The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1933
Page 8
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RltlltT predatory Females of I Boom Era Are Gone Re« ports Eclouard Bonrdcl. : Weaker Sex" Comes Into Own J BV MOBIHS GILBERT •NBA Si-rvlce Slalt Corn-s|K>mlrnt * PARIS.—True love, due to trie collapse of numberless fortunes and the exceptional circumstances of. Oiil, Monsieur! A innn docsnt need tie urescm times, has become fash- a lull-nor a million ilollar.->-tu jonabte-inlinltcly more lashtomib'.c attract M:«lnn.i!x>llc'a tiili-rcM. these than it has been for a hundred <!">•*• *"''• Mmslciir-plnln, u!u- \tars at le'isl Inshloiiol physical attraction will r Such is'the verdict of that cc!n-j tuin the tiick! Etloiiard BomUtt ijratud observer and chronicler of! tl| e !;l) s "S' h *'• Hl: ' s a ' c '"»» who love In Paris Edouard liourdct, an- i wl '°!<-' " n " Weaker Sex." and -he Uor of the scnsaticnal comedy. ' I/: i thfnl:s hls I' 1 "*' ls already out, of feex Pai'oie," known in New York; _. tla ' i; - •' as "The Weaker SCN." j " ~~~^ '.';"'The weaker sex," anybody whojtlifir cl:iiih I .,'.cis, nnd It has nuw : hfts seen the DourtkH drama reil- Iwcn discovenul that stocks in the 1 ! Ises. was the male. The play re- nmriiai;i: market have tumbled so ; : -.£plvcd.around Ihc hunting Instiucl.s \of a group of predatory woiucn. yfciniu antl o!tl. Ameriuau and -French, and the capture of churin- th'it even the young men who llinc yi'ais ngo were belli'! bid up at enountnij premiums, have l>een leiluccd lo a liiimllhilliu; con"Ing but do-nothin;; yomi« men in 'tllllon of iinrniiiluyiiicnl. There arc the jungles of oiw ol I'arls's mc'il «» bidders—at nny price! Internationally-famous and luxurl- "Money having thus losl lis halo, oils hotels. nothlni; much remains except truly 'I!Now nourdel repents his comedy, (iisinlcrj.itcd love—nnd that Is now Or rather, he feels 0m 11 "dates." being preached. In Ihe circles of | What was true in the Ixx;m times the formerly rich nt)'! stlil SIKC-^ is 1 true no longer. Bin the ellccts of lacular. as n marvelous discovery." •pre-war and posl-war "prosperity" i Bcuirdel asscikd that a new wlml and tltle-hunllng liave left their o[ romanticism is blowing through traces. They more or less cancel | the c'irrl<lo:s o( the HU/.._ Cliirlilgii's, J^RK.) COURIER NEWS ^ Former State Solon Urf e» Noose for Kidnapers PETERSBURG, III. (UP) — Tlic \m\My of hanging- Is advocated for convicted kkl]iii|x.Ts by James Hnmlllon Klrhy. former slate itp-'iUntive. Klrliy, who has written Ciov. Henry MOI.-V.T umlni! legislation iiK this line, believes that Uculli in the cleelric ch:ilr is loo good for kidnapers. Uiulvr Illlnol.i in*, lijo uxtrumu ix-nnlty for klcina|x.T4 Is tlic KHUN,' as for murder—decline uLlon. "They .should hi? cxcculcU by pulling u rope around ihelr ntcks," said Klrby. "A kidnaper Is worse tlifin » murderer, uiul Ilicre should be tome dttferemin- lldji in the punishment given 1'iich". _;_ • SATURDAY? yovEMBER 25, 1033 Forcing Lead You Desire Is Belter Than Risking Finesse • ot, Bourdei argues, sult is—true love! ' HF.UISCOVKUISf! I.OVR "'•Young people of both sexes are ;re'disM>vering a (aste lor disinterested love," nomlrt, Intervlcweri, declared. "They have found that, fundamentally, there's nothing else as good. and the re- j Ihe Crilloii and Ir.e oilier gathering ploce.s of eligible youn« men and women here. The cycle is starting nil over ngaln, from its fundamentals. "Young arislocraTfi of all nations." he continued, "have never hesllnled to let themselves be. captured by their women. So. the revo- "Sincc the pearl necklaces and 1 lullou which has lately tnkcn place other rich adornments—even the | is really one in which even coats- onetized, slock uuier ricn aaornmeins—even me | '•> ieuji> one iu wnicn even phony jewels—of the rich intcrna-1 of-nrms have become demon tlcna! set