The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on October 6, 1859 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1859
Page 2
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I tt,e IDathv PiiaTOiUa fntlnenlon - tti". "''"' ' m p'oporrloB , freely daring tbf r - ' III I It DAT n. - H .' " - Mr. McKeey. r; . Company, will accept otu City lptolligrence on We bad the pteu evening from Mr. W. I and proprietor of Plaqueniipe Gazette and are lad to learn from A nourishing condition. Mr. Brhdburn is Btoppf: Hotel. We commend hi the attention of onr w cerved, dsy before y set ri Washington, from Mr. th ant PoBtmaeter Gfuer - ' BteamebipHabana, or any here, ready to take . m the 5th inst, nnder tin Jo The Postmaster injui -; graph that he had no formed of .any steamer k take tho California mail, paper, the tlied bytel - ..tficially in - r the Johnson El Noticioso de Nuvt Yurk. k number of this newly - '!. lit - il journal is received. It gives in SrauNh a fall eummary of the news ; is pat. Honed at No. 21 Ann street, New York ; la printed aad edited with taste andtkill, and wH, doubtless, meet with a large circulation amuiv Sj.auieb readers in the United States, CuM, M. xico, Central and South America. The pniv of subscription for the United States is $s ; for Cemral America. Cuba, Isthmus of Panama, Mexico, Buenos Avree, Argentine Confedexarion, Uruguay and Paraguay, $10; for Bolivia, Qranadian Confederation, Chile. Ecaador, Peru,. Porto Rico and Venezuela, $lt;. The Filibusters I A number of Gov - outter, lying otf the P. - , to intimate to the officer commanding ibr nncety of keep ing a sharp look out for filibusters. In the Vicksbur Wtii. of yesterday morn ing, we tiud a deepvu. - n, f the 4th inst, from this ;city, stating il - .af an expedition left Berwick's, Bay on the 1th i. - t for Nicaragua, on a steamer, notcleaici. n arte red expressly for the purpose, under command of Capt. Tee American V a KMC r. The October number is received this veteran agrieul - tural periodical, ppbhi - hed t y.tltimore since 181J, and'edited by N H Wortoingtoo. It is furnished at the remarkably low price of one dollar per annum. it W.i We learn that Mr. K W t: Conk, ai?ent here of the celebrated New York Novelty Iron Works, has completed a contract for that establishment with the Water Works Company of this city, to supply them with entire new Steam engines, pumps - , and other machinery, to take the place of those that have served so adequate to meet the rapidly mcresaing want of the ci(y for water household, street cleaning, and anti tire purpoaM. The new motive power for tbo water works will be two steam ermines. wm cylinders of r7 inches diameter land 8 feet, driving double - acting piston pumps, of 28 inches di ameter'and 8 feet etro These pumps wil be capable of supplying l'J,(HMi,000 gallons of stant head of 15" feet perpendicular, and 2000 feet horizontal. The entire apparatus will have about four timeB the power of. the prerent machinery. As an instance of the appreciation in which the Noveliy Works ar - held and of the vast on authority, that in conaeqoenoe of the satisfactory manner in w hich the machinery for the steam frigate Great Admiral was furnished by the Works the Russian Government have contracted jtitb the proprietors for wo large gunboats Anothkk AttxIpt at AotTATloa Foiled. It iB one qf the glories of the Protestaut Episcopal Church of the United States, not only as a whole, but in its several dioceses, that it is eminently conservative, and has resisted, firmly and effectively, every attempt of agitators to" draw kinto the vortex of sectional politics. .We have another instance of this in the recent action of the convention of the New York diocese with reference to a petition offered by John Jay, an abolitionist, introducing the subject of slavery and the slave trade into that body. The proposition of Jay to ubvb m peuuuu reierrea to a Committee, with instructions a it, v s rejected 'No" from body of delegates, clerical and lay. Bcsselts Magazine. The October num ber of this excellent periodical is received. The " Dual Form of Labor," the leadi tide, will well repay perusal " Epistolary Gossiping, voyage in Search or the