Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 2
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Almost A Miracle! A Weil-Known Railroad Man's Experience. Life Saved in a Way Which is Wonderful, ancl Ought to be Told Everywhere Far and Wide. ^\ USE!) DYNAMITE. Brooklyn Strikers Resort to Extreme and Dangerous Methods, Jin. CHARLES ASKABLE. Ttu'i'K i.i no t.ett-r known railroad man than Mr. Chm-l^s Annul)!'-, w'io resido" at 30 Jonlon Ave., Brims-- vrick. Mf. H.. lias occupied Lrunted posit i"iic for ISO yt ur» <;n the Maine Central R. R. "Yt>.»," said Mr. Annable to tho writer.'".! ctin toll aouio retu-irkable 8tori«8 from mv Ions; thirty years' ra'h-oad e.xpcrii'uoi-, but souietlunK lias happi'iu-il rc.-etitly whiuh is of the preatpst importation to the people. Before I .-peak myself, however, lot my wife relate tier wonderful experience. "I har'l hrien troubled," bsgio Mm. Annable, "so bad wicli neuralgia that 1 Ki'iild uot tura my bead in bed. It st-ciued as though my hold was paraly/.od.I was so troubled with he-Tt di.-i'itse and palpitatinn that a pood many nights I thonght I mljjht puss away during the night. Inuff red suvert'ly, and expected every day would be my lu*t- My head seeu.ed sometimes as thonsrh it was paralyxeil, and the least exertion would iip.i.'t u.e and render rue terribly wt-nk and nervous. I took IV. Grt-ciiii's Nervura blood und nerve remedy and it completely curf d me—made ui- well and strong agaio. It seems as though my cure was almost a miracle, to-: [ am now cured well-knowing en..u"h Hxpress'iuy gratitude for this wonTerful medicine, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and uervo remedy. 1 sin 11 bo ulad to answer inquiries at auv tiiue." '•I also have used Dr. Greenes Nervura. blood and nerve remedy," said Mr. Annable, "and have derived ^reat bennUr, Irom it-< use; I know it "sthebeitof all medicines. I have recommended it to many : of my friei.ds, and shall continue to do so upon e^ try chance.' 1 The enthusiasm of Mr. and Mrs. Annable in r.-yard to Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve I'fmedy is not to be wondered at. It is iLdeed a wonderful m-dicine, wonderfu because it cures almost everybody who uses it. It makes the sick we! everywhere. It ptives health and sfren-rth to the weak, tired and n«r vous sufferer. lc gives good dines tion to the dyspeptic, sweet sleep to rho sleepless, and makes life again & joy and pleasure to those whom weak, nerves and tired brains have rendered depressed in spirits, melan choly, discouraged and well-ni-l hopeless. U.-sitaiid it will maki vou well. Doctors recommend it be oausoir. is ihe discovery aod pr-s criptimiof tne wrll-known physi oJftii. Dr. Gr^nK of 35 West 14ei si rect. New York City, who is with out rioubt the most suecessfu siH-c.iali-t. in cm ing nervous am ! (. ironic dis.ea.ps. Tbe doet-r can b Mv neighbors, well-knowing my , ( . lllul ,u; „,-,„,.-. „. --condition, are *stonl*m-d at my re- , consulted in all ca<es without covery, auil 1 cannot half highly per^Dally or oy letter. All cH In Coi.tlm.ntal Kiiropo TntelnK to I ho l-li'ld of Honor. It us a curiMKS future of the age. says the London 'IVK'tfranh. UuU the pruc- tice of dueling, which has completely <Tu-d out i" t.I>i" country, should not, only be still in vogue on the eonUncnt •but sprcadm;; with nlanning r:ipithty from the :u-iny mid nobility lo a I classes of I In- population A peuecfiil citizen win. minds his own business in Austria is now liable at any hour of the Guy or the night to receive a. formal challenge from his bootmaker or his baker, who a tl:iy or