The Belleville Telescope from Belleville, Kansas on October 30, 1930 · Page 18
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The Belleville Telescope from Belleville, Kansas · Page 18

Belleville, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1930
Page 18
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THE BELLEVILLE (KANSAS) TELESCOPE THURSDAY. OCTOBER 30. 1930 NORWAY NEWS Miss Opal Brewer Cheerio for Young Churchill! Oc. 28 —Sunday dinner guests at the J. R. Hugos home were Mrs. Ida Satterficld and children, Mrs. Carrie Ross, Mis,s Clai'ice Ross, and Miss Maxine Goodibrod. Mrs. Sadie Walter, Miss Minta Walter, and Mr. and Mrs. Charley j Walter called at the Early home in, Lovewoll Sunday. ; Mrs. Will Adams and Mrs. Har -j riot Walter visited at the Odelll Maine homo in Salina Saturday and. Sunday. Mrs. Edmond Bucr entertained the Missionary Club at her home Friday afternoon, October 24, with the: usual number of members pre.sent. A lunch was .served late in the afternoon. Mrs. Mary Brewer and Mr. and Mrs. Owen Brewer returned homo Wednesday after being on a tour along the Pacific coast. Upon leaving here, Mi's. Mary Brewer went to Stockton. Calif., to visit her son, • Mr. Walter Brewei" and wife. Mr. | and Mrs. Owen Brewer visited relatives near Spokane and Bellingham a few days and then went to Vancouver, Canada, and visited with Mrs. Ida Skagen a week. After visiting j in Seattle a few days, then went down the Pacific coast to Stockton where they spent the remainder of their vacation taking in sights in Yosemito Park, San Francisco. Scra- mento, and the redwood forests. Mr. and Mivs. Charles Chizek and Darlene and Mrs. Sarah Ames spent Sunday at the Orville Wri,ght home in Jamestown. Mr. and Mrs- Joseph Melhus and Wh(.'n Iliuidolph Churcliill, 19, son ol' Winston Churchill, Conservative leiidor in l';n.i;land, visited at Stepliens College, Columbia, Mo., on hii^ lecture lour, he just couldn't resist takint; part in tlie water- nielon "" put on l)y tlie co-eds. The yotniR Briton is shown here with liie jnelon and a couple ol! peaches standing by. —NEA Service A surprise party was held at the' spending this week at the Percy Jep- Mike Stensaas home Friday evening son home and will care for the cafe in honor of the birthday of their son, during Mr. and Mrs. Jepson's ab- William Stensaas. The evening was ; sence, spent in having a spelling contest Mr. and Mrs. Merle Milner visited 1 TVT. „r,A iv/r • Tj„.. T3f.,„„,.'f-'"""'"' '^'^ '^'"'^^ "^^^^'^ pl^^'^'^-, Suuday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles son and Mr. and Mrs. Hari-y Rnger, Refreshments were seiwed at a late' Carev at Belleville, called at the l^dward Carlgren home \ hour. He was also presented with a; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Haines, Mrs. bunday night. j tr\n. Those present were Mr. and Harriett Haines, and Mrs. Wm. Noble Mr. and Mrs. Edward Anderson Mrs. Einar Eastvedt, Mr. and Mrs. •^vero in Belleville Wednesday, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and! Edwai-d Carlgi'on and family, Mrs. Mrs. Abbie Erkenbrack left last Mrs. J. A; Anderson of Miltonvale. | and Mrs. Homer Chi-istenson and week for Liberty, Neb., where she Mr. and" Mrs. Elmer Everts and I family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sten- will visit her daughter, Mrs. Dolly family of near Republic, Mr. and I saas and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd .Smith. Mrs. Lester Thompson and children, i Widen and family, Mr. and Mrs., Don Nutter came from Manhattan Miss Dillio Thompson and mother, j Lloyd McGregor and family. Mr .and i and spent the week end with his" par- Mrs. Mary Thompson, and Ii-ene Mrs. Jons Stensaas and family, Mr. ents. Thompson had Sunday dinner at the; and Mrs. Ole Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Eai'l Johnson return( Lars Tiller and family, Mr. and Mrs. | od Wednesday from a vacation trip E. A. McGregor and family, Mr. and i to Coloi'ado. Mrs. Charley Logsdon and son, Mr. • Chas. Coir/.elman doesn't seem to and J\Irs. Harry Ringer and daugh-i jminove as rapidly as expected. Mr. teis, Mrs. May Thompson. Lillie ! Conzelman received several bad Thomi)son, Mr. Melvin Smart, Mr. ; wounds whlie separating two fight- I and Mrs. Ingvald DjTdal, Mr. and; jng hogs over a week ago. Mrs. Martin Larson and children. Dr. i Mrs. Earl Johnson and Mrs. Ross Victor Thompson home. