The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1943
Page 3
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Mexican Grappler Paired With Canny Against Two Welch Brothers i Big Carlos Rodriguez, a-tough hcmbre fiom the bordei country, comes back lo ••BlyUieyUle; tonight for'another go- at (lie brothers Welch. Wllli the Mexican matstar will be ' none other than slruttln' Bill Canny, one of Ihe most rug- g«Tclia|« now; per/onnlng-on the wrestling 'circuit 'that Includes Ely- thcvlllc.. ' - •.. ... , ;. . i ^•'Caniiy and Rodriguez wijl at tempt tp pin the Voaci shoulders of Hoy and Jo« Welch in another (agVinalch at tlie American Legion arena on North Second street, an ttstywnt lliat many oilier, wrestlers would instinctively shun, because tlie Welch family has never been-noted for being easy to•shove around. However, Canny and Rod- riqiics arc longer on willingness than they-are oil Imagination and »hcn offeied the match here to night by Promoter. Mike Meroney tliey. 'readily accepted. It probablj \\ill be a worthwhile shp'n 1 for those who follow Uic mat sport arid Mr. Mcroncy predicted that- a capacity .'crowd would-' be In flic aren^ when the action gets nndcmaj at 8 15 oclock Two out, pf'threc falls will decide the feature irg- match 111 addition there -jiill bo two CMC-fall matches 30 minutes time limit One of these contests will be bcUcea Canny ami the veteran Roj Welch, while the other struggle will see Brother Joe match grips with Hodrlquc^ McNally, Quick Change Artist, Made Patrons Comfortable And Garden A Model Arena BLYTHEVILLE,::(jUtK.y;CQURiER NEWS Negrg Basketball • Team Seeks'Games i The JJegro enlisted mens b)s- Xctball team IE seekinj, games with oilier Negro teams In this \lcuiity Wcut M J Angell, junior phjsl- cil director and coach of the sqimd said todaj ' I ha\e a good team but Ive. been able to get them onl> two garner this season," hi 1 said I coultf get games wllh Memphis squads but the tYansportation problem makes that inadvisable I nant games with high school and independent tuims within a ra- dliis of 50. miles.' Stephen C Foster was born In Perms j Ivan la CHICK ASAW , West MsUn Near tlst St. • bat start* 12:45; San, starts 1:45 "* Nlrht shows 5:« . Except Monday, opens ;.tf thaws Sit- *nd Son. Last Time Today /The Road to Zanzibar' w'th Ring; Crosbj, Bub Hope , at|d Dorolh> Laraour Universal News' Comedy Tuesday BUDDY NITE Z tickets for the pnce of 1 'Five Came Back' n ith Chester Morris & L Comedy, ' Pathc Ifcws Ball Open ., - Show Starts 7:30 p.m. Adm. jUrayi He utf Mo I BY ROBERT MEIXAGE NEA Slaff C'orr»spondent NEW VdRK.-Men traveled from every country on this globe where ;htre is' an annucnienl arena to see the'wonders of Madison Square Garden—not the ixrfonnaiiccs of peerless athletc.5 and entertainers, but those of a man the mob never paid' to see. They come to see what made yiadlson Square Garden run, to study the quick change methods of Janies McNally, scenc-shltling craftsman who , made Ihe Eighth AVe'nue amphitheater the model of every arena in the world. Someone should.have written the story of Big Jim McNally years ago. He has done so much for the amusement-loving- and thrill-seeking public, not. to mentioii 'promoters', over a span of 40 years. It must have .ssemcd strange to Superintendent McNally to moyc his last.-prop and put out the lights In (he House of Hickard for thc'last time. Jim, 68, will take Ills CMC at his St Albaris Long island, home. ncliremcnt rings the bell on a career that had Its beginning at (lie 1 old Garden'on Madison Avenue between West 26lh and 27lh Streets in 1897, ^lieii McNally left the contiols of a streetcar to gel into .the 'game of wlilclf lie has been such'an integral part. l/AWIli»S .SUHKWJI.KS McNally Invented a plow which i educed the time of removing Ice from. 11 hours for CO men to 55 minutes for six. 'He . perfected Ilawless schedules for converting pieiiiiglit for all sorts'- • of shows'—Ice, horse, dog, chicken 01 nhnt have you—(lie circus hockev, ski, carnivals, fights, wi wiling baikefbill rodoes, track and field meets sfx-dny bicycle races, soccer, dnnce mnrntlions, Ilie- ntrlcal productions, political rallies, meetings, anything anyone wants to put on for a rental of $5000 per diem. The iiijws ate freezing for hockey, while llic last rounds are being fought, and (lie circus Is moving in downstairs When the Garden tlopi Ls leqniied for tlie following Uefformance, .