two later may assume—for iliis oeoiision only— the character of his butcher. In Krnnoc, it is true, the alVair of "honor" is seldom quite so dangerous as the weekly trials of skill among f.orman university student*. known as "im-usur," which ofien lead to the loss of a bifof an car or nose, always end in blood urn! onco m awhile culminate in death. In Italy. Austria. Hungary and other lands an" encounter of this kind is a much more formidable matter. Thousands of well-meaning men and promising youths are yearly disabled, crippled or killed on the altar of "knightly honor" Everv man in those countries carries his life" in his hands, so to say. and journalism, polities, the bar. the armv and navy-in a word, every walk- it. life except the church-arc closed to him who conscientiously refuses to n-ive or accept a challenge to mortal combat on the slightest provocation, real or imaginary. Our foreign correspondents have more than once described san<niiuary duels in the army, the prin- cipuls of winch-were lads still IB the military school-were bosom friends ijmorant of what they were fighting io- ^ one case two youths were playing in the school yard when an officer drew near and asserted that, one had touched the other thus insulted him. \ The bovs, who were in a better position to know than a spectator looking down from a two-pair back window. denied the statement emphatically, but, the olliecr pave one of them his choice between calling out his friend and be- in-^ expelled from the establishment. The "meeting" took place a few clays later and when it was over one of the two friends and comrades had to be carried ofY to the hospital -dangerously wounded and disabled forHfo. "" WAS~SPTfE F U L. S H E " A Woman \Yl:o Hisscil In the liar of Mr, Gliidstoni;. It is, an illustration of the irritability of human nature that differences of politieal opinion provoke bitter foolinsis and stroniT resentment. The vener.iblc English ciersrymau. Newman Hall, tolls in the Independent of an instance of how spiteful politics., may u:a'.<e a woman. Says Mr. Hall: At the last but one Handel festival, when Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone went out din-inn- the interval, 1 saw two Ir.dies, very fashionably dressed, ffO up behind him, one o'f whom hissed in his cr.r. 1 was some distance off, by reason of the crowd. On returning- to hear the second part of the oratorio, I heard a lady say: "Didn't 1 hiss in his car?" I turned round and saw the same two ladies, and could not forbear saying, in a loud voice: "And vou ought to be ashamed or yourself." We may not a^ree with Mr. Gladstone in politics, but,-we oug-ht, to honor him as one of theffrealest men of the day, who hns spent a Jong life in the service of his country." LiiEBKREUiis estimates tnat tne ox- tent of respiratory surface in the human lungs is not less than 1,400 square feet. Little Damage Done-Riotous Mobs Stall Cars—Backbone of Strike Evidently Broken. UBOOIO.YX, Jan. 23.-A dynamite cartriclg-f has been exploded in front of 470 Myrtle avenue. Many windows were broken Out no"body was injured. There is a howling mob in front o.t the Seventh precinct station at 0;v,-,i Point, surrounding a s'lrinj of i-urs which-haw been deserted by the i::--;or- . men. , I The police arc absolutely power,i-?