The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1941
Page 6
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;y COURIER NEWS iNew 1'isfliteii Are Added ! O ' .-:•• . ••• •.•••• . • , ' To'Friday'.Night's-..Program Incomplete Pass on Fourth Near completion oi vhe Friday night professional boxing card was rtnnuum-od today by Promoter Joe CMitf as interest in the'bout between Aaron' Byrcl and Lew Wallace of St.. Louis increased hourly among fight fans ol' this area. * . • craijr said Ray Simmons of St. Down No Longer I OUCn- \ Louis would be mau-heu against • , c , p T \\ f * Iw Kennedy o! Kama:, City in a back; JUbS Can lailC | 10-rouml .semi-windup bout. lioih .;.•.• •••... •-.-.• ——: j tire ISO-pounders and Kennedy Three new rules changes in col-J was recommended for a 1'l^ht Jegiate -football were oil the books , against the capable Simmons by •today -and grid experts predicted i Abe Kuufmun, the Kansas City •many new offensive formations promoter who lias been in the. would result from a more wide-| f^m yrame ' for' many years. Don Burton, ICO, . Blythovlllo fitjhter asui referee for amateur boxing mat dies, will fight Young Irish of St. Louis in a six-round •si-rap. Other matches iji;:ludi- a four-rounder to be named later open-'style* o; play allowed by changes" affecting substitutions, behind-the-line shovel-passing, and forward pass, incompletions on fourth -down. Tiie National Collegiate Football Rules Comjn it tee made the nev: rules a part of the football code in annual -meeting- at Clementon. K;,-J ; , Friday after a three-day rules committee discussion. Substitute Freely New rules include: and a n<*xro battle royal. Fight fans are Invited to watch the local boys work out. each at- ternoon beginning at 2 o'clock in the Legion arena's ring. TliP Chitkasaw Athletic club announced today through Its presi- 1—Plays may -be substituted as j dent,, W. ,.I. WunderHch, that it many, limes as desired during a : game;" elimination of the rukr prohibiting an incoming sub from talking until after the ball has been placed into play;, when substitutions are made in the final two minutes of play .the watch will be stopped as usual when the sub enters the field, but will be restarted when the substitution Is completed. • . 2—The ball may be hamicd forward ut any poiul behind the line of scrimmage to any player and will be treated as though it were u backward pass. (This does not affect the overhand forward pass.) "heartily endorses" trie .spirit of the American Legion and Promoter Criii;* in donating 10 per cent of the gross receipts ,io the family of Lawrence Waklon. Osce- ohi service station attendant sluiii tast. week in a holdup. Manila Opens Cage Season' Here, Friday Manila's Lions will eomc here Friday night to furnish the open, ing 1941 basketball competition 3—Fourth down forward passes i for the Blytheville Chicks, as a ' 20-game schedule begins for Coach Joe Dildy's youngsters on the high incomplete in the opponent's end zone will not be ruled louchbacks Joe Dildy's y but will be treated only as Ineom- school court, plete passes as on any other down and the ball will go over to the defending team on the ynrd line from which the play was started. More Offensive Power An innovation discussed but not acted upon was the standardization of numbers on players' jerseys as an aid to spectators. Many .colleges are expected, to test a standard " numbering system during the 1941;; "season. . Changes were made generally to "give the offense greater power without injuring the defense too much," according- to Committee Chairman Waller R. Okeson of Bethlehem, Pa. "We - feel the rule for substitutions ftt any .time, .will"benefit the •smaller colleges, esrfii\auy : , and. vruVtencV to reduce'• injuries.": Sbose Wins, Gets Shot At Champion Overlm The regular schedule includes 10 games here and 10 on foreign ground against Jonesboro, Leach- vine, Paragould, Osceola.. Shawnec, Armorel. Manila and Corning. Au invitational tournament) will be entered the last of January and probably another such tournament will be a part of the schedule. The state tournament will follow county and district meets after the regular season closes, with 15 district winners seeking to dethrone Jonesboro, 1940 slate champion. Although