The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1943
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1913 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK. 1 ) COURIER NEW8 COURTS Public drunkenness case, fine $10 . . . disturbing the pence,.-fine $10 . . . reckless driving, fine $25 . . . petit larceny, fine $10 and 30 days . . . driving while drunk, fine $100 . . .and so ran (he sessions of Municipal Court nnd men—nnd wonion—were fined various amounts BY PETER tiUSON Courier News Washington t'orrespumU-nl ..*... ,.*.-.. ..--.... .—..-..., ...........v^ Wiiilc nil these top-flight lines- lor breaking the lows liming Ihe somes of the post-war world i\re past .several • weeks.. now uo.lng.on in Washington be- Some were not so serious, witli- Iwccn Hull, Eden niut Utvluov mast of Ihe damage done to themselves, while, olhers were dangerous to other people and to property. bright boy might step Iwo •forward ami, with, bolli feet ,. ~ ,.„,..„ „ ,,.„,,,.. VJ . planted firmly on solid ground, In the past several weeks, there yell "Ford" and then tee off by have been numerous cnses of public reciting. in n clear voice and words diunkeimcss, disturbing the peace or one syllabic Just what's gohiz which sometimes is a case of drunk- lo tie done wilh Germany; eiincss and a yon to'light, a few So '-••' —•'• ------ -• reckless drivers and several cases been of driving while drunk for Ihose involving Hie "heavy" drinkers. But all of these' cases were not of n criminal nature. Sonic were in Ihe civil divjsitm, concerning taxes. Midwest , Distributing Company So far' most speeches that have made on past-war matters .... come from cosmic llilnkers ivlio have tnken their stance with both feet planted firmly 10 feet in Hie nil, .nnd driven off into the beautiful blue from there. .Four Freedoms, Atlantic Charter, cqunl sharing of lUe world's raw materials and trade—nil maeniricew ns , ,, . was fined $10 each on 10 counts- iills !"" tWe-" ma after entering a plea of guilty, and l ? " l . l " c| l" (! «»" »» "8 s ' ' Beer Distributing Company was fiiud t » each on^ight'cou S nts on . ''.'I 1 . 1 ' 6 ">' I 10 "'"" l " e llcs "' a^^n/"^ ^riS ^nKl^Virui^Ml''.'^ slamn had imi. hwn nffK-™! m - tm,i Germans what's gonna happen to stamp had hot been affixed or had not been canceled. Fishermen also were hailed into court. William Woodhouse was fimd $10 after he pleadc'd guilty to a charge of fishing with hoop nets without n license, and » charge of blccking a stream cost William and Curl each. Dickson, $5 An nliegcd traffic violation resulted in Bill Lindsey forfeiting a 55 bond. Failure lo declare gasoline cm hand resulted in Edward Wiemer- siagc forfeiting a bond of an unstated amount on a< charge of gas tax evasion. Charges of running an automobile over a fire hose cost J. F. Stevens and AUord Stables, $5 each. Fines of $10 each were assessed Den Williamson and Herbert Garner on charge of failure to purchase city auto license. The latter pleaded guilty. Tom Boswell, who pleaded guilty also, was fined $5: Charges of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor resulted in these being fined: Orville Woodruff, Will Ivory, Henry Bradford, J. L. Bcckham, Prank Fletcher nn ( | Cleatus Batten each fined $100 n f tcl . entering pi en s of guilty. W. E. Blankenship, fined a similar amount on a not guilty plea, was allowed to appeal lo Circuit Court : ivilli bond Eel at $250. A bund of $85.25 was forfeited by Jessie Snyrler on a similar charge. Case of Mnrry Stewart, same charge, was continued. Charges of burglary and grand larceny resulted in these being held to Circuit. Court: Floyd Fonder, George Cowan and Lawrence Mauley. . ..••• Disposition of the ease of Earl Phillips, .same • charge, was ' not shown. A charge of carrying a knife .for a deadlyV'waapon was placed'agaiiiSt Will Anthony, who was fined S25 anu sentenced to 30 days. Jim B|air was fined S15 and 30 days for a cliargc of resisting mi officer. A charge of obscenity was placed against J. Thompson with amount of bond not shown. Eihel Roark and Cecil Anthony malicious mischief to which each ninny's pleaded guilty. 