The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1933
Page 7
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JJATUUDAy,' NOVEMBER "25r 1033 "BLYTHBVILLE. (ARK.» COURIER MBW8 FAGE : 8EV|!S CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily ra.'.e iwr lino ror coiiEeeu- he insertions: IFive average words lo a line) One time per line 1"* Two times per line per day .. 03c ". urce limes per linn per day .. OOc bix times per line per day .... 05c Month rate per line COo Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped betorc expira- liou will bv chaigcf. for the number of times tl'c ad adjustment of bill made. All. Classified Advertising copy sut-mitted by person 1 ! residiujj outside- ot the city must be accompanied by cash. easily computed ?rom above table. ior more lliaii one incorrect, Eeitiou of any classified ad, Advertising crclered lor Irregular insertions take the one rate. See E. A. Fisher Before .Buying Good Coal. Retail & Wholesale Out of Car On Track be'.wcen Ash & Main 10 k!2-7 1'UONi: 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black ' But We Treat You White" :'! .... Sc k!2-9 BRILLIANT & KENTUCKY, COAL Quality &, Quantity Guaranteed DARTNICK'S COAL YARD. R. R. & Ash St. Phone 119 We are exclaslve w«°t9 for orlj; Genuine Mcnteialto . Coal WANTED TO 1UIY Yuimg English HULL DOG of blosd. Must re reasouiiblo. Henry Clurk, Manila, Koute I. 25p k20 Major Shephard to Seek New Judge for Retrial KANSAS U1TY, Kan. (UP) — When Major Charles A. Shepard, army surgeon, whoso conviction on charges of murdering his wife fore a different Jmluo poisoning was reversi'd by the Kardin* M. Urewster, who preieul- H. Supreme Court recently, i Cl1 "'>' novmmiew's niso "gainst ccjnes tu trlnl again It niny be be- [ Is duo to retire In Minvli. niicl vvll!i:n ''ho <'a.'.t Isn't, likely to be sclicil- :'<[ fur retiiiil ' unlll lifter thai li 1 . federal officials he'ru said. K' case will have lo take Its turn . the docket, and It probably will Ixrloix 1 the; lilsli -court's new set of, prosccutln*; officials. •Shepard. tlirou'Kli Ills attorneys. Charles Kisiiey. of WiulilUi, and Harry Colmery.'of Topi'kn. liius Indicated Ue will feck irinl before. some other federal Judge Hum the; »!'Ue has filtered through offl- jurist in whose court vonviclluu ^I'U channels uud the ciiso Is sol. was obtained. ; United States District Attorney I Head Courier News \Vnnl Ads. (I* 1 oURliOABDlNGliOUSE American Hotels Seek | French Wine Lists 1 known New York hotels, reads as follows: ; •The, law still' forbids, the- Im- of wines, but it milliorlz- ontry of wine lists, -For the bcsl I'nmlitn ifaishlon.; In: ttrtaf, wo wnnV to mouoi-otir wlrto'llsl after, yours, If,you are willing' ' -•• •• ' ' •''••".'. /I ,. Airedale Is Sllpiwr Hound i NEW ORLEANS (UPJ-^Jerry, n I57yenr-plrt Airedale; •; owned by l/!'pii .Pfclfer, Is el^lnicil fff be the one 1'iu-ls Hotel director cuyy ol your wine carrtlj Wllh)n olr|e.sfdOg In New'Orleans, His received more lh»n ' 1() 0 requests »• eliorl,' (lino wc.'ahiill likely )mife| fnvorltc'Irlck'lS'to 1 bring his ma«- foi copies of liLs wine list. A typl-1 vine cavds of our own, mid welter's sllpiwrs downstairs when he cul Ivtler from one. of- iliu bi'bl KliunUl like lo nrvnnsu them In Is so,Instructed. , ... [ ,,. l',\li!H (Ul'> - Aincrcun hotel „ u>( , , niu! n'aliuu'ant ki'flKrs cvdi-nlly \ purposi's of guidance, when Hie ii!Q sliulyiiK French wine lists with IStli Amendment Is finally rcpcal- u' urenl itenl of concentration, for ed. won't you- plensp. send uie ia ' J '•'•• Look nice for Xmas! clothes cleaned t releicd Unique Cleaniog Service. Cull 171 20-ck-12-20 For Quality Cleaning : • Phone 180 i Barnes XuWa Cleaners. 