The New York Times from New York, New York on August 6, 1921 · Page 11
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August 6, 1921

The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 11

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1921
Page 11
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n 't 1 r ' t . of n 4. !r n It D-e a r. t ft VHOLEGALC MARKET. 5(5,000 BANK THEFT PUZZLES BURKS LIEU fctttry cf Title Guarantee and Trust Branch, Long island City, Hidden Two Weak. tfjMJ INNER VAULT OPEN Tw 0tiJ Doors, Howmr, Wars Lked Say Only Fr Knew Combination. THE NEW YORK TIMES, SATURDAY. AUGUST 6.1 1921. st C Lr.t Irlanl City Branch of f T1CM Uiltranin aiiu - i v-um- M miT. locat-d th Queen boro BrWi 1 F a kllmsn Avenue, had been f -ased ef flS.WO. ar.d that two week' ..- srtltion by ffr of the company - I tad by detective of the Burn Agency. I V were brought into the case by the I Call 8Ut. Fidelity and Guaranty C crime, became known let venlng. when " 6 a report of the robbery wa made to 4ertle f the Hunter Point pre-: 0 Hact and their aervice enlisted. Bar official re reticent about the COMMERCIAL PAPER, j Yesterday te U pr cent, (or the beat Thuradey te 6" per eer.t. for the best aamea. - The quotations are for six months' papers. - I Are Buying Imitation Linens. IXie to their Inability to supply their nonis In real dress linen. nitters-up and . K RAILWAYS MEN, ACCEPT WAGE CUT Reduction of 107c , Effective Monday, Is SzailaT to Tkoti by TwoBizTrcnXUzesi j . I i Th ware of the S.iOO taiddrci ? Tj'k Coaipay wiU r.tallera are trading actively In cotton TmJ ZZ? C'1- tIr'N Moa- imitations of them, linen finished. In this -ay. Xhla corresponds with, th reduc- market at th oiomcnt. Moat of the Uon accepted by the employes iof the ltxinees. however, la falling to th Job- iwo birr trarotr even.e.faa v lt trade, as the importers who sell ll.he. . . r?ub" ?'fec irn to bo havlcg a rather suret Jlha precedent which wlil probably be time f It. The shades that are meat utwwea or in other traction companies I lr " the rood mentioned axe in th city. W"h th 10 per cent. In-I f 1? T"1'"1"1 ni brown, although t- ereaae h. . ... - I , . 7 " acJiina; more cr- . wU vwlu y ia ireejy. xne- "Unens" aro wanted company in July 1320, RecclTer 3ob"X.iBth for Immediate and early Fail de- Hedge rrporttd that It would increase I L1T.rt n1 . are tln" mad up Into it ror school children. That for them will continue for" . 1 - f - ' - ViJ w Ut. V caiiy th um u r .C-l ",. ww-DUmf la constantly comlnr In Port waa inaSTtthe F2imlA. MS from aectlona of the country which ne ilaVh Thi. Mtit Tot been h"rd from before. Household th5twiAniVf0? tPlJti! buyer, found prlce. to ' - " -' " - I uicir liicinr. THE BUSINESS WORLD r-t, ,u ujrj rvcccjTCT 3 OO JS. vr imra Hedses lportod that it would iiicreaae liTn 1f,,."d lnf'L-00';,- " of. which nT;tn,tanrkeaPntJ it wui now bo relieved. r the vom tn J f f.aM y;t,y ht the f Inan. SSm, tSJ 1. 51 L""""" ' the company , la bractU n-w -WmJii inPrioi rtween An;. 1 and or -'40.'is..ia. n4 m ,-rr.'t ,,r i ut J '?r period between March 21. 1B19 and Dec. ftl. llKin Pm- tK J months of 1U20 the total AMnHnr n. come of the crmcuuiv wa. I in wui operatine expenses, includ- their liking. I Gray Good Hava Big Day. Under the influence of the rle la cotton, trading- was very active in ths SiJnSaT d OLhr ctir-i local gray goods market yesterday, and The pres-nt wage of th I ewDlove pr'V pVtleullrly of Printcloth. were Jniionr depTTtmintT 52 tol TO K nuantlti were'sold ln the ft.T job- H. Plncbeon. manager of n .!- lower department, 52 to 4 n2I .til -dX-. toward the j: . .. i I ino lMur ol work will remain I : -.ic . ,w UIW ihj ci ou if w i am .1. va r.iiiin. navinarj.i T r irravt. n . . . t . . . r- Irrmjltil. Mt wu ' . , in. mmmm . 1 . stiffened up to iich an extent that advance of an etrhth of a cent a yard over the prices at had previously been princloths sold during- mlttee of the organlaation and i had x. I 8"Pt'T;,br shipment and 60-48 in in- same wjatn. ror this month's delivery, at 5X4 cmti Knm). n,..l. Cf SS-inch 6S-72. brnnrht fo.i T mreogh Mr. Gardn)er : . . . called of the various local ; with the h Jirrow printcloth 4 cna waapakl .f-k.. Hank haa. sustained a .OS Oil i--an) (h.t .1... oo . .w I fori 2T.inr-h 1JU. . n iv a 1 ..u na.ou. ids " " . r - 'io,a votea to accept tna reoucuon. I "Ir" 000' 01 wo same construction. All JT loss wa discovered Today the employea of the Brooklyn I of cloth mentioned were Quoted last Monday, and the bu-lne of Lb. brarch 1 being dlrectea , asaiatant manager. Bitted that tn. money h bten ad then reierreq iimutiwi morgan, the tntrolier of the Title joined the neceaalty of reducing; coats -iqaraniee and Trust tpany. Mr. -f the company was to continue toi serve ,J; .oraaa lasiied th following statement the public. Thereupon meetings! were cf ''JTb las wa ai fae. Aa lave J a rui whan t MINERS WON'T DISCUSS CUT. Wh!ch -hoemanufaeturera are facing II . i It I how to "speed up" their 1 iimnv rooma a. t. . ) . H wty Company, who U In charge of the! Refuee to Take Up Wage! Question! work In thf department it is seriously trraafi'ition. when the paying teller. I ...... . . , I retarding deliveries. Thli i1k..m 1 wbaa name Is withheld, arrived on the j vvnn central operators. ! . I said yeaterday to be due not so much t aoraing following tne roooery ne was 1 ALTOONA. Pa.. Aur. 5. The Execu-1 l? rne tul scarcity of labor, as to mkn 'r," ."-'r'.L" ".1"" tlv Rorl r th. ifit. iLf 1-. w.v.;. ""1 y "l mi Kina oe- h. MMnn Minni ld in. if 1 1 t-tt uuvr.. I - -- canan or rna, u rri. n . a n i n ir I After be had opened the first two and I of America. District No. 2, will not meet! punching and other . fancy work thai tniM tne rnira. n lurnea 10 ine-i with th nrvninrf r,r th- pa.i is in votrue at the nrnun) tim. tsi it i.r ajar, and iiiu . I . ... . . . . . 1 AflMOflAIlon. lffAM nr 11 - T.t. rfmif la nnt IOTKH1. .1 " -.m .v ubeuntly. tne only explanation ot iway.oy u. v eoo anuiinrora. 1 times lonpr ito dothi aa ILJ:" J Tlw . I Company. . except thefn-gner at mejcloae. BheeUngs were mwwii " ----;" iTi m. nwwrra' iPiimB oa towmnen, o. juvnuy new. put were overahadowed . i . will a made. All or tne i nrkinr ilm . a. i i v.. i . . . , i-j- . . .a3 i -"""uw uis.i -was clone in prjnt- amniarras oi -- im e that th bank will lose nothing. u liardnler wa aaked what Mnt by the term " in transit." " I an not at liberty to say Just what that toe mean, saia mt. urnr, Ln-ATr tn William Morris. rurr Isteedent of th claim department of tie LnlWd ilals .aeiicy una uur which provides for a 10 per cent, re duction. The aavine- to thel li. K. T. Jompany will be approximately $2,600,- vrv av year. rat f I Fitting Room Help Wanted One of the fctfg production problem ultar -a. I " up me lining opera- t . V J tlon. some styles reoulrinar about four ahortare the paying teiier advanced 1 waa that-some one had had acceaa to ta money auring in. mgni. ujimao oi i. paring teller, the combinations of the vault doors were known only to tw manager of the branch. John La, vm-heon. and to two aaalatant man it-r. one of whom. William H. Oar water, wa out or town on ni noney nut thrrMiaH a. m It President. 