Mann the Moon," "Actress in High Life," are al good. The paper of " Reminiscences of thi Revolution " is vouched for as a transcript of an authentic MS , by a gentleman who served in the war in South Carolina, saw many vsjhere his descendants still reside The MS. cdjfy was furnished to the magazine by the out Boiaier s grandson, an able writer and dis tinguished lawyer of Tennessee. The paper is extremely interesting. The editorial notices of new books are, aa nsnal, a leading feature of the work, and em anate from the practiced pen of a skilled and experienced litterateur. The publisher, wishing to leave Charleston, offers to dispose ef the magazine, which he j ubs an established reputation and an tensive aublication. . Col. faSgfc Nuasiai, - We andcrnVmentel Z &c , cultivated J miles east of Yletsbwr. TfegTeaiiloo clndee spme valuable bints from Col Hebrc own long experience, on transplanting i paration of soil for fruit trees, preparaUor! trees for planting standard orchard tri staking; mulching, &c, which will vauue w wc many, wno, lOllowing CoL Hebron's laudable and successful example are endeavoring to raise fruit in our vicinity' for this and other Southern markets Col! Hebron's address is Bovina P. O , Warren Co., Mian. THE PACIFIC MAILS. We publish, this morning, the letter of no - tio King, Esq., Assistant Postmaster Gen - i eral, explanatory of the late decision of the Department in regard to the transmission of the California mails. It gives a more favora - rw of this act than that presented by I ter of instructions published some days , that elicited the strictures of the New Orleans press. . . j We cannot, however, believe ma mo ns of New Orleans and the Southwest will .v j - r Darticalar obhga - tkoa to the Post Office Department for a mail between this city ana "" M nearer this port than Key West - ; ill they easily understand how that can ; iBidered a mail service at all, such aa emulated in the proposals for " trans porting the mails between New Orleans and San FraneiBCO." The acceptance of the bid of Mr. Johnson was, therefore, as has been j jnatJy termed by the Mew Orleans press, a I Trrtual cutting otf of this city from direct and ! regular communication with the Pacific, giv - Jew loru, tnrougn positive ana tixea mail arrangements, an advantage over New Orleans, lying nearly midway between the rmer city and ban Francisco. We have had an experience of the reliabil ity of a Pacific mail service with which we compelled to make a connection at Havana or some other point; ami the fre quency with which we have been forced to rav of New York, or have been placed twenty live days behind jry lofty With the recollection of the failures of the past under juBt Buch an arrangement stmaster General uolt made with tar on, it should not be expected that we willingly, or even silently, should submit to le snubbing he saw lit to give us. The failure of Mr. Johnson to meet the rms of his contract is now feared, it seems, by the department itself, rendering every ord of censure upon that portion of its aeon deserved by its own admissions. But the strangest part of the whole matter is, that the department should have accepted a bid contemplating the nse of an isthmus transit dosed, ano: held by a government nostne attitude to this country and to the enter prising men who, at different periods had it in could not pnt in a proposition to cross that por tion of Central America, without the provi - f time to elapse before he used this route, rendering his bid as far as it related to the Nicaragua on transit entirely conditional. This should, it would seem, have been proof o the department that Mr. Johnson had un - lertaken a task he would utterly fail in accomplishing, thus throwing our Pacific nuil - i condition of the Post Office Department nrally forced upon the attention of its ef. Bnt we see no reason why this re trenchment should be all made at our ex pense. Nor is it so plain what bearing the California, piled np into an aggregate of ny hundreds of thousands, has npon the raid produt necessary. It cannot be cut off, whatever it may cost. Indeed, we mast increase the fa. cilities of intercourse both as a means of preserving the integrity of