The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1931
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 17, BLYTIIEVILLE, <AKK,T COURIER NEffig IASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tot flri>t insertion and one cent a word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken tor less tlian 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 ,,®^Author of *HEAf&_HUNGRY, efa PAGE FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern FOR SALE TT~ s $$$ USED CARS SH5 TO Saa WILL JiUY '25 FOUB TOL'lIINC CAU •27 STAK COUrK •27 FOKI) C'Oliri; •27 TONTIAC COACH ?7r> TO S125 \\t\A, HUY •2S WHIPPET COACH •28 CHKVSI.EK SUDAN •2g FORD COUl'E '28 CJIEVKOLUT COACH 8150 TO SI 95 WILL HUY '28 KOKI) TUUOK SEDAN •2S CHRVSLEIl "W COACH '25 FORD SPORT ItOADSTEK '29 rOKIt TUDOR SEDAN '29 FORD STANDARD COUl'K I T Convenient Terms; Sec Oni' Many Special Values At Re-' dticed Prices On All Our Used Cars and Trucks. Phone 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers §__§ S J? S S S S FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytvteville. 20-CK-TF IIEGl.ti 111? KB TOD.'.Y CIVI'SV HrllHIDK. 10-)cnr-old tlliUl, ii wlBirnlilr nnil lunrlp wlim «h.- nnJ« Dial \l.\X CIIOS- II), iu»l reuinii-il friini ;i >car nnil m hull In t'nrl-t • iuil>hiK an, no lnti£cr tnrtt fur lirr, <'ri>Blir It Infnluiltrd Kllb a «RS. I.ANU- LKY. m-nlthr dlvorcfr, \iho cuu- Nldrr* hfr«rir n imtriin i>! iirt. <:ju*j lice i'» dUKDMtrd Mllli Tier Joli nnil >i Urn tint I. irlllil/i-d Ipt She tii-i-r|il« tin iHvllnllim Irtmi lirr uc.Tllh) I'on.ln. AX MS TIIOW- IIUIMCl'. to likr I In' iilno* nl iin- eithi-r RUfnl nr n fiiriunl dlnnrr. The linrty in u hiir*-. Shi- Irrnr- 111 Kfl lirr >vtn|i» anJ un Jiiiiur. lir;ii* n miUv hi On- nr\l riu ind IILH-II» Hit- ilmir In »i-v a innn i-lliilliliiK In t!ir iMinl.iit. III. 1- JA.1II-:* WAI.- l.ACH, piii'fct iif the 'l'rimtir[Ut:tN, «ha h:n rillrrnt ItJ (lie lift rwr^tu 1 1u muld thr Ulnnrr imrly Wnllnrf irll. CJIB.T be Mill Jinl ln'fii flllrd li>- ill" nnnrr. slit iiU- cm-i-. Tn H|illf llio UlM In* i'Jm-« fur. Wnllarr n»k« <:r|i»y lo uiiirrr him. Shr rofuM-» iiul 1:ilrr nr- ecin*. 'Ihtj are innrrlej IIPXI I KUW 00 <)\ WITH 'I'll 15 STOIIV | (JIIAl'TKIl XII j was Anno Trowbrldge who exclaimed, "lleiu-cus. Jim! Aren't you going to kiss ihe bride?" Anne had relented ID Lur disapproval sufh'ciently tn come >v!th 1'lili lo sco tho couple married. James Wallaco bent his head and dutifully saluted Gypsy's cheek. She heard, tho magistrate paying something In his bourse voice ahoul wishing them a "long nnd happy life." Phil was talking —apparently what he said was a joke because the others smiled. Gypsy looked nliout her and tlio others seemed figures In a dream. This could not he really she. Gypsy Jlcllride. beside the tall young man with blue eyes who was holding her arm. Another moment and the would wake and know she had Imagined Hie whole thine. On the second tinker of Gypsy's left ha:iil Klramcd a circlet ol diamonds They were very bright. Tncy caught (Ire frcim the sunlight and Gj'paj'—Houjbt by Trowbrhlgo rejoined ihem. A station nttendnnt, with eonorons voice, wns calling out lite- departure of n train. lobt Dtnlnd lu »!