The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1937
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1057 BLYTHEVIL.LE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB ! Canary Mngcrs. Reasonable prices. i Mrs, McCullough, HO-t South 21st, 1 ll-pk-13 I Street. Home & business. 3 room ai>i. h ucrc CLASSIFIED ADVEimSING INFORMATION Daily -rale per line for comecu- tlvc insertions: Due (ime jicr l|"c lOc rwo times iioi- line per day ...08c Three times per lino per day ..Me -}'K time', i»r line per day . . .Ooo' Snirley Temple doll with Immi made ('oiilli rale per line BOc _^J^ b - Cal1 '^-W. s-ck-10 ^^ Mi,ifmm!f S |,l 1 »Lr«p S TOr & '"' 1^'^T room suite, uuveiipml * Ads "rdc'red" ^""ffvcfor to «»»»•• »*«• «• W ' ^ "*-" Oi'o'-erle.s. Carters R(, 2, Box 28-rt, Osceola, 9-i>k-lti. time. 1 ) and stopped before expiration will be charged for the niim- t-er of times Ihc add appeared and rJjustmtiit of Wll matte. All Classified Advertitlns copy tide of (he city must be nccom- H-illey. in. 3 panted by ca.sli. Rates may be lasily computed from ubovc la!)!f. Advcrti/mis; ordered tor irregular iircrtions takes (lie one lijne rale. No responsibility will lie taken tor more than otic incorrect Insertion of any cla.wlfted nd. lU'Jti OodKc Panel delivery tra:k, j A-l condition. $275. Phoru; 110, lo Hi Business Directory Visil Harry Bailey's No-.v CURVE m CAFE MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. ' Hlrrainllnc COAL ffi.CO & up per TON. Washed and Picfcril. Kim TranllKiin Phone. •!? Anyone uruiliivj tellable driver Fort. Smith or Oklahoma Cll.y notify Mr. «nd Mrs. C. M, Recder Luxora Post Ollicc. U-pk-13 Washing machine for 150 [lountlsj Plutu curly bearing Iiccan & fiiiu.'j new BOOSU feathers, Box "!)"' trees now. Catalo:; ircr. Bass IV- Coiirler, or phone 727. l]-ck-l&| cnn Com|>imy. Uniibcrloii, Miss. Want to contact DO Kills interest c<l in Incrcnsinif their incomes and wltlinn to devote six months lime to learning highly paid |iro- fcsston of Bounty Culture, New School In open in Blythcvlllc Jannary 1st. Write, for Hill details lo| Lester Fisher Oipson, f>lf> Krewson Avc.. Jonc.slwro, Ark. Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC t'ant.-iim ninrc ((iihiinc—.Mort Icon Tllo neooiumeoilcd Ti«alni«nt tor MAI,,\KIAI, CHILLS anil KI.VLH SWAMP FEVEIl — AGUli FEVEU At All Hlrb; Dlltf moil* On Holland .Make OUR stop for H u o r, \V'iii€, Whiskey, lYcsli Ci - ap- |iic, Good Foods. nslilnfr. rouiili-dry & tinislicd. <lc Hvercd. (i tiiiills or blankets SI iii'liiK wiiilicr. I wusli niiliiilis M Willy licil tlrccn beliiivl ro'.vn'K Ice Plant. ;iO-iik-rJ-:ifi llclivcrcd ill niylhcviUr lor S1.I3 fliiil »|i. All Coal Guaranteed.