The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1950
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNE 12, 1950 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PA OK NINE Psst! Drug Store Clerks Studying Salesmanship; Here's How They Plan to Get You to Buy More By HICl'ARI) KLEINER NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (NBA)—The drug « re clerks of America are soing school to learn how to sell you more stuff. So, after all. it's only fair that you get tipped off lo their scheme to make you buy. The clerics' school Is going, one by one, to 72 cities. For two clays in each city, the boys and grUs who Jerk sodas, peddle pills and posh pomade will get the works- They'll hear lectures, see movies and watch skits. All with the one Idea — to make the average per.son take home more corn plaster, wave lotion and sundry sundries. Just so you have a fijhtlng chance, here's how the rewired drug store clerk has been taught to get your last cent: First, they're going to try to appeal to what their manual calls "the fundamental human desires and wants," The desire to stay alive, for example, is fairly widespread So they'll sell you vitamin pills and drugs and other shif! that, the claim, will help. * • • Another fundamental desire listed is "love of the opposite sex The next time a drug store clerk tells you that "this llkstick make r lips look SdssaW or "Uv • goo makes you look rugged, can be sure the little rasca has that opposite sex business mind. After that comes, among the de sires, health ("Dr. Qnux' Pellets wi help you avoid galloping house maid's, knee"); pride ("Customer who buy the best always use th DUBIOUS CUSTOMER (right), in shit that's parl of the drug slore clerk training program, | s up against a girl with a "selling personality." The customer is grippim; her purse lightly, but the odds are she'll upcn 11. SnooMmsham bought a bottle just the other day"); companionship ("No-Stink keeps you from offending during the dog days"); desire to escape drudgery ("This orange juice squeezer is so easy, even an orange can operate it"); and money-saving ("This is just as good and cheaper"). But that's only the first lesson. brand"); Imitation ("Mrs. Van After the boys and girls learn these desires, they go on to higher thing They take up what Is called "You Selling Personality." If you ever ru across a drug clerk who is sinilln attentive, helpful, sincerely inte estcd, enthusiastic, patient, poise tactful, courteous, neatly drcsse soft-spoken and professional in a titude—well, that guy has learn, his selling personality lesson. Lesson three Is titled, j with subtle H e 1 p I n g Your Cus- mers Buy." It analyzes the three ep method to more sales—the ap- oach, the demonstration, and the ose. The clerks are encouraged to ap- EDSON Continued Irom Page I actually hurt whoii It was put on the distress HsU When a labor radio commentator made a national broadcast hi \vhlcl he depicted great suffering fron unemployment In Cumberland, caused the local Salvation Army to receive all kinds of offers of aid Even the Communist Party tried „.„„,,. „ .... l» send In relief supplies. They vver proach"ousto'mers""with"a"smtle'. refused. John J. McMullen, smart hat this is wishful thinking and in unwillingness to face reality. The element wlitch thinks this way accuses the local Chamber of Commerce of being unprogrcsslvq and of frilling to do anything to build up the area's potential, to find Jobs for the technologically unemployed —the displaced miners and textile workers. David Kaullmtin, in\vyer-son of a Cumberland merchant and chairman of the Industrial Promotion Steering Committee, together with Put Allcmter. APfj building trades representative, hns ia'nen the lead West Virginia, running 80 to 100 miles up and down the Potomac valt^y. They feel Cumberland's "E" publicity has helped atlract new enterprise to a labor surplus area. The Ivory carving Industry In Japan consumed 33,06(J pounds ct raw ivory In 1949 for production of export goods, as compared with 13,224 pounds in 1918. ucy can leer later, but first .they ust smile. Then, Instead of Just saying, "Have you been wailed oil?" icy are told It Is more profitable 1 fiay something like, /'Good morn- ig. Snowwlillc Is the tooth-paste e are featuring; it makes your seth whiter," or "Good afternoon, n't this compact wrapped attract- •ely? " That is calculated to make you rop everything and reach for your 'nllet. If you don't, they begin he demonstration. They show you LOW