The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1943
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) OOURtEB NEWS rs Begin Spring Fcx)tball Drills Yesterday i Led by four )as,t year letter men the 1913 edition of the Blythevilic Chiekataws look the field yeslciday for brief limbenng up exeicnes Coach Anil Price Green emphasized on the whole, cveiy team in this section will be weakened by the draft and the plight of the Cliickasaws is no exception. "Now is the time for boys who know little 01 nothing about ioolbal! ip get the opportunity to Jcani. Every position on Ihe team is wide open right now as far as I am concerned The fact that a. »-^-^ : 1 boy lias not plajcd' foclbalL will not .matter. -If !io really wauls to play, a '.position on tLc loam will lirqbably be his. A football tcnm has always been a thing of uncertainty nnrl in limes like these it is', even' more so. l urge every boy who has the slightest idea that he might be able to play ball lo report.''; Thus spoke the Big Chief pii the of practice. Green said (hat he planned lo extend his practice session a lltlle later (nan usunl ; owjng to (he freshness of his boys and the fact that he will not have (he session cut by conference rules as the conlcrcnce dissolved itself lasl winter. The. menior of Ihe Chicks pointed, out that he already has scheduled six games with the piospccl of a few moie Memphis teams. Among the games now scheduled arc Pine Bluff, North Lf(lle Rock, Batesville and Little Rock. Looking over the rosier one finds that.-the names of Harold Thompson, •'•; Monroe - Bcshnrsc, Gordon Wclslyons and Arthur Connolly, 225-pounder. are the only over ; letter-men of last carry- s<iuad The e .. u «u iiic iw-pouiHi -i-nompson, • who was an outstanding candidate V ^ ck nml h ? d lc '' CB|U hh comlt *-- . • '• '-' - - .til over itgain. But start he did and with a 10 round decision over Bobby Melh- lyrc of Dctroil last night in the Motor City. The lltlle Hartford. Connecticut fighter curried the fight to Mclntyre all the way and breezed through a decision. Thompson, for all-state : : guard honors last jcni, is the icmalnlng icgulai He mil In all probability lie shifted from his regular guaid position to .a i tackle slot. 'Besharse Is due to be .the climax runner of the Maroon gang, nitii Welshons filling into one of the guard positions. Tl'en comes the brlghler side ol the picluie First, a string of very 5 c»ng )nit ralher laige th reals arc Cvming up, from last '\ears Junior souad, Among them we find two as'onbhmglj good ends and « husky'; guard Candidate: Heading this bunch of rugged joungsteis one finds :, the barrel-chested Collon Fcjue" Cation led the ^Junlois lo a__ fairlj successful season last \ear~ He pulls Ihe Fairbanks lU about 177 pounds and is not slow in-j-any sense o[ the word: Next comes an end What is moic he is a_,lanky end Tlie kind that lakes one bactv lo the dass of Jenkins and 'Baxtei both of whom aie In the foreign combat zones Only ' PEP BOflBYJiTl New York Feather Champ Starts Winning String All Over Again DETROIT, Mar. 30 (UP)--One two, three, four, five— and so on up to CO Is quite a long count. And It's even longer If you have to win a fight before adding a number. But Willie Pep, the New York Slnle Athletic Commission's fcit- jthcrwclglil champion, made the count. And i» so doing lie compiled boxing's greatest winning streak -62 consecutive victories. Then lie met Sammy Angott In Mndlson Square Garden and the streak was ended. Willie dropped lose • d « is n Angolt last The United press score card presses the, opinion that the war crcdilcd Pep. with every round but has liiirt (!ie New .York -Yankees the- ninth which Mclntyre won ' " with a strong- finish. In spite ol the fact-thai Pep freshman, L Johnson piovcd , ^ himself arj able pass receiver and Tory -capable on defense while working with the Papooses -last >ear ' One would spot Ratclid as a guard in a momeni He Is (here in- quantits but as jet he h nn- proven in quahtj PIUS, together with about 20 other hopefuls some of uhich you T«ll hear of later some of which >ou will not, we have the 19W Chict-asaws A little less in mini- A Yank at-Yale .- J 1 » kce? ai '° havinl! l<> sl ™8g lc along at Asbury i-ark without Thud Baseman-Red Holfe, who has own training pioblc is ' as Yale coach; Pclc freeman is left-handed pitcher. " ^ HQQDOHUJB «) HARRV GftAVSON • ;. NE(V Sports,''Editor 1 .