The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii on September 1, 1918 · 2
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The Honolulu Advertiser from Honolulu, Hawaii · 2

Honolulu, Hawaii
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Sunday, September 1, 1918
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WILL CELEBRATE i i Sixtieth Anniversary of Dedication Will Be Appropriate-; :; ; ly Observed .. , Next Sunday; September 8, The Church of Qur Lady of Victory jn La-haina,, Maui, knOwn to the Hawaiians as Maria Lanakita, will celebrate the Sixtieth anniversary of its dedication, it is reported in The "VVailaku Times. The church was dedicated sixty years ago by - Bishop Louis Maigret, viear apostolic' cfHhe Hawaiian Islands. The framework was made in Honolulu by the iJTrencht mission brothers and i natives and was taken to Lahaina. for ereetion. " Rev. Father Albert, known to the natives as Makua Anbereke, was the first priest of the.ehurch, - ' Three old paintings decorate the interior of the ehurch, which has been completely "renovated for the redediea-tion. One of the paintings, representing the Ascension, has recently been retouch-, ed byJProther,Trank of Wailuku. The other paintings were , gifts from'Kiiig Kamehameha III and Queen Emma. Marked by impressive ami appropriate 'ceremonies, "' including 'f an early inassand "high "mass at Irt, o'clock, the celebration of the church s sixtieth anniversary' will conclude with a great luau at the Catholic, school., The.Mani band will be in attendance. v : ' An unique; feature of the celebration , will be the opening of the corner stone, where" documents and contemporary newspapers will be deposited. . ' W. s. 8. .- Honokaa Cocktails Political! Drink of T it. t A new political beverage, one that bids fair to rival in fame W. Jenninirs Bryauts'lgfapjuit'e' f of cartoon fame, ! has been eonpoeted in' Hawaii.. ', Thet political reporter bf'Th Hilo Tribune, t f,i jLjt,Lt! '..lpy i. a.,, i bious, report of "Link' McCandless' candidacy, delivered himself of the following:" - ' ... "Honokaa. cocktails are now. all the rage along the Hamakua ; coast. The , ingredients, are kept secret but it is known that the concoction 13 at least wet. Vfv.v;. : . 'Tbe immediate effect produced by imbibing the refreshment is an over-vrhelming desire to vote' against Ku-hio. The tipple has evjen caused red hot. Republicans to declare, themselves 'Home, Rulers, but even the worst the mixture can do haa aot so far,fcreated any votes Jor Doctor. Raymond, " "The-nevdrink1 ia non-alcoholic. 4 It is far verse lhan, that. It affects the political 5 -faith -of . everyone who par takes. rTt is rumored that Delegate ! Kuhio will be asked to sample the stuff -when he passes thTotrgh Ilouokaa, the purpose being trt have ,him, retire in favor ofMeCabdless:' - ' - DiftlfluMD: TO GET; DOCUMENTS The iFollowing draftees, to whom, notices, for induction into, military ,ser vice were mailed, . and" which . notices, have been returned undelivered to the Local Draft Board No. 1, of Hono lulu, are requested to apply at the draft office for tbe. documents: . Joseph Koikoinni, Kualoc; Oahu; . Kalei !Kahale, Cooke, Street, Ilono-lula;. ' ' ' ' '.. - Gorokiclii Jfuraoka, iretcalf Street, Honolulu ;,-. t: . John, Kelii, . 