'In the cases af petit larceny, these were fined $10 each aft , Dale Edwards, Earl Phillips and —, _,., , ...... t ^, !>••<.> uiii 11111,1 jjiii \,y icuuilo; k_/i olIUUHl Cecil Armstrong .with an additional the German army itself be de- 30 days each added to the fine of stroycd -not merely beaten as it L. D. Lenzy nnd Vick Matthews. ivns in (he last war. Must Ger- Elsic Reynolds forfeited a bond many pay reparations? In the last «r-ii 11S cllargc aml Boss war she paid only $2'billion, and Williams was fined $50 on a guilty suspended payments 19 years bc- plea. Assault with . ..... ...... ., .,„.,..... charge was placed against Sara Pankey, Howard Caldwcll, „. Hudson, Tollic Peterson. Bonds of $12.75 each were for feited by Sam Graham and Church Houston. Guilty pleas ., being fined $10 each; Nora Bynui.., Ruby .Ferrcll, Hestcll Hascl, Albert """ " ' Gabbard, Bertha EDSON IN WASHINGTON Problems Of Post-War Plans hlng lo fear In that possibility? Should the united Nations jw- llce Germany? is Ihe establish- ncnt of n post-war military government necessary lo mninlain ,or- ler throughout Germany? What ilinro of such military government should go lo the United Slates? llrltaln? them next. You may search the transcript of U. S. Propaganda broadcasts to the Germans to find what specific hopes can be held out to the German people, but In vain. The one definite utterance that means anything came out of the Roosevelt Churchill 'Casablanca conferences which decided that the axis powers must submit to unconditional surrender, okay, lint what then? JAP rin>uu:M SIMPI.I: The problem of post-war Japan is a cinch, if the United Nations want to be lough about it. Restore the Japanese to thai blissful state of isolation in which Admiral I'eary found them and let 'em slay there another COOO years. They won't be missed and the world will be better off without them. But .handling the Germans won't be so simple, though there are those who Iwlieve that the only good German is a dead German nnd (lie only thing to da with Germany is break her up in little pieces like Humpty Dtmiply, which can never be put back together again. Something of that sort was tried after the last war and, if memory is correct, there was a thing called the Polish Corridor which didn't seem to work. No, Germany is a tougher mil to crack. Maybe it isn't anything lo try the jaws' of the Anglo-American pincers. Maybe the Soviet will gel to the Rhine before the British- U. S. second fronl expeditionary force can reach it, so there's nothing for our side to worry about. Preposterous, of course. The Foreign Policy Association recently put out a good study of this whole problem of "What Future- for Germany?" written by .its editor, Vera Micbelis Dean. Her pamphlet-is by no means conclusive, but It 1 does ask a lot of <mes- tiofis which 'other people should bs thmtlh'jj'hBqiit* ?'•'"' '. , > QUESTIONS <W GERiUANV Can' the Germans be won away from Hitler? Any organized opposition to Hitler, in or out of Germany, is today practically non ...Jill. T' those existent. There is mass hatred of " lcs , c are :.°»>J'e Gokcr, those'elements which have been Gortio "j Wnght, Ward 2; under the Hitler heel, but that """.'. Warcl 3 ' oml w - H. does not mfikf. n fmvprnmpMf. r,utl Waid -1. Should German labor be forced to rebuild cities 'of Europe which ler army has destroyed? Cnn Cienniiny be refncjiictl In Ihe sense of re-oiluealed? lllller now holds nnqiicjilloiihig loyalty uf today's German youth, tomorrow's Germiin citizens. Must Germany bo policed till that uenenuloii Is dead and a new geuornllou, ediu-aleil in tlcinorrncj', takes over? Before worrying about the rest of the world, decide what you would do with Germany, Faculty Members To Conduct Exams For Army Program Arvli Green, instructor In physical education and Miss Ellaibolh Mctleiuy, instructor m mathematics lit BlythevtUc High School, will serve as supervisors for the qualifying examinations to be given Friday morning. 