«•« p.iV'er. Gypsy dropped tho niaga- line and slaved out the- window. Tliero ivns nnthlnc nincli to hco. the nrllclo llowers for ... Wallace at a corner florist's shop Just hclore the ceremonr. Tucrc was a cluster ot gardenias pinned , - , lo the land nf Gypsy's suit coal "Not ours." Wallace hastened ] Mio turned hack lo White flowers sweet and Ira-, to assure Gypsy. | die had uoen reading. The words grunt, for a bride. ' Tho -.vlilr nnd htiMIe of llu-1 blurred. In one nlil anil butliy suit cn?f, sreal wailinK room roiiacil tin 1 1 'Ihls was a honoymoon. Gypsy ••tciwcl nway Hi the ii-nr "t Hi-; girl "Oh. Anno." Gypsy Milrt. "I'm \ Mr»rl,lc—no, (lypsy Wallnro n,iw icsr were nil (,f tiyiny'H tiehnii;- ' eurtf I'm not KuiiiR In sue run • -anil lu-r hniliund dc-linrtliis on lings The Fill! case.' was mil' any mure—" Uhclr huiiL-yiiuiiiii. j crowded. Unit a dozen drcsse? j Sho was snyhift Emulhy, tiut W •. .|-. 10 newspaper across Iho alslo I comprised Ihe clrl's wanlrolje | I'l'lic either tliluRj Ihid l.ieen snj worn sin: «as iish:niieil lo pad.; lo Iticm Tlie nl(l iwenl i-u:il. IMI In- Samara's, in na-iuoiles o( her Bull lo any trinisscan. sho hud failicr. lo Ainu Crosoy. Cyi'sy clven in Mr^t. O'llnrc to IKS linniloil i lausheil and no donht the others down to her niece, llnfldos tlie ! thoiiija Iho leurs In her eyes <vcr« dresses tin' suit case contained tears of happiness, ilia few ihlnus l!M*y hud saveil "Von'ro ijoliis to liko It whore when she disposed of llio house-1 yoii'ie hold possessions aflcr her f:ither'.i| her. de 'to Annu TrnivbrldBi;, liut In nll^ niir I ii riOT , n( ) gj,,, |, cari i |, or nnmii „,, wits leaving behind, in New Yuri;., uioki'il up. Wallace, from behind llmsc crowded ilays ai Miic-1 |] lu [„],(„ o( Iir | nt paper, was pt-L-tlns al her. "tlyiisy," ho said, 'there aro some things I Kulnt," Anno reassured What's the name, of the IUUU J1U3BVOJ,«.,J u,vv. — ^- ...*..-. -. .11, III (tealh A clock thai had lieloneed place? forest Cily-llmt 3 right. to her mother. A small, ohl-fash-l Write lo ns, darlliiB. We'll lie loned iiholiiaraph alhuin ho'.ir.ii [ uaiiliis; lo liear from yon!" IUIIV" I D I n nnvpft ^Ikn M'rtlll jl H'rll** In yellow iiltish. conliilning |ilc turca of her Bi-aiiil|inreiil». Her father's couies of "IMvld Copperfield" nnd "Tristram Shandy." Packing these ihluts had sccmei! a sacicd rile. i Anne's voice broko tn on J Gypsy's reverie: "I'm so glad (lie tun Is shining," sbo said. "Jl's a jood omen, you know—means good luck." "I'm glad loo." Gypsy agreed. She wasn't thinking about propitious omens. She was thinking that tha last-..spring'Ruit which her bridal costume would course she would write. Gypsy clung to Anno'a arm. This cousin whom sho Imil thought ol so casually had suddenly become Ihe last remaining link between the now lite and the old. (Mill Trow bridge's blc hand fastened itself over Gypsy's In a grin that was nlmost painful. "Wish you every happiness!" he told her srlnnlae. "Deserve It. Think Jim's damned Inchy! No- ljody'3 told mo I could l;lss the was look Inns biown much more appropriate as the day mis warm. The suit hail been nu csliav- bride but certainly going aeencc. even though Gypsy tad bought It late In the season. U tad .been IrreslbtiWe because It was exactly iho shade to make her brown eyes seem inoro lustrous anil velvety than usual and because it had tricky pockets she conhl sink both hands into. Wlien sho did this (Jypsy looked liko rather naughty small bay. FOR SALE -Collage, 0 rooms and bath, Dugan Street. $1900.00. | Smalt cash payment. NICE HOME on South Division. Will let it go for what is against il, $1450. Small cash payment, balance $17.50 per month. 