The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on June 1, 1867 · Page 8
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 8

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1867
Page 8
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Domestic Market liZ; com steady; Western mixed, new, U 18 a 1 25; old $f 28 s I 30; pork heavy at 4099; lard quiet: whiskey hmw i l5)0 sacks; c, gold ; turpentinej : roein ti a S - oO : frewhts n to Liverpool by steamer 3 167 32d. Baltimore altimobe, May 31. ' a: Upland, 27 5 27 4. I . Coffee quiet ; market B8t. Loos May grSjr - and Corn declined ' 028 1 W. OaU dull.lower, 88 a 91 and $1 , fc, niiv and fancy brand Wheat d HU NJ , rf gg go. torn, 75 a 88,for ta bnik. 6at8 irregular , , I m bul. Cetioa firmer WM3g Unit ; 31o. m bond. Pork firm, $ii 50. Balk meats tins 810. Bacon firm; shoulders, 9c, rib, 11; clear rib, 114; dear, 129 tSthk, Plain hams, 13 a - 13 j. Sugar - cured, 16 a 15.. Lard doll, 12M for prime. Gro - L8VUJ.e, May 31. - Sales 322 bogs beads leaf tobacco at fall rates, from $2 75 to fja Snperfina flear dull at Wheat nominal. Corn shell Hess pork f2 25. Bacon shoulders 9 fee declined 23 a ML Mool firmer; i whiskey $3 92 a . Cotton Mitldli ntr May 31. Cotton firmer aud bales ; receipts Cotton firm and in m : iiM. - s Jzc. Business re - holders asking an ad - Good grades acarte; offerings Galveston, May 31 Cotton No transactions today; receipts, 132; receipts for the week, yU'.'S ; etc k on hand, 19,307. Mobile, May 31. Cotton S.dee bales. tbeweek! 3:150 ; receipts same Time, H7 ; ex - porte, 1014 : stock on band, 39t9 bales. Money and Stocks. stances this per cent, was paid in old , gold 136 ; starling steady ; Governments dull ; stocks showed a general, but not marked, recovery from the lowest point of ufternoon Stocks dull ; gold 137 H ; money 6 cent; 5 t's,,62 registered. lOo'ii 10t - ; withcou - River and Steamboats. 4VILLE, May31. - River falling v 31. Passed down, Qnit - iver 8Pray 8 P. M. Up, From Southwest Pass. Soi'thwest Pass, May 31, 6:30 P. M. Weather tine; wind east, light; barometei VWent up at 2 P. M., steamship Hudson Sabine Pass, to Hawes & Bowen ; at 3:50 P o 6. A. Whitney & a reported to be the Lucy Arrived, brig Galveston, Merryumisi dava from Havana, with sugar and mol NEwORLBANS.Mayai, An article headed " The Water Question, " cSiFwrk to a great extent are based or and other statements which have recently ap 1. Inadequate supply oi i From a careful examination of the records this country MdeEuropefitCisoundBethKt" t lees than 35 gallons. This includes the supply for extinguishing fires, street sprinkling and ponce, maouiHcmnnjr, etc. in one cuy only 1 States does the supply f subscribers to the Watei 500. Allowing an average of ten persona tc each subscriber the general average assnmec in other cities and we find 75,000 person: '"ne'daiYvec Engi a supply delivered & i 7,500.0KJ,gfallon9, (M Ions, being 300 per cen er.ige Taking the district a papulation of leas than 150,000. hole populal if fifty gallons each daily, being the average cities, counting e populatioi much for the charge Ply. 2. Cause of the complaints, he supply being ample" for a i, there must be great waste or B$sappti - )n to cause eo raauy complaints. Herein und the solution of the whole ditticultv er existing cir. There are located a'. out Plugs. policemen h P'ags Many of found constantly frequently, when broken. By these d by