the Union, and keep. States open to the wouutry. The letter of Mr. King has one fact that, to pome degree, relieves ns from the dilemma in wuich the blundering of the Department placed New Orleans and the Southwest. It seems from the tenor of the bid of Mr. Van derbilt, though it is not so expressly stated, leans with the Isthmus a direct one, not forcing us to Key West or Havana to make an uncertain connection with the mail line For Email favors we are thankful ; but we much mistake the feeling which the injustice towards ub has excited, if it do not stimulate the next CongieBS to such legislation as will relieve ns from such bungling in the future. This clever magician and poly phouist gives another of his entertainments this evening. See his advertisement, under the Amusements New Dramatic C'rps. Mrs. Mann, Miss Alice Placide Mann, and Mr. James Seymoar, of the Varieties, have arranged to give entertainments in Donaldsonville, Franklin, and other populous places in the interior of this btate, and in contiguous htates. lhey depart forthwith on their tour, and we most cordially commend them to the pationage of those rhom they will do their best, and that is not little, to please. Spalding & Rogers's Amphitheatre. The Buckley negro minstrel and burlesque op era troupe appear again this eyening, at this popular place of amusement, and after giving a select programme of sentimental, comic and tragic delineations, will repeat their travestie of Verdi's opera, " The Trovatore," in which Miss G juld and Mr. Basquin will take soprano and contralto parte, Mr. Swaine Buckley, the tenor, and Bishop Buckley the contralto The engagement, thus far, of the Buckleys at the Amphitheatre has been an exceedingly profitable one, alke to them and the managers, and promises to continue so for weeks to - We s rejoiced to eee, as we do by the ad ments in this morning's Picayune, that the officers of our Classic Music Society, to which association the lovers of tine music have, for two years, been indebted so largely for concerto of the highest class, are thus early in the season taking steps to secure for ns a continuance of these delightful entertain - The concerts will consist of both classic and modern music, this winter, and they will be vocal as well aa instrumental. This will, by tbe majority of habitvt,, doubtless, be regarded as an improvement upon the pre - Tho dates of the six concerts to be given during the season, and of the first rehearsal, the oiheers promise to announce in due time. Meanwhile, subscription books are open at tbe places designated in the advertisement, It will be observed that the artiste who belonged to the orchestra of the Classic Music Society last season are requested to leave their names with the conductor, Mr. G. Collignon. New Sewing Machine Agenct. From the card in another column, it will be seen that Messrs. Alfred Munroe St Co. have taken the agency for the Finkle & Lyon sewing machines, of which they will reeeive a full assortment by the steamship DeSoto, which, at this writing, is in the river, on her 'way up. The second story of the new iron building, corner of Camp and Common street, i8 reserved by Messrs. Munroe & Co. for the sale of these machines, which the agents speak of in high terms, and offer for ale at moderate rates . Telegraphed to the Sew Orleans Picayune. ARRIVAL OF THE DE SOTO. Later from Havana. Pass - a l'Outre, Oct. 5. The steamship De Soto, from New York via Havana, croseI tbe bar at 6 o'clock this evening, bringing dates from Havana of the 3d inst. At Havana the sugar market closed much improved, at 10 reals per arrobe. There was nothing doing in molasses. Tbe transactions in lard were limited ; prices nominal at $18 18 25 per quintal for tierces aud $1919 25 per quintal for kegs. Stock on hand, six hundred and fifteen tierces and twelve hundred kegs. Exchanges rule high and firm. Exchange on London 1516 premium, on New York, Boston and Philadelphia - 1 a 5Vs premium, on New Orleans 6V47 premium. The following numbers drew the principal prizes in the Havana lottery of the 1st inst.: 26,557, 2,274, 20,731, !94, 17,923. The Reported Expedition to Nicaragua. Oct. 5. It is stated here that President Buchanan