The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 13, 1937
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VOLUM10 XXXIV—NO. 229. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytlievllle Courier Dlytlievllle Herald Blythevlllc Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader U.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DKCKMmw 111, Ifl.'W SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS GUNBOAT ACCOUNTED FOR iiEolMs TO' INSIST 01 As Trilial Lore Los! m U. S. Law jy|]g[ OEPEflS IN FEE 'fold Japanese Ambassador To Send Message Request To Kmpevor WASHINGTON, urc. 13 <UI')'— Tho united Stales loday demanded of .Japan tliat full satisfaction and compensation for Din Punay bombing t» given (jy Hifi Japanese >;nv- wnment. Secretary of Statfi Cordell Hull presented the demand personally to the Japanese ambassador. iiiro:.i Sallo. He informed Saito that President, j Roosevelt is deeply, shocked and I concerned at the news of the indiscriminate bombing of American <md other non-Chinese vessels on Ihc Yangtze viver. Hull conveyed (he president's ro- quest thai, tlie Japanese emperor. Hirohito, bo personally Informed of the president's feeling. While accepting [or the time bi % Ing the profuse apologies and expressions of regret for the Pansy incident, Hull Informed Sflilo: President Shocked "The president requests thai, his feeling of shock and concern over the Panay incident l» conveyed to Emperor Hiroliito. " The strong U. S. demands were presented after chairman Key rlttman (Dem., Nev.) of the senate foreign relations committee sold that the series of accidents besetting neutrals fn China is '-Ijccom- inp intolerable". In congress meanwhile, strong demands were developing for withdrawal of till American vessels from i Mie Orient. ' Fads Beinjf Assembled Hull also informed Saito that all facts concerning the incident are being assembled by American officials and 'shortly will be presented to the Japanese-government. •-- In'the meantime it is hoped dial Ihe Japanese government will consider definitely for presentation lo this government two things. Hull said. These arc: 1. Pull expressions of regret and the proffer of (nil compensation. 2. Methods guaranteeing there "•'II 're no repetition of any similar attack in the future. Kxi'resses Ofllriat Regrets WASHINGTON. Dec. 13 (OP)— .tapanese Ambassador Saito called nt the slate department today to express regrets at th e bombing and sinking of the United Stales gunboat Panny. Saito explained at the bombing was a "great mistake". He said the tombing was done by a navr.l plane, whose pilot was actina on orders to strafe Chinese soldiers. fleeing up th e river from Nanking. The Japanese pilot apparently mis- look the American boat for one carrying Chinese soldiers and attacked It accordingly, he said. "Of course it was completely accidental and n grout mistake. I have come lo make explanation and to bring deep regrets." Age-old tribal Iradllion of (lie Mojave Indians fought a losing battle with white man's Ian 1 as Ronald Jones. 30-year-old brave, who clones above us the smokes ilnrliiK n court recess at Phoenix, An/.., was convicted in federal court of second degree murder in the death of John Lee Slokes. "witch doctor" of the tribe. Indian witnesses, Including ancient, leather-faced "Mojav c l/>u" Beck, left, "medicine man" of 100 summers, testified the slaying was justified because stokes had "bewitched" Jones' family dooming'all. fesses Sixth Murder To Police Today VIENNA (UP)— In Vienna, famous as "tlie city of music and 00 .••niw. cent of the city's 19,000 musicians are unemployed, Prof. Hans Pella told a meeting of musicians. I'LL T€LL YOU PARIS, Dec. 13 (UP)—The "bllic- benrd of si. Cloud". Eugene George Weidmann. today confessed a sixth minder—that of Jeanne Keller—a blond Alsatian woman, who disappeared two months ago. Coincident, with the confession the killer's attorney announced that Weidmann will indicate lie had an accomplice in the Keller murder. Weidmann. who numbered a New York girl, Jean de Kovcn, among Ills victims, confessed the Keller murder shortly after police identified clothing found in his villa as having belonged to Miss Keller. Miss Keller's garments were amoiii; those of 12 women found In the St. Cloud murder villa. Former Secretary .of State .Again JTaces False Pretense Charge LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 13 (UP) — The jury lo hear the second trial of Ed !