The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1933
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, K'OV'ftMBE'R" 25, 1933 C '1 pQCWU First Roosevelt blue'swaeser. suit : with accessories to harmonize. Th«y wore accompanied by.Mlss ld Mr ' W ' W ' HES Kathryn Sersava Is Possible >.,-.*. v . *? ...-..- • - • -i ' * - Successor to Crown of Garbo | Revives Memory ; Of Old South men* club course, oofl »o- lo Man With the Carving Knife Holds Stage Thanksgiving Day Leon Smith hostess. ypun* MaUons per patty. M«- . UT Wot short honeymoon. They will make- W, [their home at Annorcl. Class M«U Plans for Ihe Christmas -paHy, to be held December 15, were made llcw to wield tlic carvlpf knife r Hie lnirH)rt;inl turkey Burijery told by Sister Mary In the last li church Thursday evening at 11Y SISTKK MABY NBA Service Staff Writer When Ihc ulrkey appears as the rpwnlng glory to the Thanks- ilvlng dinner the Mrs. -vlrgl of the louse miisi take the renter of the lage. The wise host will, make a| DINNER: Casserole of mutton auditorium', t>- m - W. M. S. Mwllrtir There will not be a meeting o romnJUaerits BHde-El«t- Hie woman's missionary society o •Miss Mary Ellen Stevens enter- lho F i rs t Mclhodlst church Mon trilncd 12 guests at bridge Thurs- dBy afternoon. day compliment to .• • • 1 - Frances Sawyer, of council Makts Money e, n bride elect. . The woman's council of th two"home of Mrs. R. L. ill the tallies- In the card games Mrs. Harmon Tii'lor won first honors, a guest towel, and the second prize, cards, V*nt to Mrs. Gene Still of Plymouth, N. C., houscgucsl OJ Mr. arid Mrs. C. S. Stevens. •Tho guest of honor received an Interesting assortment of miscellaneous gifts irorri all the guests. :-A salad course was served by the hostess assisted by her mother, Mrs. O. S. Stevens. •• Included In the guests were Mrs. John Sawyer, Sr., mother of •Miss Sawyer, and Mrs. John Saw- •vei- Jr ' Miss Garnet Hall of Car. vth'ersvllle. and Mrs. Godfrey • White, of Osceola. The guests ••from Carulhersvllle . remained- ii : 'the city as gv.csls of Miss Stev • - ens for supper nnd a theater party 'at' the..Ritz whero llfcy saw th lour M B T* brothers In "Due Soup.""Mr. Siiwyer," Jr., and Jac Hcpke, flance ef Miss Sawyer, o ~ Caruthersvllle, joined them lor th •-'theater party. - - « » ' Music Club Metis. There were 11 members and te guests at the meeting of the Mus department of iho Womaui clu Friday afternoon' at the home o : Mrs. A.'-B. Falrlleld when Mrs. "E Paddlson »-as leader of a l>r j!iarrt on Nevtas and Ported the' sum of 425 made re : •! ni\u • • • . • •-' ntly. The- Hope Group was In the program with Mrs. J. D milh as lender. This group will not have a mec Monday. her series of four articles slvlnc planulntr. icxturc. Tliercforc ncal, Ihln slices cannot be made unless the knife cuU wllhout pressure. Tomorrow's Menu HREAKFAST: Norlheni spy apples, cereal ucam, hush, muffins, niiu'iniilnde, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Creamed oyster plant on toast, carrot sticks, sliced orange sprinkled with shredded cocoumil, vanilla cookies, milk, tea HKST CHKISTIAN C11UKCI! K. K. Utlmer, Mlcltler Church school, 6:45 A. M. Holy Communion' and sermon, 1) A. M. Vc5j>er servlcss, 6 P. M. A cordial welcome always. FIltST BAPTIST CIIUKCH Walnut ana Eighth Sis. Simdny nchool, 9:45 A. M. Devotional services. 