-McNally-trained, men ha\e it cleared of seals before the arena is cleared of people. Since the new Garden's opening In 1925, Jim!'McNally has rebuilt, everything but the roof to facilitate the-movement- of thc.spectaculnr. He 'raised a • balcony to permit passage of n mounted horseman and elephant with mahout aboard, plniinrt! the ; gigantic basement vherc fans for one admission can ;ce- Ihe 'sideshow.; arid inenagarlc Before moving upstairs ' for the ^irciis 111 a movement 'common to 16'other'show place.'REGARDLESS OF'SURFACE He Installed 5300,000 worth of Tans -In order that Tci Rlckard's Tctlsh: for pleasing might be satisfied. In .ncrmlUIng: the faithful to smoke. McNally has taken, tip the baseball - floor'on Thursday to make room for .the ringside for Friday's light,',and removed the ringside for Saturday's .Policemen's- Ball, which gave way to Sunday afternoon's and night's -hockey matches and the .necessary Ice. Then he changed the ice for Monday's Ice' carnival as figure •katcrs needed n softer, slower and New Phil Owner Learning Fast ; As Ivory Trader Wy NKA Service ••.'"'. HBRSHEY, a. — .BUI. Cox; ,new owner of the Phillies, 'wax'dickering' with Branch Rickey of the Dodger?! for a trade Involving the 'Philadelphia club's Bobby Bragan,'' a' catcher-shortstop' sought In earnest by Brooklyn. Cox listened'to President Rickey for/ 15 minutes, t)ieti asked for Arky Vanghan; .Schoolboy Rowc,' Southpaw ' Bob. Chip; man and others In exchange'for Bragan. itlckcy gasped and'replied; 'Young man, you'll be around ,lhe league a long U'htlc. You're icarii- ng fast." . ' : Jonesboro To Decide: On Athletic Future ^_'_ . -'• • • • -" / JONESBORO, -Ark., March 29.^ I'hc Joncsboio High School Ath; Jim McNally trucks out of Madison Square Garden. . thicker surface than the hard''and fast hockey rlnK,'.Ice is mud?-by 13 miles of lirlne-can-ying pipes which freeze water sprayed" on Ihe hard floor. • >• :• . etlo Association will m'ec.t -nexi sjonal is off his game, lie consults week to decide about the, athletic ahother teacher, aiid has the program at Ihe school. The asso- wrinkle Ironed out. It is vastly elation will determine the awards' nior ? difficult to remove a hitch thai will be given [he team tlils rrciin ' » batting swing, or to remove year. • . . .',... ',•' a lillnd spot from tlie same. football practice will ue > 1!ltclle -' ; nl!d b'lnd spots usually another'topic at tlie meeting Tlie "'"""Vto.kccp in the minors play- 1944 schedule of Ihe Hurricane'will I"'*:' 10 otherwise might have been -"/' outstanding performers. ' It frequently is suggested that a julf • professional miglit improve a club's'.'batting average, font Ott contends it would be disastrous to attciiint,' to 'teach the same method .of :pivotlne and timing to an entire',teapi. . ' A baseball swing Is more or less lie discussed nlorifr with the poksi- bilitics of continuing 'football' next year. •• - . ' *. -..••.; Abandon Track Spoilt ' PABAGOULD," Ark. j)March -itf- IVInclpal Ralph' Halill* 'of''.!!^ High. School announces ' that for the second si. VVM Ihcre- wouicl be; no .'track' team at the Paragon School' this 'year. • • e'. year GIANTS i,IKE SID 1 GORDON i' LAKEWOOD:- .N/. j.-sW-cbf- don appears certain- ot. a birth with the New York Giants; either "I third base or in thc-out'fieid He hit .300 with Jersey .-City.-.':•,•;, Detroit'has never ..finished In last place in the -American -Liacuc -of baseball.' . - ' '.•;-••• :•••••'' with rivals! from- the. 'Boston 1 " G- (leii tlifit,, 'a' hockey ga'rriq 'woulUXbe pmycd Sunday aftcrhobn'^-ofi:'-'^ ; ' ' When - : you' , sit ' In •' on' , any .'spectacle, at the .Garden, or elscwheYe. 