Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 6, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1891
Page 7
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Hits the nail on the head —one of Dr. .pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They do the right thing in the right way. They cleanse and regulate the liver, stomach and bowels —thoroughly and effectively, but mildly and gently. They persuade, rather than force. One tiny, sugarcoated Pellet's a gentle laxative; three to four act as a cathartic. They're the smallest, but the best. There's less to take, but there's more good in it, when it's taken. They're the original Little Liver Pill, and they've never been equaled. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels, are prevented, relieved, and cured. They're the cheapest pill you can buy, because they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. Baby is Better SHE GOT SICK IN THE NIGHT WITH CBOtJP. WE AIJi THOUGHT SHE WOITLD DIE. MAMA. GAVE HER •DB. WHITE'S PULMONARIA AND IT CUBED HER SO QUICK. 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The Professor Explains His Method of Instruction. tlicir own Ix-nefit and woild .it l.ir™-(>, and tions t\at have cut the country BTMPTOMS O» tlVEB DISFASE* Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste In lie month; tongue coated; pain under tho ihoulder-bladc: In the back or side—often mistaken for rheumatism: sour stomach with flatulency and water-trash; indigestion: bowels lax and costive by turns; headache, -with dull, heavy sensation; restlessness, with sensation of having left something undone which ought to have been done; fullness after eating; bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow appearance of slin and eyes; dizziness, etc. .Not all, but always some of these indi. cute want of action of tne Liver. For A Safe, Eeliable Remedy that can do no harm an d has never been known to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Begnlator —AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOB Malaria, Bon-el Complaints, Dyipepaia, Sick Headache, Conatipatlon, Biliousness, Kidnay Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic, A FHTSICIAJf'S OPINION. " I have been practicing medicine for twenty years and have never been able to put up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, piomptly and effectually move the Liver to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimilative powers of the system. ' L. Al. HI.VTOX, M.D., Washington, Ark. ONLY GENUINE Has our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J. H, Seilin & Co... Philadelphia, Pa. Ihe Intom Fir« Guns, Dr»\v Cabs, Walk Ti£]ir Kopos, Perform Many Intcr«Kt> in,7 Involution* and Dine on tho „ rrufpssor'H Arm. Prof. Kliink is the gentleman's name —another profi;ssoi-—and Hea.-training isliis profession, s;iys the New York Commercial. ' He occupies a dainty little room of >,vd and white calico. On. the board without is pasted a bilJ on •which the tricks of the fleas are illustrated. It is not at all cxirious that the professor's patrons move in the higher circles of society, at any rate it is a fact. The pk-bs say they have lots of them at home, and pass along- to less familiar attractions. The hig-her circles soy they never snw one before, and crv "Bow curious:" It is rumored that a famous politician dropped in to see the fleas one day, and watched the active little things go through their maneuvers with suppressed gusto, He did not say he had never seen one before, -but at every jump a smile suffused his countenance, and he said: "Curious, very curious." Then, as he was walking away, he was heard to mutter: "Ah, me! What a lesson in jumping-." The fleas—the troupe comprises about fifteen, like a foot-ball team (they ave all chained, ladies, so squirm not)—are highly intelligent members of the Pulex family. A. DRAWER OF WATER. who fire gtras, draw hansoms, walk tight-ropes and perform other evolutions without a murmur. "This particular flea," said the professor, "comes •from a lodging-house at Brooklyn. "When I want a flea I give a shoeblack a shilling and he brings me a bot- wounded or captured those who opposed them \VIMV of an avowedly military eliH.