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fulcomer attended services att he U. B. Church in Norway Sunday morning. Ruth Sutlon visited with Mrs. Glenn Wright Sunday afternoon. Joe Bi'ower and sons and Mr. and! . Mi's. John Schultz were Thursday I Rmiol. and Mr. and Mrs. Mike; Johnson were called to Hardy, Neb., evening supper guests at the Howard i Stensaas and family. i Fi'iday on account of the serious ill- Brewer homo. I Mrs. Hattie Bartlett spent Satur- j ''ess of Mrs. Ethel Harvey. Evelyn England returned to school day night and Sunday with Mr. and > Mr. and Mrs. Orphus Noble IMonday morning after being absent Mrs. A. J. Kelly. ', Mrs. Stella Curtis and Pete the past week on account of a'tonsil! Mi's. Glenn Wright had the operation. ! foi-tune of seriouslv spraining Mr. and Mrs. George LaPlant and' knee Friday evening family of Concordia were Sunday I Mrs. George Sutton. Mrs. Charles ^"^T^' \- U- Wvi^'^; and Mrs. M. C. Chambers Ml?. G. VV. A\ right, Miss Alice I,,,, „„ Mrs Holgerson. Mrs. Vernon Wright, and; R.iiu,.(|av. George Miles !has been ill. Edd Muth has been doing the janitor work at the school during Mr. Miles' ; illness. i George Frankamp received a car of cattle Thursday. Mrs. John Goodwin and daughtei', Miss Edith of Concordia spent the week end with the Rev. and Mrs. Robey. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Reed of Rexford, Kan., are visiting Doug Cardwell and Mrs. Cardwell. V Mr. and Mrs. John Rodgers of Palco, Kan., came Saturday and are visiting Mrs. Elmer Taylor and husband. Mrs. Lenard Smith visited Sunday with Mrs. John McEwen. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Van Nortwick i were in town Monday. „ . ! Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Taylor were j in Concordia Thursday afternoon. Miss Bonnie Thomas, and Miss Ada Powers were in Hardy, Neb., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Allen spent Sunday in Downs. Mrs. Chattio Allen reti;r:ied home with them for a visit before leaving for California. Word was received of the marriage of Miss Edna Grossman of Intervale, Neb., to Lloyd Ingram of Red Cloud, Neb,, Sunday afternoon -at Red Cloud. Mr. Ingram is a grandson of Mr. and and Mrs. Wm. Noble. Dr. and Mrs. P. B. Graham were in Fairbury and spent the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hughes of Steele City, Neb., were visiting Wednesday with his sister,,Mrs. George Ocobock. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Ocobock spent Friday evening in Scandia with Mrs. Ocoboek's parents. A wedding shower was given Friday in honor of Mr.- and Mrs. Paul Beck at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wheatley. The couple received many beautiful gifts. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Barber, Mr. and Mrs. George Dowritch, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stinson, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Will Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Beorge Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Noble, Miss Ada Powers, Mr. and Mrs. V. S. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wheatley and Fay, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gunnison, ,ir. PARKHILL DISTRICT 72 mis- he r Oct. 28.