The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1968 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1968
Page 12
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Page TirelTt - Bryflyrfflt (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, May T, MM 'Average' Lennons Puzzled Over Fan Magazine Attacks By DICK KLEINER West Coast Correspondent HOLLYWOOD - NBA) — Next to Jackie Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bur 1 on, the leading targets for tr fan magazines are the Lenne- Sisters. Nobody quite knows why. The four girls are far from being big stars, in the Burton league, or international figures a la Mrs. Kennedy. Yet the hunt - and peek fan mag writers delight in blabbing about them and apparently the readers gobble up every story, true or not. Perhaps it's because Janet, Diane, Kathy and Peggy are so average; The readers can identify with them easily. The Lennons may be prettier than most young girls, and sing a little better, but at heart they are apple . pie - and - hamburger folks. In fact, they are reluctant stars: Today, all four girls are married and all but Kathy have children. And they'd like nothing better — they say — than to give up the whole nasty bus- iness and retire to a long happy life of housewifery. "We don't like the business, really," says Deedee, as Diane is called by her singing siblings. "We like meeting people, but that's about all. We don't like being away from our families, we don't like some of the people we have to meet." "When we go somewhere," says Peggy, "like New York, we just do our jobs, that's all. After the show, we never go sight-seeing or anything. We just go back to the hotel and wait until it's time to call our families back home." That being the case, they have reached a decision. They're going to work-like mad for the next few years, squirrel away enough money for their children's education, then hopefully quit the business and just raise children. Family life is the big thing for the Lennons. They corneas any fan magazine reader knows — from a Huge family. They are the oldest of 12 children of a Venice (a suburb of Los Angeles) milkman. 0 neithat Venice block. 3very Sun girl died, but the other 11 are hale, hearty and happy. "We lived in a two-bedroom house," Deedee says, "so our first aim, when Larry Welk Jr. found us and introduced us to Ms father, was to make enough money s o we could build a dormitory." Instead, they made enough to buy a whole house, a building which used to be a boarding house. It was still in Venice, on the block where they grew up and where other related Lennons live. It was such a family street that the pavement was almost their private enclave; their father marked off football and racing stripes on the street for their permanent play pleasure. They still sticfc close to t h e hearthside. Three of the four live within a few minutes of day, after Mass, they all go over to Mom's for waffles. Every Christmas, of course they gather at the ancestral boarding house — 28 of them at last census. They believe in large families and hope to have them themselves. Diane already has three Peggy has three going on four Janet has one and Kathy, the newest bride, is being watchec closely. "We don't feel," Peggy says, "that the population explosion is anything to worry about here. It may be serious in China or India, but not here. Anyhow, we all want a big family." "We feel sorry for people who have says. small families," Deedee "They're missing something. We always had fun together." ; A few more' generations anc they may take over the world. ty^WsHii i >i', < ^ ,v'.«W»»» •*; .«U*«»it4K"s'» 9 '< i THE LENNON SISTERS are right up there with the Burtons and-the Kennedys when it comes to being leading targets for fan magazines. The reason? Nobody seems Hal Boyle WJCflO 3V-to WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 8:00 ALL ABOARD Some Like It Hot - Some Like It Cold! 8-.30 TOPIC: MEMPHIS CITY SCHOOLS Faculty Forum. Superintend ent E. C. Stimbert and four panelists. 4:00 WHAT'S NEW This Is Arizona. Animals o the desert, particularly ani mals that, ha vie specially adapted to this terrain. 4:30 MEN WHO TEACH Howard Mitchell, professor o urbanism at the University o Pennsylvania, takes his class es to the ghetto to study urban problems. 5:30 ECONOMICS The Buck Stops Here. Limi tations of state and local gov ernment especially financing 6:00 ON HEARING MUSIC "Second String Quartet" b; Sessions. Members of the Northwestern University School of Music perform. «:3fl WHAT'S NEW This Is Arizona. Animals ol the desert, particularly ani mals that have special!} adapted to this terrain. 7:00 ALL ABOARD Some Like It Hot — Some Like It Cold! 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS To Be Announced. *;00 BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE A Guaranteed Income is the . topic of discussion. 