The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 30, 1943
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS .MISSION STUDY HELD BY riKST M. E. WOMEN •"•Ilia Woman's Society of Chrls- Jia'i Service, Fust Methodls jiC'Mnch, met yesterday afternoon Ml the ehurch foi mission study, •.•\Tlth Mrs. W. I. Denton as leader. „_ Mis. A c Hudson opened the inciting with a devotional on "Poace". These speakers, Introduced by Mvs. Denton, discussed these sub•.teots: Mrs. Paul Pryor, "iriterna- Authority"; Mrs. R. B. 'Btcu*. "Group Force or'Law and Cider?"; Miss Marjorie Warren, ."league of fVations and Why It Failed", and Mrs. Denton spoke on "Tost War Pro'jlrnis". The meeting .pas .closed '.vllh prayer by . the, ••'The executive board went to the 'lic.'iie of Mrs. G. G. Htibbarci'after i'lhi regular meeting at.which time ('quarterly, reports were given. Tills 'meeting was dismissed with pnij'er ;.t|y Mrs..G. W. Pyles. • . ' STIIKET WOMEN" MEET '•FOll <)UA11TERLY REPORTS I'l'l'iie Wojtaiis Society of Chrls> jlan Service, Lake Street Methodist , Church, met yesterday afternoon •iii,the church for a brief business Ijneeiii)!, 7 . ,,, Mrs. George Crews, opened the (meeting with prayer after which Hj-Jarterly reports were made by Hifficers and plans niiide : lo attend jiiip district meeting, April 9, at jifeiesboro. i;sj>fis. W. L. Green, president, <lls- JJMsECd the 22 present with prayer. I jtilliEE GUESTS ATTEND i'BUNCO-t:i,UB MEETING •i;;The Three-Quads Club met with .Jifr, DonJJdwaids l\st night when |Mrs. Raymond Mason, (Mrs. La- Vcrone Whittle and Mrs. Jimmy Terrell Wire guests. [^lUgh score was awarded Mrs. jSJill 'Taylor; bunco to Mrs. Turner • Kissell, low to Mrs. Mason and con Illation to Mrs. C. B. Klcne. ' The hostess s,er\ed a sahd plate .tv/d cold dunl at ihe .conclusion •W the games . Bits of News ., Mostly Personal fff, and Mrs Crawfoid M No Me. ai-s in Jone$boro where they Kill-suentl two npss because of 1h5~fleath of J r Parr, promi ncjji, l)U«mcss ma'i y,ho was fa tfli, shot josteidaj afternoon by Fn.d Mathes Air Noble is to sing __.. Cunningham whose ankle \ is IraoturetL yesterday is resting >nj well today He is at Blythe- Ml|e Hospital ' E Parkhurst went to (St 'l aru/s wen o | St Lojls" lod^y to buy goods for his ^tore." Mf| Robert E Lee King, vho cajnAMO dijG ago from Cleveland. visit her daughter Mrs Svquel F Rams, and limlU \ a ddlsct to St lllrfcss of a daughter, Mrs Leonar W Holt who ims Liilercci the hos pital for an operntion Hei con dilm\i u, not considered serious 9eor£6 W Bnihnm went to Lit rsCjRcck yesterday afternoon lo attend to bu s me<s He plans to ic tutn ton! lit ill Win Eagle Scout- Rank Philip Rccd and Ctele niilnoy, along with the ek|ci O 1' Rnincy. were awarded (he Eagle Scout' badge ni the .Court of Honor helii last, night nt the high school auditorium. .Graduation exercises nlso were held for u number of Cub .Scouts entering Boy Seoul Troops, find numerous Scout and Cub awards wore given. r ./>ng. Hi ^vos accompanied home by his brother, Toby ,iong, who! spent- the dny;ln Memphts. Mrs. Louise Hosp of Highway,01, vho has been' ill for two w^eks, Is greatly improved. * ' ' Mr. and'Mrs. R. M. Bradley and tfr. and Mrs. .John 'Bailey of P.dr- ageville, Mo., and Mrs. : Ben 'Yin-: yard of Cape Girardci\u, Mo., spent 1 Sunday here ns guests of Mr. and \frs. E. B. Gee. Lieut. 'Eugene Hood, who is sta- loned .at Warrensliurg, 'Mo.,, spent he .weekend here with'Mrs. Spoil and .tiieir daughter. '"'.'