the company example : But a few days since, a large Br Th - City Council has passed the Potted and Street Comiuiesi lforced. Ten months without a report or pre of the supply, the company can only be responsible for furnishing it. That is done, as shown by the record, to an extent far beyond the supply in any city of which we have been able to procure a report. And there is still a reserve power capable of doubling this supply at any time when it is needed. Under the charter of the company the enpply of water to the eity fpr "pobxje jor - poses," u furnished without charge : and here is the secret of waste: parties who have to pay for what they consume and waste, as in case of HK soon check the abuse. The Commercial v ater V, orks Company is a private enterprise, and cannot, of course, afford to give una anpply to the city. Tne delristtcy mnrt be made good by a higher rate of water r rtf. to private consumers than wonh other - "yos - T eliil u,I ,tock h" lhie supply without chaebeggingthe but Ar a coum&enaoa, viz td suppiv pnvate tib.Kuib 'x. ,clusr city for this enormous parties taxed 2; S.riy. fivpampe, 7,50000 .SoO.OoO gallons: waste be ffwK'the cuy, t .e average cost of supplying water in re, Ky., by the .ng from to riverand r and fuel cheaper than in New Orleans, has "tbouJanJ tcalfoua. At hall that h er this supply it does not pay a cent, t satisfied with the present enot waste and passed by the City Council, requiring all hours, daily, to wash the gutters and police - if th extinguishing tires, f domestic consumption. t the rates charged lowing the fire pings to run ing, etc, can only be found se are cheaper than with us. The charge S 50 per hour for each plug 1000 phtts, hiS rats wolTcoefawmSoMrst7 fouJmthsintttog SosaUm fSTO.W. through j aday, a I guarantee any sup - ei'Missisppi River, on one single condition, Is. a.ftprice farbelow that changed for wfter any citV m the United States. 4. The' Watkr Works Company loes Yon are in error when you stated the Water orks Company refuse to make any exten - ins acd specifications ready to go into Urije ditions and improvements, and only awaits e action of the city authorities. The Coun - , as you say, has appointed a committee to nfer with the company on this subject. Bat m did not say, what is a fact, that the com - c - is mi n. f.l as a negli f the Commercial 1 HP A traveler stopped at an inn in a neighboring village, and, finding the landlord and landlady fighting, cried out, "Halloo, who keeps this house ?" The wife replied, THE CITY. the atmosphere was feeling j heavy cloud came up from south. The atmosphere became less sultry, ami the day clost - d, being Lxohtkoutcat Sou , Capt. Osborne, agent of is gun without obtaining a small permit. The Captain was talking of the lighthoi ; Pass, and i Ihis foundation is thirty depth below conqiosed of two layers of cypreea transversely laid ; then follows a layer of cotton bales (3400 in number, then a layer of brick, then another layer of cypress same as the iirst, and then a second layer of brick, and upon this foundation the tower, sixty feet in height, i built. Thie foundation is about lit) Into l much ashes. This lighthouse has been c structed for a number of years. The Condition The atmosphere at early hour this morning was cool and pl ant. As the day progressed. i promoting four' Health prevent an epidemic. d t'l'. - ui ordinance, And v ludad several times before is the crowded residences