Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1896
Page 4
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BKit John Gray's CORNEK. OB the following items: • All kinds of warm •weather dres« -goods; iill kinds of fKiuze underwear for Indies. merits ami children; -;ill kinds of gold, silk and leather bolts; all kinds Of laws and trimmings ami aJl other kinds of soods. DAILY JOURNAL P'ubUbhod every day In the week (except Monday) \>y t!io Lojransport Journal Company, \V. S, WRIGHT President A. HARDY Vice President C. W. GRAVES Secretary S. B. BOTER , Treasurer Price per Price per Annum $-1-80 Month.: ; 40' O:tlc!ul Paper of City and County, (Entered as second-class mall-matter at the Lob-ansport Post Oflice, February S. ISSS, greatest Discovery or the 'Century. 19th NKW ItKMXVY .1«<:(ll<Nlf<:<l Air for ihe Cure of CtttiinOt, AMthiuti nnd till Pulmonary DlMeases, It bus no eoi'.ul ">r imd Nervous IR.iJ- . l.OOu.oCO ue(H>!<> me nnnuiilly from the HbovB niiintO (llsoiises. W "T suilfr anil din, when lamented Air Is 71«0iCATEOX*" i?u:irAnie*U to c>1 r« you. Air uuil I)I-UK Co., Richmond, Ind., U. S, A. It IB tlie best remedy on earth for Ld ..j>pe. It will give immediate relief t will effect a cure where nil other Kedles fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSPOKT, IND. OflPITflb - *2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, Vice President . H. J. Hcitbrlnk. Cashier. * DIRECTORS. B. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and s»'l Government botifls. Loan . Money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing ; per cent. Interest when left one rear; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited vlx months, Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds. Insurance policies, mortgages and other valluables, rented at from K to J15 per year. SUNDAY. .H'.NE 21. To the Ladies. Those who are interested in dermatology should call on Mrs, Sti-inguam, vvho is located in the St. Elmo building on Broadway and bo convinced that dermatology Is what every woman of in- tollis'enco ami refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful complexion is a necessity of the- Nineteenth century, and which civilization must have; and every worthy husband or brotUei- will take interest ia ami those who are suffering from nuy cutaneous disorders such ns eczmn, totter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic fiirls wishing to work for $10 a week should call and *J1 Mi's. Strlngharn's preparations. Catherine Stringhain. DERMATOLOGIST. BOSSES WILL WE THKRK. ru William C. Whitney has abando-neil a Hurupeaiu tirip. after h-ls bii'l'h hcid IKVII engaged and his grip 1 packed, M. rial wwiiest and Jiiti.t'ul 1>1M at' his DiMinn-nitie l'ello\\'-di>spa!ideut.s.- He will .-nrlcnd t.lie Chicago c-nnvi-niion and try his <>M Ji'.oUiods on IVmocral sMverriioip- 1 . Wir.li brim will be Million- rure Buss Croker, who is always at Mr. \Vli'i'«iey's s-ide to take charge o-t "de- raiils." .Boss Gorman, the moneyed Maryia'iHler. will also be a delegare at L-trgi 1 , ;ii:d was on Uie pe-liljon that hi- dtu-i-d the depa-rii-iig W-lrftuoy to timi back. 