The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1952
Page 12
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally iai« per line lor consecutive insertion: Minimum rhatce Me 1 time jirr line J5r. 1 times pfr line per day J2c 3 limes ]>cr line per <I,IF Or * times per Unc per day ,. "r 12 times prr line per day 5r Month per line ,, SOr Count five avorARc wnnls In Ihr line. Ad ordered for (liree or six limes and *(npperl before cxplrsilnn will hf fliarKcri for the mimlirr of emirs Ihe ail ajipcarert .tnr) ndJuMnu'iu (it lii)] madf. All clas-jifjcrj advrrtisini; ciijiy submitted Ly persons rrsl.llns ontsuie of ' rtie cllj iiiiisl be atranit>*nle-tl (11 rash i Rales may r .Tilly he cn;n]in:ert from the ilifivp t.ihlp. sertfotis (Alit- Ilir onr time lar.h- Xo r<"sj>on«;|[jHHy \\W hp tnhen f>>, morf than one inforreri Insert inn nl anv riassif [pr| art. AH Jds .ire reffrtrfrrt 'o (hrir nrnfin classification, sty If and typr, Th< Courier N'cws reserves HIP right, to *dii or reject any ad. Watch and Jewelry Repair <1onr " c/vlce on Jewelry — 3 rtav* on s nncl rlorlCB. nu» r amprd " worjc by pxprtt repairmen. LoweU PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Apartment for Rent .2 rms. furnished. Couple SR39 after 6'00 p m. ly Ph. 7 pk JD 3 rnomK nncl b^th Tlth everyilihii; furnished; 4 rooms tmd brUh tmfurn- Islied. Call 6325. 719 W. Ash St. 5G pX 13 3 Tin. mifurn. npt.. pvt. bath. Nichols baibcr *hnp 418 E. Ash. 5;5 pk 12 3 rm furn. npt , hot nnrt coM \vnier PH, 2929. - 5,5 pk R 2 room IxirnLshod spar^ment. prl fate baih. Adults 51G Otee. ph 210/3, 5,3 pk ID Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME For rnrtrul. thorough run rLmnliift servlro. ml) on HIj'lhevJHf /.JiimrJry'je (7 yetiM of cxpprlrn™ L n Itiln sprrlal- l?ed rirlfj Fre« pirknp and delivery LAUN'IJKY CI 1 rm, utirut. Rpt Ph. or GORB. 4 ; 3 ck tl 3 room A-. 4 room npts for rent Cnll 0632. C. Abraham 6 ck [( Modern 2 room fur. apt Ph 2595 or 45B5 2,14 cfc t' • Modern apt.. 3 rooms nnd hnth, newly flecorntpt!. RooiL (urnUiire, gns ct|Ul»- ment. Ph. 3373. F. Shnoti. O'.2| ck \t Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per wouk. Bcclrooma ?4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. ck tf 3 rm. furnished Apt,, ph. 4 itrifurn. rlou'itstRlrs room. „ toilet- Lights and writer furnished S per week, 1016 W. Vine. 5 1 pk 8 for Sale, Misc. Fryers for sale. Ph. H327. 5 7 pk 21 Used electric refrl^prRtors, $39 9*, nn-1 up. Admins Ap)>Uance, ph. 207L 5;6 rk 6 6 Save iMoncy \Vhen You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HAKKISON & SON FURNITURE CO. [ 517 W. Ash Ph. 25521 fl-2 ck ir I TYPEWRiTERS" 1 DON EDWARDS CO 112 W Walnut - ... .. » nil L ILL t'llOlle .1.1B3 Plenty of Parking Space •ntfUh TOM aro looking Tnr ^- DeUs Fish Market. I h.tvfi plenty at nil times. Can (III anv »l?e order 2011) Rose St. half block ' -- .„.,. ,vu^,- m. Ofl ten-ay Curve. Ph. CHECK THESE SIX SPECIALS 1H5I KOHI) .... Sl.tflS J9-I9 CMC $8-15 A hrillinnt Alplnr F!]uc Tudnr iIMuxe »-llh the V-8 rnslne. Radio, healtr . . . Hkij a new car! l!>r><) KOHJ) .... ? 121)3 Imagine! Only 21.01)0 miles nil tills Custom Prime Turlor. Powerful V-8 molor. All accessories. 10'I7 FORD §795 Save money on this A-l riuti Coupe. Whitf tiros, r;u!in, hr.iter, sent V-8. A sharp car. 1019 O.M(! !.;-Tnn Pickup Trunk nit), c.itllf r.T,-!,. ;( rims Illic a top! Heater, excel, lent tlrt.s. This clean. "i-Ton I'ickup has a nr«- molor. 