1CGI . Queen Street, Ho nolulu;' Kwanji Tanaka. S. S. Manna Kca, Honolulu; Usabura Nakahara, S. King near Ala pni Street, Honolulu. GOOD POSlfiONSfOR- There are at least 1hree hundred positions open in the Internal Revenue Her-vice, of . the Treasury" Department for auditing. clerks , Applicants .for these positions will not be required to be assembled at any one place for an examination but will be j-ated upon education, training and experience and a thesis filed with-their application. This position is for women only.' The entrance salary is from 1200 to $1400 ajpd, there Js an opportunity of advancement np td 2000 per year depending entirely upon one's fitness a shown by ability, industry and aptitude for tha work .required of this josition. Thff "government nlso , requires the Berviees of clerks with knowledge of jteaography . and typewriting, plerk bookkeepers, bookkeeper-typewriters as well m regular stenograplier and typewriters. . . . The closing . paragraph of a . letter from Washington states , as follows: "Tlie need for stenographers and typewriters grows more acute daily.. Lit er-nlly thousands ,of workers of this class wiil be needed In the government offices at Washington ' during the ; next - few aionths." - Information concerning any of these positions may be obtained by calling at j the office of John W. Short, at the cus- j toms house. at the. foot of Fort Street, between the hours of nine and four-. thirty. : I w. s. s. Three Years Ago Today Russian he?k re6ton ie .'allies fn'Ga? licia. - . t - i . . German report states that the British have lost 50,000 men al the Dardanelles since August 6th. , Potency WOMEN ARE OPEN Industrial School1 Girls Work " And Want To Do So; Course of Supplying Keip in Canning Pineapples. Explained; ' Saved Fruit Ti?at Might Other- wise Have Spoiled; . j With eighty girls out of 1.10 in the girls' industrial-Mthool workiug iu the pineapple cannery word has " reached ; some of the officers of the institution ' that; there, had 'been ad verse j-ritieism , regarding the long hours they were ; permitted to work . and the act that they were forced by the officers of the institution to do this work, al;of which is now stigmatized'-, as verging" upon ' Hun propaganda.'.' j v , , As a matter of fact Miss Sadie. C.'-Sterritt, matron and superintendent of . the industrial school, staled ye-.terday i that when a suggestion was made, that the pineaiifde. cannery was lit need ; of . hands during the; rush to save the : fruit, she called all the girls together and told them that all who volunteered to work would be given n opportrrai-ty, and at the saine,time she explained about the : work ; a ud ,tlt the pay would be nine cents an hour.' .-. r j Wanted Tneir Chance ' jf; ' Out of all the girls in theschool 12il of them volunteered. Only eiguty of them are permitted; to work at the same time, but, if any get tired or want to quit, then some other " girl is given a chance to work and earn some money, all of 'which is placed to her credit.' There has been soma work mg overtime, as cnargeu, nut it was in emergency and the girls were told that-was their way of doing their V, save the fruit ou part of a government contract for 5,000 cases, ing overtime, as cnarttea, ?ut it was in and they were all delighred to ilo so, especially as they got xtra pay for their overtime. " Ed, Towse, as one of those interested ia the 'work of the scbool,'"who ' bad heard some adverse comment about the' employment: of - these girls, wrote to Miss Sterritt asking for foil information "and received the following reply, which explains itself: t3ke great , pleasure in replying to 'your request for .information in re ouf girls working at the pineapple can nery. In the first place, I am glad .the- public is taking an interest in the institution, and that you have called my attention -to adverse criticism. Entirely Voluntary , - "Th& facts are as follows ' : the man- king -ora- industrial aeer of the ' Cali f