'No need exit!for; such I perfectly plain shoe. Many of th a conference, the miner' official de clared. The letter wa In reply to a communi cation, from the operators asking for conference to discuss wage reductions and otbor question regarding ,the min ing situation. The letter wa framed I thi season. manufacturers are now sendiner worn outside to be f ixt.d, - and at leaat one of I them ha established a aenarate plant ' for fitting alone. The amount of "kill required by the work makes it difficult to carry on without eiwrt employes, and the time required to train them is too long) to help matters much establishing yam price. A mill rpre-they have grown more independent In consequence. In the' eyea of tho yarn buyer, tb peculiar rid of tHe situation is that raw material faiue do not eem to exert any influence whatsoever In entatlve stated l esterday. for Instance. that the wool itself could be offered for nothing without any special bearing on yarn vlu. The spinners arc well occupied, and beJieve that prices have be come stabilized at the present levels. with future values dependent upon labor costs ana not on what the raw material Pnnge. t . 'Consignments Grow Numerous. The consigning of Neckwear and fur nlshlcgs by overloaded manufacturers has been a common thing for some month, but an Increased use of thi method of selling la now reported in clothing. Some buyer state that they are receiving dosens of garments shipped to them on consignment from houses tney have never heard f and dally shipment of this kind are by no mean infrequent. It is believed In the market that aorae of the smaller manufacturer made up goods In anticipation of a de mand that was not realized, and are taking this method of chance sale to rid themselves of an undesirable surplus. Little Interest; in Selling. A retailer who had! occasion to visit Automobile Row. aa upper Broadwa'y 1 called, remarked on fhe eeemlng indlf ference of the salesmen there. Urn visit ed a number of concerns for the purpose cf selecting a new car, but only in two Instance wa his name even taken aa a prospective purchawr. Thi lack of interest in makinar a sale, he said, mada him wonder if the same indifference was to be found in his owp store. He In vestigated, and found that there was considerable room -for improvement. further Investigation satisfied him, he aa.d. that the condition was more or leas general. - ' , i Other Fabrics for Golf Suits. Tweeds are by far !the most popular xaoncs ror roll suits.: but the question was brought up yesterday by a mill representative whether thi type of material Is the moet suitable for the use to which it Is put. The dress for golf was imported, ne said, Irom .England, where the climate demands rough and heavy fabrics on the tweed order. In thi country, however, lighter weight good would be more practh-al. Some suits of linen and other lighter materials are worn, though not In the proportion of tweed. Knitted construction have also been utilized, but. more es pecially, in the manufacture of separate sport coats. It wa the opinion of this mill man that, In the future, the u of the lighter weight material la golf suns wui Become more popular. ngj to iuno ncT nr rni t mro I r' " - ""'" l-MUd WUOJ ur WUHU nito. ... . ' Ji Fine Hosiery In Demand " In Ktem rnlv iti-ra tWji Tntrna tlrbl-tnl I Ofi of t hA rrl irfna 1 faturka t Ki.tif. UftM9 Court Reports Difference of J President. John -U L-ewU, wtlh regmrU J nea tn the finer grades of vomen'i iu til's w.jie rvuucuon. a ncre . a,ii w i . i . . . . . . , . r.o modification or abrogation of this uki hoIery at the moment is the re agreement (miners contract)' In any I markable ..reception accorded in this eoal-produclng district without disturb-1 country to the peculiar fthade of ing tne entirety or tne contracil mtrenanaise' Known - to the t rench as throughout the entire nation." he writes. I " blonde." One I of the big domestic ' The United Mine Workers will resist I manufacturer of fine hosierv haa enn a n v ariamnr to (it.T-jrn T n a Miiianimiir n a T,nrn Ana n.n my mr raw aa t.a wmi Mr.Hi was i rwi ir-u uj u iviu i 0r it present contractual rciauon. i. i name or the shade 1 concerned, term cwr.pwils In- figures gathered by the I Mr. lirophy decmred the answer or Ing it " nune." Tlii name is said to be ft a Ton in the Same District. TOFEKA, Kan.. Aug. 3. A differ te of &ore than one dollar a ton la tb eot of reducing coal In mine lo- aled in the same district In South- Troplcala Have Heavy Sale.. ' A canvass of the i tropical worsted market shows that there has been no hesitancy among clothing manufacturers in placing large orders for these goods for use next year. A' curious phase of this business is that the tropical opefc injrs come before the regular lines,! and yet the clothing is wanted- later than the ordinary makes.: Manufacturing operations for next year commenced early in July, and deliveries are now bting urged on the mill which took order only a hort i time ago. The mills do not expect to put prlcej advances into effect on later orders, but, nevertheless, selling . agents tell of a strong yam market which may make such increase necessary. i j - THE WEEK'S PRICE TREND. ; . . f : Foodstuffs Stilt Show Excess of Ad-: . vances Over Declines. The division between adrxnee and decline In Dun" list ot wholesale com moditle price wa more equal thi week than baa been th caa for some time.) A total of seventy-three revision., forty.f our of them down ard, wa shown In a list embracing more than 300 item. The principal feature wa the excess of advance over decline In the foodstuff. The metals were again dlKtinguIshed by their numerical Weakness. although this part of the list showed its flrrt advance in. the last three! weeks. ARRIVAL OF BUYERS CII UR CII SERVICES TOMORtlOW am ajuaj iuts Wtai J rfjrviTr W tnifj wnX1 - .by telepnoninc Jirrfcnt 1900 i " Adventist Baptist. The followlne 'list arlres the tnlnlmnm I DALLAS. T.. l.- wholwale price, quoted on selected nr'Kwf- f uroishlngi ; l.ibi t I M Va V X A I m a wuuuvuuica uw wwva. JL II'.' J are Corrected to yesterday, and with them ! are given comparative prices for ANDCJISOX. . C D. Gisbr Co.: Mia Tl a.l.a-', II . a.. I ierlali ' i a i gETEXTTf DxT nVKT1-T TtStTLaV , ..