11 A. M., fallowed by nil Important bius- ir.rss session. All arc urged to at- id. B. Y. P. 0., 0:30 P. M. Pi-aye; Bervlce, Wednesday, 7:45 M. There will be no ntght service. rip to Ihc kitchen, before Hie bird Is Irusscd and IhJo/m himself qt i general anatpmy.' The average American man docs, not, carve a urkcy many times during the •ear, and It he' understands the losltlon. of Us points and the llrection In which Ihe muscular Ibcrs r\m, half .trio baltlc Is woii Consequently, Ihe .more 'Information he cnii igalhor before the festive occasion''.the easier will be tl(e ceremony. " ' There arc revcral little Uiins the cook cnn do to assist the carver. First relieve the host of his dullL-s for the 'dqy by Iclllnis sonic niembcr of Ihe party wl)0 slls next Mo him serve the ycgc- v;ltli rice, creamed turnips, endive with bacon dressing, canned pears plain cake with chocolate frost Ing, milk, coffee. Netherland News Mis. '1'aylor Foslei' of Swift vis lied In the home of licr brolher A. O. Blankenship, Wednesda night. Miss Irene Chambers of Tngrai Rlrlffo was the guest of her aim Mrs. L. D. WaUins. last Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. M.' R. Kowlan visited In St. Louis and St. Jame recently. The Hisses Rose Mary Guy ai Muriel Grey of St. James . a Bits oj Neucs Mostly Personal Miss Nornja Sklppcr,..of, * the guest of Mr. • and Mrs. iarry Atkins for the week-end. I Miss Franclse Rosenlhal has rc- Mvncd from St. Louis 1 on a buying rip for'Ihe I. Rosc'nlhal slorc. : Mr. and Mrs. w. M. Burns lave returned from Memphis where they weic with their son- n-luw, David Barton, whose arm amputated as the result of an automobile accident. Mrs. Lc- Roy Wood, sister of Mrs. Barton li-maineil In Memphis with her sifter. Dr. J. F.. Rowland and tables. He \\i\\\, of course, serve Ihc dressing, and of a maid is not In attendance may serve the gravy over the dressing. ridltcr Must Ik In the second place, be sure Ihe plaltcr on winch the turkey Is i plnced Is large and not overcrowd- : ed with garnishiiiKS. Unlcfs Ihe: carver is an export a small platter | mlMl . 01 , u ^, , „.., .. placed at his Icfl on which he Mur | c | Or • w( , rc Kncs(& - at ( may put. the legs nml wines as ho u , of 1Uc lja ' t , los club-t removes them will make Ihe carv- wccl; • b ng much easier. And In the last place, put tho ilatter (Ihcclly [n front of the guests Ihls week of Mrs. M. Rowland. Mrs. Ewell Rabb of Sikcston \v the guest this \veck of her slstc Mrs. M. R-. Rowland. Mr. anil Mrs. M.ark Troulin anil Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Blarike In Portngevlllc Su Hose. Mn Guy SKCONI) BAPTIST- CHURCH J. },. Neu-snm. Pastor Sunday school, 0:45 A. M.., Tom- le Tiogun, sinjcrintendcnt. Sermon, 11 A. M., by Rev. E. S. aincv of Lex'; fton, Tenn, B. Y. P. U.'s" at 0:30 P. M., 1rs. J. L. Nevsom, director. W. M. S., I/.onday, 2:30 P. M llh Mrs. M. B. Pcndergiass. Bible study, Wednesday. 7:30 P I. at the pistor'K home. Subeel: "The a.vcn Trumpets Revelation". There will ho no prcacjiing Sun ay nlshl as Hie pastor will prcacl ,1 both hours lor the Gosnell Bap 1st church. 1ns, T. H. Hayces, Howard Proe -tor, Paul L. Tipton, D. Carpent- George Hubbard arid A. Conwsy. Mrs. Murray Sma.rl was n ' new member. Cakes, candles and tea were served in a brief social hour which .'.followed' the program of selcc- .tions by this composer. ' " carver wil|Y Ihe side of Hie tnr- ccy lowiml him, U|ei /drumsticks ,o the right and the neck lo the eft. tile carvlUB fftVk "!• lllc • ieft, butslile and above Ihe host's | personal silver and llic steel and j carving knife at relatively the same posillon at Ihe right. Wllh (lie slacc all sci. Ihe host can attack the dcllcihusly glnzcd,, golden biown bird. | Insert, the carving fork firmly in I the ccnler of Ihc breast bpnc at the point, i First cut off Ihe second joint and drumstick in one piece, making u circular cut around lho joinl closu to Ihc body. I With Ihc blade of Ihe knife, lorcc J •-.