arc icxlay mostly sold or! Just like so many items in in" hock, tl'ic heart has once more become a commodity much in demand. Indeed, it Is Me dernier crl' ID fashion. ••"Let me explain (he transition ol love, amoijg the world's, grcal people, over Ihe course of n century," Bourdet observed. "At first. mnrkei QUKST OF TITI.KS OVER "That being ihe case, another clement has come In—the rivalry of young commoners, who play oil their muscular vigor, skill at names, nnd actual personality against Ihe. possession of a title, which used to it was the women who offered them- be the principle, bait In the selves in Ihe bcsl-cqutnpcd marriage markets, and the men were happy to ruin themselves to have them. "That was pre-war—pretty old- fnshioned, even then. "Then the roles were reversed. The influx of the daughters of millionaire Americans, and the enormous Increase hi family wealth during the last century in such places ns England, changed all thai. The male became the hunted one, (he object of assiduous courting. "So ihe yoimg mnle was able to lay aside the uncomfortable armor of the conquering knight, and put on, Instead, the delicate pajamas of the gigolo. "That was Ihc situation alter the war. nnd up through the great market. "In the old days, dnughtcr.i of millionaires used to buy some offspring of un ancient title going back to Ihe Crusatlcs. Lnter they turned to tennis champions and young though penniless and Utlc-lcss professional dancers. Now, with the disappearance, of so much wealth ami (he breaking down of the old quest for titles, young people arc letting themselves IK; attracted to one another, whether the men nre heritors of nn a'ncient name, or foundlings." Civil War Vet Owns ' Oldest State License j IIUMHOLDT. la. (UP) — T. E.! Joiner, 03, tills community's sole, survivor of Hit Civil War, also h'ns j n claim to lionor in that lie is Ihel state's oldest posscs.sw of an nu-! Vniiobile driver's license. '1'hc veteran, who often is mistaken for a man of 15. still walks Today's Contrail Problem ] In llio oiic-ovcr-one, wlial Is N'urlh's proper resnousc to Si,nlh's original liiil of one In-ill I, ami liow should ttiobtd. illiifj proceed'! . 4J 970 2 (Blind) * A K Q :i V A K. !i 8 7 2 Solution lii next Solution to Previous Contract Problem lie drives Ills enlhc slalc automobile 1 ! BV WM. K. McKKNNKV Ni'cri-tary, Ainrrlcan Hrldge I.eaguc Ti'e qucstinn recently was asked ' IU( . J>an(Js *Q70 V A K 0 10 • H 7 2 #0 S3 J S 0 » Q D G i A 10 7-1 'I Itiililier bridge—N. ar.-l S. Vul. Opening JeaJ— ifK. .Soutli Wtsi Nurlli Ittsl Pass 1 4, Pass 2 N". T. Pass 3 A VMS •! A boon following for some time, soon . ouecn, and return Hie seven we were discussing the game of cf hearts. South drops the four contract. O f diamonds nnd West, the clc- Tlic doctor brought up this point i '-'"rcr, trumps with the nine of —'.sven you have a finesse [hat can' *l>ades. be taken either way, how should I Declarer then should lake two you guide youiscif in t.ikln» this' n<ll ' e founds of clubs and play a My reply ivas that In'many j tm(lil E l' a<lc from dummy. South such cases you simply do 1101 both- discards Hie ten of clubs and cr with that finesse at all. but force! North wins the trick with the your I safely for you. • And .so we ; H.r,d. Even thcirrh honors In to play [he hanj " cut today's iiiL'h North holds KW hearts, he cannot risk •j vuh'.c^iWe overall! ol two I'oariB over one ' spade, as it mi£]:l piine very disastrous. Tin- I'lay Nonh opens Ihc king of heiuts ami follows with the ace (ji:een of North is forced to lead a diamond, and 11 now makes no difference where the t|iicen o! diamonds Is. The runtrucl ]s o-ssured. i Copyright. 1933, N'EA Service. Inc.) Sea Gulls lit'come I.izy PROVINOETOWN, Mass. (UP)— Vise fish shippers ol this town l:ave lo waicli Hie 1 scales very am!. I'csc'ly ihls swisun because Ihe ulrspea gulls are..cither very hungry 01 i or lay.y. Tlie birds swoop down on fish .sheds and steal tin; tis!i been laid up in the ho>ji:l:il lor] if he n ueek, I have learned t.'