-. . . . . I , . JJtK t. and .lnos ' 1 J. ooi j. uoiay to.; . . la. I CARIiil.K B. flAYNtS. I'aster. Ciii.-a w."". hurea reaey-te-wear. I Tacay, ;S0, abath BcJiool. II. emi. nvuuin. . I ' - ,n r ii DOSTOK It 8. K!.bTXrr : JT.,8. 3aaawv, swvua. MCAjpA. CHICAGO-Plif;iDikfin' R naVa. .kit. dren'a. girl,- drtxaM, aprons, kimono; HI j m. . u.vj w ajr , JUCAipin. vi.t.VfXAND-Tht P'.mm Cn. ; C. Maaa co.l. s V. .24 Harry Lndra. A COLCJtBrS, Ohio Kobacker a Rons; J. M. Kcback-r, dry goods, ready-to-wear: Pnn-aiivanta. . , CORLNTH, Mlaa tVaaw-r Mfg. Co.: R. M. i,r. puiu matenaja; .OO S'way. Inc. : 8. Exrr, CAI.VAKT I baptist rnTitcn. - ' tVest STth ft., bat. 6th and Tth AvS. ftKV. JOHN l'j)li II UTtlilflS r. r It :HO Prmon. f.iliowa hy lxr1'. fiuDtar. 3i UO dunday Thooi and Adult Intel Umwi i:e-tienuon by lr. r'rlarlck C Taj lor ef Ihfli.n.iwilt.. Clrnrch epee all tStimmer. W fav b rented !. i-ary tut frae this week and the corresponding week a year ago: Thi Ako. TV.I. T.aa. ! Wak. Wnk Arolaa. com., bbl. ...... 3.00 .... t Meana. m. c, 100 ids... i.ij aw Butter, cream., ea.. lb.. .44 .4M , .64 Do. h. U., c. to i la, .a .4j CaJbace, per W1 S.C") l.OO .75 ChMie. w. m.. apl.. lb. . -XI .21 K lO.OO la. J3.DO Coffee. Santos No. 1. lb.. J .vU4 f .1.7 Kirs, n rtoy, lancy, dox. .it lio. fr. g&th. lata. dox. .SS ' Onions, baa; 1.M Peas. Eootcn. 1UO IDa... 4.13 4.ZO Potatoea, bbl 4-00 a.JO Kit:., fancy head, lb.... .0H .06'i . .14 Tea. rormou, iair. 10. .is .1.1 .tu Tea. Japan, beat, lb 6 . - .65 Paeon. 14es down. lb.. a IT1. .17 Aiee(. live, H) ID...... i.V' JI.(X) Hama. big.. In tea. lb... .2'5:, .31 Mors. live. UMI Its lu.lfj 11. '1 15.1HJ iFITROIT Crowl.y, Mlltmr Co.; Mtae B. Krueck. stamped Japauaaa blue prints; 120 CFJTROiT Frank Seder Co.; D. Failalda, men'a furnlshlnra, hata. women'a knit, all underwear; IJT.i B way (AfUlated JtataU 8tor.. PUU.TH, Minn. Duluth-Glaae-Block Ktera, jnc ; Mm n. ncnuDiaay, wotnen'a hoalery; M'.as O. Cyr. perfumes, drugs; 300 0U A v. t-AFTON. I'a. J. Goldsmith, children's coats; d w. iann I-urchaalna Co.). JT!4 FERGUS FA Lta9. Mlaa. Laad.r Dp.rtm.nt : Dior.; i: v. Lonyran, ialtea' raadjr-to- wear; 43 W. 34th. Room lOtC HAKTFORD. Conn Hag. All.a Co,: P. Aiuian, nnena. wmta gooia; . K. Kueblar, Jtllka V M Vnrlr'a i.n.l.h4 . U CENTRAL II AFT1ST CniRCH. . E. Cor, MJ Ht. and Amal.rdam Av. SHANK at, CKOrx-UlIJ?. l. p., raster. Hw. WM, ti. MAIN. D. D.. ef llladelphla, will preach at 11 A. M. N'o Kienlng ftervloa. mtsT itAPTiiT f Fitan, AroJ.ay a.-l "lull Ht. ra-tor. I. M. HALUKaiAX. I. I. . .Prvaehlns 11 A. U. ami P. M. by RKV. IU K. KEIOHIIOR. Xlen's Bible Clas Putitlay. 10 A. M.. by KRV JIWAC!15 I UAT. Tfachar. .4T 8.60- 6.00 madison Armrg battiit cntncH, MAII!N AV. at .lilt Rt. GEORGE CALJ1 KKR, L. D.. Minister. cvsry nunoay at 1 1 'A. M. and B I. VI. A fieri., ef P,unday Kve. i.rnnn. ea THK WriltT.TK'H CPP1T oil n rn ellka; 1 i. York lu.n'a rumlahlnc.: W. I Bun.. Aug. t 'Th Veraalil.a 1'aiaoe. J-arU." IVlraon. w.ah goods; J. Farlow. rprasat- I . log; 404 4th Av JOrLlN. Mo. Wm. Flelechakar, rtady-to-wear; Martinique. LITTLE: ROCK, ark. Th. Iaihl r-a, 1. Lowanthal. women'a rwady-to-weari MT. -OTRRI BAPTIST CHrRCH. Sth Av.. betwa. ltkh and 12Tth fti CARL. WAIXAOE I'r.TTT, U. V. I'raTh!riT t llwv. WM. C. HITT1N.T. D. . Sheep, live. IK) lb..... C.50 6.5) 13.(10 llmrley. maitl'ir, tu T .J l.;to l.OO l.iMI 2.05 1.24 l..-UP 2.2Vyi Hay. No. 1, loo lb... Rya. No. 2. bu........ Aluminium, bin t. .'ii Copper, electro, lb...... .1- .V-i Kpelter, lb 04.5 -V44 Brown .heel., yd 4 .,. Cloth., pr., 4x60. yd... .06 .OS Uldea, pack.. No. X. lb.. .14 .14 Do. eows. heavy, lb.. .14 .13 Iath.. h'lock sole. lb. .28 .US I?o. un. b.. t. r.. lb... . Rubber, up-riv., flu, lb. .17 .?. flan. i.t latex cr.. id. jov .it Bilk. China. at. fil. lat. Ib e.P0 ' .w .so Bilk. Jauaa. fiL No. L. sinahlu. lb a.TO aiQ Wool. dom. a.T. SS quo. i lb. ...... a .40. M .ti.. T tXoatlcal. j . Middle" Western lard waa cheaper In the local market .for provisions. Bacon waa higher, but hams did not change. A . drop of 40 cent a barrel featured LITTLE ROCK. Ark. Ptelffer Broa: Mr. Nlckeli. millinery;. V2 4th Av- tKirby, Block t Klacber. MERIDIAN. Mis.. D. Roaenhauni's Sons: A. D. Roacnbaum. dry aooda, ciotblnx; 57 W. 28th; MartlnKius. MIXNKAPOU?. Minn. Tha Dayton Co.; 3. at. ntrn.r, ua uaen, Leoii( milli nery; 220 5th Av. til tall Researclf Aasn.) NEW HAVEN. Conn. Shartenberg a Robin son Co., w. It. f-iacx. leath.r gooda, alike, lining, trinuninga; 404 4th Av. PITTS BTJRGH," Kn-,Wm. Flalaehaker ; B. tima-otucr, rtioy.i-wr; atartlnlqua. .2H BOAXOKE, V.-0.' MacBaln Co.. Inc.; Miu M.. rxuiKr, women a ; 432 4th Av, - SALT LAKE CTTT, Utah Kai.-O BrVn Co.; J. H. MorroQka. Uks. draaa goods; 120 W, 82d A. FaaUJ. . SAN FRANCISCO Tlie Emporium ; E. C- t.i.o. toimt aruci.a laauier gooaa; z eta Av. (Retail Research Aasn.) SEATTLE, VTaah. Th Bon March.; J. R. Caray. lacca trlniminrs; Mr. Kelly, hoalery. uodarwaar. men a, boy.- f urni.blnga; 2Za .Christian Scienco .S'J .1 .M.t .2'. .16 .20 .34 .63 .75 9.40 fHtltTIKNTn CIltTRCII OT CHRIT. BclKNTIiiT, ) ll.rv.l'-y Irtlng PU-hnol. ail W..t S.--1 (it.i Nw York City. S.rvtc.: Sun. II A. M. and 4 I'. 11.. Wed. S I. M. scnool 11 A.'M. Radiiis Room. 0OT hroad way. All Chrl.tlan Science in.ratur. en Presbytoria.n ? rORT W4iniCTO,i lir.4war at J7;o M, P.v. JOHN MrNMLL, lfctoe. KHttw H II A. U. ad V. L , W4.PJI KM-NKW YORK -lfrrtCH. XI'. X-.rri. l .ra W.M an ISd m. lr. t- redarlrk W. Lnu. riar. Ir. Thontaa lintt a.oonta at aad S. MADISOM AV. PRBMTKItl IV CUCBClt, North. t'om.r 1V pt. Ra. ll.ary Moan. it. i p , I'a.t.r. P. M. Mr. . ' , All Hait rre. .' Evg Pervlce t b irch ilou-a rof Elevator. NonTn rnxsRYTrnut enrgrn. Tt-v. John R. Maekar. T. p.. LI.. D., Pa-tor. 11 A. M. K.v. Van Huuten. 1:30 P. MOjun air s.rvir., lurtralde Drive n lASth at. i PAKK AT. rRK.UHTKHI4 rfnt'BCH, Tark av. aad f.Vn . Bar. Joseph C. MaWona.d, 11. vtkwt kt rKR.HMT7r.KUv t iiratcM. AmMar4.m Av., nn,r !n Ht. Dr. A. EDWIN KKKiWIN. l-.Mor. II and a Dr. F. I. MYT:1, Paiunua Lnndon 1'r.aillor. t watanr fakk riucvn ytkri rnrRcn. Amat.rd.m Av a n.l a. . r i, ' ut Rev. ANTHONY If. KVA.NS. Paator. l;v. Joevph IX liurr.ll. t. li.l prMcha .a II A. M. J Community Church THS COMMUNITY OICRCH OF N. t ark Av. and S4h Bt. 11 A. M. Church Houm MR. HOLMES. " Dant After Blx Hundiwd Y.ara." Congregational At Chicago the provision showed a rise n live beet and cecunes in live nogs and liort ribs. Mesa pork and llveelreep did not change there. - All . of the changes ' m the dairy orodutts here, or which there were three. were upward. The best txeamery butter was 2 cents a pound higher, but there were no rcvUlon of the ; prices of th A Reminder! 