The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 13, 1937
Page 5
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MONDAY, DliCKMBHU IS, 191(7 ID BfllTLE TIGERS, Sale 0!' Tickets For Chick Dinner Is Reported Brisk Mot Springs Released Chicks So They May Schedule Little Rock A lui'BC turnout of Hlytlievilie trcttall funs lor the bnmjucl Uie Hotel Noble Wcxlni'Sdiiy mall 1 ., hcnoring the tiiiucntun uiul untied lilLjli school Chlckiimws. a))- lu'nrul rci'tniu today, the ticket committee of (lie Cliickiisiiw Atli- k'lic dub nimoimcrd. llcnry "Hank"'Crisp, director of iitlilclic.s ut (lie University of Ata- butna, luul ^am Cusleti, Memphis iUtuiu\ nnd former Rlylhcvillc rdiintrcr cunrli. will Ijo among tin 1 spciikers on n program that will luivc many features 13,'ii'qucL tickets 6liouW Ijo obtained as early as possible, co:ii- iniltce members ur^cd, because ot ! indications Dial the Hotel Noble'. 1 ; Blue Rccm will be packed for llr: event. ULYTHKVIU,!-;, (AUK.) COUlUKJl NJWS i:clinitc arrangements were made in Little l?ock Saturday for the Hlylhuille Chickasaws to mm the 1 itllc Keck Tims ami tlic I'iuc Hlttff 'Mints on the tirkliron in 131:3. The action gives the Chic;;- usaws by far the imsi representing stale schedule they huve ever had. The Chickasaws and Tigers will i-Ia.-ih Oct. 1 at l.itlle Hock in Die first of a two-game home ami home agreement. Th<: two teams will play here in 1939. BlyUicville and Pine llluff, !hc enly (\vo undefeated teams In ihc Arkansas Athletic conference last tca'-on. will play at Pine Bluff fcXpl. :<:i. The same will count a.s a conference affair, it mas decided at. Little Hock Saturday, doing! c.wav with a previous limitation on in,, | c. A \v; I • Marl of the conference season. I^UgH OtflVS As Waslling- Chicago To arrange the Little Rcck-lily- Ilitville game it was necessary I tint Ilct Springs release BlytlK- \ill(' fi'om the last half of a two- yenr contract. Hot Springs nnd ton Defeats Bears, 28 To 21 CHICAGO. Dec. 13. ..... The Wash- Blytlicvilic Dlayetl at Hot Springs i n? ton Redskins defeated the Chi- (Hiriivj ihc recent season and '.ho eago Bears here Sunday 28 to 21 li-ojaiis were due to play at Bly- ( 0 win the National Professional the-, illc next year. Hot Springs,! Football League championship with through Coach Men-ing Perry,! Sammy nanali in the slim-in- role. Jigi'ccd to the release and Athletic j TJi c ~ Redskins onenc-il ui> fit Ihe Director Enrl F. Qutglcy oi LiUle. second half with Uiutgh, who rose Reck and Coach Jce Dildy of Bly-j to sensational stardom as a first Ihcvillc promptly nrrangcd for the| year pel-former in professional cir- Tigcr-Chick clash. ( cles, slinging three spectacular At, the conference meeting it' touchdown parses. He then played was decided that teams finishing: a prominent role in a stout among I'.ic first four teams in the j that held off Chicago's desperate conference football standings must' challenge in ih t > closing of phiy. - play at least two of the teams in that group to be eligible for the cliamnicnship the following year. The ccnfcicncc also increased] t W'n* 1 Qv6f to six the lunuber of conlciem.e " * Barnes a team must play to l-ej eligible for the conference, football championship. Officially '.lie j Austin High School MEMPHIS. Term., Dec. 13.— hiuti .soltol of CMcnKO, Kit,;„, ,,„,„,„..«,;„»[. umoaiiv -.,u: u ,, mi , thc scn[ill tioiml Bill De stale conference chniiiDKUislnu wis'coirevorl t!' awarded to Pine Bluff, a learn that played more con ercnce gam:,-; than the undetailed Cliickasa-vs Ul and was miocalcn within contoj-!.,, iefcate<l Jackson. Tenn high Jicrc Saturday. 