The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1968
Page 3
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wymeviu* (An.) courier Ktnn — Tu«sU»y,. May T, IMt — hgt TO HOLY LAND—First Baptist Church in Hayti is providing a tour of the Holy Land for its pastor, Revr A; W. Clodfelter (left) who here receives a check for expenses" from B. A. Cross, chairman of the church tour committee. Rev. Clodfelter leaves June 9. JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH AJ732 VK1065 484 41073 WEST AK-108 ¥A84 • AK'105 *Q64 EAST A 9 6'5 4 Woid < J97C32 *8S2 SOUTH (D) VQJ9732 *Q + AKJS Neither vulnerable West North But South 1¥ 1N.T. 2» 3+ 4V Pass- Fas: Pass Opening lead—4 K West's one no-trump overcall showed the equivalent of an opening no-trump. North's two- leart bid indicated a poor hand with heart support. With a good land, North would have doubled. Sast-s three-diamond call was competitive, while South's jump -o four hearts was the bid that anyone else.would have made. * Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTEB> Co determine J0 nr (orecut, not* puagtapfl opposite dates wtii* include your birth (Ui» WEDNESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: You have more ambition than you have had for some time and it is placed in very down-to- earth channels;for you.want to get everything done that is very materialistic in its nature and you have a great opportunity to do so. You also have some very good intuitions as to the best means through which to make headway. A BLYTHEVILLE NATIVE, Col. Richard P. Tipton, son of Dr. and Mrs. P. L. Tipton, formerly of ; Blytheville, has been named chief of the aeronautical sys-tems division plans and operations office at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton,-. Ohio. -Tipton has served .with the Air Force.since enlisting in the Army Air Corps as 'aii: aviation cadet'in 1941. He flew' combat • missions - in the European Theater during World'War.II and : his decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart and the Commendation Medal. McNautht ftnmte Uu- ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) A good day to make real im- .provements to your home and [other assets and thereby gain greater respect from others. Be wise in the handling of finances. Think in terms of being more prosperous and you become that way. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) You are looking and feeling very charming now, so be out early to get the right results in dealing with others Repay that social debt that has been of long standing. Be generous and the perfect host, hostess GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Be willing to do those chores that others frown upon and you get ahead faster now Once you are finished with your work, show romantic attachment real devotion. Then you get wonderful results,. support. MOON,CHILDREN;(June 22 to July 21) You are able to get routine work 'done most efficiently now, so get an early start. Make up for lost time. Not a good day for communicating with those out-of-town, taking trips, etc. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Know what you . require financially and then do whatever is necessary to improve, the small bank balance. Getting rid of ex. travangances is one good medium. Your mind is working cleverly. Make the most of this. •VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Use your intuition in gaining your fondest aims since you now also have the know-how, also where personal matters are concerned. You can increase. happiness . immeasurably. ; Be ; sure that you are dressed properly; '... .. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to 'Oct. 22) Many,personal duties to attend to,.so get busy early and then off to the charming, recreational fun that is so appealing. Be of service to Others and .store up ^ 54 PC.TABLEWARE SERVICE tor 8 Heavier! More Lustrous! More Complete! More Elegant! Can never rust! Can never stain! Never needs polishing! You get aU this: 16 Teaspoons 8 Soup Spoons 8 Dinner Forks 8 Salad Forts 8 forged, serrated Dinner Knives Gravy Ladle Cold Meat Fork Biriy Spoon Pie Server Butter Knife Sugar Spoon 6 tovely SinfniPlKn INCLUDED OPEN AN ACCOUNT CONVENIENT MONTHLY TERMS blessings for yourself. Show that you are a humanitarian. SCORPIO:(Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) A good friend now gives you the right avdvice : for handling some problem.. that has been very vexing for some time. Be grateful for generosity. You have much, social : poise now and can accomplish a great deal along such lines. SAGITTARIUS -(Nov. 22_ to Dec. 21) Look to bigwigs for the support you want in every sphere of your endeavor. Stop being so overly sensitive otherwise others will not be pleased with you. Have a sense of humor and all is fine. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Show others that you wej- come any changes that can bring advancement and will go along with all such improvements. Talk with persons whose experience is not similar t o yours and learn much Then carry through in a positive way. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Some serious thought will reveal how to handle all those responsibilities in a most intelligent way now. Closest tie appreciates your ability now and will give the boost you want. Get ahead fast, clear.the slate. PISCES (Feb..20 to Mar. 20) An intelligent interchange of ideas is wise so that you make your operations more successful. Be sure to join with close ties for pleasure you want at this time. This will also please them. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be one of those interesting young people full of vim and vigor, so be sure to give the right courses and sports that will channel all this energy in the Social Security Question Box (This column answers some of the most frequently asked Social Security questions. Read-j er's questions should be sent right directions, and also give to "Social Security Administra- a right concept of the value ol tion, P. 0. Box 467, Blytheville) money The field of high ft- .. .