12ckl2-12 AUTOMOTIVE OOOLA TAKK8 A / DINNV? AJIIERE HWE voo BEEN? VCOME WITH ME.' V WE'VE GOT TO /FIND W.LEV V RIGHT THERE'S LOVER'S DINOSAUR and Sipsoy, Arkansas Anthracite, IU AW 3UST ONE rv\OU£ fUHNV D fOOXV AWHILE and Kentucky Comb. GONMA DOCK \M TAKE CARGO of -most CAKES I'D ETHER INVE^lGftTE ONLV-PRACTICE FOR SALE:— Wcstlnghbusc electric three burners, thermostat. and clock oven cpntrol, BOort condition. A real bargain. P. O. Box (i. Walnut Ridge, Ark. - 24c-k28 CYUMDERS TWO JERSEY Milk Cows with first, calf. Cail 2H or inquire at Haynes Men's Shcp. 7o klO 1'OULTKY & EGGS Phone 306. or Pay a tew cents more and purchase FRESH EGOS,- laid daily. PICKARD'S STORE, 1044 OHIO. AVE. o- 100 yds oft pavement on North 10th Street. BUSINESS DJHECI'OUY /DIKNV-ni»KK OUR ?;•.'..? ARE 50MEWHERE OUT ON1HE -IF WE FOLLOW THE e.w AWAVS, V)E WAV FlNp ^«EM- GOING; . -/ JT -\-1HC END OF T!SE TRWL.-OH.OHf LOOKS THEY'VE DHAGQEO MS DOWN I1ERI I WONDER New ?ud 1'sed Furniture Uouglr, and told. Stoves la-paired—Any Make Akin Hardy ^n W. Asa 20p REAL ESTATE FELLA: WE'RE ON 1HEIO TRAIL' 40 acres to good negro No mortgage on it. balance annually. Machine Repairin Thomas Land Co. WANTED LAND— We have buyers for land in different sized tracts. Thomas Land Co. Blacksmith V/crk by John Wade. Howard's Machine Shop (ic kll-30 Come in, list your real estate Sec what rce have to sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealtr Terry- Worth Ins ton Title Co. ,. O. Moss Blvlhcvillc's Cut Kate Undertuker lOp k Phone 617. 23pkl2-23 @PEN SEASON TOR (5RIDDLE CAKES' Wagon and Truck Covers made to order, any size, 9'4"il2' $4.10 up, 9T'xl5' ?5.50 up. Caruey Awning First St. BljfuevUle, Aik furnished apartment, AND HER BUDDIES Walnut. St. -Call 313 J. Ov . 6OOO \V& OOVW& WE '. NO Ottif. CLEANEKS. TAILORS FOUR room newly furnished apartment. Vacant Dec. 1. Mrs. M. G. XOO VLfSC'E'b , OR eoyitAu\NS'. MORE. c*N \ EIGHT room house 123 N. Fifth St. Apply 300 Lake Street. Nice, large BEDROOMS 310 W. Walnut. BRICK STORE room 25x140, located West Main Street. Available Jan. I. Address Courier News, j Blytheville. 6ckl2-G desires position as companion or light house wori. Box "RX" Courier News. 23pk27 RAGS, Must bo clean and free from] buttons. Courier News. xxx KASY AND GAIL! WASH TUBUS UOOK! OUR WINDOVU'S OPEJJ! f\ND THEK FRESH FOOTPRINTS IN THE BEEN 1 DOMT BUT GET FOR TROUBIE 114 THt WORLD DO 'foU THWK'S HWPEWED. EftSV? JUMPIH6 BLUE BLAlESf ME A ! AR6 You DEAD SURE 40U DIDN'T SEND FOR US? hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, lead, batteries. Phone 176, Wolf Aiwn, 128 B. Main. CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 WOMEN'S TAILORING Expert fur repairing, coat alterations, reasonably priced. Also buy discarded furs. Mrs. Stnbblefield, 511 Walker Ave., Caruthersville, Mo. CaJl 572. 