*. Most of the patrolmen are on duty at t,hc stables, some distance away. J.ne crowd is ainusin- itself by smashing the windows of the stalU:.! cars. | The strikers, under \Valkin- Dele-rate Hill, have induced the crews of of the cross-town, and Graham iveniie lines to desert. Tim strikers 11 some instances returned the cars to lie stables. liyiitiinitv <.'jirtrl<lK* iMiuiHl. What is supposed to lju u dynamite •ai-tridgc was picked up Friday morn- D- by a man. who lu'uujjlit it to the .."irst, precinct station house. The man aid lie found it at the' corner of Flat- Imsh avenue and Fulton street, one of the busiest points in the city, and where several car hies pass. The object was found on ,htj car track-. It is covered with acoafc- n<r of tar, has a fuse at one end and s'about 5 inches long. The police iin- iiedialely brought it to Police Superintendent Campbell, who decided to send t to the navy yard, where an examin- itioii will be made. StrlkiiJtmiriy Over. The biff trolley strike is nearly over. The day may see the strikers declare themselves beaten and returning to work as individuals, as Hie railroad companies say they may, and not through the treaties of the executive committee. Trolley cars are running- on nearly all the. lines, tho ugh not the full complement, and the tfreat tie-up has been broken. The situation 'mis become so serene that the Ninth regiment, has been ordered homo ancl there is every likelihood that before the day is over the Seventh, in command of Col. Ap- piuton, may be ordered back to New York. The soldiers will be glad to be relieved from duty. \Vlro cuUcni Cnuau TrouljUi. Since miduight tin; only trouble caused by the-strikers was the cutting of wires, which happened i" many sec- tio"s This did not desperately affect the rxmnii'ir of ears, as the companies have been able to replace many linemen who went out on strike. The Brooklyn Heights llailroad coin- par, y will venture to run its cross-town line's from Oceu Voint to the Erie basin during the day. Large crowds of men and women are waiting for the first car, • and it is believed they intend to give _ it a. warm reception. The authorities have sent a larq;e military force and a stroii"- detachment of regular and special policemen to keep the peace. The militia ha> been ordered not to shoot without good cause, but to be firm in their treatment of mob:; and when they do shoot to do so in earnest. WuitiiiK fur the .) LH..I.-1'.'.-i Docli.1011. At strikers' headquarters it is said that the unusual quietness of the strikers is on account of Justice Gaynor's mandamus opinion. They believe that if wires were cut or any opposition were made to the running of _cars the mandamus will lie rendered inoperative. This they wish to avoid. All the nonunion men who were held by the militarv in order that they miglu not join the ranks of l;he strikers have been released. j>rocci-illiiB» Jtcforo Justice Gaynor. The argument in the ease of Joseph Loader against the Brooklyn Heights company, asking for a mandamus, was heard before Justice Gay nor. Allei the argument had closed Judge Gaynor said that lie would give a decision lator in the afternoon.. The decision will determine whether the writ shall be peremptory or simply alternative. Tliri-c llumlriHl turs Uuimlu!,-. The claim is made b;r the companies that the number of cars in operation is to be continually increased and that over 300 are now running and that they could run more if it were advisable The lines mosi; recently opened are being operated largely by men drawn from other lines. Striken) A.»fe to Bo Knin«:it«<l- ' President Lewis said at 1 o'clock that one dozen strikers had applied for reinstatement Friday. He made individual contracts with each one. ranging from three months to one" vear, and was very glad to -ct the men. llle added that he would uot discharge new men to make places for old hands. Mr. Lewis siiid that the indications are that the end of the strike is near at hand. Tie added that MO cars v.