1 OtR LC)IUJ B DF:ATII will be rentamber.d at 11 A, M. M.mhera of His Family who rami till aheuld gather at tiia i will niaka lltm.aif kuowo. Ravi EDWARD H. UMliTT will nrea.-h onl THE SIGNIFICANCE UF 'IVIB fnjfTEU f i - 1 - MANHATTAN CIlCRrM. Lroadway at 7iil Hnt. W. M. Van: Norden. Header I Lorotbv Tnn UNION C ITT, Tenn. Chllda Bpeclalty I aldaoo. Vloiialat : Mr.. A. Ma.well of Colum llouse; Mrs. W. tl. erat.a. cotton piece bla Unlrer.ity. bolol.t : Robert 1. 6th Av. (Retail IlMaarch Aa'n. SDrina- eaten t flour, but aoft' Winter I SPOKANE. Wash.-Coldateln A Lubln; B. straights were It cent a; barret higher. tJoidsteln, junio..-, children's coata; 3 XV. 2Uth tNational Purchasing Co.). ST. LOUIK. Mo. Ferguaon-McKennay Mfg. Co.; J. t. Xlootague, hoalery,; B way. gqtkla. cutters' fold; 47 W. 84th. Room 82U i WATF.RLOO. Iowa Burch Broa. Co.; C. E. tturch, 45 W. 1H n, Rouro 1W2. SUMMERWEEK IN DRY GOODS ourt of InJuatrUl Relations. Judges of lfiV. -.ii uVtion Tha fXCT ..,y "S1W"V nad' rs. eourt amounted today mcnt will bo no wage reduction. The in question, which is described ae a Tt: ru re. In man y c-. e they point- Executive Committee of the Central As- itgtlu yellowish fleah tint. It i offered w&mTtoZml ttmwl L l ".7" AC,i ' 9 when utul biy "Ttwelht hose rr higher pi to miner, stand a "!, itl vAlL'. in th- central th reS!,f atw .,51 PJr. W it r.. m.rv.tir. . .n,i .Mil .hw oItuss futur cU luc In tne central ready sale has helped business in fawn ' , 'II marrin of profit with a total coat of p-nducUon ot bts than . a ton. Rii. reports by larger operator a show u areraae of smaller wages but put the net M production at 14. OU a ton and .TV. Several large companies. Judge W. I Hjtfln. said, declare x oxa In their rres w!;h the coat of production at tor tne coal "Th:s wide discrepancy ran be &rfd to a numoer of reanoua." sail .'alft Hucglna, . " but prlinxrlly - 1 W.rre the Interruption of continuous cwrx:ion by groups of miners la re STRIKE TIES UP 8 MINES. i N and: biscuit shades in the heavier goods to retail at to : I ... Hard Coal Mnea Cloaing. Ehjutdowns at anthracite collieries are becoming I more numerous because of the limited demand for practically all 4,000 Workers Walk Out After Vote In Lehigh Valley Collieries, m vro.niRTiii' t- , r-iv,t sizes of hard coal. Saward's Journal WILKES-BAKRE. Fx, Aug. ft. -Eight wm .ay today. Some of the companies ox xr.e tointen couirnci Dram i.". i pegnn Lehigh Valley Coal Company in. thi of the section were tied up today following a ,..,,. strike vote taken oy tne employes wno i i,.an imiTiir r.r h.v., kv -waaibie for the loase sutanvl by the J contend a recent agreement made- with I mocking 'liberal quantities of the steam a.aa ... k I .. . I . n a. tk. .mrm nv tllAKinr a I . , . . . ... v .,.a. , .y,M . ... - ---o I sixes anu more or teas cnrsinut, in aaai- - minimum dally wage or . ror a laborer j uonito; shipping hexvy tonnagea up the -ES MOINES IN A DILEMMA mxd for nr aot- b10- ob- lakea. Many bltuminoua ahipper look ", " wii-1-.HtiH rjeryed. ' t .' for an Increased volume of buying In iney lunntr tuai. ijuiu... ui i th- iIa,t ha. ir or August, basing their curtailing this week, and many independents nave been working part-time schedule for several tnher producers have managed With Street Car Still Idle Dus 8y- Urn Is Found Inadequate. fa MOINES. Iowa, Aug. 3. With hopes on year. ; the experience of , previous j Spinners Well Occupied. Alone ' with other branches of the woolen acd worsted Industry, the spinner have found a livelier demandy-and the company refuae to confer t with a general grievance comrrtlttee, represents ing the employes or the Lmgn vauey Coal Company. President Humnhreva announced today f-5spUoa of street car rvlce her that the company had not been official-US xa ...... ly Informed of the walkout and is ready aa Bndetermlned question, buaine to confer with the Individual , local x5 today were conferring In an effort grievance committees, but that; no pro- t provide . an adequate transportation vision exists in the miners' Contract ar-im a,- r i. . I calling xor a general grievance i-on.mii- " luc ty. 1 IT- .aid Via Inoka for art earlv aet- cay oi cessation or street 1 1 .n-.ent of the difficulties. i xy service found the prent bu William J. Brennan. a leader of the tnxdeqaate to transport th I Vnlted Mine Workers, said that the 0 Deraona wha ti-a. Ik. .t,.w .. I mtr'Ut T a . not been unetloneili bv the J. and sa yesterday, vehicles of all officials of the union. He expects to I week; in the United Btatea. against 890 for More Customers but Less Cash In ' Stores Than Year AfloJ I Special to The Xrvj York Times. CHICAGO. Aug. 5. Marshall Field Co., In their weekly review of the wholesale dry goods trade, say: - j Current Vholesale distribution of dry goods was larger In. volume than during the previous week, but was r.otj equal in dollars and cents to the distribution figure of a year ago. A large percentage of road salesmen were still on. vacation, but a satisfactory jvolum of orders was received rrom tnoee traveling. : The , number of customers In the market was very much larger than during the corresponding week of a year ajfo. i i i " Collection continue; satisfactory." . i i Advertising Agency) Buys a Rival. The William 1L Rankin Company of New York and Chicago, advertising agents, yesterday purchased Murray Howe. Co..' Inc., ofj30 East I"orty-econd Street, and Toronto. Canada, acquiring the entire jbuslnesa of the latter, including con trad. The William H. Kankln Company haa ! taken into Its own organization the larger portion of the staff of Murray Howe & Co, Inc. Murray Howe, President of Murray Howe (c Co.. Inc.. will be associated with the William H. Rankin Company. Halstead . yanderPoeU Vice President, will leave I the advertising field to engage In another line of business. I : I i under grades or of the-Quotations on hrirciv tvi.v-:ni.imii'a runt ntnra- eiiveo. ram j nrar-oy ecga were o cent a dozen higher and a rise of cents a dozen took place in first quality fresh gathered eggs. V"htle . current prices are still well under the corre sponding figures of a year ago, tho margin between the two ; is gradually growing smaller. 1 i Change of material importance were I eoli VIA Wanted C417, Copen. 8. Vt'lnkelman. general xadaa. mgr.; Fana- ayivania. . I BUYERS' WANTS. nftten eeata per tcor4 each tnaerriaaw brown; color ; mis.