The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1943
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 10<I3 Farmers Selling Meat or Fats Must Keep Records, Receive Points As a part of a nation-wide meat management progranl tlesiuned to prevent black market operations, lo obtain adequate supplies of meal for direct war needs, and to secure the necessary control over the sii|V- jily of nisnl so (hat it can be fairly dislriUutcd IhroiiKh consumer ra- tioniiii;, iDe U. S. Depai'tnienl of Agriculture and the Office ot Price Administration have issued regulations covering tile buying, spiling and slaughtering of livestock and the distribution of meat. Tile following simplified outline of farmer's obligations under the rgnlnlion.1 1ms been drawn up lo aid formers in meeting their obligations. Additional Information can be secured from U. S. D. A. County War, • BqnviU at the AAA Cilices and County Agents' Offices In .Blj'lhcville nml Osceola and OPA . War Price and Rntlonfng Boaids. ; For livestock dealer.s ond slaughterers, the United Slatos Department or Agriculture requires; 1. Anyons who buys and sells it in less than 30 days to get a dealer's jjcrinit from Ills County U3DA \Vi\r noni'd or the local livestock o'fficc of the Pood Distribution Administration by April 1; 1!M3. 2. Anyone who slaughters any amount of livestock for sale must gel rt slaugliterers permit from Ills County USDA Wav Board 01- tlic local llvfstock office "of' the Food Distribution Administration by April I," '1043. Your county USDAAVar Board or a venresentalive of t!ic Food Distribution Administvat ion -Lives lock Office will give you all necessary information at the time your permit is issued. . • Here's how a fanner can comply with tlie new meats, fats, cheese and oils rationing regulation,' cffcc- i live March 29, 1043, issued ,by the Offic? of Price Administration: 1. Do not, transfer (sell or give away) meat, butter, lard, cheese, or any other rationed item without receiving points. 2. Do not slaughter for sale or transfer without, first receiving a permit from your War Board. DSDA County 3. Keep records ol 1 nil transfers of place ilicin '" ' w.... ..V, n/iitiui j\i:i:|] in toucli with current events They uee<! tlieir radios in order lo hear war mid home front news. Mami- llic above commodities and points received. 4. Tf yon produce for sale sfcr any of the rationed c-.,., register with your loca OPA War Price and Rationing Board on or after April 30, giving '•CDort of operations during March. 5. Turn in nil points received to ilo , llliol . uc „,„,„, your Local War Price am! Rationing from civilian industry to meet war Board for cancellation when you production goals, WPB officials ft!c your inonlbly report. • feel that a great increase in nro- 6. Office of Price Administration, iliiction. of civilian goads over and i ceiling prices remain in .effect, and nboya-.vtlie r bcdrock-->warllmo cda- - maximum price regulations must'fie noinp'ivbn't be passible The (Hit observed. '-- must come somewhere, and it will BLYTngVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NBW8 APl'UCATfON FOR Sl'ACK IN IiXK COMMUNITY VICTORY (JAHDKN Address ................ To) Nuhibor in Fmtilly ......... All under 5 Years ...... 10 years ...... Over 15 Years ....... Number in Family Workinc ....... Number Time (o Work Garden Dally ....... Oanlcn Experience, If Bo You Have Necessary Took and Kfjiilpmeiil Resident of Hlydievllle .......... Y rs. Employe.! by | !ow ix, ng . *>" Y O» Cnn or Process Voixl for Winter .............. Signed! Glass Jars; You'll Need 'Em Hy Ann FRANCE WILSON Mi A .Staff Correspondent , WASIllNOTON.