has declared that, should Gen. Walker go to Nicaragua at the head of another expedition, as it is generally reported he intends doing, the United States officers Bhall arrest him, even in Nicaragua; and it is understood that orders to that effect went out to the commander of our naval forces in the Gulf, by the steamship which left New York to day for ABpiuwall. The Score of the Great Cricket Match. Now that the complete score of the great match played at Montreal, between twenty - two Canadians and eleven Euglishmeu, has arrived, we perform our promise of laying it before our cricketing readers. It will be seen that th previous accounts, by telegraph and others, have given the footings of some of the innings erroneously. The Old England Eleven, going in the second time, had to attain 32 to win, which, it will be observed, they did with four bats, two of which were not out Tbe victory of the English over the Provincials was a signal one : The following is the analysis of t Capt. Bulloch, has arrived from New York The Texas, Capt. Talbot, has arrived from Indianola and Galveston. The Charles Morgan, Capt. Lawless, leaves Indianola. Tbe De Soto will leave for New York and Havana, on the 12th inst., at 8 A. M. Agents, James Connoly Sc Co., Poydras street. Mr. John L. Lee, 20 Carondelet 'reet, ollere for sale swamp lands in the nppvi end of Tensas parish, and a plantation on Alligator Bayou, in Madison parieh. bee his advertisement in to - day's paper. Kich Parisian Mantillas and Bonnets, Mr. John Todd hs just received from Paris, at Noa. 13 and 14 Chartrea ktreet, late and elegant styles of mantillas, burnous, pointei visiles, in cloth plush, velvet and silk ; also lew cases of French bonnets of the latest Valuable Plantation for Sale. Mr. V. Gaienni, through Messrs. B. Toledano & Taylor, commission merchants, oners for sale a valuable plantation on lied River, in the parish of Natchitoches. See the advertise ment in to day's Picayune. Tbe Eleanor, Capt. Main, leaves for tbe Ked Kiver at o o clock. Agents, Muse sc Bro., and Geo. D. Hite. ind T. B. Smith. fc The leaves at 4 P M. for Memphis, Caii Louis, connecting with railroads for the North and Last. Agents, Messrs. C. G. Wayne J. F. Allen, No. 61 Camp street. Ep A telegraphic despatch from Bayou Sara to G. L. Kouns & Bros., states that the steamer Era No. 4 will be at the landing this morning, and leave on Friday at O o clock, P. M., for all landings on Ked Kiver as high as Shreveport 17 The packet Lizzie Simmons, Capt Geo. H. Kirk, leaves at 5 o'clock for Mem. phis, connecting with the Memphis and Charleston and Memphis and Ohio Railroads for all the Eastern cities, also with first - class packets for Louisville, St. Louis and Cincinnati. Agent, Geo. D. Hite, No. 1 Front street. HT Large sale of clothing and traveling bags to - day, at 10 o clock, at the auction room of E. Boger &. Co., No. 28 Old Levee street. fcar Large sale of boots, shoes and brogans, to - day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction loom ol E Roger & Co., No. 28 Old Levee street. 17 Sale of .nlonHiH f i, o. o, NO. 20 St. AnthODV Plan - rliinin;h Sheriff 's office, at 10 o'clock, A. M., by Fran - ly Francis Fernandez, auctioneer sells today, at his auction rooms, corner of St Louis and Chartres streets, at 10 o'clock A. M. an invoice of fancy goods, such as dolls, neck laces, bracelets, earrings, chains, emeries baskets, dee. See advertisement tST Samuel Smith, of Tennessee, accepts tbe Commissionership of the General Land Office, at Washington. Dental. Dr. Frederick H. Knapp, the well known dentist, has associated with him Dr. A F. McLain, who has been residing at Franklin, La., is a graduate of the Philadelphia Dental College and of the Medical College of Louisiana. He is spoken of as a gentleman, devoted to bis profession, and every way worthy of esteem. The office of Drs. Knapp it McLain is at No. 154 Canal street We refer to their card, in another column. Choice Sugar Lands for Sale. Messrs. LeGendre & Woodlief, under the St Charles Hotel, advertise in another column, sngar lands for sale in the parish ol fiaquemines. See their advertisement for particulars. The Robt. Watson, Captain Smoker, leaves