9 o'clock, for the Army Specialised Training Program and Ihe Navy College '.Training Program. Students desiring 10 lake these lesls leading to college work at institutions under contract to the Army and the Navy, may make application for them through the principal of the high school, II was announced. Mr. Grc?n nnrtlcularly stressed the fact that only students making application on the regular application blanks, will be permitted to take these examinations. He f«r- tlior emphasized the Importance of promptness, as no student who is not present at exactly !) a. in. will be permitted lo enlor the examination room. Students selected lor training following the tesl.s on April 2 will cuter colkgc some tiin c in 1043, It 1ms been announced. World of Wonders Opens To Co'ed, Blind 21 Years PAGE THREE " " " ' ICnn.—A proUy Skilled Mechanics ;»IK! Consi ruction Men Sought By '/U. S. hnginecrs c DALLAS. Tex,, Mill'. 30.—Tin: Anny Issued n special enll here lo- dny for skilled me'ohaiilcs nnd con- stuiction men lo • nerve with units of the Corixs of KiiBlueers nltncl^nl to Iho 1 Air Forers, Ground' i-\irees and Army Service FOV<MS. C'ol, K. H, Noyland, Soulhwcsteni division Unp.lncor, Ici'med Ihe pro- griun "of vital Importance lii Ino vn mporance n- , , crrnshiB IIio cnpniilly.ot tvpop or- ^' '.W'f- ,«» ««">l»« s'KlH after ' ' Sl lly NKA Si'rvli'o MANHATJ'AN, blondi- college co-e<l hurried home al dusk nnd culled excitedly to her molhir. Kxpei'liintly [ho niniher ••(line to meet her and -'(hey om- bniced. Then the girl moved n\vny mill cxrlnlmwl, "Oh, Mother, you're so nlee iMoklnuL'- She paased, anil' ndtlrd-n-lth sttl-pi'tst, • ."IMl you're- just like everyone else I've .si-en I'rc much t>lgi;i!r tlmn l 'iluis UiUi-an Sago saw jicr r, Mrs. Uuuy Uirfluf, for the nisi tlmo Iti luir life, and (hat was the Invil of nil Ihe ulrl's Stmlwtloii to tasks " Applicants wny .voluiUeer W ImmodlMe induction, hc said, Wlili : the prior .mderstandtnt! tlint 'they |)U( <l i e c v 3e ven " n to In ' , for attendance at'tlie' Knglnotir''Of- rnisoniibfv ficer Cnndldiile Seliool. . S | K |1 ( i, c dlsllniiillsh specially deslgncil iiliisses believed uilglit glvi! her good vlsliu. llcr lic-w due lo 'dt „„ ,,.,,, ."bin. nu i-Aiinim:., is uue 10 Heine skills desired cover a ' wide vetopmeut of her oplle nerve! and r«ngc, he said. They Include ill! rctlnn. • ! types of mechanics, elcctrlclnm. (•(Illi.itX'T ni'.Mt ' , carpenters, riggers. Wustmen first human , . an tac ( < /inrnu jiowdcmien, utility repairmen, saw was Ihe doclor.VShe cried but bridge builders nnd operators of with Joy us she 'milted thai she many typos of construction equip- no lonjjer needed to "feel" her wny '" 1 Tlle ll " cl01 ' "'"'"""I tier the letter "A" on a larne churl In his office mid she de.scrlticd It. alUiouuh slu i!'! , u -. . , , _ It l.s felt, Colonel Neylnnd snW, thai, with Die rtet'i-easi- In (hi' IH5 "Ko (Ills' is niht'' cxflnliiipil ,1.11 Di'Hii S:ij!i',,K(-«;lii(; luirself'fiii' I lie fiisi lime, of suppli-mcnta'ry ' It-nscs.' She run see luimlwis. and finds It much ea.slrr lo mill -oml subtract: with willti-n .figures. X'nlleitD leaclicru hci nUi active scir at sill Wlien she lookcil Into n mluoi, t,lio cwlnlni- ed, "So (lint's fthnt'f, bten v,alkhiK mound all ilie,tc yfais ns'mc l" (iris H\<i KOTO Klfle OAMP HOniCIVfti, Cal. (XJl'j— A wldlw'i '))ci,l '/rii'lid, nccoidlng lo llu- Auiiy, Is hl.s [Hi" so when Pit 1'H'dcilik A 4 r >, of >, o Klin Frmiclsco, wjicn lib was as. delicti Jib illle (01 nglillng pm- poses, . was • handed the same Sj/iluiillelil I'lilo which lie hnd used In Ills 1(MO HO'I'O tiMnlng days, ho decided thnt l!il< "niond wns 11 friend liulbcd.'f .The • illlc had keen jwlnliiicd by Ihe governincnt froin HOTC seiylco foi l&suanco to the Army. Mini would .have been In cxlsence foe only the Inil six houls U the worlil were comlderca lo bu Jiijt oiuj yenr old.. RAILROAD WORKERS Tfii Railroad K«ilr«nent' ttitt ' will recruit TRACK LABORERS BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. , ON APRII, 1, I3»3- Bofh while nm i colored'wanted Men will be hired on (lie spot and fuinlthed tree Uaniportalloji to lob Kfitc ot iuy 5i and fiO cents an Mow. Time and a halt for all work over etuht hours nnd lor Sunday tiiul ,liollday work.