The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 13, 1937
Page 9
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1937 B(,YTHEVn,LB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WJiat One Light Truck Did to a 120-Foot Bridee until! 1 OF OWnn Shrines and Mod- City of Nanking Face Oblivion Hy NF.A Sm'lr<> Walls thai were l(H) years old win;]] Colnmlnis .set sail from l>;ilos lor Aniericu. walls that ivere 21. miles long uncl 30 Crel, tlikk :it UK b:ise. worn or little holj) In lhe list ditch light lo tor ihc ,;.1 prince from Niinking. True', ihosft wnlLs had Inrvely bwn demolished In formnr K.irs and even had they Ijecn intact, they would have been no defense against moaYivi nrlilk-ry. Jjiit they eiiaid I In- pnllLlcal shrine of tile M-year- old Chinese Republic. Here ami vm «,.„ ,.;,,„,, , 0 ,,„. noiineo to the spirits of tlie dc- icirted Min<r empctrors the hirth of Here also a. magnificent mausoleum cm the slope of Purple Mountain conuneimiiorates Sun Yat Ren and liis services to the. Republic that Is now almost prostrate before • Japiin. Japanese infaiiti-y have Mtrarnped through the small com- •pounil : which was sacred to lhe memory of . the Fathtcr of Ills Country. Sun ~Ynt Sen. Here they are reported to have set up heavy arlillery which would command the city, .seven miles away. Utfrary Center Also Nanking was a city at least COO years before Christ was born. It wns China's capital under the early Ming emperors, who abandoned it in the 14th century for n neir capital at Peking ns a better protection against the Mongols. But the city itself remained impregnable, and withstood many sieges. Here came the New England clippers to trade for "nankeen," the local cotton cloth which was a staple article or trade In New England But Nanking was not entirely a city ol trade it was the literary center of china as well. In 1850. however, the city ivns sh Frankfort's brld«e-noi Ixmdon'.s-h,,, fallen down ,,nd the ii(|,t one and u IwlMon truck s he foregioiuic, o the ab,,ve picture, caused it all. W ) m , the, „,,,„ by ,.nd ls Thompso,,, ' ,,1,°' ""r"' ""-' °" Ure ta1d8e K "" I|HW) M(mml ™" )0a " W " y ' «""«•• 1 L n,, '", r "' C KiVll0re V '"" !h r0rinC " U ' e >W M " " r lhe <ilrwlu « » ow " «* floo, «,,d the .sueprstructme Is n mass of twisted wreckage, hair Mibmerged In ,he .stream The ilrncK was clnmaKcd, the. driver bruised, :uut it will cost $20.000 to replace) the bridge. taken during the Taipinif revolt, and held by those religions zealots for a Ions time until Premier Li Hung Cliang, aided by lhe American General Ward and the British Gordon was able (o recapture il. Much of its ancient glory disappeared at that time, including al nit a remnant of the famous Por- •elain Pagoda of which Longfcl- '.ow sang in hi.s j»em "Keramos." Kraiaile C'upifal in I!!i7 Nniiking, many or its ancient lorie.s vanished, and even the jnernble Ming tombs, approached y long avenues fringed with great :one figures of animals, had a habby look. Much or the space ndosed by the ancient walls had ^couie vacant, with lovely old mar- 3le brldgeti standing in (he midst jf open fields once used by people of the past lo cross streams dial no longer exist. Then the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-Sliek' made Nanking again the capital in 