The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1941
Page 5
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V MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 1941 'BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Women Fill Men's Roles On National Defense Stage liSRPBF ••4RKii%am&^:m ••••——' . - .,.,„..,..., .._._. . O Defense Costs Increase Sharply As Government Spends Less For Relief By JOHN T. FLYNN NBA Service Financial Writer The year just closed may, on the economic front, go down in history as one of the most memorable in our annals. It marks the third phase in an economic revolution. The only question that remains co be settled is whether that phase shall remain for an indefinite period as the pattern of our economic life. I speak of this as a third phase. The first phase of our economic life in this respect would '/> that, which has persisted since the beginning of our history until 1933. rn that the motor power in the business economic system was private investment. ( The second. phase began in 1933 when government spending of borrowed funds was substituted for private investment. Arms' Program Costly The third phase is now here. It is the substitution of a defense or armament- industry for direct public spending. It is, of course, another form of public spending. But it differs from the second phase in one important purticuiar. In the plan employed since 1933 the government paid out its funds —or the great bulk of them— directly to consumers who thereupon spent them in business. The funds were syphoned into business through direct payments to consumers. But in this past phase the government's funds are paid out, not to consumers, but to producers —the consumers benefiting indirectly. Money to Producers These two systems differ in this respect: Where the government pays its funds out directly, the payments are small—relief stipends or limited weekly payments to WPA workers, /arm workers, etc. But where government spends its money by paying 'it out to producers and contractors, the workers who benefit are paid full time standard wages and the payments include proms to private individuals. The sums that must be expended are invariaoly much larger by this system than the former one. Unless, therefore, the observer who is trying to look into the future understands this immensely important fact he cannot pos- sib]y.;-understand the 'forces- -that are. at work. We are now floating on a sea of government expenditures raised by loans, 'but they are of a wholly different type. There's nothing- so i«jpor*a«i in modern war as skilled machine workers. To replace men called (o active service, girls aW over Use IT. S. are l.eSn- trained as machinists. Above, in Stamford, Com:., Louise Amundsen and Florence Scipisne xvork drill and 'lathe." Beauty Experts Made The Resolutions--You Keep Them That's a roan's job, If' there ever was one. Yet. Kcmo\e the mask on that welder, above, and you'll find a girl's face working at Stamford, Conn.; in the stale's expanded NYA which is training; women for national defense. Doctors Use Wien Pwe BY ALICIA HART NEA Service "Staff Writer Well-known fashion and beauty authorities have all played the popular sport, "Making- New Year's Resolutions." Says Dorothy Shaver, fashion executive and director of Fashion Futures, the important, trend-setting style show to be neld soon:. "In 1941, I will dramatize myself in some small way that win set me apart from my friends. I will wear a little charm on ' my wrist, like the Duchess of Windsor's cross, or find a new way to do my hair that is becoming and at the same time different. Whatever it is, it will be mine, and I w *ft have advanced my own glam- or and my' own self-confidence. -'Also, when I buy »• new dress, I will wear it with assurance ant authority, knowing that the minute I think I might have made a mistake, the whole room will «£TSL : s ^ K flgims powwn^-^^fld^ Private security investment: 1929 ................. $8,OJ2.00Q.OOO 1939 ............... 382,000,000 Bank loans: 1929 ............... S41.0CO.OOO.OOO U. S. government borrowing: 1929 ................ S 0 1939 ... .............. 3,600,000,000 Thus the government has stepped in to take up partially the collapse of private investment. Defense Costs Rise Now, however, the manner in •whicn wartime expenditures are replacing expenditures on relief projects is illustrated by comparison of defense expenditures with WPA outlays: WPA spending, July to Nov. 30: • 1938 ................ $1,010.000,000, 1939 ................ 750,000,000 1940 ................ 539,000^000 Defense spendine. JuJy to Nov. 30: 1938 .-. ..• ............ $ 574.277,000 1939 .. .'. ............ 571,108,000 1940 ................ 1.481,000,000 These figures are perhaps the most important extant today—for they are the explanation and hold the key to what is Happening and will happen in business during the coaling year. What has happened and what is Uie outlook, under these strange and difficult circumstances, we will see in succeeding articles. But- . t.he first thing to bear in mi^d is j that/ whjle defense expenditures have risen, they nave not, yec exercised their full force upon tne \ iO of ("old Svimuomsj __ j _ ••• I UGo liquid or 66f> Tnbtets with 566 i Salve or 6GS Nose Drous generally ' relieves cold symptoms the first day. ' is the essence of chic and unless I ean wear attention-getting clothes with my chin high, I will buy ul- ira-ccnservative clothes " CHERCH£Z l/HOMME Resolves Jane Derby, good-look.