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Atlanta, Georgia
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INk-ACC5RDANGEi ilrT A frpniSeaspii fo i I i FURNISHING REmiCEDf sii irvVJ' i iSjtQ roniejTTijla iiiii id JattSis oreJsfMl sate dJl ds tiiaijWarfvroritintinib i rjSSife A Lr Lliw 3500 uitsducedto. 30QO s1Its reduced to 2250 2500 B. reduced ioill875 2000 Suiteredueedtdi5JM 1850 Suits reduced 1500 Sarisreduced Bal MeganLislecaid Madrask nin 200 Union- STntsjiredacedf 1 0 1100 Suits reduced 75c andAlpaca Si vBcS come insizes tol' biapelybecauaeof theiru JLI 7 CUAM ft AO9 UJL lu claj ti ru rf 500 CoaKiS 50i CML reduced to p. i 350 500 ce4itbv 450 Trousers reduced' tcfe550 C80fl Troustrs reduced foj600 MANHATTAN SHIRTS W. afeJatyJvvwijl.liB1 0j5 grade yr.

140 i i 3 250 grade at 190 300 grade at 2 5 350 grade at ii 265 Big Reductions in Boys' Clothing Hatsj and Furnishings Any Strain' HaFin the House at hoMper THE DAYLIGHT CORNER FOR SALEl Rooting PUck Coal Tar Creosote. Road Binder. Metal. Preservative Paints Rooting Palnf and Shingle rStain. AT Priced Just Half Act Today i 00 eS iA Established 21 Years ww 7 i i.

7X. JO M. mm. n-i T- ffCnft POUU 300 SpecialIriagWork 400 Painless Methods Teeth Same Day' Ordered DR. E.

C. CRIFFlN' WHITIH LL PHONE not 5ENDSCHUMTO BUT TtiEY REMAltt FRIENDS The bonds of friendship were not trained last night when C. T. uitry a railway mall olerk of 44. Capitol avenn sent" his chum.

Ale Wilson a barber of 45 Brotherton atreet to the Grady hospital for half a dosen stitch- la SlUho the back of hi head. Jut friendly scrap Ii the be friend rye got" stlry Mmnry when arrested. hesjthe btpal Tve gotj satisfies Kennesaw rat rood rote P. Jt HOCK CO ATULKTA Excursion via Southern Railway Thursday August 3rd. 6 Jacksonville Limit six days 8 Tampa Limit 8 days.

6 Bronsvnck Iiimit 6 days. 6 St. Sunona Limit 6 days. 6 Cumberland Limit sir Three Special Trains 8:30 p. Coaches white only.

9:00 ptnL- Coachesj colored Passengers for. Brunswick St Simons and Cumberland will be bandied a regular train leaving 11:10 p. m- CiI lest CsanVlaM Tkesler Hera wen or JULY at Ten- Sal Dainty Emma Bunting aC y- 7. Tess of She Skim unlry" CONDITION OF GATES ALMOST. DESPERATE The Doctor Hold Out Little Hope of.

Hi Re- 1 never meant to do It. I know- said Wilson' on the' operating table. ThefigIlt occurred at the- corner of South th Id West Hunter streets hdrtly before Id oclookv Mabry claimed at Wilson Jumped on but said. that they. bad no for fte.

ll explained that the whole business. Including thst vicious lootiln six-Inch gash. an accident and the result of friendship. The mat. Ur win be Investigated today La court.

Tw going to tell my wile I hit the sidewalk. en don't you put this the paper. cautioned WU- it before be left' the hospital. On lie outside. htwever.

were Wilson' and hr law. who' hail been Inform ed by the police and hie um. excuse did not work. July n. The condition of John W.

Gate. tonight we verye- Sbus. He roaclou most of the timer HI physicians say the wnlef. ha Attacked both didapt Increase during the day. This was a good sign they declared.

and' added that If' the lungs began to clearup be la hope although very faint one. fur Mr. Gates recovery. The. patient.

heart continue. utlfctolTand and hi generaiytrfrngth' keeps fairlygood TWO WOMEN KILLED AND MAN FATALLY HURT Cleveland OhIOU17 Two' worn- en were tiled- and aman prfcbably fatally Injured when an Erie paseenger train struck an antomoUe on cross. at. North Randfl late today. Tin dead Hia1 Xjoui- Snow.

aged It or Cleveland. nd Misa Margaret Totter. of Chicago aged SO wh was visiting XI. Snow. The driver of the machln has a broken shoulder.

