The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 13, 1937
Page 8
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PACE SIX 4-H OFFIRS Clubs In Osccola' Dislric! Hold Tlieir 'An nu a 1 Meclions Louisiana Fathoms "Ocean of Oil BLYTHEVILLE. (ARE.) COURIER NEW! n "-~-;--- IJi/ess Personals s^^S&i . Ark., Dec. 12,-Om- cors of the. south Mississippi county 4-li Clubs elected yesterday nro: I>fcs:._Hnr»td Humble, president-; Itoencll Hinslcy, vice-president; El'.'" Tunnlntgham, secretary; Eunice Walker, reporter. I >ncy: Robert Johnson, )ifrosl- dcnt- Wanda KI?°r, vie; president; Fvl'M'i Cook s[ v cr<?;nry; JiUJiitr! Wlil'.«. reporter. Milligim nid'jc: Uisille Vasl- l-i -,. o-f.siiii'ni; Joljjj .sbnstoen, v!e-:-im"i!rtei«; Cleo Wat's. se'_re- I; Mary Mii'.lnfn. rr-i>o:-tr:r, Willlinn: Mavis HiiMiJosf. mvs!- •'">•• /,d*li Pnimcll. vice president; I-'Hole .In Riisbhv', secretary; Mary Fnince.s Lon^, reporter. W-sl nidi-o: Helen Ilhislmw, j |i'-e-;fdr-nt; Kind] Moore, vice president; La Jiiml niioails, 'secretary; i " r i VeLeto. rejxjrter. -, 'Kciser: Francis Anchlin, prcsi- . -.).„.,.), sisco, vice president; > Nolle Ferguson, secretary; Clayton White, reporter. J!nteher: Jolm D. Gllbotv, president; Hill Morgan, vice; .limmyc Meadows, secretary. Predictions of a virtual ocean of oil In the rocks IwiiKitli the Ciulf of Mexico, is mili-s from land. Miss Charlie Sine Wright. who j" ave sr ' l "' red Loulsl «">' "> embark on mi vis injured in an automobile ac- project lo tap (lie pool. Above, a barge Moats xlie chknl here Inst week his-, Iwcn re- ,I,,,.,;~L. „,,,, ,, ,,,, , movc;i to Hot "Springs, where she " tll!ck r>11(l cir """S equipment used to probe :he r under the care of her uncle j ocenn bottom for "black ijold." Hector Ernest McKcnzle. Miss : ' Hulh WilloiiRhby. also injured, is r-ToviM-ing at her home in Tyro nzn. Mrs. A. H. nrynnt. of Licking. Mo., who lias been visiting her c'aiiRhter, Mrs. Paul Wlgglm. is ill in the Dyess hospital. Mrs. Walter \fatlock has returned from Fort . Smith, where ::;hc attended the annual meeting cf the Arkansas Baptist Slate 1 Convciitlon. Mr. and Mrs. Gail Bolls nnci (on Burton, 1 - of Luden. North Dakota, are visiting- In the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Holland. The Bott.s arc on their way lo Miami Bench Florida, 'where they will spend the winter. >• , Mr, ami Mi-s. K. D. Crate are visiting relatives In stcele, Mo. . this week. The Rev. Harvey Gray, Baptist pastor, was called home from For! >\ I Catwalks link UK drilling o;uratiom wllli bud' in till' sliallower reaches of the oil licld. and cue;! abandoned wartime freighters, below, are anchor- i c«l otf shore lo serve as storage ships. And Hn j neaiby islands men dig silt, at top. for use by drillers at .sea In culling through the rocks. \ Doris GarreH First Grid Queen At Dyess DVESS, Ark,. Dec. n.—Tile Dy- e-ss High School lioo.stcr Club Bixinsored by Miss Marie Reynolds crowned Miss Doris Oarrett senior, ri'iefti of football al Ihc'"JASI HouiKi Up", (jlmi in t| 1P C0111 . nninlly biiUdJng hoc tet nij/iit MKs Ciarrctl wilt l!0 down in his- lorv as Dyr-ss Colony's PirsL foot- Approxiinalely slxly (jcoplr- at- d'lidccl Ihe football banipict in UK- c-:if« preceding HIP rodeo show and coronation d-mnonii':;. -j'(»- invocation was (jlvni by J. E. M;:! Guirt; siiperliHi'iKlctil of .sclumls. j :< "V/i-lcome l<> O>D- i.'jiiiipHrf", Ivy | K.-nbi.- Walker, clier-r le:idi:r. Hc- '.'.fHjiv'. ly Knrl Milchfrll. "llnincii | linsliii' ". Coach (icorgi) HIIJJUT. I'ickiiis v,-as elecloc! as t.n- new "I'oreiiian". ur caiilaiji ,, his luollKjII le-:nn for I't.'ii). "Stritv/ «f;:;s", or sub captain ,.)