8:30 PUBLIC AFFAIRS Internationa! Magazine. A report on developments abroad, usually from fiv« different countries.' • '••': 8:30 CITIES OF THE WORLD Pelting Remembered, ft CW- By JOY STILLEY NEW YORK (AP) - When I outfitted my eyes with a brand- new pair of contact lenses, I thought I had said goodby forever to glasses. But this .was not to be the case. Instead of the one pair I formerly owned, I now have four sets of spectacles. And all of. them have gotta go where I go, forcing me to acquire increasingly large purses to harbor my vast array of eyewear. First, there's my good old time-tested,regular prescription glasses, which served me gallantly if not glamorously when my 20-20 vision came in a large, instead of a small, package. Next, I found that my store- bought eyes were sensitive to light so I added sunglasses that serve as windshield, too, since a tiny speck of dust flying into a lens-encased orb feels as big as a boulder. Occupying third place on my roster of orbital armament is a pair of prescription sunglasses, for use in the bright outside world 1 when I am not sporting my contact lenses. After I had been wearing my contacts for some time I noted with alarm that long periods of reading brought on eysstrain. I took my problem to my'optome- trist, who came up with the solution—a new pair of glasses. These glass specs go over the specks of plastic, so when I read I'm right back where I .started —wearing glasses—except now I have two sets of visual aids superimposed on my natural eyesight. The components of this quartet of spectacles are enclosed in cases of various colors so I can identify them at a glance. At least I could if I could just remember which glasses are in which case. Lately I've noticed that when I'm wearing my No. 1 glasses, designed to compensate for my original nearsightedness, things held close to my eyes look a little fuzzy. When I made this complaint to my long-suffering eye doctor, he pointed out gen tly that I was approaching the age where I might have to start thinking about getting bifocals. Hal Boyle is on vacation • Cricket, rugby and tennis are popular sports in the Cook Islands of the South Pacific. Tensions that build up .in insular life — once vented in almost continual strife in the Cooks — find release in the hotly contested games. How to raise your sights without raising your new-car investment. Price check an Olds 88. You'll discover a lot of so-called low-priced cars cost as much or more. And Olds gives you big-car room. Big-car comfort. Big-car performance. Plus the extra assurance that's yours in an Oldsmobile. What are you waiting for? See your nearest Olds dealer today. TWO DOLtlES enjoy a laugh at a New York party. Pearl Bailey, left, currently starring in "Hello, Dolly!" chats with Carol Channing, who created the Dolly Leyl role in the Broadway musical. Both women received awards for service to the theater. ' Convenient? j MIAMI,-Fla.(AP) — Radi| Havana reported Sunday tha| the government will send bit trucks loaded with merchandise, particularly clothing, Into Cuba's principal agriculture areas "so that men and women can do their shopping without leaving their place of work." | FALSETEETH Chewing Efficiency ) Increased up to 35%: • Clinical teats prove you am now i eat and chew better—mate dentures, average up to 35% more effective—If; •you sprinkle a little FASTEETH onf . your plates. FASTEETH Holds uppers 5 and fowers more firmly so they feelj • more comfortable. PASTEETH is not? acid—doesn't sour. No gummy, pasty | • taste. Helps check "denture odor", j Dentures that fit are essential to- health. So see your dentist regularly.; Oet FASTEETH »t all drug counter*.! - WITH GIFTS BY - BESTFORIVr PERMANENT PRESS PADDED BRA if Slays fresh, white, and new after repeated washing A* Adds natural contour with a touch of fiberfill if Stretch section between cups assures extra comfort (Style 6013) Fabulous value at a low, low budget price. Luxury details like lace top cups make this bra a great buy. White. 32-36A, 32-38B, 32-38C. "PLAYBACK" LONG-LEG PANTY (Style 5720) Only the special elastic section at back opens and closes as you move. The rest of the garment stays right where it should — without creeping or riding. Power net, reinforced sections for extra tummy support White. S.M-L-XL 1.59 5.95 Color Coordinated ALL STRETCH BRA •k Cloud-soft fiberf ill makes you a perfect cup size A-Comfy stretch sides and . straps,,, free your every move A-Lovely lace cups fora pretty lingerie look (6077) A bra that's practical, comfortable and fashionabla too! Choose your colors, then match to its own pan.ty girdle, brief, slip " " ' White, Blue Ice, Lemon tee. 32-36A, 32-388,32-38C. 4.00 FRONT HOOK SHOWCASE (Style 8141) How do you look? •—sleek and young. How does It feel? — wonderful. How does ft go on?— breezy-easy, HOOK- INQ RIGHT UP THE FRONTI It's perfect long-line fashion with elastic sections'... light boning for wonderful uplift . . . never- cut straps. 32-40B, 34420,34. NATURAL BACK HOPSCOTCH PANTY * Stretch elastic front pawl • iamesyoitrtummy * Natural shapinEwffli reinforced back panel 3.99 SHEER COMFORT PADDED BRA k Cloud-son fiberfill makes every figure a perfect size • yir All-way stretch comfort -... sides, back and under cups •fa Non-curl stretch straps with instant-adjusting buckles (6031) Pamper yourself with pretty, nylon, lace, cool, nylon- Lycra® spandex elastic and a low-dip fashion back. White. 32- 36A.3238B&C. 199 2.99 Shop Mon. thru Thurs. 9 -6 P.M. Fri. and Sat. 9 A.M. til 8 P.M. BANKAMERICARD IN PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER - BLYTHEVILLE

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