1027. The eily had n new birth. American architects and city planners, Henry Killam Murphy and Krnesl p. Goodrich, were called In to plan a modern city which should IK u world wonder. Many of lhe new government buildings had already risen. Their fate under ti occupation is cuip.stffjnablc. Parks, recreation grounds, swimming pools, widened streets, were planned. Five airports sent planes roaring into the air. and (In: atmosphere was one of youth and progress. It wns lo express In stone and brick the spirit of a China reborn. The population rose iu a few years from (MO.OOO lo nearly a million. Cihost of th L . HrpuhUc On Purple Mountain, above the tomb of Sun Yiit Sen, stands the National Observatory, and the blue and ycllmv "While House'' of (lie Republic lies In the shadow of one of the most powerful radio .stations in the world. Cliiniijf Kill-Slick Is reported to Imve left the capital, either for safely or to make n Itist-mlnule Inspection ol (be clc.spenile defense lines. On Purple Mountain there are spirits, spirits which to the Chinese )»'e vitally alive, the spirit* of lhe Mhif L'mporors, of Sun' Ynf Sen, and perhaps even the spirit, of the Chinese Republic. Channel City To Get Statue of Britannia UOin.OClNK-SUH-MEU, Fmnco (UP)— A viist Mnluc- of lirltuimtu will bc'romc; die "sliiluo of Uljnty" of Ilio Kngllsli flumiiol when It Is imvollcil oiirly uexi, -iprinjr nt u )( . i.'iuniiicv of (lie inner hiivlior of lloiilmnir. Nearly 1(1(1 f<jet lilgh from Us Iwso (o the H]> «f u ii-lclcm. l»'l(l iiloR. ttio .slntuo will lio vlsthlc for miles nroiintl null will ijm'l (ravpk-rs bcHwi'eii lirlluin mi d m' us Uic suiliin of Liberty Hiocls visitors lo Ihi- United KMes. 'I'lii' llxui'c Ls intomle<i us u symbol of (lie pust mid present- frii'iid- slil]) belwmi l-'riuic'O niul Kngluiul. «iul In 11 ivilx ncsnir-llps, !]«• .s-ciilplor, 1ms shown his conception of 11 llrltimnlu. compli'lcly mmort iitul rrnily, but culm, soraic niul confident In IICT strrnglli mid rlHlit, Tlic- sculptor diitiH'd 11 MuuT, rin- Ijk'in ot her comimincl of llic SIMIS, nlKiul IK-,- .shoulders. I "My Hrllnimln," iliH-lnri'd M, l>s- rurllcs. "Is Inli'mlcd to bo 1111 iirIMIc: embodiment of (lip robust nnd Kidlnut lli-itl.sli VIK'P, MHxK'sl In hero- IMII, unhesHiUliijj lic'tori! Mil' |;ipal KiicrllloK utid iitvtKirfcl to gtni luv- i-slily her nokl iiml hi'r lire.'- liiltiiiDilii's shield will bp nenrly 10 feet In diameter niul will IK* of Ix-nU'n Ijriiss, lilldcd with gold lent. 'I'lin w)ioln ol Urn (iKiirn Ims Von made out of six etioMiian.s lilocks. Ihiit used for (he heiul weighing 2H tons before cnrvlng. A stone Ijom I'nel? ol lli<> Hdtlsli Dfliiilnlnns lifls IMTII tiurliiclnl In the, vnnier .-.(ions lo UK 'I'uunM I.UniiOClC, 'iVx. (UP] — Winter snorts cump for wonii'ii students nl (lie 'lv.v;is TccliiKiloKlnil college on the wurm West Tcxus plulns will tie sunnsorcd during the Clirlstnms lioltil.