-acter. They invaded the dominions of the black princes in the name of the German Kmpive, they carried its flag and planted it squarely wherever they obtained a foothold, instead of doing the saiae tilings under the guise of peaceful aifoiits of civilization whose mission was interfered with by savage tribes. Wissmttnn is a soldier with a strong ta^te for exploration and conquest and biir ideas about building up a big German colonial empire. Wissmann was born at Frankfort-on- the-Oder in tS5:: and entered the German army in 1ST:'.. He had from his earliest youth evinced a taste for travel, and his 7vstless temperament chafed at the inaction of barrack life in time of peace. Hecoming acquainted with Dr. Pogge, the famous explorer, he offered his services to the East African Company in Berlin, and obtaining leave of absence from the army went to Africa. During the ne.xt three years he crossed the continent and did most efficient service. He returned to Germany in 1S83 and before the end of the year was on his way back to Africa with an expedition fitted out by King Leopold of Belgium, to explore the .basin of the Congo, lie mot his friend, Vogge, in Africa, and was with him when he died at St. Paul de Loan do. He explored the Congo basin, but the Ordeal broke down his health a.ncl he was obliged to spend some time at Madeira to recruit.* After returning to Germany he was sent to Africa again in 18SS .-and given authority from the German Government to'organize the force of black troops with which lie crushed the Arab power and added immense tracts of territory to Germany's possessions. It was he who- received Stanley and Emin Pasha at Bagamoyo on their arrival at the coast, aTid It was through him that Emin cast in his lot with the Germans. The Anglo-German convention handed over to England much of the territory acquired through Wissmann's exertions, and he has been since rather free in the expression of his disapproval. When the break came between Empei«or William and Prince Bismarck he rather ostentatiously sided with the ex- Chancellor, and the disfavor he then incurred has gone on increasing with the final result of his displacement by Emin Pasha. Emin is the first Hebrew ever given a prominent place in the,; German colonial or civil service. that of the I ITom lb4U to 1849 Mr. Bancroft was his expedi- -. Minister to Great Britain; in 1807 to their way Russia; in ISciS to the North German and killed, • Confederation, and in 1871 to the German Empire, from wliich post he was recalled, at his own request, in 1S74. It was through Mr. Bancroft's efforts during his ministry to Berlin that England, Germany and many other smaller states abandoned their claim to perpetual allegiance. In 1S40 Mr. Bancroft had published the third volume of his history, and volumes four to ten appeared between 1852 and 1S74, eleven and twelve appearing in 1S82. Revisions in six volumes were also 'published by him. Mr. Bancroft during his life was honored with election to the Berlin Roval Academy and the French Institute and both degrees from Oxford and Bonn. Many minor publications were isstied by him, but it is by his great work covering the early history of the United States that he is best known. The first volume of his "History of the United States" was issued, as has been said, in ISS4. The others appeared at irregular intervals,' his public services interft-ring more or less with the preparation of them. The third volume appeared in 1840. After the completion of his English mission, in 1840, Mr. Bancroft came to Xew York, where, he continued work on his history, and volumes four to ten appeared, between 1852 and 1S74. In 1S7U the work was revised and reissued as a centenary edition. Two more volumes were published under the title, "History of the Formation of,, the Constitution of the United States.'' Of the value of Mr, Bancroft's great -historical work it would be superfluous to 'speak. Edward Everett said of the early volumes: "It is one of. the ablest of the class which has for years appeared in the English language; it compares advantageously with the. standard British historians. As. far as it goes it does such justice to its noble subject as to supersede the necessity of any future work of the same kind, and if completed as commenced will unquestionably forever be regarded both as an American and as an English classic." Mr. Bancroft's pen did much other important work, and many of his best productions were in the form of addresses upon important occasions. His .recent years have been spent in Washington and in Newport, where his familiar figure on foot or horseback has been well known. He has always been an indefatigable worker, and his strict regularity of habits probably, accounts for his remarkable vitality. Macbeth's " pearl top " and " pearl glass " lamp-chimneys do not break from heat, not one in a hundred; they break from accidents. They are made of clear glass as well as tough, as clear as crystal. They fit the lamps they are made for. Shape controls the draft; they are shaped right. Draft contributes to proper combustion; that makes light; they improve the light of a lamp. But they cost a dealer three times as much as common chimneys, and, as they do not break, he is apt to be anxious lest they stop his trade.. Diminished sales and less profit are not agreeable to him. There are two sides to the question. H ave a talk with him. Ptttsburg. GEO. A. MACBETH & Co. If You Have No appetite. Indigestion. Flatulence, Nick JHeaUuflio, "ull rnu ilowu," lacing fltHu, you will find Ton' Cheap Lauds and Homes iu Kentucky, Tennesee, ig. ALABAMA! Mississippi ami Louisiana. Oil the line of th« Queen & Crescent Route can be lonnil 2,000,000 acres of splendid bottom? or? .and, Umber and stock lands. Also the flnert fa^i ™ lnf ? al ia " ds °" the COIllla ' nt * or sate K4RMKBS! with all tliygetting get a borne In the sunny Soutti. where, blizzards uu<j u» C ln3 •Jains are uii);nown. . Tbi» Quwn ,t Crescent Route is 9i JLU™ toe Shortest and Quickest Line Cinctoati to New Orleans Time. 27 Hours. Bruin-Trains. Baggage Car. Day Coach,s and fclwpera run tbrough without clxingf. llflMJles the Shortest, 3 Hours the Quickest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fla. Time 27 H-inrs. Hi? 1,1,|y line ruuning SOHO Trains and Ttiroueli sjp«jilne Cars. the remedy you need. They lononp the weak stoinacli and ttiiilil up the flufcelnif eucr^iON. Suff<?rer» from mcniul or pSiyxM'a! ovei-HOolt will find roltvttroai tlK'ui. XK.-vlyiiitgarcoxt.ed. SOLD EVERYWHERE G-EOEGE BANCROFT. Distinguished Career of the Famous American. "BEWARE OF THE DOG." tleful." "Why a shoeblack, professor?" "Shoeblacks are always open to an honest job', I can't tell you why, I suppose" —very pensively-—"because they're' always brushing dirt away, and it exercises a healthy moral influence upon them." "But still, professor, they use a good deal of blacking- in the practice of their profession." "Well, it's no use arguing-, mister. It's as I say. Shoeblacks are above suspicion, and when I give them a shilling-1 get my money's Scholar, Illaturina, Diplomat ami Cabinet Minister — Honored F>y the Wide Men of Five Nations—An K^ti- mati: of Hia Work. For 108TorTA General and JTEH Weikne«»of BcrtyandEinil, Effecf ofEiroraopExoea*eBinCldorYoanr. •IT miMIIng HOJ1E TKEATJIEyr— Benefit! in c. ilirl «» UlUrj from 40 SUte. «n4 X»re>J» Countrlf i. Write (bom. DntrlpU'l Book: nrjlinftUfln antf ->roor« millml (oeulcd) fr««. M«ni ERIE JHftlCAL CO., BUFFALO. N. \'. ARABIAN fiALSAll Oae or tte BEST MEDICINES e?er Inreitei THE DUEL. worth, of the article required in return." "And where inay the . shoeblacks g-o to?" "They have their happy hunting: grounds—and that's enough. I am of a secretive nature. Excuse me, but I see some—yes"—and here the professor put out his thumb and approached the writer's eoat with the eager subtlety of a Sitting Bull on the warpath. He then applied the magnifying glass, and \yith a look of disgust exclaimed: "It's <pot cue of my sort. It's from a dog. They" are too wild, and they sigh so for their old home that they languish and die." "Of a broken heart, I suppose?" The professor sighed and began to tell "how he trained his little pets. "The great difficulty," he v>-ent on, "is to prevent their jumping-. The first thing-!• do is to yoke them with this tiny chain of drawn wire, and then give them their own sweet way. They soon tire, and then I attach them to their own particular vehicle. We begin business at about one in the afternoon. They are all in and ready to perform at that hour, and are kept in harness till about ten. I then put thcfin into their little beds, as the song says, and carry them home. I then unyoke them, leaving the chains on. They are quite attached to them, I can assure you, and coil up in the corners of their little dwelling houses—flannel—and sleep after .'then- labors. Every other night or so I take the chains off, too." "And dinner?" "Here'it is," answered the professor. The professor bared his arm. MAJOR WISSMANN. George Bancroft was born in Worcester, Mass., October :;, 1800. After college preparation at Exeter,' N. H., and graduation tit Harvard, he went to Germany and studied for about three years, being given the degree of Ph. D. by the University of Gottingen. It was at this time