The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1937
Page 8
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•PAGE'SIX BLYTHEVn.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 Wanning Up 1<W A. Warm-up SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1937 ""V f.n vv:-;i)\ Sports Ktlilor, NK.V Servir? NE\V YOHK, Dec. 10- -Joe J.'i'"' • >- rbht. If M-ix S:-luivliiV4, i-isl s.> and ruslv as h« U alter ;iu 18-months' layoff, can'l beat H'rrv Ilionias, he scarcely belongs In the • same stndiuin with Joe l/iuis, j UnleES Sclimeling has i;one !«'••: ( step Thomas inside of oi-jlil of th scheduled IS ro.mils at the fiiir ileii. Dec. 13. ;<! »:<• .n-oos li:i'i the !•?: rllth av.i- r ^ii."-i> ,. ,.-<».^i i.. ^iivin'i<\ •••'"• ilie nrl:wi riiiLi'inT tram M to . Ml.50, but judging )>.• the chill on ; West 43th street, I hi- prodwion ] will bo fortunate io :lo )nlf Dr.". ' •nmount. NO one 1ms been kitlrl in; Die rush for the )iiglirr-|irlml lie',:- , cts. This is traced to iuai-tiviu- ir.i ,ihc part of cloak and suite'"., loir; the backbone of New York rlnv- sidcs. and who necessarily nrc in sympathy with the iwli-Nav.' riviv". ,' 'ichmeliur inevclv is warming-up fee his second edition willi Joe i Louis next June. Fcr.v daub 1 tint. ll-o German will get over .Thomas. | fivj ri'^ht now II appears that lh«'i Samuel Uniermycr influence will rhnse Hie biggest boxing show ylnc«' [ Ihe Dempsey-Tunncy meetin-^ fo Chicago, where the itntl-Nni'.i leel- liij! is not so stroii!;. Thomas Has the (;h:mrV of flic I'uiu-hcr j Thomns. the erstwhile farm !KV. [ college footballer und ivresller. mi- ?ior league catcher, cowboy, und locomotive fireman ami engineer, would be ft sucker for SfhincHn- it it were not for Ihc furl Ih'il he can pimoh. Thai's his eiil. chnnce . . . that of a i>nn»li"r. which somedmcs isn't sw~h i\ slim one al that. Save for that lonid June nidi 1 in 1933. when Max Uner cli|i[>"<l him, Schmelins lepcalcdly luis il- . Itistraled that he coulii take it lite I the Phillies, nml there were exU»j-1 uatlng circumstances when tliv i Butterfly Butcher Boy nlaee;) a lilv i n the Ferocious Frankfiirl;r':> hand. But it goes without sayiiv; tin' I Schmcling can't n-ilhslnnd ihe wj\- j lop that he could when he mv!e '•-- in llils cruntry nine winters ngo. And they all so when hil. rlslil. There have been iinmislnk.iW^ si-jus of corro.sion iu thi £;-innvli:i' fighting equipment al Summit, tmrl there. Is evidence of jutcrincss nr, Die Tliomas test appvoaches. Joe Jacobs INckr:! the Hailroail Alan It now develops thai Joe Jucubs selected Tiiomas, virtually nnfc'w" in Manlinttan. and the fnvoi'.ibli 1 impression marie hy (he FM<»|e Bend, Minn., lieavyweiglit iu Poinn- 1on Lakes ]jss nt least one member of the Schmeliii!; entourage worried.. He is Max Machon. the I'rel- zel Pounder's faHhful trainer. As we get it; Machon susnefU that his pride and jo,- has pli-ke;! up a hot nail. While not exactly a speed mcv-l chant himself. Eclimpliivj Is vasilv faster than Tliomns. who atiparent- )j' thlnk-s as slowly as he mows While he also is n glutton to'.punishment. Thomas is open as I he Cioldcn Gate, and S:hmrlin« Is :\ sharpshooter with his richt hand The Teuton will out-maneuver and out-phenagle the railroad man. and while TJiomn.s to dale seems to In' taking the affair in stride, the fact that he is tackling a first-rate on- ponent for the first, lim: may have some effect upon him. So it would seem thai, ail Ma* Gchmeling has to <to to keep tht path to another shot at Jce Li »•• clear, is keep his chin down. Too frequently it has been km onstrated that the best nf filht. r -.can't outsmart a