperature fell tn 33 last night, top of a shed and shouted In a shrill voice: "Come on, fellows, let's go get 'em." The surge of men carried to the barriers Sheriff Emlg and his force had erected before the jail door. The crowd 'retreated under a smarting defense of tear gas. Bricks, stones, and other instruments new throueh tec air. Every window In the Jail was broken. There are more non-rlce-eating people in China than . the whole rop-jl'l'or. of the Urittfd States; Ihe 150.000,000 people .of .North China subsist on wheat! corn, millet, beans and other, dry tend crops.

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