The-body or Snow wa wedged in the. pilot of the engine and carried a quarter' a mile Af ls Timers body waburned to a crisp in I the wreckage of the automobile which I took tire after the crash. Chicago. July 1L Hi Taller was tb dautbtr otR B. Tulle.

and waa jregardeaT an artistof cinildersbl I premise. She. ha be II a student at jthe Chicago Art institute for the tart Artut Abby ymjT Phlladefphla. July JL A cableeram racled today by hi heather William Abbey. tat that Edwin A Abbey.

I the American patater. is etyln Jn. London neaage whlob we. from 1 iioo trday. contajn but two wora Ed dytng.

William Abbey who reptdeet or Meant Holly J. but In kulnes ill PUtzdcIpHm HENRY BEATT1E TALKS OF TAKING POISON. DOSE Young Virginian Say. Hell Never Die in the Dee mc. hair.

lUcbmond viu July M. Arrange monte were niada today for the treeS- fer tomorrow of BeUtah Blnford and Paul Seattle held a material wit- flees. for the conunbh wealth In- the case of Henry Tr the alleged wife murderer. from th HenrlcSi county to fte Blchmcina. cl jan Eennr.

Beat tie. will Ttnai isxthe Hnric. It' I Jlegud that TheTa has beep more or leg oomnmnlcatlotr betweey lIulah and Henry Seattle since their Incarceration" and the authorities de. termtned that this. or the posiiUt of such It thing.

tn iet. be A subpoena WI lamed today for. the appearance' the arndjury on August 14. or. Mr Chalmers W.

Elliott or U6t Taylor street who Is said to he aK Intimate of PMI- lhs and who' Visited Doulab at the mll4 it tBB3 T. SOc Is mM. 9 nave gained udmiftaneg O' the girl' eell. by representing herself to be a relative. She I expected to prove an Important witness fo tile commonwealth In' corroborating certain statements- of Eec- Henry Seattle quoted on high au thorlty today as having sid Jn aub- stance In the course of a statement he made- Thee who think thy Lee gtg to Rerintbe electric chair Call wrong.

They Were never more wrong bout any thing4 In their lives. I shall neT beelectro cuted. rd take poison and kill myself order to prevent anything like that. But there nothing In Henrya con- duet to suggesf that he na any irten- tionof destroying himself. COMMISSION CHARTER FOR' ROME IS DELAYED Council Ha Too Utile Tune tb' Fully LookIn toPro- posed Changes.

Home sO July committee of. council to which was re rrred the matter of reporting on the new charter providing toy commls- government for Rome reported tonight that IT wo ld. have. the time necessary to go over the whole charter In time to Introduce the bill for tht leaslbn of' the legislature Tb report wa received and council decided the matter In. dtlnUl There will be no commission government for Rom.

year. MONTGOMERY THEATER DRAWS LARGE CROWDS The New Moving Picture House Threw. Open Its Doors on Monday. motion pllBrabouse la Atlanta. threw open its doors yeuerday morn- lug to the' people of Atlanta' and throughout thec the hon e- wal i Oroe or- money has been spared In- ttheJTiewplace of ntertalnmeOt attractlve isaiid promised tthU the program" of pic- loresandof Singere will measure up to.

7" 4 To. one erf the canvas on which the picture arI wnUia-f electric IODnlllldator. 111 the IIamo of rthj picture. A rt er flt- of those coming la late. On theother tfdeof lbs curtain V1 small balcony where the vocal perfovraeTa wlos There I.

ao Id men organ In he theater nd an orcheslr which Uone of tile best. in Atlanta. js i The floor -O this attractive amusement place is of cork and marble' and tile Ah at are covered wits Unen4 FRANK HTTCHCOCK BUYS kno1nL- JnAIkea' today that a deal baa been doe4 wher07AeBtIrC. Whit BKpr rty to Like. musty.

