The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1949
Page 13
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PAGE THIRTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Will Jams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople - _ _.. FOP, DO VOU MIND IF I WATCH FDR AWHILE? ALL I GET TO SEE IS DIMKYS AN* DOOPAKS-- .5HE SENDS ME TO Bet? TORE MY FAMORITE STUFF COMES OM-- IS TH'TERRIBLE TURK ON TONIGHT? I LIKE HIM WHEN HE GETS MAD. POM'T WHV DOM'T T FLOAT LII<E sows FLOT&ftMTb AND PASS MV LAST DA.V6 AMONG THE VJEACV WRETCHES IIOTH6 „ NfAWELESS SLUMS ? , IT ? THe BURMlrtG AWBI- 1OW ~ GRIM STRUGGLE—~ HOPES AMD DARK FEARG.' You GET TRIPLE '. WEARY FLOATIW THAT FUR.' SOME STUPID, , MODDLIMG JUDGES MV JCU1.PTJR6D MASTEK- PI&CE/ ST WOULD ee A RECORD FOR. FLOATING = .",,??,, „ HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORN Virginia Teale TUESDAY, NOVEAIBER 22, 1949 :t-rootn house & bath. Furnished. Couple only. -117 N. lir 11 22 p>: 11 2t New 2-rooin house, Furnished. No clHJclren. I'rt 621i£ or sec me at 41'J 3. iiuin St. iii!2 nk 11,20 Warehouse ;fO'x4U' on railroad s til- Ing. MLdwcGi Dairy Products. Ph. -1447. 11|16 ck tl At Vnrbro, five room with bath, aim tJurc rooms with bath. Furmsticd. Phone 4337. 11^17 pk 11[24 . Coinlortable bedroom Ph 2675 10j2fi pk IJf26 >'tasn cameras for & M occasions bruhNb STLJUIU 4i&-c*.-tJ t'UH RENT: frozen Fooa loclen bsaylocil s Hlgbway 61 Phone 3m B:£i ck u FOK RENT — Several tracts ol good Ituid with Improvements louated near Earia and Hughes. Arkansas. ranging in sizes irom 4 u -acres to 64U. Apply to ti. P. Magness. Earle. Arkansa* *VcJepnone 2U31 and 3531. *VcJe H} pk Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up tree ot charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL TO 11J21 pk 1J|ZI —BAZAAR— Beautiful handwork, reasonable prices! Buy your Christmas gifts at our annual bazaar at the Legion Hut. Wednesday, Dec. 7. Sponsored by the ladies of the Catholic Church. 11-15 c k 12-6 You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair Hfl LT€RS lUBLItY SHO€ SHOf I Z I W M a I M <s T r |.r..|.lr flftTm to ivlilr* hn* rnril up i,i n California ur< ll-.lh .Veil O'.Nrlll nnd • Kallrr cljilin on iit-r*l,i ». J Vnk.n. M Hu^nlnu urlisll r Hlalr. a ullc -hoi- |,ro- r. find ki'r • ••tUinnl, Slrp)^- tkr sio Tl.< ntd sfi.iiiul Kij,i ||> .M-II li lit "•<>. SlfIil-Iliur fill*. Jnnl Ilinl Ihr cillli^n I* inure VIII CTEPHAN1E twis(cd her slender ^ fingers in and out, making a liltle basket of. her hands, "Oh, Hagar, I'll teU you about it, but not right now. But I will, believe me, i will. Only, please, let's get it before someone else carries it invay!" ; Hagar couMn'l resist the urge to pry a bit more. "You realize, don't you, my girl, that you're trying to talk me into spending my olrf-age security money on this thing and then wait around for you to pay me back at about 55 per week? And for why?" Stephanie pressed her hands to her face and began to sob. Hagar placed An awkwatd hand on Stephanie's shoulder, "Now, now," she said gruffly, "let's not drown ourselves. If it means that much to you, we can probably figure out something. First things first, though. You go get a handkerchief and mop up." As Stephanie stumbled toward the rear of the shop, Hagar started the closing up chores. "I'd be a perdition liar if I didn't admit I'm enjoying the whole thing. Stolen jewels, a chase, everything but a murder. Well, if we can gel away with it, 1 Ihink f have a plan that will out-fox everybody and put that Giovanni delle Corniole cameo right smack in the middle of my collection. Until,you can buy it. of course. Are