The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 13, 1937
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1(137 BI,\ v Tffl3Vn,LE, (ABK.X COURIER NEWS What One Light Truck Did to a 120-Foot Bridge iT'HEiiiTiF Olflcn Shrines and Modernized City of Nanking Face Oblivion By NKA Sm-Ire Walls thul were 100 years old wlnsn C'olimiliiis set, sail from Pulos for America, v,'alls thai were 21) miles long und 30 feel thick ul tin IKISO. went of little heii> in the Inst- (litc-h fl«lil to bar i"he Jnjxmr'p from Nanking. TI-III;. those walls had largely been dcmolishnd in former wais and nmi had they been intact iliey would IIMVC been no defense against mr,:lern artillery. )!ui ihoy (j'lanl tlu^ political shrine of Dip 25-year- old Olilnese Ueiitiljlie. Here .Sun Ynl Ken caine to announce lo the .spirits of Ihe <le- jarletl Mint emperors the liirth of the new republic. Here also a magnificent mausoleum on the slope of Purple -Mountain conimemmoralivs 1 Sun Yal Ron mid his services to the Republic that Is now almost prostrate before •Japai). inraiitrv Imve ^•Irampwl Ihrough the small com- rpoiind which was snored to the memory of .llie Pathter of His Country. Sun Tfst. Sen. Here ihey are reported to have set up heavy artillery which would command the city, seven miles away. Literary Center Also Nanking was n city at least fiOO years before Christ was liorn. It was china's capital under the early Ming emperors, w-lio jibaiuloncd it in the 14th century for a new capital at Peking ns a better protection against (lie Mongols. But the city itself remained impregnable, and withstood many sieges. Ilei-e came the Neiv England clippers lo trade for "nankeen." the local cotton cloth which was a sla- • file article of trade in New England Rut Nanking was not entirely a city of trade It was the literary center of China as well. In 1850. however, the city was ,,,, the br -Idee, wlule ihe girders which formed Hie n e |,i s1(1(r of tlie M,,,^,,,, nr „ floor and the s^ejirstrudure Is u HH, SS of twisted wrr-ckngc, half submerged i,, i) 1( . slrnlm ^ s tlan "iK«J, (be driver bruised, and it u-ill cost $20,000 to replace the bililye. ' taken during the Taiplng revolt, and held by those religions y.ealols for a long time until premier LI Hung Chang, aided by the American General Ward and the British Gordon was able lo recapture ii. Much of its ancient, glory disappeared at that time, including al nil a remnant of the famous I'or- :elain Payoda of which Longfcl- 'ow sang in his poem "Keramus." Itemaile f' in l.')27 Nanking, many of . its ancient lories vanished, and even the ?neralj)e Ming tombs, approached y long avenues fringed with great xme (istires of animals, hud a liabby look. Much of the s]>acc nclosed by the ancient walls had TOme vacant, with lovelv old mnr- 5le bridges stmidlng in "the midst jf open fields once used by people of the past, to cross .streams- Hint no longer exist. Tlien (be Nationalist government of chiniijf Kai-Shek made Nanking again the capital in !92'(. The city had a new birth. American architects and city planners. Henry Killam Murphy mid Ernest, p. Goodrich, were called in to plan a modern city which should be a world wonder. Many of the nuw government buildings hnd already risen. Their fate under n Japanese occupation is <|ue.sVpnnt)lc. Parks, recreation grounds, swimming i»ols, widened streets, were planned. Five nlr- porls sent, planes roaring into the air. and tin.- atmosphere wns one of youth and progress, it was to express in sltine and brick the spirit of n. China reborn. The population rose In a lew yenrs from (100(100 lo nearly a million. Cilmst of On- Hcpubllo On Purple Mountain, above the tomb of sun Yul Sen, stands the National Observatory, nnd tu c blue and yellow "White House" of the Chinese Republic lies In the shadow of one of the most powerful radio stations In the world. Chiang Kai-Shek is reported to have left the capital, cither for safety or to make u last-inlntitc h'srjecliou of the desperate defense lines. On Purple Mountain there are spirits, spirits which lo the Chinese are vitally alive, the spirits of the Ming Emperors, of Sun Yat Sen. mid perhaps even (he spirit, of the Chinese Republic. Rend Courier News Want Arts. Channel City To Get Statue of Britannia HOlll.OCiNE-SUll-MKR, Prance (UP)—A yasl statue of Uritnmiln will become the "stultm of Liberty" of Ihe KiiKllsb channel when It Is unveiled parly next spring ul Ihe i'iiiiai of the Inner harbor of noiiloune. Nearly Kit) feol high from Its base to the tin () f n (,-h\ m ( held aloft, (he stiitut' will be visible for miles around and will ijrcet traveli'rs between lliltuln and nce as Ihe Sliitue of Liberty Riwts visitors to the UniUxl Slates. The (Inure Is Intended