•'. McDonald, former secretary of state on charges of false pretense in connection with the purchase of janitor's supplies for Ihe sUilehoiisc, was completed lo- 'Junk Pile' Blockades Rive iiti'nosls Liliuaiils Check Comptroller's Auclil; Smilh Files Answer) (Anility .Inilge S. lj .Gladl.sii de- •lihed lo lake any motion loday n the suit for an accounting ol h't's nnd comiiij.s.ston.s brought against II. M. Craig of Osccoln. Mississippi county circuit court, clerk, and Addlson F. Smith, his HlyliH'vllle deputy, which uharac-.H Hint approximately $14,000 lias not been turned over lo the comity. The suit was filed by u group of taxpayers as Individuals and ns members of Ihe Mississippi County Taxpayers association. Judge Gladlsh advised coulisH for the taxpayers grout) and tlie defendant ofliclals lo check the 19:tS audit of county county oill- cials' records ma<ic by the slate comptroller's office and tile 1830 audit, soon lo l)e submitted, anil Ivy lo arrive at an agreement on the amounts, If any, which, am due the county. Judge Oladlsh said he would pass on the matter OTHERS ON on Jan. 22, 'if it could not. pe\ determined by agreement In Ihe meantime. The taxpayers group filed suit In the county court seeking an accounting and charging that various fees had been unlawfully retained by the circuit court clerk and his deputy in 1935. 1036 and 1937. Judge Gladlsn declined to hear evidence in support of the contentions this morning. The county judge also did not pass finally on n demurrer filed by Mr. Craig, challenging the authority cf the taxpayers to bring Supreme Court :i'v K—,-.->.. Ihe Japanese navy has played In llu> Invasion of China, Ihu retreating i Irooiis In tlw advance on Nanking Remembering the part fewlrrs made desperate olfort.s to proven! the fleet from rollowtni; the fall of Shanghai. This Is what Japanese warships found when they attempted lo ntl- vnnco till (he Ilnnmiuklniiy—a fleet of junks strung n cross the river to block llie way. The tinnier was 1 soon cleareil away, however. such nn action in the court. The demurrer, In county effect. was similar to count one of Mr. Smith's answer, which also chaf- lenged 'the .statUK of 'the plaintiffs In Ihe proceedings. •Mr:-smith, In- his answer, declared thai "records .and set- tlpments • of his office have bee: Upholds Right of Girl's Natural Parents day. McDonald's first charges ended In a hung jury. Prosecutor Fred Donlmm In his opening address to the Jury charged Ihe former executive with receiving (he proceeds of a sUilc warrant for s-186 that had been issued to a soap salesman who in I urn delivered to the slate several barrels of w-enled water Instead of liquid LITTLE HOCK, Dec. 1,1 .(UP) — Custody of a'seven-yanr-old child In Phillips county today was given t -— _ ,10 hei 1 natural parents by a slate shecked •regularly by the county,supreme court decision, auditor lind the stale ntidltorla'l, Tlie high tribunal upheld the department and settlement!! made [opinion given by Ihc Phillips accordingly, except fees as special'county circuit court In awarding commissioner in Chancery court.{Mr. and Mrs.-' Louis Colenmn the Wallace Urges Harmony Between Labor, Capitol CHICAGO, Dec, 13 (UP)—Agriculture, later nnd (.'npHnl must 'pull logellier" to turn out more Uooils. Secretary of Agrlcltlire Henry A. Wallace asserted today lu advocating n policy of "balanced abundance." Wallace spoke at a press conference delivering an extemporaneous address before, farm leaders from !IFP slales assoriibled-- liv Ihe American^ Farm Bureau'''fedora- lion's '"annual convention. (which fees the d< trial on the I advised belong (o him Weidmann wns brought to the of-11« «« Ice of Magistrate Maurice Berry I "IrS. Mary n to name his accomplice in the Kel- 1 ler murder. He was escorted by live i policemen. He shrank from pho- 1 lographere. His lawyer said lo the I, HUFFMAN.— Tlie Home Is Destroyed lefentlnnt has been not to the county, but that conferences as to this have been Jielil with the state auditorial department for (hi- purpose of ascertaln- the the the law as to whether defendant. A. P. Hmllli. or county. Is entitled to receive Dime fees." Mr. Smith further denied allegations regarding overdrawn salary accounts and as to shortages charged declared "tlml all moneys have been scrupulously deposited right to care for Iheli- daughter, Billy Joe. Upon birth of the child Mrs. Colenian wax siilfwlng from Jin iig(jraval«l Illness, the court said, nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. T. u. Holmes, neighbors, agreed lo care for the child until Mrs, Coleman lecuper- Tiie Holmes kept custody o( the child for MX years but during Ihal time