or nia Pack pany requester tneDoara ot inanstriat schools to allow the girls to worK at. the eannery during the rush.season, because of the -shortage of labor. This matter, "was. placed before .the girls as 1 a voluntary proposition, , ami was ex- 1 . plained as a, war "measure. J ! Naturally it was also caled to their "attention . that everyone -at this time must do her bit and- help ia evry . possible .way. ( It- is gratifying . Jo note that of one1 hundred and thirty girls in the school f, only de' dil not -volunteer. ' This gi rl js not. working at the cannery; Overtime Work I 'Owing to nnttsua! weather condi- -tions the fruit has ripened very rapid-Iv this year; and regrettable as it is, . that the hours have, been long, they j have'iri" no instance been fourteen hours a day.'- The matter of overtime and . Snnday work was put up to the girls and they voted their willingness to . stay by "the work; and T fee' that this was "very commendable- ou their part. ' Itf-was simply work over time or the, Ouit wou bl? rot, The longest day has ' been thirteen hours with pay for four-' teea and a half hours. The wage is nine and a half cents per hour." This c we admit -is . finalt ' pay but it is in -keejnng with ' other Hawaiian indas- tries. Thev .tiaie j earned - to . date $3037.20 all of whi-h is -jaid to their personal ar-counts. y . All Gain Work .' 'In a .matter of standing, seats are provided for all -the girls and they stand or sit as they choose. A., special car, takes them ,to-and from the can nery, and . they . are accompael by j two teachers, one a trained nurse, who J looks after .their, physical welfare. We keep monthly record ot tue weignt 01 each girl," ami ia consulting this record ; we find that every girl woiKiug at tne;a eaunery has gained in weight.',' 1 W. S. 8. PASSENtiKRS ARRIVKH ', Dtr Inter-iMiaiiil -steamer 'Manna Kea i from. Hawaii and Mani porta. ,.Auust 31- . Kroui I Is wall ft .? Aiwl rews. .lis Anita Andrews. V. -Andrews, Miss T. Andrews. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. AldrtHi, Miss MU.lre.l Ayres. .. MIhs v AUee Kiiapp. Mis : A. B. t'hamberlaln. -Mli I'. Kavrnmtl. Miss t". W.. Ka.vtmnid. -It. Ouinn, l. H. It Kay-monrt.' MtsH ('. Chw.hi. ' Mlsii I.. Wood. Mlas 8. Tw,. ' ; A. 1. .ihorlt. - J. I.ierlit -fool. Mm. J.; M., oiinifi; Miss A an if Yonnn. Arttwr ltavldsou. H. Orimra. H. K. Martin.. It. ; Ln.3i. William Kulix. . ('arson, J. A. Aousa. Mr. and Mrs. i. Pmlmore.' A. Ial - "litnr Y. Ito. M'stir Han 'liu-k. I). Lndd'k.- Mrs. William I'ivUg.Mrs,. r. .. Wana and infant. .Tom O'Brifn. Mrs. K. K. I.ahir'- ami tlirs. lausri-'- Miss ranfira. Mw, Mi-Nally Min:li.f.l. Gordon; Mr. and Mrs. H.i.l!tn rt!..Mr. an.df.AIrs J. L. Ilopwood and three cldldren. Mr: and Mrs. J., Jidnby. Miss O. Burr. Miss II. Wikandr. Mr, and Mrs. V. Thompson "and maid,--Mis Havl-land, Mrs. M.-.L. Ashley, Mrs. Frank Kiiifir. Mrs. K. 'Heller, MIh L. t'oleman. Miss ,1. Coleman. 'Miss A. Idas. Miss IV Xacaktht. Mrs. (ieorite 4'yjdis-r ,anl. Infant., liar.- K. S-kl. -A.-Kanjo. .Mrs. U. H. Bryant. . Mhs Hilda BrvanL Miss Oeraldine Bryant. lis Allwn Williams, Mrs. M. B. Silverman.! IT. L- t'aum. U.- K. Womnck. Miss M,Tsbla Chonff, Mrs. L. K. Motiiise. Miss Alice ('hong. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. P.erincer and child, Mrs. James-r.icknell.; Miss Ur lUvk-nell. Mrs. fleorjre" 1. TuH'k. Mrs. N. X.- Hnsser. Miss Husspf, Mrs. L. T. Fuu-kn Miss "Weieht. Miss Wclsrht. Miss Was, Frank ATametla. . ?ar WUIianjf!. Lam Xtli, Mrs. J. W. Walilroa. two children and two j malus: - M1RR Al.- criifDani. r,a Miiiimn, Mrs.- Bonatnr and two .-children. - Miss . H. Owllen. 