— riioni- 5-K-t A :ns WALLPAPER Nt'iv l!)o« patterns. flusi>. prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 6 room modern house at 1500 W. Ash. for sale or trade. See J. \V. | Maloney. Clark and Railroad fits'. Standard Reference Books. Com- pltte 10 volume set with Loose Leaf Hinder. Call 239 or 791!. 2!). ooo l^emalc Wld. Soybeans - WANTED - Soybeans Wu Pay lll|b««t Market Trices lor All Vurlrllfs MAIDEN GRAIN CO. W. O, KCCVCA, Agcul S" It, H. St., Next In Mugnullii I'l.inl—III]•Ilievlllc. AiK IMV J'UO.VK 5S5 NK.Tl'C I'lKINK Jli'j Highest Market Prices Golflsloin Hide &• Kurd). lleai- Joe Isaacs' Sloro We Specialize Ii\ Itody £ Fender Repairs Come In and See UH hoc Motor Sales, Inc. Prrslout Heaters DetrMltrs FARM LOANS (500 Hlld Ur Arkansas ami MUsourt Lowest ralry—lowest >Msci 1'ltv pro|Hlilli's DON H. KASBBRMAN 'I' I.und Co. Olllce P. O, Box -IVC. Phono 827, AUUREK3 ENVELOPES AT HOME T-'OR US. OOOD PAY. Expcri- t-nee unnecessary. Wonderful np- licrtiinily. Everything Supplied. \Vrite iinmrcilntely for Fi'ec De- nils. Nationwide "Distributors, 101 Y. Hemorrhoids-Piles CURKI) WITHOUT SUIJGIJIcY K (JllAKANTKIvl) Sale, sum anil \vllli less itlsronilurl. All diseases find renditions of IIL.TVOIIS origin. Toot ailments ami shin riitiecrR trcutcd unil rurecl ut our clinic. 5J4 Main DRS. NIES Osteopathlc l' PIioiic OB NIES Illyllievlllr. Arlr. \Vl' S|)CCill|i/,c III ^-PRESCRIPTIONS* Phone ill FOWLER DRUG STORE Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store -WE MAKE 'KM HKK" Phono 6« Wanted Pecans Highest I'rlccH I'aid WOLF ARIAN 128 C. MKln I'honc 17« DSED MRS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. IC ,1 ACKTYi.KNF. ELDING A'l 1 HEMT PRICES I'KOMI'T SliKVlCE Barksdale M!g. Co, MODERNIZED COAL Washed. Waxollsed, Dust Treated 'Four grades: S3.50. $t.oo, S5.00 and $[>.2o ]icr 1000 jraunds. Plionc 100 for n trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furnitiire HAUL: BARGAINS IN AIODKHN HOMKS The Ke.wiek Corp. hus nskccl us to clfisV mil tlicir real estate at Blytiit'villr-. .and prices have been reduced so Ihrv will sell. 101 E. Kentucky. ^ room coitayc. .' $1250.00 Hubert Diley's Service Station PUONE 13 PHONE 244 I, I. RICE COAL! AM. (HIV KINIll.INC WANTED Junk Auto Tires and Tubes HENRY LOBERG Ml \V. Ash I'hunr I Used Tracks &Cars WM Chcv. Pickup, Good Tires $,T/5 IICH P; ton Chcv. 155" \V, n. Slake body In A-l condition ...... J27.~) HIM Inleninlloiiul I'lckup $315 IO;M cin-v. i.w w. n. I'lallonn bod)', tjood ' llre.% 91.75 AL.I. TRUCKS CJUA11ANTEEU TO PASS STATE INSPECTION Delta Implements, Inc. Now I.ocakU nt 101 Noilh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON K.nWAItllS, I'reprleM All nnikfs o( Rebuilt T>[x-»rltcr», Adding Michlnn an( C'atolalorii—UejinlrliiE—l'«n» BARGAINS IN New A L'scd Kurniturn \\'f Buy A Sell WADE ruRNrrriiK co. 112 \V. Main rhoirc V™ Tailors 1501 io 1513 Chickasawba Avc.. house. 