The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1943 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE •S-IMPROVEMENTS ——————_ • •• • • mm ^f m mt • I • •§ • • • IP Building Permits Total $134,200 Blythcvillc Projects Include Store and Twenty-Nine Homes Building penult Applications llst- I"B an estimated total of $13'!,200 in planned residential and business construction were placed on file during the past two weeks In the office of city Engineer Joe Carney, f Of these, two housing develop* merits Involved $9!).t)00 In prospective residential construction. Each of Hie developments involved construction of houses of a total estimated value of $49.500. One i.s a group of seven houses planned by Deal's Paint Store. Sisned by Kemp Whisenlmnt, the applications contemplate five five- room frame residences to cost $7,000 each, one four-room house to cost S6.500 and a six-room residence listed at E8.000. All will have exterior walls of Stone-Kote. the material used in the new First Lutheran Church at Sixth ana Walnut Streets. These nouses, one of winch is nearing advanced stages of construction, will be located on Birch Street In David Acres Subdivision. They will have composition shingle roofs, and exterior walls of sheet rock and concrete foundations. The five-room houses will he ercvted on lots 50 by 150 feet, the four-room house on a 45 by 150 foot lot and the six-room residence on a lot I0a by 150 feet. Max Logan, Dlytheville real estate dealer, and Harold Wright, contractor, are building the other group of homes in their development in the southeast section of the city. will include seven five- room .houses costing $4.500 cacii. four four-room residences ranging In cost from $4,000 to $5,000; and a four and one-halt room residence listed at 54,500. All will l>e frame residences with drop siding and will have interior walls of sheet rock and roofs o! composition shingles. The lots on which these houses will be erected ranges in size from 45 by 150 feet to 100 by 100 feet. Most are 55 by 150 feet. Slorc Umler Conslrudlon Although the building has been under cons I met ion for several weeks, a permit application for the new brick and tile Kroger Store on North First Street was placed on file this month. Signed by Tom A. Little, the application sets the estimated cast HI $15,000. Other applications were filed by the following; o as t figure is estimated cast shown on application): Lena Blanton. two-room frame residence at 1222 Thomas, $500, H. V. Gcan, live-room (ram residence on East Rose Street, $5,000. Mary Randolph, two-room frame residence at IGth and Freeman, MOO. Hugh Hudson, four-room frame residence nt 120 Kentucky, $5.000. Lee Moody, add room to residence on Monroe Street, $500. Neoma Shipp. four and one-half room frame residence at 111 Lilly, SI,0:0. Mattie Whaley, tour-room frame residence at West Street.. S500. PiLs-cilla and Titus Blade, three- room frame residence on Thompson Street, $1.200. J. D. Andrews. Sr., llve-rcom frame residence at Attains and 3th Streets, $5,000. In England, a radio receiver license costs approximately S4 per year while that for television is just double. The star Sirius 'is 8.6 light years away. Here's a high quality, genuine Crane bathroom group that will bring new beauty, added comtort, greater convenience to your home. Moderately priced, this » group is made to your order. Every piece'matches ihc other in style, design, color and quality. Amazing new Dial-cse faucets open and close at a finger's touch, and assure a longer life of carefree satisfaction. THE PLUMBER 10!) North 1st I Know the joy and economy of son WATER Soft water can change your whole idea of housekeeping. Makes laundering and dishwashing so much easier. Quick, billowy suds .. .snowy white linens . . . clean, sparkling dishes and glassware. And there's nothing like the luxury of a bath in soft water. Soft water saves you money. . . lots of it. Cuts your soap bills in half . . . makes clothes last much longer. And there's one best way to have properly softened water . . . invest in a Modern Water Softener. With its low initial cost and low- operating cost, it will actually pay for itself in savings. Modern Waler Softeners arc built for years of trouble-free service. There's a size and type to fit your needs. Let us tell you about them. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., INC. W. H. "liill" I'case <Soiilh Hiwav 6.1 J. Wilson Henry I'hone 2i;il Real Estate Transfers 'Chickasawba District) Ruth I'inkenon Ashley to Monroe and Ollie Wallace, 1 acre in seclioi 1-15N-10K, $300. Ruth Pinkerton Aslilcy to Giver and Eula Wallace, 1 acre In Seciio: 1-15N-10E $,300. D. w. and Crystal E. Crantord (o Russtll and Emma Grccnway, Lots 9 and 10 of Block 3 of the Sparks first Addition to Dell, $1,000. J. E. Stevenson, Jr., mid Mary K. Stevenson to Frank C. and Ruby Jane Bine, all of Lot 4 of Block 7 of the Country club Drive, .