r the Poorer classes, white. There limi'ine t sections of the city strings of dirty hovels can be Been literally swarming with lazy, thi t"hPeClm'n8th f huma"j1y" .pP60111 is markets and other public places. ' In many of rear ot Poydras Market negroes cs clustered together'as a seething mi can be found latio'n. if any. So also in uie neighborhood places that epidemics generally originate, ere no remedy for this evil i,u e Appointments. The following police n made, yesterday n Mayor Heath, who .luo. Kitlin, H. Brown, Thos. Byrnes', Jhs. Sjc - fio' Nicholas Powers. H. Galle. Octave Foy, Robert Dowdney. J as. Clark rfas. White, Geo. W. Payne. Daniel Buckley Adolphe Angustin, Paui Davis, Miches Gavin, Wm. Ryan, Mat. Mahlhausen, - Martin, jn Coroner, on Thursday evening, over the' bod v tnursday evening, ot Pontcbar - ccidsntal drowning w Deceased was twent He was a watchman on the steamer Mancv which was capsized daring the late atorm. Sateen6 Carsoin8 drowned, but all the others were saved. ' SmnEN Death. William Malloy, an old died yesterday morning at well and favorably known to most of onr citizens. We believe he was a native of tty, at j"81 had resided here from is yonnger days be joined a circus com - and "traveled as nshlreeyral years through ZT He became wearied of thai ? T, a. plaint; to met.!, allegiog bin, DISSOLUTION. . STEAMBOATS. ! e and settled d thiscity. "STi J IrUenTvTbTnhe warc"m - meuced lis joined the Confederate Guards, and bad domeetie difficultiee, and parted from hie He eooaht and obtained a position c recently removed hut a few days ago apparently haleand hearty. it this morning J about half past 3 o'clock in a two story ki Tonti and Anaaga streets, in the Third District. The kitchen was entirely destroyed, and the backpart of the schoolhouse slightly damaged. The fire is supposed to have been the IonobldIsc'habged. W. J. Kiaby, who has charged by 8. Wallenberg with feloniously taking possession oi three barrels of whiskey belonging to him. was arraigned and honorably discharged by Recorder Ahem, the prosecutor having absconded from tne city as The Fire Department had scarcely reached etoro of a frame house aft the corner of Conti and Treme streets. This building was occupied by a colored man named John Keppard, story, and is supposed to have been set . The building was only partially de - rroyt - d. it sad wss ii ured for $5000. 60 veare of age, and residing at No. 402 Cal - li0pe street, near Locust street, attempted to ""b himMlf by ,PUtUn hia hea ePen The wffeof Craft, who is an Irish woman some time, and to use her own language, husband has been " kind of looney, and ige and melancholy like ; " that long ago attempted to drown himself; that last li'ht he a negro woman inrled a hatchet i face and body ther head, missini rascoverewitl,l He was asked ho had cut him. He said, "t 1 ndhs'ssif " you are8led h'm Wfh,7t " ter in Denmark, who is his only blood rei.. Craft has followed the occupation of contracting for discharging lumber from boats in and he is in a precarious condition, ile was taken to the Charity Hospital. Late Suicide. The Coroner s investiga - deceassd committed self - destruction by ewal - It is stated that hie irbed. The deceased v s about 33 years ot d in bnt ar - tnce. Why which lays the beggar beside of kings Why ruFl'i own takiiiK rwideitce'of a pfpfe family"! T'iii sid e. representing ntmseii as a son ol Marshal), of Texas, of the firm