-.• . ASIiUItY. PARK, Ni j. _ i.lcul. Jg>, -John Aloysltis'Hassett - ex- won less than 'any other club In the American League., completely outclassed Ills opponent, neither fighter ever was on the verge of a knockdown, It's (lie BnMiklvn Accent LOS ANGELES (UP)—One ol Ihe champion welders at the Douglas Aircraft. Co., Us officials affirm, Is a lefl-liandcd Chinese girl who lalks with a Brooklyn accent—and is pretty. She is Miss Jennie Lee ami Is an avid fan of Madame 1 Chiang Knl-shek.: She passed a rigid examination before slip got her . journeyman welder's "A" rating. She Is nliso.a champion southpaw bowler a'nd as a hobby collects jive recordings. Read Courier News want ads. bers, maybe somewhat lesser in the beef -department but It slill retains the spirit that stays on In Blylheville though the footballers come and go. ..Having played ,wllh, the Yankees, the lleiitc/iant .should .know, but t suspect Joe McCarthy will. miss Pvt, Joe DliVfagyt&.'.not to. mention eainim phil RlM-.uto ami a first biiscnmn named'- Buddy liasseit: Ed 'Barrow had to go to all thai trouble . with the /Phillies to land Nick "Ellen ,as a .replacement for Hnssett, whose. "nlisbnpa was felt when he WHS Injured In- the Worlii Series. '- . ." ••:;• . / _ Despite his brilliance at the key southern . gentleman irom • . the Bronx who .played so much halfback, at North'Carolina,- • . :, Slirmvelss is still running. .As-the star of .the Newark farm club 'and hailed as Joe Gordon's superior' at second base at, the same stage of development, he set- an International' League record last'.'scason by.stealing.73 buses '.iii' 33 attcnipls, winch is fair tg midtlliiig these days when..ball pliiy'ers -'gciicrally are supposed to be -perfectly honest on Ihe paths. ' • .-' SthnweLss -moved from shortstop to second base : 'for> Ihe Bears, and apparently, has switched' back again with eclat. ,• -. ., ;. Speaking of- stiriiweiss' liase^ stealing, Lieutenant Hassett, .attached lo • the Navy Pre-Flighl .., -....-.. — ,, v n lk , n ^j milieu ^t; • llic wavy l-'le-rllRLH pas. Ion.ho played.and-,1,1s aliill-(School at 'Chapel Hill, further IV [O hltnt. 1111(1 «\Vnt n- * In tin km II r-lv nr . nnn . ii-_ in > : .... •- '„ stresses the all-round, .ability"'., o'f Joe pi!\faggip: . • '>•'' "If DiMaggio' were still' with tl'ic Yankees he'd help Stiinweiss" witfi his Ijase-riiniihis;," asserts Liefiten- ly to bunt mid/swat a: long bull, Rlxztito may be the easiest to replace. The answcr-'ls .George Stirn- weiss. In-25 years'as V manager. McCarthy has,never,.been us hjsli .„., , flli , u - 1 , 1 , lm ,, K , U5Sl . rl5 Llev on n f ball player this,early .In .the ant Hnssett, "\yhlle fan's ratcii EC »"M i , ' '''"'' 'Magglo'n .great.hitter and cen'tcr , i ,'""'" 8 lg - to - )c '»>'. ffcl*"-, ball players considered 'Win shortstop, asserts the-, usually one of the most dangerous base'- nl ra-conseivallve ..McCarthy. . ."I. runners, in the. business. And' bi- bollEvc he hns a chance to be. one Maggio enjoyed Irying to help a of the greatest shortstops in .the young recruit like 'Stirnweiss." '' en '" c; ' „,. ."-."•, ' I ° 11C o [ Ihc more remarkable _&nuffy .Stirnweiss,is..the squatty things about'.. DiMaggio was the OFFICIAL TABLE OF POINT VALUES FOR PROCESSED FOODS , No, 2-Effectiv* March 29. 1943 >:,.^ uf ^n.^ V " V Scheduled To Meet In New York Tonight For NCAA Basketball Title . NEW YORK, Mar. 30 (Ul>) - Scorgetown's Hoyns and (he Unl- 'crslly of Wyoming cowboys meet n Madison Stiuare Gardcnt to- ilBht /or the-National Collegiate Alhlelic Association ' basketball :rown. , . ; And It's n sure-bet that the winners of the National Invitation Tourney, St. John's Indians, will )e on the sidelines scouting the wo clubs,.,For on Thursday night he Rediiien-will meet the winner if tonight's game In a Hcd Cross joneflt contest. And for Ihe first time in inler- olleglate history, Ihe outcome'of I'huisday's clash will '-"provide a eal college championship club Winner of (he Western Region- I Championship by virtue of vlc- oi'les over Oklahoma and Texas Vyoming ' rules a slight favorite o make the Red Gross game one if Cowboys and Indians. ','.. St. John's captured the Inyita- alional tourney in'the-Garden' .ist night by swamping'the Toledo lockets, 48 lo ~ own won the ,-— 0 :rown by slopping NYU' and Dc- "aul. ...