-tys nl Snnlu Fe. N. M. r<-s- NIIIS In skllnij. lobOKuftinilni: uncl IcT-skutlns will be given. nine Ink llounees llavk Hill STOW, Okli\. (Ul'l—necnnsc Wile will licit |)lialO(;ra|ih plainly, 4HD Hrl.stow nioloi'iRLs who .slKnotl upplleiitlaiu; tor slnte di'lvcis 11- cnisc's wltli (lie blue Ink furnished tiy tlic license oflke lien- mnsl ve- SIBII llu' niiulk'iillons—this llnic using bluck Ink. Manacled Killer Taken to Trial Head Courier News Wiuit Acls. Although reptiles are thought, of today us very loiv t.vpes. llley were the aristocrats or Ihc earth at one time. PAGE SEVEJ& Federal Director Til —————— ; ' ' f| i HOKI/ONTA1/ 1,0 Official o[ the U.S. Mini. 9 Uoii. Amwier (o Vttvloui Punk Mnnoclctt Imnc! nnd foot nnd minus his swnBjjerlnR brnfjfln- doclo, James Dalhover. diminutive "trigger man" nnJ lasl ol the A] Brady Rons of outlaws. Is pictured above ns he wns hall- drauged Into federal court In Hammond, Jnd.. for a trlnl in wlilch the Jury's only |ob was to decide between hanging a'ncl life imprisonment. Dnlhover nlrond.v bnd pleaded guilty to murdering n state patrolman. To punt violently. I,? Wast fiber. H Assifull. Ill Curst 1 . 10 Cylinders. 21 Noise mythology. M Musical nolo. 28 South AmorU'ii l!7Cooli. 31 Hecume extract, 33 To n-qiilre 34 And. :i« Soulhenst. ;i7r,iiiid riflit JBFiinuers. 41 Crudei'. •15 Cntw. « Vcslljjo. 50 Ovuli'. 51 Made o£ Oilllllt'lll. MIn Led. tH Taller. B5 Cubic ineler 50 Mire. VKKTIOAI, ',! Kntluisiiism. :i Wol xo mucli. 'I 'fa c'fniti'r. f Organ ot licarlng. 57 She IK the- llrsl 0 Hrnncli-like. woman. of '{Thinks. tlie U.S. Mini, IITo observe. SO She is :ilso a 1) TriniiRiiliir —— inicl eml of n Ici'lurcr. IjiiildiiiK. 12 She was- , of Wyoming * (PU. i IS Transposed. -17 Postscript, ;; 19 Command. 7 20 Speed bout. 2 22 Owed. * 23 To perish. T 24 Conjunction.^ 27 Blood monuyy 28 Possessed. ' *• 29 Epoch. •;': 30 Occupied, •'.' 35 Paradise apple .'(6 Drub), r 38 G rnin. 301120. S- 12 Pertaining t air, «To have oii, 44 lirink. • 'IV Uranchcii,"., .•18 To border on •10 To yield. •••• Til Hops kiln, fl2 Modern. Ulnosinirs lie(jnn their existence In the Trlassic perlnd, nnd became extinct nt lhe close of the Cretaceous perloil. Whoopijiff crones ha\ r e flve-roOt windpipes. A Iciigllj of ii\x>nt 3D inches or their windpipe is colV^ in lliii l;eel nf the. brciwlbone. f BARGAINS WEDNESDAY, Take Ad vantage of These Extra Specials Bargains For Wednesday Only Floray Rayon LADIES PAJAMAS - $1 98 Ail Shades NEWYORK STORE When In Doubt About What Kind of Coal to Order 4 | CALL GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Phone 76 And Order That New Coal SENTRY -Wednesday Only- \\'K WILL WASH v\ND I.IH11U- CATK YOUR CAR I^OR (Rt^. P«-ir,o $1.50) .00 JOYNER-BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Huirk nnd I'nnliiic Sales ami Service I!ro;i(hv;iy .V: \V,-iliiiil I'lirinc IflflO SPECIAL FOR TRADE DAY WEDNESDAY — DEC. 15 Our entire stock of I.atlies' Hats has been di- vitleil into two groups. MILLINERY SALE Group No. 1 . „ . , 49c Group No, 2 . . . „ 98c Former A r ,iliies- !>Sr lo S2.08 DUNLAP'S Now Showing New Spring Shoes (^LOSE-OUT ON FALL STYLES III Snwlc ;ind Special *5 All .Sales C.-tsh; All Snlcw Final -*ir. W tt O E « . *-. O B t K ^« V TO O H / THADR DAY ONLY KIRBY MAIN AND HROAinVAY IDc Razor Blades 5c Limit 5 lo a riislonirr iH special good at any Kirliv Store WEDNESDAY, DEC. 15 SPECIAL STUDIO COUCH Well conslrwtod and jioiul lonkinir. Makes a comforlnlile dotililc hi-it. Colova Croon and Rust. WADE FURNITURE CO 212 \Y. iMiiin SI. I'hoiie .155 WEDNESDAY ONLY 50 !bs. Pure Lard $r.45 5 GAINES MARKET IIS W. Main Phone 03

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