40 ACRES LAND, Clear Lake, 51700.00, 20 acres of it, in cultivation. \VE...liAVE any number of nice homes at right prices and on easiest of terms. Thomas Land Company. shot it buck in da/zlins radiance The were real. Slie bad not imagined them. Then sbe V:;iew she had not imagined any | had not e\ of It. Il was :ill true. James Wai- for il . new lace was ber husband. There was no tlmo for a wed Anno knew tho suit was last season's but she complimented her on Us bccorolnsnc-ss. There had not even ncen timo to sbop hat. Gypsy wore Hie s felt she' had bought , 'ast Jul > e all(l ih»nked heaven ibc din'r"i)'re;, 1 kfast'"\Va'iiacc"wa's alix-i summer had been so warm thru - - - • 1 5 |K, i, n j gh-cn il scarcely any wear. Her blouse was white n:n' ions lo ma he ihe 11 ck train llu had Ihe tickols in his pocbet. They went out ot tho building to Tntwbridge's car was wait- Ihe Rardenlas did a good deal fo-j again. lo!" He planted a <inick kiss on Gypsy's lips. In Ihe contusion and laughter that followed tho elrl found herself beyond tho train gate, waving" one gloved hand at Anne and I'hil across Iho harrier The colored boy with llio Imggafe was ahead leading tho way. Gypsy tried to match her ehort steps to Wallace's great, striding ones. They reached the car, entered, it, and Ihe girl's eyes widened. Them were great, comfortable armchairs In place ot,,8iitl train scats. A halt passengers were already tn Iho car. Ueslde each cbalr there were little tables for magazines or hooks. Tl'e while-coated porter let! them to tlie oilier end of the car. lie helped Wallace out of his coat and hung it away. Gypsy sank tuto her big chair. Sbo closed her eyes for an instant, opened them the entira costume,. • Wallace anil Trowhridgc talking about the car. "Say. Gypsy." Phil called Wallace wns miiltrrin;; i over the- wheel, "ever drive «ll!n ••coiifounuefl ;:nnic" as he i this fcilow? Know what a sfet-.l i directly Used Car Bargains 1 ronliac 2 Door ScU^n, 1V2U, Looks new $3'J5. I 1'lymouth 4 Sedan, 1029 Low mileage 5^50. 1 rlymuulh Coupe, 1529, a gooil buy $l"i3 1 Chrysler 70 Coach, a foaii one 5250 Sec Them Now Lcc Motor Co. FOR SALE—Good, dry cook wood, Buchanan Coal Co., Phone 107. . llt'-CN foil SALE—Shrubs of all kinds. Hedge and Evergreens, Lonibai'dy Poplars I'i to 15 feel. Special for ten days Sl.OOi We are bonded nurserymen and lice-used to sell. Heaton's Home of Flowers, Blylhe- ville. 17C- I-'Git KENT where l!lg. The car was n sleek dark blue ccupe. Gypsy and Anne ciimbe.1 Insldo. about followed them. He had experienced one unfortunate tie-np in New York streets and never for- gollen It. "Darling, you're looking pale." Anne raid to Gypsy as they started. "Didn't yon sleep woli?" Gypsy smiled. She did look tired. "I'm all right." sho snid. "Aflcr 1 got homo last night 1 packed. Anrl I was up at seven this morning." "Never mind," Anne reassured her. "Hrldes aro supposed to b» pale anyhov,-. 1 remeuibc-r at my wedding—" Sho chatted on but Gypsy was not listening. Whenever she heard that word "bride," she wanted to turn and look for another person. It seemed impossible that sho was tho one referred to. •yOUNG Mrs. Trowbrirtge had dono her best to give tlie hasty marriage conventional touchca. She had IMB to it thai there were Wallace was watching her. ivcre "Everylhlnc all right?" ho asked. Gypsy nodded. Her husband glanced about at the- other passengers. A woman demon he Is'.'" "N'o-no, I haven't." "Well, believe me, you've got something to look forward to!" Wallace protested, lie said It was rater to drive fast than slow.! spicy, elusive