'Mi! Abbic , Mahoe. . Mis It. " l.; RanKom. leorKC Yamada. M. -Shisraki. Sam Kwiakanni. Oeorr Silva, H. Iinpkp. From Maui-Mr. ioo Hp. Miss Helen Goo. Miss Akana Goo. Master Ah Chow, Master Chone Goo. Master Kpnjr H. tioo. M Rwhti. Sir. and .Mrs-- nan T. t'arey. Miss S.Carey,-Mter Tom Carey. Master l'rey.wA.. 8.v Fernandez, J. Jlt. Knrowa. George Wei srrit. Mr. and .lm. O. K. Swe-ev jfnd eluld. B. Aukai. Mrs. Cchida. V. Villaro. Mrs. Taketa. Mrs. N'akata and rhlld. j. . Mackenxie. Mrs. A. ATaro. Mrs. I. JlonU and Infant, , Mrs. K. B. Bevius, Miss Myrtle Taylor. J. L. Alameda. i ., W. 8. E. ; SUGAR ON HAWAII 'Hakalan '--49,036, Paauhan 5557, -Hilof 11,851, Onomea 18117, Pepeekeo cleared, Honomu 4sW, Olaa .' l WO, ' I.anpa-hrhoe 24K1, Kaiwiki isOO, llaiuakua 400. Record ;of Conveyances IOCl!MENT8 KNTKRKD OF KKC- ORB, AtGl'ST 81, WW. All inifriment left far mtrd Aug- , list x.l, are ready, for delivery. - ' - MEKDS f ' - . FlitST TRUST CO OR HILO, LTD, Tr . to Mitsutroro Iiodo., It 3 o.Kul .lUWi, HHk).v, Tract.! HJlo: HawaiL. Aug 19, . l'.tlV!"0"- ISABELLA (if XAMArt to KlnJ Yu Ho. Lot 47a. t'hrr.v-vale Tract, Honolulu, Auer 22. IMS. $275. --" ' H HOKf'NOltr to S Komo, 2 pes . la ml, Kfojtn J, N KOna, Hawaii, Aug 24. IMS.'. Iuh, Knna, Hawaii, Auj? i. 191S, flfloO MORTCAtiK - : - - s WII.L1AM MEKsBHCKiiH WV tcr'Ro- sfflila A ' Linn . Mii,.,n- lanil. . I'urtnifbu, - Kohaia. Hawaii. Ausr 1. i tf'llATTRl. AlOKTUAiE KIM KI ,TO et Al to i-Sakamoto, lease- iiym. . tiu.uveiUH-ii... iiupiuou.reropw.t, ivonaia, tut wan, Aug 10. 191S, $;UMN). , . , Kcbuiuun - CarrUiKe-- Co, J K- CLAKlvi. t Ltd. aiitouiobiW.Ter of Hawaii. Aug "-i- ', ' . " ... . '. OAHT t oLLKOK bv .Vm to Fiank L Hgt M Re Iik B.Kk- SU J'ujire . t.". Auk ; , r.iis. ,; 'KRKWENTtt . f. ; snn HN CAKUIAOK CO. KT!." with K f: Couwflt.' lo- s-ll. for $04J.07. Hul - scHirMAN CAltitlAC.K.t o. LT1. with O I'ow. r.- to. Krli for $."'.200.0.-. Marmou Tour!); cr.;;oaBM.,)Aif,if v tw.t :l'owaii-c. , .- HCHI'MAN CAltUlAOK CO.I.TIX .I:iins, Waialf-ulf. to spH for $1Vut, , Hudst.n. Automobile; t i:ihu. Auk 1". with J tftl" 1 lftis. .: SC I M 1 Al A N CAUUIAtli: .CO. LTIL with Albert Parliani'eut. to sit for f 4'tile": Aittouiobih.- aUu.. Aug iai, H H i l S CA It It I AO E CO. LTD. wit U Al Ouo. to Rfli lor 771..'W. lais Fo.U .? .ttool iH, filin Anr W 1!1S. $ol0. SCIU'MAX CAHKlAfJK -CO.. LTO with i ttw.iivo" to .ll f..r il72?..40. Cal- pllac ,AiiiouiobU. :A oatiu. v Aujr a l1 'n?-MK:' CARItl AOE f CO, ' i.TI witli (i.T Wik'T.'tii sen for $oi.wv jsnujiT- : Uiti4l Automobile. Alltr 8. 8. iMATKl lAf ap n I lllA nivTUl IV 1 ill- kAKIK y U 0 fiUa M Uf DMimO; . i j, ;dvv ? --ir v.-- i- : iTl"l lt"t n Uiidlo Hli Dlst rust of banks cost . a.. Filipino eouple of Wailuko nbmed Atfaton their entire savings of $:'.20, the Mani News reports. Agate, a prosperous me,ehanjj, kept his money in a trunk at his bom. Three other Filipinos, Peter de la Cruz, an ex-convict, Faustinq Oabuhat ami Hstanislao Pangelinen, learned .the hiding place and the night of. August 10. when the Agatons were at the mo- -i vies, thev'looted the trunk, the.robberf ( not being discovered until a week later. I The robbers were loeat j where thev had" spent few davs of high life, ai 1..,, w.:r-fcll ,v, I The robbers were locate! in nouoiu- the' money, in and taken back , ..... v . ther eonfessed their , gun. Thev will be tried next month.' -W.s.a. - TO MOVE T The Japanese hospital will move the latter part of this month into its new quarters on Kuakini Street, from the present site on l.iliha, near School street, it was announcei yesterday. ' . The new:quarters on Kuakini Street