The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1943
Page 2
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'^Applicants Permitted To Buy' Essential Tires, Tubes, Cars, Bikes " Members of the local ration •board have issued a' 1 total' of 108 'certificates for Hie purchase of es- sejitinl tires, automobiles and bicycles since .March'17,'It was announced today. Successful applicants are; Passenger: Tires Dr D L Boyd, BlylhevWe; .Moiiiovie Angell Jr., Blytlievllle; ' \V H Robeits, Blylliei'llle, Benid- cn and Sons, Leaclivllle, M. J. .ijKoeWer, Dell; C !• Tbbod, B!y- vJtheville; Walter Barnes, Blylhe- yille; Starlyn Young,. Blyihevllle. r j. R. Whistle, : Mnnlla; Claude Howard, Blytlievlllo; R. E. Stringer, Dlylheville; W. G. Davis, Lcachvillc; P. O. XTiSDIaln, • Leach- Mile •• Russ' Crowcll, Lencliville, Lawrence ,Hassell, Blst^cvllle, W, O. ' Galyeah, Hornesvillc, Mo.; Lon- .nie Boydston, Blytlieville; \v', O. '••Greene, Manila; Sid Bryeans, Bly- tlieville; Jewel Ten Co., Memphis, ~JTe»i).; J. R. Lnmbert, Blytheville; t MOSB P. Simon, Blytlievllle; Wil• liaiu v. Poloy, Blytlieville; G. E. ' Glllioiwater, Afmorel; Blyihevllle C Wntei Co., BIythcvllle; J. A. Bago, . Manila; C. C. Langston, Blytlie- • ville;''Arkansas State Police, Little ' nock;'fcily Ice Co,, Blytheville; R. • G Pollock, Bljtlievllle, Scott Al! lev, Bluheviilc, W O Harrison; • E.^E. Dew, BlS'thevllle; C. L. Ab- f bolt, Blytheville; W. A. Holllngs- { worth, Blyilieviile. . : Q)inito P. Fra?,ier, Blytheville; • Cecil Miller, Blyihevllle; Marie • Hagaii, Blythevillc; William P. ' Randolph, Blytheville;, .C. I. T. .".Cor'p; Memphis,"Tcnii.; C. C. Bait• lett, Blytheville; Motor 'Service, f Lcachville; Rev. P. M. Sweet, Mfl- 5 nila, Modestine Spagnuolo, Bly- thcvillo, x Emily D Gra>, Blythe( Mile, W,. W Fowler, Mnnlla, Fart mers Baiik" Blytlieville. ' Jack Demjisy, Blj'tlieville; T. A, r . Hpllis, _ Manila, Anthony Costanza, Blytheville, Rev Robcil BieJ, Blylheville; Clarence Blackmail, Manila;, Wiier Winstend, Blythc- ville; H. C. Kimppenberger, Bly- Uusylllc; Or'val M. Mitchell, Bly- thcville; W. A.''Blckerslaff, Bly- t-lievillc; Clifford Thacker, Blythc- \illc, R V Norilect, Bi>thc\i!le. Cecil Langsfoitl, Blithcvlllc; Loiinie Rogers, Manila, Charles Bright, Blytheville, Mable C. Turner,- Roselarid; J. H. Lucy, Huffman, Lee Oaom Blytheville; T. E Adkison, Dell, J N Crcsit]), Manila; ,W. ; W.«Brewer,- Leachville; Mrs Lssie Davis, Blytheville, Bennie Pianklm, Bljtheville, Charles Woolen, Armorel, Pleas Rnmbo, Blytlievllle; W. R.. Rnns'pni, Lcach- ville;, James Ray, Huffm'eh;) Homer n Goff Leaclmlle, Joe RnyforcJ, Blytheville, ^jflniU ~._Rcctoi, t Roseland,,Butler RoWnsan, 1 'Ros«ltvnd. Truck Tires - V Ice 80, Blytheville, W T Lollar, Blytheville; Judge Crimer, Blythe- \flle, Bert Ross, Bljtheville, Hutf- nian Bros. Lumber, Blytheville; Midwest . Dairy Co., Blylheville; Willie O Handlev, Bl>thevillc; Enoch Hodge, Manila, E Shepherd, Blytheulle, Mis Nell Htught,- Blytheville;' H(irold ; :Htnson, Bly- theulle, Joe Atklnsp Blvtheville; Aikifnsas Gro Co, Bljllieville; H. c: Fanv Blytheville; O. W. Davis, \ille .' ..'.' ••. Tractor Tires Riiss Crowel, I^eachville; Everett, Manila; J. H. Mauley, Blytheville, W C Webb, Blytheville; W. D. Godwin, Blytheville. Track Retreads Mississippi County, Blytheville; Wels Butane Gas Co., Blytheville. Automobiles > Ch. H. Wallace, Blytheville; Hollis Jumper, Blytheville; Lt. Alvln C. Lawrence, Blytheville. Bicycles Marie -Martin, Blytheville • John W. Wells, Leachville;.Bobby Grant, Manila. BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Wit Ftofe are Irtioied ii the Meats and Fati Rationing Program Beginning Mireh 2?, 'shoppers will use fhowinj'wJut'Wiiiit whal u/W not be UK• «<< ;fMfj-in War BalJon Book Two included in Iliis uliomnjs program. Keep lo buy ratals, edible fan, and oils (including ii , un( i. | 0 , w k „ | K f ore yo^ix,, M,, ;, ItltMArl *ku*~ • _.!.. .Jr.I. .'