The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1933
Page 6
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<AKK.) COUKIKK NKWa _SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1933 Luxora Ties Chicks With Last Quater Rally, 13-13 Named on All-Bin Ten Star ream Schwartz's Team Springs "•••Surprise, Scoring Twice In Final Period. A fighting little band of grld- ders from Luxora, where football was only undertaken ss R major sport about two years ago, shocked even their own supporters when they sel the Blytheville Chlckasaws back on their heels with n fourth quarter roily that netted two touchdowns and a 13-13 tie at Holey Field yesterday afternoon. The most sanguine of theh backers didn't give Coach Ilcrberl Schwartz's Golden Panthers 'outside chance when they lrolte< back on the field for the secon< half, trallins by 13 points. Whei ' the third quarter passed and Ihe Panthers yet hadn't uncorked i serious .scoring threat It looked like a barren day for Schwartz's boys. Scott! who !)ad been Ihrcal- ening to carry the mail home for Luxora all afternoon, withon Warning touched off n touchdowi drjve when he scampered from hi own 35 yard line lo the Chicks 44 yard line lugging back n punt rteady. consistent drives, cllniftxet by passes and the visitors hnd battled to a draw. Their try fo the extra ooint that would have mtant. victory fell short whit Foectators rubbed their eyes won derin? if It was rc&lly line. As it was the Luxorans morchcc off the field with us big a moral •victory as ever scored on Haley Field while a bewildered tribe of Chlckosaws. with what seemed certain victory suddenly Changed into an empty tie. staggered beneath Ihe blow. Tile Chlckasnws reeled off enough vardage to win any ordinary football game, amassing 12, first .dovns to six for Luxorai but a large part of their ground gnin- Inc wss confined to mid-field. Despite their decisive advantage in yardage gained from the scrimmage line it took a 75 yard return of a punt by Mosley, almost effort, to account.for the first touchdown. A blocked Jiunl, recovered by Ihe Chicks on J-iuora's 18 yard line, gave the lo- CT!S rnother scoring opportunity Snd they capitalized. A nine >-i\rd Join bv Dick Tipton. with Ray Beck bowling over a defensive end jn approved fashion, accounted fnr the jrnre. A poss. Tipton to Flslj- fr, added the lone extra point for Ihe .Chicks. • '/-The 'Chicks' running attack clicked.- with fntr success through- o;'t. the-pame..The locals' favorite offense;/their aerial game, taller! them :0t 'crucial moments and .made their judgment look bnd more, than once. As it was decision lo resort to the air route, which has been their principal touchdown road.this season, probably cost at •Iccst a serious scoring threat t; •the second half. With Beck and ;?fp!-r) lugglm the ball and a pass ,Mc«le.v to Wilson, moving the pig•skin forward, thc Chicks advanc- Luxbra's 22 yard line. With ,their . running .attack apparenllj .working smoothly and with but •two "arris to so on third down ;the' locals abruptly changed lo a .passing game and Iwo Incomplete iheaves gave Luxora the ball. ; ; After the Blytheville threat blew ,'IP an exchange of punts pave •Scott his opDortunlty to move into BlvthfiVille territory and he car- ,rlfd the ball lo the Chicks' 44 .yard stripe. Scott and Lynch al •temated and slipped throush the ! Chick line lo the Blytheville 28 , vard marker. It looked like the *loca'. p had successfully stopped a •rcorine threat when [hey piled up ,a, couple of line plays with small Bains. Luxora showed it also has 'a-rjarstnj attack however. Lynch | rifling the ball Into the hands of ..Scott for an eight yard'gain and . » ft- first down on the BlylheMllc 18 .' yard line. \ TThe Chicks had hardly had lime .1 to realize that their qoal was I.. ' danger when Lynch stepped back ', and shot the pigskin straight down . the field eight yards to Scott who ' grabbed the ball on a dead run ', cut to his right