'Pile woalch of tJic DemocraMe or.wiH-ixar.ioii will be cei.ft'1'cd at fhe CoUwiun during the i-on volition. Its force «>' tilie basis of the slmi hopes the old leaders have of luin-n-i'jig the fide thai s«!s agai'nst diem. It is e.v.i(]e.nt hhsit tlie discarded.'ones yi-arn 1.0 pmvha^e power agal-u, t'he sa.me methods! -being employed that wen- adopted in ihi's Sstaite reeeutiy in ulie buying of Po-pulllst holders for fusion pu'1-po.ses. Now ih.'i-t President Cleveland declares himself "in Uie ranks" ho will pe.rhaps not be willing ti> luosen his grip on Uie h-a:i'd-ea-rui'd dollars-he has accumulated: There is little in -the pi-aspect -to tom.pt Secretary Cai'hVli! to joi'ii Mlu Sfchemors. They will -make a lisi.rd light for control and a.s their mot/hods have prevailed, they may a^a.in. The result ot Uio presence <.>!' Mil 1 bosses at the Chicago convention wi.il be wa.'tehod wit-h some curiosity. Georgians Were Easy For the Otto Sluggers. lyu 3. - '• ' ; : At, Cincluiiiiti- Loul.svi.lle 7, Cinein- STANDING OK THE CLUBS. Clubs' ; Won T/>st PorCf. KOKOMO WiLl^ BE HERE Four Hundred Strong—Cleveland Won Yesterday. It was tlio greatest display of fire works of iihe season. The way llii'y d'id swat tli:K liaJJ was a caution ami it only rook a part: of one iQuins to kill tho OVoLifiaiLS off. The Ottos wen! to bat and limy liifido thejr game yood and strong while they wero at It. They batted wound .'Mid hild gojic down Die lam; again to ti'ao fourth iniiu before they tfivw i.lfi'd and let down. \lnc runs in one iimi-njr is enougli ,to imikc any sol of ball player's tired. Tlie Ottos were fired of clia.si.iig around Die bases and i.hu Georgians, well, they were tired of c'hashi-jjf ilie long drives. It WJS so all lilu'ungh the game. Tlie liome toajn hil iihe ball as often and as hard as tliuy pleased, and piled up a total of twenty hits, win]) live doubles scattered akmg for jjootl measure. Fisher, pitched ihe best; frame -he line i.uit. nj; since lie lias been with the team., and was given Uie host support lie lias' had. Hunter cangbt a ganne -which won Id be a credit !.c> a professional, and tbe- team all around played good ball. I-t was not a game in which the rooters could say much. There was nothing to root for. The home team was making the runs, so what need was tlicr-e for. them 10 \va.ste breath. They saved it fur the £,-uno tills afternoon. If lit conies to a show down, (he rooters will throw tiii'ijjstilvM aw;iy Ini't what tiiey get Hie crowd going. -Following is tlie score 01' yesterday's ganne: Balrlmorc 32 Cleveland 30 ClnciiiJiaii 3- Bostnn ;. .-. ,'2S pi.ttsbnrf,' ..."..::, .L:T IS 17 •M HO oo .wo Brooklyn Philadelphia' Chicago Now York St. Louis ... Lunisville . . Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking ^•^ _• w Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE 13 '. . .10 :iS PERSONAL KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. CIO BROADWAY. A. REl'UBUCAX GAIN. Of ulie lioiltiii^r Shltw a-11 but two were out of Republican ranks in 180:2. These Iiavcrfoven decitora votes. That is tlie loss, in case they are not within the ttituks next Xovembcr. 'I'.he St^ite.s tliat will fro wltJi the Reptibl-icaji tidal wave of bis majorides, will be joined by New York, Delaware, Wisconsin aind nui.tiy otJicrs. that weut. to Clevo- la.nd in 1S!):2. b-ri-ujring wl,lili tliom a total elwtoral vote of 7.". The n-et jrain assured l.s C4. r iMio elarm t'hat t'he Iwss.of IlopubKcan sonsi.toi's in the iKilt-i'ns Slati.'S ivJJJ jirevont Republicans from witiiiviK a nuijariry in Hurt body, Es not: susijiiiiwi by .facts. The victory next •S'ovwiiber will leave no doubt of the pa-rty boliifr a We to pass laws. There Is no heslitjiitiioni -i.n preillcti'ii^-for the eagle a sweeping liriiinipJi. that will Oil both Houws wlith Amorican