Including everything except the shlence-fB t. Ul Jiaad of Mr. Frank oefc. ri ThlVHT i rty-j-eoiitti of between aaa lvf cI or th treat woodland In this county lying ii tlw t- iAikenTv aod fcoUn almost. a iviui at'- The.

rtraca track Is also" In- ltstost dt the partrh. price waatfeetween .1 V- jx DEATH CLAIMS JOSEPH ALLEN For. a. Number of YeVn He Served a Fire Chief in Greenville. Joseph' Allen aged 7 ar former chief 0 the Greenville S.

CJlre de- partxneflt. and lt connected the Atlanta wat rwork departsnn died il residence4JSWaehlnstoqr street. teat night-at 7:10 otlocki Tile luner atra em it wilbe ann unce4 later. Mr Berwa Qre nTnis' flr chief for several yeara. Syen years ago he camekto A Immediately becoming eobnecjted local waterworks' Ho was knowr bpUl bera and tIIouSl1ottL state.

was 4 member of tbe Az- lantav carop- U. Cvy oit tne Pres- bytrisa church- He Uryl4 by' fly. daughers Mrs. Reel of Acworth. Ge.

Miss Qeite-ANee. WwB- P. Stark. Mrs. a if.

Stuteaniatf Mrs. C. Stey- ens. all of Atlanta and by two sons. liarryL.

A. Allen and 1. P. of Atlanta. Pure is lbs.

word when KK KFlour goes in the kitchen. Murphey Chosen Secretary. IIarnuvllle Ga. July :31. Special.

The' Bernesvlfl Chamber of Com mores ha elected A. O. Murphey 0" or It own leading and e. prominent citizen of' the city. as tm porary- secretary to the the place or Secretary William who wa mad Vfrcretarr t- Georgia State Chamber- Commerce.

Desiring to continue to have toe assistance or Mr. Wakeneld he will be aaked at the next meeting- to accept the position of advisory secretary. The" local or. gantzatlon proposes to keep up the work which has beer. begun and which has been prosecuted so vigoroili' past few The offices of th Georgia State CIIamo.

iiere present busy scene each del. a the orlc for an active campaign throughout. ihev state is be Ins planned and the detail worked out. Prom the present Indications the state organization winreceive hearty support from- all. parts of the Mats Campaign Publicity Bill.

Wnshlnngton. Jill" Zl The cam palm publicity bill with the' amendment attached to Itln the senate. will be cent. to a conference edmmlt- tee of the two houses tomorrow. Tb democrats the house tonlghtvoted down a proposal to- sland by the original house bill and Instructed Chairs man.

Ttuekr. of the elections committee to tOcetep to ha. the bill sent to conference without any final re strlctlot frrronth house conferees. Itla predicted tonight that the house will asr- to- a- tilt practically UM sameaa the bill passed by the fashion authoritiesabout- extra traweaPateited rr V' SHOWERS AREPROBABLF SAYSTHE FORECASTER Considerable Cloudiness Prevailed in Atlanta and Vicinity on Monday. Shower.

are probable fop Atlanta and to the wectherm n. J- Vr Considerable cloudiness prevailed to the southernatates yesterdafr nd ITS EASY TO SET- weT lit rTHK CAPJTOI there'- were- shower-a reported' from many places. Atlanta not ex empt. The cpIoi bunding Is no sail. said The iGopben but you can take It.

from aev" that you are not ac qnainted' with. Its winding passages ftilft Jastaboata hard to get. out Of as penitentiary. VA few days ago a good lady on another clip- came to Atlanta and the undertook to explore the' on hr own he finally decided that she was' ready to. leave.

she- Sound he dldntknog tie way out. sue wandered from basement to dome sod not an oIwldh find. The poorwoman might ye stayed there' to this-good tour If Bob ner of the prison department hadn't came. gallantly to tile rescue. Be snggist that in future all utrangerl visiting the capitol' take long a sack corn and drop a grain here and there so they can hind the tick trill when they get ready go out.

Tjlie Flour ia sold by an grocers- PIERRE M. BEALER VISITOR TO ATLANTA Pierre M. BeuIsr well rememoerod a the former manager of. tb Qreat A P. Tea Co.

1 a visitor to the city pvnding the lasttwo or thre days of his vacation- bers IA order to renew his many acquaintances e4 frtSnlshla. fyif Mr. Ecaler has been. la the mountains of North Caroling eacompanled tyj his wife and daughter. Dorothea and will join them there In a few days to turn to their homein Washington.