-lng In the listed fresh and drletf fruits. Choice pea beans were higher. and the same wns true or facoteh peas and some of the Imported varieties of rice. A very sharp rise in cabbage really featured the changes In vegetables during the week, although a ri of AO cents a barrel took place In potatoes. Salt Irish mackerel and salt cod slumped in orice. Both of the principal - grades of Braxlltan coffee were higher, and there was also a rise In low Japan tea. line granulated and the best ra w suture advanced this week. In the. spices all of the chances wer downward, tney. In r Incline- nutmeirs and both blxck and whito Singapore peppers.; All of the I MOUriSYNr.S, veiuyne. warveiias. imanaa chanres in the trains list were down-I Wanted All colora. anderbilt loioo. Copen. black: 2127s. al Stevens !1S5. black. Vanderbllt 4iUB. BROADCLOTHS Wanted American 112, navy, black. Murray HIM lloO. COATINGS, auitlnga. akirt- 1uk. allk l'nlns. and ail kind fur trimming; can us collars by hundred lota; wanted at once; aamplea and best price on all kind. L Bercman Co.. FUowalx ASuueing, i ort- ti. - - COATS Wanted Jobber placing order . on coat. liming a Cohn. i..:s tiroaaway. COLLAIta Wanted Wolf, for cah. i Mendel- sou Suaaman. Iu4 West 3.tlu t-ttzroy Cdll. Ailama, . Oraknl : 1 O. '.larroll. Leader Vetted Cnorti. I nolr. f Prayer meet ing Wt-dneaday, '8 P. M. Major Ulkdden, acru expert, spcakarr I I r BO ADIT AT TAKERNACI.B CUTKCB. Broadwty and Wil Rt. RV. CHA8. K. .lllfl ERSON.i t. D.. Paator, Rev. WILLIAM A. KUIUvWtiOD will preath at 11 A. M. and 1. M. Wednesday. 8 I. M.. Midweek ferric. t Di$ciplas of Christ (CkristUe) -CENTRAL CHRISTIAN t irCRt n. 142 West Slat. Dr. Fln.s . Hl.raan. Faater. 11 A. M. Dr. R. H. Croaafifld will speak Divine Science curRcn f Tne hkamno chhuit. Rev. Wi JOHN MURRAf, Pastor. 1 Waldorf-Astoria, 8CNDAV. Aue. 7, llfA. M. Spaaker: ( Mrs. Xlay Cornell Stoiber. Hoaliiig Meetlnea on 'ifeadaya i and Tliurauays at Noon. ward, the declines Including wheat, corn oats. rye. and malting barley. Tallow was higher. Red cedar was cheaper. The metals list showed an advance in spelter this week., the first upturn In omo time. Klgrht other articles in the list declined.. Including pig iron, iron bars, foundry coxe. lead, tin and tin- I VKLOL'RS plate. The only listed c.lange in tne hides was a drop in Chicago City calf skins. There were no changes either way in the leather. An e-aler tone to some of the soda products was a feature of the combined list ror drugs. . cnemi cals, dsestuffs and oils, which ahowed fifteen changes, including eleven de clines. A rise In turpentine and a decline in resin marked the week in the naval stores. CtJncse raw silka were higher, according to the list, but the reverse wa true of Japanese allk. The nlnt list contributed ' declines in litharge, red lead and white lead, both i coats Jerey a drv ani In oil. r"" f 1 a.,,Prl. RIVOLAI Wanted American 212,8: all il.uc. . a uu v ,.a.i. iinn.i w, Broadway. MaUSson Bquar 10047. VELOUIt .. Wanted American OOlOi; all ahadaa: also nwuinnti, black, navy ana Malay, i ttilwaJ3S2. Wanted 8tevna I 6103. pect Cloak Co., ST W-t 2Mh. VELOURS Wanted 13.-.J0, navy and Copen. Telephone Fltzmy 831H. 1 - V A LAMA Wanted Right price; brown, navy and 4Ut5 ahade. " Vanderbllt 4tu-iJeu. Independent Christian Science I INI. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CnXRCH. Is., M.l.pny.icr i oiief . oi tm. l. t'. Dedicated te Dtvtn Teaching and Heallnc. Christian Science aer-lce, IMA. M. Plain Pros- i Talks. 4 1't M., Hotel Aalor. Subject. j a.m. viveations anaweree- Reading lioem and Executhm Office ef Col- lei;. UK weat i la bt. Help your fellow "The Greateat Thing In th. World." by Drummond. On aala at all bookllera. Price W to XA cents. i i OFFERINGS TO BUYERS. Fiftttn ecsU per toord each insertion. belts; trade, i ladles', for cloak, rult and dre-s . & L. Belt Co.. 1"6 Woo.ter Bt. The feature of tie week In the textiles was the further price strength shown by unfinished cotton., particularly print-" cloths, liuriaps continued weax. wltn the: liirhter weiirnt goods -relatively cheaper than the neavicr constructions. port, pla.iii worsteu, on ce. Katz it Co., 4.1 East PfUh St.! Telephone Rhlneiander 189. ivT4 , Knita LntMt. Wai.ta. Skirt En tire atock very cneap. 1 in xioor, n.n tlu . ' CREfK DE CHINE-Our own make; good con t ruction ; creie or nzuanau. nuL.i bocker Ribbon Co.. 45a n av, BUS I N ESS RECORDS r,wttjrtl SO oraandi dreaaea No. 1078 and H orxandl. dreiwt No. 107. AOdre.8 The; Three Star lre. Co., 29 Kaat 22d Ft j Failure fr th Week. Bradstreet-a reports SIS fallarea) for th the previous week, and 125. I0T,, 149, 24S for the corresponding week. l2U to IV H 4?wJ wtT in operation. I bring th gtrlk to an early termina 0f.,cen of the bu association said I tion. t i. iKat op to SlOO.OnO would he inenl Im. 1 ADDroxlmately 4.000 employes are I Th. N.w Knxland- Statea bad 89: Mlddl. 68 Jc!te!y to equip additional buses. I affected by today's walkout. This hum- Western. 81; Northw.atern. 22: ; Southern, Pwldftd Be nt T-wa rni... . . i K.- m 111 he Inrr.. a,l tn I (1; Far Western. S. Canada: had 41. rured. OfflMr. nf th. ,t a., eam. 7 M ahAiild tha other colllerlea deold'e. I aralnat 83 tha preceding week. In the Unit- Way coetii.14 .v. -VTr . I 1 ..ail,- 11 ild Btat.s about 71.11 per cent, of th con- are a!Wnln.,.a I . . . I irai ' . . f 'J5 meantime tie .treet cr. re- GLASS StTTLtWItNT l"AILS. w. ' aaa-lLX m lha a. . . . . ordered h, rl"'t r"I' V7..WII ' I . Ia Taws. 5ae the company wa unable to Operators and Workers Disperse harrt ccoper3M1TH-a peution tn :j bankruptcy waa filed yesterday against Harry Looptnnuui, in.iHwm a& S tv4..a-. - ...uina 0T officers' Terms In Philippines Proposed. V19urira... .wlJiv;., Aug. . Further av- - inoonx I Without Aarcalna on Wanes. HiVDWAYTO SAVE S305.00O. atlaxtic citt. n. j, aU 5.- h?,.-, fceTitt ' I .TAiar.h i . 7 1 fM v rT 'If. I , rt V Ifaf rmim l riniAea- till filed vesterday aaralnat Simon Lertnaon. bouaefurnlahing. at 1:10 Bath- sat Avenue, by these crwiltora: i na fcanit Bros. Cc. loo.. 8318: Manhattan Knameled nr.. r II90- I. HlU.r A Bro.. 8230. It la stat.d that th HabUiti ax about f 10.000 and the aate ooui - 8IOMUND PCARK. knee pant contractor, at ID Ludlow strei, iii.u ' bankruptcy yet.rday Hating liabllltl-a of xitaT. and aaaeta of 84.6T1. main Item being machinery and fixtures. 84.500. TTtK MODEL MUSIC COMPANY. INC.. d-allng In phonographs at SOS EWthth Avaoua, Z.. aai.rnad to Simon Marx. Thle company w.. lncoroorated In 1918. Bla bborowaky la President. 