you through mopping up?" Hagar went'to the back room. In Ihe small, makeshift silting room behind the stock shelves, she found Stephanie curled up in one of the ballcrcd old armchairs, smoking a cigaret and looked surprisingly calm and poised once again. Hagar flopped into a chair opposile her. "Well," she began, "the thing lo do firsl is gel hold of Falter. I've idea lhat Nell O'Ncill can't prove her ownership of the cameo, nor can he. I definitely smell a large mouse. Bui, if Yakov's going to lake a chance on buying it, I can at least make a couple of passes in thai direction mysel/ and see what happens. "One Ihing 1 do know," she went on. "the cameo has riot been reported missing or slolen by anyone. I'd be bound lo hear aboul anything like that. So, we'll have lo assume that cither Nell or Faller are Ihe legal owners. Anolher Ihing, I'm convinced now llial Faller didn't steal the Ihing from Nell—she'd have accused him. 1 Ihink she gave it to him for reasons of her own. And 1 think she's probably planning to get around him some way to..get il back. But if I know lhat old deadbeat, Falter, she's got a job cul out for her." • * • " JLj'AGAR grinned at Stephanie. L± "Here's another angle: If Nell did give the cameo to Falter, how's she going to'explain it to Tom, her husband, if Falter should slarl to stir up a stink?" ' Stephanie looked da^cd. "I can'l quite understand what you're planning, Hagar. All 1 can think of is, what will happen if Ynkov gels the cameo before we do?" Hagar mashed out her cigaret and stood lip. "I'll lell you what I'm going to do right now: I'm going to pul on my coal, hop in my car and hunt up Falter. He ollered me the cameo for S12.000, and I'm going lo see what will happen if 1 lell him 'yes' on Ihe deal. Maybe I'm a senile old turkey to think of spending thai muc-h cash, inn you cun'l lake n with you, as the man said." Hagar shrugged into an enormous lopcoal and belted il snugly, "Do you want to come along, Stephanie?" Stephanie looked up, al last. "No, Hagar," she was saying. "I'll stay here and hope." "Well, 1 must say you don'l look very hopeiul right now—" "It's probably loo lale." Hagar stared, then, with impatient gestures, sho began to pull on a pair of shabby pigskin gloves. "Thai's neurotic," she told Stephanie. "I( you lie around mooning aboul somebody else getting hold of your cameo, they probably will." All at once Stephanie's eye began to blaze again with Ihe blue lire. She sprang oul of her chair and slood before Hagar with her fists clenched: "They won'L It can'l happen! I've wailed too long!" • • * T.IAGAR watched the girl's face xi admiringly. The tight, beautiful muscles o( her arched neck, the raised bosom, the slraighl-as- a-die shoulders. "Now, now," Hagar soothed ab- scnlmindcdly. "I'll go hunt out Falter and see what's up. Who knows, maybe by this time tomorrow we'll have our little cameo. Meanwhile, lei's be practical. While I'm gone, why don't you run up to the house and put thai pot of slew on the stove? We've got lo keep up our strength if we're going to be pushing and hauling wilh Nell O'Neill and Falter, lo say nothing aboul lhat Russian heavy." She waved her car key and moved toward the door, "1 may be late getting back —depends on whether Fallcr's at home or abroad, [f I'm not there in a couple of hours, you go ahead and eat. Adios!" Hagar fell in excellent, fettle as she slipped through Ihe shop's front door, wulkcj down Ihe street and got in her toy-sized red car. There, right where she might have sat upon il, was the silver box, the box belonging lo the car- ncliitn cameo. It was open. And empty. (To lie Continued) Each year the earth rotates on Its axis about 366U times. SICK? Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Druq Store Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad tasle. You have heartburn, gas and dizzy spells, gas in your bowls, may press upon your bladder, causing backaches. Gelling up at nights, pains in your legs, arms, you i'eel dizzy, nervous, irritable. NU-AID Contains twenly-lwo herbs that help t o go right to work on the cause. Miserable people soon feel different, so do not go on suffering. Get NU-AID — Sold at OWENS DRUG STORE, BIytheville. SHEET METAL WORK-OF ALL KINDS Custom wurk (or gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop in South Broadway Phone 2H51 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc.. AH Work Gnaranlecd For 12 Months 531 Norlh inth 1'honc Gltdl WINTER IS ALMOST rML SO Painting Interior & lixlerioi • Expert Paper Hanging • Estimates Gladly (Jiven Russell Price Phone G560 See Our Dependable Used Cars HI 17 Sfudclmkcr [.ami Cruiser—a shiny Mick color, clean inside and oul ... .c(|ui]iped with overdrive, white sidewall (ires and Sludelmker's exclusive Climatizer. price ta'' H ' r Sedan—has good healer, excellent motor and a bargain Check These Older Models in.ll Ford Coupe mil) Stuilchakcr Commander Chevrolet 2-ibor HI39 IMymonlh 2-door 1037 Chevrolet Coupe 1935 Dodge 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO », " Y ° ur F"*ndly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & T°SH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Mystery Play - PHONE 888 trs Now OR. NEVER f TRY 67, AMD **.£ rr GOOD/ FOR A OUAH.TECI- BACKiSHAD'/SIOE. BALL—4 1H AND & 1C) GO/ WIIAT WOU.D -TtXJ OOV. KINGSTON 14 SHAOYSIDE 13 THEY'RE GOIJ^G ID KICK '• MeeoosEY BACK N WJNT FORMATION,THE BALL'S SNAPPED, MO LOOK GOT.' irs TJIAT 'Just look how much I've lost on that diet—now I'll have to buy a new suit!" PRISCIU.A'S I'OP Sliil'e \\'ilh Kathci »Y AL VERMBER NO WHEN 1 GET MV BONUS I'LL BUV Oil THAf DOLL... AND CARLVLE WILL GET HIS CHEM\CM- SET! PLEASE, WALDO! I WISH YOU WOULDN'T MAKE SUCH LAVISH PROMISES 1 . OLIVE ALREADY PLANNED TO MAKE A DOWN PAVMENT ON A HOME, BUY AM OUTBOARD MOTOR NEW TIRES YOU JU5T WISH YOU COULD" MAKE THE HOUSEHOLD MONEY GO THAT FAR Looking Ahead HY ailCHABL O'MALLESY and RALPH LANE P ; RIGHT. VERA Vl'U RUSTLE YOU BOFK .ED WINTER AND \EOME COFf EE. YOU MUSI W IN FROM CUBA / BE HALF DEAD. VIC, FOR 7HE LOOT. A YOU'RE AN HONE5T-TO ~/TT^-ff \ )K GOSH HERO IT SEEMS THAT WHEN CLEEK/AND AFTER THE WINTER'S SUBMARINE WAS/WAR HE CAME , HE ESCAPED THROUGH I BACK TO RETRIEVE A TORPEDO TUBE. ^ TKEUEWEIS? .-- DO LIKE I SAY AND TELLTHAT BOOKIE THAT KID SLICK WON'T TAKE fORANAN5WER CAPTAIN EASY! Senoridi's Story BY LESLIE TURNER YOU SEE, CAPTMM. RIDIMG 1U THE MOUNTAINS TAKIUG EASY IN- \ MD C(WE UP °W ONE OF PAPA'S TO THE MOUUTAIMS |^.&MDONED LUMBER CAMPS,. UE»R SUM OIA51O ~~ TO SEARCH FOR t ^ . -COULD SEE A * V GROUP OF MEM,,,SOME I AeiAED...AWI> MUCH \ SCIENTIFIC EOUIPWEW \ICEEPTCLOSE AS \POS5IB1E WITHOUT v XBEIIIS SEEM! THEM 1 THOUGH . WINDOW! 1 CAN'T 6 j=SURE,6UT ! HOME IMPRESSIO HE WAS BEIUO HELD PRISOJJSEll TO HUGS BUNNY Guess U's Out Now THIS STUFF 'LL REALLY PEP UP YER BUGGY, ELMER / IT'LL BLOW TH' CARBON AM' JUNK RIGHT OUTA YEK TAKE 'ER AWAY... IT'S BEEN ACTINS vewy SLUGGISH/ O\V, OOP. YOU AND OH. DEAB. MS?. BOOM.T V DON'T KNOW' ir.T-f.-. •£"'"'" /• x I I.,IHINK. IH/ST AS l£*f™. BtTT&a /YES. >eVE\ CO-P.LOT OF THE STAKT CN THE DE- /^LITTLE . LECTURE TONE.' CIVILIZED... BUT SvMAT 15 IMPORTANT... CIVILIZED MAN. 1 ROOTS AND IHCR KUDU IKS I!V KI)(JAR MARTIN

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