1 ;, entire block ... .J2500.GO Carolyn. Stucco Rungalov; !i liath. hardu'ood floors. IT SHOO.W TRADE YOTJII OLD SUIT IN UN A NEW ONK . . • • UKOKtiK I.. M15IK "13!vtiievi!le"s Onlv TaiEor" We Alluiv .V, io Sin. On Railroad couth of Main St. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today Hie only bargain in .shoe repairing; is Quality materials & workmanship. Rubber IIcei.< Kc up. Soles 5Qi: up. Dye.s, Polisliefc, laces. Any shoes dyed black. 35e, Free Delivery Phone 120 II. B. Campbell Glass AUTO GLASS Kxpcrf Workmanship Wo Deliver Hlythovillu I'liinl. & •j:!lri Hiiilv.vay 18, n room stucco !:un?,aiO',v. with b«(h, lianlwood iloois $1200.00 l N. Uonble house, 3 lo!s. Unit. 1 - ai $2B.OiJ S!i50.00 3l)lv Uiiijun. 0 room cottage, nice place $1230.00 20S Dm; an. Ti j 1 o o in i 51250.CO 310 Unenn. Englisii bungalow S1250 3M UIIP,:HI English bungalow GrioU HIS llnjnri. 5 room stucco. $1500.00 5HJ C luge We will Fell any of hcsc place;; on Minill down ijaynicnl and monthly Iw-s lhan rcut at K'~, interest. THOMAS L:\NII DO. We Cut & install Phone U8fi ill H. Batteries BATTEHY SERVICE"~ J. Ben Clune i 'hone B nt Tom Jsntaon's AnuoiinceuicDt We dive EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1014 Clrlrfcasawba I'lionc ti'; 1 Radio Land For Sale Wan Jed A riMxi Biirroiiglis artciing machine. Must bo cheap. See Jodie Na- L'er.s at We^t End Grocer; 1 aii'J Market or cal 4 H Fifty girls to'enroll now for state 1 Approved Beauty School to open January Itt, Coopa- nld^.. Blytheville. Write Lester Klsher Gipso'i. 5!5 Krcivson Avc.. Jojiej,lx)ro. Ark., for full detail::. Uteri gout vvagor. 113 Lake .Street. 24 HOUR SKKV1CK Wanted To Bent Phillips 1j 01 Tax "66" Gas l«>2i, ;i'aiu H)H ANY KIND OK HIGH GRADE COAL CAM. K. t«. (''({V AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. All Leading l!ranils nf Beer, l.tiiimr, Win Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E M. IJiimon, ai5 E. Main. Restaurant COBB FUNERAL HOME Gl— llDlliiiul, Mo. CHOP SUKY. Mack's lieslanrnn next lo theuter. Joiner. Ark. 'JX) O.IKICH I'Xtlf I'0()/,V MUST HAVE (rKGCrTTEM THE Lime. CAVE WHERE. VOU TWO U5EO TO MEET SECRETLY EVER/ NIGHT IM THE PARK- JLL JU5' DROP IMAM PUT OOOLA WISE/WAT WHEW KMOTTY PRO& LEM5 IM MCE JO6 ! THIWK IT'S JUSTGRAMD, youve GOT THJS JOB • -IVt 'OLD - WELL, HELLO THER COOLA- I JU5T DROPPED IN TO see wow /FIWO u SIT TH' GRAMD WIIEE, \DOWM- T'6E- WAS SUCH (suRPRlSEDTO A5J.O&.' A HEAR. SOU m-, SAY THAT PEMOOMME TO GLADLY ADVISE' •AMD VOU 1 NEVER. 1 DID LEABWTHE IDEMTITVOP THE GIRL VOUCMASeD TT-1RU-THE MIGHT, . BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES r\'P\PPROV)f\V 6W. E H'/S WlXLV. PlC\i£0 VX'OOT IVASH TURRS AND \\1I.