a member of the Big Jo conference, Blytheville does not compete in loop play in basketball, but plays an independent schedule. Longest Driver in Golf rjas 34-34—6# For Two- Stroke Lead helieKs Fireball Beats Motorcycle -YORK, Jan. 4. (UP)—By virtue of tbe dynamite in his doctored right, hand, : Billy Soose will. Today's Sport Parade Br HKNKT MeUQfiOCK LOS ANGELES,-Jan. 4. (U! J >Lon^-driving Jimmy Thomson h<--Ul :i two-.slroke .advantage in playlu,', his ijolf in many tournament;, us the' $10,000 Los Angeles Open with a iurfce field conhilnm^ ?,'top-ranking pro golfers teed oil today in the second round of pluy Thomson, always a threat !;IK .seldom a winner in major tourney k of the pros' winter golf circuit, shot u 34-34—M in Friday's open- Ing -round over'•'Riviera Country i-lub, one of America's trtekie.M linkfL where lie won,.two years ir/o with- 273. Only two others unidng the stars were able, to best par, a ml <mly six •.. others, equalled regulation figures. .Second pla^e went to ,, Sammy Snead of Hot Springs, W. Va., and L'merick. Knscis of Luke Orion, 111., who had 70's/Defending Champion Lawson Little had 72, as. did two former National Open champs. Ralph Guldahl and Olin Dutra. The tournament will end after 72 holes of play. The field was trimmed to 00 contestants for today's round and will be cut more tomorrow. Monday Silver Fox Hunters Roundup Of'38,000 Aiumaif By XEA Service - call it—swiftest and most humane HERMANSVILLE,JMich., Jan. 4. form of killing. -—Silver lox- hunting in Michigan's north woods 'lacks horses and ] hounds and bugle calls, but it's i - Aaron Uyrd (above), lilytht- villii professional boxing- star who fights Lew Wallace', outstanding middleweight fighter from St. Louis, here Friday ni^hl ut Hie Lcglou tii'ena. day for the first round of the Los Angeles $10,000 Open Championship and ran into Freddie Cor- Jlmmy Lott. popular heavyweight wrestler who defeated toughie Bob Montgomery here last Monday night in a three-fall thriller, will I take on Joe Welch, 199-pound Ok- lahdman, Monday at 8 p. m. in the feature bout of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly card at the Legion arena. Lott will substitute for Carlos Rodiiquez, 200-pound Mexico City speedster who was billed to oppose Welch but will be unable to get here from Florida in time for the match. Lott was applauded every one of the 750 fans present this week as he downed Montgomery, and the former Alabama Rapid Robert Feller wins this "race" with a motorcycle filmed for. new American League official movie. In top photo, motor policeman roars past the Cleveland hurler at 80 miles an hour, getting a head start as Feller delivers. In bottom photo, ball may be seen already through center oi target before 'cyclist reaches it. C Metropolitian Cage Fans See Fast Quints Tonight j exciting sport just, the .same. A do/en men recently completed a roundup of a forest!'ul of tiie juumvil.s—38,000 of them. Takes Two TTeeKS The foxes had run wild on the eig'ht-.smiare-mlle range of Herbert A. Nieman for several months, but it took only two weeks to clear the forests. Nieman raises silver foxe.s for pelting on a range covered 'with i Umbel-land, .swamps and rolling hilb. It was well below ?.ero, with a foot of snow, when the drive opened. Shortly after dawn each day, a dozen beaters were assembled • by irwin (Red) Sutherland, supervisor 01" the range, instructed to cover a different area each day. One of these ureas, surrounded by drop fences, covers ' about 40 acres. Beaters were spotted at strategic spots in I a long line and at a .set .signal .started their charge. Kill Painlessly When an animal attempted to backtrack, a beater grasped huh by hLs tail, tossed him back. A.S each area was cleared, a drop fence fell and beaters lined up for the next drive. Finally, 1500 01- more .silver foxes had been driven into the last area at- the end of which . was the catch peri. Beater.s drove them into the eor- •al, a fenced square of about 50 'eet. Sport was over then. This was the kill. Each beater selected a fox. grasped him by forelegs and muzzle, marched past a man seated on a dynamo box powered with 600 volts of electricity. Bring: Large Income In his hands were two sharp needles. As the animal was held in front of