13 U> 0. Df Corrsvont was removed froiv game early after sustaining "jury but not before he nice circles, and a committee was e( , cl , (1 ' cll his fil . sl nm o( . , he istrncted lo present a trophy io} samc . for Cl touchdown. the iietaras. ] A rule was passed to permit my t? i p Dili tcliccl in the stale lo become a Explorer oaj'S BUDDICS member of. the conference. Schools i " ~ " ~ seeking entrance must, file appli-i cation with the association's pres-! ident. The school, if accepted by! :> majority of the conference mc-.n- for n year before being atlmiUsil! /Ml officers of thc conference were re-elected. They arc: T. H. Alord, Nci-th Little Rock. Scare Man-Eating Fish AKRON. O. iUP>—Mnn-calini can be frightened avvny b bubbles, nccmiling to Capt. Job! U. Crp.Ii!. Hollywootl motion pic lure, producer and noted PAGE VlVK So Charlie's a Dummy! If 'avis Hails liinc hxpired Sergeant As New 'While Hope' I'AIUS iUP>—The famed French jreigii Legion, which glories lit ic lighting record of Us iiiysleri- liard-skhiiKHl volunteers, lias iinlly turned out u pikellehlei- orlhy of that cruel! outfit. Francis Jacques, 23, recently iscliiirgcrt from the legion after is five years enlistment had ex- ircd. laid aside Ills .sergeant's ripes, but went on fl^hliiif;. Jac- MCS Ls l;is legion "nom de guerre,' ut his family name Is Donnct. In his first ring appearance in 'urls a.s a professional, Jacques lid low a Bnsciiic heavyweight of inch experience. Celay, in one omul. Jacques reached out. a hairy eft once or twice, .seemingly just iibbing to get his range, but the nils carried to much power Ihe Basque's knees befjiin lo bow ;nul le went down four times before ing counted out. A native Parisian. Jacques was inlying law in Paris when his pint of adventure coniiucrrd hi:; .csire fp-; learning, and he run way from home, Enlisting in (he csloti, ho \v«s sent to Slili bel \bbc.s. (he legion's home camp, mil from there lor five years, was cut wherever there was it;iy light- ns to do for France. He fought, the Moors in the cold ?ighls of tlic- Alias nioiiiunlns, ind he fought the blue Touaregs •,nd llio dust-brown Bedouins of he Sahara in their unlive snnds. nmdreds of miles from en onliwst Hid Inindreds of miles from food ind water. The legion carried on ts backs, in tlioso campaigns, all he focKl, water, ammunition and clothing it would need lo get .here, right, and come back. "No battle in the ring ever can •>e so hard as those battles In the Icscrt." Jacques said. "I learned to jiillcr with t!ie legion ami the long lurd marches under the broiling iim toughened me lo such an extent that I doubt if any heavyweight, no matter how good lie is. :an punish me. When I learn Die science of lighting with lists, I am ;oing to America." Marcus And I'lcldie Malouc On Wrestling Card When shapely Mae Wc.'.l mmmnvcd: "C:;>i:<: up 'n' we me sometime." dark and handsome Charlie McCr.rthy liunit'd to licr famous mirrored boudoir bi'lore she had tile phone olil ::1 her hands. hmiR his hat on the ead of Mae's bed and M'lthd down U enjoy Inviell, a> shown above. But he became the (ii.,i mmi hi hlstovy to linn .M.i'-' ,iwn when he declined a vole in her i.-rlhi-niniiin picture-. K,-lf;n !ler- gen, who disgusted Charlie by in.'.lslin", on eoinlni; idon;;, i's:])!aSLi''»t that the famous dummy already had lib hands lull with radio won: :>ld Marcus und ICitdlo Mulonc will (cst lliulr holds ngnlivit eucli tilht'r at the Amcrlcnn l.i'Slon arena on North Second slrcet here to- niglit. Milieus', known IIB "the fly- Ing Jew" because of his effective use of Ihc flying Iiii-Mc and body block, will lini'c one of tlio toughest opponents In (he Irishman, who Is no novice at Ihc mnt gwnc mid who knows a lew lilcta nlso. In anolhcr match Clmrles Slnkcj", the Corinth bad nclor, will clash witli H ni'liirlous hombre known us •The llul", The hitler Is (he hooiled lirapiiler who was unmnskod In n limiulUm.s scene m the rhigsUUi last week after he had ten cjcclcd from' Ilie ring for roughing his 0|) poiient, Niijceb Itablnin. Fans can look for u rough alfulr when Ihesu two eltmlj throngli the lopes, Drills Reveal Cunningham's 'Kick 1 Is Good iiAHATOHA, l-'lu. lUP) — Cllcnn c;unn(iighuiii exiiecl.s IOIIK work- ful;; hrrr tn pu] him hi tlli-top slmpi- lor the winter hack scuson iduthin wICi the Hugiir lluwl tanu--; In Hew Oilcans, Jan, 1. Aid Iwn weks of \vnrkiHils here. Cunningham mid hv w-us Icclliv.; lii':- and needed only some piillsh- inti oil' on speed and puce to lur u-M,'y In run auainst Ihc nation's hrsl milcr.s. CunniiiKhain kept hhnself In .'•luipe with lU-mlli- Jaunt.s .lurln:; Ihe InsL fnw month:-,, while :;|mly- Ing lor his dot-tor's dcyrcc at. New YCrk University. Since nnlvliv) here hi- has devoted hh tialnliiB elforlM In d-jvcloplug speed and ji;:l|'.ineiit of pace. Cuiinliigliain works oul nil hour ciuh momlni? on the high school track, Ilicn usually takes- u long YEARS CHOPPING corror* IN OKLAHOMA. QUIT jog AFTER WINNING $> 5 AS GUITAR PUYeR.