us a symbol of lln> past iitul pte.vcnl frlend- shlli between l-Yanc<> and Miijland, ami In It VVlix l>'sruelles. the .sculptor, tins .shown his- conception of n Hrltannla completely armed ami ready, but culm, sorene and confident In her slrcnillh and right. The sculptor draped a scarf, emblem of her command of the sons, about her .shoulders. "My Drlliumln," ileclured M. nes- nielles. "Is Intended to bo an artistic I'jnbodlniPiil of Ihe robust mid KOllani llrltlsh nice, mmlesl in hero- IMII, unhesitating before the (jreid .siU'jiljce and prcp;ir«l to t;lw lavishly her uold and her life." Ihttaimiii's shield will be iii'inly 10 feel hi diameter and will be of Iwilen hruss, (jlldpil with KQlcl lent. '1'lie whole ol the llmire has been made out ol six eijornious blocks, that used for the head weighing as tons hr-fore curving. A stone Ivom each ol the nrlllsh Dominions hns br-i-u included In the base. Winlrr .siuirts In lie. 'ruujglit l.DUUOCK. Tex. (UP) — Winter sports camp for women sluili-nls at Hie Texas TochnoloKlcal colk'iiK on tlii> warm West Texas plains will be siKinsored during the Christmas holidays at Snnla re, N. M. I/rs- sous in skiing, toboiignnnlni; and Ifl'-Slflltlllif Will bC (jIVIMl. llhn- Ink ttnunres ll:\vk HUISTOW, Okla. (UP)—Because bliii- will not photograph plainly, •UK) Dristow moloilsls who signed iiplillnitlons for stuti' drivers II- censps with Dip blue Ink furnished by Ihe license olllce here imisl re- MCU the appllcatious-llils time tisiurj black Ink. Although reptiles are thought of lodiiy us very low types, they were the aristocrats of Ihe earth at one. lime. Manacled Killer taken to Trial PAGE SEVEJ& Federal Director JIOKI/ONTAL ! l.OOtlleiii! ot llic U. B. Mint, 3 Hoii. Atuwtr to I'revloug p utt i,. Mnnnclcrl linml nnct fool and mlmis tils swaggering brnr.Kn- doclo, James Dnlhover. dlmlnii- tivD "trigger mnn" nmJ losi ol the Al Brncly gong ot outlaws. Is pictured above as he wns tiall- droficec) Into federal conn In Ilnnimond, Ind.. for a trlnl In which (he Jury's only 1ob wns lo decide between hanging n'nd life imprisonment. Dnllmvcr nlrend.v had ploodcd guilty to murdering a slate pairolmnii. . 12 To punt violently. I3)i;i5l fiber. H AssKull, lUCJiirso. 1 8 Cylinder!!. 111 Nora; nvytliolojiy. 25A1iii>i«il .iiolo. 20 South America 27Co»k. 31 Hct'Uitto tllluplitiitei). 112 lU'simiirt extract. 33 To require. 34 Ami. 3D Soulhetist. .'17I,iii id Tight 41 Cruder. 45 Criiw. 4(1 Veal lac. SUOvulo. 01 Mmlo of. M III bed. G4 'flitter. fjf> Cubic welc fid Mire. :<l She IK the t!ie U. H. M M She is ;il -nut lecturer. VKKTIOAL ?. Knlhiisliisni. .'i Wot so nuicli. •I To canter. ,,. J Organ of ist fiUrnncli-Jike. •of YThinks, int. II To observe, u II TrimiKiilnr end of 11 12 She was £ of Wyoming »• (Pi.). i 15 Transposed, ~ 17 Postscript. *: J9 Command. ~ 20 Speed boat. 2 22 Owed. 23 To perish. T 24 Conjunction.I 27 Blond moncyy 28 Possessed, y 29 Epoch. 1 30 Occupied. ~ 35 Paradise uppte 3t! Drain. 38 Groin. -5 30 HZO. * 40 Street. -£ VI Pertaining \<£ air, *' 43 Tu have o;i,£ 44 nrlnk. ~ 47 lir.mches. .;;t 48 To border bn'2? 13 To yield. •- J v 51 Hops kilo. *• »2 Modern. £ h) llii> Trlnwle period, mill Ijocninr exllncl nt die close of the (Tons iM'rloit. is imve five-foot length of about ."39 :•.'> of their windpipe Is collSJ n Hie l:eel of Ihe breastbone, j BARGAINS WEDNESDAY, Take Ad vantage of These Extra Specials Bargains For Wednesday Only J7' \.CrTT :•?? /~x • /*, ror Her Git . i *' Floray Rayon LADIES PAJAMAS n 98 1 All Pastel Sharks NEWYORK STORE -Wednesday Only- i \\K \V1I.I, WASH AND MJKlll- t< QQ ('ATI.; YOUK CAK KOK (Heo-. Pricr $1.50) JOYNER-BABCOCK MOTOR CO. Uuit'k ;tn<) I'nnliiir Siiles and Service liroatlway & Walnuf Vhoiu- 1 (111(1 When In Doubt About What Kind of Coal to Order 4 I CALL GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Phone 76 And Order That New Coal SENTRY SPECIAL FOR TRADE DAY WEDNESDAY — DEC. 15 Our enlire slock of Ladies' Ha( s has been divided into (wo groups. MILLINERY SALE Group Ho. 1 . . . . 49c Croup No, 2 , ... 98c Former Values OSc lo $2.flR DUNLAP'S Now • Showing . , New Spring Shoes CLOSE-OUT ON FALL STYLES In Stioilf niul Comliiwilions. Special Special. *5 All Rsilcs Casli; All Sales Finul A. W ^L IHII - at »« ^ O B I •= •» -V TO O/ THADK HAY ONLY KIRBY MAIN AN!) HROADWAY lOc Razor Blades 5c I.imil fi (t) a customer This speeitil gond at anv Kirhv Slnre WEDNESDAY, DEC. 15 SPECIAL Regular $32.50 STUDIO COUCH Well cniiKlriiclfd and jjood Itmkinfr. Makes a comfortable double fu-d. C'nlot-s Or«en and Rust. WADE FURNITURE CO. 212 \V. Main St. Phone 155 WEDKESDAY ONLY 50 Ibs. ep flC Pure *t-W Lard 5 GAINES MARKET 118 \V. Main Phone !>3

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