-Thero is growing opinion in WPD tlmt. a few pre-war garlffets shoiild be manufactured for morale's saka and in order to keep households nmnini; fairly smootii. Cut officials differ ns to exactly what durable yoods civilians can get along without during wartime. One group of Industrialists, with with slight WPB backing, | s (,-.,. nig lo liavc rescinded Die steel order which fime light metals Thev maintain thai. U u-oiild he good lor morale lo manufacture a few metal compacts, for Instance Their opponents maintain that it would hurt morale more than bolster it if metal gadgets appeared on (lie counters. •Such items as radio batteries for rural areas will probably be allowed lo be made again, in this case it has been pointed out that farmers whose batteries have worn out and who arc now imablc lo re- can no longer keep have to be In clvilinn goods If war material Is to (tuced. sti pro' " Ji"i |,n,iim,u iul .-:tllL' U[ ""' llu\l JLUUIU IIO.H 11CWS. Mailll- traasfer any of the rationed com- fi.cliirc of replacement parts for inoditlix:. wpktor «-itii .,„„.• i^noi n growing list of household appliances will also be allowed. .—...« «.. u, nm;i ji],iu ou, ^LVIIL^ But since War Manjiower Chief report of operations during March. McNutt Iras stated llmt over three million workers must be drawn AsrlcuUurc DepartiueiU at this Id!" be™"' 0 l . C " - V0 " wllctllc|1 "'"'-c earc of the cnthuslnstle 'victor? gardeners who will WIml lo cnn this siumncr. Hut officials MV thcv »re doing everyllun,; l],ey can to (jet llic glass Industry (« step ,„, nrortucllon In order to take care of the increased number of home canuers. I" the meantime, Agriculture points out G3-I1 tops - ~- . v ..i,,, u.t-iinii. lUIKi for commercial ylass Jars are now being made so Dial housewives would do well to keep every empty glass container. These will be re-usable with these now Mils and .may prove a. great booh If you're unable to buy the usual home-canning type of jar. onns AND.ENDS Trice reductions on rayon stock- hies will .save American women up to $5,000.000 on their hosiery bill next year, OPA estimates. Prices will be cut from 5 to 40 cents a pair. . . siinrk steaks will be added to your menu this year, with 2,000,000 pounds of this fish available on the markets. ... In spite of indicated glue shortages, the animal glue Industry is expected to take care of essential war needs. Shoes damaged by fire, water, steam or other accidental cause may be marked "non-rationed" by dealers after they've checked with their ration board. Steele News Mr. and Mrs. Enri Baker of Half Moon were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Farmer. They also visited Miss Gene Allen, Miss Jn- nice Wilson nml .Miss Louise Devioiic while here. '•' .. .You can spot It every time "QPOTLIGHT Bands", the - radio program broadcast over Blue Network every week night for Coca-Cola, features the nation's favorite name bands. Their names mean something because their bands have something extra to offer. Coca-Cola got where it is fay offering something that more than quenches thirst. It brings n delightful after-sense of refresh ment, too. In ice-cold Coca-Cola you find quality you count on. You find delicious taste that sets it apart. You find refreshment that goes into energy. Anybody cnn make a soft drink, but only The Coca-Cola Company makes Coca-Cola. The only thing like Coca-Coin is Coca-Cola, itself. Lines arc put in, &I.IKCS fwcJ, loudspeakers hooked up, ami rehearsal fac B ins. Soon, (lie boys ill uniform will hear their lavpritc band in person just ns llieir families ivill cm'thcir home radios. boys yet In the slntes, but expeclliig to Mil sooii. In many Instances. I.ienl. George E. Phlpjis, son 'of Dr. nnil Mr:;. Cl. W., I'lilpp? of Cn- I'uther.svllle, Is hospitalised In Hawaii, suffering from