The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1941
Page 5
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•• \ J SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SALE fOB enef it CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION i Dally rate per -line ror consecu-i tive , insertions: .1 One "time per line...' ..... ...... 10c two times per line per day....03c Kifee. times per line per day..0f>c Six times per line per day" ..... 05c Alcntb. rate per line ............ GOc Card of Thanks........ 50c & 75c Minimum charge Me. Ads ordered for three or six times wid stopped 'before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad -appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted'by persons resitting out- iide ol the city must be accom- ^.panied by cash. Rates may tie easily computed from the aboyt; table Advertising ordered for irregular fcsertions takes the one tuns rate No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion ol any classified ad. ^^—• ' _ •'' * """" For Rent Pfif^* 9 I LVO^y Trade Now -at Phillips Motor Co. for a Better Car! 11)40 Ford DcLuvc Coupe. Equipped \vith radio, heater & w.s.w. .tires. Black finish like new. See this car todav. Price onlv 80 acrps, extra good four room house, improvements. New root, windows and doors. 55 acres in cultivation. One mile from concrete highway. S42.50 acre, S125U cash, balance; cheaper than rent. Just east of Little River, S. E. Missouri. FlINNY BUSINESS 138 acres, till highest type cultivation, right in Portageville. Missouri. Old Bayou land. One 5-room hc.UHP. 3 tenant houses. Barn. $«5.CO per acre. Terms. Russell Kleins, 101 E. 3-pft-H i '571 19H9 Ford DcLuxc Tuder. Low mileage, motor & tires in excellent condition. Clean throughout. O , v $469 1936 Plymouth finish, tires & this car home for only Coach. IMew motor A-l. black Drivf $178 One light housekeeping room. One bedroom, for two. Cheap. Close in,; Water and. lights furnished. 115 East Walnut. j 1930 Mercury Vorclor Sedan. Beautiful maroon finish, motor in excellent condition. A car that will suit the nil ire ^ family v Gcocl work mules. Cash or terms. { Cash or terms. See Floyd Simpson. Manila, Arkansas. 3-ck-tf' 65 Acres near Rives, cash or on terms. Mo. $3,000 cO Acres near Haytl, Mo. cash - and terms. Part 120 Acres cut-over west of Hay- Li. Mo.. : !\ mile oil gravel. Can be had for $30.00 per acre. Part cash. 2. furnished rooms. Private entrance. Lights and j water, bath. $3.50 week. 1111, rear, Holly st-reet. 3-pk- 1 / Single bedroom for gentleman. Private entrance. Private bath, shower. 1-1G3- Holly. Tel. 984. 3-ck-7 'Several other Blvtheville. tracts .south of 1939 Dotlffc Tour-in. Beige color, radio & heater equipped. In A-l condition $/|pQ hroughout. Price only.... 4* -GO orcl 1040 Model Tudor. Black color, with white s.w. tires ow mileage: see & drive (trfijQ this car today tp^3*?O L EOLIJSON & CAGLE..Inc. •2-ck-tl Deluxe Coach. My five room, brick- home, 3 miles south, on H. W. 61. Furnished. Phone 19-F-4. . 2-ck-S (Modern furnished apartment. Automatic hot water. Phone 82 or 106. G. P. Smith. 