•' ' Davis Ira Gnlhe.s .elght-nipntti- old son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ira r ins returned (ram Mteiiiphl!! Bup- ,Lst Hospital where .lie'has been Jiidergoliig Jrealmcnt for =n st.oni- ach 1 ailment Mrs. J. A. . . . Leech, Mrs. J T. Rushton and Mrs. ,G,'. .W. Aflllck spent yesterday. In Meinphk. : Mrs. C. w. Affilck will leave'' to- lay for charlotte, N. C., .where she will .visit-, her mother, Mrs. f. H. Pleninions. She will' go 'from :herc tq;cliapel Hill, N. C., to.visit her daughter, Miss Mai y Jean.Af- fljck, who attends University,, of North Carolina. John Purtis, who has been quite ill, is'-Iniprovingv ^' t Mri 'Fiank 'lomlinson and daughter, Bettv Lou, of New Orleans, arrived yesterday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. S. P. Cratton and family. Mrs. Tomlinson and daughter will later' join her husband, HEALTH TALK Sponsored by • Arkansas Medical Society ...;.—,_.. OF CANCKU We ..arc iibont n,E weil-informed as any yinlion ..on .cm th. -but what Amerlenijs '..t\a' not kiioiv uboiil s.uch-a-,common .condition as can- .cpr ;is .vln.belie,vi\ble, say.s loilny's .bulletin from tiic Coiiimittec on Public Relations '.of' the Arkansas •MQdipal Society. Itecently a .survey made of 158 cancer pn- tlenLs In nn .eastern hospital. Tner<' had boon . consldcrnWe .delny in the .diagnosis ami 'treatment of 15.5 ,pf -tl.iese patients. Three patients came Immediately to Ihe hospital .for emergency .treatment —one i because ' of .Intestinal obstruction and. two, because of "hemorrhage. Only; oncrfotirlh of Ihe group of 'jmticntii'' had ever read anything on cancer. Of those who had', read about cancer, 'all. but two had obtained their • ; !rifornm- llbn from newspapers and popular magazines. Only two admitted leading 'public heall.h paniphMs Delay'in' the diagnosis- aiul treatment of cancel is one of- tfio. most, olitnln'bptur usulU^by. inolhod of treatment mw avallnble Thr dclinitlon of delay must necessarily be arbitrary.. It is well jinown 1 thnt the time rVcfjulred' to rccog-^ Ga. C. C. L ta, u.,u l llllil* ^ u^ i*-i n i.l KILCI julli Iltrl Jlll^UitilU, ^>I1LI LoulS' todni by the Lieut (j g) Tomlinson who is sta- nlze nnd diagnose, "n cancer which ,..hi., ^/^„ r nn ..^ ti tjoncd with the Navy at Athens, is. visible on the exterior will be. quite different from that on the' Interior, o[ the body.. Failure to altacli sufficient 'importance lo recognized leads, signs and symptoms accounts for most of the delay. Recognition' of cancer is pri-. marily an educational problem. In Arkansas, the Women's Field Army of llic American Society .'for . Wood who has been" ill, went to Memphis Saturday fon a chock-up. His condition is .very good. . Mr. and Mrs. .G. L. Heyde - of Jackson, Mo., have arrived to ; be Mrs Kate Bunch v,ho has been wlth Mrs - Meyde's sister, Mrs. M. F. Day and family, because of the .'ill-' Bly'thevillc Hospital yesterday, lion ... is Irproung Pvt Glide .stationed at Mather Field, and Pvt Russell Bunch of Camp Hocfi Texas are spending a 10-day luilough with her ' ._ ...„ ...„., Mr and Mrs W K J" and aftcr a blood transfusion. •- • on Kaj Jr of Pins Bluff, lm\e' Second Lieut. L. E. Old left this n» «r M T^ X --•""••••."•- -'"3 «' "»; nincncan society lor .» S -n • I » ay J h °» W ? S l(lk011 l ° «'«•Control of Cancer in r.oopsra- h •- "• •• His condition i^Uy hnpVoved s ^ s c^s£n IHviv^ W"*5£ *«!*.&«*'M*? ="»^ ^ X ° un n-aj jr 01 fins Btutf, h a \e ««.«•""« MUI.-i*. K. urn tell this ing April but l«i>rihiri>'iV mV/m S^K^n'c^ ™» -and Mrs Tom A L it- %*«* ^ -Old and other ^n ^'S^ ^ ^ tie mm Xamiij Mro C V bebiugli went to St. Louis Fridiy to meet hei daughter Jeannetla Jean Sebaugh, \vho is a student nt Drake.