that he selected history as his special study, having ns one of his reasons the desire to see if the observation of -masses of men in action would not lead by the inductive method to the establishment of the laws of morality as a science. In 1S22, returning to America, he became a tutor at Harvard for one year. It was during this time that he published his first volume, one of poems; in 1834 a translation of Ileeren's "Politics of Ancient Greece," following that in 132C with a,n oration in favor of universal suffrage. In 1S30 he was elected, without his knowledge, to the Legislature, but declined to serve. In 1334 he published the .first volume of his "History of the Unite.d States." A year later came the second volume. In 183S he was appointed by President Van Bnren collector at Boston, and in 1844 —Mrs. Watts—"I know, and you know, and every one knows that there wasn't a prettier baby than Ethel at the show, and yet they gave the prize to that Wilson baby." Mrs. Potts—"But you must remember, dear, that the judges were all men. It was not the superior beauty of the Wilson baby that defeated Ethel. It was, the good' looks of its mother. "—Indianapolis Journal. _ —Dogs are wonderful for their intelligence, and owners of dogs' are ,perhaps equally wonderful for then,- faith and versatility. Every one of them has a new story. Here is the latest: "The other day,-' says Mr. Gordon, "I forgot to give Bruno his dinner, and in my preoccupation paid no attention to liirn when he began to beg for it He went away at last..and was gone for some time. Then he caine in from the garden, bringing something in his mouth. And what do you think it was? A sprig of forget-me-not!''—Youth's Companion! CARTER'S ITTLE IVER A CURE Sick Haadacio and rollavft all tho troubles infli- dent to a bilious state of the a ystem, suoh all Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Dlstieaa after eating. Pain in tho Bide, £c. TVhila taeirmort remarkable success hut been shown in curing SICK Headache, yet Carter's Little Liver KIls «r« equally valuables in Constipation, curing and pro- venting thiti&nnayingcomplaint.wiillo thayalap correct all diBordorsorthostosiacti .stimulate tna liver »ndragu2ate the bowels. £ TOE if they only - HEAD AcliatneywonldbeataoBtpricelesatothoaewha Bui/or from ihis diatressing complaint; but fortunately tbeirgoodneaadoesnotondhere^ndtbosa whooncotrytuem-willfind theselittlopillsvalu. oblein BO njany-v; ays, that they will-not bo willing to do without them. But af tor aUslck head ACHE Is tlie bane of so roanj-.-livoa that hero is v?be» we make our great boost. Our pills cute it while others do not, . (jttrter's ZJttlo Liver Rlls are Tory Bmnll and TB^» easy to taie. One or two pills make a. dose. They are strictly, vegetable »nd do not gripo ; or purge, but by their gentlo action please all wbo csethem. In vials at 25 cents; flvo for $1. 6tol4 by droggists everywhere, or sent by mafl. ' CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE, SHALL PRICE LINE FltOM CIKCJNKAT1 TO Clwttniioga. Tenu., Von Payne, Ala., 3Ierf.iian,i ffl Miles the tihoitwil'cijjcimiati to 'Lexington, Ky n A?u rli * llc £ ( ' st Cincinnati to KnoxvjlJp, reim.' 116 Miles tlie ShojtKsi Cincinnati to Atlanta and Augusta, (ia. «i-iffi j' 1 "-.,° tlor t«' ; t Cincinnati to Annlston Ala, 26 lilies the shortest, Cincinnati to Mronnghani 15 Miles Slimiest Cliirtnnatl to Mobile, ib. Direct connections at Sew Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico, Calirorma. Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cincinnati crossing the Famous High Bridge ^of Kentu^i and rounding the base or Lookout Mountain' Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Tbrougto Tralr7s Over;0ne Million Acres of Land to AKwjna. the luture Great State or the SoutS subjectto i.re^niptlon. Onsurpassed climaie. .Kor Correct County Jlaps, Lowest-Bat% aid Queen Jfc Cr«wwnt Bouts, Clneinnatr -o. BIG FOUR HARVEST EXCURSIONS TO TEE . West and"Northwest, SOUTH, Southwest ana Southeast. -THE- GOLD MEDAL, PAEIS, 1878. ISJNDEED A -LUXURY COMES AS NEAR BEING A PIECE OF PLUG TOBACCO PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, both Externallvand Ir>s5Si!ly. It is safe and certain ia its action .' For isurns, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earachd Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains In Side, Back, or Shoulders, Files, Sore Throat. Croup, or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and Ji. at all druggists. E. MORGAN A SONS, Proprietor*. PROVIDENCE, ft. I. ' TKADE SUPPLIED by ROSS GORDON, LaF&yette, Ind. For sale by B. F Keesling--. An African Kiplorer Who Undoubtedly Ranks Next to Stanley. . Major Hermann Wissmann has for some years been regarded by Germans as a German Stanley. Even, foreigners who do. not look at Africa through' German spectacles must acknowledge that h.e takes rank next to Stanley in the work of exploring' and MAJOR WI8SMAN3.