<. C |,/<| . A , lt . s> IJi-i-ft'if! I'ickiiis. Hilly TOm Franks] -ChiH While Kt K ]f", ii'i,,; ,.|,.,.|,.,, HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Caused by iired Kidneys ;uiolhf-r Knd' of M ijtj<> Woodward, anotliei-' "brave 1 '"'saiiB, I "At The End or the Trail." A talk, I ''On To The Rodeo" ltl.e Artillery Has New Gun l,-n,, n ~r>~ •>••.•» Birv.i „, j I.ONDO^f IUI')—NCW "" ,nn fi ,^ rn * cl1 - afto ' wblch or guns, combining the ' '" H>e com-Mstlcs of a neld nun and j place the 13-pouiulei- gun 3.7-inch howitzer used by f lloyal Horse Artillery ami the ™ poiuider gmj ami the 4.5-liiclv|io\u Km- of the Field Artillery "Yes'm-It's the Gift Ideal" •J8S You Buy a Hal Gift Certificate Neatly Packaged In Miniature Hat Box and He Makes His Selection Later! . ,.„„ lm , ., Ma(Il] »-53 Smith where he was attending the meeting of the Arkansas Baptist State Conention. because of- : the sudden death of Mr. Parsons of Horiiersvilte, Mo. Rev. and Mrs. Gray went Immediately to Horn- ersvitlc. where Mr. Gray will conduct, the funeral services. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Peters of Little Rock, were on the Colony recently, visiting Mrs. Peters' par. cuts. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Dudley Robert Ecliols. now of Harrls- biirg, is home (o spend the Christmas holidays with his parents Mr and Mrs. J. R. Echols. Mrs. Homer Johnson, of Dallas Texas, is visiting in t), c i lome nf rer parents. Mr. and Mrs. L N Keen. Mrs. Keen eiilered the Dyess hospital Thursday for observation aixl treatment. Mrs. W. Z. Chealhaiu and Mrs. John Richardson, who imdrnveiH major operations at the Dyesa hospital last week, have been returned to their homes. The Colony council of Home IVinonslnition clubs will meet at' he . Ui prog the making of Christmas gift Mr*, E. s. Dudley and Miss Inn Kincnui will display patterns, n , K | demonstrate home mnde gif!s Locomotive Fireman, Relm-d With Perfect Record, Lives At Gosm-ll •Torly-slx years without a mark" Is Hie record of J. H. Head, second oldest rirenmn of the Missouri 1'acliic .railroad who lias conic to Blythcvllle to spend his last days. Aflfr lini'lng been pensioned i>y tlie railroad, he Is living on a farm he has purchased, secure (liiniiclally because lie has an income of $1,017 annually In addition to 51,275 lie received in ii Itiiii.n sum recently n.s a retirement annuity. This 'll-year-old former lire- man who made (he run from Little Reck to Poplnr Bluff, Mo., "without ever harming n hnir on anybody's head", is a firm believer in pensions. In fnct lie lins three chief subjects of conversation- pensions, Ills perfect record as a .firemani nnd why everyone should "travel and ship bv rail". Among his proudest possessions Is a pin from |)i e Missouri Pacific railroad "in recognition and appreciation of a long and faithful service", nnolher from the railroad brclherhood which shows he was a member until he readied the retirement age. a life-time pass on Ihe railroad and a new •certifies!*' of annuity, which accompanied the *l,'-'75 check, nnd which lie has framed. The one ac"V.ont of lire \ias strangely caused by bis own engine. Ho '•turned her over" to IK- net fireman, at the end of ills "in, and was riding the engine on the outside to the gates of the railroad yard when lip fell be-! ncath Ihe wheels. His foot wn's! srvrred and he was compelled to be off his job for eight months.- ie community building, Momluv" ?, C off , hls ' ob tot ' eight months.