2-ck-V Furnished front bedroom. Next to bath. 713 W. Main. Phone 988 2-ck-tf Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Good condition. Corner of It-Iain and Second. Call F. Simon. Phone 764 or 1170. l-ck-tf Two room furnished apartment, Also bedrooms. 100 W. Ker.tusky. Call 1129. 31-pk-l-31 Store building, Phone 329. Main and Lake 31-ck-tf 2 room furnished apartment. Adult: only. 319 W. Ash. 30-ck-i 2 room furnished apartment Lights and water furnished. Reasonable.. : 1601 \V..Ash. •iO acres land 3/1 mile school, Christen Community, i'ree range. 311 Wilson Ave.. Oil Mill. 2ti-pic-1-26 KxiilniiK Lonjf Disappearance BOSTON (UP) — For four years police searched for 21-year-old John J. Sullivan, Recently he telephoned his Mother from Se- ixttlo, Wash., saying he. was "safe" at college--having flnnnwcl hLs education by working as A seaman. Honor Student is Ulhui IOWA CITY. In. (UP) — Shirley A. Porter Is one of th« best students at the University ol' Iowa; ho Is 1 working his wuy through school; he is u talented musician. He has been totally blind since childhood. SAVE 4| of n»—T»Bk cat e on ft ft) every Uf|k f*»—T»Bk ear to JMT ear. (Trtrsethyl Gu) JOYNER OIL CO. tL g. Highway 61, Nortm _- 24-Deur ******* First PrfKldtmt lo Use Auto William Howard Tai't was tho nrst preshtrnLot' the United SU\U?.s to make regular use. of un automobile while in olTlccv, Wurren O. Harding was Lho rtrst who knew how to drive his own. COMl'EETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES Call 16 DELTA OFFICE SUPPLY STOKE U.K. anil Ash Sis. 'Til bet 1 can ask the prosecutor some questions he can't answer, tool" On Ovacoke Island. N. C., ponies and cftttlo stlli roam wild. Try Our Barbecue RIBS They're Delicious Ole Hickory Inn 193!) Price only —TRUCKS— International Stake Pick-up FOR SALE—Four head good mules, good farm tools, hay and corn i Wiley Smith, Burdette. Ark. 19-pk-l-19 19S({ Ford Only Pickup IS4C Ford Pick-up. Driven only 9.000 milos.. 1938 Chevrolet Bargain arice at this 522 up. A $29 Ton Pick-nn. ^rt**/ i P i LL Coal-and-wcod. range, used less than two years; in peri'ect condition. 310 East Davis. Wanted MOVING We move anybody, anytime. CALL BIKE PHILLIPS AT (510 27-ck-l-27 Female mi inquire a! Chow. Owner picas; CouVier News Oflk-o. Lost Position Wanted 2 gowns, one white satin, lace trimmed, and one blue crepe. Lost Monday either on Main street or on First between Main and Ash. REWARD. Call 404 or 31-c;k-7 TILLAMOOK. Ore. (UP) — A check hero rcvenls thtil 17 member. s of a Civilian Conservation Camp, disbanded two yuars iifjo, have, returned from iheir nntivc Rhode Island to make; ihi'ir hume-, in QiTsjon. Several of the boys Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Jo« IMUM** Stora Phone 540 HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION Guncnil Repairing, Johns Ice & Coal Co. Good - Cieaii - Coal \V« Ddlver LOO Ihs. or Carload Ail Coal by Hull Phone 83 Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores" FOR SALE 6 room bungalow E. Ky. Ave. Corner let 10£ feet ( raniagc. A bif b«rr«iin at $19<!». THOMAS LAND CO, H. C. Campbell; Salesman Farmers Opportunity We make concrete pipe to replace your wooden - Bridge*. AH »ize»- Osceola