.c answer i fhiei'SC lo thnt prol>lcm. i.'-ade, 20 right, the . contract tilt-re Ir, nothing cMing hands — eix-cl. over n.u <ri.ii>.: :,.,..<: «•«• sum- ... e .. Whm . do yml ^"=L™ J^iisfflr»SS->£ l " M ' *•— -~ , , My various )>rldue-!>:ayliis| l " ldc '"'" '" «-lcctlt«i of the dia- frlends. as soon as they learned '"°n« IIIICS.SL' — it. is purely a of my Illness, came In Mith inter- K"e*i. •• thouijht c In hands be used in the daily ' lually I lien. co:ne up in yood coini»ti- i'"t p!ays and invariably, wlu-n they left, I had an idea for a hand. Therefore, (he safest, p ; ay the bund is to lead club, win in v:ay to' a small, •ith the I For example, while In the hospital at Cleveland, I \vas taken i , Disease ijerms laruly travel' But I often liave — . . through the air alone; they fly as -what I would <lo for hands if 1 his home cily-anrl showed me m '•passengers" on particles of dust, brcame ill— and now that I have • bridge article, which he said he ha> care of by Dr. J. H. Budd. One day Dr. Budd brought in a news- wondered i paper— the Mailf! of Halifax. N'. S., my id BAKGAINS IN NEW A USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 3Q3 E. M:i!» - I'hone 15b MOONLIGHT TAVERNCAPE Next Door lo Nabers Grocery (•and Things To Eat We SpfrJallic (hiikm und in Kried Steaks OPEN AM, NIOHT .SOITIIKIIN CHO.SS Is lh u mi mo lit ihi: plane. \Yinook:i Is n highly touted HACK lions]-: The Mund indicated 1'llut IlAllnou Sets Record I1AVHK. Mont. (UP) — A pilot balloon, used for weather observation inirpOFi-s. has set a new inilengc record. The Havre wea- Lived on Knnsttd 1'im'upine NAMPA, Idaho (UP) —Roasted porcupine was thu menu for nine days of John Lagatta, William Peterson and Wesley Warren, hid in Ihe wilds nenr cascade. The nen. escaped prisoners, had eaten nothing but jxjrcupine. until . recaptured here, they told oEIiccrs. ROXY Maf. 2:30, !0-25c Nite li:.15, 10-25c Friday & Saturday bpom-tlmcs, unlil the depression I Iher bureau released the balloon took firm hold. again the Oct. 22. Two days Inter It had the upper marrlage-gaaie, among classes, went through n revolution. "The crisis didn't, spare the bank nccounu of rich Americans nnd Ir.ndcd nt Malcolm. Iowa. 030 miles f-way. The picvious long iUglil iccord was MO miles, from Havre lo liay, N. D. SUNDAY MATINEE—25c - 50c NIGHT—50c TO At.I, The Most Unusual Stage Show in the History of This Theatre I IT/ ALL IN PERSON JAMES HALL Handsome Screen Star of "Hells Angels", "Four Sons" and lending man for Clara Row. And His Famous Movicland Band 'HALL'S ANGELS' Featuring RAY Kl,7IE, Pianist Formerly of A!>e I.yman's Hand Direct from World's /''air SALLY RAND ALL In Her Sensational Fan Dance THE 3 MUSICAL NOTES HOOT G1HSON in JT' Creighton Chancy Serial— 'T,iist Frontier" anil Cartoon Sunday - Monday MAT. anrt Nile—lOc - 25c LEE TRACY in the FUNNIEST COM- JEDY IN TEARS! i\ brand-new twist 3 DARLINGS OK HAK.MONY AM) KYTII.M STARS! STARS! IN A WHIRLWIND STACK PRKSKNTAT10N ON THE SCREEN COLIEG COACtf PARAMOUNT' NE>VS-CHARLEY CHASE COA with MAK CLARKE O'lTO KRU(JER GEORGE KARK1ER Taxt Hoys Comedv Ilaby Hurlesko in "The Kid's Last Fight' ME to the WANT-AD SECTION" "JVLcst everybody il o" e s, J know. But there, are probably a few of you w h o may not have discovered what all lhe?e others know - - tliat my want-ad section is lilli-d with har^ains and ^ opportunities." Turn to them now . . . "And don't for«et to n s e this valuable section when V 0 If have !?oinethini'- lo D sell or have losl something or i'o r a ny of a hundred other purposes. When you want to plaee an ad just phone 306 and my ad-taker give you expert help." COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS (i

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