sort: ?.n the j\\ France Issues Protestantism Visitor's Book PARIS (UP>—Protestant sh nu ill,Franco and n history of P*»te tantlsm in (he country are in?!uil"o in a new booklet issued in English under the auspices of M. Roland Marcel, high commissioner for tourist travel in France. The booklet is designed for the convenience of all Anglo-Saxon Protestanis A reproduction of the statue of Gasnard de Colony, the Hugenol admiral of France who met lit death on St. Bartholomew's da i. the cover design. Historical notes trace Protestantism in i r through its establishment, the period of the religious wars, the Edict of Nantes In force, the "wil dcrness" period when thousands of Hueenots fleet to the wilderness rather. Hi an foreswear their faith and the period of increasing liberty, to.the present. Shrines include Etaples on the Channel coast where Lefevre. the Initiator of the French Reformation, was born; Ncrac. where he died in the chateau of the Queen of Navarre; Strasbourg, where the first French Reformed Church was built In J538; Nantes where Henri IV granted the Hugenots freedom of worship In 159S, and many other places throughout the country which are of particular interest to Protestants. :fc-iitunne forward and lateral pass- Texas Chrlslinii University club to ~cs, lliis year averaged almost three a Sugar Hov.1 victory at New Or- touclidowns a game. i leans. 'Hie offense then probablv Coach [Jaim X. liible of Texas,; >vas the best In the three veais I who teaches "power" football us 1 considered ; compared with the spectacular, op- ! J < 1'oses "any change in the rules." xe»! y u«] s Upset t:«unt, "«aihi>r iba ncK-s Af/amst Chanainiz ' w " rd !*"«"«? "" n i T W Y r» I*"' iwofe.sslo.iiil Ku'es I o Weaken De- j restrict it to snow fense Setup ' ™$ CL!" " " "itioi""' the ules. I only one " "' d< "™ s for- '; 0 "''!- v 1UH1|>S ' S ncwjy . oll | . marne ,to,-- 1 ™ lrt "">' iii! " '< ;>kr " " 11S a ••°' ™ s " "" """' """"'* ; ; - ihire days el' il rclurr.ed married couple who ',0'1- llnilril I'ress Stair Con FORT WGHTII. Tex. Jloiit'iwjsl Conference s.'OM 1 .-* have dc'jlhicd t'nr:-. a circumstniice thui . '.I! •il»il:: lo rules fii curing the ile- !i !!•<•. but couches believe tin- I'H'ii; i; all right as it slomis. Oonl'tTi'iice coaches inter- by United I' opposed Hit- •,:tK*e\l«l c- v.tiKi! Oiciw in UM> in prolY-.-.sionui leayuesl that wouM :i!!<;\v a forward passer lo tiirov.' Conference 'ui: decreased since' i IMS. Tnst year. teams' looibsil! averaged 'fi:> points ,*,• Kam< - uor — three ;| )0 i|, t ,. amSi , jl(St y (.„,._ Ule avc| ._ ; " »Bfi K'une Mure cropped lo 11,(J i t.'.U fall the iiveraj-i: was 1 sinoiit Hi poi'its. While thoM: figures tend to show ihul tin: Ls gaining In power, il Ijf /jointed out Uiiu i 19:i5 protaoly was Ihe "golden i yfar" ol the .Soiiuiwttil when Bo!>- i Wilson and !:!-; Soulliern Mclh- Iroin any point back of HIM line o; I *' y wilso " am! !:1>) Soulliern Mcth- IVrMmmnti'. Present InliwolliH'lalc i Uli; ' 1 u »l«'rslly tr-sm went lo the i ink- letjunc UK; passer t,, ;„'. ;U • "«-se_«swl and Sam mugh led the I )l :ii.1 lil'n frtivlf Ii.i.