Culvert Co. Pliones 253 & 60 I). S. Limey - Ed Wiseman Osceola, Ark. J. Dr. Saliba's Clinic EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT 128 E. Kentucky Ave., Corner Franklin & Kentucky GLASSES FITTED \. Snlllm, M.I)., M.R., IMi.C. Ofllce I'houc 418, Res. 410 Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms Interim! hemorrhoids that do not protrudo .are oftentimes HII illusive nllmcnt since they tire usually not'painful. They tiro frequently the twsic cause of much reflex suffering. Some of the most common conditions that ai£ caused more or directly by Intenml Hemorrhoids as "well,.tvs other rectal pivtholofiy arc: high blood pressure,'digestive .disturbances, cxtromo niM'vousn«?;«, dull Imv-lnxckiichc,: back ol thighs• ache, Insomnia (sleeplessness)' and constipation; It is folly and dangerous to defer or neglect examination and tmitmcmt that will relieve and cure this ailment". DRS. WES & NIBS BlythPVUlo, Ark. Clinic 514 Main Tel. 98 810, 811. 1123 ion. J;sc(i Car ?.I-rr. IVIorc If in tbr. moni*y in ~ ALLEN'S / Oil and Coal Circulating HEATERS SHOUSE-HKNRY HARDWARE CO. ^ room 'unfurnishea apartment, connecting bath. Rent, very reasonable. Hot and cold water am telephone. Nice location. Coupli onlv. 1123 W. Ash. Phone HT4. 4-ck-tt Bedroom convenient to bath. Stean: heat. Phone 280. 27-ck-f- Desirable bedroom, twin beds. Mei Preferred. 1017 Wnlr.-ut. Phoru 102. ' - 24-ck-U Two. 2-room furnished apartment? 615 Chlcfcasawba. 23-ck-t: Male Help Wanted .SALESMAN WANTED Tvant mon ulio can use big opportunity to. make sc-cd mcney. "ranchise to sell Cuhlom Tai- .cred Clothes open. Should net ex- :cllent income. Wani man this ;ervitory at once. Wonderful new prin? line cut January 20th. Write cr infcrmation today. The A. Mash Company, 1906 Elm Street, Cincinnati. Ohio. Personal Arouse Siaggisb Uvar. wark oE che WP to rid yourself of constl- oation. ga= pains, anj that icrar ounk feelmc Takp one Ijoz of " '2 room furnished CW. Main. apartment. 70 23-ck-ti 3 room fuornishea apartment. Private bath. Desirable locatkn. Phone 280. • ' . 14-ck-t. Large bedroom. Twin beds. Stean heat Men preferred. Corne Chickasawba and 10th. Phon- number 1. 23-ck-t5 Available, socu • - r .wo-room offici suite, "windows >n Main sLreei Sudbury Bldg. Phone No. One Wanted to Trade Possession rmmetJiatfily (trade) Washing, Ironing 1 quilts or blankets •Villie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plant, H.W. 61 North. 9-ck-10-» For Sale or Kent 300 Acre Stock farm, 10 miles west of Paragould. Will rent for $1500 -i year or will sell at S15 an acre or will take care of 150 head oj stock from October to March, inclusive, at S2 head per month. Other 6 months at SI head per nonth. Sfc Frank Lane. Phont 331, Paragould. Ark. 12 pk 1-12 FAMOUS OLD ABBEY HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured English abbey. 10 By way of. 11 Approaches. 12 Felt through the senses. H Toward. 16 Upon. 17 Bound. 18 To plant. 