perfume. Anyhow, bo wasn't reckless, ntvn: j Suddenly Wallace jumped up, "Newspapers!" ho exclaimed. "I-'orgot about 'em. Be right hack!" lie reached for ills hat nbead ot Gypsy wns tiirnwing ofi a handsome mink coal. She was a tall wotnao. Jler fcalures were not bcaulifnl hut they were distinctive. As she moved Gypsy sensed the odor of took chances. What Ibis country needed was a minimum, instead of maximum, speed law. Tho conversation was cut sliort | and hurried out ot (ho car. as they reached the railway Eta- • * * * (ion. Amid a hub-bub of tiarkins' IN a few miautcs ho was back taxi horns and snorting vehicles 1 L Under Ilia errrm wcr: two they arrived at Ihe passenger en-; bulky morning newspapers aru trance. Throe red caps ran for-! several magazines. He handed the ward to gel their baggage. Wallace helped Anno nnd Gypsy out and Phi] drove away to r^rk the car. Ho called after them that ho would return immediately. [ADK it nil rlghl," said SVal lace with relief in his magazines to Gypsy. "Thought you might liko some thing to ho explained "Didn't know what you cnro for 1 hope, theso ara r.ll right." Cosmi uiitan,* Harper's and Lib erly. Gypsy thanked him, opcnei UK; Liberty and tnvr.eil IhrongT voice. Tlie big station clock pointed 11ue pages. Presently she felt th to 1C minutes of 11. i triiin moving out ot tho station They waited near the gato until I Across tho aislo Wallace wa we might to Inlk nboutf "All rlBht." Wallaco discarded tlie newspaper. 'Tlrst ot nil," bo bosan, "cveryliody calls inn Jim. I suppose— it you don't mind—you'd better call mo llial'loo." "Jim's a nice name," the astced. "1 like- H. We a^ lo liavu an nfllce hoy named Jlin." "Urlghl boy?" "I don't kno\v. lie only stayed luo weeks. I think they misled some money from the olficu ci- pcnse drawer." llnth of them smiled. Sn loni; as '.bey were oti trivial subjects ovcrylhlng was ail right. "Is Gypsy really your name?" The girl nodded. "Don't you llhe il?" "Yes, ot course. It's inst—sort ol unusual. I never heard It before. Vor a real name I mean." "I've never been called anything else. My father nnmcd me Gypsy before 1 wns old enough to walk or talk or anything. They did christen mo Mary lilizabclh — it was written In tho lllblc Mother used to have—but 1 like Gypsy belter." "Then dial's what I'll call you I —Gypsy." "/;i right. Jim." There wns n pause before she asked: "Whal lime do w-o get to Forest Clly?" "Oil, not for (inltc a while." Ho looked at his watch. "Alioiil S:30 tills evening lo t>e exact. Anxious lo see the place?" Gypsy said she was. "Vuu haven't told me much about yourself," she said. "What do you do7 mean your business—you avcn't told me anything about nat." "I'm n lawyer." he told her, Tiial is. I'm snpjioned to be. 'racllco wllh Mark Harrison, who ised lo he my falher'u partner, le's one of the finest old fellows n tho world. Smart, too! There's .noUiCT fellow In the linn named llaire Mills. I'm the youngest. Jeen ivttli the others Ihrco years." "13elng a lawyer ought to bo ntoresting." "It's all right," Wallaco agreed. "Have yon known Phil Trowbridge a Ions while?" "liver since wo were In law school. Phil's never practiced, lias he? Seems to 'inow how lu mtiko dough, all right. New York's been good to him." Wallace stirred restlessly. Ills embarrassment was contagious nnd Gypsy said no more. "Mind It I go smoko?" bo asked. She said sho did not. It was half nn hour hetoro ho returned. Tltere was a furrow betweeti Jim Wallace's eyebrows us ho resumed his seat. "Gypsy," ho said, leaning forward, "There's something you ought to know." (To l!o Continued) ' I see. rto^ WrN HAS PRACTlcALLV BECAUSE: QT MAM'S BY WoJ-vUJ ME^A QT AUBAMIA LARGEST ME , PAF FV > •* GB~f ' <i VOUR SILLV AS \-f IS, A Bf6 CROP see MUSIACHE ARE S-TILL MAS-Tet?S pfpriY LOSE UlS S-rfe&lfifH He WAS BV A yes , BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WBU,, THAT'S THAT! By Martiii FOR RENT—5 room bungalow on nongan, newly decorated, hot anci cold water. Apply Ike Miller. Phone 8£5. 