II. G. f' Mr Sealer left Ltanta about three yearn ago In order to. accept the pro- rnQtloi lie managershIp of Vtr eleven Great A. P.

Tea stores In Washington. C. WIthln put twelv month. he has fut been pn Ooted tc lb. sUpsrlntsudbncyevf tbeCr at A.

A P. iutgrestk la the states efVirginia and forth qacoUna In addItlonto that of the ptetricf of Columbia. T- S691499J6 GMH IN CLEARINGS FOjt JULY 5QeirI house" Bgir itor Juy. show tncreaae iitT nearly i000eoo py tli same tm ntJl last yey. andalso Ca iaureeaeVaver last.

no tn. vThe verare. la iunhlcc teadMr toward 00 ITbe exact Ogure. for July. 1911.

are 417s lsl and fur July mo Sr. KDSM lfi Increase of II 111 Jt i LOW EXCURSION RATES TO EASTVIA tug- romndrtrip to Wwhl ton HI round trip- to- Richmond or Norfolk. Ftai information SndFulifllan reserve. i i FISTULA sc or bf a la Co. Ml ti.

en an Moc-H at tor be of Dr. nl rtrmuui. OK ZXPOaIID A U. raCERS oliim RSCTUX. stloo.

a. taUa atffllt short sot a auepu HIISIS ss In enc rm end eraw wu MI tot of It It. laelyvs S's a Os1 wtnwvlT en. I by eum tost it. Oil the aid Uk je new On.

Tktr emunmeE eoesstl ISSUe Rebw mew ejeoHJOr AUi. OHIIONIO' DMEAJta OP KB AMD WOtE If JOO UM os a I 51. thsw bey win yea Se. 51. a nn KTU iaiinfr i JJl.

HAT. A WAY Cu. ATLANTA GEORGIA SHOPE fCQAlESKlWr FITE fti i1toio. July rollowtog denial by OB AyW Wife that he had practically forced JMltur T. ShopS to- sign an apology for- foranloI1IterW printed In The Dalton fltiseia3he.

editor today la a statement denying. In warm terms the Judges latest assertion. He state that signed apology only after Judge Fits tad refused so explanation end held a Jail sentence over hi head. The statement luuoa by Editor Shop. la toll jot pie and is given la furl below AlterI was told Jud Fits had taken' xceptlon to what I sald about hinvl Zoiuetarlly wrote hlma letter tatlng tl a I.

meant no- refltion on hi oxmrtxv Itwss oovcbad is. respect- uU dlTttlfl- language but not full of remark the judge. It wu rejected. and the other written by theudge himself and subtltbted which I fan of- laudation to an extent that i offensive to good taste. This statement did not want to sign did so underprotet trlendasl ollend to pay a dpi and give bond carry the case up.

This the Judge would not agree I simply had sign the paper or susrthe humiliation of going to Jell. as that wa thd only other alternative. after having-been. reueeS the privilege- of paying fin and giving bond. If it had not been for the worry lid Rumill- itlonlt wouM have caused tnyfamily I moat certainly would not have sign.

ed It- oi the pio- pie 16 bethe judgeCln. the ease after theyiknow thefaetsiI ask themto read tire letter I voluntarily wrote-to' Judge and the one he wrote himself and through coercion compelled' me te sign and there see the caliber the man Bridge Smith tOut Macon. I 31. 8pe After' a serimle- tunes Hon1. Bridges mlthcity elerlf- recovered ucn-r--- ciently be at his- noe sgale.

For everaldays Mr. Smith wa in a pre-carious condition hut he rallied K. throushsbr force' of wil and re mrlrabhi display of according to. th physicians. A- Macon's Marathon.

Macon. la. July II. 3peclall The entries for the marathon races which will- run en tr etof Macon neif turuar. undeVCBo auspices of the mayor and council have 71010.

There are two entered for. the three events. The merchants nave liberally donated prizes. in additionto1 the silver cups offered by the-mayor. Child Killed by Unloaded Gun.

Valdosta. Oa. July- 11 $old Mitchell was killed near. Lake Park. this county.

today when. shut gun. supposed to be unloaded was discharged- by- hi brother. Walter Mitchell. Jr.

who was playing with the ir niAvtvtb tr-taia Friendly I bind jroii boyreflectsfyotw irasjness judgment theamount iTWarMprtht5banker hitendi ri fle basis of what is gjiar2 f' 0 J- OJ' 1" t. Jt ff r' 1 i f. r' 1 1 3l I II df r- G- t' LIje frA I' :0. i 16 t. it t' l' i Ji" 1 vr 7- 4 1 tJi nc ra fe" 0 ln n-- s.