. .--•-'.•• •. '• r «^w*»<» fculter), difltte, and Here u'ltie official <JPA list of in planning nuiriiious mealt for (our »nJ yourself, MIATJ.—Including ttt fr«V , Knokfd, »nd furhl bfff, vnl, limb; m.t pork; ill mwli and m«t product! in (onuitwrs of tin or <tass (til Jtitd me »ts [ variety ratals, including: Tongu«, briinr, tiMrti, liver, tii;*, sutrtbKjds, tUneys; . bouillion cubej, beef extracts, and similar concentrates; all dry, semidry/and ftcsli, imoked, i*' cookeJ Mimge, including: , Salami, pock samage, baked loaves, wein. en, scrapple, soiiso,, he sd chew, ind cllifii; suel, cod, and oilier fats. TlMM F««(t Arc K*ttM«f USH.—All Jish, sficlllisli, and lisli proJucli in Aermeliolly sealed conlai'ners. JATJ lid OILS.—Bullrr, mirgiiinf, lard, shortening, cooking and lalad oils, CHIItf.— Otetit of most lands: Cheddar (American), Swiss, brick, Muniler, lira.. burger,-dehydrated {tared,-club, Oouda, &|jm, smoked Itillitt and Greek (ill /urd vuieiits), professed cheese, chtese foods; >ll (licese'pioducls contalninfi 30 percent or more by weigh! of rationed, clieests. Tkcit FWi AM Me> RotlMtd J CAM!.—All {mllfy >nd game, utielher fresh, frozen, or in cans or . giass. HIM.—Fresh till, flOKn fish, smoleJ, Jail, pickled fisli, nsli in confu'neri dial are not hefmelifiillf sealed, • FATS .«4 OILS.-Olive oil when not blended _ wilh other ingicdients; salaj dressings and niafonnsisc. CHHSI.—Soft or j*risri»t>!e clieest such ts: Oeam cheese, Neufclialcl, collie-, pol, biter's, rimembert, liedertrani, Uric, blue; chfrse spreads made- wiili a base of iliceie which is not rationed; clieese spreads and cheese products containing le*i than JO percent by weight of rationed cheese. . 200 Frogs "Disappear" HOLLYWOOD, Col. (U P )-A conflict, of thought prevails here jA police and delccl! VC circles as to wlinl' might linye been the motive ror the dlsnppcaiance of 200 nice ral bullfrogs Irom Iho tack-varri ponU of Dick Doc. One school of thoutjlil liolds the opinion that It may -merely have been neighbors «•>'£> tired of the all-night anvil chon,, of the fio E .s, while the other school lend* to the theory that someone may po.ssibly Have seen the possibility of breaking the ineal ' Ult Vour led Srampi Your ml slirnps ire in tlic same radon boot BS (he blue sfa/nps you arc afrwdy' using for procewcd fooJi. Tlifr number on tach slimp shows you liOW many points Jt is woilli, 'llitre are 8-, 5-, 2-, and 1-point ibrnps. TTic tftfff sdowi you w-Iien to UK-the stamp. During ihe /irst 5 .we&s * new jtafflp b«omcj g(nd every iveele. "A" sUrnps finr, then "B," • "C," "D," and "1:." Ai slimps become ^ood (hey need not Ix: ute«i •wlihin a single week, but rniy be u«j until ific end of itic montli. Here is llie way your Red ', March ?9 April 4 Apiil 11 Apiil IB 2) W-JllTS-l ' nps become good daring lite month of April: / flam ft Btirfnf ftlltr SlJMft Ftpltt A (16 points) B (16 points) C (16 poinjsr H (I6poinli) April 30 April 50 (To It anKOuni EDSON IN WASHINGTON The Best Picture of the War ny PETER EOSON Courier News Washington Corwspomlenl sandstorms, files, sores, endless waiting In the'few short moments before the coinnuind to fire, End- 25 photographers less explosions, dive bomber attacks, Four out,.of , - - -~ were killed In fiction during the.' crashing plnnos,; bumhig Tanks In- filming of "Desert Victory," the Jiiral,.dead. Prfconers by Ihe ttiolis- Batllc scene from "Dcscrl Victory!" Legionnaires Buy $500 Bond To Boost Total A $500 War-Bond-purchased by Ihe Dud Cason Post, .American Legion, «t the meeting lost night, totals the amount, of 'bonds for this group to $8,600. Plans were discussed for