votes. The recent actLooi of silver senators leads to the rejlocti'ou that they have not 1'or some tiinie been Republicans. True they were iinsidc on Ropublica.n phnis, but only to more effectually ltlm;k r.hwn wliou .'Hiey were presented. Senators Toller, Du-lw'us and Pettigrew were iu t'he eo-nvciitioji a-nd wa.lke.d out, but they Jia.d beau owt, so far aSjleally •fo llopubli.ca.n pri.nc-i{>Ies is concerned, for many m-on-tibs. . '. There is sotr.elihiing niicanny aVl 'hard to ntiilOTSfciml hi Iho iindilTorcncL' 1 with OTTOS Hunter, c . . . Byeis, 2b Brnlo.li, 3b . . Bohui, ,1b ... Hacked., If . . Shaver, ss . . . Stwnler, of . . Keuneally, rf rislici 1 , P Totals . . ATLANTA Dovoro, c.f . . . Alexander, «s AB PO . o r> •i 10 Conniff, rf . Lighton, c . . Crawford, p Smitih, 2b Street, If Bates, lb Totals . ..40 AB ...4 . .4 ..-I ..-1 . .4 0 2 20 i-r o 0 1 0 o 0 1 1 1- PO 4 ..38 4 S 1." A 0 4 1 1 0 •• 'ir. 4 0 0 14 Score by innings: .Ottos 0 0 100020 0-1i Adautas .. .0 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 0— -.1 Two-ba.se hits—Himfer, Byers, Fisher, Hackott. Stem-let"-base on balls—oil' Fisher <l. off Crawford 5; struck ont-- by Fisher 2, by Crawford 4. Time o-f game 1:5~i. Umpire Johnston. H, 13. Shiiik was in ilie cHy yi'Sierday from Laifayw.lc. .1. ,1. Ca.mpbetl Ict't last n!.ghif for Chicago to visit Iris farnlily. ^'red Koonlx was lulre yesterday from Caiiinlen for a ^•iisit wl.tli friends. Mr. '.tiKl 'Sins. Adolpli S0i.nuiierman are at AVimunac 1o spend Sunday JIis. Kmainicl Se.'iafer and vhildron have gO'iiiO to Owcss". Mich., to spend the;'summer. Mrs. James Mtnui'i: of Comiei'sville is l.he gnexr of ti.ei- parents, JJr. and Mrs. T. ,T: InuiH-l. C'.v-ni* Knaiill' Inis retraineil' fmrn GrawfordsvUle mid Wabash eollcgo for 1.ho va«idon. C. H. Foster and family have as visitors, Mr. and Mrs. .T. D. Thompson of Warren, Ohio. Marsha.! Soda.m i:s a.l home from Chicago wliere lie lias been at ti-ndin^ Rush medical co.lik'ge. James A. Khotides ami sifter Miss May of .Pern .ire. iho s'ni's;s of iho family o-f .7. C. Newer. Attorneys Gamble and .U-nkitv;s were at Tviike Cicotit yesterday trying a case. Court was lu;ld in the open a'av. Charley ,Tam:e.*o-n o-f Marion, who owns the Fair, was i.u Hie city yesterday, looking a.tter his rinteresis. l''rank Bwisel. passenger brakeman on the T-'anJiandle. was called to Ci.ncin- i^ilj yeslerday by 'Kie sickness of his mother. Mrs. 0(!o i>;(.'i.l, who has been visiting lior pareivts, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (':. Gtaiilin, has retunicd -to lua 1 homo in Troy, Ohio. ' A. J. I'resoo't and fa.mily are home from an extended t.ri.p ca.<t. Andy l:ns been fiUi.ng out fish amdavits every sl'iifc he cswiK 1 back. Lafayette Call: Miss Mollie Cunniug- la.m has resigned her position as head rt'tnlng room girl ait the Murdock hoicl, T,og:ii!Sjiort. and will return to Uiis cUy, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Armstrong of Chicago ait' visiiJiig their pao'euts in Beth- leho.m and Han-ison tof\viis»hips ajvd,.w,il.l atoid the t'oWon weddin.s; ainiiveishVy o r f Mr. a.nd Mrs. David Tugh of Ftdto-n co-unty next Thursday. A COLUMN FOR THE DRUMMERS. Traveling men are invited to send Items of Interest to this column. Personal notes will be gladly received. Matter should reach The Journal office by Friday night to insure publication the following Sunday. .u-i\'t- an jidOress ujwii ihe woi-k of thoso i--ocim.i(B!. The public will be especially wulvdiiied to hear the address in the l.KK STATES THK CAi:PK. sMi'iit of T. P. A. Outlines ihe Ue- ;nand-s l.'iwa ):he TJie DR. S. H. WARD. HOHCEOPATHJST Office 309 Fourth Street. Ovt-r Taylors Jewelry store- Jiuuml Tclepliune No. 200. Residence 013 North Street. The "Twin Comet" ana "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will •prtnMe four times greater urea Uian any •ch«rn. Highest award at the Chicago Bxpoeltlon. E, STEBBINS MFG. CC ••U Manufacurers. Sprjng-fleia. Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •tares In tho United States. \\-hI<;li -tho new^ o'f tlie 30,000 deaths .in a far Enstoni tidal wave disaster-Is reeoive<l. One ctumot grasp the full horror of the calamity a-t t-li.i,s dislance. A wheeliOHiu iveiglung 1:10 pounds-, goiing n:t the rate of-ten njj]p,« nn hour,' has a force equal to 1,800 pounds, al- mosJt a. toil. TJi.e scoi'elior i.s'not a harmless being but-a inonaee'lo those in his path. THE KOKOMOS TODAY. They Have An Imiiorted Battery to Sprijijr ou L's.- What has put co.u.rage iii.to ('lie Jiearts of Gorman, Hill, WWrney, Orokcr and th.e r<*st, that l.iit-y-deeiide to go to Clil- .cago? The thought occurs that perhaps Hicy -leave .some fell design on Mie Dem- ocra t:!-e conren'tiion. WANTED. A ffltNTS WANTED: New book; Illnstrnted and A Dramatic Hlstorj- ot tlie ot Louis Cjclone ill grupljlo aocount ot Deal hand Devastation. .plcc25c. Toruarre*. Burcliii « Co., Clncln- Major JlcKluley will be oilicially no- liUied Juno 20th. Hou Ga.rre.tt HobaTt's wnumiit-tee will break l.hc BOWS genlly I'o him Tilly 7th. W it i-s possible, tJiu • Kokotnos will t.'ike Uie gtmic today. There is only om- way by wliu'eh. 1:hey can do It, and that is to steal it. They may hire a leiifetie battery and sta.ud some- sliow, ami it'.* doubttol it they could then take rbe frii.mo. It was rumored last night that they bad live new mcn'liirecT e.special'lj Cor this oecafiton, ami i.lierc is no doubf l>n,t that they would do i,t if they could. AH .sorts of stories are afloat,as to ihe manner iu wh-lch th.e team has been strengthened, ,an,d i.f half that's told Is true, they wi'll bring tlvc Indianapolis league team with them. Watch the reajn, and Jf the following players are on the field, it's' Loganxport's gaino: \\'hiteman, lb; StseHf, 2b; K-iiwmJn, rf; Fanrot, ef; Mvwray, e; Boyce, if;- Love, ss; Rogers or Ly<?u, 'p; S-tokes, 2b. Put against that aggregation tills one: Hoiwley, 3b; Byew, e; 'Bruton, ss; -Bo- Ian, lb; Hackettt, If: Shaver, rf; Stemler, cf; Ha-uluy, 2b; Crosby, p. Take your choice a.nd be sure you pick aright, for there will be some ."eating-tip" done; . , THE NATIONAL JJ3AGUE. THEY OBEYED IT. There will be many a thirsty man iu Logansport today. Why? Because there will'be'nothing to drink but'wn- ter. Cap-tain Steltou served notice on the saloonkeepers yesterday evculiig that 'thfy would have 1o close, front, back and side, and at 11 o'clock the doors went bang, and they stayed that way. AH appeals were fruiMless and many .1 man vdw has been in Ihe habit of getting )i!s (Iriuk when he wanted it, hours or no hours, was refused for tJie first time i.n many year..*. A .Tonrna-l reporter made Hie rounds o.f tlit; downtown district n.ftcr mkl- n.iglit to see how the orders of the chief o-f police were beiii™ obeyed, ami not a place visited but was tightly closed. The Nicholson law is in full force and effect-. day .-il'lw !!)(-> T. P. A. n.itloiiiil iitiioa ai, Terre Hauie pawed tin; now fa.niionis resolutions- inslrncri.!!