him he pierced the fox's hide with the needles just below the heart. There was a convulsed movement, and it was over. Electrical euthanasia, they Two beaters- were ' bitten, one on the lace, the other on the leg. Hands were' protected wi'th leather gauntlets. Pelts will bring about $1,250,000 at. about $25 each. Nieman raises silver foxes, which are never •tamed, at seven different breeding farm;; in Michigan and Wisconsin, has 11,000 pairs of breeders. More than 200 animals were saved this year for breeding- purposes. Uncle Sam's Youngest Soldier r coran. Freddie does one of the unlvers ' itv ' ^cm-oil star and pro- best sports promotional jobs in the ' " country as tournament director of the P. G. A., but he also .finds time to collect more odd bits of sports in format Ion than any fellow I know. As -to the questions listed above: Freddie says that Sharkey wns still rubbing his jttw from Louis nailed him with a right, but the former heavyweight champion thinks Dempsey would have beaten LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4 <UP) — get a title shot wlth.-middlev:::£r.t W:- does Jack Sharkey, the only champion' Ken Overlin in .Peb- man who has fought them both, • ' - - 'think would win in n bout between Jack . Dempsey and Joe con- ruary, or March. Wiry, dark-haired Soose vihcecl a. hostile crowd of 13.038 cash 'customers in his first .New York appearance last night at Madison Square 'Garden that he is the. "uncrowned king" of the middleweights, hammering out an easy 10-round . decision over Tami Mauriello of the Bronx. With three smashing, straight rights .in : the third round, belting Billy—former intercollegiate cham- . pion from. Penn State—convinced Promoter- "Mike Jacobs and the crowd" thai he might be the guy Louis? What; did Sammy Snead say to Edward. Duke of Windsor, during their recent 18-hole golf match in Miami? How near did Bing Crosby and Elmer Ward come- to buying the Joe. Dcinpsey Was Tops who could lift - the crown Bridegroom Overlin. from Boston Bee.sV Director Well Informed Which newcomer to the golf game has a. great chance to be a star In a year or two. if not sooner? I didn't know the answers to these questions until I went out to the Riviera Country Club yester- He's Indian No ii. DEAL w/w BOSTON, HAS AV£ BATHED IN F08 EACH "Put Jack and Joe in a locked room, or throw them in a phone booth." Sharkey told Corcoran, "atid Td bei that Dempsey would come out healthier. He's just that much tougher. Oi' course, I mean the-Dempsey that licked me. not tiie fat one running a restaurant, on Broadway." As for what Sammy Snead said to his Royal Highness, he said j absolutely nothing, according to Sammy, who was the only, spectator allowed by the Scotland Yard men to follow the match between Edward, an itide. Gene Sarazen and Snead. it was not i:ntil the end of the mutch, and after the duke had congratulated Sammy on his brilliant. 65. that lie West Virginia bo\ said u word. . ^ Sneiul Breaks Silence "I gotta go now," Snend finally said, "and see if T can get a ride back to town. I gotta lift out'here and didn't bring my own car." Corcoran said the Duke was a bit taken back and amused on the i 15th green when, after he had missed n short putt, his big colored caddy, whose toes stuck out through his shoes, picked, picked up the ball, threw it back, and said: "You try that putt ovah a pain. I done told you it broke to the left. Now try it that way." The Duke did try again. Freddie j said, and sank it. as the colored ;. boy grinned in triumph. IJinp Is Hatred The reports that Bing Crosby and clothing tycou Elmer Ward j wanted to buy the Boston Bees ! from Owner Adams was uo pub- i licity stunt, as *o many believed. 