-ere in operation Only a Scar Remains Scrofula Cured-Blood Purified by " Hood's Sarsaparllla. • C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: •• It is with pleasure that I send a testimonial concerning what Ilood's Sarsaparllls. has don* for my daughter. It Is a wonderful medicine »nd I cannot recommend H too highly. Sarah, who la fourteen years old, lias been Afflicted With Scrofula e-rer since sue was one year old. For five ye»n •he has Had a runniiiK sore on one side ot bar tico We tried every remedy recommended, but notliliipdldHier any pom! until wa commenced usliiK Hood's sarsaiiarilla- Jly marrieddsugliter idvlSedme to use ilood's SarsaparlUa bocau.* Hood's'P" Cures It bad cured hero! dyspepsia, Suo had been troubled with that complaint since childhood, "nd since Her cure slie lias tiej'er been wlUiout» bottle of Ilood's Sai-sapanlla n the house. w« commenced Riving It to Sarah ubmit one jew igo, and It has conquered tho running soro, Only a Scar Remaining •a a traco of tho dreadful disease. Previous to talcing the medlctno her cyeslglit was iiHected tut now sho can see perfect y. In coniiHcUoB with Ilood's Sarsaparllla we have used Uood • Vcsetahle 1'llls, und Had them tho best." ila«. -• h --- " vjx Xenia, Illinois. The Wlnhlnc Kovr. i The "wishing' bow" has for a lonjr time been a pretty fad among the Xcw I Orleans girls. And a jfirl without, a 1 trim little bow of red or blue or some other color is hard to find on that most fashionable promenade. Canal street. "The bow must be put on with a wish aod not removed until it is -ranted or until the time for granting '<- has passed bv," any Creole jiirl will tell vou. The tendency of the n^e, some people arc plud to note, is to let fancy have ,1 little freer scope than heretofore N'o one was ever harmed yet by pri-tty make believes, sueh as fairy stories, mvtholopoal loffends, jewel traditions. "ami the liko, any more llr.ni i.-v ;lu> judicious foniminfrliKS^ sweets :•••',: :\ volid dinner _ Hood's Pills cure nausea, slclt headache, Indigestion, biliousness. Sold by all druggists. •UiKMlNOiiAM. Ala., .la" -•"••— 1? - F Kolb. the populist who claims to have been eleeted governor of Alabama last •Vn-'Hst. has issued his second mc^xiyfe to the slate legislature just reconvened. The burden of the nu^saye is a eall upon the .r.-neral assembly to enforce the law they have passed to punish usurpers. 1 le ussumcs he is the .r.ffht- ful p.veriiorand its enforcement: would oust Outos. ^ ____ _ him- 1 s-.iu, for s 10.000. I.NOIANAIMI.IS. Ind.. .!an. ?.V — 1'. 0. Trusler. city eontrolk-r. Friday sued theUerman'TeK-frraph for S10.000, al- le-iny libel. -The paper printed an nrtide in which reflections were made. on Tru^ler in connection with a bond deal with New York brokers. C!.lfa(,-i> Ki-iitsiuraul Hiirnni Out. ClfiC.vno. .Ian. -T..— Fire of unknown origin, early Friday uinniinL'', gnUeA thiT buildiiih-at'ja'.i State street oecu- pied bv Winters res taurant and the •Washington park lunchroom. The loss is estimated at S30.000: insurance unknown. "Hothers' Friend" Co:.vis. L\.. Dec. 2,1SS6.-My _ used -'MOTHERS 1 FRIEND 1 'before j her third confinement, and says she | t -n-ouiii not be without..it for hundreds j ' of dollars.—DOCK MILLS. -S*ntbrerpressori»ll,.oorjcelptof prlw; tl i>er botii«. Book "TO MOTHUBS mailed free, sold byall.Drusgtsts. BHAnnniJ) HCGACIIOK Co- Atlanta, Gi-1 and said that lie won Hi open Other lines as soon as given protection. Savn tho Strilti- Is Still on. Miister Workman Connelly, who has charge of the strike, snys tha.t the raeu have" not gone back :uid the strike is by no means ffoing to pieces. He s;iys there are still •">.