-.-. For Thursday's [same the Rsd- ncn will-be counted heavily on heir flashyj center; Harry "High-' lockets" 'Boykoff. The six foot line inch court flush hns been the naln stay of the squad all season. He contributed a (otal of 43 x)lnis In early round wins; over Rice and Fordham and poured -13 norc Ihroiigh the 'hpoix<; last nifht for a three game-total of 5C points. And against- the kind of cpmpe- ition the tourney provided, that's cally imtiing .a . lot of "leather hrough u little hoop. on In a three-ring circus all at Ihe same lime, ' Get this now. There 'was Bill Canny with a bath lowel around his neck and Roy Welch ahold of it slamming him..all over Die ring; There was Brother Joe in one corner riding piggy back on Mister Meroney with ~ ' - ••• (rapped behind ring post.. Everybody had 27. And Oebrge- Easlerii , Regional No ;Driving nn Kis HOLLYWOOD, Cal. (UP) —City onicials don't mind how much liunasc a motorist or a bicyclist docs to a machine by 'driving it on its rims, but it doss object to he damage that is done to pave- iicnts and roadways by such prac- ices. They are, therefore, ;draft- ng an ordinance that will enable he police to "jug" anyone caught n this diverting amusement. • Greater Montreal has a popula- ion of a million and a halt. • nse and grace with which he miidlcd his .six tect two Inches and 200 pounds on the bases. He md all live slides—the hook, falla- vay nnd fades way -mid wasn't afraid to make the best use ; of his bulk. , , . '. 1 . . lux Carey, the old Pittsburgh uminary, watched his ;arly appearances with-the Yankees in the spring of 1036. Carey, who with 730 thefts to his credit rales with Ty Cobb, Eddie Collins and Homis Wagner as the finest of the base - runners, sat there 'asclnatcd. He watched DiMaggio do everything—hit, run, slejil, slide, r ield anil throw. "There," said Max Carey, "is the 'irst young Icllow I've seen in 20 years whom I couldn't show something." Joe DiMagKio played ball instinctively. t was virtually .... i to make a mistake. MARCH 30, 1943 ^ Welch Brothers Lose Ta 9 Mat ch Here Last Night Race Meet Boosts Arkansas Revenue LI1TLE ROCK, Miirch 30.—Guy'. Frcellng, state racing commissioner, said Monday that Arkansas will rcJelve more than $315,000 from Ihe 1043 racing meet at Oaklawn Park, Last year the races netted the slate $287,000. Approximately $5,300,000 was bet this year as compared to $4,800,000 ... ~ - last year. The attendance In 1942 joui oauie royal early in (lie evening stay was approximately 130,000 and f/ict-r,,. M; n u..«i AI , ,. . . about 100,000 this year. Twenty per cent of tlie receipts go to the National Guard Fund; 54 2-3 per cent lo Ihe Charities Fund and 27.1-3 per cent to tlie Welfare Fund for •u.r.,,, r, •----•/-— """"U «uj<u u.uiy in uiu evening suiy TtnL [ l '°f, ess01 " Michael, Mcronoy's rasslin' shows. I here they usually occur late, and the customers love it. hast night's • performance disappointed nobody in the .luuiepcc if you can believe your cars. The program started out pretty much like you would expect. The customers were happy enough with their popcorn- and peanuts- hut IJfilOlp U. W!l>i nil i\wn\- (Vm.. t -.MI. .. ' ... Carlos Rodriquez hliii against the ey good lime. ^>t.*.u;uuj uiiu <t guoa time. >-""n * ii: > mini/ questionnaire. Hie Mickey Mouse couldn't have found 28-year-old defensetnan of (lie Dea jilace In the whole arena to park' lloit nc f' Wings was arrested at Illi pfirr.Tn; r»nrl +1>A /M-AIH.I ,.. n *. n DP! rnit m ilii>nu c-io* im» «« i. _ carcass, and the crowd was Jammed in Hie a bios whoophf and hollerm' for the Welch boys; but it didn't do .any'good became the winners were Canny and Rodri- micz. They finally managed to get Rcy out of the way and .Senor Carlos : administered (he coiip dc grace' (g'wan, look It up ir yon want to) at 10,32 p. m. ; with Joe Welch :as the victim.' Along about the last, the boys got plumb out of Hand and Professor Meroney couldn't 'make them behave, but nobody wanted them to; Ijeh'avc rinuch anyway, ft was p. ' merry riiixnp with Meroney in the middle of, it .most of tlie time. Aflcr the second'fall iwhch the Welch;team turned on the heal to even matters alter Caiiny and Rodriquez had won the .first canto, everybody in the house knew the last one was going to be good and lough, i Several or the more fainthearted spectators filed cautiously