—The following enjoyed a ))arty Friday evening in honor of Clarence Swanson: Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sallman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Othberg, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Erickson and Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Othberg, John Isaacson and family, Aug. Rydvall and family, Mr. and Mrs. ,G. Simonds Mrs. Ole Johnson, Henry Hendrick- Mrs. Frank Stafford, and Mrs. Susan i son, Darrel Stanley and family, Or- and Strum were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Leonard. Mrs. Xorm Stafford. Mr. and ville Buhr and family, Albert Swanson, Emil Grandquist, Miss Augusta McClure were in Ijincoln Saturday. „, Mr. and Mrs. Amil Nelson and La-, uienn wrignt I'rulay Yg,.,^^, ^^,p,,e in Lincoln Friday to visit! Swanson, Pete Rasmussen and fam- ' Clemens, who lias been ill. Mrs. j ily, Eli and Alex Othberg, John San- Mrs. Ida Satterficld and children Mary Morehead accompanied them to " ----- dia Saturday morning. • '"'^ Katterfiold and children Mary Morehead accompanied them to key and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mrs. Owen Brewer has been quite! ^'"-'"^ week end at the home of; T.incoln for a visit with her brother- Sallman and Lenora, and Mr. and ill with a cold the past week. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. li. in-law, Abe Caper, who has been in Mrs. Ted Larson and Barbara Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Thompson of' ill health for some time. ! Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Sandell, Ar- Goary, Okhi., were Thursday and Clarence and Lawrence Smith of j Charles Hobson of Greeley, Colo.. ^ thur and Elmer spent Sunday eve- Friday visitors at the Dr. J. C. Sher-^-'''^li'l' Kansasr-arc—shucking corn-came Sunday to-visit relatives-and-is i ning~at—the Frank-St^^^ raid iiome. ' ' ' i Mutt Larson. mow visiting his two daughters, Mrs. I Lillie Palechek called at the Ar- Mr. and" Mrs. C. A. Brewer, Opal 1 Thursdav evening callers at the Dr. 1 Freed and Mrs. Buelah Curtis, |thur Freed home Sunday afternoon, and Mary Ellen, Mr. and Mrs. Larsi J. C. Slierrard home wei'c Mr. and iCourtlund. ^ Tiller and daughters, Miss RebajMrs. Alex Scott and family and Mr. i R ^'V. and Mrs. Robey were Sunday Huffos, Miss Minta Walter, and John: and Mrs. Roy Clemens of Concordia., <l'""er guests ot Mrs. Ploy Banks and Joseph Brewer attended the dc- 1 i \Ir. and Mrs. John Hugos and fam-; l"''*'}y:"-'i'- , , ,. , i , -vr , T,T H OH dicalion exercises of the new .Junior-i il.\-. Mrs. Carrie Ross .and daughter, I ^'I'^-t Opal Ln.sley ol Loyewell spent; and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sallman Senior high school building in Con-. Miss Clarice. Mrs. Ida Satterficld, ^''''^'i '^-^nos and Irene Pol- 1 were .Sunday dinner guests at the cordia Thursday evening. and children, and Miss Maxine Good-' '"^^ . r ^ , i, ^ T , „ •„ | ^''•<>"'^, i^a'l™'!']. "omo- , ., , The Lutheran choir met and prac- 1 lu'od attended the band concert at the i ^f^'"- 1- Campbell of Belleville, Andrew Moline and family drove and at the Oscar Linden home Sunday evening. Mrs. Earl Van Aken, Mrs. Roy Westrick and Madeline and Raymond, at the churcii Thursdav cven- ticed ing. Lars Larson attended the A. H. T. I A. convention at Newton Wednesday' chai nev^- hie-h school building in Concor-' ^^'"^ K"*-'"^ °^ ^"'""P^- C-ivdwell | to Norfolk. Neb., Saturday to visit di:a Sunday afternoon. ! Sunday. .relatives. They returned home Mon- Mrs. Sarah Amos visiteci OS Chizek home from and Thursday, going as a delegate. ,,vpni„j, ^^niil Sundav ^- T- ^- Mr. "and Mrs. Howar. at the! Friday \ Ah Dickerhoof .x„„...d Brewer and, Philip Hammer, Jack Larson, and i Mrs. Mary Brewer were Sunday din- Ed\var<l Carlgren and sons, Ivan and : ncr guests at the Loren. attended the Farmers Hog, homo in Courtland. Day program at K. S. A. C. at Man- 1 Sun<lay dinner guest? at the John hattan Saturday. !i\Ir. Carlgren and, i.'jko home were Mv. and Mrs. Lee .sons also visited w!tlr"CmTol~Carl-• Kinney and family of Lucerne, Kan,, gren and Eldon Stensaas who are at- 1 Charley Kinney, !i\Tr, and Mrs. Harry tending college there. j Piowlinu' and family of Missouri, Mr. Mary Nell and Anaruth Darlington i and Mrs. E. J, Fike, and Mr. and i snent Sunday with Elaine Hammer.'