stimulating interest In purchase of bonds in this community and it was decided to cooperate with the com- initUe by giving n $25 bond every Monday night at the wrestling match, held in the Legion arena, starting one week from next iMon- fiaj This is one of the several ideas presented In dlscu^sinrj ways of working with the cit> on civic iwoblems During the business meeting, presided o\er bs Commander Bryant Stewart, it uas voted to buy n movie projector to be used on mcel- mg nights showing pictures of Interest to Legionnaires. It was also \otc d to change Ihe lime of meeting from 7 30 to 8 oclock each Tuesday night, Hennondak Child Dies Tyler Bob Smith, three-year-old son. of Mr. and Mrs H B Smith died jesterday afternoon at the . family residence at Hermondale Mo. Funeral services were held this afternoon at the cooler, Mo., cemetery »h«re burial was made The Rev. R s Balrd, pastor of First Christian Church, conducted the rites Besides his paernts, the baby is Urvlved by two sisters, Dolais and «ttle Lee Smith , lV Cobb Funeral- Home »as. In ,chia-ge • "A-&SL 1 '' "-;«!* **>» O, O O, meaning "col- A 1 <LW «n (feUvery," originated in """ "In 1M1. British nnny movie of Ihe 80-day, 1200-mile advance In pursuit of Rommel from Egypt, across Africn lo Tunisia. That Is perhaps ' the most forceful press notice and advance billmjj that cnn-l)e given this picture which Prime Minister Churchill previewed, (lien ordered cent to President Roosevelt by plane. H Is being subtitled "the best picture of the war 1 ' nnd from the point of view of giving the most realistic conception q! an entire military campaign, H~ lives »!> to the description. Photographers who mad? 11 were in many instances up In front of the advancing army, so they could shoot Into (he laces of Uielr own troops, and that accounts for the casualties of one man out of every six In the photographic crew. One cnmernmnn wns killed (luring the opening barrage. The other CTiree, out nhcatl of their own sappers nnd mine detectors, stepped on mines planted by retreating Germans an<J were blown to bits. 'Desert Victory", nftcr Us Washington preview, will be given na- lional distribution Ihvongh 20th Century-Vox. The film rims nn hour, having been cut to some 5000 feet from an original 20,000 exposed. In a concentrated dose, it will give ftny civilian who ha:i never been under fire, the feel of war. THE MAN H'HO aiftDE IT The man who supervised thn making of the film. Lieut.-Col David MacDonnld, is head of the British Army Film Unit, and the man svjio h-ouglil the film to Washington. He is an unassuming little Scotsman, somewhat nervous and Inclined to walk about with his anus clasped in front of him. He learned movie-making during an eight-year stopover on hS wanderings all over the world. He was everything from an extra to an assistant dircclor, nnd he returned to London In 1937 with an American wife to become one of the top directors In the Brilish Isles.. Perhaps the most spectacular of the shots made by Colonel MacDonald's men in ihe advance of General Montgomery's Eighth Army across Africa nrc of Ihe nl e ht barrage which opened the attack on Rommel's positions in western tgypt. There were no Irlch lights no studio props. Only flashes of guns in drsert night. Half of Colonel MacDonald's pho- tograph'o unit. In ti, e chase of Rommel was made up of still cameramen, working beside movU photographers, and prints of lliclr negatives give as vivid a documentary mnvf» v°V he ""We" as Hie movie version, IT'S AU, THERE British, position., at U)0 starl ot mM- t n ?M? n m Nov cmber, Rom- Brllkh, ! J 1 , thmst antl ret « at British tialning lor attack, desert ami.' Churchill's, surprise--visit to tin: front, General Montgomery's message to the prime minister when he had completed his directive from Churchill to drive Rommel across sK ° rt1 ',, with'It* laconic last S • ,?! I1 , (1 *' alt yow further orders, it's all there-eight week.? of terl victory.hi nn hour's « 8 m u ic Not all of colonel MacSw-s' ffi" 1 ?, 08 WC '' C Ulc "iStaS of Imttles. He recalls as his mom vivid remembrance Ihe difficulties of one or his drivers, n man afflicted wltli desert sores, who tried to fill lih porablc . Kasoltao-burnl! g "(ove with fuel. The Kas soaked Into hk*, and *!