'n fi Zfi t- 1' i 1rJ. trlj i tt J. co i i' Irl Jti f3 na i13 1ep s- jfStartt tIHJit i 4 If 5 v. V7 5 rJ if fl' J' 4" 3 I CC RbA. CE with I ta us6edt rp tlcy it kT WL qdr i fA a 1d i perJy wo.

for. ft' from season wewitl in gurate' THIS MORNING clearance Som dIi nths ccoinc arid iniiexfsu i ner J- 1 i io NjIR st CtMF 9tS r' I. PR g' id 1 p' l1iil. I 9q1RAIT rCast 1 C. QTHI G.

nd EU ISHI g' 00 Sla .1 P1JSEp gt odst i. nlsrJjrI1 0Jlew lSt 2 easfnote' PRICES. theshupreductionS e4fL i' 1 4 T1 i .7 s' c. ftEfV7SjSCfTSf il. i MEN'S l1VQ.

IlW A Alpaca oQist MEN a1Jefg ljsiflflNH TrANHIRTS tMOM ooGapn tlc are e1y. Jight elg 400Tr rs tl 00 75grad i15 30 redllc djo. J5cGarments fed cedt 6O tyery shapely i. 450 Trousers reduced 35JJ L. t8 ducidio fl 75 tG ttne 1fir tt24oc 1 i 00TrouS iIH 375 2Q9.

t. t. l40 2 06siiiisr du tO" 500 f300U tBr cf225. CO red dt t6oo xk 3 i 0 ts reducedl40 i 6Coats reduced 450 2' 7Trousersr ducedto1L25 1 1399. ce rii5 i5 ioo 500 1 redtic dfd 550.

15 Union SUtsr1duced. 7 eduqd to. 150t OOTrousersreduced to 6. 3. 265 Bg e.

fs w. iLiCgl mK trJi. f. ri1he. :8.0.

hil fi EI MAl WElL DA HT i Whitehalf St. rf I f8 i T. FORSALE I 1Il edi rDe iver RooUngPItcli tri lTarJ Road MelalPreservaUve ShlngleStaJn Phone4 45ATtANrAGASIiIGHT Pric dJJ st ct day 50. 0 ES 2. rv.

M01emet8 500 i Sp cfaHol1I' Cro Special BrIdge Wori. II 016 iinng 1f. uon. IO :0 Palnl sii th ds ethJiarrie D. CR FI S.

GAU CITY i DIENTALROOIIS jj WHITEHALL sywiry IsENnsBg he' of er itraln4 nllht raU. ltol IIthla Alwnon oru e.t. Grad h.i 1 an 11 hi. bt wi. hotb banlrre oth tfinJetl thEn I 1 tifie.

Kenn saw lscjJli 5' I I i tI JrJIIOX A. mlrsloowtaSoul 1ma Tb 1JSPrd. Limit darednp s. BruJ1SiV Limitsix fdays 1 sPer1a1Tr IDs lidPnf1mJD 8 5' p. m.

oacheSwhit 1 9 lor I i et dled JuvIDgttttpIIL 1 lIever tOdO no. Th flght SouthYorth Wt oc1o tat WUoonjumped hl Id theyhad WIloplalned buID tlltvlcioul loottlq lncl1 1111. 1. DJ mTwlfe lh1t In the ppercauUon4 WI l1 plllo Mr. Wilson I lawlIo form.

I.d. 01 hI 0 lc. N. TfS. I I Doitm I.

1135 covery. I 1T ThcmdltlOD of I w. aeml- OBKkIu. I Hla. PMumOnli wbl halO.

tU ked long. did 1t urln ola the4lard. thatlf Iu clear' up tomorrotII may' a VlN7ralnt. ro rhe. coUnue his IIraltren h' Iteapfairl S- TWOWOMENKJLLED HURT et a om JtUled1td man pr babli fataUy1J1t Jre 011.

cro. lLtaloday. 11 1. 111 0. 8 d.