'rrwtT ritr. LlTCA. Judge Aurustns X, Band . yatrday appolnt-d Kenneth Cooper ancillary r-oalver of the assets, within this turtsdkctloa. or lleoen tT rnion Btreet, Bellalre. ayalnst whom a petition In bankruptcy was filed recently In th Ohio Federal Court. The aaseU hr are Mid to consist ef 8480 hld by the Police Department ana ' ' Z J whh the Cunard Ltna and C. B. Richards NOB SANTO RO. Judf. Auguatua if. Hand . i. . .nnointad Arthur T. Dalxlel r- ealwr for No. Santoro, retail dealer la meats an vea-etablaa). at ooa u iw. - rrVuuiN BROTHERS. Judge "Augustas J Hand yesterday appointed Randolph Harris ree.tver for Fiahman Brother-, woolen re(, at 313 Cherry Street, under 83.000 dent of th American Flint Glass Work era Union, declared today, at tbe close of a three weeks' conference with the operators, that the men had refused to any transportation fund " are I accept wage reduction because T they Maned bv th. w. Ti . ,. could no good reason for a cut. . , Department. t be- We ,1 that lower wages would f -ens lntr.w 17" r... ." """"' " al help tne gia industry ana we rc aia-S TreS-iW,aCed bm ln Senate for cpointe4 t the ootcome of th con- ttrw laws fixing two f erence." said E. T. Barry. President 5u!m . mm im cf tne jsauonai Auociiuon or fTeawg T" term of dutr for armv offl-I . n.i Ttlnaa Cliuwin Manufarhlrera. ir.i PhiUpplne and Panama! The manufacturer and men part with itjrryl , ire repeal measure wa no new wage agraemont made, ( though ae3.r. "- - iniunm xne extaung kii. mfuti in;t'iin;r lV.i!ty.r' ? w, "Plained. Secretary .ei'sr" ajoa.ovo could be saved ,y. offleers' transportation by f tt w- It Is plsnned. it iss tZ Philippine asalgn- l three year. SETTLE" OIL LAND SUIT. Ty"nt Ends Action Against mia ,nj prvat Com pan I. C4U- An- B. Th suit -of . 8tt ajralaat th Stat of ClrZ-!' tt Bkb VlsU Land D-T,4- Cotnpaay and the Honolulu . Oa Company has been set- f tlpulsUoB among the partis TwTa'.'Ccor,iaf to enrlal advice v?.!5.lh yi land office today Tbi TJogton. i-c-? lavolvad title to many dg-Ur worth ef oil lands. -LflH as Hold-Up Men. CTADr. N. Aug-. tL- lr'wa aad Arxntn- wa.n a,v . aaj , . m nay, a w ii'ZZmJ?? wian trial to r ard will contln TuJSUl )w-lry robbery , 1XI mlufn the m 1 vjSg -r-thi-rt: isvs eS;.-?? -a ewrreacy. and escaped H Cattle Killed In Wreck. ---.TO.X. N. J a-- I-trkar a .?rla n the Peeina-rlvania No date wa act for a further hearing. - ! !- O. & W. Men Face 8horter Week. Special to Tho Nv York Time. MIE'DLETOWX, N. T.. Aug. 3kTbree hundred employe ln th locomotive hop of the Ontario at Western Railroad here faced today a parallel situation to t that cf x epruary in aa oinciai proposal tnar mev again iccevi nnnrr ,ww In Ilea of an alternative Isy-off of four eve fivo da vs." A cut tn the regular six- day week, "probably to take effect about Hept. a. was the snggestion In an official communicsuon lyceiweo to day by W. a. Appel. tenermi vairman of all the craft union ef the ytera. p,i,Han eif eiDeniM In th locomotive department because of non-operation of the ooal mines was tne compelling nuua advanced Newark Plumber Accept Wage Cut. Approximately TOO Newark .Journeymen plumbers bar agree 1 to acoept a was reduction of II a day. It was announced yesterday. They have been receiving $10 a day. Thai new wage rat win be v a continue la force until Aug. men will aooept another day. bringing tneir rrom A us. 1. 1032. to Th trouble btm the lovers waa settled by Charles Dickson of Chicago, International Organiser for the plumbers' union, who spent three months patching tip th difference. Aks About Unemployed Veterans. -WA-BlinVOTON, Aug. 8- Information 1 SaTL.4 -t a . -rrz:114 freight train tn I from the Depcrtmeot of Labor regarding - a - J J a xu w h'SZ?;. ;rt unemployment, with pclflc ; t--i were KJiLad, and traffic I ngwres regaroing iwimr V t.howra io or.e was hurt. I and women, was -o,ueted tn a reaolu-i-'yxl men aeversi hour to tlon lntroducnd today br Senator XLa-; tns eseard eatO and slye-ro. 1 Corrclck. Republican, of XTUoola. tons and braids, at 120 West Thirty-second trt. ! RABINOWTTZ PRES. CO.. INC., manu- e. f raaaa at 88 West Tnil-Ty-sao- oad 8tr--, filed schedules rMierter. Mating Mablllt!.- of 8146 6ft aad -ate ot . . .r". I tark. 111 OUO: aicouata. u.w; nira and msinlnery. 810,o: unllQUl2at-4 el alma. Li 000: eaaa. 12.084. Principal eredltors II t-1a Vra: Cnlvral IHaeount Company. 828.- as tMcured claim! : Irving MUonu in ?d CfcaSaro m Pa.nlx National Bank. 818 06L r-pr.a-ntlag a 4doh Tkd. on LorraU Mfg. Co.. K. i. a. ni Ttiaeaj aea also eontlngsnt liabilities en trade aoc-ptaao.. h.M by vaH- ooa l."dl1duala BSgregaUns $30.Cf0. BENJAMIN OOIsmj i n. iaa . Bote broker, at 81 Wliliass -tr-w. ," arhedula in bankruptcy yeae-rdar. .J'V-n creditors llst-d ara Oreenblatt A Cold. 80.- OOO (partiy scero i J"""" SA.800-. KliMil-Mh tera-nb-rg. PHfLTP ZIMMERMAN A 00 ISC brok ers, at a Broe r, - i3 baakrupaey yMtarsay. iwus . " tejtU and aeeeta ef 2.0sO. ari uvid .rxiwi no.. INT) Xodsa A- goataa N. Hand yesterday dismissed U pe- tlttAi. In bankretttcy whlrh wss flied en July , 'l against Uu 6teiner-Kran Co., Inc.. but- Out ef Towa. . Special to The A'etcj York Timet. CHICAGO, Aug. 9. Petitions in bankruptcy filed today Include an j Involuntary on against Onoar L. Halberg, 108 North Stat 8 treat, with liabllltl.. of tivor. than $90,000 and -no aseeta listed; Harrl Miller, involuntary, with ItabllUtea of more than 820.000 and no aaaet Hated, and ftobert J. Karrell, voluntary, with liabllitie. pf 8J,61 and aa-aeta, 23. . . . : j j . . Special to The A'eto York Timet. TRENTON. Aug. 5. Judge Rellatab today revoked hla appointment yeaterday of 8. EUnr as receiver of th Clrola Phonograph Company of Newark, and dismissed the bankruptcy proceedings. Vice Chancellor Griffin, on th application of a director of tho Com pany, had already named a receiver in equity to conserve th well of th company. It was shows, on th application for th dismissal ef the bankmnlcy oroceedlnra. that the company haa book aaaeta of 1,75U I 6KRGB 7614. blue Amoakeag and other gooo miruoara. for Immaoiate o.iiv.r. wa.ii Btavwiint 213. Herring Ilro. Inc. Masdel. Loula. and Joaeph I Waldman 8tandard A Co.tum Co.) and Nathan , . n.n , i . n. t a T2aaa . . .u ..a I q-T, tiwtt v Pi Polrrt. twlllcord. RftTy. black jnvaaan, , i ... . . , ... ....... ....... . w , .mv... . ..... . . Nn....ii Valve and Tump Corn. Union 1 color, tlarfleld. Read. Andrewa, e.. 8a Smelting and Refining Co... 304.60 up: l Eotany. Talama. Suiting . UMnj Plvmouth KoulDtnent Corp B. B. Gold- I Velours. American 21Z7S. 0417. Normandy, berg i .223.85 Madison Square S191-152Q, K-llinn... wmwe-aqrium. vmCB-Sultlnf. CoaUng welMa: beat a.Corp-. '-V" ""VV;i;" ?t?-S? makeaVotany. Talama. American. Nor- iiecnni?D., I " u.dliMi Ratlin 6191-15'0. 000. whU ita 8100,000. IlabUltiaa sr. only about Tork Tin. Special to Tho yew PITTSBURGH. Aug. BV A voluntary peti tion in bankruptcy was fUed, in tne umia Slate Court bar today by:th rl Cru-clbl StMl Company of En., Pa. The.lla-bllltlea ar placed at 1237.7US.84. Earl D.blndej- Poland. luditrldully and trading aa Poland Belting Company of Carson Street, filed a voluntary petition. He place hi liaoUlttos at 812.7d8.iMi and assets at 167. - - JUDGMENTS. Piled yesterday, the first saxns being that of the debtor: I la New Terk Cesnty. Alterl. Andrew J. 8. Waterman et al.8483.20 ili.r. Henry (Laundry Machinery Co. Amarlcan Ironlnc Machine Co 989.86 Bankoker lad us trial Corp. H. B. Groae- . Mta i. A.1.O30Z0 Camner. Morris M. Kalian 100.20 Croabv. B. Ed..