The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 8
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•Aflli SIX HI.YTHKV AKK.i COi:KfJ<:i; NKWS Floundering Rods .Hardware Team Only En-Frisco awLMerchunts Lose' trant Wilh Clean Slate; ' The formidable llnbbard tiuinV:' ; .which has been tlircalrnin; I- i 1 . places every since (lie Cily C.ITJ League season opened. s\U'p( i:i". | the undisputed Iradci'shiii of t'.i.'i loop lost night with a victory c; ~. \ the strong Frisco five. i The hardware boys shoved lii't Frisco out of a triple tie for fli>: : place and the Merchants, who w.v • | also deadlocked with llnbbard mrij Frisco tor top honors, wore dv-| feated by the Hi-Jafkers in I •.'. final game of the night. The Anr- j lost to the Gas Hounds after le:rl- | Ing the Gas crew for throe quir:- | ters with n borrowed phyor hu.u i the Hounds giving his cx-unti-s Hi:' j most trouble. The Dixie Fliers lo;. | 10 Company M by n one point niai 1 - i gin. The Fliers entered a Iorm,ii ; protest before the name start?:!' against a new player wilh UIL.' s-jl-! diers and ilie final outcotv.c of (h: j game Is still In doubt. The Hubbard boys surprised tip fans wilh the manner in which they decisively disposed of the Frisco five. Tlie railroad team, Incidentally, upset the Hubbard nugri 1 - gation in the first half race j»v when It appeared that Hubbard would walk away with the firs', half race. The hardware troupe gained sweet revenge last, night, handing the railroaders a 32 to 13 walloping. Railroad ncfemo Weak A poor defense gave the Hubbard team a ctiancc and they took advantage of It. At (he end of the first half Hubbard was far in Irani. 16 to 4, and continued to score frequently during the second half. Michael was high point man with 12 points. Holland led Hie Frisco team with eight. Company M and the Dixie Fliers met in tne hardest fought gam? cf the night. The soldiers won, 18 to H. A field goal in the last fc.v seconds of play turned (he trick •for the militia. At the half the Dixie Flljrs le:i 11 to 8 and when the third qn',irl?r ended were still out in front b:il the militia put on a last quarter spurt that shoved them In front. The Pliers protested Ihc use ol Colston by the soldiers bjforc th? game started. They claimed Colston, having played last v;cek \vitl: the Gas Hounds, was requtr.'Hl tc "lay oft*" one week or during onr game before Jcinlng another tram. In the absence of league oflichls. the protest was recorded and will be acted on later. In the mtanllmc- the militia are credited with the victory subject to official action. The Gas Hounds "leaned" th: BRUSHING UP SPORTS Standings w. Hubbard 3 Frisco a Gus Hounds 2 Merchants 2 Hi-Jnckris 2 Companv M 1 Dixie Filers 0 Apes U L. 0 1 1 1 1 o 3 3 Pel. 1.000 .CU7 .067 .1107 .(107 .333 .OOP .00'. I GivcJMendrix Strong Claim OOKS C^D SHOES I.IUlc Jet's lleluni. It won't comu as any great surprise to me If. when the Yankee make their first invasion ot Cleveland in lUcw. one. Joseph W.'.eeler £ewoll i)Uts on a seusal tonal ba';?- ball show, inc!'.].!hig ticine nm:» and imas.'-l.'.tiid triple plays. This jame Scwell was cul ndrift by the Indians a few \vceks aso only to hie himself away to Ne\v York lo register under the VTankr: colors. He will be the regular tliird ' CONWAY. Ark.