and was off for i the races, leaving a Chick safclj •-and halfback floundering in Ills Jjpjike. A place kick for thc extra , point was good. • i The Panthers still didn't look | like possible winners. They kicked I jiff, and th« f chicks went Into ac- ition on their own 20 yard line. An • fbiht yard run by Beck pushed • r JOxf ball up to thc 32 yard line for v a. first down after smaller gains. -Then Mosley got off a punt that went to thc Luxora 20 vard line. '"Scott put the visitors right tack ,in the running when he circled i end and sprinted 25 yards to thc | Luxora 45 yard line. A Luxora pass .failed but another was good for r (even yards. Lynch hurled another . ' pasc to Scott and the tall boy • then again raced through thc Bly ,th*rtUe. secondary. He planted thc • tall over the goal line after a 32 ; yirrt run knotting the score. The , nil important try for point failed. ,'••. The Chicks surged back strong '.anxtouj to win In spite of. Lux - ,'bn'a comeback but their chance i had already gone. They moved for- >-wanJ rapidly, «n 18 y«rd run by iMcUey featuring the advance,' and .•'two PWM tidbit, to the Luiora '25 yard line. Th» MUck boned -tore ud •tamt the lut hope ,noWMd when » wild throw from •out ' Df DIHEBJ originality and cleverness. You can | even be sentimental, if you wish! ' If you still have plans of making ' your own. then l:avc It personal. | Illave a can! with a picture of [yen." co/.y front iloor. taken when the vines untwined. Or your patio I or llcwcr garden. Or lake that jfnaps^ov of yourself riding a ctimel ! in Thibet or a droshky in Moscow I . or a rickshaw in Japan lor the , Chicago Fair! cr the children] 'romping at football or with IM pet i ,.. . ~ i TI • \/ ng a oo |Lhnslinas Lards ! his Year i dog, "Shindies. I A C' I 1 rv i Oid Prints Tor Fijrmul Cards i Are Simple and Direct, | For formal cards there is Mnl flfvpr 11 *-"-»<- iiv NKA S .- IE ..V throw-back to t.-.e vittsmn _ ; YOU have your own iiisr.ivln, HI Avmnuii I)lale "HP""' 'o formallr;d cardi <n ves. n c'r ^ denl f < ?»»• »*'« <* "->»• **\\ cards ' .. .- c, tee owr n atc ,!,H ywr seem to indicate a League ! For 1)105( , wh() ..„„ feuin a <-.. Natwiib inniien.e. :O[ Victorian in their sysiem ther Ixjok over tlio 1933 crop iif Yub- .are cliarming old-fashioned - •• lulc groetlngs and you fin:! :ir>jlras m>;>:. rd by practically every country in tl.t world. Also, you can fiiul Ladies prints or Imported French court ladies In all the glory o: daii illy colored costumes, fancy head- Four of the eleven of the Big Ten AU-Suir learn siljctci! by Noble Klzer. Vurdue coach, arc shown • above, Left is Fred Petoskuy, Michigan end: running, 1'aul Paulunner, S'urdiie (iiiartcrbacK upper right, Francis Srhnmmel, IOKII guard, ntui !n\vcr rlaht, Jo; Ciailus. Ohh State guard.! lived up to the footbnl name brought l:crc by his broth u. Jim, before him. Anyone wli toi'.ld pliiy t!i« snnie ns well n I,Mm wins a. place on iiny all-stnr Dunn..- did—and perhaps iiandsom? imports from almost ev-; dresses and cort jntc'-es cry country. If you wan, expensive p , y , ne«. Whether In the original Im- am rards w|sh , nc , ^ .. Jam ^ :>:led cards or whether in Amen- Noel , , , , ° blue "a id 'V^ffin^^!ei^« p --^^ *"-• ^^^^^^-^ sss ai;;rJht Have contnomcd to this' oll sl , v b ack«'ound hilstmas greeting. " Helps [Germany Bars Two Job Cafe Workers Calherlno Murpliy, 3, is going fo £et well—ami the President himself Is seeing to it! An infantile paralysis victim, Catherine; is shown as site left her Worcester, Mass., homo for the Ueorgla Warm Springs foundation for treatment. ""!L *%???, «"«Hrwr^Tut^ K h7aw«i p ™w e »« "»»"«,.»