--......• nance would be right outlet in Q I have heard : that once this amazing chart you reach a certain age, you ______ ! can earn as much as you want and. still collect your social security Is this true? A. Yes, this is an exception to the general rule, and it was put into the law because some people work to a very advanced age and never retire. This is l true of many people in certain I occupations. If there were no provision like this, these people might never get much from the retirement insurance part of social security. Beginning iiiiiiiRdiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniDiiniiiriniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiii What's for Lunch? COS NELL Wednesday Stew Crackers Cole Slaw Jello Bread Milk - duced P by Patti Page your social security benefits regardless of what y6ur earnings are. This is still true under the new law. Tennessee. It is aid to have sold:3 million copies in its first year of'release,. 6 million' now, making it the largest sell- j ing record ;by : a girl singer. Q.~It is always possible that I may become ill and have to quit work. How am I to know what I am going to earn in the full year? A. You should be able to give a reasonable estimate of your expected earnings for the year. The Social Suecrity Administration will, withhold benefits, if necessary, based on just your estimate. Then, after the end of the year when you know your exact earnings, you will file an annual report of your earnings. The Social Security Administration will make adjust- j ments in your benefits based upon that report. Q. My wife and I have never worked under social Security 1 and we will both reach 65 during 1968. I have been told that all we have to do is file an application and we will be entitled to medicare. Is this right? A. If you have never worked under social security, you will jnot be eligible for the hospital insurance part of medicare. People who reach 65 in 1968 or later will need some work under social security to be entitled . to. hospital insurance benefits. However, there is no work requirement for entitlement to medical insurance (which covers doctor bills) under medicare. West opened the king of diamonds and Continued with the ace. The late Sidney Silodor, who sat South, ruffed the second diamond and, led hearts. West won the second heart and returned the suit, and Sidney was in dummy with two tricks lost and two more potential losers. It would be simple enough to try both black finesses, bu.t Sidney did not even consider that line of play. He simply counted up the points for a Ifr 18 no-trump and saw that West was marked with both the king of spades and queen of clubs. He had to find some way to eliminate one of those black losers. One method would be to play his ace and queen of spades. If West held exactly two spades, he would be endplayed then and there, but if West held two spades, East would hold five and would probably have bid some number of spades. So the spade play was out. Only one line that could cecd remained and Sid adopted it. He played 'ace,: and nine of clubs. He pi the nine because it was possible that, with an original holding of four clubs, West, might decide that East held the jack and duck. ' • ' It wasn't likely that West would fall for this play, but it was likely that he didn't hold as many as four club's. So Sid j ney played clubs and, when* West took his queen, he had to lead away from his king of spades in order to avoid giving Sidney a ruff and discard. MM FASTER NOW STRONGER -Hind it's sensibly priced BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD May, ISIS LAST MONTH'S SCORECARD Total Paid for Care of *. , CP Jin __ Arkansas Members > 1,4 J0,412.57 Total Number of Payments For . Q »-, Care of Arkansas Members -10,0.40 Largest Payment for One «« ,,. .* Arkansas Member's Care__)0/111.4 J BILLS GETTING BIGGER Each month we see more and more of what we used to call "big" bills coming through for the care of oar members. But that's n*at we're for: to help pay for our members' hospital and doctor care. And one difference between us and insurance companies is this! B.lue Gross hospital benefits are based on the treatment needed and not just a limited number of dollars. So when costs go up, your Blue Cross-Blue Shield membership becomes more valuable. Keep it. Keep it up. Keep it always! WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Our just completed "Open Enrollment" campaign produced more than 14,000 new members. Congratulations. You now hare the best help available for paying hospital and doctor bills. ' . BE SOMEONE! Exciting and challenging opportunities for ambitious young people are open iiow. Careers in the field of health care off er both prestige and an. assured future. For information ask you? hospital or •write to Health Careers, Box 8381, Little Eock 72203. FORMULA FOR SUCttSS BetlMt ft«o« « couldn't tedmt.s. to ht did it I VACATION TIP When JTOB travel, talc ypor Blue Crow- Bine Shield membership card with you. It is recognized and honored by mor« than 7,000 participating hogpitals and over 200,000 member physicians throughout the free world. Blu» Cnwi-Blue Shield protection 1* the tat-Mi it got* with mmmmmummmmmuum Read Courier news uiasslfleds A CORDIAL INVITATION TO TH GOSPEL MEETING at the Northside Church of Christ Highland at U. S. 61 N. - Blythevill* MAY 8-16 7:30 EACH EVENING The Crowley's Ridge Academy Chorus Is To 60 Present Thurs., May 9,7:00 p.m. Young People Thurs., May 9 DOUG KOSTOWSKI EVANGELIST WANT A WORRY-FREE, PAID-UP VACATION WITH PLENTY OB SUN AND FUN? It's easy! With a regular program of planned savings, you can write your own ticket to travel . . .adventure. . .and lots of sun and fun. Yes, you can really go places when you set aside a part of your income in savings. Get on the right road with regular savings! iville LYINGS ASSOCIATION 200 N. SECOND STREET Vi*

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