-P. Btainman et al.. 419.72 Cltlaeaa Wat.r Supply Co. iof Newton CSty of New Tork. coals. . 13&1 Craecent Talking Machine Co., Inc. J. K. Maxwell et si ! 1J540.78 Dirts. Hmrr H- Edmund . Francis Raaltv Co k 484.88 Do Pauw. HnryGlmbel Broa, N. T. . 141 .08 Diamond. Mam and Mildred fDlamond Co.) H. Cohen i.. 164.T7 Da. Laurie ra. Column Mould Co. of N. T. and liearr A. Dahlan-t-ta. -eonnen- b.rm- L lDS.40 Kst.rprlM I.vrwmrdlng By. tarn. lac.. an Krneat Crrt.ll. H. Gettaor et al.2ss.41 Faeher. Louta S. Ullwermaa.... 610.00 FVladmaa. Ida i. Mumn. , Fan Film Coro Beacon Prass, Ine...7M.70 fwpiain, Chae. G. H. A. Poet 343.85 Go win. And raw (Rial to praa Co.) R. Di Stsfano ot al 4 18.eS Gotham Laboratories, Ina.. and Loula L. Altsrman G. W. Brows I.04O.1. Gotham Laboratories. Iao-G. W. Brows ;.........I.043.7B 8ime-9liM 1.040.12 me Same... ....l.O3-ll Rama aVamo L 1.04A.02 GorataA. Ralph J. National Burery Co. - 1 l.ltt.l Grralse. Anthony Doctors SrrVe Corp.. . Ino .070.30 ;str A Brannaa, Iooj Brooklyn Bead- inr A J4ovlty CO ..DO.l( Kaiinar, Mas B . Thomas Nelson - A Sons Fob. C Ino.. j... . . ......1 1S.TB Mas flimtm Shea Ce 43SA9 aag Motors. Ino,- mtarstsae Ante Ceaeh Werks. Ino. .....CO. 70 Mathar, Jaraae V. 0. "PI etcher 204.20 Meyars. Vl-tor . wnitlng stotor .l.Mn M-!t?n-1. E"len K. OhaHea a Oo SO0.14 y-wr. lVriri.-k R. Lock wood Trse. Jotti-nal Co.. ine .. jhi.v 111.91 Rmith Marxaret W.. by ruardlaa Third Avenu R. R. Co.. coata. ..... 108.95 fiand.rK. Albert Charlea A Co..i 216.12 Strauss. M.urkc. H. E. Faxt.kas et al..k8.41 Schwarta. Max. Belie Aairner an lauia Ki-ha-hnwlti-Manhattan Credit Union Co. j.... 95T.18 eh. xrrhtir. and Mathilda Silverman E. Jack-on i 492-T Enrhnrnuih. Georx 8. Greensteln t .1 i . " j ..-.29.W hi k Nflt-h.el J.burrr Bros. ...... .10.94 Taraatnsky. Louis L. L. Silverman. . 1 16.70 Vmyk. I'aul H. areenberg..t ..taW.ll v.iil.ii.1 Francla O. (iotham National Bank of N. T i ...380.20 p. m 1 . naitarh. Marnrtt Irt Courts Realty Co w .... ..1.002.20 v.n BtMan Ida Irt Court. Realty Co. i I ! 902.20 vi..i..Kli rtkbrl.!!. M. E. Cos Bert. .40.01 wmr Rebecca S. Mrkln...J j..1-7 T..l. JoaeDh 8. Adolpa. . . J . . . . .208.89 run Tt K'lhur Raa.Irw Co.. tr,-, 1 . ..... . . .". .104.86 T. ni.uir jp Bowline Green Raaltv Corn . ... .. .458.43 I In Iroex:CeBaty, Rerman, Joseph H. Back....' ;.S)tt.V4 Chaoman. Mabel gA. C. Chapman. ..4 .20 Dautscb. Louis, and -David Roeantrial R. L. Simon. .60.78 . . , 1 ntxunn. anfl lsienael l. in - I. . - m .. ttrdl Conat. Ce ...O.lS Epstein. Richard I-. and Morris Bchnat-derman E. A- Bro.-n .... ; ... . . . .1.181 .17 Helper, Samuel at. b. iin,ui Tri -i t- Ti vrihaat L. Avchln...., ,.14. Morgan. CharlesKruak! A ! Krusk-1 Inc. - - ; T-K, Welgold, George Aa. vt.isw"- ......r...-- L fpmn la aaknd to announce tllkt .th luda-mant noted in this eorumn on tfcj 4th I..t MilMt Gold in . favor of the !,n., ."oorktloc, for 815.662.40 is not against Israel Oold of 838 BroaAway. SATISFIED JUDGMENT5. Tho first same Is that of tie debtor; 4be --cond that of the creditor end date wbaa Judgment was filed 1 j . In XW Trk Ceonty. 'i Proctor. Harry S-N. T. Edlaoa C.. Deo. o. 1919 8-18T Smirk. Delevaa C. J. 1m merman. Jan. 37 1 p"l . ...,......... ...... .SaT-aV Bhotkln. Irving J. Tondalman.i Oct. IS, , H19 . .0J Cart la. Wm. B. A. M. Nodln. May 87. 1921 i. 104.20 Loeb. Loula. and Max Sllbeiratatn M. Rotkstels. April 5, lfll .. . 120.40 Bplaao. Ernest and Joaeph S. J. Bloom- (ngdal et al.. May 18. 1917. .. i .850.94 Fifth Av. Coach Co. J. A. Norton. May sa. taoi i 4.75000 Same H. D. Srmon1a, May II. 1921 .. .600.00 Int.rhorourh Rapid Tranalt Co.-J. Neo- mann. June 'aA 1921 800.00 Schlrlfer. Loula Tl4 Water Sal. Corp- April 20. 1921 , 1J14.9.BO CblMa Co. 461 Sth Av. Co., Ine.. April 23. 1917 S .82X75 Fifth -Av. Coach Co-I. FarreU. Nov. SO. U20 8.883.60 Maaa Waldatata Co. M. Luckaavaaw. June 24. 1921 46.ft34.3T Orocaa. Jamea F.. sad F1l':lty aad Casuaity Co. of N. Y. P. W. Cuiansn. April a. 1608 i,...,.LB0a.n In Bronx Coonry. Ivombsrdo, Llberlo Bogert .Ilotjr Co.. Dee. 17, It 17 ....17S.76 TALAMA Botany, all colore; alao fine Sult- inr and coating v aioui - - iSM-Zw. j - Help Wasted. SALKIMAN wanted, hlgh-grad mas. to carrr our lln. of allk unrterwear as aid . mnlslon basis: for t.rritory, Nw York and Nw Enaland. !. L Ladi.s Underwear Co.. 116 Eaat 37th St. THE MAY COMPANY CLEVELAND ARE OPEN TO BUY .INirHTRIMMED ' Hudson Seal Coats ! ALSO 36-INCH PLAIN ! Rat Coats Win leek at sample 8s4arday Bsorav. "? 87 WEST I8TTI ST. Crowley-Milner & Co.. Detroit. j : will look at Use of , Stamped Dresses ami Japanese Hue Prints from t A. M. te Noon today "(Saturday) SEH MISS KRCECK AT OFFICB OF Alfred Fantl. 1 20 West 32nd St. ArCTTOWg. I RECEIVER'S SALE By order of C. S. District Court. Southern 1 var. Prentle. Kneel ver. HENRY C JOHNSON". AUCTION EER. WILL SELL, Al PUBLIC: j AUCTION ON Toeadar. August 9. at 10 A. M. At Webster Avenue and Boulevard. j Long Island City, ALL MACHINERY . AND EQUIPMENT OF PAYET SILK DYEING CORPORA- TION. Maehinery rveontly mirr-hased frera Tea Vlaatran Maehlno Comnanr and all ether fcaehrnary, eeulptnent and of rioo furniture ef complately equipped dyeing and finishing plant.; Terma Cash. In-pectfoo yry sppotatmeirt. IrMralre Sefd- pi and Milholland. 14 Broadway. Now York CUy. or H.nrr C. i laf FaUloa Axeaus, Long isisnd City, Interdenominational ! j OOXPHI, TABEHNACI-B -Ht:RCH. ,-6$2 KIGHTH A V.. AT 44TH HT. 1OTNDKK, IIEV. A. B. SIMPSON. REV. tLMKIl B. ITTC1I. As t lastos. BtJnDAY SKRVICRft, 10:45 A. M. AND 7:45 P. M. REV. CHAKLK& IhfOLIS OF IjONDUN, K.NC.LAND. WILL PREACH AY BOTH .iitll VICBS. A.-t,r;i4 llOTII ST. AND AMHTKI'.1 1AM AVE. OVWY SMITH JK,, NOTED BVANCKL1ST. 1 OCNdEST SON OF THK KA.MUU.S OVfSY SMITH 4'F ENGLAND. BTTN. 11. 4 AND S AND NIGHTLY TO IJTH, RESERVATIONS MADE 1YII SPECIAL DELGATI"NH. CHAIHR ADDED TO seating CAPAcrrr or 2,500. Protestant Episcopal . i.i o ST. joitx THI? DI1TM, amiirnum a r. an. 11.14 nt. S A. M. Hole (anminilAa. ... 11 A. M 1'r.acltar, II hop MCwrnlrk. . M. Prarta.r, lal,.p McVermlck. . ' Datiy rtM, i .mi A. i. I y Afctsxinv. iu k a. ..1 mi Rev. itr. -r:itcy Tii k.'I unNt. P -te. 11 a. M.. n.v. c w. .vaCman. I'ALVAUY IH Rt IT, a;h Av. ana via. H . ltev.1 Then.inr. h-dawlrk. D. 1". J Parlaa. and It A. M.. Ilmv ('(imu.unlon, P. M.. God In Httfry.' ( S.rvlc-1 wlik SpMlai Music. CBAI'H ( Ul'MI U. -' II read -j ty aad It-h Bt. , fr. S.ait.ry. luesteri. Holy Oottimunloa A. M. Sarvte. and .rnoe tDr. A. M, , Lat.r Ktcnaonc (Rev. Kamu.1 ...... . 