the Coleiiuins had asked for her back nnd refused to agree to any action on the part of the Holmes to adopt the child. The I- the bank and at all limes lie! de ' n y In bringing notion for ' ' press. "Hc will tell the judge that there Is no us e digging in the garden for Iry residence of Mrs. Mary modei-n comi- P""' 11 in -' Hat- 1 twc iti the circuit court clerk's ' 'ody. tr.e court explained, was be- Miss Keller. He burled her where else," It appeared sojne- field was destroyed "by fire laic j ll1 " receipts of the office." Thursday afternoon. Nothing was I ccc ' 1 sllal 'e Is attorney for the - - - ' taxpayers group. Holland and , ' 11 in -'^'P 1 lhc difference be- cl >use the Colemans had hoped to cn " lp ensh in thc t> ank n " 11 BeL thc clllld l)ack without It, ' Loss Well Over $65,000; Students On Vacation Rnf orcec saved except the electric refrlgcr- ;ilor. u-liirl) was on the back porch. The fire- was caused by Inirn- i ing crass in the yard and the flames spread lo Ihe walls of Ihe [house which was aflame before jlhe fnv \vns discovered. | The bniM'mi! was pnrlially In- Attending Conventioni sl ""' , that questioning , evere in >i deter-' mined effort to solve tlie remaining suspccled murders. Farm Bureau Members Clilcot county circuit court's decision was upheld in the case In which officers of the New Hope Stock Trices OSCEOLA 1 . Ark.. Dec. 13—The j following South Mississippi Conn-1 • ty Farm Bureau members are al-j NEW YORK. Dec. 13 (UD — tending the national farm bureau | Stocks receded one to three points Barham represent Mr. Smith and Baptist church sought lo enjoin '. T. Coslon Is counsel for Mr.; C. W. and T. B: Tillmnn from construction of a cation gin near the clmrcli property. ENID. Okla. lUPI—Enid" has (le- ( 1 elded to give parking meters a nonlhs (rial. Installation of meters will begin within the month, according lo city of- Icials. It was explained that if, after six months, Ihe melers are lot satisfactory, they will be re- B*f - BOB — _ BURNS __ convention being.held In Chicago this week: R. C. Branch. E. ii. Chiles. Pecan Point; L. K. Speck. Frenchman's liayou; Ben P. Butler. R. C. Bryan. A. T. Dell, E. II. Burns, Osceola; R. C. Langston. Luxora: L. II. Autry. Jim p. Tompkins ami C. F. Tompkins. Burdettc. York Cotton I have been reading quite a feiv articles lately in newspapers and magazines written to discourage so many people from going to Europe and spendin' so much money over there. Personally it always kinda puzzled me why people'd want, to KO over there in the fiist place, but I suppose some people think it gives 'em a cosmopolitan air. Aunt Sophie said she look Uncle slug over there because she thought it might take his mind ofl of drinkin'. When Ihey were goin' through some of the nnclcm Villages of Italy, she told Uncle Slug that all those buildings had withstood Ihc ravages of lime because they were built by a people svlio drunk In moderation, A few days later wheii they saw the leaning tower of Pisa, NEW YORK. Dec. 13 (UP)—Co! ton closed steady. Dee ,lan Mar May Jill! Oct. open 800 798 807 810 812 818 hi 5)1 804 804 814 815 819 824 low close. 104 795 805 807 811 817 804 804 811 801 BIT 824 Spots closed steady at 821. up -I. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 13 (UP) —Cotton closed steady and unchanged to SO cents a hale up today. Dee. Jan, Mar. open 812 815 820 Uncle Slug pointed at it and he; M»y . 821 fays "You csn't tell me them toys i j u i_ jjj wasn't drlnkln' pretty heavy when ' Qct 825 they built that sllol" high low close 820 812 8I1b 818 315 818 813 820 822 R24 326 825 828 831 825 825 821 830b Spots closed steady at 825, up C o around Ihe lowest levels of the uonth today in light volume. A T & T Anaconda Cop Assoc D G Beth Steel Booing Air ... Chrysler- Cities Serv .... 14!) !-4 30 1-8 7 54 1-2 21 1-2 SI t-2 •2 1-8 Gen Elec 41 1-2 Gen Mot Int Harvest Montgomery Ward N Y Central Packard Phillips Pel 33 1-8 04 1-4 33 3-8 18 3-4 4 3-4 38 1-8 Radio G 1-2 Schenley Dist 271-' Simmons 21 1- Socon.r Vac 143-1 Std Oil N J 42 5-8 Texas' Corp 38 1 -2 U S Smelt ' CO U S Steel 55 1- noved. the gin protested by church ,nm- bers as a nuisance." Tuberculosis Seal Sale Of $1,500 County Goal The X-ray cllnle, held In Mlssls- _ | sippi county during Ihc past SUPERSTITIONS Chicago Wheat Dec. May open high <H7-8 951-8 low close 93 1-4 94 1-2 92 1-8 923-S 901-8 921-8 Chicago Corn Dec. May- open high 553-8 555-3 5B 1-2 531-2 low 547-8 57 3-4 close 551-2 531-8 Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day is considered unlucky in certain