imdulnijl fevsr, He hopes to obtain fmlouyh soon lo r<>lurn home for further convalescence. The War Department, advises Mr. and Mi-.s. Tom Smith, of nenv Por- tnecvlllc. in the north purl, of (.he county, that their son, 1'vl. CanilKersville Officer, .111 In Hawaii, May Return Home Soon IOOKIN6 AREA* W 610*01 S. IENSOH LASTING I'UA(,'H tiny ponce will come 10 world nsnl.i. /ill Wc <.,'u 11 few iieoplu hopa H will '(„ . toys and men on (lie battle fronts of (lie world this week bl-oneht cheering infonunltnn to rclativrs and friends, and word . Count.)' )i««\uvli( comi>vvltlvvie,lorv for fur-fUms! America mid Her allies. This .,!.» J 1,1-. II __^ ..... . ..... . II seem now that the fai-sl of lill of hnixl-eanuxl promotions from It's nalural for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. Thai's why you lic.-ir Coc.i-Cola called Coke. Both the same tiling.., "coining from tingle source, anil well known fo the community". Smith, \viis n prisoner of tho Japanese. He lias been Interned since Ihe fall of Coircijldor, ami his parents Imve not heanl from him since shortly before Hint. lime. ItciTivcs Citation Sgl. Charles D. nirtulcy, EOH of Mr, and Mrs. Hurry lildijley of C.i- I'lilheisvllle, with n medical detachment, has been cited for commendable service in .rescue of wounded III Guadalcanal The written clln- llon wns received by Sgt. Dldsleys parents, and Is sluiicd by MaJ. Clsn. A. M. I'alch, commander on Giiiul- alcaiial. 'i'lie cllation was Issued Jan, nth, when the American forces sent, to relieve the Marines, were en(;a(;ed In ousting the liwl of (lie Japanese from the Island. Flight Ofricei- James H. E<Kvnr<K, sou of Mr. and am. John E(l- wiwls, Sr., Cariilliersvillc, has nr- rlvcd safely "somewhere In Ati'lcn", according to ft letter to Ills parents. This was (he first news from lliclr son since Dec. 20lh. Friends have been advised .Hint Bernard Yursis Is missing In ncllon in North Africa. Details were lack- Ing. Ynrsls iormerly played baseball with the Caiutliei.wllle Pilots of the Northeast Arkansas Leiiguc, Dili! wns well known In Southefist Missouri and Norlheast Arkalisns lenguc (owns. . . Wins Promotion Lewis Kclrscy, 20, son at Mr ami Mis. Chester A, Kclrsey of liragtja- doclo, now stationed wilh the I'a- elflc Fleet, writes that he has been promoted lo Pharmacist, 1st class. Lewis has (wo brothers In service, one In the Army aiid one In the Navy, Lewis has 'not been hbine since he jollied Ihe . Navy Ihrie years ORO. .Cpl. Carllon Funderblirk, son o[ Mr. nml Mrs. Clnreiicc Fiindcrblir!,-, Steele, whites IhaL he U uctiiig olon^ fine, whore he is stationed In Alaska. He has been there almost a yenr now. , , , Friends at Haytl, Mo., l>ave lenru- ed of (lie death of John H. Cramer, former facility niembjr "of Ilaytl schools a few years ago. He was killed in. a plane crash in OMn- homa. A civilian Might instructor with the Army Air Force, Cramer and n student were 1 on- n cross- comilry routine flight. The plane developed trouble, and Mr. Cra.iicr ordered the st.ic(ciit to jnnip, which" he did. Mr. Cramer,'however, did not jump for some unknown reason, and wns killed when the plane spun down into the ground at terrific speed. Mrs. E. L. Caklwcll, Haytl, has been advised that, her'son, ]>vt, Raymond Stanley, u slafe and sound in Alaska, .wlierc he is stationed with n portable batalllon. Likes Australia Pvt. Chester Brooks, 22. wrote from somewhere hi Australia lo his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. w. Brooks, Hayti, that he Is safe, and likes the country fine, although the climate "Is (llfferent^liot in the daytime and cold nL night." He is in the infantry. Mrs. Arnold Tucker, Hnyll, recognized a picture of her husband, Arnold Tucker, n