\T A I'f.KAHUHK! 011,1 FORGOT'. LISTEN.5U&AR, I'VE 1 WISH I COULD STAY OVER, BARNEY, BUT I'M BOUND FOR THE STATES ABOARD THE PLATONIC. lytsfe SAY 1 ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP"! f DOK'T LOOK. SO GLUW ABOUT IT YOU CANGED OLD HORSECOLLAU.' HERB SHE IS, AND SHE'S A SWELL WO. i' ABOARD THE PLftTONIC? BOX WHAT LUCK! WHY, I'M 5F.NOING BF.VERLY, MY LITTLE GIRL, , . ., RUN ACROSS AN OLD FRIEND. YOU Of! THE SAfAE SHIP— AND YOU'RE THE VERV f'ERSON TO LOOK. Af TER HER ! WONT AMND TAK1WG , THE TOWN WITH/I™' NOT IN WASH, WILL YOU ? I Tl lE ^ IGM -' UfcAR , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS " t:-_; r JUST CAME\ OUT HERE ~i SOPTT OF A HKAVY HKA1JT r JUST TOOK juwe W'JTT('....BiJT WHAT EXCUS HAVE YOU FOR BEWG (JP so LATE: '? AWD ALOIJE " Y VOU CAM SIT HERE AHC> TRY TO CHEER WE UP! IF SOMEONE iSf DOESN'T.,X'LL HAVE TO GO HOME..,. #f AWDTHEH MOM WILL LEAVE.... SHE OOESKl'T LlkE TO SEE CRY, EITHER.' SPE V.'ORkS MARD, FRECK.AMD WE / DOKI'T HAVE MUCH TROUBLE WUTTY SCMETHIMG WRGUG? MOIJEY. I GUESS i ; V.'AS PE£Llh.'<3 / BLUE, WTO j CHRISTMAS \ Mf Room and .Board Room and board or meals. H16 Position Wanted Middle ace<l white hcus-c work in private home. Call nt 1511 Chickarawba St. 10-pk-iV For Kent Secern:i __ I 3 room apartiuenl. downstairs. 108 I W. Kentucky, phone (183. H-pkl8 j I lively 2 room apartment. Partly furi'iKlicd. 101 E. Missouri. Mio. j LaFayettc Jvtiy. ll-pk-15 ^ or '1 room furnished apartment. 203 W.. Kentucky. Mrs. Sisk. Sl-ck-1.8 , Slcain heated 3 ruoni j !iparlmci!t. COJ \V* Main, phone (IM2. H-tk-15 7"i JU-ITK new (uouiid \ miles south of Hive. 1 .. Mo. W. A. Lewis. Ma_ nila. Ark.. HI 1 at U«st Cane j .•fcli.-.-ol. ll-iik-18 _ _ | Rrom with board, $6.00 per week. RADIO SERVICE"" j ICO K< "" uckT - 1 " 1<mo ^., 3 . WADt FURNlTURE CO. j -i~ comfortable bcdroomsTirrTvatc PHONF 155 ' 1;;i11 ' c;eiltlnnc " preferred, phone i Vtil-w or nil. room furnished apartment, iiOO W. 'Walnut. C-pk-13 .veil room rc.'-idciicP. Iiuiucdia'.c pos- .'os.sioii. -112 N. Stli. Phone 24». 6-ck-lf 160 acres ciosc to uryllieville improved, tun nice home.", jilsni many otb.c.r buHdinu:-. SBn.OO ijer. ^ Ar.rr v.itJ: S30TO cnsii and 70 Mtviy funiis-lirfl' iKdrooras. Steam "' r '' : - ! heiil. I;;inrsprin<; maltre.w. till : W. Main. Pho:ie 230. 1-ck 120 Acres on Bayou N". w. of lily-: - -. - . thevili?. Well improved. S7o ncr*' • '* iJnnishrd ro;irirs. 2 up-staira or 'J rra.wn.iblr i!o«n ju.vniciit and bill-; do'.vu.staiti, Sll Hcarn. nncc SlSO'lO niniuallv at fl THOMAS J.AM> CO. Sole ABCIIU-. ' Furi'i^licd hoiisfi on Holly. Call r, I-'- i 1 " M "S- H. 8- BtcrnbcrB at 984. . '_"' "i 12-ck-tl I 2 or 3 furnished apartments rea- i sonablc. 914 Hearn St. 1 ~— • •

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