-. acquiring' African territory. But with Wissmann there -' is no pretense of X desire to civilize and Christianize "the'negro raccTfo.r THE I.ATE GEOBOK BANCROFT. was nominated by the Democrats for Governor of Massachusetts, but was defeated. On the election of James 'K. Polk to the Presidency Mr. Bancroft became Naval Secretary, signalizing-his administration by the establishment of the Annapolis Naval Academy, which he accomplished by his - own unaided efforts. He also succeeded in extending the usefulness of the Washington Observatory. While Secretary of the Navy Mr. Bancroft g-ave the order, in the event of war with Mexico, to take possession immediately of California, and 'constantly renewed'the order,_ sending- it by every possible channel to the commander of the American naval squadron in the Pacific. It was fully carried out. No order, so far as is known, was issued from, any other department for the same purpose.: During his term, while Secretary of War pro: tern;, he gave/-the order to march into Texas, which, caused the first pccu- p_ation of Texas by the. United, States. AS IT IS .POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT Breakfast Cocoa from which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely JPure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has wore than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less tlian one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicagol&St. LCR y WILL SELL ROUNBTRIP EXCURSION TICKETS To all prominent points in the West and North- wess, Soutb.-Soulhwe^t and Southeast HALF~ AT RATES ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 23d TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14th! All tickets good retnrning' thirty day* from date of sale. Tills Is" a glorious opportunity for Home Seekers to visit the territory named, and wo would invite correspondence on the subject For lull Information call oa or address . D, B. MARTIN, «*nera] Passenger Agent OarMalydor Pertewilnn Syrlnce free with »verT bottle. Prevents Stri.'tnre. Cures Goaorrfactm »od Glc«t in l'tQ-4-dlaya. Ask your ^^.^^tlopiny acwrcss for 81.00. ARP.IAGES! We make a spectolty of taanafac- curinf Baby Carriupos to ncll dS- recs to p3-liT?:«c pnMleo.- You caii. :)i«rei"c!-<;. io Det'.er with us I.!:;;: witte n-OorJi-.f. We send Car- 6241 P!t«)i!raivc. ; . Seal IH. AMONG DEALERS THESE GOODS ARE ON THE MARKET IN ONLY ONE? SHAPE, 3x12 FULL 16 02. PLUG-THE MOST CONVENIENT TO CUT IN POCKET PIECESOR CARRY WHOLE. K REMEMBER LINO IS THE NAMEOFTHAT Wonderful Remedy That Cures CATARRH, mjEVER, COLD -to the HEAD, SORE THROAT, CANKER, and BRONCHITIS. Price Sl.OO. — Pint Bottles, For Sale by leading Druggists, PItEFillED ONLY BY - . Klinek Catarrh & Bronchial Remedy Co, 02 JACKS 1 "*' ST., CHICAGO. IU- Do Toil Inml or SpsHlate . —IN— STOCKS, BONDS, GRAIN AND PROVISIONS ? If so, trade witn a reliable firm who have had ;en years experience, and are members of the Ofikauo Chicago. C. A. WHYLAND 4. CO. ?O 2>acrf£to Avo. - Chicago. Ills. Wo send fr<M of cli.irije our Daily Market Report ina Circular on app]ic;uio?t. Interest alJoivi-.^ on nin[iTli?y balances'. JOSEPH SILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, P/VIIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. PERFECT MANHOOD. "VOUJfB, Mlddle-mred und Blderlymcn -who w« Buffering from the eir<!i**or youthful follies or ex cewes of mntirrer ycers, and now Itnd tbelr OHIO IT vigor decreased anil who tire troubled with terrible drains«n<l-1038e8;yo»-c»i3 be pannitafaayrestored to' 'EHFKCT M-AJTOOOl), nt home, without ixpovnre. n.t Iowe*t;.' icoftt. by Ur. Clnrltti'* pproved methods, "tested und nroviyj In nearly ^ ear's practice (KstaWlshed 1651), m Ohronlo. »ervou« and Opecliil Discuses. ; If In need of medical «ld, send for Quiwtfon 1 N H o you can -fully describe the symptoms of rour «•„ ^ Icul&r disease to me.' Consultation free »~'l •-"-• , Hours, 8 to 8; Sundays, 9 to 13. Address -- ; *. F. D. CLARKE, M. D;, 86 8. Clark St., CHICAGO... I- T ,: Ifcisiufijju ,L-_i

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