1 you arc .comfortable". because -. McNally .made n career of-pleasing' . He rejHovcd n-200 t fool ski jump ! y oi,. and Ills methods will alwayl be midnight oil Saturday, laid bets copied as the best, . -, ,'... ...... : HUGHES COMPANY J '. Mondd> Night ; ONE SHOW ONLY -Box Office Op«hs 7:,'JO p.m. -Picture Starts .8:00 pm 'Tortilla f|at' ^rith , Spencer Tracy, • Hcdy I,a>Iarr , + * and Frank Morfan News of the D»y . Selected Short TUESDAY PAL NITE I Ucket, f w 2fe Priorities On ?i Parade 1 -* ' -i*»?7. ,C«H»«» A Vcr», Vague ii^ t - ' by gelling It/MONTHLY 'OTORCAR AINTENANCE"atyour CHEVROLET DEALER'S Chevrolet deateri service all makes of can and trucks. ' Chevrolet dealers have had the broadest experience—servicing millions of new and used vehicles. " ' T ' Chevrolet dealers have skilled, trained mechanics. Chevrolet dealers have modern tools and equipment. ~ ".. Chevrolet dealers give quality service at low co.t. ROLET DEALER TODAY „„,„ „„• „ Al „..,.,„. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Blythevilk, Ark MONDAY, MARCH 29, JO-13 By'lUKRY GRAYSOX Nt'A Sports Editor t AKFWnrm .),„ 7V^ ,' * -<&"<* ' ls " ,,,m J.-BI11 vJurges I1w baseball co '"P llcatc <l „ , f , ,, at . nlo " cs ', Not only ttcr " ve rhytllm alKl (ere is' the pitcher's change of ice to . be taken into considcra- Mei pit says he has never seen two: batters hit the ball exactly nlike, iin<t (lie manager of the Polo Grounders has been with the club 17 years. The', baseball swing can't foe \ugh'., 'or corrected, like the golf wing, U that were possible, there H'ould be ••considerably more trouble for the pitchers. •When tlie finest playing profes- uprlglH. Ott sees the two tlieorlcs uovetailing In few respects Oil's argument is thai bodv power must bo put into n basebull swing. There hnve bwi-aud are —wrisl-Dlllci's, of course, but tliey seldom get more (ban singles. Unlike the golfer, Hie Datter can not let the clubhead cio the work Ihe ball he Is hilling is jumping, curving, sailing or rifling by, when the pitcher isn't pulling the 'strlns The golfer's target Is stationary Ho has nothing but mechanic* to master and bent, No one b out there in tlie center doing his utmost to overpower or outsmart Tlie main idea in baseball and golf, however, is to come into the ball correctly, and ball players to a greater extent than golfers, succeed In doing lliis in many different ways. That's why yon see such a wide variety of batting stances, why Ott can't recall having seen two batters hit the ball exactly alike. Ott, the left-hand hitter, is famous for raising his right foot as he adjusts his sights. Rogers Hornsby stood ns far back mid away from the plate as possible, stepped into outside pitches. Tyrus Raymond Cofob crowded over ihe dish. Lou Boudreau of Uie Indians tics himself into pretzel knots at the plate. You wonder how lie ever gets a base hit, but he man- ,. ,...,.,.,«*. .,04.,[3 ,:» muji; ui if&s uvui gcis a oasc nit mit lie hortlymtal, wliile that ot golf is ages lo get, the bat around squarely Into the palli of (he 'ball IJabu. Hull), Jimmy Rixx and Hank Grceiiberg were mammoth and mighty men who looked good striking out, but their tremendous swings would nave ueen wasted el- fort without precise timing, Tlie latter is also Ihe aiiswer lo tlie consistency and Uic'-'.-'i'npgnl/lclciil distance obtained by willowv Tod Williams. Timing Is the secret, 01 hitting— in baseball, golf, boxing,. football— any sport where Ihe IhrJIi Is in the old sockeroo. S UI:MAIN HOT SYRACUSE.— When the Vosel liros. team of Chicago won the AHC chainplonsliip in 1!MI, the pair of winning alleys was shipped (o Syracuse. Tlie New Process Gear team just set a new city mark of 2917 on them. Read Courier News want- ads. WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Mar. 29,8:15 />. m. Lowest Admission of »»r Wrestling Arena in America. ''' NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION PRICE-AduIU 30c Us Inc.; Kcserved seats 15o; Children I$e. Reserve Seat Ticket* on gale at Schmuck'i Standard Oil Station, Corner Main and Division. " -TAG MATCH- ~ CARLOS RODRIQUEZ and BILL CANNY vs. THE WELCH BROTHERS 2 1-fall, 30 miiuilc matches ltoilri(juex vs. Joe Welch Canny vs. Roy Welch HIGHLIGHTS FROM PRESIDENT PRICE'S 1942 REPORT-AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO OUR POLICYHOLDERS INTEREST EARNING MAINTAINED- .The Company earned 