The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 7, 1941
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1941 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Expert Says That Most Persons Use Only 10 Percent of Capacities dHTCAQO, Jan. 7. (UP)—No- longer " need you fear those 'distressing moments when you. try ; vainly to remember the name ol an acquaintance or explain why you forgot 10 mail a letter. Howard B, Smith, Chicago elementary school principal, has a cure ./or 'faulty memories—a cure that any one can master, he says.' with a liule practice. "Most -people use only 10 per cent of their memory capacities," he explained, "because they fail to observe the laws of psychology. "Association, the sillier the better, is the greatest/ feature- In recalling Jip.mes and facts. Silliness makes associations more vivid, and vividness \=. the first essential of ft good memory." Smith has developed his theory as a hobby and often ama'/es as many as 125 of his pupils at Dale Carnegie institute. where lie leaches at night, by remembering their names after hearing them once. Memory at 90 Per Cent He good-naturedly feigned indignation when' n newspaper said he could 'attend a banquet. and "recall the names, of 20 or..more persons to 'whom he has just been introduced." "Ninety- or 100 would be more I'm supposed 'to .send out ucticps ol'^un alumni club meeting.. Alumni always kick, so I associate kjcH-s W'ili lliPin." Personality features- ami not physical oharsic'.eristics are to be remembered hi rei\ r iHing names', Smith -advised. Though Smiih puts his an to good personal use. he admiis receiving Lhe inosi pleasure j'rom teaching his system 10 others. But. he points out, fveu ti momory expert has his '.roubles, especially since people have begun "pushing up 10 me on the street: niici sfiyiyjg, T be: you i/an'i remember my name'." • BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON AND CEAtCDEL Action Follows (Continued jrom Page Ij how many days will pass before the legislation is introduced, but indicated that committees will be at work on n "very soon." By fcKIX'K CATTOS Courier Kews Washington Corn. 1 ! WASHINGTOM—>^«rst big jab ol tlie tievv Congress will be u tittle problem Sn applied economics: how far c:an you go'in the way of buying a- warring neighbor hi.* guas nnd ammunition without buying ;ourself a. piece of his war? Aid-i'or-liritiiln will be ihe No. l topic on the program—with bulls o:i. And a scrap just, as determined *, though probably not as lonvt ;is thui. turned on when the t iWslcieni got the arms embargo | Activity Continues as Many repealed in 1939 is certain to result. ,-M ,-»' ., , ^ r It's likely to take .several queer turnings, that scrap. Just \vhai sort of aid-Britain legislation the administration is ,ioi:r/ to hand Congress Isn't clear treatment, may bi« ihumcoci wWi \ funds obiaiin-d from qualified lend" insiitmions under the Modern- wilion Cintit iMuu of the Keclera) using Adinlnistrniloji. Plan to Build Before Prices Go Higher Mid-Winter and increase-in price yet. It's likely to be involved,'of building materials has not kept The president seemed to several ' vj eealL <:e the President's idea is'a number of Blyiheville residents members of congress to be most ' involved. And while the Presl- from continuing' their plans for .specific on taxes and on the meth- • ,j e;j . to have the vote. 1 ; cd in which nations getting- Amer- ; g el I)rell y much what he wants. ica's armaments would -make re- j L i ie vei .y f acl that .the new law is payinc-r.t. On both these paints. ! ?0 ing to have On both hr- was not detailed. |vfr. Roosevelt said his budget m give the L .j lftaceiJ _ L0 _ . message would recommend that ; 4 u , un( | wrestle it around. greater proportion of this great de- tense protrnun be paid for from Luxation than we are paying today." Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. said later that the arms lending jjlan would "sub- building 1 or moderni r /.:ition, a survey has revealed. Although prices are rising some- to be so Involved i what, it is believed Umt it is bet- isolationists several ter to build now tlian to wait until a .good foe-hold U-hey inv much higher. U. has been pointed out by those who believe ihiu "boom prices" may be in practice in another year or two, if the war continues. Two more residences are be Ink THIHD-TKftM CONGKHSS You can figure "that out for yourself. Here's a plan that would iuivft the "U. S. government taking over the production of guns, planes, stantiuily change" the domestic j ships aad so on ,- or Q rea t Britain. I The big idea is to get the stuff built'without, as the President puts it, worrying about a lot of silly near the correct figure." he estimated. . '".•_••• "The psychology of association can be applied to the dullest things in the world," Smith said. '"A list of jobs may be catalogued in your mind, 1, 2. 3. or 4/5. 