Leader-Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin on June 13, 1937 · 10
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Leader-Telegram from Eau Claire, Wisconsin · 10

Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 13, 1937
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1 THE EAU CLAIRE LEADER. EAU CLAIRE. WISCONSIN. SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 13, 1937. alph Guldahl Sets World Record to Win Open Golf Championship v immies Snap Eau Claire Victory i . String; Win, 7 O) 1T.1E CALLED iil SEVENTH DUE TO RAIN o'dfredson, Willard ; Are Hit Freely By Jamestown 'at Bears lour game winning ak was snapped yesterday af-ioon when Jamestown took an -eviated contest from Eau Claire . Rain, which had been falling ost since the start of the game, ided Umpire Knutson to call game after the Jimmies c had en their turn at bat and also -ea postponement 01 the game Colonels Beat CIAMTC WPP AT Bl I 'di ns Defeat Brewers REDS AS CUBS MILWAUKEE, June 12 (AP)- DEAT DIHI I ICQ Indianapolis nicked the Brewers here DJjil I IlllLLlLlJ series and hand the Milwaukee club its fifth straight defeat. It was Garland Braxton, up to a month ago in Brewer uniform, who defeated his former mates, allowing only five hits in the first eight innings, but "then loosening up for three hits and two runs in the 9th. Bill Zuber, starting Milwaukee hurler, was removed for a pinch hit' Pirates Trim Dodgers and Cards Win From Bees NEW YORK, June 12. (AP) The Giants barely survived a late rush hv tho Cinnelnnati Reds tO- ter In the seventh and Pressnell, who dav to ok out 4 to 3 victory and succeeaea nun, was nammerea nara retain their half game grip on first the rest of the way. place in the National league. Milwaukee ,.010 000 202 5 They won bv the margin of an Braddock Concentrates on Body Attack for Joe Louis Indianapolis .. 000 200 23310 -.- Colonels Win unearned run in the fifth inning, after little Mel Ott had set them Buck Marrow - hurling - effectively, won the last game of the series from cti was scheduled to be piayed Kansas Citv today. 5-0. t night. The Bears are scheduled John Niggeling, who started on meet the Jimmies In the series the mound for the Blues, was struck il tonight and will make ' up on the pitching hand by a line drive 1 postponed game on Jamestown's off the bat of Tremark in the 4thu t appearance here. An X-ray was to be taken to deter- "he Jimmies accomplished yes- mine the extent of the injury, which ay s victory at the expense of forced him out of the game. l Godfredson and RalDh Wil-1 Louisville .. ..211 001 0005 8 0 Kansas City ... .ooo ooo 0000 6 2 Marrow and Berres; Niggeling, Btlne and Breese. KANSAS CITY. Louisville, with off in front with a homer with two i Godfredson. hit hard almost m the start, gave way In the 3rd .ing after Jamestown had counted r runs off six hits. Willard who :eved him was touched for three re scores, two of them coming :the 6th when the Eau Claire hurl-( lost control and walked four n In a row. pQ Bears found Mike Kash none '? puzzling after the first two in-zs, makln seven hits hi the six ling contest but they failed to" lect In the pinches. Stan Uhle, turning his greatly GRAND BEACH, Mich., June 12. (AP) James J. Braddock left five sparring partners with sore bodies again today as the climax of another long drill. : : The champion, whose workouts during the past few days have indicated he intends to concentrate on the body of Challenger Joe Louis at Comiskey park June 22, devoted his six rounds of punching today to that style of attack. He opened his day with five miles of road work in the wooded territory near his camp, played a few holes of golf, then went Into his boxing routine as fresh as if he had rested all day. He started with Henry Cooper, punishing the? youngster In a one-round session, then did one round apiece with Charley Massera and Maxie