«>• < h > I his world-wide field of mspirn- , has produced a staggermg ar-1 Amcrican mascullne The old English hunting season which have obsessed many BERLIN (UH) — "Labor |iaa- ports" are the latesl device In Qmnnny lor fighting "double earners." These passports have been made obligatory by government decree in the whole restaurant and cafe industry. Every |>crsoii employed In res- • tauranls or cafes must have a "labor pa.ssport" showing where he or .she Ls employed. Of course, no- bcdy already having a Job can )x employed at another place under this system. This regulation applies not only to waiters, cloakroom girls and similar employes, but also to musicians. The fact that ninny musicians succeeded in securing jobs at several cafes created much ill- feeling among Jobless musicians, and that, was Ihe principal reason why double-cumins; in cafes was banned sooner and mort efficiently than In other brandies of industry. The labor passport system niny extended to other industries as Christmas cards The traditional m t , e n , le ,nts •c<! and preen color scheme ,s pr«=- English ,, ne dn ^ s ln b , ack and :cally snowed under by silver and j whUe . Onc of the£ | is mosl amus . blue. pastel pink. blue, yellow and 1 '- -•-- • green, black and while, brown and srrnni;euients. j ing. showing a line of stout little . cocks bearing garnished turkeys .old. and many B ray colored cards' ^ ,^,3 £' a hopcl, pup Kith contrasting print, incite and ' thc cpUmlstlc | !nc Mo * reading ..Iyer, m deep brown or even mag- .. Be Mmy Thcrf .. s a ^ , L .. . .„ ,, 4 . , -Slra,,,ed" Humor Absent . good | corning." Many English cards are ! actual nhotoaraohs of T!:ete is litlle of the strained scenes, which should «lvc us an funniiiew that obsessed Christmas idea, cards of a few years back. Amusing (inures abound, but they are jus: naliually amusing figures, like fiismy little mules lie played a bit better than Jim. •io he acls one halfback |X>st. halt—you've prob- already — is Pug i Li.ud of Minnesota. Where would I Minnesota hav.; been without this Michigan Gets Tour Play- Pile-driving halfback who ran, 1 ° passed. limited, blocked anil did cvcrylhins except count Ihe gate u-;eipl5 after the game? The un- iwer Is ncwiic'/e. A sincere vote fcr Ptig. The fullback post is well filled by Herman Everhurdus, Michi- ers k i"d Purdue Three on All-Slar Selection. BV N'OHLK KI/KU Ccich, I'uTiluo liniversily Member NEA Service All-America Commlttcr American Subjects Colorful Egyptian camels vie this year with cute liltle burro cards In lypi- or strutting cal Italian coloring. Italian, too."are ccrks. or squat English characters the very ornately bordered religious or well-known cartoon characters, cards. Spain conlributes much to Tiic:c's a simplicity, too, about the certain religious cards which pic- dircct way they all just say what ture the holy family in a patio they have to Eay instead of strain- Russian cards carry the zest of gay ::ii! to b? -just too clever." You can booted dancers in colorful peasant jii>t be yo'.irself this year and pick costumes. Mexican cards show a the c?.rds t.'at you really like, in- Diego Rivera influence in their s'.-a:l of something lhat you think rbh coloring and round figures , •.^Mn^j^jOTi^fj-fcndsjrith^your^ Nor is our own West entirely Read Courier News Want Ads. neglected in this Lc-ague of Nations Christmas greeting card as- icmblag?. You can get grand etch- 'd cards of those admirable little sturdy western horses, of cowboys and roundups. Also some cards that show some of our own exquisite scenic spots, such as the Grand Canyon, or Yosemlte Valley. However, if you prefer something not quite so personal, 'if you, loo, catch the international feeling that is being fostered this Christmas then there are many cards that do not play favorites but include many countries in their make-up. Of this type, one in particular is very successful. On its amusing front are pictures of six nationalities. Each beaming with good will, says in his own native tongue the old, old wish, ".Merry Christmas." .veil, but the go ther indu vernment did not yet disclose its plans in this re- Wnois Will Spend 129 Million for Job Relief SPRINGFIELD, 111. (UP) — Unemployment relief expenditures in Illinois since the early part of 1&32 will tolal at leasl approximately $129.000,000 by next July. Of this the federal government has contributed approximately $55,000,000 as against $14,000,000 by the state and political subdivisions. The state's contribution consists of two bond issues totaling $50,000,000, and it will be paid for by diversion of countries' and cities' shares of the state's tlirce- cent gasoline tax fund. Read Courier News Want Ads. GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy can. AHho'.igli playing a hnlf- I' posl. the Hying Dutchman iCopyrlEhl. 