„„ U)0 nlvall J wlek, his hands and af ms DC?! le * "' Ule "c.scrt ntglH, . Ihe nia,n ran across the .sand, shouting, "what shall I do? ,sha)l I do?" Proni a senl ™,' past came (he answer In a . " P " t ollt t!ln Re»d Courier News want am. Open 7:00 p.m. Show Starts 7:30 p.m. Adm. Always Ho anil 25o Wednesday & Thursday 'The Vanishing Virginian' with Frank Mcirpin * Kuttiryn Grayson Vnramounl News Selected Shorts CHICKftSAW West Main Near 21st St. .at. starts 12:15; Sun. starts 1:15 NiRht shows K:45 Ejcept Monday, opens 0.4S Continuous ihows Sal. «nd Sun. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature FIRST FEATURE: 'Dreaming Out Lend' with I,um and Aimer SECOND FEATUKK: 'Dance Hal! 1 with Caesar Romero Universal News People JYieiuHy To U. S. Marines, Mclluiicy cjhecj ing news came to the John C. Mclfancy fninlly this week when they received three letters from their son, Jack, who Is stationed with the Marines somewhere in the Pacific War Zone Thase wwe (lie first received since Jan 31.. Jack was among the group of Marine.'; relieved In the Guadalcanal Area after the Solomons invasion. Following arc excerpts from letters- to- his parents— "near Folks; Here's that man il'nii), still the same except' a lilMe tilt .smaller than when he left home. Haven't been reeling so well but am better now, can't keep a good Dickie down. 1 can't tell you where I am non- bill can say it's a lot better placo Hum the one i left. Here we can . go on liberty nnd sec people and 'such people 1 They are .so friendly they will stop you on the streets and ask you to tea. Sometimes tliey lire .so nice it hurls, I sure do like dwn here, next to home, this place Is my book. "Just got a bunch of mail from home." The McHancys have a .son, Joe WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, .1943 Bill, slallonecl nt Santa Ana, Calif, taking his pre-flight eoursc ns a bombardier In the Army Air Corps, and .n not her son, Houuy, will leave April 12 for Induction Inlo the Armed Forces) He plfins to ask for duty with Ihe Marine Corps. Kvangeliat'* Trial Set For April 26th LAKE CITY, Ark., Mar: 30 (UP) —The Rev. Joe Ellis, 48-year-old traveling evangelist, has l.'ocn ordered held for Oraighcad Circuit Court nellon In (he Jonesboro nt- .nck case. EHLs- .stood-In -Justice of Peace Joint and thumbed a Bible while mdergolne preliminary hearing on the eliarge leveled by (he wife of i fellow minister _. Mrs. Bonnie May Samples, 20-year-old member of (he One God Church. "I'm. not guilty," he asserted. And he added that "the truth vill come out." Ellis,,'who hns n wife at reorla, 11., is slated lo go to trial on the charge in Lake City Court April • Snrgioal Aid Installed WOODWARD, Okla. (U.P.)—The Woodward- Memorial • hospital nas iiElalled a new surgical lamp which' eliminates shadow. BUY WAR STAMPS 8 95 Enjoy your Eastc-r Clothes right now—it's good common .sense, and good fashion sense, too! It's Kmart, it's thrifty to dress up right now. Select Irom our Ircsh new stocks. Spring DRESSES For Misses and Juniors There's nothing s m a r t e r , more flattering this spi'iiiB than a young-minded little suit dress like ' the oive illustrated. Also a wide selection 'regular style.s ih Crepes, Piques, Linens and Silk Jerseys D to 17, 10 to "20. Belter Spring COATS All the newest slylcs in 'Plaids, Solids and smart new Navy. Compare lor value! 