Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 3
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F. W. KINNEY, 51» BKO.imVAY. •„• UEALBtt IX ! Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs m and Game. I «W-We dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. ot Spring's Soap, TO WILL 1-UKVF.XT HAXIW AMD *V "E FItOH CHAFFIVG HOLD ONLY ,»T BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE DR, F. M. BOZ^R'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State T*l & tional Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wiiritail. Cli(«ipCott!i(,"» for Sale. •Wunt-il l,nis nn I Acrwt «\ir tvili'. •Wiinliifl Bniull Kiirina Kor -ule. Wan.nd DU.-HIIH.HI Blocks Kur Hill". Wnncwl to KxclmnicH -iirins for City Property. Wantwl \f»rctiuudls-< o Tr <l<i tor h'iirms. ADDUEJS SI. M.«Oni»ON. ripn Block Loxiii.spurt, (uriliiiin. INCKEASE YOUR INCOME! OthBrfl • r i dolnn It why not you? Invost $U).nfl In Deeamber wtiwit, Onr .system iniuiKurntwl tor tbebweneormniill tendon-, (Tern yoa nn meal «nt -pp irtunlty to try It. Wrltn c» tod y tor full information. PEttKlNS * CO., ZH Kluiio King. eiitciiKO, 111. NOTICE FARMERS- IIMNEM Mcitiilro & H«lv«ron will be iit J. W J.e-'» Few! -tioro on North xtroel S;i nrdnys to exhibit H Wlr-lonH Uh«k Kowt-r on which they Jhuvubt'on iillowoUu putont. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IX EXTUA FINK. FISH AND IlIiOAD POINTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. If. E. TRUAX, M. D. clal lUtpnUiin Klvnn to Nos-e, Lung, Liver and Chronic Dlscnafw. Ofllcn and Kiwlitwice over Stare Nntlonnl B;uik. Hours 10 to t'J it in., " to -I [i. in., and 7 to 8 p. in. All rails promptly nttcinilcd. KROEOER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, G13 Broadway. ' DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING, JAN. 26. 'Bargains In all kinds ot shoes at Brown's lire sale. Mou'tf and boit,' rubbers, boots and shoes choap, at Brown's lire sale. Everybody Is attending; tho,liro sale of shoes and rubbers at Brown's ahoe etore. Brown's tiro sale of his entire stock Of shoes and rubbers, is altractlng: largo crowds. A regular toachora' examination will bo held Saturday at tho central school building. The sale ot dry goods at the Golden Kulo dry goods storo U unprecedented. Call boforo tho stock is all picked over. It will pay jvu. The Journal ha* a fo.v blrdseyo views of Log-ausjort left. They can be had In pasteboard tubas for mailing or preservation for fifty cants. S. M. Closson has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eist ern monev in uny amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. 319 Fear street. About twenty Galvestonlans wore In tho city yesterday to attend the trial of the case of the Shaffer estate Agtlist tbe transport natural g-as ootDp»ny for |10.000 damages. A party of twenty-five friends of lira. William Purdy surprised her at her home on the North Side last evening, the ocoMlon belop her 23d birth~ Cards and refreshments were in Andy Bay. the butcher, will be laid on the thelf for six weeita while he recovers from an Injury recently ?""** by him in a fall. He slipped )•• the fall broke one of the ton- don= of the right leg near the a^k 1 .?. ' It wM aierlou* injury. THE ANNUAL STATEMENT. Circle, Imli-M uf 'h«-<». A. ll.-Tli-y Kxp iiili-d»5S«S4O. The ladies of Ltucuio Circle i-ubmli totbe puollcihb rollu-vlng- ropon of work done Dy them durlutf lau jear ending- Dos. 3 Int. 1894 and tho receipts and expenditures of tho order for tbo year, aw follows Kor Nulloiinl Tribune ......... - ......... :•••-* 1 K Served til- .ions o( Vulnrans at t!i* time tlinyrf-orKiiiilzml :iiul Uu..iicmn tlmriniiu _^ nn iosinr.-u|ij»*r ............... . ..... ...•• .......... L' r V. Piireliiisml II -K «>r "U 11 !«lin.il iiiilhlliiK,...., • M KxpH.i S es iir.irciiMizloi.'