The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1933
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Served by the United Press BOTHEVILEE COURIER TOE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI I VOL XXX—NO. 210 BlythtTtlte, Daily News. Ulyt&ertll« Courl«t. V»lley Lf«d*r. Bljtbertlle H»r»lcl. ARKANSAS, SATUK1UY, NOVKllHKU 25, 19:!:) ll Seems Slningc Hut Maybe Those Pictures Will Explain Tt SINGLE COPIES FIVE cfeNTS' LET KILLED RHETA WYNEKQOP UlliTIKE FOOTBALL Final Auuy, 12; Navy, 7. Half U. S. C., 7; Nutre Uamc. 0. Land MnivH/cmciit Covpov- i alion Will Buy or Lease 1 Non-Productivc. WASHINGTON, NOV, 2S (UP)— 'I he pcvornntcnl soon \vill launch r. land mniiag-xubiil cor]>oratio:i iu- carry out President Roosevelt's! policy to return non-productive land to - the imblic domain, (lie United Press learned today. Tlie ntu- soveinmcnl agency v.ill IK- incoriKH-iited in Delaware. From S25.CCO.OH) In $50,000,CCO probably \vill tie soii'rlU Irom iccoierv funds for its initial capital structure. Lands (ho corporation will "lease, lent, or buy outright" arc so-called "marginal or :;ub-mai'fiinal" areas vhich the president, announcing public land policy four mon- tlis ouo. said would be taken out cf cultivation as fast as Rood new land was brouuht In by drainage iniyalio:* projects. The marginal lands lie along the Rocky Mountain and Appalachian ranges on Atlantic coastal :nid v.'cslern r>lains and in areas from which timber has been removed such as Ihe lake region of northern Wisconsin. Th« land economies division of the bureau of agricultural economics has located thousands of ecres of low grade land which rfrieials believe voulrl te given over pindly for cash bv private owners uho might locato elsewhere ircie productive land. FIGHT PfluT! irpc Democratic Leaders Now In Opposition to President Roosevcll. Receivership Case Coming! Before Chancellor at jonesboro Today. A hearing on the petition of eighteen renters and tenant farm.' 1 an the Victoria pluntation of e Wilson and company, asking receivership, for (he company, That "Ir.e world was gelling bet- lo be held before Chancellor ter" was the observation made by Widow of Albert Manning Sues Insurance Companies LITSyE ROCK. Ark.l Nov. 25.— Mr£ vPiwadcssne k. Madding, wife of the late Albert S. Maddiim of Pine Bluff, former slate highway district eiiRineer and city engineer of Blythevillc, has filed suit in federal court against three insurance companies under double indemnity policies on the life of her husband. Mrs. Madding's complaint scls fcrth that the death of her husband was accidental. Dr. Lawson C. Adav. Pulaski county coroner, returned a verdict cf suicide In the death of Madding, who died of piftol wounds. Tlie suit against the New York Life Insurance company. Traveler.-; Insurance company, and Union Central Life Insurance com- pav, has been transferred to federal court here from tlie Batesville division. J. P. Oautney at Jonesboro latu this afterncon. At 2:30 o'clock Chancellor Gaut- i;cy was still presiding over un Adjourned day of chancery court at Lake City. He was to hear (he plea of the petitioners in his chambers at Jonesboro immediately on Ills return to thai cily. Several Lee Wilson and company officials, including J. H. Grain, one of the trustees ol the (rust estate of Lee Wilson and company, ' and attorneys, as well IIE Frank Bcrr", Memphis attor- nej. representing the petitioners, were in Joncsboro this afternoon rwailin^ Ihe chancellor's return. Dismissal of Ihe petitioners' bill was anticipated by officials of the Wilson company. The pclilion, filed at Orceola. alleges that the company is insolvent and. has breached contracts uitti the plaintiffs. "General" Coxey Plans U. S. Senatorial Race 73-ycar-old General John J. Per- shlng when, as shown here, he arrived in New York from Paris. He looks hale despilc rcix>rls he was ill during most of Lhe rough voyage. Ecini? elccled "Miss Junior High- is a habit in :he Brecfcln family. Miss Sybil BratSIn Uop> was recently elected to this honor, which makes Ihe thinl lime one nf these sisters has war. the title. Miss l-vctra Tirackm was selected in 1931 anri in 1921 Miss Otlius Brackin iboltoml v.