12.75 and 16.50 Smart New Colors an<l styles lo complement every Easter .out-fit. In patent, calf or fabrics. 1.98 and 2.95 Gay Spring HATS For Now And Easier! An eye catching collection of nattering new lints. Choose from bonnets, sailors, roll brims—many flower decked. 2.45 and 2.98 New Spring SHOES In Every Wauled Size iind Slylc 3.45 & 3.95 SPORT OXFORDS 2.95 Clearance! SPRING COATS We're short on sizes in this clearance group, but every coal Is an outstanding value . . . All arc this season's stock I Sale Priced! SEERSUCKER It's so easy, so thrifty lo sew your own clothes . . . Especially from seersuckers like these. Bright. Spring colors in varied patterns. ' Regularly r>i)e Yd.—NOW 49 I c yd. I. ROSENTHAL Main * K. «„ T5/ythevil!e, Ark. Power Employes Will Cultivate Gigantic Giirden There will be 3003 square feet of vegetable acreage ctilliyaled by 29 employes of Arkansas-Missouri 1'owcr Company who already have started their Victory Gardens in u movement ,spon.soreii by Hie Jinn to give employes an opportunity lo cooper.ife In (his win- effort. A three-aero tract of land, owned by the company, Is now becoming a j-arden with plowing, spading and making of rows almost completed while in some instances feeds already have been planted. U h planned to have nil .seeds nnd plants growing within the coming wctk ivllh IJicse emploves <le- voiing most of their laic' afler- noons, after working hours, (o the project. Not only arc men Victory grower.'; in this project but four young women hre In the contest for producing th c host [>arden. Stroud Services Held DYESS, March 31.— Funeral serv- i V Ices for Mrs. Tcstyc Stroud, 02, ' »J were conducted Thursday sit Hie Assembly of God Church and burial was in the cenielery' near lake City, Ark. The Rev. Gooch, pastor of Ihe Lake Clly church, ot- licialcd. Surviving are her husband, J. W. Stroud; one son, Bill Stroud of Dyess, four daughters, Mrs. Frank Pcrdcw ot Benlon Harbor, Mich., Mrs. Arthur Bailey, Joties- horo, Ark.,' Mrs. Sylla Box, Lake City, nnd Mrs. Willie Bailey of Dycss. Nn Bones in V-Oardens PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)— Portland dogs who choose to bury their IJOIIDS in Victory gardens will he given harsh treatment alter this. Mayor Earl Riey has ordered his official dogcatcher to round them all up, whether licensed or unlicensed. Tlie city is having a veritable epidemic of Victory gardens, and there U very 11111° oilier ground ,,. left for Ixme-biirj'itig by dogs. -1^ VENETIAN BLINDS ARE REALLY "DIFFERENT" •erfcclion of ilelnil, n.slom-biiilt to lasi „ lifetime! MerJianimn {" V s ii '"• : N «'v«iances needed, PatemcJ Floating BIGEIOW WEAVERS STORE NAME Enlists Your Aid In The "WAR ON WASTE" -Here Are 5 WAYS To Make Your Bigeloiv Rugs Last Longer Vacuum Clean More Often Vacuum clean weekly, or twice a week on much used areas. Then gently brush ail pile in same Jirexlion. Rwgs wear longer if kept free from dirt. * t-t. Remove Spots, Stains Promptly DON'T WAIT—to remove spots or stains from your nigs. DON'T use soap solutions or ammonia. DO use <lry cleaning fluid for grcise spots. Cushion Your Rugs For- longer wear and greater luxury underfoot, pu! n Bigclow Rug Pad under your rug. It will absorb foot pressure and take circ of uneven parts of the floor. Equalize Wear On Rugs Turn your rugs around once every three months, to equalize wear. For Wall-to-wall carpeting, shift heavy' furniture occasionally' to distribute weir. Use POWDER-ENE Regularly Here's a marvelously effective rug cleaning powder, that will keep your rugs REALLY Come in for a demonstration today. 3 pound can, with applier brush, only $1.25. ' Chas. S. Lemons Home Furnishings Moderately Priced

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