1 IVilli eonrl tires and hfaler, it's a buy at $785. $S!I5 Atakc a siind traile now on Iliis I'-Ton Truek with n Tool herl. Xearl) new tires. It's A-l! Get the Best! Get an A-l Used Car! 300 Broadway mipany Phone 4453 D & P L No. 15 Second ycnr [,„,„ t , rP etler. 65" n .(rrnuiiillon. dellnrrrl and trc-atcd »125 per ton. U. S. Hlnnkpnillhi Dell I'hone 24<12. 4 30 p't 5 30 4 13 5 room furn. JIM. apt., private hath. Ph. Auto Supplies and Services a-lth lion't cndnnpor your family ftuilty llrts—BUY Ln2 TIRKS CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main nnci Olvl.sion Phone 2ilj3 12 U rk tl Services 1 repair nnr mnkp or model Tvashln* machine 2 blocks or Dixie fig on bW'ph.^r' scho01 ' Fiet ^ t1 ,? r6 ", 12 1 ck it aunrantppd riA.vo Tunlnc patr. Cull 2071 dnj-s. 2059 WKh , t 26 l Wltn , e TlBlton. Disabled veteran repairs rndlf. u» P?'' C , H ™ 5 ™°>'1« Pr'cw. CWckn- >«w Covirts. Apt. 28A Ph. 831S. E. R Alley — Air Mlsjourl. Blythtvll'lc.' "nt^ DUiT. Ph. GSRS. <!J5 pk 59 ^ 1rt Soyhenn Hrptl, Fitmt'ji Hyhrlrj Beerl c:orn. SoyheKn Inoculation MlMrt fertilizer. Nc«- nnd Usert Bags PARMER3 SOV11EA.N CORP M Broadway. Blylhevllle. ph 8101 3 20 ph 5 20 Sect! soybeans, Dortchsoy No. 2. Only' 1 year from Breeder's stock. Subject to eertificniion. Only a limited supply. Ph. 2142. Gl Implement Co. 3!3I ck tf M 1 N N 0 W S — Roaches. Fishing canes Wk tip. Ph. nite 33H9. dny. f)%n. R28 E. ^T,^in St. G. C. Hawks. 4J17 pk 5|17 . < 30 pfc 13 Palr.tlns or cnrnrnter wMt" pinner. Ph. S32T. 4 23 C D pk 523 - I'h. 3553 " '• n-i T- , 5S P K City lipliolslevy Shop Ph. 3583 LAWMMOWERS , r r Westbrook Machine Shop Across from Kroger Biore 44 rk U . 2'. ft. Arxlerson Hotisrr Trnllr-r. onlv 5 roos. old. Snve S700.00 u-i this lrr,ll~r Can he scr-n nt 423 Llbr-rtr St. Ktprif. Mo. nrter S p jn. or cml G398 n\\ ili«- Tille between 9:00 .V 4:00. ~5 5 B -.ost Boy Courts. BnTber Shop opt-n litlres iluht. Work Kunrrtutcpil. strictly sanltnry. Hlghwnr >K W.. Carl a Sims - S 5 pk 19 Tomnto plants. 3 varieties tsc ner rtoz. PH.J1327. 4.29 ,, k 5 ; 13 Wnlntit nietnt licit .springs nml m»t- trcw: 3 nifitnl lawn chairs: l bedroom rocker. Rejil chcnp. Ph 2671. or alter 5 ^ 3 " 5 - 4 30 .pk S 14 Fryers, live or rlrcsscn. Bat. raised. 41B K. Ash, Nichols Parker Strop. I 5.7 pk 21 t One Ju3] sl?ed fain bed. one wardrobe, both In K oo<t eomllllon and a linrgiitri. Ph. 3556. 5;7 p^ 10 n™. way to teep hurrmnrts home~is with hrlcht. cherrfiil upliolMcry »n(l rutis. Clean em with Mystic Foam on sale at Sherwin-Williams. 5,7 c k B SEED BEANS - Drjrith" No. 2 OT~, pernnnatton, $4 Bushel, option's 98^', errnitiinilon. »3.75 Bushtl. U S. Blanli- PHKhtp. Dell. Ph. 24&2. 4.30 pk 5 3IJ Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade, your old furnilure for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms !/2 down, balniice in the fail Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Fryers, live or dressed Rat. raised. 41B E. Ash. Nichols narhcr Shop. ! 4 29 pk 5 U Save 15^ on a np ^. Frlpldftlre H mgeriuor. 6 niotlek to choose from Adams Appliance Co.. 208 \v Main 4 2ft <T* 5 Soybean seed for sale. RS^c genniiisition, flfl'r p tir i t y. Packed in 2 bu. bags. Hox.elle Gin Co., Uixura l'-h. 2911 or L>012 S'7 ck M For Safe, ReaJ Estate u]ilrx a'p^rtmciits. 