<.'"'-) men out and fnure soon .-nay bens ir.:iny moru or.loretl out. \vithapossil-ility uf :.'li.00(l men bei:ig involvL-d. He ileelaroil that the men were sU'.nilh.'g lirmly tDyctlior :mil ho had not heanl nf the men -oin;;' back. FACTS BRIEFLY^ STATED. Political parlies in Newfoundland rc- n-ardconiedoration with Canada as inevitable. The Hock ford (111) Shirt companv- xvill move- their faetory to I'rinceton February ;. The attempt to introduce Ch:nese labor in the mines at Idaho Springs, Col. hns been abandoned. The Carnegie company is said to contemplate the manufacture of. cannon at the Homestead plant. Several car loads of provisions, etc., will Ifc shipped from Moline, 111., to Lincoln, Neb., in a few days. Secretary Carlisle believes that Uio fvoverurnent revenues from income taxes will greatly exceed estimates. Investigation shows that the Bank of Wales'has been plundered of S3..100.- 000, apparently the work of the ni.i- cials. ' \udrew Freeumnn has purchased a controlling interest in tho New York baseball club, the consideration being S4S,000. , ,,- , I abor Commissioner Morse, oi Micli- io-. in states that farm laborers in the state arc poorly paid and oppose immigration. One of the men engaged in the lynching of Jlarrett Scott, of Nebraska, lias confessed the crime, implicating in any others. Tie house committee has reported a V,ll providing for oRicersof the regular army to give military instructions in public schools. Thirlv-six dairy cows were roasted to '(.loath in a stable, fire which occunxd just outside the city limits of \\ ashmg- ton, D. C., Thursday uight. John Cameron. ;iged -10, a lieutenant in the Salvation Army from Kuffalo, N. Y., .shot himself in the head at Wilmington. Del.. Thursday night. Ch:irk-.s OalTron. a prominent young druggist of 151ooi:iini?ton, 111., expired suddenly from heart disease while ai work in"his store Thursday morning. •UWatseka. HI.. Thursday evening, Charles Eckert fired three shots at his wife two of which took effect, one oil the left side of the neck being serious. W G. >I:izick, treasurer of the South Carolina",t Georgia railway, and Jacob Williinan, an employe, were robbed of a bag containing $3(50 on the streets of Charleston, S. C. Maurice Garvev, a prominent sugar man while showing a party of stran- n-ers' around New Orleans Thursday evening fell over the railing of the chess club stairway and was killed. At Milwaukee Thursday Mclntosh Bros railway contractors, filed a lien upon the Indiana, Illinois & Iowa Kail- way company for S99.000. They constructed the road from Kuox to South Bend. Ind. Woman Hears Evidence In Contest. CARP.OLI.TOX, 111., Jan. 25.—The tak- ino- of evidence in the Sixteenth district concessional contest between Gen. John I Rinater and Finis F. Downing was begun here. The statute provides that such evidence may be taken before a notary public, and Emma Corring-ton was selected to hear the case in this county. This is probably the first instance on record in which a woman has presided in a trial of this kind. —— Robber Fo*c Office Employe Caocht. WICHITA, Kan., Jan. 25.-WaUer Donaldson, who robbed the Caldwell post office about eighteen months a ? o. while assistant postmaster, and tuon fleet was captured in Ellenwood, Kan., at »n early hour Friday morning. riret Cliiss Mmlu f"r Two Year*. M.umx'S KKKKV, 0., Jan. L>5.