-as crov.ned. 'Ihey are daughters nf Mr and Mrs. J T. Brackin. t Distillers Will Meet Beverage Control Body Fatlier of Fred Child • Dies at KnoxviDe, Tenn. A. O. Child. 76. father of Dr. Fred Child, died at his home In Knoxville, Tenn.. last night following n year's illness from n heart ailment. Dr. Child left early today for that ctly where he will attend the funeral tomorrow afternoon. He. plans to return Tuesday MASS1LLCN, Ohio (.UP)—"General" Jacob Coxey, whose t«rm as Postal Inspector Arrests St. Loui.s Man at Osceola Today. OSCEOI.A, Art:., Nov. 25—F. H. A:i:lpuss, 50, of bt. Louis, Mo., was taken into custody here this mom- ing by Postal Inspector W. J. White of Batcsvlllc on a charge of using the mails to defraud. Mulpnss is accused in connection with WAHIIIMOTON, Nov. 20 lUP) — I'.nty lines arc . belli;.; MimMu'd as battle o\er Pre. l :ldL i nl Hoose- iclt's money jxillcy BIO-.VS. Alfred f. Smith, Democratic itnntlard tearer In 1028. has plwc- '1 himself ul ilic.lvad of n pro- icsslon of lianl money iX'iiiocriils '.bo have refiised lo follow the laeskknt. Wjih him are two olhur pi'otn- :i.i'iil Democrats. Sennlur Caller Cilnw of Virginia and Ik-rnard Al. Baruch. Boll) svero pnimincnl in the Rcu.suvelt cunip»lgn. Cilii.s:; refused lo became, secretary of the Ircas- i'ry l:ecr.ii!x he wns iincerlaln us tu whether he could aureu with '.he admlni.slialion's mouulary |wi- :i-\. The breach, while It splits oir f'om M'r. Hoocevclt some of the l)iggest names In' the party, was : ol regarded by administration ."iinpoacn. as L'erioiisly weakening !Ve president's strength in con- iifis. where the money buttle will be fouehl furiously, beginning in Jynuary. i Smith's attack was an open break with President Roosevelt's monetary proafnm. He declared fcr sound money and a return tc the cold s'undard. "I am for »o!d dollars against bticncy dollars," .said the former governor. Ask Return to Gold ST. LOUTS, Nov. 25 (UP)—The .- St. Louis chamber of commerce lo- Knoxville Voting on Muscle Shoals Power KNOXVII.LK. Tenn.. Nov. 25 IU Pi—The- Kr.oxvillc (.'Icclorntt! io- li.'.y U)lrd on u $].U. r i,(iOO bond >MU' lui rnn-ilriicl'ion of a mmi- :i f |i-j| i-li'Urli: :;yslciu for dlslrlbin- .i.a power from (he Muscle Shoals |.K-J,':l. A| j-ioviil of the bond Issue will :i:ul:s Kiu.xvillii HIL' lir.i'. malur Hy tu iibtalii [xiwi'i 1 from Ihe Vnlliy Aiiliicn-Sly pio- LCt. niniiiiijliiini, Ala., vulers deleil- d a Miniiui- piojicl In a mld- ciolJL-r cktlluii. Tin. 1 liallollni! ended u hard the alleged, sale of'day adopted a resolution, askiny stock in a. fake lumber company^ the national government "lo mal-e promotion scheme at,-Balri KjioiAan (mn:cdlate announcement of -- .,. - Ark - " • 'an inteiv.ion to restore and mnln- mayor here expires Dec. 1, has no) A former locomotive engineer, tain a gold secured currency nt inlcnlion of remaining Ion? out Mulpuss denies the charge, clabn- n oroper ratio." Tho sltoiilH [ind angry at llio II. S. Kontiln of tlie i of Keunlor Jntin II. Overtoil a! New Orlciinn, tmd tlielr rcaclloi: on yeualor Ilnoy 1\ I.OIIK. n u-ltiics3. Ilia Mm cli-ntlicil, lih <aw net, iy» In bow Ilia Kluyllsa «fti wltucsiea. OF 1ITTP LRIE Handwriting Expcri Tcsh fics in Scottsboro As saull Case. of public life. If he can prevent it. The famed leader of "Coxey's Army," wiiich marched on Wasn- inplon many years ago, is a can- didnle for the office of United Stale Senator from Ohio. He opened Ms campaign in an addrc« before- a crowd :u S'uiin- ville. Ohio, and expounded the 16-potm platform on which he ing (hat he is engaged in the ope The resolution reviewed the promotion of .vtwinill and lumber present siluation and declared In projects bill in a siriclly legitimate part: "There is a. growing uncertainly on