-lr ~~' ' ~ liidhins tiathcr wild turnips on the prairies uud dry them until (hey are as hard as billiard balls. Iti tiio wintertime, ihey are soaKccl until .'oft :u>:i i-mcji raw or in stem's. Harvey Stewart Dr. P, A. Robinson STEWART-HORINSON Suect-Pils City |)ru K store Wo Specialize m PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine .M Liquors 2014 W. Main ['hone 20 !l limy In- ju."l a wnrin-up lui ihe ime in ihe minds of ringworms, bin Ihe Max Schmilmg-Hany Thomas la-round battle at Madison Square Ciardun, Dec. II, :s business to (lie principals. |,elt. perhaps, is how l;i« Schmeling looks in Tliomas. RlRlit, Gene Tupney drops iu mi Bc-hiiK'iin; al fiiii.imll, N. J., und jmlfiiiB by the facial expressions, they agree that liglitinu isn'i exactly a lark when you're |)ii:.l 3'2 an<i have boon oir the tirhiy Hue lor li! innnths. Opposes Masked "KnITian" "The I] it I oc t' Illicit hiu I I ^I. i ^.ibbii i it'iun nt ^ Charlie i nun! M !oul niui louiih no m-n i d il i n \,l, o v. i Miima^ul ') d v i), ,| , , u , iin,n\ n f v , m tch \uih Naje.-u Mniln i. nl will his mi i on i^alm (o jiiei-i I|, Ul , t,,,!,,, ,( m , Kn , .nppi,, wlt i, liviuy e tactics und little t-lse. II should be a lia'.tle with hold-; llninvi ..... an<i very few used. NEW PLATE - Bar' Will lurn Monduy Mcr! Siukcv Among the; Items discussed by major league ollicials 'at Iheir annual meeting in Chicnno was this rubber home plate with beveled edges, bems e.xhibilcd by Will Harridge, left. American League president, and Walter O. Urigis, Jr., rcpre?cnling his father and the Detroit Tigers. N'cw Field Slice Found BERKELEY, Col, iTJI 1 )—Discovery of four hitherto apparently unknown species of fu-UI mice iu! Monterey county find the taking; of a "kaiipnroo" mouse In Utah,! Unmasked durm- » near riot with fiins last week, "the mvslerious wrestler known only as "The But" wlll pi-rfonu ivithoiii his black hood i Monday night. Ills npponenl will be Charles Sinkey. ihe )>)!; fellow • from Corinlli. Miss., whose vou^h i tactics in the ring place him in llic i , same class with the Bat. who last ' I week was dis<nialiried by Referee : Mike Meroney for goiiginj the eves of Najeeb Knbban just before the j ->->os(ric di^l'ubaiice that netted Ihe Bat a blow on the bend with 1 a blackjack and the loss of his ! liood. I Kid Murciis. "tin- flyiui; Jew" will i attempt his flvln.; tickles nml body i blocks aaaiust Irisii Kddie Malone. ' billed as a resident of County Claire in the old country. Malone is a toujli one and it will take all Ihe skill of Marcus to hold his own. The matches are to get underway promptly at 8:15 o'clock at the lesion arena on North Second street. Local Basketball Schedule, i Still Partially Incomplete, Is Released The buys basketball schedule, for the city hi[-h school was announced today. The plans arc" not yet completed, there being four opt-n (tales mi the calendar. To dale I'.ie schedule runs Jan. 4 and 7 open: Jan. 11. Wilson, there; Jan. M. Shawnec. here; Jan. 21, Aimorel, hero; Jan. 25. l.uxora. there: Jan. 28. Shawnee. ; Him-; Feb. 1. open; Feb. 4, Mnnll.i. , IK-IT: Fob. n. open; Feb. li. joni. here; Feb. 15, Manila, there; j Fell. 18, Wilson, here. The county tournament will Ijr- M Ihe lust week- iu February-. I Bridge History i Told In News SAN FRANCISCO lUPi—With a j pair (>[ shears an:l a paste pat. a • t busy telephone operator — in ]j;>- i twei'ii "licllos" m her switchboard ; - -is tin- sole compiler of the fuur- ; yi-ar-ok! history ol Hie San Francisco-Oakland bay brldje. lar#-;;'t sliutiun- of its kind in the vvoil.-l Mrs. I.i-iln cilou-r daily pastes In j a larse three-foe I. .siiuare Icatliev - j lioiiiul volume' newspaiier and miiBiinne clippings, perininini; to the bridge. More than -10.000. newsp.iper and nuniproiis long tuasa/luc nrlleles and plciure.s nil four similar books, each weighing more llian 20 pounds and rontalii- ins thousands of inches •<][ stories and p;cluros ri'liUIng lo llic bridge and Us construction. Mrs. Glover b:is completed one book of clippings per year since IO:H. when slit- took over thc.jou. One small volume was collt-rlivf prior to that date, she said. The first clippiiiL!. dnled