4 rooms an<] bath In eni-h inm. Srtnll n room hoUf.e In rear. SASOO. 430 E. Davis, ph. 4:132 53 pi: ID Real ESTATE Farms — Cily Properly LOANS If Sntcrestpi] in nr Heng F;CJ Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Blrlg. I'h. 6868 «.30 CH tl Nice new home Hardwood floors, picture windows, [priced >ackyarct Owner brine transferred ind will pxcliance S1160 prinltv [or EOod :ar. Total price J7.5fin I.en-ls ncalcv Co. Ill E Davis Ph. 8S65. 422 ck S 22 Colorrd property—N Snn do^n. balance KolHson. Th. 33GO room house. terms O S 4 26 pk 510 Nice C;it'e "<5n .Main Street, 'iilinjf capacity of ajijjroxi- malely 50. Doing nice business. Jfiiiulli'iig beer, t-'oi Quick Sale, price ?J750 Shown by appointment only Phone 'I«M(>, 3205 o F. B. JOYN'KR H. C. CAMt'BKl.r, 5,0 ck 5;!) Insurance Call 4553 For Comj>!e(o Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Aaency Plntinod Protection 124 W. A«h St OLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING 4!8 ck tost and Found ?2r>0 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 3202, 3423 or 4464, Glehcoe Hotel. 11 ck tf ROTARY HOE - Lift Type or Pull Type Jack Robinson Implement Co. niylhevillc, Arkansas — Phone 2371 For Rent ...pTj. 1 ^: 1 "" 1 " """••"•»,,";?. Ride. 30 x 70—concrpte Moor—for- ii-rly occupied by Tnnt Construction Co.—Ctm.s. Bright. 57 j,k H Nice front room with J beds ad- alnlris bath. 314 H^at-n. 5:1 pk n 2 rrn furnished house with" bl-Tn Plro. tltchrn.^J>h. 42S5. 53 en' 7 riri. (mfur. house, ph. 6213. ~ S 3 pk 10 2 room house, elecltlc kltrlien IMIC.I location. Ph. 2M3 or 9571. S.3 ci 17 t!oO[ii nnn board Jor~men Front roatci. private entrance, hot water ::!osc In. 307 N. First, ph. 4660. 52 [ik B or 57.T1. s:i pt-. a 5 room modern home with sara"e in Holly. CompletclT furnished: Call Private Rooms l]C[l[oojti, conrt-n- 514 421 nk 5 2? Nlre furnl.slipil cnt location Ph 2 Hr<lTonm. coiivenlpnt 10 b(Uh s^p-iTn n-^t. 611 W Mnlll. ph. a325. 4,10 ck ilo 3nia]I turnlsticd mom. Ph. 2920~ 51 p)i « nrdroorn. private ba:h * entrance, close In. Ph. 4432. 430 tf bnth. Ph. 29.13 5.3 ck 17 Bedroom with pvl. Wonted to Buy W'Mlt lo buy sorer all 2071. Nlchts 2059. vi.^ort planns. 4,23 ck b 23 WANTSU We pay top prices I o r ivbrRm soyhoan Kpht.s. shelled corn ^fs. wheat rtnd barley Get otir prlco omre you ^cll FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP i BroailM-ay. Blythcvllli- rh 8191 3 21) ck .i Vll) HERE'S HOW TO~BUY A GOOD USED CAR '51 Sluile. Ch. 5-I';i '•19 Sludc. Cli. 5-l' '•">(! Chev. 1-clr. . '•IS Ford V-S 2-dr. '-IS Chevrolet 2-dr. '•IS Chevrolet 2-dr. 'J-'J Koid (fi) 2-rir Ml Kord V-S 2-dr. I5«r> 11 <)-> 1939 Dil.i 1215 . . lll.i ... 31o NASH 4-rioor Srrtan. nice ril r I list's hem cily ririvrn. O\rnlrive. loo. A real s ,iin! Coinc lii ('hiinil)lin's where every used c;tr is carefully insperled. romplctely rc- rniulitimtpd. y 0 u can buy wilh con fid one o here lic- we ninlie il a policy to pill every used car j n 'up ctmdiliiin — so you won'l he lr<nililerl wilh expensive repairs bier. "SO Stmle. i',-T. ['kp .. nn '•!!> Sltiilc. 12-T. I'kp. 'SO Chev. ',-T I'kp. 'in Sttitle. ",-Tnu '17 Chev. 2-T. Slk. '17 Dodire 2-T. |.\vil 'Ifi l)i)[) KC 1',-T. Slk A Inilv .. 