Roesch. Jack McCarthy, Boston heavyweight who has been Braddock's companion since the training grind started at Stone Lake, Wis, two months ago, was next. j Braddock used McCarthy for two (By Sparta Editor) mates on base in the first inning. Hal Schmacher held the Reds in check for seven Innings, just lasted the eighth and then gave way to rookie Cliff Melton, who retired three men in order in the ninth to save the game. Schmacher was credited with the win. Rookie Lee Grissom, who went the route for the Reds, had only his shaky start to blame for the defeat-After the first innine. he limted the Giants to just three hits for eight frames. AH the Cincinnati runs were pro duced ' bv homers. Alex KamDouriS hit his tenth of the vear with the NEW YORK, June 12. (AP) Des- bases empty In the fourth, and Spud pite the continued clouting of Lou Davis contributed his first of the Gehrig, to ciim to in top oi me season with Buck Jordan aboard in American league batting race, the the eighth. In the ninth, Ernie National league leaders, generally, Lombard! opened with a plnch-sln- created the bigger splash In the big gle. but Melton, summoned from the time hitting pond this weeK. BROWNS BEAT YANKEES BY 7 TO 6 SCORE Louis Opens Uo on Partners as Jacobs Watches rounds, and his short, stiff shots to the body drew grunts from the Boston Irishman. He varied his attack against McCarthy, shifting occasion- He tapered off with a ground with White bOX, Bill Irby. . ; Today's session with gloves left the champion with only five more boxing drills before he enters the ring to rlofonri tho tltlo ha won from Mar Baer two vears apn tomorrow, acalnst ST- LOUIS, June 12. (AP) Joe Indians Lose as Tigers, Bees Split 2 KENOSHA, Wis.. June 12, (AP) Mike Jacobs of New York, co-pro moter or tne 15-round battle between heavyweight Champion James J. Braddock and Joe Louis at Chi cago June 22, paid a surprise visit to the brown bomber's camp today, causing a change in the day's training plans as well as some excitement. Trainer Jack Blackburn had an- 281 IS LOWEST SCORE MADE IN LINKS HISTORY " Snead Takes Second and Cruickshank Third ' the challenger of the Brown Bomb- VU4ai,JS came mrougu in me ciuicn uuiun;eu Wiai .uouis wouia tae a cr. He will box tomorrow, Tuesday, today wltn a to-r"11 double in the full-sized 15-round boxing workout Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. uullu uuuus wuu ujc wuay w iesv nis stamina. Alter a BY ALAN GOULD BIRMINGHAM, Mich., June 11 (AP) Big, stoop-shouldered Ralph r1tVil flia nan aihA MltM' Vli His 31-year-old legs appeared to STi0eJShiS,!,"!ltop "wttil, Jaco-t however' comeback shots. climaxed an epie be in top condition for he did not "wtlYok , ; ' was frimmea to ses- olf Btrule today with a record- slow down- an instant against any ieam Derr , Vm mc glovcs' smashing triumph in the 41st open of his live sparring partners. He was 7h T coos reponea to De concernea championship of the United States, uie aggressor mrougnoui tne six 'ucnu 6s rounds and seemed comparatively nding In Tom Carey with the ty- in drills sat with the bomber's co-fresh when he headed for the shower hig run and Harry Davis with the managers, John Roxborough and bath at the end of the day. winning tally. , Julian Black at the ringside, watcn- Braddock tried on the gloves he The wtonlns hit came off old Pat ing Intently every move by the chal-will wear June 22, largely for the Malone, who had relieved Lefty Go- lenger. He departed without offer- benefit of the photographers. Medwick, Gehrig CALIFORNIA TRIMS r I WWmm f r r"ers WISCONSIN CREWS 4 major leagues Both Defeated by Golden Bears The 25-year-old Chicago - free lance professional, so destitute a year ago that a friend helped him get his clubs "out of hock", came from behind in miraculous finish to post a world record aggregate of 281 for big time competition. The Texas-born giant whipped