member of the Army Air Forces ground crew, sta- lloncd with the KAF somewhere "over there'. He was helping load iODD-poimd • "blockbusters'- on one of the yinht long-range bombers before It took off for a successful bombing allack on Na?.i military bases. Lieht, W. E. Martin, son of Mr ihd Mrs. Guy c. Martin has been prompted to flying instructor, Army Air Force, nt Independence, Kansas, he has written Ms parents. Stecle Mnn a Captain Willlnm A. Carter, Slecle. lias been promoted to Captain at the P«-Fllgiit School, Selmnn Field, Monroe, Aln. Capt. Carter, graduate of Missouri University, altemle"S special courses nt West Point this vear. At the University, he was president of his class, and well known in sports. 'He holds the Javelin record for Southeast Missouri, and also rifle records in the Missouri Nallonnl oimnl, nf which lie was a member before entering the nrmed service. it. is now Cnpt. David Crockett serving with the Air Forces in North Africa, he writes his parents, or. and Mrs. John R. Crockett of Steele. His promotion had been In tho mulls for months, finally catch- n., imsslble hi die world nwnll only the bells mid whistles which ulltmati>iy will proclaim Hint firing has censed. , H will lift' 11 Juyable kaaiut lint as certnlnly n s u proclaims nil eiul to eiininije It will' nlsb nmioimw (he bi'Bhinlug of another .stni|>- ', Ihe tih(lerlnkli.(j (o miike peaea IHinnaneiU. liVormous questions . (lemaiiil nii«wi>rs, such us: Will Imperialistic Urltnln or commimbt- (tc IMssIn doml.u.le Kurupe, mid Who will help them decide? All the big rj|iCKllons will reflect Immiin- itys lilgliest hope immely, nssjir- iinco that no more nuinhui mrtn- ai'tlis. can grub ))oiverfiil peoples ins Hitler tonk possession of Ger- mnny 10 yenta ngo)'niid'rob an enllro 'Keneiallon of Ib • rightful Pence mid. progress. llow U Happened > Hitler luul no Ugh', lo rule Oer- many but there was no one lo slop him, As a demnuogiK! pollilclnn he hud (Allied some following, Tho C.enmin iicople were' hungr.y IMr three years they Imd'endnrwl 1111- employ.iK'iil. and sliii'vatlon. • H look no • genius. to uppmlse their wnlits. lllller offered thein 'jobs nnd breiul; (iiibslstenee In ri-tuni for work, much work. With K'lrat they brlievcd wns all ui tiiiln and iiolhliij; lo lose," to "life, llUerly aiul imrsnlt pidne.a" <ln not K i w ul) (| 1( ,| r li'Bes tn work niul vote and ;vur.<lil|i clod when tlicy nvo dons win fairly welt, Men will Him The best i$ always the better buyl 8<miED UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COIA CCWPA,Nr «V BLYTHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Wayne Chick and Poultry Feeds Insist oh Wayne quality when buying feeds of all kinds. HAYS STORE He*4q«arten In Blythertne * vernl months old. . W. Chappie, son of Mrs., U • i VSIKIPIJIV;, n\ni ui nil j). , it, L:II ti;i ]ii ] i.soh. Stecle, Is now sliitloiieii iulsllcc. . , . ! u Cimiuitalmmo liay, .Ciiun, and ' ' I]PR] Class, ... it liomo. ,^x> to -1st PAGBTHMO! -...~-., .,„, lown. Will - lsm, to i>u sure; «m linVclly nur- .ve Hits- crisis but power-Hunt men will not all <lli> »i oiico or •• •^•JalftT^^iS 11 Ite ^^JH^'orWi 1 :^ evor nml llius pcimllUiie: UIG Ult- cense, lo he born. | <,| W (iyn . cppovUtiiltlwi lo fun. power, llow nm it bn prw ui Hie History . In ' powi'i' ovw • lives, wrecked Dial <U',spol.s climb foiiunos, blasted Die Inalienable , sacred possessions on- woso In dive eiilsiinlly, Mien ip' clillilroii arc crylnu for breiul. No Hitler and no "!mpi'ove<l "iioi el" uf inner cnii liyp.iotlM and a |jro,s|)<>rini;j imlloit. l-ros- «MH |lo °l |los ««* dlclnlor-proof. ni H full emploj'cment. for liibor niw hljfli prices for furni pvoiluols, Ml 1 fiietory boiler mm „„< ' ,Y 101 ' ls tm ' nl "B lo "'"I" 1 <lc- (iitn K . s rol . pp,,,,,, t vl <>»'Cvs lolalilarlai, n,lo In V« Is linptwslble, call li ncBi llon or wlwi-nnl, "^ H<m' About Kurcipe'j Nnturnlly," «omcbudy will sa\' e do not fear , |>ro.