•Unl'ver- M»J, Ames Io\ n Mr Scbaugli \ cut to St Louis to be xvith them ^undiy and to iccompiny Mrs Sebaugh home. Miss'.Patty June Davis :has re- tjrn.d from Jacksonville, Fla., where she visited her brother, Pfc. Pan eft Davis stationed with thd «nry it Camp Blanding En route home she stopped at New Orleans •™ -visited her cousin Bill Cham- nlai \ r lio is a student at Tulane University Miss Davis was, away t\\ o *\ ceks Jclinni Long director of nn orchestra ui Memphis spent last Mek 'v, Ith his mo'hcr, Mrs John •Staff Sergt. Edward Edds it;- t.urncd to Chicago yesterday after a IQ-.tiay furlough 's]ient with his parents Mr. and Jfrs. C. E. -Elite. Sergeant Eilds Is tin instructor in ground school 'aeronautics of the Army Air Forces stationed nt Stevens Hotel. Miliard Edds, who is a medical student at Mississippi College, 'Clinton, came home for the week end to visit his family an dcspccinlly to be with him. Read Courier News want ads. >y writing Mrs. W. 1). Hrooksher, State Commander, 2809 free Ferry Road, . Fort Smith, Arkansas. Social Calendar —^- _ WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Harry Kirby entertaining Wednesday Bridge Club. A D c. Club meeting with Mrs Thad Nlchol. Wednesday Contract club meeting with Mrs. A. G. Hall. P and I,. Club will meet with Mrs. Beatrice Downs. O.B.C. club meeting with ivfrs Fred Copeiand. To*n and Country club meeting vith Mrs. j. p. Lcnti THURSDAY'S EVENTS Thmsdav Luncheon Club meeting ttJth Mrs. A. G. Little. : lid-Week Bridge Club will meet with Mrs W. L. Homer. Club 8 will meet with Mrs.'Sam Burns. AJrs G. G. Caudill entertaining Thursday Contract club. Double Four club meeting with Mrs Howard Frisby. Mrs Sam. Sites is entertaining Triple Table Cljb. Club 28 meeting at Woman's Club 8 o'clock for dinner dance Mr. and Mrs. Chester Caldwell' Mr. and Mrs.; Ed gar p. Bpruni and MJv.aiid--Mre.' Hosco Graf ton host ', aiw hostesses Club Eight meeting vrlth Mrs Sam Bums. Phebcan Sunday school Class First Baptist Church, will meet at 7-30 p. m, for party at church. Chest Golds To Relieve Miary Rub on Tested Bargain N! E ht Every Night Except Saturday. Show Every Night 7:00 Kox Office Opens 6:39 Continuous Shows s»l. and Son. Tuesday & Wednesday the Arkansas Medical to on cancer. -Its nyniial campaign is conducted tlur-= ng April but literature ir, made Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1 :45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO lUCN 9:<H> a.m. 12:« p.m. p . m . Tuesday & Wednesday JOHN WAYNE lOmtMIROlL-UHHUU MW.HIU.V.COS&OH iom HilBHSP'u'B"t > u"pltTURE March of Time and Short At The Hospitals iilythevllle Hospital Admitted- Victor Ifyde, city. , Hurley Williamson, Star Route, Hornewvllle, Mo, f.eathea Williams, city. C. A. Cunningham, city. Dismissed— Jlnimlc Faster, city, Mrs, Kills lliooks, city. Mrs. Ardcn V,. Crowdcr, city. M. P, Day, city. WAAC Recruiters Seek Volunteers A WAAC Recruiting Party, com- V/AAO Heciulllng Service, Little Rpck, apd Sgt, J..H. Stanjes, Jones- lMt'0, will give MTltteit examination to all WAAC applicants at the courthouse here nt 2 p. m. Thursday. A (pla! of j5?,000 women have IKCII enrolled in the WAAC. The number required by July is 150,000. Of this total number, 13,000 will be comml.'uioned o/flcers, and the remainder will receive specialists rating in Arjny Adiiiliilstifllion, Photography, Radio, and pther. similar skills. Women who arc Interested should meet the recruiting parly or con-: tact the nearest local civilian WAAC recruiter, iMLss Delia Turtle Marriage Licenses .Staff Sergt. Leonard G. McMitl- len, llarpersfleld, N. y., and Miss fettle Mae Clemens, Cnruthcrs- vllle, Mo.; Edward clay arady Trenton, Tfnii., and Miss Irene Chambers, Rutherford, T»nn • Louis ffarland Woinaek and Miss- Prniiees Elizabeth Shaw, both of TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1943 Wnrdcll, MO.; «avl<J j. g m |th, nar- mti, Ky. and Miss Mamie j cu ji HMlglil, UlytlievjUc; Eddlu wi| »ins and Jes.sle Mac Wll- 'Inms, iwlh of Dell, John Charles Cioosherst and Mlw Dorothy Marie Qrlffln, both of ^ 111 ' *^t 9n»or and tlanor Cabasln, both of N. Y.