—Here are over. those losses were not tad/Thi 1 Apes a player in the third game | baseman on the teiini of Rnpp?r; first string men who gave Hciidrrx- • margin by which Colonial and for three quarters this gener- |TUfleers [his yenr—that- is, he will Henderson College a clear claim to : one nUjht three "points nndithe ous gesture on the part of the; be if regular positions cnn be de-. the Arkansas cage championship. ! other night one point. Harol'd."Mot- Hounds looked more like tragedy. (lerminecl by the athletes' uhDwhijs. Backed by a couule of freshman' fall, sophomore Crossstt boy. and The Hounds let the Apes have tin sprinu training. • 'subs, thcv went through 19 college: Everett Enson. Balesvlli'a. who last Charles Elklns for the night when the AIKS failed to muster a full crew of monkeys. for three quarters the lowly Ap;s In front of the Houndi Hcwlo.y's Best With Cin-| nnnati May Be Weak 8th S"us Braucher. 11V WII.MAM HUAVTilEK ' NKA Srr'vlci; Spurts Writer I TAMPA. I-'la.. March 17—There j isn't a Bicat deal lo Ije said about ] ilu* Cincinnati Iteds. Thsy finished 1 7th last year, nnd one look at the i 11NH roster is 1 almost convincing lo forecast eighth place for them in thc NaUonal League rcu" this year....., , , . . Dan Howley, of'course, is'doing Ihi- best he cun. Dan Is the kind of a fellow who would do that in spile of high water, Hlnes. 1 ;. strikes ir cither factors beyond his control. But Hid plain facts are that the Red:, aren't tlicrc—and Dan Howley, while he will not admit it as as lie lives, really knows it. Dan himself Is a casualty.- He stubbed his toe on something over at Palm licach, bsforo the [raining season started, and now has a I linens growth on his foot. Wilh a cane, he hobbled over, to ir.ret me in Hie lobby of the historic and beautiful old Tampa Bay hulcl. with Its . ancient Moorish aicliileclure's.'"first elevator in Hie state of Florida.". "Well, this team^ls and It isn't," 1 h: started, as he sat on one of the c'cep divans in the lobby, "I just , heard from Hellmiuin aiid that ar, Ihrltls In his wrist is goinjt to take j some time to cure. We need Heil- I initnn—I guess you knosv that." | "I guess you need more players | than -Hcfliimnn, loo." I suggested. "You know it," Dan responded,, "bill go and try (o get 'em. Look! i at Ihe NaUonal. League. There are ' five teams there that arc • loaded 'with slXrs—thc-Cards. Cubs, Robins, i Giants, .Pirates. You ;can -pick : oul a r-oupic of players on every • nno of those teams who would bring JS100.000 in 'the market. ! "Take thc'other three teams—the . Braves, Reds and Tlills—and with thc exception of'KlcIri there isn't a great star among them. : "Bui I don't want you to thjnfc that thc Reds aren't going some- I place. Maybe not this year, but. i wait. We'll be. up there." j "How about pitchers?" . ! "I.wish I had some more. The • holdovers are Larry Benton, Benny I t'rey. Cy Johnson. Ray Kolp, Red Lucas. Eppa Rlxey and Biff Wy- OIIB. We've got about six rookies," and some of 'em looked pretty, good. npt yenr. Archie Campbell and Ob Eckert came, up from Columbus. Then we|ve got.Ownle Carroll .from Toledo. The Tigers .traded, him Jo he Yanks, last'year and .he was sent'down, but he.may come bade. iVc also have .Johnny Ogden, -oh waivers from the. Browns'. We got Ed Strelecki in the draft.'from- Iv?!!:. wanker and-'he .looks good this spring!" ' •- ! .'".'-, ' .,'.:',-:" ;..that.the'jieds ' . , Should Joey find the stnsc se; SHUTS without a black mark. Only I ycur was an all-state selection; air Arkansas Teachers ever threatened | though a freshman, arc '(orw'ards; Hcmlrlx dominance In any of the i Marlon Atkinson., of Clartsd^le, for him to execute a Iriple-klltin;; at- the expense of— say Johnny Hodapp. who Is a terrific thlr:l-ba;=- j nineteen s.iuvs. line hitter-or lo pole n home ru-.i The record is not a spotless one. Hcndrix-IIenders'.in won twice in the winning runs. I'm inclined j the Capital City Business College, - . . as .. 