11C-TF FOH RENT — Bedroom, pvivatd Equipment for Ifc deaf children i en's Aid, which also has equipped j the Goodman Memorial Theatre I bath, cldse in. Phone 785J. Mrs.! was installed by the Chicago Worn-1 a. number of Chicago churches and I with hearing atachmcnts. ^ I ISC-TFi Belle M. Wood. FOR RENT — Beautiful suburban FOR RENT—Furnished apartments. One for $17.50 and the other S30. Thomas Land Co. 17C-K20 FRECK1.KS AND HIS KIUKNDS THE Uy .Blossei home, block off paving, on hirae FOB RKNT-Unfurnlshert nat and iesidcncoi unfurnished house on Hcarn Phone 078. St. SC-TF terraced lot with shade. Hesidcr lias baili. lights, water, sewer, garages, chicken House. 4 acres al- RENT _ 3 ,.„„,„ f llrnishe(J . fl at. lalfa adjoining il. servant IIOUEC. , Ideal home. Item cheap to parlies r _jV vb ^ who will take care ol place. Thomas | _ _ 7C-TF Land Co. 17C-K21 FOIl RENT—Two nice furnished I little apartments. SH.50 and $30. Thomas Land Company. V FAY 0. DAVIS Phone Kl ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Electric and Gas Welding done at OSHUON HLACKSMITH SHOP 115 X. Franklin St. FOli TtKN'T -Five room ho'.isc. llOj W Rose. Garden. Phone 614. | 16P-K20 . LL,THAT'S THAT." LlHDTS AU- FIXED UP AN' EMERYTUIWG'S 6REi.T '• Boy! US HAD ME A Wll.e.'.' A1MUV HAD YOUR SHAQG or- EX- UATELY, WANTKI) SALESMEN WANTED — To run ; Hcbcrlin; business in Mississippi i County. Many make $60 to Slo i v cckiy—year arctnttl work—no lay' on. Write lr:iny lor free booklet, j G. C. JIKBERLING- COMPANY, Dcii! ^7 'Uloomlngton. 111. 17C-K20 Invest With Safety G r; paid quarterly on full paid slock, ?100 and up. Guaranteed by first mort.cagu loans on homes in Blyllicvillo. Sutured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Hums, Sec. IN/£ HAD in TVi£ LAST NEAR. .Fius IT >WAS FAG BAR O3I6'S CANVosI AH Avl' . AtJ' TViEM AMD THE OF VAWISUED W.EI-I WASH TUBHS A 1'LKASANT SURPUISK SEE VJ1H6.H t TVW.4 Or TKiTS HAPPEMED IN ~L 6ET A POUMV F££UllJS. "THAT Tl^& THE Ot-O 1 VJ6B£ I(J BLACK CAVERM IM THAT CREEPS To THINK OF IT Crau WE HAVE ,1 client who wants to borrow $200 on Rill cdi?c sec'.ir- lly, iiayable Dec. 1st. Thomas Land j Company. ' [ POULTOY WANTED — Markot prices paid at C. L. Uennctt Co. Ftecl Ot). 210 N. IfaUroad St., uc-st j of courthouse-, J. E. Fiiher. Phone 1 161. 24C-TFJ WANTED—Reliable man beluccn 1 ayes ol Z5 and 50 to su!>;)K oUl, cstaWiihcd deimitd fur Rmilcisli 1 i Gcort HcaHii I'rcducts in G:e:nt 'comity. Surety contract required.j i Comp'.iiiy furnislies cvcrythn-.g b'.it! j the car. Gccd profits for hULt'icrF ', i Write the W. T. Kaukiah Com-1 j pany. Mem;il:is. Tcnn.. or see inc.! i Mr. Dave Edwards, Lcachviiio. Ark. • 12C-K13I . i (POULTRY WANTED—Mnrkci pri-; I ccs, any niiMitily. Marilyn Hat- j ichery, 210 6. Fourth SI. OC-TF PUTT-VOTt REfXCtt f\ SROW EUPAMSE Of WXTER., AMD AR.E NtVT, WfrSsWefc THEM; Xw -rnt.po-VT-rOTjs_&Rc>j 90USTS INTO NOO 90DR. 5VS! CM4 HELP NOD

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