19 Great mass of ice. 2(1 To yawn. Answer to Previous Puzzle JIAiNiyiSLlHiOiUiSiEjM.iO'LjD RUE ilL CIOMF liLlLK 2o Wooden pin. •"0 Bellow. OWNES OFFERS (trade) 281 acres gently rolling upland stock grain and hay farm. Over 2GI Hrrrs open. Two sets improvements. Lccjitfd on graveled road, j 21 Snaky"fi'sh. joining .school, near Ypilvilie. Ma- 23Cnlvxlcaf' rion countj-: north central Arkansas. Total taxes unrjrr S40 last ypar. PRICE S20 per acre, good terms. Will trade for town prop- t-n.y. T!" lived of the gumbo, high fa:;^ and herd work, thi^ nicr: :;trr!< rarm may snii. Write full; \V):HI yon have in Piv;.i ieiier niiti offn- T*'"JSn S ^o Turn ° q^ck j ™ B^ing dish. " 40 One who Ownrr Caleb Smith. SikosUn. Mo. 'hinks highly ... of sell. T57 i j • '12 Ravines. . \velainji EXPERT ELECTRIC'& ACETYLENK ILILI5 LlEjAiPiSl NiElAlP IL nDBD|l{RlE!RgFl L(I|T)BD!A|T|E r!5!AiRi|T!Ai5 SISE [GJP.IAISIS NIG ClOiL GjOiBj^MjE SiAiCIPlEiD 101R EiPlOD OiR^SjE SiEtRIl ;N 1D!l|QjT MiEIQiNIS 44 Grain (abbr.). 46 Bearded. 47 Tardy. 32 Pertaining to 48 Grief;. a branch. 49 To snuggle. 34 Vat for fodder. 51 Pertaining lo 35 Completed. 37 Undraped statues. VERTICAL 2 Opposed to odd. 3 Iniquity. 4 Savor. 5 Complete entity. Latin. 53 Dower. 54 Elocutionist. 56 Credit (abbr.) 8 Transposed 57 It was built as (abbr.). the church of 9 To bar by a . estoppel. are crowned and buried in it. 13 Melodies. 15 Was indebted. 18 Lettuce dish. 19 Spear q£ grass 20 Compass of a voice. 22 Era. 24. Flower. 26 Bone. 27 Intellect. 28 Biblical priest. 29 It is located in . "England 31 Gondola race. 33 Ambassador. 36 Feathery down. 38 Lampoon. 41 Sluggish. 43 Writing tool. •15 To do a sain. fi Requirement. 47 Refined 7 Sorrowful. woman. 45 To caution. 50 Male child. -51 Gibbon. 52 Frozen water. 58 To rectify. 32 English 55 Early English labbr.). and heavy ty. WELB I> r a jj I i n « and h< spccinll iarksdaSe ifg. Phono 1!) or Res. 101 Kxpcrt Electric ants Acelvtene WELDED Fender and Bofiy Work Shnrpcnins Dell. Art. Minnows tor Sale Goldfish a]id...ShiiH:!'f l 300.. E M3.iv St. Phone SOU. C'r. C. 19- ck -1-19 oi them nrc employed, the survey E. Sycamore. :i-pk-8 showed. FRECKLES AND HIS THE GUY WHO SAID BATTLES WON IMTHE AIR SURE KWEW WM/CT WE WAS TALK- ABOUT I HE HAS EVERY SwtrEN AT THE PARTY GOING 'ROUND IN CIRCLES / LOOK MOW THEY'RE LINED UP , WAITIMQ TO DAMCE WITH HIM/ ADD A UNIFORM To TUAl; FRECKLES , AND YOU'LL HAVE TELEPHONe NUMBERS YOU'LL, KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH / Ttt\S JOB t)\Tl!ER / THERE'S STILL HOPE t \T'S SAME BLUE SEDAV1 THAT BUMPED 1UTO MV TA^Cl AMD IT STiLU BENT HEAD LI6HT A DENTED FBOMT FEWDER WE'VE DOME PROBABLY THEY THIS ISN'T A.KJ ORPIM.ARV BLAZES, MAW. IT'S LIPE OR DEATH! BEENTAVCEM QV THE MOST RUTHLESS SABOTEUR OM THE COWTWENT! EVJERVTHIW& <5ARA6E,ORCHMJ<3ED THEY CHAWOED POS^BLE.VET ABOUND ASPECT IM6 MO LlCEk'SE MUM8ER BY FRRp HARM'Al* Not So Loud RIDE DOWJK! CXNttOrt ANiD KEEP EV.E.T> FbR. BANKS -fo \MvTH OH-OO 0000- PROFESSOR .' —ARE C\TY OF GOLD , RED'S VOICE. CROCKS TWE YJALUS OF QUICK t^T ACK TO WM AS FAST I---HOPS TH£S£ AMD DRAPES I SWIPED OF OLD VVOMMUOVVltL \V\KS LOOK ENOUGH NOW TO SET THIS PLANE DOWN HAVE A CLOSER LOOK FIELD OF MY OPERATIONS/ CAPITAL. OF CLEOPAO-RA:^ DOCST ABOUT IT, SETTING ' H£KE INI THE NjLE PELTA . T.M: PLC. v, .QT ? P.

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