I TuI1rof ChrcaalradHwh ThdrJ oftll chla I U- rok. hou1 er. I The Miss u. Canaurtert MIas TuU. burned Itt.

reclt th. aL. era. Chlca aly" 11. lb.

BTliller 14 1 rg ecf artist of. drabl prI 1100. atlldent. the rorthe lLA ca. his lAb" 1.tl1&l.

EdwtnAA1ober LIIlt. I d7lacIA. I ar. It. wOrdoioE4 VmlamA1o I wlIe1II er' nt.

21. bI Pl tade1IOMa1 todq th tloewlIaa Iliac I fi 1" HENRYBEAn1E. NG' DO OultsVir 1ft. R1ehmo 4" Va. TuiT U.

mllta er Ji ade r. beld. materlIIt e. thli Henrl I I Bttlo iB' the Drlt Ia Ooafihri I or' 1 oomnl t1. bt aiJd' He" M' poai l1It" tbeftdd bef iran ljuryon MrcChalmra W.El- l2STayi9r 8tretho.

aJCIntliDitft lahan4 l4uJilJo1. I 9 blV admlttDeewthe IrrIn repr. lltlng Ie pra ti Itetol emnmoewealtb roboratlngcertalan lah. Henr Beattl. a In Thotipeople who p4 the i wr ns Th morwfDng anythngX llvea1 Ihalln.

be' electro. taltpolaoll 4 11 In order to allY thing. I II hb a. ally Itn ROMEISDELA YED CouncilH a1oo Jnto -pro- poa d' ma 11 Spc a1. 1b.

oun ll the. ae. for. sion go rlllItor Jme. 1toldIi t.

Bee. ov. cbarterlntlmeto ttiblU thle' 11In rh reportn iaelve ecldedto. potponelhef T1 er. DO Iongovernmnt 01.

MONTGOMERY VDS NewMovinc Hou. 1 I. IUDoon. ii 1doDtiom TLiJi 1 i1 D.W-- tlon l' oua ta. tllr9pell tltcpOJ 1.

afAUtaaIl4 tl11de7 tb ero. d. i v. meIIIOr motlT bIkill tbe" SI1oe. tattrlOCtlveJ IIU 1 rosr and iJage IUlUa tile lIou 0.

aiddf o' PletreraelI 1leetrl. tho ilfHa l. IDS. aldeofth 1-- oi wb r. p6rton ThereJ 9 IlDme.

II JI' bi. tbeterIIQ tr ttJt t1JI I TlI ta in iv. i I niL 1 iCa taor tl'- use. J. r' kmHCOCKBtJTS i i AJJIoa that.

p. eatirg proPertT t7 lh et 1 JrIOI L. I Th11Ie1tT1eoG. ila 2 ibet 1. Drut enoo1 lan4 IIItA TI tltll a I 4IB 1m f.

1 4. deal 1 t1IatilM I. tw 1. tii 7 t. 6v I h.

Pc. tH. IMS' JOSE a NUmber. ohY aH Se" u. Chi Ville.

Pd10tormr pf i c. Sre Ia with h. wterworb 41. rssldellco Wahlllt lttret ilghtat110 OcIL' The w111 he lInouncGlater Aile. OreenvflleIflre lIr.

eev ra1 iTeare. s- ara to Atlantalmedlatly with il1oc1 terw at well- IillocboU hernd the H. inbi-'fui A csmpU anlltho Pre 1tre He tlvduCbe MrLJ AcworttLGL Jl u. 8t urec Stt en. AUaIIUDd ioon' HarAA1len BAllenof AUan.

Pulei8 th wofdwbe21 XX Flour' goesintbe ki en. ChoeDSecietari Gluly Special. Comm haS electedA ita mbanands clt pl. Secrat. was eD fm Itanc I ed meeUntrtPt aI I I' cl rI1 r.

J. the Geo sla. ene a. thdtn wolked OULFfom the-present indl dleaa win rlve he. from i mpaignP cam.

1 ttac ed It i. I ot tetDdbT theoll InallfGuae. taJ stepS I ere tt'1 Ipredleta to lIht will hlll pe i I. I. I I' c.