«ciH *erc'. Tlic rtcv. ai.ui Mr*. .Ujllior McCrnklnaiid rnn, Hobby Hex, .,w. anil Mrs. Clabrlol MiiOraklh, J. 1,. John and Wnyniv 1'aj.ilpy bj 'lYiiiHani), Mr, and JUrs. llciiry iilglii and ehlUlren, Airs, Jninivi Uendeison and son, up will), lilin" between battle;) on the African sky-front, lie also KTolu Hint lie was .receiving <hl3 ...... , .., .„>,- ,,,,,» llm i, miiericiiH mail fioin lioiuc, 1 allliolieh it was business loaders are ' iilannliw for '"""""' •"—"•" --' I" Knropoan t.s> olio dopemls on ••a. The United .,,„.,,.-, 1'roiliiM.s it) pri-com of Iliu woilds mnuufiidui'c'd S ontls nlul uses JO percent of Die world's output of mw iimti'i'lnH. uncla Sum is Kuropn'jf best customer,; \W have only six percent of the world's population, nevertheless, wlicii via prosper the world prospers im'"!"n"!! t ' s iu "orinnuy wliic.U iiftcil lllller lo power reslillpil { j|. rcclly from AmeNcn'fl bl« ilcpres- Klou llinl stnrlttl tgap. ITOS- pcrlly. In America 1 is (ho first step lowjml » lasting ivorld pence, The oiiB.urlBhl' spot In world polltlcf lodiiy Is the fact thni ciuployineiit lhrou B li prlvalc stiil'llnu vyllh the. «r- ' Lenchville News A funilly wmlon was held Sim- iluy id (ho home of Q. \y. i'arsloy In honor of Ills, son, Corp. b. A. I'lirslcy who lit Jioinu on furlough from onii nlcijo, Call/., wliwe he In slalloncrt In ths Signal Corps of (lie Army. -.,^,. f frmf , M u W j«40, Stacks, Mr, and Mrs Ogie HUj Jr and Mrs, A B plfford, MM, Ruby Biock Bud daughter, Margaret 0*» Areiito Patteraon and son, D0n»ui SIMM, Mr and Mrs, Tom Woods, Mr JmUlw s Delano Hasher, Ml^ Wllma Jean Mcponald, Miss Fntmle Mae Pierce of Pawheen and Miss Carolyn Biick.ol Silvtr Dale, Mo . / Federal Land iBank 3!, LOANS -LONG 'JliKM I.OAN8 —LOW INTEREST, —Short Term Privilege! Marcus Williams Sccrdary-l'reasiirer lloii Hell N.Kt.A. UnctfllB, 'Ark. 'I RAILROAD WORKERS 'I lie HaHroad Keil«iri*nl Board will recruit TRACK LABORERS BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. ON AI'KII, 1, 194? Uolli Vhllc ahd colored wanted Men will be hlrtfd oil the »jx>t and fmni'lied free tlaiispohallon to Job Rate of ftaj: 55 nlul CO cents an licon. 'lime and u half foi all work o\e» elulii, hourb and tot Sunday nml holldny woik Rale depends ul)oii location, I'I,KN'IV OF OVERTIME AVAH.AbtF. honhl Ciists bn\y CO t'tnts a Day IwlJ!n;)s Furnifhrit Free rach mnn must j)r6vldd his own bed i oil if not employed In war »ork, apply to youl local USfjS. Olflce. employment - for fnrni ')>roiltlcl3. - - --- ..*» f rlv.ili! enterprise evented Amer- TO-it received leu's uueinmli'il prosperlly. 8« fur it I the only proved formula for FARM COMMANDO SCHOOL I'fiul li.vninT, wllh.lhc ah) of factory (rained moeliamc'H and inslnu'tors, v\il| hold a SKRVICk SCHOOI/ (if his store, tllUKHDAY NKJ1IT, 8 p.m. All oivners mid (i|it'ru(oi's of (tiiolois uml com- lines, ri'kiii'OU'ss of llie-mnkc, me n w <l lo Attend sclulol. This school Is liUi'iwlcd to help furmeis K et the •lit'st Service (ibtiiinitlilt- rjom oxlstinir |' mm C ouln- nienf. ' ' ' PAUL BYRUM, NEW RECORDS .. .winning more and more smokers with their MILDER BETTER TASTE IN THOUSANDS MORE POCKETS EVERY DAY you will find Chesterfield , . . the cigarette that is giving smokers what they want. Chesterfield's Real Mildness and Better Taste could come only from Chesterfield's right combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos. It's a Com' bination that Can't Be Beaten. Chesterfield A

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