5% on invested assets during Ihe past year. Jefferson Standard has con; •Jtslenlly, maintained leadership in this field. INTEREST PAYMENT RATE MAIN- '"T*'-N.ED-Paid 5% interest in 1942 on policy .proceeds hold in trust for policyholders and bene- ,;' ficfories. This rate has been paid continuously •:;?'"" *^ e Company's organization in 1907 —an_ ojher reason why Jefferson Standard POLICY '•'-. DOLLARS ARE LARGER! ' SURPLUS FUNDS INCREASED-Sur P l ,, : Capital and contingency reserves total $10,000,000 —a new'high mark in additional funds for policy-holders', protection, ASSETS AGAIN INCREASED-Asseti in- 'treojed $10,251,131 during 1942 and now total $.115,016,016. These assets, highest in the Corn- pony's 35-year history, represent a heallhy condition and growing strength. SAIES HIGH-Sales'of new life insurance dur- ' ing 1942 totaled $46,000,000-30fo of this on • those already insured in the Company. :•:' * .INSURANCE IN FORCE-$470,ooo,oooj«f- • forson Standard life insurance now owned by 190,000 policyriolders-a $20,000,000 increase. BENEFITS PAID-Policy benefits paid by Jofferson Standard in 1942 amounted to $6,170,804. Since organization in 1907, the Company hos paid $131,465,865 lo policyholders and beneficiaries. (Jcjfelson C)tan<lal cl ^Doilals ARE FIGHTING IN THE WAR Every time you pay your premium you are not only buying the security and protection of life insurance for yourself and your family, bur you are also contributing to the war effort, and the stability of our national economy. Your life insurance dollars, 'invested in War Bonds an'd Industry, help to finance war production. They also help to fight inflation because they are not competing for scarce consumer goods. • As a contribution to the war effort, life insurance underwriters sold War Bonds in ]942 totaling over 2'/z billion dollars. Jefferson Standard Agents are Equipped to Give You Service Geared to Wartime Needs Under current wartime conditions a sound life insurance program is even more important than before. Jefferson Standard agents are trained life underwriters — each well equipped to give you wise counsel and timely information that will be helpful in planning your life insurnnce program. Consult our local agent the next time you are in the market for Life Insurance. 36 ? i ANNUAL REPORT fJNANCIAl STATEMENT * DECEMBER 31, 1942 AS SETS Coth .r.- . . . . . . United States Government Bonds . ...; Slate, County and Municipal Bond* ~, All Other Bonds ... Stotlcj . . .... ... Lilted securities earned mallei, coil or call valt whichever Is lower. 10,335,540 3,555/243 9,5S*,J67 «,9<1,M2 first Mortgage loam .• 57,913,311 On form property S&,072,423, on cily property $51,839,765. RenHstofe ..-.,. -,r-.. Tim includes our seventeen- Jlory Home Offic« Building, loans Tij Our Policyholders . .'-. Secured by the caih values ol policies. Premium Loans and 13,741,564 Secured by )ho cojh >olu*s of poEicioj, Investment income in Course of Collection.; Premium* in Course of Collection . . . ...; All Oihcr Assets ... 3,119,161 1,060,355 195,910 LIABILITIES Policy teitrvei . •. . .$94,042,029 This reserve is required by .tow to assure payment of policy obUgarions. Keserv* for Policy Cfaimi .'. . . .-,.-. 422,997 Claims in coursa of settlement on which proofs have not been received. R«t<rv* for Taxes . . 415,US Premiums and Interest Paid in Advance) - . 1,099,339 Policy Proceeds led with Company ,,.:.7: 7,693,864 Dividend* for Policyhotderi . . . -., 1,061,449 Reserve for All Other Liabilities ;...• ;•>•.- 280,930 liabilities ..,;.-.:. SI05,016,0lo Conltnsency Keierve . $1,500,000 A fund for contingencies, depiecialian on real estate and investment fluctuations. Capital . . 4,000,000 Surplus Unassigned '. 4,500,000 Tolal Surplus funds for Ad. dilionol Protection of Policyholders .'......• • 10,000,000 TOTAL Admitted Alsefs }l 15,014,016 We srtall be glad to furnish Annual Report Booklet on request 7OTAI . ...$115,014,014 T. P. FLORIDA Osceola, Ark. JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ^O^L, <srr(Le^ PRISIOINT . GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA

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