5 , a 5ur l_'rise to_lhej crr W c.*loy (Ac?) Ferrcll lo bring stayed Hounds as to the fans. In ths final quarter Ellis, Taylor nnd Christbr. of the Hounds managed to settle down to something liks tne' form j rans j ocy , vas an ldol U0rs i,i 1:e ,i | that gave the Hounds the first half! „ ferv ently as Nap Lajfle and Trh ' championship and moved out in j speaker. Tncy st m sp;a!c revcrent- '' ;ly of Nap and Trls so it Is unlike- Miss., is the center; and'Robert °" e 'j Miller of Conway-and Elmer Smith of Casa. one ot [he best alhletes ta believe thc Cleveland f;i!is woul:l jbul- lest two games to Colonial Bak- ever developed in Arkansas, are the lend boUteious applause. To those cry. an Independent learn. How-! guards. front. The final score was 27 to 17 Hkins. the boy who almost upset lv tlmt tney cmlM '. the Hounds' apple cart, was hlgli ' rcorer alcn? wilh Christian. Eich counted ten points. In the final game the Hl-Jack- ers won just about as they pleased from the Merchants and gave the "?"' grocery boys a tumble for the first 1 * to turn coldly from Swell. A Sure-Tiling Hillrr. As I view it, the Yankees will b? bcnentcd by having In that batlln; order oE pure sluegers a man whom place berth they had shared fince I the second half opened. Ti-.e final I time. The element of chance accompanies Bnbe Rulh ar.d Lo:i Gehrig to Ihe plate will be ahnos'. entirely removed when liUle Jo?y waddles into thc batter's box. give? chararteristic hitch of th: dcrs anrl peers through strdnt- tage of the chaficeNvhert^haltll cd cye5 down thc pltchln? !imo " way whistle clew the Merchants i 1>lcn ty of Cleveland voices pro- were trailing 11 to 2. The grocery' tcsled when the chib announced boys did better in the second half "•"••""'' but the Hi-Jacl:ers held th? s-ore was 21 to 0 'The Hl-Jackers' swept out in front at the start and after gain- Ing a comfortable lead pL-M r. slip-shod fashion, but The Mer- " 1S chants were nnab'.e to take advan- '" without over exertion. WarrinitD-.: with seven points led the scorers. First Game Fri.=co (13) Holland ; 6stcr:ie ? Northern 1 Carman 2 Brogdsr. Hubbard (32) Tatum 9 F Michael 12 . p K'lngham, A. 10 c Surge 1 G Henry ' G Substitutions—Hubbard: J. Kinningham, Blankenship: Frisco: S-coy. " Second Game DixteFliers (17) Pos C'pany M iW Kettlngcr 2 F McHenry Oanske 3 r Wright Barnes 2 c Wtogins Turner 4 o Bible 6 G Sewell's release. Tho--o voices contended tint !:ls unflinching service through 10 seasons ar.d 1102 consecutive games, his steadying In| fluence on young pitchers and ill- Substitutions—Company M: Mi- Henry. Third Game Pos. G. H'nds (27 ability to uiivc the L-.ill a ride whenever he rtopprd to tl:c plate should have balanced the rrale.s In favor of his retention. H r was sick last year, they pDinteJ cr.!. but maining his health in another year he wculd return to 11 form that w.u his over that conj secutive-giimc Wretch. i .lustifialile; Portaps! A ' But leaving s?ntimcnl In I'l 2 I back;rcund. t 1 :; Indian basses 11 C |!mcnUy Kcrc justified in relc.