- '(.eemuer 13, at g : oo A M Tlie ' "' y {[me llc " lis *ed for more vogrimi nill be centered around i " " fe "' <ln . ra —<l«flnK Ills entire ic making of Christinas gift, STI ™e. except for regular vacn- Ertf I? c; l-»..ji_._ _. . t) ' . l|rt n e lions. Mr. Head liked his vacations ,-inrt he spent Iliein tnveling—not If. Head Chicago, points of Florida a..... many •oilier places of interest. Dut he says he probably won't travel any more bat plans to ic- £i<le on his •10-iicre farm he n>- cetnly purchased in the Ciosnfl! comnmnlty.: Here, he lives with )I:K only son. H. H. Head, who was also \vitli the railroad for lo j-i'ar.s until he was. "laid off during the depression, his daughter In law, their four sons and tlnush- Icrs,. and Mrs. Head's mother Mrs tt. 'E. Murphy. The American aloi>, or ccntuiy plant, is not a true aloe, nnd does not live 100 years. . 1!'-IIIJIS nil IWlil That', all 11,,,-, ;„ (,.(( Hal <.,ft C.',,,. f, )r S 5. UK, ,„• 57.5,,, .inmatmo hat l,« <„, (I,, Ireland he luiiinnv Icils at Ins .own Iflsnrf. hl . .,„„, l))l one of H,,M fUilic,. i MALLORY . HATS STETSON HATS /KllONK ANTI-l'RKK/,1', IIKAT JiltS !i07 Ward Caruilirrsville FREE CHRISTOS GIFtS autn iviu- i' c tl s anil riRIAN AUTO PARTS on, DEr-UOSTKltS KA'lTKI{lt:s 12R K. illllin Hlytheville As iiLiial the best is always at MEAD'S 315 WEST MAIN STREET ------ 1 ^ ..unit; IJJHLll; gJltb. J '"• ->f-' , The Colony wide Parent Tench- wid forth to Po|>lnr B.iift « s cm r AsEociation will meet at the his rinl| y nin-bnt to invv.ii ,11, Lily community building at 2-Ofl p M Monday, with Mrs. Sidilcy Doster lii-esiiing. A program will be had on recreation. Miss Marie Reynolds, physical culture teacher with 11 (?raup of children will demonstrate n In calisthenics. Mrs Lloyd Cox will talk on how recreation may affect the moral lire of the colony. Mrs. j. R. Eci, o!s w m - Cubn. California — eioj,t talk on how recreation may aflcc the social life. The group will sing Christmas carols. A large crowd is expected ns the school busses will rim on regular schedule to pick up ihe worn™ for boll: home demonstration club T. A. meetings. J. C. EVANS BOX 604 Ulylheville, Ark. District Manager HAMILTON TRUST FUND Sponsored Uv Hninillon Depositors Corp. p ' e Recommend iJENTRYCOAL ^^^t?*"***^ FDnil AUCDinVfr nnn-r .,»_ FROM AMERICA'S FIRST MODERNISTIC PREPARATION PLANT k Mwleni as the Plant in which ft is prepared $7.00 ton GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 76 ATTENTION! TO INSURK SAFETY Ami Good Performance For Your Car Through WINTER You Should Have It Checked Regularly. We Make This Check FREE for Brakes, Lights. HaUery And'-Freeze and Wheel Alignment Ford Anti-Freeze Prestone Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mh and Walnut Phone 8)0 Balance Your Budget at MEAD'S *mmmmm(mmmmmmmmim&mmmmmimmwzm-0mwM-m Into the Thrilling Excitement of the Christmas Gift Buying Season We Launch this BALANCED BUDGET CHRISTMAS HART SCHAF FiNER & MARX AND MANSFIELD SUITS TOPCOATS A Suit and Topcoat Sale thai takes lop honors by a \vidc margin and just in the nick of time to help bat- it m-c OhTOtnias Btitliict.s. Kvcry -Suit and Topcoat tailored by (hose famous makers . , . Hart Schaffncr & Marx ami Mansfield and all from our Fall and Vt inter. I'm, slock. In Stills you may choose from sin- 8'lc and double breasted lounge and Continental models. In topcoats you may choose from velours alcoras moss Imish alRos, 100'.;. Camel Hairs. Kvery si^e available and every one unconditionally As usual the best is always at 315 WEST. MAIN STREET We'll Wrap and Mail Your Gifts

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