out the door and headed for home, biit the others took a grip on their chairs 'and .waited for the big blowup. ' ' ' That last-fall was something to remember. ; Those Welch hoys went after. Mister Canny with a vengeance,'because Mister Canny had been troublesome all evening and because he pretty hear sent Joe Welch to the hospital early in the bout. They, dldii't neglect Senor Carlos, either, but they couldn't quite get either of them out so Canny finally got straightened out and flattened Roy, leaving the job of disposing of Joe up to his Mexican partner. .In the first match, a one-fall afTair, Joe defeated Rodriquez in 10 minutes. Tlie second onc-raller went to Canny with Roy as the unfortunate victim. Change Pi'-Raisln^' Ian- FLEMtNOTON, Pa. (UP)—The meat shortage prompted the borough council lo rescind an ordinance prohibiting raising of pigs within the borough limits. The council was petitioned by 300 residents who demanded an emergency repeal of the law. Gives Old Printing I'lafcs HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)—Plates used for printing of Pennsylvania supreme and superior court opinions and reports from 1881 to 1931 W ill be released for war use by impossible for authorization of the General As- 1,, ll1 ikcy Player Guilty Mar. 30. (UP)--Hock. player Jimmy Orlnndo has pleaded guilty to charges of falsifying his draft questionnaire. The a Detroit railway .station, as he prepared to entrain with his team for Toronto. In pleading guilty, Orlando admitted staling In a questionnaire on March 5lh that lie was cm- ployed as a machinist, when he was not. He says he held such a job during the olf-season, and planned to cojilinue this Winter Bui he found that he could not play hockey and work in a shop at ttic same lime. Orlando is a mainstay on the Red Wings' defense line. The Wings piny the Toronto Maple Leafs in the sixth game of Hie Stanley Cup playoff series "A" tomorrow night. Rookie Has Measles; Teammates Worried MEDFORD, Mass., Mar. 30. •(UP)—Every member of. the Boston Red Sox baseball team marlr j ^ ' . • —""" """ ^ good i, lc of thc'mtrror™m their -° P , Fra '" Cic C ' f<xsctti arc " !e rooms this , morning And they rclnalninB hM °^ probably will continue that practice for the next several days. Aflcr the close "nf 'yesterday's workout it was discovered that Edriie Lake, rcokic shortstop from Oakland, calif., had developed a case of gel man measles. He-will be confined to bed'.a week or more Manager joe Cronlri's big, worry now is whether'any of trie rest of the players-contracted the ailment 1 Read Courier News Want, Ads. old age pensions. St . John's Cagers Win National Meet NEW YORK, Mar. ,30, (UP)'—St. John's University is the new holder of the National Invitational Basketball tournament title. Tlie New York quinlct annexed Ihc '. crown last night by coasling to an easy 48 lo 27 victory over Toledo's all-frcshinan sQiiarl. Harry ."Highpockels" BoykofI and Al Moschelfi led Hie Rcdmen to victory with 13 points apiece. .-Playing In, Madison Square Garden before 18,000 fans, Toledo trailed at j'he half-time, 22 lo 16. A burst of sharpshooting by Dallas Zuber pulled tlie Rockets even shortly, after llic opening of Ihe second half. But. SI.. John's, victors over Rice arid Pordh'arii in earlier tourney games, soon recovered their, lend and coasted in. Joe Gordon Agrees To Yankee Contract By United Press One of the New York Yankees' most persistent holdouts—Second- Baseman Joe Gordon—has accepted terms, Gordon agreed to a fig- '] lire reported to be $20,000 in a telephone conversation with President Ed Barrow. He said he'll leave iiis home in Eugene, Ore., immediately to report at the Yanks' camp at Asbury Park, N. J Outfielder Charlie Keller and Short- Bookie Inflerder George Stirn- weiss apparently has some time left before being inducted into the armed forces; Stirnweiss was scheduled to take his filial examination .yesterday. But he's requested a transfer, from a Virginia draft board lo one in Connecticut, so his induction has been British bakers were restricted lo three-- shapes of Joaves in 1918 closing year of World War r Call For SHIBLEYS BEST At Better Grocers Everywhere. It Bakes Better With Less Shortening. BUY-'WAR BONDS with what you save! GUIDE All Your Gardening Needs Right Under 6ne]|Roof! 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