.Mrs. George Fike and family. The I. 0. 0. F. members entertain-; ed their families and the Rel ckahs with a party at the I. 0. 0. F. hall Friday evening, October 24. Over one hunderd persons were present. The Hi.ghland orchestra, Mrs. Jack Larson, and Vic Anderson and son furnished music during the evening. At a late hour, the Rebekahs served a supper. Mr. and Mrs. Will Lewis and son, Boyd, were Sunday dinner guests at the Jim Cooper home in Concordia. They also attended Sunday services in Concordia. Mrs. Ella Logsdon entertained the U. B. Ladies Aid at the church Thrusday afternoon. A large number were present. At a late hour in the afternoon' the hostess- served lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Campbell and son, Harold Lee, and Dale Logsdon were Sunday evening guests at the G. W. Wright home. !\Irs. Owen l^.rewer was a Sunday, dinner ffucst at the C. A. Brewei'' home. ! Mr. and Mrs. Homer Chri.stenson i and children. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Sten-. saas and family, Mr. and Mrs. Einar! Eastvedt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence i Stensaas and children. Mr. and Mrs. I Edward Carlgren and family, Mr. i and Mrs. Mutt Larson and family,! and Dr. Anna Rimol pleasantly sur-| prised Mrs. Mike Stensaas at her \ home Sunday by bringing their dinners and spending the day with her, the occasion being her birthday. 6i LET'S HAVE A CHANGE 99 Vote For Democratic Nominee For CONGRESS Fifth Congressional District. He Will Represent Your Interests. With farm products at the level in years, industry and business depressed, unemployment a problem, it is time for the voters to consider a change in Congress. The Farmer is assured of no relief from Mr. Legge and the Farm Board, except the free advice of curtailment of acreage. Eighteen months operation by that board has about ruined the wheat farmer. The present Congressman endorses Mr. Legge, the Farm Board and curtailment. He helped defeat the Debentiire which would have equalized the high tariff so far as the farmer is concerned. The Industrial East has had ample bounty from the Government in high tariffs; they are nearer the throne and Labor and Agriculture must suffer. On the tariff, the present Congressman voted for the "gag" rule, which allowed but little discussion of the schedules, many items important to the farmer. He voted for the resolution disagreeing with the Senate's amendment to the Grundy tariff; and he voted for provisions that.fpisted upon the consuming public the highe'st tariff in history. His record discloses him voting for the Industrial East and against the Agricultural West. Clyde Short believes the markets of the world should again bo o])ened to American grown wheat and American manufactured'flour; our prestige abroad restored. A vote for him is a vote against prevailing conditions. —Political advertisement paid by Clyde Short, Concordia, Kan'; Administrator s Sale Will be held 3 miles south and V/^ east of Mundcn; 6 miles north and I'/o west of Cuba; 6 miles south and 6 'A west of Narka, on the tfiings yon Commencing at 1 o'clock sharp REPUBLIC -Mrs. TOstie AUeii Oct. 28.—Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wire of Ponca City, Okla., are visiting Miss Bertha Tobin. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Van Meter are THE J. R. BRINKLEY PLATFORM The platform upon which J. R. Brinkley is standing for the office of Governor of this state is the man, himself. Thirteen years ago, he returned from the Great War, having offered his life for his country. He located' in an obscure cross-road town, Mil- foi'd, believing Emerson's maxim, "To him who builds even a superior mouse-trap, the world' will beat a path to his door." Fighting impaired health, having no finances, and having the opposition of his profession, he has builded "the Brinkley Institutions by the sheer force of his determination. Courage, hard work, and stick-to-it-iveness have been the tools by which he has carved out success. ' Then this prophet began teaching Truth to the masses—a dangerous procedure even in this year of Our Lord 1930. His simple advice for the relief of i;ninor ailments and his warnings against unnecessary sur- -gery~-brought_the_„ condemnation of Organized Medicine. Without just trial by a jury of his peers, his license to practice his life work in Kansas was taken from him. Vilification, false statements and ridicule have been and are now being used to destroy this man who has dared to speak for the common ^people. Therefore we, his friends, present this platform of a man's personality and achievements as reasons for his election as Governor of Kansas. These are the planks—Fearlessness, Independence, Sympathy for the Masses, A Rare Executive Ability— of a Successful Citizen of Kansas. His very challenge to the people of the stkte to elect him Governor by writing J. R. Brinkley on the blank line beneath the names of the other candidates and making the X in the square following his written name Chic clothes, a new piece of furniture, those little luxuries so dear to every modern woman . . . can you afford them all now? You can make your shopping dollars buy more! It's the modern way of having the extra things you want. Money saved is money earned, and you'll start saving money when you change to BROKEN ARO COAL . . . the Safe, Saving Fuel. This high carbon coal burns long and evenly ,.. and everyone knows that an evcn-bu:iiing fuel is an economical fuel! It saves the high cost of ftiel waste. Change to BROKEN ARO, Now! Start saving for the Extra Things you want. Call the Broken Aro Dealer today. "Broken-Aro" givos you 100 cent lieat value ilollar. coal per Fuel "B" (not coal) gives you 75 per cent heat value per dollar. Fuel "C" (not coal) gives you 60 per cent heat value per dollar. Comparison based on average prices and efficiencies of fu e 1 s, determined by Julian C. Small- woo d, John-Hopkins University and the U. S. Gov't. marks him an outstanding leader. Advertisement inserted and paid for by friends and supporters of J. R. „ _BrinkJex for__Govenio^r JiLjtt^ munity. "More Heat.„Less Cosh„Much Lessl^ Offered Exclusive by A. E Sanbon Lumber Co. i'For Better Building-Serviced Phone One-Eleven Belleville 6 HEAD HORSES 1 pair gray, weight 2800 lbs. 1 pair brown horses, weight 3000 lbs. 1 buckskin gelding, weight 1300 lbs. 1 black gelding, weight 1300 lbs. 5 HEAD CATTLE 1 brindle cow. 1 Jersey cow. 1 Spotted heifer. 2 yearling heifers. MISCELLANEOUS 1 cream separator. 1 brooder house. 10 rods chick wire, 8 posts. 3 sets harness. 1 wagon scales 1 hog chute, 4 troughs. 1 oil brooder stove. 1 coal brooder stove. 1 tank heater. 1 grindstone. 1 buzz saw. 2 wire corn cribs, 50-bu. capacity. And other articles too numerous to mention. Some Household Goods 52 HEAD OF HOGS Weight, 150 pounds each. HAY AND GRAIN 70 bushels oats in bin. 8 ton alfalfa hay. 50 acres corn in field. 3 tons prairie hay. IMPLEMENTS 1 feed grinder. 1 gas engine. 2 corn packers. 1 disk harrow. 1 corn planter. 1 three-section harrow. 1 walking plow. 1 sulky plow 1 riding cultivator. 1 rack and wagon. 1 box wagon. 1 trap wagon. 1 end gate seeder. 1 hand sheller. 1 ten-foot hay rake. 2 mowers. 1 two-row cultivator. 1 two-row lister. 1 two-row corn disk. 1 hay stacker. 1 hay buck. LUNCH WAGON AT GROUNDS TERMS:— All sums $10 and under, cash. .Parties desiring credit must arrange for same before date of sale. Joseph Waltman Estate ED HARRIS, Auct. JOHN M. CAW, Administrator, FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Clerk.

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