-i'c.-i,.]--- • --• •• lho leg back and cut the liga- pitfCl-TvheVe she underwent, an oji- menls holding the '(high bonb to cra.tlo'n for appendicitis. Her con-. the '^^ -^^ another fork re- ditlon Is excellent. i movc tne p i ccc ( 0 the smaller Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burns and platler "Provided, or if, the turkey Miss Marie Lcggelt have return- p)at t er ^ i arB1 . enough, let It stay ca from Hot Springs where they by t | 1c 6 ( rtc of the turkey. He- wore with llob Burns who Is at move Hlc wm g 01 , ii, e 5ame s (de in the army and navy hospilnl be-Jti 10 s amc manner, mnkliiE n cir- J. E Thomas will niturn to Ihcir home In Ho', Springs tomorrow utter i,lehps1 hnving siient several days here I | h '= ^^j uttcndlng to Dr. Rowland's business Inleresls In this county. Mrs. Frrjnk Hlyhnil has return- td- f.vonv 'Che Memphis Baptist hos- Shq^ered. E. P. Blomeyer, who has cnusc of iniinles received in accident last Sunday nighl. Mrt- .. Mrs. . ., hen the recipient of several Ehpwers since her home burned recently, was the guest of honor , at a shower party given Wednesday aiternoorj by Ihe Woman's .Missionary union of the First Baptist church at the home of Mrs. Joe S. .pillahunty. The 35 present showered her •with gifts presented her in a .. decorated .wagon drawn by lit lie ...B&rbara Monaghan. Besides the • members Mrs. Paul Grecnwell and . Mrs. Lloyd Wise were guests, -i- An ice course was served witl cake. Mrs. Blpmes'er was also shower ., ed Wednesday evening wllh gift • of handkerchiefs from .teachers in the intermediate department o - the Sunday school in the Firs >-Baptist church.- 11 '• * t ',} Saiufers-jEaiea, •" T " :i Miss Lois Eades, the daughter of "Mr. and Mrs. Reuben A. Ea'des. ;;and Mr. •-William G. Sanders, :\ formerly' of ; Wichita Falls, Tex., ''but now of Armorel, were uniled '"in'marriaBe November 18 at Osco- .ola, the Rev. B. J. .Cole pcrform- is seriously Injured but his recovery Is certain, physicians declare. Albert Sallbi, son of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Sallba, who has been I the Memphis Baptist hospital or three weeks, Is now at home nd much Improved. Judge G. E. Keck and his court lenographer, H. G. Partlow, win go to Lake Cliy Monday for court session. Mrs. Green Still, of Plymouth N. C., who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Stevens, for several weeks, left todaj for her home, joining Mr. Still ii Memphis. He was here for u shor lime enroutc to Chicngo on business and has been In Scnalobia Miss., visiting his r£lal!ves. Thej are being accompanied home bj Miss Mary Ellen Stevens, sister o Mrs. SOU, who plans lo spend th cular cut around the joint, close to 1!c 'the body.. WUhout' removing the fork, cut thin slices lengthwise from breast, beginning close to 'tag the''ceremony.' v ':'-The bride'Was dressed remainder of the winter will them,. Mrs. Eddie B. David and Mis. Erneslinc Holland are spendln the weekend in New Albany. Miss having motored down Friday mor nlng. the the place where the wing was removed. \York up the vidge of the feast, keeping Ihc slices thin and arallel lo the breast bone. TOicn to Rcmovp Fork " For'the' first time the curving orlc is removed. Separale the sec- nd Joint and drumstick, cutting he flesh lo the Joint, pressing the olnt apart with the blade ot Ihe ;nife and cutting through the ligaments. Cut