1S33. NBA Service, Inc.) I B typical'fullback. He showed he_ LAFAYETTE, Intl.—joining with , gll | ( i cm;), U0 i;ies and thu cen- Leading Ills nearest competitor by 40 yards, Tern Ollcy of Mli'hl- B.MI Stale won tlio I. C.. 4-A. i:ross cnunlry cluunploiiplitii at N'ew York, competing against 12;) I'untestaiils from 20 college:;. Olloy loittcil tbo lougli jrli;il of fix miles In 30 minutes. Ho ij aliowu crossinc tho flulsli lino. Ihe rest, of the indoor sporls, I urn ottering my idea of an nll- ilar Big Ten team—a team on v.hlch Michigan Is represented with four men. In only one position was I un- cnlain cf my selection, and that was quarterback. I Imve filially named Paul Pardonncr at lliot. position because the Purdue play- ci lias shown me all-around qua!-[ it'.cs of st!]>eriorily. licsides Pmxlonner. Uvo otlicr cipiial callers in Ihe conference displayed abitilies which 1 coultl not fail to consider, even if I so Osired. Tlicy w;erc Ueynon of Illir.ois and Liws 'of Iowa. Two of these quarters excelled Ihe others in one department —ncynou probably was thc bct- tir passer, and Laws was the leading groiimlgfuncr. But our own Piirdonncr while not cany- ing the bull. Is an expert parser [,nd. In addition, is one of the ] test blockrrs in thc micnves! and j THE best drop kicker in the ter cf the lino equally as well as h? cuuld run the ends or snare paw. Dcfcns'vcly, he «as Gibraltar. ligskln Hack 16 midficld nnd lucky j Western Conference, to get, off n pass that was Incomplete without being caught far Ihe basis of his nll-armmil Football Results ay, I selected Paul. Oolnj' Minnesota bi^ l-'rank pluycti TIIK AU.-lilO TKN F.LKVKNS First Team Pos. Second Teuni Larson. Minn. Ward, Mich » L».'t End - Fchring. Pnrdu 1 ? Conrad, Chicago Lefi Tackle Schammel, fow.i Fcbel, Purdue 1 Left Guard Fcrnard, Michigan Ocn, Minn Ci'ntcr Gailur, Ohio S. Kav,-al, N'wcslu Right Guard \Vistcrl, Mich. Ungers, Purdiif Right Tackle Ptt&skcy. Mich. Frink, t:nd Parrioinicr, Pimuii 1 Bcynon, 111 Liuul, Minn. Qiitirterbuck Hcckcr, Purdue- Left TIalftack Pin vis. Ilcekin. Ohio S. night Halfback Everhardus, M-.cli. Laws. lov.-.i Fullback Shawnee Swamps Osceolaj Under 49 to 0 Score! OSCKOLA. 20- Catholic High. 12, Mabclvale 0. Hcbcr Springs. School of Deaf 0. ctola's Semiuolos were swampr<l b~. .>iisntional wing game all U:i!iiRxhig It by n iwrfornmnce iniBliawncc coiisolidatc'd" school's ..,Arkansas i <!><• Michigan game that saw hisl u n In a grid name at. Joiner v..s- j (i-fool 'J-lnch frame camping in leiday. Joncsboro 14. North Lilllc Rock l!;? Wolverine backfield all afler-: Bnniclfs Shawnce eleven went 2. 'ton. The olhcr end. Fred PC-'through, iirouii'l and over the Q.- Arkansas 20, Texas 6. . loskcy of Michigan, was thc innln-; coola team for a 47 to 0 victory Hendrix 6, Aikansas College 0. ; ila5 ' o! lllc stro "S Michigan lint- At TcxarkmiA—Marshall College' li:llt l!Cv; ' c(t oll!v to Minnesota. \ Famous Hcvcrc Still At the start of thc season four; BOSTON lUPi A 11. Texarkaim Junior College C. . . - . Joncsboro A. and M. 0. West l> '' r ' c ' es ucro classed as the cream i drug concern here has Tennessee Teajliers 0 (llcl. Dumas 0, Dcrmott 0. McGchce 12, Warren 0. Erlnkley 15. Dewilt 0. Magiiolm 7. lilson 6. Eudora 7. Wilinot 0. Camdcn 27. Monroe <Lfi.) 13. Booncvlllc 35. Belleville 0. El Dorado 30. Prcscolt 0. Faycltcville 19. Rogers 0. Conway 0. Clarksvillc o iilc). Arkadclphla 