6 with associating ideas lhat will help you remember. "For example/ today I have to write to the Chicago speakers board; I'll 'pore' over the letter. Pore rhymes with four, so I'll let the letter be 'No. 4. Variety of Associations "Five for hive. I niust remind a friend that h'e is to judge a contest at 9:30 in the morning. This friend likes to sleep late. He'is as busy as a bee ui a hive in the afternoon, butv never in the morning. ''Six and kicks always go to- financing program. On repayment, Mr. Roosevelt said the United States would be paid "within a reasonable time following: the close of hostilities, in similar materials, or, at our option, in other goods of many kinds which foreign nations) can produce and which we need." This was taken to mean that in return for arms the United States might eventually get stocks of vital materials such as rubber, tin, tungsten, tung oil. and other pro! dollar signs. Having built It, you get it overseas fast, and you call It a loan, or a lease, or something similar, the general idea being that ! after Uie whole fuss is over you can sit down and figure out who gets paid for how much, and with rapid Old Systems Responsible For Bad Light Conditions One u'ason light is bad in many older homes Is Uutt no change has >een made in thi- original i ion to ki'i'p pace with th ulvancc in li^htlnn practice. !'i is possible, however, ai little pensi 1 and with Ihiandnu arranged under the Moi(en>i/.aUon red it. Plan o!' (lie Federal Housing Administration, greatly to improve Installations by f-u'jstituiinK modern L'quipnnMU, The two principal In which existing Miodernizatipn Seen As Means Of Checking Menace To Health ducts iHy. not available here in quan- what. Anything like that is naturally going to give sarcastic opponents i of which ,ihe administration has a large collection in this Congress) ' a fine chance to inquire how you're going to cash in when somebody sends 'a few thousand well-used bombs back to you. Tins new Congress ought to be worth watching, too. both while Henrv A. Lesmeister of Jones- | it talks about aid i'or Britain and Jonesboro Contractor Who Did Much Work Here DUs Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, and Comfort Stomach, too When constipation brings on acid indigestion, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the-trigger on'those lazy bowels, coinbinecl with Syrup Pepsin to save your touchy, stomach from further distress.. For years, many Doctors have used pepsin compounds as vehicles, or carriers-to make other medicines agreeable to your stomach.' So be sure.your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr.'Caldw'eH's Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully theLasative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles in your bring welcome relief from constipation. And the'good old Synip Pepsin makes this laxative so comfortable and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children love'the _taSte of this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna at your druggist today. Try one laxative that comforts your stomach, too. boro, contractor for some of the larger buildings in Northeast Arkansas, died in c-. Little Rock hospital ~i:r»ct:iy alter a long illness. .He spent some time in Blyths- ville 14 years ago when Hotel Noble was being erected and several years ago moved . to Osceola vhere he did much construction work befcre ill health overtook him. A native of Germany, he came to United States when six years of age. ' •Since he moved to Jonesboro in 1902, he had erected most of the larger buildings there, including' court house, jail, hospital, .cvic buildings, churches, Hotel Noble and Elks Club building. while it does the other chores that are waiting for it. It'll be the first of all third-term O .on<n-es,<=°>'. and the way it behaves will have a lot to do with the shape the third term takes. On the surface, the President has lots of control over both brandies of Congress. Nothing yets cut of control easier, however. than a House of Congress. •s5ftrri.SH ISSUE CUTS ALL 1'AttTY LINES Ii also happens that u thing like this aid-for-Britain program.. cuts_ right'dovy'ri -the •middle-of all-party- lines that were ever drawn. -For example: Senator Austin of Ver- erecicd in the two new blocks opened on what is being culled "Short Walnut, street" at 15th :wd Kill streets. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Smith and Mr. und Mrs. Tommy Shelton are .starting rive room houses ant those of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hull and Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Holt were begun several weeks ago. Near Woiimti's Cluli The Smith residence, lo have walls and roof of asbestos shingles, is directly behind the Womnns Club, facing South on Short Walnut and 15th streets, while the Shelton house, to have-walls of colonial wood siding and a composition shingle roof. Ls five lots west in the block between 15th and 16th .streets. Each house will have two bedrooms", central hall, numerous closets, oak floors and built-in features in the kitchen. Tom Little has started another of his three-room unit duplexes with this one to be erected on Missouri avenue, near Franklin street. Each unit will have living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath nnd hall with a number of modern features although the apartment^ will rent may be inodornixed to take advantage of modem ilUimiiimion fire: 1, Shading till b;uo lumps to re- 'duce IjrlyIllness nnd to eliminate glares nnd jshndows. This may bf accomplished by using modern fixtures especially designed for correct light control. '.!. Extrusive use of iwrtublo table and tluor lamps which tire tlcul ami desirable access to outlets. Three Units Practically Co m p I e t e; Replace Those Raxed By Fire Then; art- 104 men employed in construction of (\\v. new units, be- hitf ereeuni at Federal Compress und Warehouse to replace those destroyed in the • $1,000,000 fire Oi'-t. 22, which nre expected to ue completed within u month. Three units of the new addition arc practically finished and .sprinkler systems have boon installed in prac- ready Familiar Complaints Are ' r - Lack Of Space, Not', Enough Closets To be sure that the things not two of tluvso, the work having progressed rap1c\ly through the Winter because of thfi favorable weather and the largo crews employed. The most modern ul plans for buildings oi 1 this type arc' being used with n new roof construction, better lighting- for workmen and an up-to-date arrangement for storing- cotton. No estimate of the total cost bus boon made nubile but buildings of this si/o and type cost uf least $100,000, H Is said.. This building project, the largest of the past yum-, has provided employment for much unskilled labor through the Winter months. Moderni/ation oi older homes as a means* of improving safety and health oi'- the occupants has been urged by many persons prominent tin the' construction Industry. Many dwellings bulli. before enactment of the National Housing Act. and before its influence on property and location standards became felt, provided ' housing conditions which are thought, to have contributed to ill health. Through improper location on wet. und Imperfectly drained land, sormi homes ato damp, ^specially in the lower stories. On the other hand, where bnOdintfs are placed in a highly exposed position proper eating'in Winter may be Impossl- t-. Many AIT Fin* lla/anls Many homes built before. PlIA's niont :s a good Republican and a 'two-handed partisan—but he Funeral rites were held Tuesday ! goes along with the administration Jonesboro at Blessed; Sacra-1'like a major on its foreign policy. j Contrariwise,; take Senator. Wheel' er of Montana : (and there are times when you'd win. FDR's grat- in ment Church. Ring Custom The ancients believed that a small artery ran directly to the heart from the "third finger of the left hand. >The custom. of placing the wedding ring on that finger grew .from this belief. Not a Keal Home As a rule birds do not use their nests for sleeping purposes. Only the parent incubating the eggs remains in the nest- at night; the itude if you did take him): a lifelong Democrat, he . will -out-deal the New Deal on most things, but he'll fight it. to .-the. death on anything that smells of gunpowder. So you never know. You .could bel that Congress .will give .the President about 'what 'he wants in the popular-price bracket. The Cecil Shane residence, at 1001 West Main street. Ls going to be made larger, more modern and brighter in appearance in a remodeling project started Monday. .;: . : .House To lie Larger .;?; : .Tne>entire.-•;••. ••• is being enlarged on the West to make the dining room and kitchen larger, on the first floor and to increase the size ol one bedroom and acid a second bath on the second floor. The kitchen is being rearranged, along- the most modern plans; and the .new bathroom is to be. ultramodern. Added also on the upstairs floor will be several closets. ' The sun room," on the 'East, is being made 'into a library with the walls to be lined in book shelves. Exterior of the house is to be painted n light'gray with a white trim, and screen! wood black, and the roof of many shades- will re- among the missing when the .si rue lire is completed, it may be wise- to .start home pivmning with a list f undesirable features. Among house defects which the Federal Housing Administration has found universally unpopular are these: No furniture space ftlmosl ruins some poorly 'planned houses. Proper forethought will provide space for eveiything. j "Not enough closets" has 1 s\ familiar sound to most, builder's, Question Box Q. We an? vising wallbourd a Ir.tcrior finish in our hotm.