beautiful the product Is. how lice it smells or feels or tastes, what a hot bargain it is, and how ou'll be mlsearablc without it. They must- answer all your ob- ections with the "Yes, But" method. If you say, for example, that vou don't uced flea powder, because you haven't got a dog. they should say, "Yes, sir, you're right —but you never know when youll inherit one, do you? Then comes the close. Here's where you cither escape or go bankrupt. For the clerks are being taught to say, "Which would you like—the $5 or $10 stee?" You don't have a chance. The school, officially called a Clerk Training Program, is being ran by a wholesale drug concern, McKesson and Bobbins, Inc. It is the product of four years of research, including a pilot study In Macon. Oa. Test schools were held in Los Angeles and Boston. News-Times publisher, feels this gave the city a black eye, and the write-ups In the metropolitan press did it no good. The story from the people who ay, "Lt us alone, we'll work this out for ourselves," Is that conditions in Cumberland itself aren't so bad. D. & o. and Western Maryland Hailrond shops are working. Kelly-Springfield's plant Is working six days a week, and not on government orders, as had been rumored around town. The Celanesc Corp., which once employed 0000. is back up to 5000. The drop Is due to moving some of its operations to other cities. Newspaper advertising and circulation are up and the stores are doing business. On the Oilier Hand. The other side of the story Is in trying to promote more employment oppoi (unities. They stress the need of a federal survey of the whole area—six counties In Maryland, Pennsylvania and Coleman's Golden Anniversary Offer ,OAK 01 SUMAC Science hns discovered an .excellent new treatment for ivy, oak or sumac poisoning. It's gentle and safe, dries up the blisters in a surprisingly short time, — oflen within 2-1 hours. Al nrujjuisls, 50<S Ask for IVY-DRY Wants It Known How Hadacol Helped Her Weak, Run-Down Child who was suffering ilclicienclcs u! Vitamins E) lt B 2 , Iron and Nbrln Mrs, C, G, McNutt, Rt. 2, \VUmcr, Alabama, is anxious for others to know this; "My little Rivl, Bonnie Jean McNiHt'. has been sick for quite some time. She was burned badly nntl had La KO to the hospital- She baldly weak, nm- cluwn, and cried because of slomuch distress. I gul n bottle ot HAUACOL and now she is well. Shn eat.s plenty find her checks urc just us red iu Ihey can bo. She's 3 yenrs old." Any child who is pale, run-down, nervous, has no aprtellte due to such deficiencies should Lake the v;on- derTul new HADACOL medicine. HAIU- COL not only supplies more limn your daily needs of Vitamins B,, B,, Iron and Hindu but also helpful amounts of Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese, A tote improvement Is often noticed within a few days' time. Trial size, only $1,25, Large family or hospital size. $3.50. • Photo by profcftslonul model. ©I'J.ICl, TJ 4e Lrlflanc CurpoiiUua Dual Wall Srialloflow Mod«l GET AN AUTOMATIC home heating system with a furnace that flU into the floor—now at a price 15% oft regular retail price. No pit or excavation needed, no air ducts, A better-heated homo can be yoursl YOUR CHOICE of Flat Register or Dual Wall Model of tho new Cole-man ShalloncwFurnnco with exclusive new BHi-Ardi Burner and other Colemnn features for 0 belter-healed home. Low in cast, cnsy to Install, economical lo operate. Come In today—15% saving h for limited time o/uyl Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 So. Hrnachvay Phone 2051 Underground Fires Being Smothered WASHINGTON, June 12. (/P) — < The federal government Ls making, progress in Its two-year-old war against underground fires, some of which have been smoldering for years, the Bureau of Mines said Saturday. Some of the fires, licking a\vay at valuable coal beds In Pennsylvania, Colorado and Wyoming, are being choked off by a block on their Bources of oxygen: others are being isolated by trenches; some are being literally dug out of the earth. One "very serious" subterranean fire, threatening to undermine 'Carbondale, Pa., Is soon to be drowned with mud flushed over il through holes bored In the earth. Salesman Sees Reef— Not of McCarthy jjtjntage, But Auto . CHICAGO, June 12. (/P)—William G. Gibson, 46, a salesman, saw red-fire engine red—when he wcnl to get his car in a parking lol yesterday. Gibson had left his car for parking purposes only. But someone— police did not determine who— applied a paint Job to his quie - gray mode!. It now is a bright red The paint had been applied will 1 an. 