$5,800. Francis L. and J, M. Becker of G. W. and Lllllo D. Johnson, South half of the NW|4 NW|4 of Section 21-15N- 8E, $4,500. H. Noble Qill and (jiadys Gill to Denny c. ami Maureen Wilson, all of Lot 4 of the J. C. Criner Subdivision, all of Lot 17 of the NE;4 of Section 15-1511-1 IE. $6,750. tt'iloy and Irene Smith to Geneva A. and Permella C, Martin, Lot 20 of Block 8 of the David Acres Sub- uivision, $800. H. H. and Lucy Houehins to E. N, ana Lucile Webb. Lot 1 of Block 6 of Ihe Country Club Drive, $1,150. Harvey A. Lynch to Richy P. Gray. East 25 feet of Lot 2 of the West 5 feet of Lot 3 Block 1 of the Sunrise Addition, $5,000. William and Delplia McCtoud to W. C, and Amy Polston, N 2 of the NE4 of NW,4 of Section 22-14N-8E S4.000. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Marie D. and Harold B. Wright to Willie Gray Rons. Lot B of Block "E" of the John B. Walker Subdivision S800. Max and Annie Laurie Lngan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Howard R. and Margaret Helen Bcshare, Lot 20 of Block "E" of the John B, Walker Addition, $800. Geneva (fiainey) Shipley and Homer Shipley to Johnie and Bola Hicks, a plot 1S5 by 224 feet in SWj corner of Lot 6 of Sloan Subdivision, SiOO. Charles C. and Victoria Simmons to H. H. and Ruby E. Thurmond, 80 acres in SE^, Section 31-16N-8E S22.500. Johnny and Mabel Young to H. F. !••'»!niv.s, a plot 150 by 150 feet, Lot 1 of Block 4 of the R. L. Haynes Addition -of Lcachville, $1.175. R. c. Colcman to Prentice and Johnnie Paris Homer and Ruby Homer .a plot 435.15 by 150' lect in Section 10-15N-11E, $7.200. Susan Moore to Kathcrine Jackson, Lot 3 of Block 6 (;f the W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition, $200. June Pinkerton Martin to Kyle P. and Gertie Mae Watte, a plot 430.50 by 100 feet in Section 1, 15N- 10E. S2.650. Katie -Taught to Willie and Eunice Hiiison. part of Lot 4 of the Edna Vail Third Addition, $1 and other consideration. Trcnnie Pinkerton Dotson to Fate Wallace, five acres in Section 1-15N-10E, $1,500. flooring Helps Avoid Barren Look in Hall Traffic flow in an entrance nail calls for a minimum amount of furniture, so designers avoid a barren look by installing the flooring In a light and dark checkerboard pattern. Cleverly planned designs with contrasting borders or geometrical shapes will coordinate other rooms with their furnishings and create a specific atmosphere for each area. Designers are especially insistent ;hiit, the flcor be in t'.me with the furnishings. With modern blond or bleached furniture, a smart color treatment !s achieved with a black, dark brown, orflark green floor, accented with narrow white riinsonal stripes three or Jour feet apart. Dark, heavy furniture calls for pastel tones in the floor. Crater Lake. Oregon, which is an unusual sapphire blue, lies in what was once a gigantic volcano and is 2,000 feet deep. IOC 50 TRENDS IN BUILDING COSTS-Building costs have declined M 1 -,t n eo S t V S? n n I S U i i«in m "T!r a ' MimC pMk5 of 19 ' 18 ' A hrick home aiat cost $5000 in 910 costs four times as much to build now. The Mo7r «-i r ,h a ,h OVC sl ." m ; s . h °w lh ' cost of building has followed right Uon «n I • of building materials since 1910 and construct on workers' wages since 1934, the first year when comparative became available Data is from the Cleveland Trast Com! pany and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Insulation of Water Pipes Called Cure For Both Winter, Summer Troubles Moisture condensation on cold* water pipes in summer and slow arrival of hot water to HU open faucet In winter can both be cured by proper insulation, H was stated today by the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing house for building information. Condensation results when warm, humid air strikes the cold pipe, causing drops of water to form, ft is most frequently observed on exposed pipes in basements in summer, but is even. more insidious when it remains undiscovered on hidden pipes. It often becomes quite serious when pipes are hidden beneath floors or In walls, for the ivnter (trip will damage plaster. The cure Is to wrap exposed pipes with mineral, wool insulation or molded insulating jackets. For pipes In floors, the remedy is'to close nil openings through which warm house air can reach the piping. Full-thick wall insulation will prevent trouble there. Loose, nodulated mineral wool is easily blown into walls and other inaccessible spaces In an existing house and not only reduces the danger of condensation on pipes but provides greater year-arountl comfort. In new homes, baits or blankets of mineral wool are placed Between .studs and joints after plumbing is installed, completely enveloping the pipes. The same Insulation that prevents condensation on cold pipes in summer will keep hot water pipes from ooling rapidly in winter and rc- iiilt in a substantial fuel saving for .he water heater, the Bureau has found. Uninsulated hot water pipes cool when not in use, entail long waits for hot water to flow from the tank to open faucets and the ulonmllc water heater is torccd to operate for longer periods. Panel Heating Is Suited to All Building Types Panel radiant heating Installa- lions have been made in .all types om buildings and In all sections