1 "I was there when Crosby and [ Ward talked to Adams." Corcoran ! told me. "and heard Adams ex; press a desire to sei Ithe team to them. The price was S400.000 and Bing and Elmer were ready to put out S2bo,000 as a first payment. They already had a new name for the team—the Boston Bings. The one reason the deal didn't go through was a veto from Judge Landis. The judge simply won't stand for anyone buying a baseball team who is a racetrack owner, and Crosby operates the Del Mar track." fessional .football player favored by local fans over Welc-h. George Bennett, 18G. Salt Lake City, will meet Ole Olscn, 185, uoker-faced Swede .well-known' here. In the scmi-ivintlnp. ?; Bennett rallied after losing 'the night came off with a victory after winning the last two falls of the match. Meroney had three bouts on last Monday's program, which attracted a crowd of 750 persons. Both matches will be 90-mmute time limit affairs, best, two falls out of' throe. t wns first fall last Monday wlieie I Karl Von Zuppi. and NEW YORK, Jan. 4. (UP)—In- j tersectional c o 11 e,g e basketball which has already drawn a total of 81,835 fans into Madison, Square Garden for five 1940 doubleheaders, gets underway for the new year ,onight with Long Island University playing Michigan State and Fordham meeting North Carolina. Eastern basketball teams currently hold n 6-4 edge over out- of-town rivals in Garden engagements but both Michigan State, which recently beat Creighton, mid-western court power.-; and North Carolina^ champions of the Southern conference, are 'given more than even chances to win Although remarkably accurate at shooting and possessing teamwork equal to that of- almost any quintet hi the country, unbeaten L. I. U., which lays an eight-game winning streak on the line, will be put to a thorough test ' by the west erners. Sophomore Carl Petroskey who plays the pivot post, is the only newcomer to a veteran Michigan State outfit. Both of last year's guards—Bob Phillips and Milt Petersen—are on tap while Forwards Max Hindman and Joe Gerard are proven performers. The Army's no place for softies, but evidently age has nothing to dc with it. Private Harry Wohlfeil, Jr.. pictured above at Fort Custer, Mich., where he's attached to the 50th Field Artillery, has attained the ripe old age of 15. He's believed to be t he y ou ngest. so Idier Jn_ the. U,. S... Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist ' Blytheville, Arkansas Specials! Extractions - - - - $1.00 Full Upper and Lower Plates ------ $25.00 (Extractions Include^), Complete Stock of Whiskeys, Wines and Gins At All Times 107 S. 2nd Phone 16t? Tlic sweet potato is n leading vegetable in nil the tropical countries of the world. r\ I I KGQSSUTGS U. On Aluminum Porter's Cap Tries to Win S10 3 000 Race Purse ARCADIA, Cfll., Jan. 4. (UP)— Charles-S. Howard, leading money- winning owner of 1940, made a bid .for his third straight stake at the Santa .Anita meeting today when he sent hLs Washington Park Futurity winner. Porter's Cap. against ten other three-year-olds In the $10,000 added San Felipe stakes. Howard won the opening day $15.000 California Breeders championship stakes with his home-bred Yankee Dandy. WILDCATS' RECORD GOOD TSVANSTON. Jan. 4.—Northeastern University teams won 71 contests, lost 43 and tied four during 1940. ^ ' Wildcats took Big Ten championships, in tennis and water polo, tied for the baseball title. Read Courier aews want ads V To Voters the and Tax- of Mississippi County Faced with possible shortages of aluminum, defense commissioner Edward R. Stcuinius. Jr.. promised that there would be ample produced for defense needs He's pictured above 1 in Washington. DOiTU'.rtg to cha: 1 showms how potential capacity oi aluminum I would like very much to keep before you the fact that I am to be a candidate for County Judge of Mississippi County two years hence. I will run on the same platform as.Jidid in the last election, with improvements and changes for the best interests of the County. ' •.. . - •* • I will endeavor to shake hands with and solicit- the vote of every voter in this County within the next two Delta Implements, industry O'Rourke to Pros? NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 3. (UP)— Charlie-O'Rourke, football slinging hero in Boston college's victory over Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl, revealed today that he was willing to talk business with the Chicago Bears and that he had accepted a position with the Maiden, Mass., high school. Read "Courier" News want" ads. exccecis defense demands. Inc. -312 So. 2nd Phone 802 vears. Yours truly, Monday Mi>ht 8:00 p.m. Legion Hut JOE WELCH -vs.- JIMW LOTT GEORGE BENNETT -vs - OLIE OLSON - - BottniTatch-cs DO"minute time iFinit, 2 fails out of 3 J. A. (Jimmie) GWALTNEY

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