Ihc ment from tho second joint and drumstick In neat >ieces, cutting parallel to the xme. Make a wide incision in Ihe ipron for serving the stuffing. Unless you are sure that- the wliole turkey will be ncfdcd'for lho first serving, carve only one side at first and 's;rvc It bfore carving tho second, s)de. Serve a piece of white meat and _.ic"of dark meat with some of Ihe sliifflrig on each plate. A ronst chicken is carved in the same way as the turkey with the exception of the legs.' These arc no I so large and arc usually scrv- One of the la lest mechanical Ii venllons 'Is an appliance whlc plucks' chickens in a few second. noI so large • . cd' Ihe whole second drumstick for a portion. joint or The carving knife must be very In a imlVKS LllltlvCda • >•* tv l1 - 1 ' otvvii' *..*. :, . , .. .... chaumunagungamaugg Is tl\c nun sharp, for the breast of Wrkcy is na . Hei nen^ of a lake waslqulte drj" n»d "Imos 1 crumbly in!gun-metal too. lianrtsomc oulflt consislim; of RTO ciiuitcii OF con 110 W. Cherry St. Revival conducted by B. K. Bier • every evening next week exccp Saturday. There will be no morning scr vice. Evangelistic service at 7:30 p. n Subject: "The Sin of Neglect." Plan lo altend. The revival services conductcc by B. K. Bicrer are gaining tl attention of new friends eve night. Mr. Biei-er Is a man of \vid experience, having traveled wi numerous evangelists as song -c rector and has preached in mat churches.. For eight years he w associated with Paul Roder of tho Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, well known radio speaKer. The meetings will continue indefinitely. Kalhryn Sergava....shc was .held in reserve foi- a year, to replace Garbo, if Ihe Swedish slar retired.. she's our making a name for herself....and she has all the glamour of Garbo. '! BY DAN THOMAS land slate-colored eyes, with their NBA Service Slaff CorresiKmdent 1 drooping eyelids, her face has ai HOLLYWOOD. Nov. 24. — She, almost mystic quality. In addition was goin" to replace Garbo—but; rhe has a perfect photograph! Historian General of the United Daushters of the Confederacy, r John Huskc Anderson of Raleigh, N. C., is shown in the century old hoop-skirt costume she was lo wear at the organisa- tion's general convention in Baltimore. She wns lo take the lead role in "An Afternoon in the White House of Ihe Confederacy. Actor Parted With His Whiskers for Art FIRST METHODIST CHURCH W. V. Womack, Pastor Wo cordially invite the public to worship wllh us in all our services. AI (lie evening hour at 1:30 o'clock the choir under the direction of Mrs. George I.ce will present several special musical numbers. Following Ihis Ihe pastor will siKtik. on the subject "Is Life a Jig-Saw Piitz'.t;?" 'Thankful Living" will be the subject, nt the morning service. -. Sunday School for all ages at 9:45 a. in Qarbo decided to continue her| complexion -which she atlributes rival that of the acting career, so Kalhryn Sergava j to generous consumption of - co- now is selling out to make a nam.e coanut milk. Silent and Aloof As yet nobody around Hollywood really knows a great deal about Miss Sergava. She lives a very secluded lite, never appears in any of the film colony's brightly light- which will Swedish star. Back In the days when Garbo thought she'd'BO home to Sweden, Miss Scrgava was discovered and signed to a . contract by Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer. In case their big star can'ied out her threat, studio | cd night spots, and seldom accepts executives wanted someone who .invitations to private parties.