.itiitKiii'li.irliii'-iit... 1- il Ce ^br.itiiiK "iir 1-ltii min »rr«ir< ......... ...... I'J Uj Curryln . OIIB rmnliy, 1" S'one.vs, lor it p rim! 01 30 WPIKS. lit $2 pHf WI.M ......... OH 00 Jorlmintidliue nil ft rmideiert 10 Ifl ulllBr- «ul fanililtw .......................... • ........ • ........ ; "'• '' JTurmiriiiKruritnd soi.dln 'o relinlvi-!-, J mulli-rlo-.s, h.'ini'luw cliilUren. .............. 0 ''0 Biwldus -ho liiclilontil ex B...-OB of tno Circle, wlilcli ..iihiun td to ........................ 'l> Ml TOU1 ................................................... 202 W fro* Kift donations of books ami clutliiiiK, to tlieviiluoot .......................................... iu uu Drukenness h-io no comparison In evil bllect to tba opium or murphine habit, wbec firmly fixed on iho bap- less victim. Motbers should be careful in use of as simple a thing as acoujfH cure wito theT uhlldren Many au-called cough cures depund upua tbe Bluyefyiug effect of tbe Ouiutn tney coaiain to hunh tbe cougb. Brant'u BilsntD is one- wulub cin (jlveyour children with peifeot ooQUdoooO that it id ontlrcly free from opiates, us weil as a rellab.o cure, not only to stup ibe cuut;n, but also perfectly heal the dUeabed parts Lirgu 25 cent bottles at Bon Fisher's drug 1 storo. He Could-'i Driv- »' Jon«s S -itr-z. KUrivlllo, O. HO, relates ao experience all the mure wonderful rmciupe he is no* nearly seventy. He tays: • [ «cuicln"t take $100 l"f ib" good D • Waee er'e ISsrve Vita fzer has done me. I alwuys worked h".rd and was careless ab.iut a little »iom-i.cb trouble I hid aoci s eep- leirsness, wnlcn I suppo e H.CCOCQIS for tbe nsrvou- trouble v^nich 6lnaok me about f our years ago: L'mbu of my ricn: side i^oi =o I coalciu'i >sjntrol them; at litues I couldn't hold a cup In my hand to cJrinU from it, nod in a crowd wnulrt iinf.nn-.i'nnsly hit n?opie wii-b my jdrkiog right arm. Toe doctors callea it nervuua prtralysU and Stid i hat at mv us*. I couldn't be cured I ea« Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizsr adcerusod ib toe R-ipusitory and tfot a Simple buiUe of 1'. «<hiuh I thought helued me, t-o bought a b jttle Tnlnti I hiv.) u~eJ th-ffn b>U'i;s. and they bivo mide a steady man of roe. I a*vo nO'i felt J.-* w-li in four yetLre and am still impro^ina:. Why, for two yHHPd ( coulda'l rtrlve ft null." Mr. G-)idlioij"r, In who*e S'.ore tbo iatervio* toolt pliiCn, fully curru|)uia- ted Mr 6vu.nz' "'.avoiauot, DI.VI 'g bis euro was a darpn-e to 'ill who knew of tho enj-tf \V.i 'ire aiithonzei to say, this raodlC'Oi? for ticncrol anil cure of n-jrv<i troao'.tis is -»>ld hy lien Flaljuf uud by till uruiiiiibi-o. A IJ.-IHT F <iin . o, il >». A letter to ihc J"U' ntti fmm London cone udi-i-: ' I huw. rec-.n many .-iahis •<Ince our dpptnu.-a from dear old Li-van. 1 c«nnot t-xulair th" many *o. droua wav-of the peop'e or country wnd ii would take too luuy even if I had tne limu unc uaiipocB ill I unn rny it- ibis, i you kanw nf any one who Iii dUsaiish'Bd »uh bis cnuotry, Amnriun, or rainor ib- U'liu-d S a'.ea, ir.v and h«ve ibciu cume to iEurope nrd they will, I ihiok. return with iovo for t.beir country «nd Dnir Od (Gory Huolnsi all nf \<>u arei w«il iiod proriiierincf ut Loer«.nripuri, and wlih rotrards to friends, I am respectfully, jours, A. vv. STEVENS. TUi« UlNdiv»ry SiV-ll III« li f«. Mr. (,-r. (Jailou-jtie, DriJtr^'^t, lieav- eravillu, III., SI.VF.: -To D.-. K'.ng'a Nrf v Dfcnvery [ owo mv life. Wns taken wlr.b 1* <;ripp^ and tried all the pby.iiclnofl for in 1 1 AS ab iui, hu-of no avail nod was pivao uj and told I cnulo not live tiding D- Klne's Ne* Dicicovrtrv in my siore I S'Sot for a huttlu and b igao 10 iret hotter, and after usiog- three bonles was :jp aid about asr-ilQ It Ifl -vnrtb It weight in Sfolri. VVo won'c keaa sioro or house wti.bnnt, Ir, " 'rot a f f-e trial hculo at B F KJ -islingV dmy -tore, Jus Ilin Size. Wblio Couuty Uotnuurai: Enquire Wfirthingion recently nent to Wilson *!i Humphrey's of Logans- port for a oup ply of lead pencils Not having any particular choice of brand John told thtim to send him a good pencil suited to his