- Jamas Will JMaoafe Hotel Mr. and Mrs. E, '.R, jarvis, formerly owners of Palace Cafe, will assume management of Dimn Ilotsl at Sikeston, Mp,, t|ii s lv eck after having operated the' coffee shop of the hotel for the past several months. The former Blylhevllle residents left Blythcvlllc after selling their restaurant to Hardaway Appliance Company. During July, 1340, 13 people were killed every hour by accidents In the United States. fcEXHAUSTIONW, to Headache Uon'tkt Ii«i\i]ache«loubto ^etn cry of exhaustion. AI I lie first El of pa in lafc<> Capudln*-. It quickly IrJnus relief, tootliea m-rvt-a ujjsH ly Ihe jmln, ]t is . IInuli!—already dtaolvttl—al] f reatiy lo act— a] I tea dy to \ t)*j»ir comfort. Use only as d CAPUDINE Victory gardeiTof Pull the Trigger on Constipation, with Ease for Stomach, too Wlicn cotistlpatioii brings on diGcom. fort after meals, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy s|x:lls, gas, coated tongue, and bad breath, your stomach is probably ".crying the bines" because your bowels don't move. It cplls for l.axalivc-Sciina to inill the trigger on those la?.y bowels, combined with Syrup Pepsin for ixjrfcct ease lo yoiir stomach in taking. For years, many Doctors have Riven iwpsin preparations in tlieir prescriptions tp make medicine more agreeable to a touchy stomach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on l)r, Caldwell's Laxative Senna combined with Synip Pepsin. See ttoiv wonderfully lite Jiaxativc Sen na.wakefi up bzy nerves ami muscles m your intestines to brine welcome relief from constipation. And Ilic good old Syrup Pepsin makes (liis laxative so comfortable and'oasy on your stomach. Even finicky children love the taste of-this pleasant family laxative, Takcpr.Cal.uweh'sl.axativeScnnacoin- bmed with Syrup Pepsin, as directed on KilKl or as your doctor advise?, anil fc-el world'sbeller.tict genuine I)r .Cahl well's fashions These new Queen Make Fashions are as fresh as your Spring Victory Gardens • • • and as economical. We've cultivated and weeded, and are presenting tp you six from our finest crop of fashions. No. 7'HJfi—Seed Catalog Colorful .flower print dress of Erin Cloth with four slash Dockets novelty leather bell, two-tone plastic -buttons. Colors: orchid, red rose, hyacinth blue, sizes 12 to 20 10.95 * If you'd like to plant a Victory Garden but don't have the space— apply to the Junior Chamber of Commerce \o. fISI—Caljliagc I'alch Eanforizcd-slmmk* checked gingham drew with yoke and sleeves designed tor action. Pretty nnd practical button- down-thc-fronlcr! skirt fullness nnd a vent back assure further freedom of movement. Excellent for bowling noiv mill golf later. Colors: radlt.h red, spring green, earth brown and summer bine. Ht-ffls 12 to 20 and 33 to 14. 7.95 No. 7.4,7 WJRaUon Sl.inips Printed rayon shantung, .with tucked bodice, pearl buttons down the front, leatherette belt. Just the dress for marketing, for living In, nil day long. Colors: white xvltli blue, red, black or green. Sbf.s M (o 20 and 38 to «. 10.95 No. !>S(i—Garden Maker He fieftli ;« your own garden in this striped cotton., Per- nianent-nnishcd .seersucker, washable, .of course., 'with while pique iapels, daisy buttons down the front, braided straw .belt, colors: blue,- •leaf/ green, cherry, or seed -poci brown wilh white. ' , Sizes 12 to 20. 6.50 . .. Other Spring Fashion Successes by Queen Make and Georgiana arriving'daily! The New York Store Phone 2132

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