-. exccumes w*n«u . , ,_j .- cciild- fill- the--roles..planned..Ipr.1 She. a: her.' . i-caling many • facts" omTeem'ing ' Is rt"" largely to Ihc has been it looked as though she would Young Peoples League services) " e j.,...•. succf! ^r Exotic, aloof,! Garbo build-up which has bee at 6:45 p. in. Vern Rimer will lead ™ extremely serious-minded, Miss! given her. If there's _one Ihir Hie service. CHURCH OF THE HAZARKNF. Suurtay school S:-15 a. in. E. L. Evans, Supt. Horning Worahip 11 n. in. Sermon by the pastor. N. Y. P. S. 0:45. Evening Service 7:15. The Sunday evening service will be the beginning of a revival meeting which will be conducled by the pnstor. ilic Hev. Eupha D. Bea^lcy. The singing will be under le direction of the Knlppcr bro- hers. We extend a cordial in- tallon to everyone to attend this Id fashioned revival which will onlinue each evening until Dcc- mber 10. PEIPING, China (UP) — The ?rcat •.-ncriflcc has been mads by Gliu Min-yl, Secrctary-Ocneral of he Executive Yuan, the highest mminis'.ratlve organ in Ihe Chi- |l •ess governmenl. He has surren- : i| rjercd his moustaches and his teard, six inches long. Since your orthodox Chinese must not permit hair to grow . on liis face until he has attained ai Itasl the honorable age of 40. Chu's sacrifice involves more than' vnnlty. Chu is a. widely respected amateur actor. "He agrcedj^tq..exhibit i'.is arl in the course 'of a benefit entertainment for 'Yellow River Hoed sufferers. Achievement of the proper make-up involved her cliance. However, Garbo's trip was only the form of a vacation. She 10 left that it would gray sl>or hat. Her belt, purse nnd shoos ai turally. nobody knew whether he actually would return to pllywood. Nobody ever.- knows lat Garbo will do. * * • cfs Her Chance So Miss Sergava was kept under ontract. But studio executives idn't dare put her In a picture, because such an act might infiin- FIRST rKESBYTKKIAN CUt'KCl Sunday school, 0:45 a. m. Members are urged to bring their of erings for the orphan home box 'canut butler, sandwich spreac and other lunch goods are especi illy requested. Church. 11 a. m.. L. E. Tul former missioner, will speak. Young people's meeting. 6:45 p i. Services next Sunday. Dccembe third, will te in charge of the nc p'astor. the Rev. Stuart Salmo who wit hhis family, will arri\ here Ihc last ot the week. FIRST I.UTIIEKAN CIIliRCll II. J. Klcindicnst, Tailor Sundny school and Bible cl:vs.s a. m. Morning Service 10 a. m. Sermon theme: 'The Christian at the Close of the Church Year." Evening Service ^ p. in. Sermon topic: "The Sonowful Young Man." Questions lo lw answered: 1. "Did Jesus have real brothers and sislcrs?" 2. "Is Ihcre such a thing as a Iccitimntc or honest lie?" Garbo now is sufficient to cause her to shut up like a clam. And once she closes up. nothing will te the temperamental Swede to ic extent that she would remain i her native land. And after all, Garbo still means millions at the box office, whereas hi name Kathryn Ser E ava as yet ^™ • Joy Ride in 1901 Model ' Auto Holds Anniversary KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (UP)-J. S.'McCown and his wife recently celebrated their 25th . wedding anniversary by going tor a brief tour in a 1901 model auto. When CcCpwn courted • his wifc- lo-be, he bought n similar car. n j two-cylinder model that would! v:hisl:ers. Golfers' Driver Injured Wrist NEW ORLEANS (UP) -- Ike Kingston, New Orleans investment, banker, afler many goiflcss months, tried out some practice shots. He missed tte ball, wrapped the driver around his neck and dislocated his wrist. PERU, Ind. (UP)-After living with his wife for 58 years, Samuel P. Dewalcl. Peru farmer, has filed )| suit for divorce. 