-.sliv 6 j Sewcll. The fire of his youth h,i;l Colston I tcoclcd considerably—although Newsom 3 I w as by far thc chattcrlncr-nt in- nin you KNOW THAT— ^be liiith, in his firsl c(n- cial workout with the Yanks, wore three undershirts, a rubber shirt, the gray pants el a road uniform, white sweat sox with no oveisox. one pair of shoes and one glove ... He welshed 228 pounds utter the workout. . Slripped. »f coursn . . . He got by that firsl day without having to iiLitigrnph anything ... He didn't cv?n got his piciure taken . . . This w:n t;cnu5? the Ynr.ks slo!c out to practice in tile r.iiu . . . To:n Clarke, Giants' cc-jcli. linde nn error in nddresilnc n;cl: Cort;s. rookie catcher, the cihcr day. ... He called him Bunions. Johnny Frederick. Hobins' ccn- lerlielder. has fille;! cut considerably . . . His teammates now wonder if it's safe to call him "Muscles." . . . Jack Qiilnn ad mils t^r\t hp had olfcrs from five teams other than I'ue Hob- Ins ... "My reasons for choosing the Brooklyn team are obvious," slid Jack. BOXKR K.O.'S BANDIT " BERLIN. (UP)—A would-be pav- oli baiulil, who took $273 from a jill cashier of a suburban laundry she came from n bank, made list one In his flight, he rlcd to make his getaway across an Ihlctic field where a group of ama- enr boxers were working out. The M>xcrs heard the girl's cries. One of them knocked thc bandit on: ind turned him over to Ihe pallce. Ol'TDOOll ADS FORBIDDEN N'OUDERNEY. (TJPJ—The gover- lor of thc district Including the ^ast Friesian inlands of N'orderney. Borkum, Juist, Jialtriim. Langeoog ind Splekcroos has issued a decree forbidding unsightly billboards and imllnr outdoor advertising in Ihe -iirnl districts of the islands. Furthermore, all existing billboards nust be removed by May 1. A further order prohibits buildings which delracl from the beauty of-'ths landscape. tl-.e lat—his nnd there \\ere salary wn- two imder- Apes (17) Elklns 10 Stevens 3 Wahl Westbrook 4 Smith Substitutions Christian 10 Taylor 1 studies, Burnett and Dotore. seemed ready to play rr.aj:>r ball. I do not kr.o-.i- just C Ellis 7 the Indian-; would have l?.l:a Q Raydsr 2; they known S;\ve'l wo.:l"J s-i\f G Burn;t! with the Yankees. They may hav- -Hounds: Busby 1 jliad their minds made up to Ihht- Fonrth Game . rn the payroll nnd a', t.-c srn Hl-Jackers (21) Pos. Merchants <9i time make room fcr a p->:r' o" B<J8 5 4 F Hutton 4 promLsing youngsters. Hut k'r.'n-vh- Allten 3 F Wilson how much the Bradley b-i'-.- - Medlln 3 . , c Vanzint 5 would like to win a psnnsnt I":v-Stewart 4 O ISMCS. F;. sure they would much ra'.her have ,Wtrrlngton7 - G Isaacs. F. .seen Jocy sign with the Red Sox . Substitutions—Merchants: Baker.! instead of one of the team, t'r. • • Rcftree-Games one. tjires and are tryinij to shove aside in theV .[four. Thomas Ivy. Game two, Burgc. climb to the top. PLANTING SEED FOR SALE OR TRADE i'urc 1). 1>. I,. No. 4 and Stoneville Nn. 1 & N 0 2 ?.">« Cash or 2 for 1 .i. STEVENS UNUM.Y )3 HIGH SCHOOL SI)FFEREP ITS FIRST DEFEAT OF HAOU30M 13 SAMES UP To THAT DATe-- .....Tae SQO^O UJA£ OOMPC&ED OF i3 PLWERS....THEV UJBRE SEWMD 18 "6 13 r 1 AT THE HALF. ....THE 1 / SCORED i^paiuTi i N THE SKDJJD; HALF; UNIC.H WAS.VJ' r ' -..—.-»-- ...... hn iwci been, seventh -in, dub ".batting la'st year, I asked.Dan ll-hc expected"tp ;el aiiy m ore'hitting'out .'of thet Lca'm this'.year..",, .'.'..! ."•'.'.' "Yeg, n. little'more," he replied. 'Mickey Heath,: from Hollywood, will help us. I had him. at first when we .won (he pennant at-Tort onto. I think. Jie'H hit good. We got-Frank Sigafoos in the: drait from.. Los Angelesf-a second-baseman, and I think-he'll hit, too. We bought Nick. Cullop. the outfielder, from Minneapolis to give him another shot at., (he majors, and gosh, but he ought to click. Do yen know Cullop. Isii't 30 years old yet? "Then we've got Ray Fitzgerald, nn outfielder from Bridgeport, Little Gene Moore from Dallas and Wally Rocttgcr, who was with thc Giants and Cards. We recalled Estil Cmblree from Columbus." "The (cam docs not look Impressive," I said. Howley agreed. The lineup probably will be: |n«e'<> utue ROOM AT TrtB-T».R»a"R»e ..