4N Ti iJi11. THE thostjIkh 8 lo rit ever designed" tho shi ri 8uth ities bo DICTUM. fi rii i6a 2i i- tt ROBABLE SAYSTHFORECASTER dVi- oDMO 1 Sh rO a1oI. foM1aDt and ht1to ac orCuntr ctb8 thellllfD Conalc1ra1JllHloudlD. ID southern a7 te fed 1' ti' GET P1T04 I.

therti' rr" man 11 not eX- io. cSplt lbu irll IIOjaIL Id ThO 01lcall1Ie about har4to of fron Io" an she DaU cl ed that' to1ve. beJoun4 she Idnt kilo. U1eaou Sbe tit poorwoma mia-IIt'Joavo tayil to.tbl.- 100d11ou. BolJ Gard.

llnt totII Dg ta. lliatln fatiall roP. 4' th. D4 ui haa tag XKJlouifitsotd byangroce li 1) i. i.

VI5lroRTOATLAfr P1rr1IJ. Zl remem1in4 tl inauacer' t1Gea. co la' t4th. cltyepei 4Ingt. thr.t a' catlo bre trI Ii 1lhlps.

II. th1D011n. orNortb oltns om 4 1 d. 1011 1 twill th. th.

tI dtoretlJJJ1 tthelrbom in fi jc 1Jlt aI olrt de. pttkipro mot1 roZtho rblp Or" Tcto In W. abLagto. DC tWvllIIIonthh haa CvJ at tl auprlDtllcre ej'- t1 iOr lsIItv U1Ia" Ind41Uot of. S6914993SC IJ Il NGSFO i it vJNt i.

r1t 1 tJIIarIT OOO.OOO\o.HUJe monthi1 at Hac moaw I1e.o yver t' dtmhlJ C. 7. tOwU4. 0000. 1 11.

I t7SUtf. U10 a. I mn otUT i SEAST i. AUCUST1 tfttLiOWDd 1ito' 1 i. trlp1tcllmolld Nort lk.

IF.n ejoti OUJ- i tr t' 4 1 1 Jy. i tP" Jt E' :8. rMv FI I. aeo. UNO IILIIIIIDtIG nIIICIL Ulo PIBTt1LAr 1TISERBE a---- 10 ta'-o I7.

11. b. 7M oa re 11 I. jJ AWAIFCO T. RC.

I orrt1I iau 30730. 1 SHOPECOM BA KnwATFITE i. i WIT1rAR. Dl QT TEMENm1 i 1' aJIr I b7l1J tr. w.

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no goods Alithese goods ares suitable fr present wear-and can be properly worn for season to we will inaugtfrate a some months to come-and again next summer I sale oi. our ENTIRE summer stock of MENSr BOYS' and CIjILDRENS Everything sold at this store is fully GUARANTEED as to quality This CLOTHING and 0 at A CE embraces no old goods-every garment is new US seasoa Please note thshaipred ctidns I I a 7 MENSISUJTS UNDERWEAR Sicilian and coats MEN'S ODD PANTS BluesBlacb TmnsandGrays Ba1briggaLisleandMadras'- 35 00 Suits reduced to 2625 1 50 Gurments reduced to 1 15 fit eseoa proportionsThey ous reduced to 2 50 1 grade at 1 15 1 00 Garment reduced tot 75c are extremely in weight 4 00 Trousers reduced to 3 1 1 00 Suits to Gnenth reduced to et very because ottheir 4 50 to 3 50 ra a Suits to 1875 SOc Garments reduced to 40c highelass tailoring 5 0 Thusers edud to 200 Suits reduced to 1500 3 00 union Suits reduced 225 Coats redud to 375 600 Trousei4 ceduced to Suite reduced 140 600 Coats to 450 700 Trousers reduced to 525 to 1390 150 Union Suits reduced 1 15 750 Coats 750 to 225 Suits to 1125 1 00 1000 Coats redued 750 800 600 a in Hat in- Slightly Soiled Though Prfeci Men's Negligee Price and jladed Shirts at Price EISEMAN SALE Inun teD' llverj 81 Ta RootlngPaintaid Phone 4945 ATLANTA GAS LIGIITC0 Estibuisbed21Veirs. LJSI EC CRlFFlNSDiLs E4 SENDSCHUMTOHOPIb THEYREMAIN we Ot Ia. 1' Mabrl. 01 niesnthIa 0 4 th do.enetltch- ugly backof a bee beat saw 3c ia days.

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