July 31. i 19;i:t. is 11 picture deputing crews [at work taking deep-water .souml- , in=;s oil Uip shores of Yerba Uneiin ! Island, in the middle of S;m Frau- 1 Cisco bay. It bears the capikui. "Where Oinnt Bridges Will Rise." When, the 22.720-fooi structure was opened lo traffic on Nov. 12, 1036. clippings received during dial month totalled more than, during all the other eleven months I of the year combined, Ihe 1930 volume revealed. The current issue of Mrs. Cilover's history slums that on the lirst anniversary of the bridge opening, 9,280,931 ' vehicles hud been driven down its six-Jane concrete surface. Mrs. Glover said she did not keep a scrapbook of her own.' live yards back. Couch 1'iwl Thomscn or Arkan-1 is thought that critics of tile ' i K>Urir--]iiGs|]y Kaslern toaeisos M'l.o . dfjiend njxjii limning iJlnys—: 1 would do we'll to visit the South- ' ('alb. Offense "Fine" i "i believe that the Torn-aril pass I rule should remain 'us is 1 ." :;;iki i Tnomsen. "I bi-llevc it is perfect :'.u;l. as football Is played in the ; Southwest Conference, I certainly 1 think the offense is fine. We do I not have to stress the offense." I Thomsen disagreed with a re- I purled statement by Coach Jock 1 Sutherland of Pittsburgh that Ihe defensive team now has the ad- ' vaniage. "I believe if he would see football played in this Conference, he nlso have said would realize that all ll-ey to do is open up a little." Thomscn. Tliomsen's team. WRESTING .MONDAY NlfJUT, S.-lfi O'CJ.OCK 'The Bat' vs. Charles Sinkey Sid Marcus vs. Eddie Malone AMERICAN LEGION ARENA Rtnd Co'iner Nevit. W'unl A0» JIENTiON! TO INSUIIK And (Ininl Performance For Your Car Through WINTER Ynn Should Huve H Clll'ctU'tl Ucsrillill'ly. \Ve .Miikc 'i'h'is Check HIE 1C for Hnikes, Limits, liulU'ry An I i-Freeze and \Vheti Alignment Ford Anti-Freeze Prestone Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Sth ami Wahnil 1'hdiic SID the Courier News want ads. A-"Protestant map of France." i was nnnounccd here by Jack C illustrations and in'mn.itliui ro- ' Von Blccker jr.. of the Museum! Ha?di9j Protestant innseums a:v of Vrrtebrjlo Xoolwv tlnivoisi'.v Jnduded Iu the booklet. of California QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices "n poultry at all limes. S SAVli MONEY AT GAINES MKT. US W. Main I'hoi FROM AMERICA'S FIRST MODERNISTIC PREPA|ATION PLANT As Modern as the Plant in which it is prepared $7.00 ton GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 76 CHALLENGE TO CHI'ZZLEWITS There once was a merchant named Chizzlewit who trimmed his tree every Christmas and his customers every day. He was a'canny, creature, this Chizzlewit, and knew how to win a customer by guile. The shirts he sold were cheaply woven, packed with powder to make them seem firm. To conceal their inferiority he told customers that he always wore them himself. In the glassware department he "made up" for poor quality by giving a set of pretty paper doilies with every purchase. He knew many cjuch clever tricks and used them without reserve. .Chizzlewit never advertised. He knew too well he could never fool people for long in print. . Advertising- must live up to its own claims. That is why you can have full confidence in goods consistently advertised. If the maker has a worthy product, fairly priced, he wants as many people as possible to know about it. If the product is unworthy, the printed word will only expose it .sooner. Christmas, and all around the calendar, read advertising. Makers and merchants stake their reputation, in cold black type, that what you read is true.

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