sizo. iraaKlce 1 tho 'Squire's a»tonlsbmnnt on receiving by express three pencils about ihe size and chape ol. pUk hanales. EvlduntJy John's s\7.a is not underestimated abroad. U*iv-ir<l, *1OO, The rwiders ot ttiisi paper will t>« pteai»d to Ipiirn tlinctli ri-lssit Irt-uit one druulful. dUi-nse thin sclHiiue bus DP«II ubln t • cum In nil Its staj;r B ami Hint is Cautnu. Hull's Ciiturrb Cure Is the only positive cure now known to tlit» mwllcal fr*ieni'ty. Cutiirrli boliu; 11 coiiitltutlonal itls- nasn. r»ciulri>s n con^tltiHI >n il treat men v. Hull's Ciiturrli Cum Is tiiken Internally, nctm« dlnwtiy, mioii '.lie Blond unil muiMin surfiices or the systfin thc-riiby dostr -ylnR the fuuiulatlon of the iil»«vie and Klvlnnthfl pntu<nt strength By bulldl 'K up tbo onscl'utKm mid assisting niitar« in dolnirlm work. Tho pr,.pru>tn™ Dnve sn much fatth in its curative powers, that ihej ofter One Uiv.drnd Diilmrs for liny CiisMthnt It lulls to cure. Send tor list ut testimonials. Add'-ess K J. CUKN'KY * CO., Toledo CK^tiold by Druiwists, 75c. A Illri'-dny SurprlM". Mrs. Siaion Gn>ss of West Broadway was cheerfully assUte'l by n.bout thirty relatives and friends in tbe eel ebratlon of her So.b birthday anni versary Wednesday. A surprise was given her in the evening and several hours wero spent at cards and various forms of amusement. A .number of presents were received by Mrs. Gross, and it was altogether a very pleasant event. Chamberlain's Cough 1 Remedy is famous for Its ourea of bad colds. It opens the secretions, relieves the lungs and aids nature in resto-iog the system to a healthy condition. If freely used as soon as the cold has been contracted, and before it has become settled in the system, it greatly lessens the severity of the attack and has often cured in a single day what would have boon a severe cold. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Jo»t tt<-e-iTed. Two carloads of sleighs from the celebrated Fuller Bug^y & Sleigh Co.. Jackaon. Michigan. Come one, come all. come everybody; we have sleighs for the millions. Prices below the lowest. Call at GIORGE HAEEISON'S, 617 Broad tray. An Ev<K'n<-.« f rroHpnriry. and prove d«alfin3. jtre preparing- to enliirge their 11 ior sp«ce and add gremly to thi&r stocu They have leal-fed thu tivu floors ubjvo their Store room on M-irkrt- ?'rpry.. and will us? thtt secnod (1 mr 'or di-»olavinir mantels and praie- 1 , while on me third floor will ba stored ihe iiu ilicaie stock. Iflll-kloii's A inc:i Snlve. Tbe bo"ta*lve in tnu world for cuts, bruises eOres, ulccrri. salt rheum lever sores, tetter, cbappid ittfinds, Chilblains coros, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures plies, or no pay required, [l is "ga-vrtnteod to give perfect sitUfactlon or mun.ey refunded Prlc* 25 cents per boy, For sole by 6 F K^H^Mne. Hi-miii-u. »«m .K--SnU. Tho ctSo of 0 E H-le administrator for tbe J»not> Sniffer estate vs Tae l^"K--insDnrl N^if.ural Gi~-< Company, for $1 000 datiises. wi.-< up in the Cass circuit court yesterday. D H. Cnaoe app- ired for the plaintiff acid the defendant.'•» side of the casd was in the bauds of J C. Nelson. Som-'-'irao e.zo Vlr Simon Gold.baum of S-*D Luis R-iy, Oal., was troubled whh 11 lam* b ict aod rhturijHiUin. He u^ed CbicnbirlaiQ'o Pitn Bilmanda prumpti cure *as nlf cted tiei says he Q s sluce adv Had many of bis friends to try It and all wbo have done so have rpuken cighly of i.t. It Is for sale ny B F tv-ealins: drug-glst. II- S-tt «d. A atransar *QO trtea to elope with a dinner from one of our reniaurants yesterday wlinout go'cg 1 throuifla tne form of paying 1 fur the mt^al, was knocked down and roughly ha.nd'ed by me oroprie'o . wbo forced him ;o settle for tbe muni hurch C .rm Bo .bed Thefts n.ivd ro^eoily been com- mll'od at the B iooe township Coicnoion Center religious services Lap robea and parts of harness have been removed b> enenlc thieves, and there ii a demand for an offi ter In that locality. OtScera and