705 715 7<)r, 5.1 S $295 Authorized (S Service ® 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets • CHAMBLIN SALES CO * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Hmlrond & Ash C all fiSSS \\'ell locnlod 2 bedroom <>itie on piivpd street near i Walker Park. Complete mod- s'r n equipment. Fiiiiiucinj; can bo airangcd. Immoiiiato possession. Several low priced houses. Ideal for homo or rental. \\orlh iit\ e.slii^aljji^. Pi>e or call -Max- L<ijr;m. iteultur Lynch Rlrl^r. Phone 2031 ")5 ck 11 will pny CASH for you mincra* nnd ic-tiFrK for mrt K.Vs STUUIO. 115 Wc.U Main. 13,4 Ck I linn hin COii I rn*h total Owner be- trait^fenrd trrn ^.|t^olI] hoirsr and h.TMi. l«ri.v porch, pnracp nnri Rtorrroooi iMrkvarrt ?1& East KriJtiirK'.' Sfl 51*0. Kl bAtli In PRICES PAID Kov tin. wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. .V. Ktlway & Moultrie Drive Phone 89152 4|t5 ck tf He/p Wa~nted Knmily to make share crop f'il. fiSOl. 23 cV; (f _ 4,28 tl Room Bnrt hoard. alr^> meals to the nibllc. Served daily 11:00 Co 130 BracK-ln Boarding House. ]26 E Ash ph. 4382. 4 13 pk 3 ia Concrete Block Bnlldlns. snltahle for ?arat;e or store and adjoining 5 room honse with hath. I.ocate<l In ~cnrve on IllBhway Gt. fomh side of Holland Mo. Call 4404 or write P;vnl Byrinn litinlt.- ' nfnt C°- _ i:22-ck tf Orricc spare formerly ocrupied by the Veterans Adnilnlstratloil. Available at onre. Glencce HolvL. 5|t pk 9 Shetland ponies bv the clay, wr ck or month. Dellvtnv service. John D Mc- PovJtll. ph. J706. 5|5 pk 6,5 Bean and corn land. E. B. GK.K COTTON CO. Call C. C. Coimcille, GfvIS, 2026, night phone 2880. 5.'6 ck tf the caption hereof nnti answer the complaint of the iilainUJt. ClynpU C«ttes. Dated this 22i»l clay of April. 105'!. Guy Walls. Attorney for Plaintiff tM B. Cook Attorney Ad Litcm Harvey ^torri. ! l, Clerk By Anita Syke.s, D.C. 522-29-5,6-13 NOTICK OF FIMNG OK AI'I'I.tCATIO.V FOR LIQUOR I'ER.MIT Notice is hereby given that the muicr.sierncd has fileri the Oe- ILirtinnit of Alcoholic Beverage Central, of tlie Bute or Arkansas for ,1 permit to sell ami dispense vinous or spirituous liquors f m - |, ev . ernge at rctaJi on tlie premises described: 103 S. 2nd street. Blythe- villc, Arkansas. for a permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July 1052. anr| in expire on the 30th day of June 1953. Russell K. Marr. Mi-Hill? Aw-ar When the lust Ice Age was at its height, approximately 13000000 square miles of the earth's surface wns covered wllli ice, or about twice tlie area so covered now. room furn. house with bath es- trlc kitchen. 121 W. Davis Call T.M ' . Hill ph. 26HS. . i 6 pit ,3 j Notice FUT.LER BRUSH For Bervlre at your door, rail 6353 .IAJIKS t.IGHTY, DEALER 4,32 pk 4.22 Help Wanted, Male ri.AXT IIKI.rKn-lo work In r"«'lr\m noiatin,: r !.int Pn'ter man -.viil, vrr |.).u,l .^prrlelu e. diner civilian y clnh Orlve additio rloseiR « IU | ^tointre nttlc. All Inside !rl:n and r l:ina clouds iif solid w.tlimt If you »..,,,t a neat and roomy IHMU-. you should see this one. It's'iT. Sl.T.M) cash, (olal inoutlily yayiu.^!^ !5l 12. See ot call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2.i% 4 20 fit It *'» «ere stock | hr.iis. .V srhoot hn *nn. )>!7pTy"~K'»t7r. ham. Fcnffd on ronte. Out ri.i,n In KOO.I . . romplrte nd lorer.