are completed and ready for occupancy at any time, ' - The annual meeting of , the Japanese Charity Association of Hawaii, to which the Japanese hospital belongs, .will be held September 16, at the Japanese school on Nuuanu Street. The election of eleven trustees who are to organize a board of trustees to have the charge of the new hospital, will then be taken "P. . ' ..... w8-8 . - DIES IN EFFORT TO 1 v RESCUE HIS BROTHER Perry Pu, a student -of I.ahainaluna school.? aged 19, drowned in the sea cffjHuelo, Maui, last Monday while trying to Yescue.his ten year old brother, who was strangling in the break ers. The mother of the boyB narrowly" escaped death .when, she bravely went to their assistance but succeeded in bringing the younger lad to shore after hard fieht. Perry became xhausted and went down. w. s. a. AMERICA AND GRICE ; SIGN SERVICE-TREATY WASHINGTON, " Augusf 31 (Official) Secretary of Htate Lansing for the TTnited States and the Grecian am-Lasxador for his nation have signed the treaty between the two countries making the citizens, of each, country who are resident in the other, available for military service. The treaty vis practically identical in terms with those signed with other -co-belligerents. von r hTert LYng-soon'- . ' TO QUIT JS .RUMOR WASHINGTON; September 1 i Associated Press) i-Von Hertling is soon to resign, is, the Berlin-, rumor- which is reported from neutral" capitals. His advancing age( is given, as the cause ami it is said' that Dr. W. S. Wolf, now colonial secretary will succeed him. . . , w. a. 8, t I TAKE' L0NR TRIP WVI1-L. I HTC UUHIfs I nlr INTO CENTER OF AFRICA . LON'DOX, August 20 (Associated. Press) A three weeks' trip up the Congo Kiver by a steamer is in -store for .Harry ,A,, McBride,. of Detroit, United States consul, iu London, who left here recently - oa a .government mission which wilLtake'him to. Central Africa. Mr. McBride, who was formerly, t'nited States consul In Belgian Congo, expects to, spend four or five months in Central ; Africa on .business for the United States government.. Before departing for the Belgian Congo, Mr. McBride is to go to Mon rovia, the capital t)f, Liberia, having I lately been appointed temporary re-1 ceiver -general and financial adviser of the Liberian government. IIIAA v.ntfiiui-v . . . - f .. . I v... . .,: JAPANESE HOSPTA HIS MONTH BOY SCOUTS START Two. Hundred Strong They Reach 1.1 Camp Jo Find All In Readiness For Their Comfor.t With 'all preparation complete the various troops . of Boyv Scouts, ' strong, gathered at the end of the Kai- mukt ear line yesterday morning, sbort- ly after.eigkt o 'clock, and started for their. annual encamnment at Camn V ild- i and Afakapuu Point. The . road - Was onsr amt rough- for iart of the wav , . i ivut lucre were no sirai-i mini iiir I Sc-outs. jrathered. -at.xamp jn. the. aftvr. uoon and answered to the roll cull. W, H. IPop Hutton, Jcont command- er," was in charge, while Commissioner . Hay ward'- had Commissioner Bnriiham j went over, by May of .the Paliroad to ' join the .camp, where every accommo- dation fi been msde for the comfort or tii eout an.i rotir regular armj cooks had a fine dinner for the-hungry marcher!) .allreatlvat an early hour. l ' Arir headquarters is eoone-ati ) with the Bov Scont camn and h:is ns- signed the "Rev.T. Knox Bodel, chai'ain of the Second Regiment at S'-holield Barrack s" ' and former commander of Troop at' Hilo, Hawaii, to the camp, us well ps- feveral. former fenuts n w serving "in the srmv, who hove been envon detsehed Cy in. connection with j th cit)t activit ies. J : While; in camn there will be rc-'n'ar j exe-pises and . drills ..with all th S.