- Glass was made at the Kuckeye Glass works Friday morning, the ttrst for nearly two years. The works are guarded with "\Vinehe8-ters and revolvers and the new work-men say they have come to stay. . Others are ar.pK'mg for work: Itollil Sn-lmlliT (jii-tK . Iftrcil Yottrs. Ni!U" VOIIK. Jan. •->:.,—Udwin O. Quigley. the bond swindler, has been sentenced to fifteen yearsaud six months imprisonment. THE MARKETS. drain, 1'i-ovlsioiifi, Klv. CHICAGO, J;iii. l.-LOurt—WHS dulI :i"U csisy. Wiiucr-Pal- enis. $2.Ma-.~5; striil;!)H-i, SiKQ-.M; Sc;.l5,tt—ilO: ^eoonds, s-l.i^.C'-'.M; 1^^" SpriiiK — Putvnts. W- .. a-^Ou."*); b;il;ers\ jl.OO'--•'': l" w Crudes. Sl.raitl-SO; KcJ Dog. si.*?i,l."': Kyo. WJi BAT - Active antl inisetllcil N'u- '- f^' 1 - bOJi.-amc: Jiinimry, Mf.'iSIc: May. M^^M: Coio -Moiieratclyuutivo :iucl lower. N' 1 ami No 1! Yellow. «c: No. 3. adv.'t-llc and Ko.3 Yellow. 39?i'S'lli4i:: May. ||54i''W4«: Ju -i' ''oATS-'Aiir 'tr.iillnc anil lilgliur. Cirtli Xa ••• "lie: May, 30?i(S:il.'<c- Samples lii^Hi-r. No. .1 ;3O30Wc; "No. 'J \Vliitc. 81(fc3l!4e; No. S. '-J'/iQ "o=ic- No. - WTiitc. 3l?iO3JWc. " JiYE-Stcaily. Cash rye In demand, but fu- tun;sdull. speculative market dull No.-in store, Me. Sample lots, &l(a. r >l !-:«• Mll i' J(; - UA'U'LEV In moderate demand and olteriiiKS smalL Common to good No. 4. 4->i45-c; No. !•. M awyjc. and No. 'i. auout 54Kfi.5r>o. MJESS POIIK—Trading was rather active. Prices lower. Quotntlons ranseil at $10.30® 10.50 for cash regular; $10.30^10.50 fo:- January, and BlO 505J10.75 for May. 'LA'IID—Kathor active and lower. Quotations ranged nt SO.-IB tfi.50 for cash; SC.-iS^ fi.5i!,' s lor January, and $0.80^0.VO for May. LIVE POULTHV—Per pound: Turkeys. Jii 0;: Ciiiclteiis, OWSJTKe: Duol;s, S^Oc; Cc-ese. e. deir's I0c- T-ldeK-'s.Sc; Xapblha. 03 dog s. .c. HQUOiU5-\VhlsUy quoted steady (it fl.i. per gallon Jorhifihwincs. _ Ni:w YOKK. J;in -•'' l-'Loru— State mid western, quiet, weal:. \Vnv \T-No. •: red opened weak and declined Vtt.Sc on weaker eaDles, lower \Vest ami lucnl I'^uidaiion. May noiin: w .Wic. ->r ?»c b,;.ow previous low rocov.1: ;ulvancin.r \V^ ™ I«r- <•;,'» Duv.ii;: si"'* l"^ 1 ' 1 i-ovcniiK. fo|l_ !*o. MI--I.IV 'ir.ii.x- active. Marcli. -'if :MI-:!-"!>-S'': May.'^/i'iW';.': July. ^'"; •.•Oflll-ICc; Au:;ust, No. ... o.iix-N'o. C ••)••':<". :.ii,l •li.:t-lix-; July, •lliUfr-l'- 1 OATS-NO. S dull. <-^i". Western. :M -We: Kebr-uary. : ljKi:r--<J'iiot. weak, lixir.i I fisnil,-. S'-.'"'^'!---''- , . J'OHK -• ll'idi-r.it' 1 ilorii:iu(. "LAH'U"- (<uirt. Ma.e '-if; Ma KNOWLEDGE pJ comfort and improvement ajid w personal enjoyment when used The many, who live Uet- ,-r than others and enjoy life mor», witb ?s- expenditure, \-r more- -iromptiy . 1-iptiiV' tho world's best products to '•jtf :u>e^ of physical being, will attest he value M liertlih of the pure IUJBIQ axativo jv.-inciple.^ cmbiuceJ IB Uie •vaeov, Svrup ot Figs. ' Iw .-"yceilenev is due to its prosfJU-ing a thY'forn. most aeeeptable and plftis- ui', to the taste, the refreshing ami tnily ii^oficiiil liroi>enies of fl period la.v M\-$; elfrcttially cleansing the system, iispcllin? colds,' hc:u5adies ami fevers md peniianontlv curing constipation. it h-Uivon svtisfs'^ion to millions-und opt with -t!ie apiu-ovMl of *he medic:u .rofession. bee;iu>.- it ae.U- on the Md•',,>v>, Liver and Bowels withoi-.t weak- -nlr/g them an.l it is perfectly free from • v<?rv object.!.)nab!e subsuuice, ^vrup of Fiirs is for sale by &}\ dnig- M-=M in . r )0c ai.d SI bottles, but it is mau- ,faotureil In- ti-.e California tig byrup V, onlv, wl-.nso name ii> primed on every ,:,cka;re, H'.-O t,lu- n.