3. "What sin?" the 'unpardonable means nothing. Finally Garbo actually ' for Hollywood and Miss obtained a release from her coi trnct. Immediately she set out to mnke up for the year she lost] waiting to sec which .way Garbo going to jump. Her First chance came m.the ro.e of a grand opera diva opposite, Warrcii William In ."Bedside. 1 : By. the time the, picture was finished, j she practically had studio exccu- lives eating out of the palm of) her hand. * * * • Stir's Danserous A long-term contract was drawn up. with Miss Sergava dictating iU terms, and she was put into "Hi i Nellie" with Paul'Muni. Personally. I believe there is .1 very definite place on Ihe screen for this young aclrcss, who was forced to flee from Russia with her family at the age of 1.0. She is just enough different from Gnr- to to be able to make )Kr own K ..,.,the 1001 model In a garase and IH-, 1 rented it for Ihc silver wedding. .„,' ! He and Mrs. McCown wore their ' ' • "--.s of 1308. HEMORRHOIDS (Files) cured without the knife. Skin cancer, varicoscd veins, tonsils removed non-surgically. I)RS. NIES and N1ES Office 514 Main Phone 1H_ Informal Inlk nn Bible Fundamentals Thursday G:30 p. m. Special Thanksgiving Service Thursday 7:30 p. in. A hearty invitation te extended to all to worship wllh us. Jesus says: "Blessed arc they thai hear the Word of God and keep It." CHRISTIAN St'IKXCK SOCIKTV Ancient and Modern Nccroiu- ncy, Alias Hrsmerlsm and Hyp- lolism, Denounced." is Ihc snbjccl of the Lesson-Sermon lo be read the Christian Science service. Sunday morning, at 11 o'clock. The Golden Text is. "I will de- way without teinz compared loo consistently with the Swedish star. And yet .--he i»ssesses all the intriguing glamour which mnde Garbo an outstanding screen personality. < "Potentially the most 'rtMicerous woman I ever have met"— that is the description Dr. Kcnnteb Williams. nationally known physicia- trls! applies 1 to her. And I'm not so sure lhat lie's far from wrong. With her bobbed red-gold hair Science textbook. Health with Key "Science and to the Scrip-1 wicked, and I will redeem thcc oul of Ihe hand of ll-.e terrible" (Jeremiah 15:21). Among the citalious from ll'c D'.ble Is the following. "Thus sailh the Lord God: Woe, unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own " spirit. and have l 13:3). seen nothing The Lesion-Sermon will also In- ^.w.v.v., .^.n - 'S." by Mary Baker Eddy, or.c lvor'\hcc"oi!t of The hand of the lot which reads. "When sufficiently advanced in Science lo 1» In harmony with the truth of bcir.gj men become seers and prophets In-: voluntarily, controlled not b\- de-, mons. spirits, or demigods, b-,it by' the one Spirit" il»ge 84). The Christian Science Ueatliiw Room is open, on Tuesday and Friday from 2 to 4 p. m. at room 103 Hotel Noble. - - ... ------ ----elude passages from Ihe Christian • ' All are cordially tnviied. FREE PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION of the Famous Reelfoot Meat Products Tucs. Nov. 28. .,;• 1 p. m. till 'I p. m. Tin; public is cordially invited lo at- Icnd Ibis iiiterosling free (leinomlva- tion Hero you will sec displayed U^ popular line of Ucolfoot Sausage, Bacon and Country Style Cured Hams !ls well as our liifh quality fresh hcci. Second Door West of Kroner's — Next to Green Kceilc Cafe. Demonstration Sponsored by Reynolds Packing Co. Union City, Tcnn.

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