-Rote 'depends upon location. ri-ENTY'OP'OVERTIME AVAII/ABJ.E Hoard Costs Only KO Cents a D*y I.biljflngs Furnished Free Each niiin must- provide .liLvciwn bed roll. If not employed In wnr work, apply to >om local U.SB8. Offics. ..... ;• """ ••"• '»•«• '>.•"•>!• 111 i<" ""« SMI.' w.smuco i. ail noun n s no _ ciw «, ..M,,I, u.i,,,,, ,.<, . i.,.,i . ; ', ., construction program, there wlll'b, ccul,| ,, 0 i , T connl^ It Dccn.Sii hi. ,,,| " t , !' "„ ", | „ II,' I- SI e' sed many men who, because - f • in 1 onl ll ' •' " • 1 "" 1 ""' S "P '"»•« , many men who, because - of • tin 1 only nlplnilwl sliu knew was tin- .Rieat, possibility of being Inducted rulscd-dols llrallle alphabet'shuhad in the near fumrc, will choose In used nil her .school life volumes r lor Immediate service II She cannot read newsprint yet .hey can be assured of an assign- but her doctor believes Hint she' monl with fcvitncer lvoo|«." may lie able lo, soon, with Hie nhi Applicants oiioulii first call nl "™ . time wlih \\n- wrllli'ii nrllliinelle. UiDtnn l.s n liileiiled student', « Junior »l Kunsns stnlc CoIIc^o luw. Sim mate excellent.• uru —did so evm when uhp Iwil to I Ihrough the selective service Sys- ijmui ixu.ut. ,ULU v.tuii niiinuiiy does not make a government and cacb were fined $20 on charges of no one would consider leaving Gcr- One Contest Slated In Pemiscot County CARTJTHERSVILLE, Mo., March 30.— The only contest in the "off- year" v city and school election Tuesday April u, will be In the race for school director, according to Oily Clerk Charles E. Watson, who slated Sunday that the filing time ended Saturday nighl, v'.th no other candidates filing. In the school race, James jyi. Reeves seeks re-election, while tlic post made vacant when O. W. Cliilton did not run again, is sought by Dr. p. J. Aquino and Robt, C. Metirlc. Harold S. Jones is unopposed for county schools superintendent and the four aldermen are nn- opposcd for respective re-election. These are: Obye Cokcr, Ward r ott No- Johnson Delnlis : nnd go hui „ • . . • • - i, ensnwti nn Appitcanls must be. between • 18 assignment may be obtained troin ind 38, and fit for general •mllllnry Onpt. W. C. Stollc, Corps of Eh- servlce. Only those wlio volunteer glnecrs, Area Engineer in ehn'rgc for induction in advance of their of ll)e U S Engineer Office nlv- ordcr numbers arc entitled • to this Ibcvllle, Ark. ' to "hear" iis wpll'as "Ii-el" her wily about, she says; she omild .'detect (l»0 presence of people, and objects Ilirouuh i-itleclcd sound. IIKADS I'OKMS ON.'AI'K AnoOicr spcolttl ilblllly ofrMLsn Snise is radio brondcasllun. She appears rcnuliirly on Ihe air. over KSAC. the Kansii.s 'ShUc'Ut)Ue»u radio station. Her program Is n mtulB appreciation nml poom- readliiK iierlod. When blind she believed Iliat all people w-crc much similler than 'slie :ilow finds them. -The first tluie Miss Sugc saw a ploce ot pic, she • lie told wtuit It was. She Inkes great dellnht tn seeing' any kind of fowl for the first time.' She never had-bcfn able to picture. Until Further NOTICE W ; c will not be able to give curb service!-(6'.drive-in customers When '.labor conditions improve, we wiH announce resumption.of tins service . , . We're sorry—and 1 hanks. CAMP MOULTRIE Hwy. «1 Ndi-th fulure to the races or creeds which have been most victimized. How shall Gcnnnny be pnnish- ----- „ — .^ ....n. y *u (,.1^11 H.K,. iiuw 3iiuu i_jeii(]<uiy ue pnmsn- plending guilty: Mary Lee King, ed? Will it -be sufficient to pun- ish Nazi party leaders? Or should tore Ihe date called for in the Vera deadly weapon sullies Treaty Should German}' be permitted iVi \ — 1"-'^.. .it,......