^ (.•ach of rhu liir-irty-nvo Sl.-i.te divisions o:' the orgunjii!.'i,T.iou to i'nr.rodtK.'O a hill in the Lep'iis-lanure of -i.hcir respci-tivo Sl:itiis comipclltaig ni-ilroaiU fo soil tickets ,-iit, a Hut ra-lo of t.wo centx per mile. the Chicago Tribune Avire'd Pi'i-sidi.'iir ].<•(• as follows: "Wlfcil. do commercial traviJc.i's want fruon railroads and why siiouJd il.'cy Iwve ivV" In reply, Prwiident I-e« teiogra plied UK; TirJInuic a-s folJow,-:: They \\-i-Mt. ,-vn ijnlwrtnm gobble mileage ticket w;od OV<T all -i.'lie lines iurlud- ed L-u flie tiM-ritory of the Ccii'tral Passenger CoinJiKttee. :o be sold at two! rt'intis por iniMe. and strictly non-i.ra-.is- fi'-ral'ile. and a similar ticket iu rhe ;er- rinw.ry of each- of Mio other passenger .lASOciitiooifi of the United Sta.tcs. They waut t.lie friendship, co-oiK>raitivc sym- jia.lliy. :mil 'active a-ml consiidera.te aid of l-he railliroad comiiauies in building n-|) ami developing t:he commerce of tills coini'i'.ry, iuchnliJiig :MI extension of its railroad faci.li'.ii's. They should have a-11 of (.hose bccan.^e '.hey are i>rofe.^sional promo-lei's of the prosperity of the ])<>ople .'M^vJ the most economical, prompt .-i-iid practical mctl- iiu-ni of exch-augc bet.ween.all the people ;'or 'lilvo products of their labor, because they are tihc recogiwxctl reprcsputivtivi's o-f comimurc-o its gre-,H iipbuHding aWl (•iMiJixhig powo.r ainid arc essential 10 rhe prosper-illy a.nd grnwt'i of railroad inter- e.siu-; a,9 iihe railroads are to iheii-s; thej 1 jure pnicttailly ajid consf;mUy acting as frelgihl; solioitois ,for the railroads, and .-irt fihe S.-U110 liai).(? jiayi-ns ''ho railroads miiillions of dollars for the privilege of Deputy-Prosecutor Gamble and Attorney A. G. .Tenkiues were «it iu .lef- fensoM townshi-p yesterday -inornin^ trying a suit, brought againsr Samuel Berry, Si/inou P. Gra.ucl being the complaining witness. It was alleged that Berry fcwpiisswl npon Gra.iiel's pTOperty and killed Grand's dog. The trial was held in the yard of -.TustIce W.iJso», and iva.s .attended by abo-tit sevenly-live of the neighbors. After hearing die e Justl.ee WJLson reserved his decision. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. On .Monday evening, June I.';.'. ISfc, Wabash lodge No. 1S31, K. of H.. will elect ofllcej'S for ihe wisiiing term. " ". LEWIS EPSTINE Director. •7AMKS .<?. BOLT, Reporter. A subdued rumbling from the East is occasioned by the first 'haJtilng roll of Hon. W. C. Whitney's barrel toward Clue-ago. It will be a.-terrific struggle between old and now bosses at t'he .Chicago convention. The old ones hiave the boodle. V/fEN to take orderi In every town and cltj; no jXI,<l«Uver1nK;eood wage.!); par nwkly:no capl- ~ Btoftdy work. GLEti BB03., Rocbetter, N. Y, W ANTED: AcenU for the authentic hlstorj (I the great cyclone: 160 »iwe»; 160 special pho- twraptm. Crclicht paid, igenta r«port 100 orders duly, • 10 two - cent stauios .tor outfit. Act quick ...Hoosler Publlsblng, Co., Ir.dlinBpclls, Ind. No ptatfoimi was ever : drawn that gavesucli gcoierail saiHsfaot-lon as that of the St. Louis ratification. . ' Cleveland WJn.v Bur, Baltimore Does Too, So the Latter Still Leads. Cleveland turned Uie tables ou .the CoJt-s yesterday, n-nti "Uncle Anse" ;ui'd his w.hlte legs wen.t back .to Chicago minus the game the,y were so sure of winning. The strong, .clubs., all Hon. Claude Matthews must- now croa/te an opportunity to display l)is draimatic ability. The popular voice Is boss. with the exception, of Brooklyn,' whicli dropped a game to .New .Y.orK. Follpw.