// » " FlRST FltM ROUE WAS IN ' MOUNTAIN MUSIC;' A PRof lO HE'S KNOWN AS THE MAN WITH THE RJJB06R fACE. SANG, DIP IMITATIONS IN VODVIU FOR ClChT Y£ARS. walk on the bench In Ihc lifter-1 tied Sox trainer, Lognn. who' noon. j trained Cimimwhiim at Ihc Unl- Whllo here. Cimnlngham and | vcrslly of p«nsas. for Ihe 1932 his wife nnd baby urc, gliest.s In | Olympics at Los Angeles, Is sup- Hie homo of Itoland Logan, Hoslon'ervlshig his conditioning. Huge Hanfiars To lie liuilt MIAMI, l"Ja. IU1V — Mliuni is an to have one of the world's largest, aircraft, hangars. Pan American Airways has sliirlcd r,x- envating work for an enormous (win steel structure containing '10,000 square feel. flliivcil Around In Snmt! Utiililinj; Next ID lOHis liii()lc'iiiL'i<( (.',<>. MADDUX Harness Shop Among the people of LondonJ cricket, football, anil lawn tennis j rank-as the most important ball games. He will appreciate u inialily i;iit from our whiskey shop . , Whiskeys, Wines, Gins and Cordials CROSSTGWN WHISKEY SHOP . . , , , , )resi . i Wl = "«'«' Holland Cagers Take Pair From Cooler HOLLAND. Mo. — The Holland l.askclball teams started their season Friday night by winning a double lieailrr over the Cooler teams on (he local court. Both game:; were close battles throughout with the Cooler girls in the lend at the fust half (j-8 and the Hoilinid girls winning by a .score of 23-20. Nichols, star guard for Cooler fowled out. Michic was High pointer for Cooler with 15 lioinls. and M. Kcnley WHS high (or Holland with 19 points. The. Cooler boys were In the le;id 11-7 at. (he end of the first half but;! won by a score cf Ifl-iri. Brown was high pointer for Cooler with li points, and Hunch \va-; -high pointer for Holland with lu points. , . tot way lo keep Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson .STICWART-ROBINSON Succeeds Cily Brug Store We Specialize in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 20M W. Main i'honc 20 * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZE HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS Complete Htocls STOOP, LOOK & LISTEN DAYS GONE FQREV£RJ iIi Philcu's new Jrich'itni (,'onfrnf /'micf. a plnncc ^l^o«s (ho strttJim you w:uil . . . vrilh a flick of your finger, Vhilcn Au- onmfic Timing Jirmjts it in, timed Hirti nlj;olnlr i'imi. dime tn iry a new 17.18 I)(iubTc-X 'liilco loilny! l'nimi»t Service To ll Miikvs of Cars LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET IH TH/S PH/LCO 3XX TQM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'hilco Inclined Conlrol CnncI I'hilco Automali.-. Tuning Ccmnlcrfoafanccd Mngnclic Tan 21 llntir .Service Call 63;< Pbilco Foreign Tuning S/slcm Inclined Sounding Bonrd 4-I'oml Cnnlrol 3 .Spccai!-tt«n(f Tuning tlnn Tonrrrl Gram) Electro-Dynamic Sneaker other famoxu Pliilco fc«- urd MONDAY MGHT. S:I5 O'Cl.Ot'.lv ar vs. Charles Sinkcy Sid ^arcws vs, Eddie Malone mm mm CHALLENGE TO ClilZZLEWITS Tl:r stuliic of Venus de Milo i:, a trilie more than si:; feet three iiutu-s tail. !• i'fc HOTEL NOBLE i'C once wa.s a merchant named Clm/Jewit who Irinimcd his tree every Christmas and his customers every day. lie was a canny creature, this Glm/lewit, ami knew how to win a customer by guile. The shirts he sold were cheaply woven, packed with powder to make them seem firm. To conceal their inferiority he told customers that he always wore them himself. In the glassware department he "made up" for poor quality by-giving a set of pretty paper doilies with every pin- chase. Me knew many such clever tricks and used them without reserve. . .Cliizzlewil never advertised. He knew too well he could never fool people For long' in print. i Advertising must livxi up to its own claims. That is why you can have full confidence in goods consistently advertised. If the maker has a worthy product, fairly priced, he wants as many people as possible to know about it. If the product is unworthy, the printed word will only expose it sooner. Christmas, and all around the calendar, read ad- i - vertising. Makers and merchants stake their reputation, in cold black type, that what you read is true. BIG TKADE-JN AL Lf>W*N Ct

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