'expert touch, apparently wilt a paint sprayer. The chromlurr fiplsh and windows had been taped to protect them from the spray Multiple' father Given Right to 'Small LONDON, June 12. </P) — Swimming Instructor John Walter Shepherd was fined five shillings (10 cents) In a Lambeth Court for be- ng drunk. Shepherd was arrested while alr- ng his 16-months-old twin daughters. The perambulator wobbled alarmingly. I had just been to a hospital where I learned that my wife hac another set of twins," he explained "I had a couple of nips to celebrate." Bergman's Attorney Denies Marriage Rumor LONDON, June 12. (AP)—Ingrid Bergman's attorney denied today that the film star and Roberto Ros- sellini intend to oome to England to be married. , Last week. Attorney E. Gordon Lawrence said he hart been asked k determine whether the marriagi could be performed under Britisl law. He said today that their re cent proxy marriage in Juarez Mexico, is valid in Italy. The coupl/j Is vacationing at pres ent on the; Isle of Capri. Pried Loose : rcm Auto Wreck; Goes Home Anyway ALHAMBRA, Calif., June 12. AP)—Ambulance attendants had o pry Anthony Hilbert from his uto yesterday after It struck a ruck and skidded and caromed in- o a tree. Police had to ask him the make t his car because it was so badly tattered. But at Angele.s Emergency Hos- lital, where he was treated for concussion and shock, Hilbert said he vns going home. And he did. Fistula May Often Result From Piles FREE BOOK—Gives Facts On Associated Ailments A new f illustrated 40-page book or Fistula, Rectal Abscess, Piles and other rectal and colon disorders is now FREE to all sufferers. Write today—a card will do. Thornton <5i Minor Clinic; Suite 672, 811 E. IJn- wood, Kansas City 3, Mo. Newl950 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Refrigerators THEY'RE GORGEOUS! Smooth, glcami ng, casy-to-clcan, these beauties take up an nmnzingly small space on your kitchen floor. THEY'RE SPACIOUS! All four models hire huge freezer lockers, big crispcrs to keep fruits and vegetables dewy-fresh, anil unbelievably huge shelf areas canaille of storing foods like watermelons and tall bottles. Every feature has a function! The quiet, trouble-free TiV>l-irW Unit saves electricity Tatitrrd Door Styling, beautiful, easy-to-clcan, saves floor-space. Handy, built-in livtlh-Opmer is so convenicntl sbtlj-arraiigcmcnl makes it easy to store bulky foods lite watermelons, ctc.Srnooth, porcelain enamel interiors make cleaning easy. Be sure you see these refrigerators! CONVENIENT TERMS 312 South 2nd T HAT'S a question well worth answering before you settle on your next automobile. For what fun is there—what thrill —in a car that is prisoner to the city streets, slowed down by roads a Buick is built to take in stride? So we'd like to show you just how much smoothness your money can buy. How levelly you float over cobbles and car tracks — over rutty gravel and wavy black-top—in this stunning traveler. The car will be any Buick you prefer— SPECIAL, SUPER or ROADMASTEK. You can name the place —pick a spot or a stretch you know so that you can measure Buick's smoothness against your own experience — and we'll promise you a new sensation in riding comfort. The time can he any time you want to arrange with your Buick dealer —who is ready to rouR-WJtT fitk tugged /rcn* w>d (!) nil Ike rfyk no!., t2) KJY*I on repoi'r corii — varfico' ban at* individual!/ repfoceoLJe, (3) ovoMl "locking harm," 14} ma lei polk' Ing and gaiagino ec**er. show with acliml figures that "if you can afford a new car you cp.n afford a Huick." Sec him, will you, and treat yourself to some real comfort? Phone 6863 and with it goes: HIGHER-COMPRfSSIOM FitcboH »o^«.(n fcood power in Ifiroe engincl. (Ho* f-263 ingino in SUfE« moJeli.) HEW-P/llTfRH smiHG, wild MULTI-GUARD totetionl, lopor Jhiou B h fWtrl, "douklo bubbF." IdOTgfcfr WIDE-ANGLE VISIBILITY-, doit-up ,ooj view ball, lo^fa'J orrf hatk • rRAfflC-HAHDY SIZE, lull oy.r-oll for umier po/Ung nnj garoying, ihort fuming ladivt • EXTRA-WIDE SEATS crarffed bcf-Y*en fn« ox/«l SOfT BUICK RIDE, irom affect iptinginy, Safefy-Rida ri'mr, lo* preiiu/o tint, ritle-itaadying torque-lube • WIDE ABRAr OF MODUS wilft Bod/ lif FilW. SEVEN POINTS OF THE WONDERFUL BVICK BIDE Only Buick has LANGSTON-McWATE Walnut at Broadway BUICK CO. Phone 555 WHEN BHTH AUTOMoaiits ARE Euiii BUICK win simo THEM

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