-luv. in flr^l l. !. }i y appointment onlv o« 97S. niythevllle. Ar* ' _ Sofesmon Wanted Opportunity for lull or p»it tinTe uslnrwi In niythevllle supplying ron- utner^ with Rawlelith rrortnrte No WARNING OKDKR I" Ihc ( llanccr; Court. Chlrka- siiivliu Dlslricl. Jllssissippl Comity. Arkansas. Clynr!! Cattcs. Plaintiff, «• No. 12035 Bobby Joe catlcs. Defendant. The defendant, Bobby Joe Cattcs. is hereby warned (o appear within thirty days in Hie court named in Free Piclure Of Your Catch .Tusl hring yonr striiiR of Rsh to our store ami we'll take a picture for yon any lime until 3:0fl P.M. Xo charge al all. Good luck to you nn jour fishing. Barney's Drug CASIKUA IIEADQILARTERS 2006 W. Main Phone 3611 YOU CAN'T BE FOOLED! r^! $ A^°L^95! ON OUR GUARANTEED 1950 CHKVROUCT deluxe Fleelline 4-<loor Sedan maroon finish, large deluxe radio, healer, $-f Jn defroster and plastic scat covers I4" i?, l °L "'BVROLKT deluxe Fleetline -1-door'sedan black finish, large radio, plastic seat covers, neater and defroster ... only 1JM8 CHEVROLET Slylemasler ' 2 -doo'r' Sedan Uliic-k color, Hlnios! new (ires, radio seat SOftT covers, healer and defroster ... a sleal at onlv BS5 1948 V-8. 6-1'asscnger Coupe . . . green finish real ruhber, loaded with extras. Come in and see this bargain today •.. 1949 CHEVROLET 1-T. Pickup Truck .".VI he S O nr motor is in pei-rcct condition . . . save now 0%fD 1947 STUOKHAKKK '/,-T. i'ickup . . . (he"s motor is in perfect condition . . . save now •- !-•»*• '«X4» ]|| C.V .1 ondidon. Here's a real buy. . .a steal ', PORI) V-8 V,-f. 1'ifkup Truck. H runs & SQAI- Vgir n'mw-ST ° ne (excepl for ihe -»"<* la?) 8S5 19-16 JJODC.'E 1',-T. Slake Hody Truck. A good- §OOE runninjf (ruck, il's priced to sell n( onlv fcwv) I:!"," C ! A1C ' /2 ~ T - l>itk "P with tallle rack. Oniy §<J|>r >-Jo. Vnti'll find (|,i s va | ue at Sullivan-Nelson '/"j SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — phone 4578 cypcpT SHOE .EArElfl REPAIR H-fiLT€RS QURLITY SHOC SHOP 1ZI W. MfllSI ST. Guaranteed Watch Repair o% $3.50 . lo.r watch l.i di.s:is5cmliled, cleaned, pirott polished and | hair springs ad}v*ted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler I Next d«*r to Wade FarnlUre I See if now! To«kry'< Big Dif In automatic wash«rs— HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO. """"• & Division 3IO-21B. Memphis. Tenn i Dcpt. «KD- JT ck R Wanted : or cooklns. i 121 Don 5 fi pk 1 Wanted to Kent ni imfurnl«hc;l de»lrahle Itivmta .luck Joiilan. :>.' ph. T FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land HORNER-W1LSON IS Truck Headquarters Th* Kind You Want—At Th. Price Yo* Likel 1949 FORD IW-Ton short wheelbase Truck (hat's as clean as can b«. Special price . . . 1948 CHEVROLET 1W- Ton Truck with • n«w bed, practically x»w $695 $895 1950 CHEVROLET J- Ton SWB Truck equipped with air brakes. Perfect tires. Special price.. I94« GMCl'/j-TonLWB Truck with a new bed. Good tires. Drive it today I Special price . . . $1295 $495 1917 DODGE 1-Ton Truck with Stnke Body. Take x look at the fine (ires. Special price . . . $395 1950 FORD '/7-Ton Pickup Truck. Good tires, excellent engine. A bargain! Special price . . " $795 1950 CHEVROLET J- Ton SW1! Truck wilh a 'me pain! joh, excellent tires. Special price . . . 1950 CHEVROLET '/, Ton Pickup in guaranteed fine condition. Good tires, too. Special price . . $995 $995 Buy Your Truck on Easy Payment Terms' At HORNER-WlLSON EAST-—: MAIN Rocket Uld.smohile — CMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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