of Post ..f Mi fatigued. lather wonld arrive and join him the next t At breakfast he apologized for his appearai , left to bring his baggage. As he (or me ponce to keep their eyes open, and gi o mm an necessary barged with cutting Joseph Ra3eU, coloredi rested last evening by Corp ' according to Hoyle," and they will r before Recorder - .Joseph was arraigned before Recorder Ahern, raade ck Mrs. Michel a from its The Record, Court for trial, under I 1 1 v". . - A boy named McCoy, His body has not yet beet Police Items. Isi PlMarv Hecker wae street, for pitching i ac Curran, colored, was th District, yesterday, a cow from Philip Ffp - arrested on St. Mary Sick - lnx. Destitute.. whoso lyin: was conveyed the Charity Hoa - as re - arrested yeeterday u the First District S tempted to make his escape t succeed. stairs to another from thai hen discovered i 'ER Him. A burglar was detected about 11 o'clock, cautiously en - vo,r; He wae discovered , and th, thief disappeared. Search was m was thou iad concealed himself hat elevated from b ground, wo shots for the purpose of intimidating - - ut the "bird" had flown. An adjoininj louse was robbed about a month ago. U. S. Circuit Court. Jud - jt ZhtrtlL The ienry Jackson vs. Vickaburg, Shreve - sterday in the United States Circ' for argument on demurrer filed by th. fendant. Some time ago, the Menroe under execution. Henry Jackson sale, and he no (came toe parol brings suit fAV defendant demurs ing grounds 1 Tt at pfcmtrff is merely alleging bim - sell as te7 in which they' had become n.Dnbt this conrt. I and inaenmte. asa too general in theT cuar - and the citizenship of all parties plain - re any remedy, it property, which the court has the exclusive power of correcting any ' abuse ot 4. That the Vicksbnrg, Shreveport and Texas Railroad Company having, by its charter, perpetoal existence, or until legally dissolved, and its officers being required to exercise their functions until legally superceded, and there having been no election of directors since 1865, it follows that W. M. Wadley, who was then President or the company, still continues to hold that office, and he being one of the plaintilt's in this from litigating before 'he case will be continued to - day on argu - i papers, yesterday, in the U. S. Circuit A Da Leonard Reinhart. Bernard Williams, Joseph Savaret, Joseph Fraser, Henry Altmuller, Henry Bruhn, Godlieb a Weber, Peter Scha'fler, Matthias Schlosser MARINE NEWS RKCKIPT8 OF PRODCCS. LOClVv .HlyTcaafeE. bskrr - iH do ittk 4 bbli oqi - iiiL Trrretwnne - l lack At'iKi - .tur - , Koitirultme, Fruit Orowing. I maace.OWpriCet t'ONFKCTIONEK mas andHew rear Preaea, Coniuc - ipiMelc. Conti streets, Sen Orleans, La. fio Stlj z:r:: g$yf& ytsr rs - r Tp - a - COLA - S, Ir - T: Z ZT gjgjjgg "ni - es - ly eTlTe7cnmayl.naud.Ute ...dr - M - - Myot Commercial Pbvce. ' I GWABTKET, OOGra ii b.1 3S SlvS5SSa3S I Richmond Bndld vdS? MRMORANDA. DomerttaPort. tnPNOrM ooobcT to'croBrtaai!' Jo,,,a:1 Lorin' Coring, M.rd.V,alM, May 10 - Sld lor NOrleana, ahip lew.. tothlo" v a fa Wve' tnuike ec hankl nd?iatrynd macnfaetuTiDg akiU take their proper poaition in oirr SDyUo4 MdcaU upon onejandah who keu.dmmu.oatlon. SSb, Ml T WEST, PRACTICAL DENTIST, KSTABLISHBD ax.d la recomniendeda beinj the moaMngenlous raehwould do3reU to call Tnjs S apa - t, oai eiceafdf may have brouglit piKT WOi ago, after attending lectures in both the Botanio Aa VnVTSJS: k.T.rsea'a