*. Sev era I of the rooms are to be \vnil- impurud. What treatment shouk be iilv^n the wallboard before pa pcrihg? A. Any difference in thicknes between adjoining boards shout bis removed by sandnaoerinn'. Whet the manufacturer of the wallboa' no Poor Lighting" A Risk \ Inadequate lighting should longer be tolerated, regardless of whether or not. compromise may mean more attractive fixtures. Re•cent better-sight campaigns have much to teach the dangers; of instruction standards became com- ion subject ihe'occupants lo <xm- luious lire ha/arxls. Through defective structure or ick of repair there may be an ver-present danger from accident diiitf stairs take their annual oil in broken limbs, while rotten loors and Insecure railings are ilyh in tho lisi. of accident causes Defective orientation may incur hat occupants of buildings are bong deprived of sunshine and evei of adequate light. Plumbing Afl'tMits Health Inadequate plumbing or mule all-able or defective fixtures irmj ncan reduced ck'anr.ncss anil in creased opportunity for transmis slon of diseases. Window/less rooms,, rooms on nar- ow closed cotnts, or even rooms ' wiving, only one window mean ai, east discomfort from hot,-humid, tale air and probably reduced re- " t Lstence to disease. Practically all of these ills may be corrected through moderniza- ion. Funds may be. obtained from qualified lending institutions under he Modernization Credit Plan of he Federal Housing- Administra- ion for improvement ol' older dwelling. With proper attention to planning, most older structures , cun be made .structitially sufe, and every room can • be well lighted, "" well ventilated, and equipped for and convenience. Lots of Stars ' Provided one stays at a place single; in the United States for ah intlre year, the number of stars visible to the naked eye would 'total 4000. Modern turn out Dexterous knitting machines can more work, .than 3000 persons knitting by hand, and only one opeiator Is required for every four machines. Smike Destroys Pesls A lull-grown gopher snake, on »\ midwest farm, is estimated to be, worth $40 annually as a. pest destroyer. They are valuable to farmers because of the great -number-of harmful rodents that go to make up their menu. a '.swectftl' method of cov ering 1 . the points, his recommcncia lions' should be fallowed. In ab sence of other directions cover u joints between: boords with two- Jruth strins of buckram tnoe or wire doth embedded in a heavy conl. of bonding rcmcnt. such as Swwlish nultv. The surface of the tape should be ifurln as smooth as possible, usinc addillonnl nutty if necfis- •!aulty illumination, uiid''witlv" : tne'>"pnry. Cover nil 1 hcncls with cooperation of the lighting industry it Is possible to have attractive find yet .s»ve eyesight. putty and\ finish by sandonperlng nny muchness in the puttv over the joints and nail bonds. The cn- on foreign .policy, but don't offer I mam as at present mu thi jig special "in the way of] The country residence of Charles odd* For the only really safe'pre- Langston. at Number Nine, is be- diction is that the oratory will ring up against the newly-re- Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytheville, Arkansas Specials! Extractions $1.00 Full Upper and Lower Plates $25.00 (Extractions Included) other parent usually sleps nearby, j pai ^ ed roof of the capitol in a very confused and confusing manner. Somewhere in this clamor the Regulated Food Habits and drinking habits Eating and drinking habits wer-i. of democracy wiu make it- regulated by "maximum .girth j hgard> as u always does _ laws in seme cities of ancietir- ^ . ._.„,. „,,. „_!.» ,. , 1n ,. Gaul. You were fined if you grew fatter than the legal maximum. The signature of Button *Gwin- of Independence, once sold for I 000. sooner or later. But until It does, no prediction about what it is finally going to say is very safe. II Two Divorce Petitions ! Filed In Chancery Court To relieve Misery of 666 COLDS Liquid Tablets Nose Drops Cou^h Drops Try "Kub-My-Tism"-u Wonderful Liniment Two divorce petitions were on tile in Chancery Court, today. ! They were: Louise C. Gentry vs. i Burton Gentry, and Beulah John'.son vs. John J. Johnson. j -General indignities" was ns the cause in both cases. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS. GLENCOEf HOTEL BUILDING PHONE 611 (Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) Important Ducks From prehistoric times, wild mallards have furnished meat to man. Mallards, in domestication, are important in the food supply of China, and other populous countries. ing remodeled with both the living and dining rooms being increased in size, with wall board for the walls and ceilings. A fire, place Is being added, the entire house is being redecorated and numerous other features being carried out. Mrs. J. S. Bunch has moved her country residence from Number Nine to her farm on Highway 61, adjacent to Huffman Lumber Co., and will remodel the five room cottage. The residence at 320 North Fifth street, owned by Louie Isaacs, is being remodeled with painting and papering included hi the plans. The residence at 1603 West Ash street, owned by Mrs. E. A. Myers, of Memphis, is being repaired following a fire which