8P.M.' ; CUinCIt 1F TII85 Y I'lflh Av., eav. XU.S u. II A. M Holy Communion and; Vrmum by Rev. IILiUlblUT hlfll'MAN. D. D.. Junior. a ' 1 1 , . 1 : CHURCH OF TIM5 HOI V ( OUMIMQC, lh Avenu. and 2lh K'reet. SUNDAYS, 8, tl A. M. ANf MOV.' WE KX DAYS, T;80 A. M. AND 12:50 P. M. , , x 'r CflUnClI OF I UK IM tllATION, Madiaon Av. and SAi h t Kt. Th Rev. II. P. RH.VKIt. 8. T. !.. Itelr. A. M., Holy Cramunl.n. $1 A. M.. ' Holy onununlmi twnmn W tite Rv. C.i M. HL1.DE.S. CHAPEL OF TIIKICA It STATION. 20 Kt .11.1 M. : Rev. GEORGE KARKANU TAYLon. Vlca. A. M. Jloly t 'omittunlon. II A. M. Holy Comniiirilon. . J:ev. WILLIAM J. ATWnXH) .of Deer Lodxe. klurlsna, will prvach. ST. tlARYIIOI.OMEWS f HTRCH. 1'aiM Avenue and Mat fl. tvpecial Hummer Rervicts Ev-ry Hunday , St 8:30 aid II A. If. i Pr-arher. Aot. 7i K.v. Nnrma H K.ah. FULL CHOI II. 1 ALL h-EATI) l-Ttf. Id. Anthem: " Ul.saed h. t tin Lofd God ef Israel," Nobl.., $ . !lf ! CTItRCH OF ST. EDWARfi THK MARTYsL , , 12 K. 10iih Bt. r Rev. P. c I L15. I. !.. B.ctr. 1 Sundays Low mim. 8 A. M. 'Hlh maas, and nrrwt, II A.lkl. Wek days Maaa. 1 T :.Tfl A. M. ' a. T ' 4 'A ST. IGNAYirs. West En.1 Av. and 7rb 84, Kev. WILLIAM PITT Mw.'UKK, lwcter. Maasea. 8. II, Lutheran CHrRCrt OF THE ADTENT, Broadway at .".! S(. Rev. A. 8TF.IMI.E. D. D.Patr. . Morning Sarvlc at 11 o'clock. " CIITRCM OF Tim HOLY TRIXTTT. .Mh bt. and Caritral Park WaaA. Th R.v. WUilatn preacbaa at It. Methodist Episcopal i i ., . MADISOV AV. ClintCH. eeth BL Rev. Ralph W Sockman, ph. D. Mln'atara Itarv. Leland P. Carj-. M. A. ( 11 and L. Isn't P.f Cry. The Central Church. Visitors Welcome. . i park. av. MirrnoDivr episcopal. Park Av. and i;fh St. SAMUEL W. GRAITUN, aUnlat.r. Far vice, at 11 A. M. and 8 P. M Kev. F. T. Bertram Preaching. . WASHINGTON UKIGRTS METHODIST CBl'RCH, corner 153d St.and Amat.rdam Av. Sarvloae 11 and 8. i- Cordial Weloome. Good Music Sermon by M. A. Workman. i t. jamkm'8 ciiritrn, 1 Il.dison Av. an-l Tlat Kt. Prauk Wa field Crowdrr. D. I Raptor. 8 A. M . Hely Umnuniini; II A. M, liu r Communion and Sersion by ttus i;v. . Etuart Ilold.n. D. of Londoa. CIURCn OF NT. MARY THE YIRCIN. , 1.1'J We.t trh St. - ! Rv.' J. O. H. BAItar. D, D..- Rertor. Low Mas.e. 7:30. 9. Mlssa Cantata sad Sermon t Rector), 10.-4&. Vespers. 4. ST. MARY'S, Lawienc w. tat'l2!h St., Am.i.roam iv.i-n, p.-"". and s l ax. R.v. CHARLES P. ACKLEY; lvtor. I 1 m - I ST. THOMAS'S CHI nt II. toll A v., CT4 St. Rev. KllS KMT M. RTIRE.I, D. !,. K-r. S, 11. It-. 1. W1LMUT OAT F SON, CnUROT OF Tllfc TSANoirlfirSATIOM. 1 F.a.t i"Mb St. Dr. HOUCWTON. Pactor. SLlt VICES: T, 8. 10:30 A. M.'.-TI 4PM Preacher: Rt Rv. C. WHITEHEAD, D. D. TRINITY CHURCH.'! Ft. Rv. William T. Maanlns, D.' D., Rertor. 7:.10 and S Holy Communion. i JOiSO Morning Prayer. ' 11 Holy lkiiniiiunk and Serm-ti. Preacher. Rt. Rev. Wm. A. Guarry, D. D., i.hop of Bout Carolina. 8:80 Evnouy. ' j . SEATS FREE. p ' CHURfTI OF TION Al ST. TIMOTIIT. 334 West Mth Ht. Rev. FRED' K IlTTRGKSh Jr.. R I . R-etr. nd II fHr. C. W. MANZER1 Reformed : rn e f "I COLLEGIATE CHtRCIH OF "KW. YOHsU THK MIDULIS CTITIttll. Catond Av. and 7th U Itev.' l.'m.r Franklin Itnr.tlg-. lnltr. Rv. Joaph IU Dury. D. D, , will pra at 11 A. M. aad I J'. U. mn MAKsi.n Rt nrrt, Ufth Av. sad aliih f-u R.v. David Jamea Purr.ll, D. It.. Xflnlat.r, Iter. Ollw I'aui li.rnl.lll. D. !., til It A. M., "Thlnsa That Abide.'' P. M , " Th Constraist of levs.' The cHrscn or st. NirnotAS, Mfth Av. aad 4th St. Rev. Malcolm j.en.a H ar La... . I D.,Mlalatr. Rav. Neh.mlah Born ton, Ii. p., of brook lyn, N. Y .. wRI preach at 11 A. M. sad 8 P. M. tic? west kmi enmen, " . Wt fj.d Av. and T'th HA. r.v. Henry Evartaoa Cobb, D. I., Ml '.. Itr. A. O. Caldw.ll f Wav!y. ti. Y, will praach at 11 A- l. TT4K FORT WAMIUNUTOW nirRCtL pert Waahlnsion Av. and 1811 St. All S-ata 1'r.e. IWv. Irving H. Prg. X). D.. aljnlster. . Rav. Jam H. sClttell, D. It., et Albany. H. T., will preach at 11 A. M. New Thought i LKACUF, FOR THK I.ARGEK XXTIt, 222 . WIMT 72D feT.' Sun. 11.1& " M.t.ry and Mystery." . Jt. Mr. and Mrs. Mtanur. S :1 5 Prosperity, tme.t ft. Holmes. Toes. 8 Maalice. Mr. Cannos. Tfaars. 8 Hex! ins. Mrs. E. D. Aekerlr. Prl. 8.-0 Don Alphonso 2slaya, Talk and Eooclal Music. ."How te fcn.n the Influ ence of the League Nation Wlda.f I UNITY SOCIETY OF PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY. HOTEL ASTOR. RICHARD LYNCH. SPEAKER. Buaday. 8 P. M.. Addraaa by ' MRS. MAUDE PRATT MK4SNKR. Tranaianata Tour Foreeaj Int. Power. Wed., fl P. M., Mr. M. P. MtMntr. " How te Find Your . Cntr." Friday Classes. 2:30 P. AL All Welcome. 1 MRS. nvOMA GREENE TILLMAW. Selene of Number Vibratlt.aA Sunday, g P. M. Wednesday, P. M. SI Wt 86th BL . Presbyterian BRICK CHURCH. Fifth Avenue and Thlrty-aevenlli S!ra 1 William Pi.rsoo Mrr1H. Ministers 4 Theodrr Aln-wnrta firln. Tbe Rov. ALBERT PARKER FITCH. D. XX. rx anuiw.i wiit sr. sen at II. NOONDAY SERVICE erery weekday eavept Daiursay, r rSOADWAY . rrrESBYTERIAN CHURCH.' ' tiroaowar ano nn ut. Rev. Walter Duncan Ruchanaa, r. D Minister.; preaches at 11 4. It. FIFTH AX-KNX-f, FRESRYTERIAN CYfTBCTJ AlIUI Amw aim riiry-iirtn ntreat. Ministers i Rv. JOHX KELMAV. D. IX Minister. R J 4MKJ, VA1M.R "- Rev. ft. wr. THOlsor. M. A- . D.. will preach at 11 A. XL aad 4:30 P.-M. FIKeT PR ESB YTERIA M rTtrRClL tth Av.. 11th and 12th Sta. :4S A. M. Sttnday Scbeol. II A. M. Rev. ALFRED f J. KUTZTR. P. M. I .awn Servie. Rev. Alfred W. 8 was. Miu-TVt-Ca. er-ice. Yt'edaesaa, S r. At. Society of Friends ftatfjoiors socxr-sr or ntromiuvMt. fr wershle. 11 A. M. at X31 K. h et, Maaaattaa. A lit rXara It. klya, KKUGIOr SOCIETY OF IIRTiM-M-. lac II o clock. 1.4 Last jotb M..MaSattaa. Theosophy AT J.K8 PSOiPWAY, ' K, r. IjOIx.k. th rnoriiiCAi. ancTBrrr, Tbeoeophieal leotuivs ev.ry Tday Evealct. 8 Free lending Ubrary. Publie cordially lavtted. , , Unitarian. all sorts n-rarn, M Fattrt Av. at 3"h Kt. Pr. WILLIAM L SULtJVAN. Mlnlte. ; II A, M.. Summer Ualoe Kerric. af New York Unitarian CB'ircb... wts .miae be th Rev. ALFRED li. HUHSET ef Hw iVaO-tor. Ma.. A CORDIAL WELCOME TO ALU wftt sidb iMTAsiAN mrr.en, Chart. Irrmnrim Pvtt.r, Mimat.r. Colon Servtcaa. Jun. 2 Ka-pt. X. vlik Al eioula' Church. 4:a Av. aad sv . V- THK COMMUNTTY CHUSf n OY X. Y. (tea Heading, " Comniunlty CI. arch.-) Y. M. C. A. West Bt Y.M.CJ8,. 4 F.f. SIS fft 87th tt, MR. F. X. SCHtONMAklt t "The Chnsilans' Contribution To. Chine. , a S ) - 1 f It 1 ) 1 ' H BROOKLYN, -v Presbyterian lAFAYFTTW, AVF.XUF. FBtESBYTFRIAJI 4 Ht Rt H. cxtnaar toouUi UTtord St. Clinton Avenu; Cttercsi wnltl.g. 1 Fresldant Clarence A. barbetir, D. D B. T. D., o( Rorheet.r Theoioglcal 5tr.lpary, wtii preach at II and 7 :4A. F.v-nlns - JOHN W.-.OX. THS COTTT8rI KNIGHT, flrat l4 a Sexios Oa "r.'ao haste Wa Joka.- -.1 T l r ! J 1