members of all the I 0 O F. Lodges are rpqueamd to meet thia erealng at 7:30 to make arrangements tor Brother O*ston'a funeral. W. L. MOERE! Sec'y of Gan'l Kallef Com. TO ABOLISH BELIEF ASSOCIATION'S. [t Is announced that Seaa'Or Mc- Buen of Lafayette, will, on Monday, Introduce a bill in tae LegtsUture making- eo-called relief associations illegal and to aiolUh them. The bill whitih is already framed sets forth tba<. these associations are formed in the Interest of railway corporations and a^iiast the employes whom they defraud of their rights and privileges. Employes of 'he Pan Handle. Puti burg FonW-tvne & Chicago. B kill mora & Onio and Big Four companies, nre baiking- tbo mea-ure. It is expected that tbe railroad companies will oupose the bill. Pan Handle engineer Line Gipehae moved ioto hi? new house on Broadway between Twentieth and Twenty- first streets Tbs Pennsylvania method of keeping tbe time of the emoloyes in the runnine drpartment has been adopted by the Vmiialia. A car loartod with provisions for tho Nebrai-ka suffssrdru, from Richmood passed through tbe cHy yesterday over the Pun Handle. The Clover Leaf has laid off sixty mtn at the Frankfort shops aud reduced thb wuritin? time of tho remainder to four hours a day. One feature ab >ut tbo nfl-.v Pennsyl- vicia fast trains between. New York and Ss L iula is th-ittd'y carry no d^ud buails or second class pinseu^erf • A 1 Snarpavl.le yesterday af<erno(in a lock was thrown through the windows' of one of the coaches on tre P-n Handle train geitlng- here from [udianapolls at 1:20. EJ 8. MeCor- nctll *as rilling across tne aisie and was covered with broken glass Tbe authorities were notified and will look fur the miscreant. SptioulHtlrin as to a sucsessor for the late M. VV H bbard, wh.i was gBneral freight agent of the VandalU, is warm. There is a porsibiilty of tbo Pennsylvania comDany taking entire control of the road and putting il under the jurisdiction of J T Mc- drJia. IQ this event H i« believed that N. W. Taylor will ba mide a division fre'shtugant. It Id po-Siibio th»,t the title of aisutant geaeral froigbt *lll be created the daon as in tbe passenger department Taere are but few who bolievo that there will be any other appointment made than Mr. Taylor's. Tbe mechanical department of the Pennsylvania bus completed tbe specifications for a monster freight engine. Wi'-h these engine^ it is proposed to hHul heavy trains ai high speed, as the drivers will be larg-ertb.au on tbe class 'R" engine, the heaviest tvpe now built. ') he first built will be used for baullnf>' ; tb'e dressed meat and veg- eiable trains, a traffic which has reached large proportion)- on the Pennsylvania lines. These ent inea will be run only between Pittsburg and Jersey City, as tbe class '' R" edgme lu as heavy as the company would like to run regularly on llnea west of Plttnburg. Wlnamac Republican: Ed F. Newton, junior editor of the Rfpablican, vidltea siok r latives Pt Logansport Sunday, Walter G Hilton, a cousin, took a 35 -foot 'Utrnle from hia p»per hangur's scaffold last Wednesday which bruised him up considerably but be is now able to leave tbe hospital and go home. EU lit on a flight of Blairs, striking OD bis side and bead. Ills almost a miracle that be ever revived from the shock which ho received Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczcmn, Tetter, Salt- Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Bums, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per bo^. . TO HOKSlToWNEKS. For patting n horse in a fine healthy condition try Lh-. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss "of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by druggists. Atleniton, Knight* of Fyihlan! A-l members of Apollo Lodge No. 62 K of P , are hereby ordered to" m~et at Castle Hall, Sunday, January 27 ib, at 1:15 p. m. and leave tbe hall at, 1:45 p m eharo. to attend the funeral of our late Brother, H. H. O»ston. Bridge City Lodge No. 305 and all soj mrnlog Koights are cordially InvUed to attend. GEO VAXSTEINBERG. C. C. SAM'I, P. AJTDEB=OX. K. R. S. WAS AT LOG ASSPORT. But Did SToiCo to JKut-ma iofSuc HIM Family— fljnterluon Action or John SolU-noerifer of Kokomo, whose whereabouts were unknown to his family for fifteen month;?, has been located. He was in Losraasport recently bat aid not go to Kokomo. Tne Kokomu Tribune states that he was in the employ of tuo Penueylvania Urns* Works at Philadelphia when he disappeared, the laet account of him being heard at Baltimore where he went iu the interest of the firm. Letters to tbat city and also Pnlladelphia, and even atrip by bU wile to the latter place could not find any information coDCP.rnlnf what bud become of him, I TnU was the elate of aSuIrs uniil Decemner 31 last, w.-eo bu father, C. C. Sollenberger, received a letter from him dated Virden. Illinois. This letter was the first Intelligence received by tie relatives, wnicb gave tbe least Information whether ho was dead or alive. Since ',hat date bis father and wile have been in correspondence with him. and bis father his seen him in LogHDrport where ho met him by appointment about two weeks aj:o la thai interview it was learned that John had parsed m-.)«st of ibj fit teen moaibs in tho south and west While at Lignnaport ho would have uume huono bai 11 nut been for tht etubarrnbsmont which it would have c.-xuseii his fnmily acd v. hich it was deilrud to avoid. Liter bis »lfu would have mot him :it Indianttpoll-", to wnich cny D,i wont froinQlhiire but al-ikfiRS- prevented bar (^oloS Soliennerger reujalucd HI ladiaimpulia until ito l.-tt'.Hr purluf last week when uo l«ft for too enst, bulng lust beard frcim a 1 , Pitisourg. Uu hnj probibly ov mis i !ui-.i i\.:ioa«.d We HUT* tint r ve that Z )a-Paora stanaa at the he»d »a a remedy for all complaints peouliar to girls and women. Modest ladle* will not let their testimony be published In newspapers, but we mall ID cealed letters w> ladlei who request It.— Zoa-Phor» Medicine Oo., mtzoo, Mich. '.c . To even hi^ nearest relatives tho disupp^aruQce of .lubn SolleoberKOr is oot jet fully uxpUUued. A loiter -eat fcuin this city to him at Virden, arrived after hi- departure from that place and -vas opuned there. By that it wiiu seen that he was under an spumed name arid that ho had rela- lives here. If there is -my oib-rcnu.se ihan H atran^e frouk"of nature it will probibly be learoefi later. 'Cure For 11,-ailxohe. As a remedy fur all form* of headache, Eltcirlc Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded hubitunl sick headaches yield to Its inlluence. We nrpe all who are nfflictod to procure a bottle, acd ffive ibis remedy a fair trial. I ca-6d of hi >itual constipation Electric BUtera cures bv giving iho needed tone to the bowels, and a few cases long resist the use of this medicine. Try it once. Largo bottles only 5C cents at B. F. Keesllng'b drug store. A PleBNuni Surpl'Ue. Asurprisr; party was given Mies Nettie Crawforo by a number oi relatives and friends Usl evening at the homa of her uncle I N Crawford on Broadway. The occasion wae her 16th birthday. Mlas Treat of Chlcage favored the company wtih some muni- cal selections - 1 -nolng and refreshments were indulged in. Atccnllnu, Tipu.n Lorftfe Xo. 33. All members of Ttpton loogo. No. 33 are requested to meet at the hall this evening at 7:30 p m. to make arrangements for the funeral of our late brother Moses Michaels. By order of W. M. ELI GRBESSFELDBK. Soc. Will En err » Convent. Mary Eoenan, the fourteen year old daughter or Marv Heenan *ho is confined io, tbe Female R formatorv at Indianapolis is Said to have anoouncea her intention of adopting ihe Catholic religion and emetine the sisterhood. ,\ i I. •nj.r.r in t,iano. The Fdavillo mi a oncoeti Granger, who has baen serving a jitl sentence for an alleged assault on Thomas Lj neb, was turned out of jull yesterday and returned home. The T<ll«-»t D-unim»r. Sam B Tool of Indian p -lis, who travels for a tobacco house in that city. Ss the ta'lest man on the road Mr. Tool measures 7D inches in his stocking feet. A* IMtl Soldi.