damaged the house. The house at 115 West Ash street, owned by HOLC. is being repaired and redecorated. should be planned.. . . ^ : Poor heating .still, remains n problem in some hew houses. Long drafty halls, cold bathrooms, and uncomfortable living roomy should be avoided. Nuisance or Convenience? Unwieldly garage doors are today as outmoded as the automobile lighting . . . Placing outlets for pvoper service j tire wo H nriiu shnulrl then In; given or anticipated movable fixtures^tv coat of pnn<>vhnn<rer's si/.e pnd nllower! to dry before A small ma'dintc. sat after papor- inu. is sometimes used in t,he corners to conceal any possible cracks which nify occur. Q. Should wood posts in basements rest on the finish concrete door? A. Suuporting posts on the base- crnnk. Smoothly functioning au- j me nt floor Is not pood construc- tomatlc doorsfi or plain doors prop- yon practice since floor slnbs ore erly built and fitted, will save the seldom effective as fooling to 1 -' prospective owner time and temper, structural columns. The weight sup- Unsafc plumbing is an unpleasant ! ported by (he column may cause iteni and should be encountered the floor slab to crack, permit the seldom now that plumbing fixtures are being' made safe from the standpoint of both henlth and accidents. Pipes that incessantly knock when used are sources of annoyance. Good equipment and proper installation should eliminate pipe knocking. Alcohol is a quicker pain-killer than even morphine, research indicates. oost to settle, and .cause the sup- uoried floors to sag. Posts should rest upon a. concrete base, extending nt letist three Inches above the tiuli-h Moor, designed and built as part of the footing. Footings should be proportional In thickness and area to the superimposed load. A metal shield is advisable between tho post and the concrete base as a precaution against decay of the bottom of the post due to damp conditions. We Americans haven't a "South Sea climate" but we may lay definite claim to the highest standard of living the world over, A great factor in this more luxurious living is a modern, public water system costing on the average of a few cents per day. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. REilNAKD ALLEP,' Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity Read Courier News want. ads. Banks Make The Loans; FHA Only Insures Them The Federal Housing Administration does not make loans for home financing. The ' loans are made by bank^. savings and loan associations, anri other qualified institutions. The Federal Housing Administiation insures the loans when they arc made on FHA terms. Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges ARM LOANS i Wilson and Worthington First National Bank Bldg. BlythevUle, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan SolfclUm for The Prudential Insurance Company of America CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WORTHINGTON Walls Given Dramatic Effect By Use Of Stripes Striping may be the answer !<> the complaint that walls lack, lift- and interest. Striping may be accomplished with either wallpaper or paint The width of the stripe, its color, and the distance ' from the wood trim usually dftoend on the size of the room, the amount of decoration required to offset the objectionable plainness, and also on the boldness or prominence of the door and window casings. Like all other unusual treatments, striping cannot be universally recommended, as its successful use depends upon the personal tastes of the home owner. Redecorating the walls, with striping or some more conventianal You Can Build A New Home on your present income Thanks to F. H. A. Financing, you can build and pay for a new home in easy monthly installments, just like rent. Think what this means .... your own home with all the comforts and conveniences to say nothing of the pride of possession which your own home allows. Come'in today and let us show you the actual figures. Youll be convinced and you'll own your- own home. F.H.A, Financing THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 You Are Only as Old as You Look v And so is Your House! OUR house shows iis age . . . outside and inside! Now is the time to modernize inside . . . while it is too cold to work outdoors. Also, durir»3 the winter months/ when there is little or no building going on, the prices are at rock i = ' " ^ bottom. There are hundreds of major and 1 minor improvements to consider. Do the stairs need fixing? Are your closets roomy and well lighted? Is there space for a recreation room in the attic or cellar? These are just a few of them. We have many more suggestions to offer, if you would just call .us ... and we're sure that bur prices and terms will be satisfactory. 36 months to pay under the FHA Plan. Phone 100 and "THE MAN FROM THE LUMBER YARD" will call and make you an "estimate, E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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