ol the country, sjys the'Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau.. Tn many recjnt large scale developments of small houses, pipe coils embedded in concrete floor slabs have been used. One or these on Long Island. New York. Is scheduled to Include 10.1100 homes. Hospital installations in all ell- males have performed well with pipe coils in the floors or ceilings. Working conditions In garages and similar buildings are greatly improved by warm floors. Desirable lesults are reported by the poultry tmlnsliy from the use of radiant heating systems. These advantages include a decreased mortality rate and increased weight of poully. Hot wttcr circulated In the pipe coils can be heated by the usual types of fuel and by conventional boilers. The required heat output depends iipon heat looses the snine ns with other types of heating systems and is figured In the same manner. Proper insulation of the structure is desirable as is Hie case with any type" of heating system. It is recommended that the design of all panel heating systems be checked and Installed by a heating engineer or contractor to Insure efficient performance. 'Expansion' Home Hinges On Lot Size Before buying or building a house with the intention of expanding its .size at a later dale, the homeowner should first make sure that the size of Hie plot will permit ftiiure expansion, says the Construction Rc- seiirch Bureau, New York clearing house for building Information. The house or ploi buyer is advised to obtain from his local building officials a copy of the zoning law before mnk- Ing any purchase. Mast communities and some lending agencies have regulations governing the distances from the house to the .street and to other property lines, the Bmeau cautioned. These distances are usually staled as mln- imums to prevctn crowding or en- ct'caching upon adjoining property, Few from yards are permitted to be Ic.w itiaii 20 feet, side yards less thnn 5 feet, and the requirements arc usually more. Limitations nre set on how niitch of (he plot can be occupied by buildings. These range from 25'/r to 40'.t In most residential zones. In the case of a 100' x 50' plot where 25% occupancy is the maximum, house and garage can cover no more than 1.250 .square feet. Unless the house Is extremely .small, this would obviate any additions at ground level; any expcnsion would have to be in the form of a second.story. Ready-Made Chests Are Easily Fitted into Remodeled Attic Walls Save time and space when remodeling the attic Into extra rooms by building ready-made storage chests right into the wall. Use three or four unpalnled chests of drawers 4 feet high that sit flat on the floor without legs. Fasten the rear tops of these chests firmly to the roof rafters at the slope 4 feet above the floor. When finishing the celling and wall, drop the wall straight down to the floor flush with the front of the chesls so that the front of the row of chcsLs appears to be part of the wail. Veteran Grocer Dies MEMPHIS. Nov. 22. </T t —lames B Gibson, 74. retired grocer who moved here about nine years ngo, died yesterday nt Kennedy Veterans Hospital. Gibson had been ill several years. He was born In l.onnke County. Ark., and spent most of his life In Clarendon and Marvel!. ' Surviving arc four daughters »n a son, Jack Gibson of Little Rock. Kentucky's Top Straight Bourbon Big news!...big price reduction! 1 ... it's Hie same fine Straight Kentucky Bourbon. Naturally rich .., naturally good. Ask fgr it today! mis »«ISH is 4 um OID • js PROOF > emiiii ij GIO. ». OICKIL msmins tt., lulu*. >t. INSIDE OR OUT VANE-CALVERT PAINTS Cover heller, diy clicker, moke H jo eosy for you lo enjdy their colorful beauly and freshness on and inside your house. Rooms can bo redecorated in a jifTy, drab walls bricjtitencd, your whole house mode more cheerful will, these new products of America's OWesI Mixed Painl House. And remember lhal Ilieir protection means lhat il a/ways costs more nol to paint. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly Building Service" Texas produces more cotton than any other slate in the union. »» fwiofn rxr »«-*T-. I MOtTGAGC KTNKMfOT MSUtANn I.. E. OLD,'.Ir., Spctiiil Agent I'hone 3683 — Klythcville Complete Painl Service On (he Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams • BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. M. "Bill" Pease .1. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Plione 2431 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just think, for x small orncst-moncj deposit you m»j now secure one of these new mo.ltrn two bed room linmrc. now under conslruclion. Man, are rnaklnu Ihtir selection so come while you may choose. Beautifully droned, slurdily built, » D me have inclurt *in- donj. In new subdivision. Call or See MISSISSIPPI .COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holly Development Corp. ISO! West Alain 1>hon . 4 ,,, 15 WATER is your Cheapest Commodity • • • Use il FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blythevilie, Ark.

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