the part of business men, v;age earners, savings depositors, holders of life insurance policies, was arrested In the lobby of the and owners of government and local postolllce vherc he had called' other bonds because of the fear of for mall. He was (raced here by the permanent abandonment, of n Wulpuss, who arrived here yesterday, apparently lo promote formation of n lumber company here, hopes (o obtain 'the Republican) a fcvwardlng address, officers said, j found monetary and currency " senatorial nomination. Coxey pins his hopes for success! on the 75.844 voters who supporl- cd him at the Ohio presidential primary in 1932. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 25 (UP) — Cotlon closed steady. o[>en high low close Dec Ml (191 983 989 Jan 998 098 892 995 Mar 1013 1014 1WG 1009 May 1028 10'<S 1021 1024 Jill 1040 1041 1034 1034. Oct 10G2 10G2 1052 1055 Spots closed quiet at 1010 unchanged. Charge NRA by Hollywood Studios' HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 25 (UI>>— Three major molion plclure stud- lu; were under fire today on clia:-- ] gcs of violating provisions of the I HRA. j The sound technicians union of Ihe International Associated Theater Staje employes charged In a complaint at regional labor board ^"arlnuartTs that the Paramount. United Artists and Universal studios w,-re attempting io coerce em- ployes into joining labor organ- John V. Kardlnj, New York hand writing expert, testified In cour today that the name of Marl Taylor, \vlu»c name wns' foum en : the Jackson county jury- lls Wednesday, was written In ufic the grand Jury indicting the Scotts loro negroes was drawn, Harding after a 2',i hour study ;ald the name.was written ovc n red crayon line drawn aero:* (he page. Th? line was drawi by a jury boaul laklng office h 1921 to separate names alreadj tillered from Ihose. to be entcrci by Ihe new board. Taylor's nann v.-as written at the bottom of tli old list, he Raid, hill was superimposed on the reel line which was drawn after the grand Jury In[ (Ncllng the Hcottsboro negroes In 1E?31 V.TUS selected. The defense Is attacking Ihe mdlclmcnt of (he Srollstoro de- iendants on the grounds that iTo ncjrocs were included In (he Jury list fiom which (he giand jury v.hich Indicted them was drawn. •n.i'lit, cttiipaljiii advo- ol jiiiijll,; wiul private own- nhip. Knoxville Is in ihe heart ol (he Muscle Shoals und Cove C'rrck projects. Judgc Harrison Expects Approval of Civil Works Applications. Courthouses nl niylhevllle and Ofceoln will be thoroughly reno- vr.led Inside and oul as part of me civil works program If final approval Is received from tho CWA authorities ul Lltllc Rock, County Judge Zal B. Harrison said today. B. N. Wilson, civil works super- U;or for this county, has already approved the courthouse work Mr. Harrison inld. mid t'on lo eu ahe.nt Is expected from Little llcick shcirlly. Interior nnd exterior woodwork and Inlcrloi walls will bo painted and all necessary repairs '.-111 be. made. Judge Harris- 1 ) 1 ! was hopeful too&y that acl'iil work on clvl works road projects ||n this county would be underway :.Monday Gravel with \.'hir',t-rj'i'-utii-i "• t'li..- fisting Hie Lu KOEL'iaixl-Rc'd .Line roads In aj- icady on hand, lie said. Mr. Wilson, v.-!;o was here yesterday discussing possible local projects, said that, he had received I'.vlhorlzalion from Llllle •;o aliead with Ihe Luxora-l.lltle River road, but that he had received no definite word with respect to the Itoscland project. The latter undoubtedly will tc forthcoming shortly, however, as lls pproval was directed by W. R. Dyess. slat; clvl! works admlnts- ralor, at Utlli: Rock Wednesday. Mr. Wilson discussed [lie nossi- ility of using civil worts labor n imprbvcmcirs for (he proposed llssisslppl county fairgrounds and •iced backers of (he fair to com- R c f ii' I Q IVlolhcr-in-Lavy's. j I "Confession" C h 1 or o-'rjl form Caused DeatH.'" ' ' ! ,CHICAGO, Nov. 25 (UP)- Wvnckco]: died gf a KUishol wound', lather than from the ulrccts"of •' j i (hkrofcun, it was held today!.hi > H medical report lo (he 'county ;.