-STEEPLE-JACK- bee^i 51 ™- 11 lle would no: p:iy and lle u'ould soon return. CHINESE WIN'S SCHOLARSHIP 'six months sentence. He anuounc- ST. LOUIS. Mo. HID—Vineen; : ctl hc V -' 3S SMCi in arrears i: Pon. native and former watchmak- alimony payments which h-j er of Canton. China, has awarded a $2,735 scholarship by (!• Parks Air College here, rt was th? result of a contest in which he com- seted with aviation students from every state in the Union and representatives from more than 14 foreign countries. WAR CUTS BREAD PRICE TWIN FALLS, Ida.,(UP)—Bread prices tumbled below prewar prices hire recently when several merchants started selling three loaves for ;10 cents. RITZ THEATER Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday NEW ALIMONY CLUB HEAll CHICAGO. <UP)—Nathan Uul- mash, 27, is the newly elected president of the Chicago Alimony club with headquarters for 70 memterf at.the county, jail. \V. H. Donclci.. 17, former president, was forced t-: j resign due to .the completion of his";Peor'ia.'without a whole lot of ;|nef, bi/t.TJa'n' Howley is such a ^urtfOUs.'cliap,' If,would be hard :l)'sajr"that."" ' '" ' ' ' ' "'.' '' • ' .; But/ ta.-hls^heWt,' i" suspect Da : n Howley. t hinks ' the. sa me. thin j. ' '•'Thief Glia He'.Was Caujht ' RENO', Hfev,.'. (UP)'. —. When _ A t- ] thnr. Risch, .raoch- hand,: was| ar-j rested for stealing- }415 from his | employer, 'James 'Hash, his only re-; mark'was, "I'm gliuM'got caught" HOME THEATRE Tuesday-Wednesday ' • Thursday .TREASURY DEPARTNtENT, Of- D. C., are hereby solicited, to be opened In the Office of the Supervising Architect, Treasury : Department, Washington,-D. 9 o'clock, a. m., on April 13, 1931, for thc sale or donation to the United States of preferably a ' corner lot' containing approximately 27,000 square feet, with a dimension of approximately 160 lineal feet, on the more Important of the two street frontages, centrally and conveniently Heath, first; Ford or Slgnfoos. sec-j located and suitable for a Federal ond; Stripp, third; Dressen, Duro-1 building site' at Blytheville, Archer or Cuccinello, short; with the! Kansas. Upon application, the outfielders Hcilmann, Cullop, Crab-1 Poslm'uter will supply prospective tree. Roettger. Moore or Fitzger-i bidders with a circular giving aid. Several of the Inflelders named ; particulars as to requirements and ... —. V i,,i..». u» i.ii. iii i L^ ivi--i j ttniiLtvt i |j j| kl^ULUIS UCJ kU 1C\4U1LCIE1CI1U> tUAU ,~ ,~ can be moved about without great | Instructions for preparation of bids I " Wramouru (fittwr I T h e Motion^ Picture Sensation of the Year! It's Grand! swell picture! A marvelous cast! A treat YOU owe yourself! S) I and dsta to accompany same. loss. Tt wfts In my mind to suggest] FERRY K v HEATH. Assistant Sec- \ ATjitinpp & \ifht in o«rf 25c that thc whole team might be mov-1 retary. '•'' I6C-K2 I * iaimee & ^^"t— 1U ana ^OL Dell. Ark tfti r$* !& Robert iMoiHgotnery A(lol[>lie Mcnjou Anif;i 1'a.^c Mar.iorie Rambciiu Bajed on thn nlav by Eugene Waller. Directed by Jack Conway. Admission—MiiUneo—10-30c. Night—15 nnd -I0e. BUY IT NOW Tlie best time to buy property, is when it is selling below the cost of replacement We have several bargains in horrte properties, and ^Yil| Kelp you to finance on good terms. W. M. 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