natire State, (Miaa.) he has for the laat twenty lapsed Wombs, Female Diseases, C Byea, Diarrhea Dyspepeia, Neuralgia, WtSLTapracticl1' Ber,SU nTctrott of the Infirmary, orjnrther informationddieaa IKGICAL INSTHDMBtlTS, 1 and Pile Sup oL1bb3a THOS. B. GORMAN, Traveling Agent, CHAS. B.SLOeneal Agent. TBBMB FOB AIVE2TISI1I03 ..fWe M acrtoo:; - - ed by the Louiaiana Bute Fair for ths best Ma"rble Marael, manniKtMrta lbOand lPovdraa Stone.. Those purchMmg1' articleS"in my llSare nr. tea to eau as examine mi rMoea. . . lSaTtSTsW. wS - rtETs,r?rs daj lorraed a copartuerthio tor the par - I '"e, For freight or peseage apply ' ill leaje ft " T. Haring diaposed of our stock of 0eeJ Bivera. m21 THBOVOH BILLS OF LADTQ rra "t&&3F8&ss!T& rr - r K aud COMMISSION MKRCHAN - : Ko. 7 Krout oHLKANsTcaIRO ANI T. LOLIS aAlLOAB ! MONSOON nrr,",., S 55iSs VW.&'TOK Ben. B. Kenni. Ma.UJi, dWitit W H vSbAM, ' ' Cauadaa; the Ohio Riyer pMkeU for Paducali, HEW, FINEST AND FASTB8T. CCoAPCO T Titiil ifiatleanaket RixoVahca BLbU'K8S' u?ohs hixJj? Jr.JtOUJI B. L. HODGE NO. a, BTl - lm W. 8. PARH 4f. OKI O KITS R. P. C Montgomery, Maater ; F. O. FiDdren, Clerk, mmmm - "'"t13EB - C D ST. CHAELE MEDICAL, CARDS. tm, w - a MmfeS"K Wr ivo ANORLL ( gradcath Tov THE will leare as abere, conneef ing with the railroads 3 D Philadelphia Den0olege) has eatabuahed j ptS0"11 ld B"tl the Cumberland ! OPACMCTA jMBMa .eLed; beyond a 5ubt, that a permanent The swiftand aplendld paenger ateamer wRlleaT. above For freight or paeaage sssj& SSi!S3SSSSXS& R. B. Peal, INDIANA, .rS3f aaberasaft ALABAMA STATU DIRKCTOBV, BESBii; intermediate IDdU - The aptenaid The Bart Able Will take freight for JeflSr 8PBED COMFORT AND SAFETY. SftwtTmas pa - enger steamer (, 23 Commercially. IoaaAJfT: aSP. M. l!fi?JB!PWA . W (tojiss. el the P. 8. Shipper, paying 'freight. FLOTD. MOWTICKLLO, JOKS The lhdrsn passenge lflyiP at. LOWER COAST. at!d siilendid passenger i the trade, iaentuely new! and ahippera and Jpa secgers may rely on her remaining pennanenUj tthent a w?rmeuhorderfrom T1Rador?hf baardTor'to1' &elght "i'caBLir1' , . . ... 6i Old Levee street. rtf aCa fzZT the Gulf Coait on'the'lSi "inafrwavtne head of Harvey a Canal, oppofelte Sbx k Lauding. Jefferson STsl&StowaapOT onbSaiZ' For furtht r.rn.atfoappTfto4 yl - lm iuanr c2m3llWm lea vee eVery Sat nrday at 10 A. M.' returning every ondayeTenlng. For freight or passage, apply on OFSOUBLa rsimmTporirana BART ABLE. as above. For freight or p I A clerk will be on the L ; recede , vlU give through bills ot lading to all landiSSB TRBSTOa, MOKBOX AB , ! - ra, WKUNKfcDAYPACKKT, " ? "J Merchanto and planter, may rely on th MSBJSS remaining permanently in the trade, apT tf Bongs, and Donaidaonyille - The PMB,W ROBERT E. LEE, Grand Lake, Princeton, aahton, Sklpwltb, Prori - dence, Goodrich's Landing. aulUken's Bead, Tlaksj burg. Patches, Grand Gulf, Rodney, St. leseph, WaterprFort Adama, Bayou Sara, Batoa Beage, P. S. The above steamers connect at Viekaberg paoaeu for Yazoo, Tallahatchie, I FBIOAT, at A. M, and carries freight and JiTS'aumnv staaeisv F,F.Grcea - RVXExW.c ladfau signed on days of departure at tnent's " CVM. fioBIA As CO. , 1 myl5 - lm Cor. Marline and Lafayette sts, .bove. For freight or passage appU aTdmg erery PriiyT Jane River an Eatc, panfiera b, above steamers. sTOK BALI. , ff - B. t, FOB SALE THB 8TKAMER8 015t. l?mlrabKv rrferW f.eJ!?.

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