| .ctnimcr. . ;' The report also stated that ; enough chloroform' "was absorbed '; by fihela lo: lnduc/n''sound sleep ; r.ud possibly death'.' 1 nnd Ihal Bill's lefl Inn:; 'WILT filled with hlood. A clo'j of Wood found in the .'.tomach of the vicllm of the .IT.USC murder mystery'led Toxi- ulo^isl James DwyiT nnd Dr. - :lnicncc W. f.liiclbcrgcr to be,-; iic-vc that Rlicln'K heart;still was yhlC'S-'f-/ ii.xora-Llttie Senator Wants Their Answers to Accusations Made by William Fox. WASHINGTON. Nov. 25 (UP) — U. S. Not Buying Gold In Canada, Officials Say MONTREAL. (UP) —The United ruuun. tin | «i; , _ ^morning, i f\[ ew Orleans Cotton Uemenceau s Grave Internahnnal WASHINGTON. Nov. 25 (UP)— A committee of eight distillers was named today to meet with President. Roosevelt's alcoholic beverage control committee to attctn promises to the adminis! proposed liquor production limita-| the stream' of gold bullion now NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 25 (UP) —Cotton closed steady. open high low close 981 987 980 982 izations nol of (heir own choosing. Hoover administration ollicials should be summoned before the fcnale stock market Investigating committee. Senator Adams (Ucm.. Col.) said today, (o dispose of al- icgalions lhal department, of justice records wore altered In 102D a conspiracy to ruin William Camille Chautetnps Will Seek to Form Cabinet Doc I Jan [ Mar beverage States is not buying gold in Can- • jjjj ipl com- ada. and Iherc is no expectation \'-,',' itr.-ilion's i in official quarters in Ottawa lhal|Q cL lions and price, regulations. With legal liquor olny 10 days awnv the government worked against time to complete an effective form of conlrot before December 5. The distillers committee vas appointed at a hearing on the A. A. A. code (or the industry. A joint conference with the president's board was scheduled later today. 1010 1010 1003 1004 1024 1024 1018 1019 1030 103C 1033 1034 1054 1048 1050 Moocher Wins Dime With War Experiences HAYWARD. Cal. (UP)—Russell Morgan is a war veteran-bus!ness manager of (he Daily Kayward Review. Recently he relived his war experiences, and directly Ihrougi, Hcrr Hitler. Russell was going about his • io?ular dniies a f(cr press time when a round-faced, pudgy German-appearing little man strode In the front door. He struck tip a conversation with Morgan and it eventually led (o the war. They v , talked over Hie possibilities lhac * v ;h»y may have shot at each other during certain engagements. They • re-suffered various wounds from Canada to Britain will be diverted ocrcss the border, officials say. j It was slated by Government I authorities that, notwithstanding 1 sock market reports, no contracts, have been entered Into by (he United Stales Government for the of Canadian gold in Canada. Since t!-c United Stales went j off the gold standard. Canada's output of gold bullion has been ex-i ixjrtcd entirely to (he London market. Dec 84 1-4 May 87 3-4 h 'E h 3 - 8 low close 82 3-8 82 3-8 8G W International Shrine SAINT VINCENT SUR JARD. | La Vendee (UP)—Although Gears- ' Fo\. i es Ctemenceati died only in 1929. Adams is a member of the com! his picturesque fcroviiicial home . ivlitee. 1 here has become a nalional shrine. | Fox has drawn former Presl- Contrary to Ilk wishes, a road is . dent. Hoover and others high in Uo_bc built lo his grave. | Republican councils inlo the gcn- Musec Clemenccau. as hls'tral story of the alleged con- y- Ferdinand Pecora. committee counsel, suggested Hoover and ox be given an ify If they de- commlltee did Spots closed steady at 983, off 7.j], OIne now |, Crv11c(i 1s ln ' carc of ip|racy Chicuf/o Wheat the Tiger's chauffeur, Albert Bra- |banl. "Albert," as he Is known to everybody, reports that during June. July and August 20,000 vls- Chicago Corn Harnmer Destroyed Millions in Plane Parts KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UP)—Paul