- ing are tlie scores.of'yesterday's games: At Cleveland—Chicago 8,,. .Cleveland At Boston—Washington.'c,'Boston 1^2. At Baltimore-Pliiladelphia .3, .Baiti- naore 13. ., At Pittsburg— St' 'Louis' '4, Pittsburg 7. • '. . ,' At Brooklyn—New York 6, Brcok- COllMENCEME^T. The aunuail commeik'emeiit exercises of .the St. Vincent de Paul school w^ll be lield tomorrow evening. A crodila- ble entertainment can be expected a.> gond .talent is plentiful. Tlioy shouJil lisiv<i ilicso also because clx'.y a.re wiitiug to .submit PO all reasonable :uid 1'aiLr reslirlc.;:ioiis as to u-so of suc.h. mileage ftckeils and boeausu the iii'te o-f -bwo cents per mile asked for I* not imreasoujiWc, .for most, roads have boon mnlcing tliat mtc for ninny years: and because, Hionssh manufacttirc'd and agricidtiu-ul products have declined-*n vsUuo nejM'ly 50 per cwt. in ten years pasl:, .nlicre :li:is durms that, rime been no corresponding reduciion. a.nd. In •fact no reduction a:t aill, in iiassengor traiiisixn-tjition rates. There are many oiiliur excellent re.aso.ns \\-liy co;!imercia,l s should licivo Lhese -thincs, too r for tolegTa.phing. They have, howevor, after long and pcnvsist'cnt, porsuasivo a.nd pacific incit.lwKls have been, for years omp'.oyfil. concluded that nhc illegal forma-Won of pools and trusts called railwiy associa- tiioiiis stand in tlKsir way to prevent, them by evasion,'insincerity, and eon~ binsiitiou. agaiitist tilie public good, from sw.-virL'iig .justice. They have been IraM.ed ius-incertly. incoosideratoly, an-d unjustly by those orgauizatLon against, public jxilicy, and .have alwnt.- conchideO Iliougli wi-tb groat, reluotsMicc, and after careful co-u- is.kler.'1-Mo.n, lo join, ha.jrds in common cause wif.li all tho people, com-uifrcial. nia,raifactiu.r.inir. and- agriculuira!, against tihosc <^mbiina,tions and conspiracies which are opposed to public welfare. In tMs, the Just, righteous, and honest advocacy of right and iho public wen-1, they, -tibe commercial travelers, hope 'to have (;hc sympathy and approbation of that most powerful champion of 'the causa of the people again-;; wrong and oppression, the daily press, and especially of The Chicago Tribune. JOHN A. LEE. at. Uie Evangelical church today as follows: 0:.'50 a. m. Sunday school 10. 'So u. m. surmou by the pastor. T. p. m. V. P. A. S p. m. so-rnron by Tiie l!<-v, Jos. l-'i.-'her. Clii-nch of Christ (Scientists)— Services will iio held iu riK'ir rooms in the KeysioiK- block, corno:- of Sixth and Broadway. Subject "Ji'sus' Last. Discourse. and His As<>M!iio.:i." All are welcome. Broadway .Method i.-a C-lmreli— E. L-. Seniiuis. IKIMOV. Class at f) a. m. Sua- da.i' school ai :):•;,"> a. in. Preaebiug ar 11 a. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth Lftiguo at <!:3ft p. in. Evening sorv ice at T::!0 o'clock. A cordial invitation to alJ. Trinity Church— Kcv. F. 0. Cocl- baugh. Holy comnninioii at 7 a. in. Sunday school at !):•!. 3 a. in Morning prayer at 11 o'clock Subject of sermon "Christ's Ministry." Evening in-ayt-r at 7:30 o'clock. Subject of sor- moil on "JJxri'n.-sion of the Kingdom." Market sireer M. E. church— Preaching by the pastor. W. U. \Vonos at W:4~> a, in. ami 7:.'