-mt ! worK atut maneuver to vo tiiron'jh ithr but'tlsere will nlso e lo"ls of f"tv wi'h v io'mine- and ftshins.' nnd hiV'ug in e Ticarbv bills .1 d r uo-gettipr the i'Ofl voumr .co-its ae' okinsr forwf rd . . tiro of their . young lives for the next wee. : w a. s. NE Pi N BELGIUM Giris From Kakaako Spend Sum - 1 mer In Worth-While Work' 1 - ' Following' a ' highly ' suecesnf ul series of working sessions in the paslors of the Ceatrat, Union Church' the campaign for making lajettes for Belgian babies. eame. to a close "yesterday. . Under the auspjeesdf the ladies -of the church about, forty V girls" -froin Kakaako have been , employed during the summer to 1 make -these; layettes, during which time tey-Zhave learned to work and have eartted money, while at the same time aequiring habits of. industry. -j Mrs; C.yBi' page has been , in charge . oi . this J work which came tp an , end yesterday so that, the girls might prepare to return to school and have some time to themselves before beginning' their, school year. It ia reported that . a total of 415 complete' layettes were made,, each set containing forty pieces; a'l .of which have been or are" being shipped to Belgium through the relief commission. " LOiflLECff ! TO SUCCEED HUndN Carlos Long, secretary of the lirpior license board, has been appointed license inspector for the Island of Oahu, taking the place of W. Hutton, who has resigned to become Scout executive of the local Boy Scouts. Mr, Long will not be obliged to d6 the "pussy-foot work, which Hutton was formerly engaged in and will devote his time principally to issuing permits for persons and firms entitled to have liquor for sacramental, medicinal, scientific and , mechanical purposes. Mr. Long will be paid by appropriation or out of the emergency fund. " Mr. Richard Cooke, chairman of the board, said yesterday that the Honolulu Prug. Co. was the only firm so far which had applied for a permit to dispense liquor for medicinal purposes. Applications for this privilege can be filed, however, at any time with the board. , ; One of the little fellows of the Boys' Workiug Reserve and ; who just returned from a Rummer's - season, of working oua plantation, was adopted yesterday in the juvenile court by Henry JS Herrick, head pressman of The Adiertiser. .The youngster lived in Hilo and had goue through school to the sixth grade but his .onlyr friend there was unable to continue to be his bvnef actor. lie then joineil the boys ' reserve, went to Kauai, met the young son of Mr. Her-rttk; an.l, returned -to 'Honolulu -with him. He looked for work, but just then the father of the boy 's new friend decided he would adopt him. This was accomplished yesterday. The boy will start in as a "newspaper carrier. WAINS WITH VASE There . was ,a special ceremony at the. Hawaiian fertilizer, works jester-day at noon when the employes of the plant presented . Norman Watkins, for many years manager of the works, with a handsome solid silver case as a testimonial of their appreciation. The oe- casion was when Mr. Watkins finally severed his connection with the plant as manager to accept the managemeut i BABES i -MiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuriiiiniiiiiiMtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiniiuiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiinn TIIH , the A liberal S They nreet rlush S decoraliom fi auy w-ay.c with'the Tt is often desirable to operate two electrical 'devices at the same, time, 'such , as the Electric Percolator 5 S- and the Electric Toaster; th Electrie Iron and Fan. ..This can be done with. Duplex Outlets which admit of J 2 two cotinei-tious- from the ame rei-eptacle. ' ' . .'