TJixon's litllc hammer which he bought for n few dollars has destroyed airplane parts estimated' at $4.000.000. I Ever since 1918. Dlxon. an en-' gine inspector for an airplane i | company here. Inspects airplane ! motors lo detect fa'.tily median-i open high 44 1-2 45 low close 43 3-4 n 7-8 May 51 3-8 52 1-8 50 3-4 50 3-4 Stock Price* A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward 120 1-2 15 1-8 34 48 7-8 2 97 7-8 29 7-8 21 1 -t 1 ^ PARIS. Nov. 25 (UP)—Cnmillc Chautcmpts accepted In principle today the invitation of President I.cbrun to attempt (o form a cabinet. Minister of the Inlerior In Ihe short lived Sarraul minlslry, Chnutcmps was called to Ihe palace to confer with (he president immediately nftcr tlie departure of Edouard Herriot leader of Ihe radical socialist parly, wlio declined the mission on the ground of 11 Iheallh. Fire at Beauty Shop Does Slight Damage The Elaine Beauty Shop. 200 West. Ash street, wns slightly damaged by fire about 8:30 o'clock last nisht. A service station employe at a "Friends of Clemcnccau." a! r ontlmsiaslic over ahstation across the street from the 'Station. Senators said [shop discovered smoke seeping out **<•*.««««>' turned In Ihe a pilgrimage to Saint Vincent sur)' Jnrd once a year, usually on Ar-!' r> nn i»i mistice Day. ' I i, r "d "Albert" is a competent guide ' °" uld apply in writ- j alarm. Firemen lielieve employes I of the shop left an oil stove water fallen thick i;*** 1 . heater burning, causing (he blaze story. But there Fire damage wns confined prin lo the M-isce He knows the "Ppears In the olllclal record hisiclpally to the small room in which inside and out; he can describe ^° rn ^^"'^t that Louis D. the heater was located by smoke the aft objects and personal souvenirs contained in It; and if the visitor Is careful nnd clever, ho can get Albert to reminisce about the "President." Wall Preserved Peaches Mr.yer, fllm magnate and Hoover leader in California, told him in 1929 that he hod caused justice department records to be changed from assent to disapproval of the merger of Fox and Lowe film-interests. For Over 45 Years Tire Destroys Large GREAT I5END, Kan. (UP)— Two I yellow cling peaches, aparentlv 45] Barn Near Leachville damaged other rooms In the shop Soft Coal Stove Heats Buckeye's Automobile NORWALK. Ohio (UP)—Anyon v.ho thinks Frank Allen's auto mobile Is propelled by a steam en tine Is badly mistaken, dcsnlt* ihe cloud', of black smoke whlc . i>sue from a s'nvc pipe- emerging! at (he ttnu: she was shot in (lie back. They rcjwtcd tho clot prob- jl bly passed through the esophagus lo the stomach. • , . "Confdi.;dnn" Ilcputcd On lltcjiasls of the report Dcpu- Iv Coroner S. L. Tolanowskl. un- iiounceii, the report would be lhal Ihe girl <Ucd of "shock aiid licinoribage." Tlie 'finding was in contrast, to tlu "confession" of Dr. Alice Wynekoop, molhcr-ln-law of the victim, (bat the bullet wns fired r.ller death' Imd come by chloro- fcrm. A heavy trace of mercury was. found In the girl's kidneys, ihe j.| report said. A faint Iracs of mercury was reported In the liver. The confession of Dr. Wyne- f.l koop "only scralched the surface," police said, ' ; ... Police licld pr. Wynekoop, • 62-' ,vt (vcar-qjd head tf the''Iarnity 1 -arid--' I l>e> son. • Enrlo." 127, 'the'-'vicfirn's'-vl 1'iisband. , .... A\J 1 Writs of haboas corpus werry re-'';' : l liirnable today before James F." ; -l Kortly. -Frank Tyrrell, Mrs. Wyne- "il loop's nttorncy. sought her- re- li-l leaw . or commitment to county' : ;i-II. He said ihat sho could' npV Lc charged willi anything more ierlous than manslaiighter on the basis of her ccnfession. ' ' • liliimrtl Chlcroform Dr. Wynekoop confessed. that jiJ ilie fired c, shot into her daugli- ? i lir-ln-law's body but only after". thc girl was dead. only nhcta, r 'she aid, died fro:n an overdose of . cliioioforin while submitting' to-! a medical cvumination .in her i. oprrathi5 rcoin. She was