12, Gurdon 0. Scarcy 26. Morillton 0. Bt-nion 20, Bauxite 12. Greenwood 19. Mena 0. Harrison 20, Bcntonville 0 Nashville 46. Lockesburg 0. I Van Rnmn T o^,-:.,,.j_i_ « ! I ft tin Bis Ten crop—Rofixiuisl | copjicr still ma-ic by Paul I! |cf Ohio Stale. Wistcrt of Mlchl-! '; inn, Rllcy of Nortliwestern and! I f'rhring of f'urduo. As the sea-. j ^on progressed, however. Iwo ol '. Ihcm dropped out of all-star clas- '•' ificntlou and left Wlstort p.nd 1 1-Vhrin? in thc rnnniii!:. : Teams lhat have played Micht- ' asr.crl that Wislcii pa^cssed lucry football ability an outMand- ! im tncklc should Imvc, while j I chring.' captain of Ihe Purdue ! r qv?.d. has been a great leader ' as well as an outstanding dcfcn- | sivc nnd ofleirlvc tackle. s:i;all C'VOIC. Oi:t cf nowhere came Francis | Scr-.ammcl of lown. to take a _ u 'ii^rd berth with Joe Gnllus of Luxora 13. Blytheviile" 13 (lie) ' Ol io S(nlc ' on " lls all-stnr squad. Pine Blurt Junior High 6 Hot O: ' M " S »' ils llrr - rd ot l3 st season, Springs Junior High 0. Van Btircn 7, Springdale 0 Augusta 12, Wynne 0. Fordyce 53, Malvcrn 0. Crosselt 48. Tillar 6 Mansfield 31. Norman 0 Colcord (Osla.i 12 Springs 6. Hope 7. Horatio c. i<) c:i he made many Big Ten ?e- ;Kt.lons and -\ few All-America I lc: ms. Bill Echanimcl was a Siloam- <ril1 ' raratire unknown until he :i;rtcd cuttlnr opjwneiits' lines i 'o shreds for Joe Laws nnd Dick I Ci lyno, Hawkcyc backs. .... . Ciily one olhcr center gave Although Captain Cook, famous Chuck Bernard any run for his explorer, died more than 150 years] money this season, and that was Si *»in . e whlch >*long«d to Roy Ocn of Minnesota. There Jm m «J! 11 * ,™ and flourl8 hlng'fore the vote gow to Michigan's 2? »Sl i? Ton f a ' wh ere it I boy. "~ * --"— -—•- 0 [ " Cn | e rv>l Duane Purvis, biz Bollcrmakeri .,. .And whcu It conies lo Used Ihp want ad rnnmn* of the Courier New* can't lip heal. If >ou Mi rcMilt*. plume Give Now and Give Freely! American Red Cross Roll Call IFHKNliVKU emergency cal's—for food, for shelter, for clothing, for medicine, f o r M I'tflinf of any kind—the American Red Cross is the first to render aid. This year when needs Tor relief arc tremendous, the American Red Cross assumes a burden that is far greater than ever. In the world's greatest peace crisis, just as in the world's greatest war crisis, your American Red Cross is extending its helping hand to victims of un- cmplnyiucMl, accident, and major causes of distress. The help of the Ked Cross in alleviating actual suffering locally has been demonstrated. . Flour, cotton cloth ?nd other necessities of life have been distributed to fellow citizens less fortunate than ourselves. Renew your membership in this annual roll call and give more—the need is great! R<'H Cross Service Actually Reaches Local Needs! Only 50c of every Red Cross membership goes lo nalional headquarters Thus, a S5 contribution Is divided as follows: Me to national headquarters for use In n.ccling the calls of disaster in other sections. S4.50 to be expended in meeting actual local needs. Thc Red Cross providrs direct relief lo our neighbors and friends caught in the current economic crisis. Enroll in the Red Cross This Week Only 11 Makes You a Member! A dollar will make you a member, but this year, il at all possible, give more. Join at a higher membership fee—?5, ?10 or $25—and give a needed contribution in addition to your membership. Millions are destitute—the hungry, the jobless, the needy—look to you for help. You arc the American Red Cross. Don't fail them now in the hour of their greatest need. When the Hod Cross solicitor calls on you, be ready with a willing contribution to the world's greatest charity. Fifty-one years of unlive emergency service have proved the merit and worth of Red Truss service. Chi.ckasawba District Chapter AMERICAN RED CROSS This advertisement Is published without expense to the Red Cross.

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