17-pc-12-17 rHOTOGRAI'HERS RIGHT IN THE NKCK. TOO! SALESMAN SAM KNOW -fa DOH'T '-TIT, OftB C.UT SHORT \ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ... \tl;\O GOES OVER KK -H£ EXTRA POiMT,.AS GUN BNOS TUS OH THE ScTOMD PLAY; FRE MADE US DISTRICT CI4AMPJOWS; FRECKLES/ wjb THE'«"ORE 2OTO14 RECXLES 'OES OVES FOR KlNCSTON SI1ADV5IOE SiDSSTEPS RUNS THROU5H THE V/HOLS KINESTOSl' TEAM ~"1 TOUCHDOWN, EVEWS THE SCORED 2Q-B20 THIS VJE JUST OCFT^ SUP OVER AUOTHER KINSSTbM IS SUSPRISEO VJ'-EN SS T& SHAOYSIDES WINNING OS! THEM V.-C<- 1NG CCAL !'• '"/, TENSE SILENCE hW<B LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heciirrs, alcohol, GPA glycerine, Model T tops & side curtains. SI 98 up WOLF ARIAN, Main. __ Call 308 - lled's I'lacc - 118 E. Main For Auto Taintins Body Fender Service Formerly ttitii Shousc-LHIle Co. ' k 11-2 2b'c LAllGKST STOCK USED 1'AUTS Between Memphis and St. Louis •llso Auto Glass—Phone G6 . JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl2-2 AUTO Gt.ASS INSTALLED We Install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone G33. Shouse-Liltlc Chevrolet Co. lOckll-10 Call Us U'licii In Xtcd Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Tlnttcrirs - Replacement Parts IIUUUAIID HARDWARE CO. Automotive IJept. IcklS Auto Glass All Kinds InUalled The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc. k!2-10 WKECKEK SERVICE Call lu when you need a wrecker, Day and Ni^ht Service. Call 633. Shouse-I.ittle Cre.vrolct Co. 10ck!2-10 Get Yoi:r Car in Time for Cold Wc.itlicr. Woik Guaranteed. RUSSELL, ANDERSON & Plymouth Garage Phono 888. Gckl2-C lit: Ton Arkansas Truck License No 250787. Owner may have same by coming in to Courier nnd paying' for ad.. 10 kit A photograph—the perfect Xmas gift. Reduced holiday prices. Hu hert kioyle, next door to Western Union. 21ckl2-21 /If thiy won't cut call Ed Smith HOI S. I-akp — Hand saws, 25c meat saws, 25c; cross cu(, 50c.' 15-p-k-lB I5A1TKUIES llatlcrj & Itadialor Scnicr We guarantee you better battery or radiator work for lets money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- corcd. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shousc-Littlc Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 New Ford Batteries lirnlal - Kecliarsins - Itepairirg 717 TIRE & BATTERV STATION 25c k!2-25 UAWOS . All RRdiop. Including R. C. A., are 'King closed out at cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. 11CS12-1I Sl'OUTl'NG GOODS You will fmtl a complete line of NE\v MODEL BICYCLES at Hubbard Hardware Company. IGo k!2-16 COAL & WOOD ICO Phones 123 No Price Advance Yet On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hot As the Desert Sands" E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 3Cc kll-SO •(JOOD COAL IS TIIK CHEAPEST COAL Tlicrc is nr> coal, tl)** ^v•c5t of Ihc Allc- chen>- Mountains, as high in Iicat and .is low in ash as the Sui>cr-Hcat 1 l^x»o " lat is X CSj" stalenirnt, hut it Is elhical, hec.mse it's true. We have' authoritative, analysis nn file., on 'all coal Br.d ican prove this 'claim. SUl'KEMK Suprr-lieat is the only coal o! ils kind jnii sold only by this tompany.' ' 6x3 Medium Size Lump Vcv Ton S7.50 Casli Half Ton - - Si.00 A Rich Jlan's Coul sil A Potir Man's Trice Superior Coal & Mining Co 301 AV. Walrul - Fhone 7CD

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