treat- ' : the girl (r-r a pain her ,!ete lh?!r campnlzn for funds '!eic. Rheta wanted ah anesthetic, nd get their application In as :i:c said, and even poured some apidly as possible. He lalked with of the chloroform on a sponge Crawford Greene, superintendent herself. Dr. Wynekoop then" no- ol school';, concerning local school I litcd that respiration had cease'd — censed. and "on nn impulse" she snatched r. revolver from her desk nnd rhot her patient through tho i.farl. her confession said. She c'ercrlhed her n olive as Ihe method lo "ease the situation best of all." This statement had been ob. i i ii • ! ' !li " ?ti n(t[ ' r I!o!:cr tol(l lllc mother •Approved by Harrison llwt Elrio l!: «i confessed to iuw ''-ng killed Ills «-ite .to save his iv.rther. . - - Applications will probably be filed shortly for rcpalnt- ng and repairing of Blythevillc ciiool buijdinqs and fnr the bulld- iiE of an addition to the nciiro chool, which Is badly crowded. Road to Brown's Spur A |>ctllion for Ihe establishment of a county road from a point Cuba Promises Safety for Ambassador Welles WASHINGTON. Nov. 25 CUP}The stale department announced • near Browns Spur to a gravel road ibout two miles west was granted by County Judge Zal B.' Harrison :oday. The petition was signed by J. D. Decker, J. Hf. Decker, Frcci Flce- man. Rroy. West. R. S. Hudson. Affllck and J. w. .Meyer. : given assurances that it . j guaranlee the safety of U. S. Ani- Thn»P Arltnnsas Prniprfc 'J 0 «wador Sunnier Welles, who Is *'*' ^*l*>rtll5flS S 1UJCI-19 ' crVITl frt »«f. I T¥ f n t n. J j i soon to return to Havana for a, Keierred to Civil Works I br ^/ sla >'! These assurances followed rc- WASHINGTON. Nov. 25 (UP)-! KLf! 0 " 1 ,.,^™"" l j' a l.?; rt ?' 1 >' . . Administrator Hopkins today not- ' elcmn - ll ? v ? sirm *>' °Pined stale and local authorities of } xseA , , Wclles ' P 0 "^ 05 wou!tl , nt ~ approval of 80 projects referred • C ' ll ", i ' ( ° " rcvc »t '"'•» from Ia "tl- by the public works administration i ?„„„„, a ,* a "" to the civil works organisation. Welles to return . there next The projects and the number ofl^, k f " r , a b . ri . e f (sta S 010 " *»«, men to be emnlovcd Include th» i ™ p ! MC f ^ ' Vjsista » t Secretary of following from'Arkansas- i stalc Jefferson Cafferi". Town of Danville. Ark., waler-: works, 65 men. Mob Seizes -Prisoners Town of Carlysle. Ark., sewer 1 "ATANZAS. Cuba, Nov. 25 .HP) work, 60 men ! "~ An enra E ed mot) swept out of Mo'rit'lcello 'As.<oclation, Monll-' S r ' 1:lro1 nea1 ' Co!o " loday ' ca P (ur<!d cello Ark., swlmmiiiG pool. 25 men.! five former am >' o;Iiccrs hel<l JLHlsoners for crimes under th'e J Alnchado regln-e. and shot them j lo death. • . Hunter Brings Back Bulldogged Deer POWELL. Wyo. WEATHER years old. were found perfectly j Lt'ACHVILLE. Ark.—Fire early ftom the roof cf the vehicle. (UP) — Verne and Ism. Once a bad part is delected, I New York Central . - . 225-3 r>re.scrved in a wall of the F. F. i Friday mcrnin? doitroyed Allen has ino'jnltd a small soft his Irmly liitle hammer goes to I p!ck | llgs i ever had .. Tll(! And Olio Fliller. that was the | was at Wright Field in Dayton." German veteran's name, lefl the office a dime richer than .when he entered. Morcan has 'been " hn boasted. "Why this lillle hammer of mine scrapiKd $500,000 worth of Liberly engines in only fnur riovs, 1 ' Packard Phillips Pelroleum . large barn on the farm of Blll!Cti'-l stove partly inside and partly 1-8 Joe Kramer, a caroenter repair- Cude, 1'j mite south of Leach- 1 outside the body of his car. It's a 1-2 Ing the house, found them wllh I vlllc. The loss included corn and] heater, he explains. 30 1-8 Durhctm home. 4 1-8 1G back alive. • r.i rasl. portion While deer hunting, he bulldog- [i 'slit. Sundi<.y ped n deer and brought it back here without killing it. nd wanner to- partly cloudy, Memphis an! Vicinity — Cloudy yearling Irnri warmer tonight, probably

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