-iiu-, Syvup of 1-igs, v,.d bei:^ vvvll informed, youi «'ul n'»». " ™ COLUMBIA PAP CALENDAR For o » * 1895 \ Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse ; for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest 0 [ -n—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise -ind sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and o( your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., Mention tbli piper. Hartford, Conn. «.lu,lie it Children. If your child ia not crowiog. la tunted and unhealthy, the cause, .e most likely to be o*ing to tbo pres- nce of worms, and unless they are xpelled tto child will not improve, Dut craduaily prow nervous, fretful^ ,nd pale. Cnc n/.mody to urC ts li'nc^.' ion's Worm Lnzonpei. They be worms .iod ih-i worm ncet. by B. F. Kco^li-? and Keystone •tore. .Slc.iui-iv fl-ii-y lOiil.lo: do. creamery. !•! i^ tory. Sv-^Miic: Kls-'im. ^'.ic: i!nl e-v. Ii€tl7c; .June do. creamery. 1. CHFUSE— Quiet, unsmtliid. ttai Hi"- do. tar-cy co!or>.-,1. llWc: Co. lie; do. small. O!^'"?^-: part lull do.. ^S-'^- Eccs-Fuir demand, steady. limed, l-iaiae. . '.V- no. f«c- tloacr-;.r.i- •;-«;. lar;:.'. .*:!> uiu-. WiHi A-iin.s. 3'.^Js: Western. _c. Live Stock. CniCACO. Jan. S! noes — Market active and ffcJinK tlrm. Prices 5c nisher than yesterday's flaal tit-urea. "ales ranseJ a; s.>.n>33.sr> ' or m **- S 3 - 70 * 415 for lisat: 53.90 .i.-l-Ki for rouRb paekii S3.90®-(.-)0 for miied. nnd $J.10^-1.-1S for heavy packinu' and sblppin; lots. (Xrn.i:—Market rataer dull. I-eelln? weak and prices easy. Quotations ranged at '-4 ttO&5.«0 for choice to e«ra shlpplnir Steers: .«.&a-1.83 for good to choice do., £3.853-1.50 for fair to K ooJ: S3.-lOaH.03 for common to medinm do.: ;3.03rp.« for Butch crs' S'.eers: $ii33aso for Swrk'-'M'. S^W; 3.00 for Feeders: £1.40 .?i70 for Cows: a-,TO. S.CO for Heifers: SiOO.aJ3.73 for Bulls; 5^.. ©4,10 for Texas Steers, and fci.OOSi.Vi) ,or\eal Calves. It gathered br that tremulously <!e»inictlve enelne, malaria, put en the brakes «1tnHos tenor's Sioaiach Bitters, which »'I« check lu progress and .avert disaster. Chills and fe«r bl low remitten t. dumb acne and ague cake are nrompfy relieved and ultimately «ored b> tb! senlal specific..wh.cH Is also a comprelenslv farollr medtoln*. speedilr as^ful m ca« of djs- pepfiE. blUonsness. consUpaUon. sick headache nervousness, rheumatism and neuralgia. AWlustlbe Hurtful «-ftX*s pf sodden changes o tMnneratarc. eipo^nre In wet weather, doseap plication W laborious mental parsnlts, and otbel influencea pr Judicial to taalik, lt-.li a most trosw.rtliy sa'egnnrd. K fortfaet tb «jrf.,n«Mlnrt dt«^ Promote!, appert*^ l-tp-'aad hastens •ontaiasceoc* fflC«id flesh waitingdteewes. Sold •VTben Gaby traa sick, we c« "> 5icr •mjoi sn««™ o Chl!d. 6ho cried for Oiowrla. When sne owame »u«. sco CIUDK "> CaaoHk. Wneo sne ana Cnuoreo, sno guve t & P ^ 1 I we Oe reUth liver. Lnek ofStroiie«l» nn Tbisis ibe senso.i wbcn fee! tired arO weak, with lU for food. The cause i* "- lDjrto the wlDur'b effect on 'be ej-stcm. A few da-tflif BInctart'* Liver Pills will b"on arouse ihe liver and make YOU foei stroci? and like » new person. O..ly one, a dosf-; act pleaBantly. Sold by B. F. KcefcliD^ and Keystone drug siore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cae^rla. U you lack energy, are weak and tlredi take Riaeban's Pii>8- Ooo a do»e. Sold by B. F. Keceiiog end Kej6tooe drug store Children . ; P^chcr'sCastoria. *** U your child 14; not growing: or thriving, frive'tt'nehari^ Worm Lo- ztnges. Sold by 8. F. Keesllng and Keystone drug etore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca«oria.

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