-!*' Kt-commrniUtteB In ihe late war I was a &oioier in tbe Ural Maryland Volunteers, Com* pany G. During cny term of service I contracted chronic dUrrooe*. Since then I have Us-ed a gram ttmouniof medicine, out when I found U.QJ inal woula give mo relief it would lojura my etomac-n, until (JhamberlulD'bCoUo, Cnolera and DnirrCce.» Remedy WM brought to my notice. I u:-ed it and will say it is the Oolv remedy that gave, me permanent reiiel »"<3 oo bad. reeuus fullow. I lake plesi-ure in recotumendlDg thl preparation to all of my old comraces who while giv. ing th*4r services to thair country, contracted this dreadful diseuss as I aid, from eating unwholesome food. Tours truly. A. E Bonding, rltia^y. Ort-goo. For sale ay B F. KeeMin«-, druggist. IVru It is a plaature to note that Peru 1§ r.»pialy acquiring metropolitan airs, fP6 Peru Cnrouicle ti-j ;•: Tno innovation at tu opera house las i night, of the removal ol the large bats worn by the ladies, and tho KUD- stliution of fascinators, as 6ugj.'t.-sltid by tbe management, was proper, and t- generally approved, oui it dio not work us well as the mrtnauir expected. 0 ly about i<ne-Tourih of tn<- indies present comuHed wlih the request. And spa n: Minagor PuttCf.iOO, appeartd be- forn thucuruiin »t ibo Ouera house hist, niclu at the cnncliwu-n of the s,»coi.d act of -Tno N T .iuoin.-e," in 'ull eventrg drefs, not overlookit,g toe minor dolalU ot a giiMcninff r-hlrt at d and ro-il* an Hnnnunremeni for the Mloml chili entertainment on tho 1st of February THI£ RING. All lighters 'nave lieon driven nut of Piusbnrg- by Iho polioo. Dominick McCutfroy is down on hU hick :nul practioa'ly "broke" in New 1 York oily. Tlic UniViilo police liavochased tho lightweights. Solly Smith and Van IIocsl out, of th:it city. Peter Jackson is preparing to return to Ameviei. Have St. John, Uie Welsh giant, may accompany him. Charley Mitchell writes Billy Edwards that ho h:is recovered liis recent illness, and expects to come to America in ,1 an nary. Duncan 1!. liarnson, former manager of John L. Sullivan, was robbed rc- c'.-ntly c; jewelry amounting in vnluit to :vbo\il SI,30!l by a dishonest domestic. The inU-r-oolU'gialc chess match between Yale. Harvard and Princeton lias been won by Harvard, whose representatives won nine out of the twelv I'nini" i-oii'oi'c'l •I^^^H,^^^H^^^^H ItfE* and do it too in a way that he <vill like. Every man that wears collars and cuffs should know about tie " CriLLDLOl'D " Interlined. A linen collar or cuff covered with waterproof " CKLT.UT.on>." They arc the only Interlined Collars outl Cuffs made. Thcv arc/ie top notch of coiijfort. neatness and economy. They will 130 through the day with you in 30011 shape, no matter how hot or how bu?y you get. You can clean one yourself' in a minute, without dependence on bnsvw'vcs, unskillful hired girlsor uncertain and distant laundries. Simply wipe them oil. Every piece is TT.irhe' 1 . -.- 'V'Jcws: TRAOf You r^ust insist upon poods .~o mnrkcd ard take nothing eke if you expect satisfaction. J f your dealer should not have them, we will son« you a sample postpaid on receipt of price. Collars :-c. each. CuiT? 5cic. pair. Give size, a;;ii specify standup or turned-down collar as wanted. THE:CELLULOID COMPANY, •127-29 Brood-mij-, NEW YORK. i See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Dispasesof Women treated by the new eleetrieal method that ba« given wonderful resalf-8. D m't forjje' tbat their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lane Treacles «ets thi? remedi«8 to 'he diseased spots aod cures wbe» ' evHrythiog else fails. Call ard iaveBtiKate »ny»»y. It «osts yo* nothing for consultation. Drs. CHristoptier & Longenecker, At The Medical and Surgical Lnstr.me. 417 Market St. i- - Logansport. Ind.

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