-30 p. in. Sabba-th school at ,1:30 a. m. Class moeJing a,t H:-i.j a. in. ami d:,'!0 p. m. Kpworth- Le-'igue at !!:.">0 p. m. Topic "lib Protest at Church Abuse*." Leader Mary McAl- Isrer. All are invilvHl, JJniversiJis; Churdi— Rev. T. S. (iiithrje, jwsior. Swvices today at 11 a. m. a,nJ 7:30 p. m. Rev. James Hougliwm of Broolwtnn will supply the pulpi.t to The absence of the pastor. Sundsiy scliool at 10 a. m. Young people's meeting at 0:30 p. in. All are invited. Services at the Ninth street Christian church today at 11 o'clock a. m. and 7:30 p. in. Sermons by vhc pastor, Rev. T. S. Kn. 5 eni.'iii. Morning subject "The One Fonndafioii" Eve.n-iiig subject '•The Siiliicioiicy of iilie Holy Scriptures." Sunday scliool at 9:30 a. m. G. X. Berry, Supr. V. P. S. C. K. .it 0:30 p. m. All are welcome. Si. Luke's EjigJish T.utJicnrj Church — J. C. Kanffman, pastor. On account of conthnuxl dvlny iu tlie church improvement. tlie services will be held at lie G. A. It. hall. Sunday school at 9 and ch.urch services at 11 a. m. Junior Endeavor ,-i:t ,"i:30 an<l Christian Endeavor at. n::-',0 p. i». Tlio Easteud Mission Sunday scJiool meets at 2:45 p. m. All .'ire iuvi1«l. The congregation is invited to meet wkh Uie Broadway Pr^sbyltsim chinxii in Hie eveaiag. Bixx'idway Presbyterian church, corner Ninth street and Broadway— H. A. Pcrcival. pastor. Tho pastor will preach at 11 a. m. an-d l\ev. J. C. Knnff- man, D. D., ar 7:30 p. m. Subject of morning sermon "The Gospel and Its Preaching" Iu the evening a union service with Sr. Luke's English Lutheran eou.srogsu-jon. The choir will sing "irate a Joyful Noiso Unto the Lord" by Myers. Bible school at 9:30 a. IB. Mr. Elder, Supt. Y. P. S. C. E. at 0:30. Subject "Doubts a.ud Difficulties.' 1 Prc'e soa.is. Primed programs. All are welcome. MUST PRODUCE JTS BOOKS Judge Kivkpatrick at Kokomo yes- t:ei-da.y, in The EcJ River-VTabas!) railway recoiversliip case, ruled that ihe company produce its Ixwts in court for eXMiiiuation. The trial Mill come up iu a few days and the State expects to prove t:ho company has forfeited its charter. The Eel River has been operated as a division of the Wabash. Bead Stevenson & Klinsick's ad;ihoy ire sl.-mghtwhie shoes. • Mr. Dan Moore of the Eastend was reported dying J.ist. evening. HAPP-TKAL. F. Happ and Delia B. Teal were um'ted IB marriage Friday evening by the Key.. T. S.. Freeman nt No. 210 Fourteenth street. Strayed—From .pasture 1 on- 'George' street, medium sized cow, ueck and «houild<M'S p ]£gb.t red color, rest, of body neftrlj; all \yliite, will pay for return or lnfo.iiiatlo.n regardi'ng her.—George B. Taaguy, 2115 Broad-way. _ T.he. fire .department was called to ,Qu)gJey's,cari(Jy house yesterday morning by a false alarm. ... l Prosi-dcnt Ti'.-i.volei-s Protcoiivo A-ssociarfon of America.. Mr. .1. T. Elliolt was Ln Chicag day of rhe past week. M. Hiuuilfiij w;w doi'n^- business, i.n Kewaraia last Tuesdav. CARTE ITTLIi IVER BUS THE CHURCHES. First Pres'byreri:in ciuirch'—The pastor, D. P. Putnam will preach in flic nioralng upon "God's PecuJiur People". In the evening at 7:30 Mrs. N. V. Cause the general organizer who has been to tJie city the .past week and secured the organization of a Humane .society will SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also rdiere E.jtresifrom.Dyspq^sIt. Indigestion and Too Hcar*y Eating. A perfect tiauoAf tor D^zintsJ, Nausea, Dnrrri. ness, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tonga* Pain ir the Side, TORPID LIVIR. Regulate the Bcwel*. Purely Vegetabhi. email DO

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