- ingf talented dress designer: "Remembering the man in mv life, I will dress to please him. If I don't I will make it my business to learn who is wrong, at mav be myself.) J "I resolve to take advantage of the free and authoritative advice on clothes and beauty that is mine for the asking in beauty salons, department stores and shops everywhere. The people who have made a study of all glamor problems must have a message for me. I will hear what they have to say and give their advice a trial. "I will wear comfortable shoes, remembering that- there never was a smart woman whose feet hurt" A CHECK ON THE ESSENTIALS Says Lura de Gez, famous woman hair stylist: "Though I may laugh merrily when I see that old one about keeping stocking seams straight lingerie touches immaculately clean and gloves fresh, I will seriously ask myself whether I did all these things religiously in 1940.— or whether I must form better habits during 1941." . ' • COIFFURE RESOLVE BY HAT DESIGNER Resolves Lilly Dache, important designer of hats: "I will make it an inflexible habit to go once every week to the hairdresser for a shampoo, wave and manicure—or do it myself at home. I will accept the fact that no woman can hope to be well-groomed who fails to have her hair and nails attended ft? every seven days. " ' J Difference in Vision v The human eye is scarcely able to see .some tiny insects at a distance of a yard; certain birds can see them from as far away as a hundred yards. Cn a yearly average, thfj south- em hemisphere is slightly coUer than the northern. • . .'.'•' CMOROUNE 4940 LOAN COTTON FOR BEST PRICES SEE OR PHONE Phone 99 Glencoe Hotel Bldgr. FRESH DRESSED I TRY Sfe 3 v& B AT LOWEST PRICES You Select them, we dress 'em free! SATTSFACTION GUARANTEED Free Delivery Phone 154 L fl Aslieraft & AT ]•;. ATatn, i doors c:u«t of associated with this firm appreciates the patronage given us during the past year, and we extend to all our customers and friends the very best wishes for the NEW YEAR. We will endeavor to render you the same good service in the new year as in the past and please you in all our dealings. We have had many new customers added recently and we feel that many more are going to give our good laundry and cleaning service a trial. i Sincerely we thank you and invite your patronage. We have the most modern and best equipped plant in this territory. LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eagle Stamps! 0, E. Quellmalz Bob Barne* Is the first KUp i n national defense. So when women Oiink of bun* ro)c« to aid Uncle Sam ,»a w , they go in f0r son* of the "manlj" arts, too. Abotrp, in Washbirlon, two members of the Green Guards keen in trim, muter Army supen'isipn. JONESBORO, Ark., Jan. 4 —Fortunately Senator Charier Frleson wa? Injured only slightly when his car struck a light pole near Cabot," for he involuntarily* hampered doctors who adminis-' tered first aid to him, • ' ?, The senator'* car skidded on a. soft shoulder on highway 67 and crashed into a light pole, ax* he received small cuts about the face- Passerby picked him up and took him to'CWwt,- where, if WM '&&• covered, the collision had disrupted' electric powpr. ' " ^ The doctor* dressed the sena? tor's injuries by light of a flasht- ilght. • 1 Voter Qu Pennsylvania re'juJr*s the paj ment of a state or county taxr .which may imply ownership of taxable property, as a qualification f nr voters, > <t ivow mnny Wear v, FALSE TEETH \ With More Comfort FASTEETH, a pleasant alkaline (non-acid) powder, holds fa'ls.e teeth more firmly. To eat and talit in more comfort, just sprinkle •»• little FABTEiTTH on your plates! No gununy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plate odor" ,(den? ture breath). Get PASTEETH at drug store. Adv.'I HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General B«r«J?tac, Wetting Aero* fra fed T*p Ote Don't buy this-it's NOT advertised! It's a doubtful product. It bears no trade name. It might be any one of the many things you buy or use every day. A refrigerator, perhaps . . . or a radio nail polish . . .chewing gum . . . kitchen soap . . .a correspondence course. , But the promoter knows its claims couldn't stand the intense scrutiny of the American buying public. And so he prefers to dispose of it as an unbranded article. That's why you won't find his advertisement here. How different from the other advertisers in this : newspaper! Proudly they let. you of their latest prod- . , . net or service. Eagerly they announce special values, improvements, new features. • These manufacturers and merchants have confi- ^ dence in what they offer. They realize that while ad-. vertising may make the first sale—it's the Quality and value of the product that makes the second, third and fourth. And that's what they're after! It's worth while, reading the advertisements! -You can believe in them!

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