parts of England, in others it is believed that nothing made of leather al Christmastime will be durable. two weeks, as an activity of the Christmas tuberculosis seal campaign, has been concluded with 52 persons having been X-rayed nt Osccola last week. This makes a total of 184 persons In tlie county, believed to have active cases of the disease, who were X-rayed without cost lo positively know thc extent of their Illness. Hie drive to sell $1.500 worth of stamps and health bonds before Christinas, when the campaign closes, is continuing under the direction of George W. Barham. Last year $1.200 was given in thc county but U will lake $1,500 if tlie work planned for this county in 1938 Is done, reports show. Mr. Barham, In a statement today, urged people lo buy stamps, even If only small amounts are purchased. "We want every one to have a part In fighting tuberculosis In Mississippi county." hc said. Steele Carpenter Is Injured in Fall Sunday Esoo Hughes. 43-year-old carpenter of steele, Is at tlie BlyttievlUe hospital because of a severe back Injury he received In a fall yesterday. .He fell from .1 kitchen cabinet, Ills body striking n chair he had used to reach tlie cabinet. The 700 students who intend Hi. Leachvlllc. school will have a vacation until January 1 because of the lire which destroyed thc modern school building early yesterday morning. Arrangements arc being made, to conduct classes In churches 1 -mnl" buildings for the remainder of the school'year and 11 is planned to have enough equipment assembled after tho holidays for school to reopen. Tlic building, valued at $65.000, was Insured for only $25.000. and the equipment was Insured for only $2.500. An estimate of thc value ol Ihc equipment has not been determined. The building was erected In 1920. 'Hie origin of the fire has nol been determined. No one had been In the building since late Frlduy afternoon. The fire wns discovered by a passerby who saw flames coming from the southeast corner of Ihc building. The fire spread rapidly nnd the building wns completely destroyed. apanese Planes Also Sink And Reach Oilier Boats On Yangtze UV l.DWAHD W, C<ipyrl(M liy United ! l rf<"! .SHANGHAI, Dec. II <UI>)— Only ulni' Americans of thc crew Uriel refugees aboard the. United Slates uunlioal Prtiiny when It was sunk .n the Yniiglxa river by Japanese. ill- bombs had been accounted for tonight. Others of the estimated 05 to 10' men tiboiird the wnrslilp may have reached places of .safety hut the ni-ltlsli gunboat Bee rc)X>rted that It imil picked up only seven Burr vlvors and said two others were safe ashore, IEI. POTTERS! J HERE Stuttgart Minister To Succeed Rev. Cloyd As Christian Church Pastor The rjc^. ( 'cicorgc \<f, Patterson, pastor of Ihc Christian church at Btuttgarl. Ark.; will bccomu pastor of the First Clii'lslliMi church .lanimry: flrbl. !lfe';w]|l replace the Ucv. Can-oil fl. oloyd who recently resigned to • become pnslor nt Ban Mnrcos, 'J'exn.s. The new pa.sloi- has been at Stuttgart, for the past, four years. Before having lluii pastorale h c wns pastor of the chnvch iit Hussell for J2 years nnd nt foliate. Ark., for two years. The i-oiijjre.gatlon here. In making plans for the new year's work, elected board members In u meet- lni{ last nlghl. They are: R. O. nose, '/,. A. McCulslon, J. W. Shouse, M. T. Moon, K. M. Terry. J J Bryant, James Terry, 1 D. Wealbrook, J. D. Smith, W: O Oeu- rln, George Cross, W. T. Burnett. W. J!, Stovall, L. I,. Ward and J. Cecil Lowe. They will have a meeting lalcr Ihls week lo elect officers The new pastor and family will reside In the J. E. Crltz house, 412 North Ninth street. .The Rev. Mr Patterson, who is an uncle of Mrs, Norwood Hedge, hns n daughter who will move here wlih he and Mrs. Patterson. They have another daughter, who Is married, and a son. toth of whom reside at Stutt- Japanese Celebrate Fall of Shanghai WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (UP)— The government today won a new test of its gold devaluation program when the supreme court ruled against payment of Interest In called gold bond cou)K>ns. Al the same time the court vacated a Injunction against a Philadelphia* sll down strike, which ended last summer but avoided ruling on legality of sll downs or Injunctions against them. Government Winner In Gold Clause Test Case SHANGHAI. I3cc. 13 (UP) — Nanking, China's ancient capital has fallen lo Ihc victorious Japanese, the Japanese Dome! news agency announced today, four months to the day from the outbreak of hostilities. Hongkew. the Japanese quarter of .Shanghai, known as "Llltle Tokyo," began a jubilant- parade and celebration. Little Rock Man Was Aboard U. S. Gunboat WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 (UP) — Tt:e navy department announced today that one of the enlisted men aboard Ihe U. S. S. P.inay wns Charles Speed Adams, radio man, second class of Little Hock, Ark. i flls fate wns not known. Report Park Pets In Danger Of Starving The ducks and geese at Walker park are almost starving. With the coming of the early severe weather friends wlio have fed them through the summer have not taken them food and it Is feared they will die and the squirrels will leave unless they linve more lo ent. People having scraps of bread ave asked to throw them to tlic ducks, geese and squirrels as they ride through the park. WEATHER HrUbii Kf.iman Killed HHANOHAI, Dee. 13 (UP)—Survivors of the United Slates gim- toon.1 1'iinay, sunk almost without . i trace In the Yangtze river by Jnpanese nlr bombers ncnr Nan- king, huddled on the river banks tonight, awaiting rescue, by tho Drllish gunboat Bee. Tlic 'lice, racing to the rescue, found only u. launch stuck In the :vmd (o U'll of ttu> Panay's fate. In addition to the Panay three Standard Oil boats were sunk or wrecked and four British guh- iMials and two lugs were, attacked; \ Urllhh seaman was killed oil 'lie gimbonl Lady Bird. Death Toll Undetermined How many were killed or wound- d on llic Panay and the Standard Oil bonUs could not b« determined. 'I wns officially announced that me seaman wns killed on the 'anay. LI. Commodore J. V J. Huchcs, the. master, received V >roken leg. U. A. P. Adders, ex-, ocutivc. officer, wns wounded s as' vas E. P. Gussle, clerk In .ttiiv United Stnles embassy jit NankJntf. In addition to n crew of about it) at (east 15 civilians/ Ihdtldliig 10 or more Americans, were on .lie. Panay. II wbs believed the Pnnay went lowii fighting, since mid August loth Drllish and American war- hips have been ordered " to flra in any airplane coming loo close, t was assumed that the Pauoy iscd Its null-aircraft guns wheri JIB JapanesK .nil-plane* dived nt It •opealeuly, dropping liombs. Gunboats Fought Back The British gunboats which were, itlacked also fought back. The I'nnny, mill the Standard 311 boats alongside, were attacked 'our times. Three planes. In each dtack plunged clown, In power lives from about, 1.500 to 1,800 ect. The fourth attack. It was '.sseiicd, came nearly three hours .fter the first when the stricken', hips were, either sunk' or bcach- d, one of them In flames. No details of the attacks were ecelved until loday. But disaster «is fen red ' when (he Panay's adlo. sending to her sister ship, ,utt>n, suddenly censed at 1:25 ). m. yesterday, when it was first ittaekcd, '• Tlie Bee, Its own decks scarred >y the Japanese allack, raced :own Ihe river to the village of loh.slen, where most of the sur- Ivors were believed to have land- Finds • SurvlVors When slio airlved tlic Panay in:! the Standard Oil boat Meiplng lad vanished, the Standard OU loat Meihsla was burning at a" vharf and tlie Meuxn was beached md deserted. There was no sign of survivors. Ulcr n search the Bee sighted our men prodding along the bank. They were J. V. Pickering of Calai, Ohio, Nanking manager of Standard Oil; Chief Machinist's Mute Vcmon F. Puckett, of- the Panay: Machinist's Mate, second :lass, William T. Hoyle of the Panay and a Chinese sen-nut. They said 12 foreigners were walking along the south bank, icplng to reach foreign warships md that surviving officers nnd nen were on the north bank, pre- umably at Hohsien. Japanese have offered lo send an army transport plane with supplies and medicine to the survivors and also to bring off any wounded. They have apologized, profusely for the attacks" and Arkansas— Cloudy, probably occasional rains tonight and Tucsdaj morning; colder late tonight nntl Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity—Occasional rofn tonight and Tuesday, prob ahly turning to snow Tuesday; colder tonight, lowest temperature 30 to 34. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 35. minimum 30 cloudy with .02 of nn inch rainfall according to Samuel p. Norrls, official weather observer. promised to punish those responsible. Teacher Examinations Will Begin Thursday The regular quarterly teachers' examinations for license to teach In Mississippi county schools will be given -Thursday and Friday, Dec. 16 and 17, at the court house, It has been announced by the County Examiner, Mrs. T. R! Ivy.

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