at 5 P. M. for Alexandria and interme diate points on Red River. Agents, Geo. D. Mite and T. B. Smith. FUNERAL SERVICE. GLASS CASES, WITH SUEL.VJNU, Ull'U PAHISIAN MANTLES, JOHN TODD. 14 AND 14 19 AND 14 Chartrea Street, lUantlllns, Burnoun, Pelntes, Vlsettes, &c, BUY THE BEST : ARTIFICIAL, TEETH. IN A MOMENT I Withoot detaining the merrbaut from hU bai Ti.r bnei it impart, are FAST COLORS and uevi Sold everywhere, and applied, bj al! balr - dreaM CR1IT4DORO, COUNTRY MERCHANTS EVERY DESCR1PTIOS DRY GOODS Winer" Canadian Vermifuge. a New Orleana, and retail, by To the Public. ELEN CMjrjP lltE C0t'o r'V,"' I aula mdp Camp itreet, corner Cause '.al piac. CABROLLTON STORES, orner ef Barenae and Poydraa Streets. OPENING OF 350 CASES Or DRY GOODS. The nndenigned beg to inform the public and thefr tutomera In seneral, that tbey bar rrceieed their Urge tock of FANCY AND STAPLE DBT GOODS, from fOB GRISAILLE ENGLISH BAREOE ROBES - Tw Grisaille of Evi English, French and German Hosiery. TO PLANTERS. re to eee tLU verified, u, 8 REJUVENATING E J. WEIGHT A CO., MARAVILLA I MARA VILLA JM A It A VI I . L A ! roa JRSTROYIGADaOPF, RELIEVING 8IC& HEADACHE, PREVENTING THE HAIR FROM FALLING OUT, CHARLES ERNEST A Carpet Warehouse, 19 Chartrea Street. Medallion, Velvet, Royal W lton. Tapeatry B Tbne Ply.IngrnDoWh, Venetian, Hemp, I CARPET C L'KTAIN WAREHOUSE, 30 CAMP 8TREET. rbe undesigned Lave received, by late arrival, a U CARPETINGB, - Sdpet W ATKINS HOMAN. PER STEAMSHIP PHILADELPHIA LADIES' A MISSES' CODRTOI8IER RID GLOVES. ILH, KID, BCCR AND LISLE GAOHTLETS. WORSTED AND COTTON DAMASKS. SILK AND WOOL DAMASKS. BENTHDYSEN, LEWIS 4 CANAL STREET, Curtain Materials. Oil Cloths. MEN FEAR! NORRIS, MAULL ft CO CLOTHIERS, Corner of Camp and Common Streets, Five Fashionable Clothln, Novelties of the Season, TO PLANTERS. NORRIS, MAULL Sc CO., CLOTHIERS, CORNER CAMP AND COMMON STREETS. THE CARRACK. BLACK SILKS! BLACK SILKS! BLACK SILKS! NEW CARPETINGS. L . ELKIN ft CO. 38 CAMP STREET THE SOUTHERN OIL COMPANY. Railroad Officers and Planters i almoat indiapeuaable 1 impurities poaaeaauig elaitic een made with the following 9 LARK, 8TADFFER CO., J. WATERMAN BH.0 , FOLGER HON HOWELL. folly nari St. Louis HEN ING i CHAMPAGNE. Palma Brand des Tlgrnableo do Rnlnart, VICOMTE DE BRIMONT. Tl casta, taarta and atnta. TO COUNTRY MERCHANT UDOLPHO VmM9 Fare Csgnac Brandy in Battle. "t Cognac hah vueMe. TaTui narter. longaga, , owing to the eaarbj. t ama aell it at moderate pricea Fortunately hi grape crp for the laat and previoo. yeaTSni ta for thi.) waa abondaut, and price, of "aUe'ro 'Tcet limtt Xv arrangement, witbfcmr brandy exporter, in rranceaftfc. pore, nnadulierated article, and it will be taat high price, baa bee or a7 mild itimnlaot It la, aa the French naalaa BuvertrelNewToit a. d. Crieff oo, J T. MOORE a CO. y firat arrival, from Havre, I will be in receipt of my NEW STYLES OF PARI8 MADS WINTER BONNETS, EMBROIDERIES, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, - GLOVES, cc, OC MRS. E. W. TURNER, ALFRED MUNROE ft CO. Will poatpone the opening of their i NEW 8TORE, " STORY BUILDING." he meantime, they ran anpply their friendi and tka Gent's Clothing and Fnrnfohlng Goods, Bar Should their frienda require BOI 8' CLOTHING, hey will accommodate them at thilr new .tore. If they BELOEN Oc EAMES, SUCCESSORS TO S. E GRUMAN CO., 36 Macazlne Street, corner of Grartsr. Soft Fur, Silk and Wool Hats. MISSES' BLOOMERS, LADIES' BCXKETS 'AND STRAW (MODS, Maanfnctory, 09 Broadway, New York. try trade to ear hcivy etock of FALL and W1NTE1 BENTHUYSEN, LEWIS dc CO.. 116 Cabal Btbsbt HI eipt of one of the mort CHOICE and DESlRABIil TUCKS of BAY STATE SHAWLS, SCOTCH 8HAWL8. THIBET 8HAWL8, BROCHE SHAWLS. anced from 17 to 13 and 13 Royal tit. aapply of CREMB DE BODZT CHAMPAGNE, SJCWELL T. TAILOR. Chills and Fei II Chartrea itreet. DR. GEORGE W. SMITH. DENTIST, Having raanmed hi. practice, veil I attend to piuSnadinl Startling Discoveries n in the blooi'be mailt mlnent phy.ician. ol I 0B' drVtt's chaVtbeTte' pills, 'narV ccB GTtV complete djjeJ iSirVd LOR7yINCaTG!ral Ages holeaaltand retail to Newrieana. y - gdpJm dW Si and 181 ChsrUav a

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