™ .jviu oiiuuiu uernmiij' ue permuted Washington, lined $50 on a guilty to have a revolution? Should the plea, and Arcielia lewis, fined $10 United Nations adopt a "bniuls on a guilty plea. off" policy after the war, permit- Oases of-assault and battery ami ting the German people to Jorm n disturbing the peace resulted in new government of their own de- these forfeited bonds of $20.25 cacti* vising? Would not such a govern- Jnmes Hickmnn,. Chnrley Bigham, ment lcna to hc pllrcly com nuinis- Jcsslc Monroe, W. H. Hale, Sid tic, the lorce of communism being the strongest of the anti - Hitler ..„ . , . _. movements? And have not the English - speaking nations some- rcsulteil in these "gainst C. I J . Frazler who was fined _-,.. „,-„ „ ------ ?IO on a guilty plea, and P. M. .Not- L. Carson, Ter- drunkenness during the past ssv- Crinim, Hubert ry Lloyd, Curl Wafford, Clifford cr a | weeks. Billops, Elilnie Scoll. TiiosD forfeited bonds of nn mi- slated amount were: Alfred Luscius, Hoover Jones, Elizabeth Weatherspoon, Mattie Jones, Mabel Walker. Jones Bussey was fined $10 on the charge but the fine was .suspended; Talmadgc was fined 510 and Ecnlenccd to 60 days on a guilty plea but the jai| sentence was suspended; Ruth Dickins was fined $10. with fine suspended. Charges of reckless driving were placed against C. A. Johnson and John Bell, fined $25 each, II. Nuun, who forfeited a bond, and F. Jackson who forfeited a bond of $27.15. Charges of speeding were placed , . . . grass, who forfeited a bond of $10. There were 102 cases of public Jug Band Invited To Folk Festival. CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Mar. 30. — The Eemiscot County Jug Band, directed by Roy Glover of the south part of the county, has been Invited to participate in the National Festival, to be held flits year in Philadelphia. Last year the folk festival, which originated in held. . 'Ilic band has .made numerous appearances through'' Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas, and -is .well known. The band is assisted In staging folk dances by about 20 young people, and the aggregation usually travels in its own privately was donated boosters. , St. Louis 10 years ngo was in Montreal, Canada. owned bus, which to the group by AT FIRST SIGN OF A Wayne Chick and Poultry Feeds ... _.__„,.. Insist on Wayne quality when buyin K feeds of al! kinds. HAYS STORE Ttrnwr's He»d(iiurt«i» fn Bljtherilk * HtnetW 666 TABLETS. 5AWE. NOSE DROPS We Buy Loan Cotton Geo. H. McFadden & Bros. Ag'cy. Over Borum's Driif Stor E.C.PATTON Ph P. o. Box 218, Blytheville, Ark. BAKER L WILSON Recleaned Z9I3—Seed SOYBEANS R. D. HUGHES GIN COMPANY TTOW much «:<Mirn!,'o il takes to ilive a -*- A plane <l<mn llic funnel of a Jap aircraft carrier most of us ivill never know. Men iiko. Major Anilci'fion don't c.oino luick to tell us. How much courage il lakes lo fight in a deadly jungle crawling with Japs . . . how much courage il lakes to hallle heal and sand and thirst and Germans in the African deserts most of us can only guess at. Our hoys who fight there don'l lalk about it. The Unafraid Sncli courage staggers iho, mind. Il is the same kind of courage thai has thai neighbor boy of yours wailing al (he hospital in uniform lo ace his iieu-horn sou. Sonic day soon that young father may have lo dive his plane down the funnel of a Jap carrier. They arc llie unafraid. They make the fears and douhls of the rest of us seem mean and small. They make us see some of their vision of Ihe magnificent future of our cnnnlry... a country which can be entrusted with the soils of men who may never see them. He knows thai. So docs his wife. ^ STANDARD OIL _ _ OF LOUISIANA Yet tlicir faith is such tliat they get married . .. have babies ... jilan n confident future, ' Oil. IS AMMUNITION... USE IT

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