., - 2 I SAVE- HST: SPBY.W1RE ! In order to assist ; Society for Electrical ber for special effort ;5 trically" and thereby We do our bit by making Special ReducedPrfces on al) house wiring for the month of September. installation. - I cost of "'his will ; li i : s S' you to THE HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC ; EE iiiiisiiiiiisiiiniiiiiEiiifiitiiiittiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiirTiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiriiiitiiiiiiiMifuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiititiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiti Fit Styles SUPERVISOR ARNOLD . . . i JO - " - PJ.fl-,. Charles N. (apt. Charles N. Arnold, First Ha waiian Infantry, and Miss Julia K. Colburn were marrieil last evening at half past seven o'clock at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Colburn III, Berctania street. The ceiemc-iy was performed by Rev. Henry If. Parker, former pastor o Ka-waiahao Church, the bridal party ? including Miss Julia K. Colburn, sister Of the, bride and Lieut- Clareiwe M. Hughes, First Hawaiian Infantry. ' , Captain Arnold, who is commander of Company I1 of his regimentj'and stationed at Seholielil Barracks, is also a member of the board of snpervisoi- of the city and county of Houolulu. Pre vious to enterwijf" military service he was iu charge of the storehouse at Aiea for the Honolulu Plantation, and was also purchasing agpnt for the company. The briile is a daughter of John FI Colburn of Kinau street.. of the merchandise department of. American Factors Limited and to be a director of the company. Mr.. Watkins' successor will le O, G. Owen, former superintendent of ther works, and recently in charge of " the San Francisco oflice and whose experience with the company in resonsiMe Yositions is a. guarantee that be will "make good" in his new position. ' jviore Kjutiets Islore Service big advantage of electrical appliances is convenience with, which, ihey can be used. supply of Wall, and Floor Outlets in. theft home adds materially to this convenience, and enables you, to 'get the most .service .from, your electrical appliances, v. ; wall and Can be installed without marring the woodwork, or disturbing ihe S in the National Movement! to Conserve fuel! The; Development has set aside the month of Septeni- 5 in its endeavor to encourage people, to" "Do it Elec- release fuel for other purposes. Everv additional Outlet means more electrical help ami convenience and less work: -Your health and comfort are worth many time's the small cost of the If yoa will mail a postcard, or 'phone us at 34.11, our TPreseiitat;'e will call and furnish yon an-estimate of the installing one or more of these convenient Outlets. place you under no obligation, and .learn how reasonably this work can be Electrical Headquarters.' Sfees for Boys and h Sch061'i!: : Above all the Shoe for the, growing foot mast fit properly. This, does not mean a close fit, but a SHAPELY FIT. Our Shoes for ChHdren are. made refuse to carry Shoes of substitute In keeping with the trend of adult fashions. Regal. Shoe COR. HOTEL AND FORT STS. m B mmm mm RICHrAND NOURISHING ' Packed in-'l lb.'ss jars Hency May & Co., Ltd. Distributors ' Velvet Ide; Cream WALNUT. MAPLE GUAVA ORANGE STRAWBERRY TUTTI FRUTI 1542 Honolulu Dairymen's Ass'n 4676 will enable done. 8 3 S ITD. s s s S of ALL LEATHER, leather. T We Stom Strawberry CHERRY FRESH STRAWBERRY CARAMEL . VANILLA CHOCOLATE BUTTER SCOTCH CO., is 3 . . 1

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