old man par by seven full shots over the historic Oakland Hills layout, led his nearest rival, Slammin' Sam Snead, by two strokes, and clipped a shot from the former world and mez in the eighth and who was inar comment charged with the defeat. Eon Hog- Louis appeared to be spurred by sett who went the route, holding the the presence of Jacobs and hustled Yanks to eight hits, including three thru 6 rounds of boxinir with three homers, won his second victory. spar-ma tas. The challenger cut Prank Crosetti hit two homers, one loose with a more forceful offense of them in the ninth, which put the than he has shown in any previous XrS: C10Ul- "J".. open championship record Vh7 wt:L7rf 7ifc. . urara co"&lueraoie cmicism in re- Gf 282, set just one year ago at Bal- The defeat did not CUt the Yanks' I rnt. irnrlrnnte innxirut .doming I x . '. i. Varsity and Fresjimen .one, ame American league lead, since today to block'the blows of his op- Par Shattered Z7r Zf?L ponems. Guldahl registewd ; successive a?i fff!' u. -p :. . Indications were that Trainer rounds of 1L 69, 72 and 69 to beat v!irlnt,ihe r? c.hased J&k Blackburn will Coach Louis to America's foremost shotmakers In a in ihV fm,Wrn V.u. kw c open up ln mt flve 1 drUIs w&lt- tato that had par absolutely grog in the fourth on singles by Sam intr him iv- t.h. u hnut i I j n V. , " ! west, Beau Bell and Harlond Clift: tnree more In the fifth on Rollle ing rum Dei ore tne title bout. ? 1 ev and a aallery of nearly 8.000 soec- The bomber's fourth from his fin- tators wUd with excitement. The al drill will be held tomorrow after- winner was cheered br the blraest ' MADISON, Wis., June 12. (AP) - nn&nn - . ' I wm. wv w.. I O " I 1UC UUlUril J3CHIS III lH I i 1 ( JI 1 11 C rr !TTk 7 u , . tt11- fanncd chick Harey Ducky Medwick, setting the hottest ?eated thf university of Wisconsin Hemsley double, an error, Hogsets Z Z . Z"PnV ff T ,Jl 7 , .YfiJT? " ? e. majors have seen lorsome to varsity and trJ Crlw"rac3 two-bag'ger, Davis- base' STSS fcinf SfS ff 2? TJtt 1 E " VA&V V vli f AM 4VfV III AUWAMMAVM for the fireworks A special train will Jones was among the onlookers, carry Louis fans from Chicago to Guldahl's Anal round was a rare the lake front . stadium : ringslce. combination of courageous recov lengths ahead of opening the ninth. Carey singled workout. He concludes workouts Rn, th. ivrv wond- from the hin. the pitching staff considerably. Last night's game with James town, cancelled because of rain, will be played off here at a later date ln a doubleheader, according to President Carl Bylander of the local ball Qlub. Another game with Jamestown ,. Is scheduled fortonlght at 8:30 p. m. , , GRAND LARCENY udarieclub a hit off the grandstand facade In meanUme, bad nine hits ln 23 at ; TmUe course Md walked to ttheU tt VhV T to strengthen the right, his rJnth of the year bat for a league leading mark of J83, STtL 2 w Xtet' for VomYk's ig drive g ,', Ripple's single, with Chiozza scoring when Ival Goodman fumbled the play on Ripple's hit. Cincinnati ..... ,...000 100 0203 8 2 New York .... 300 010 OOx 4 3.1 Crissom and Davis: . Schmacher, Melton and Mancuso. Cubs Beat Phillies yesterday's games. Four other National leaguers, rather than Medwick, stole the hit tinz spotlight, however. Buck Jor dan, come-backing ln a Cincinnati uniform, hit .429 for the week to shoot into a second place tie with .381: old Heinle Manush. another Bret-mem, nuuur nuuana, ngni- Oelbert to fore out. tm nnt nnlv retained the National t .i- i.j... w m improved hanaed pitcher of the Minneapolis The real hero of the came, how- wini laurels, but clubbed out eieht n, -n ,L iiffhfh with . vciv.. wnig at the plate, led the Bears I baD club who pitched against the I ever, was Ott. After Lou Chiozza hits ln 18 chances to boost his aver- n . jflt- vnmriv rrnr ti-.,, tjn..' ai.a. mui n jjau vt mim, "in- i - ...0... . "" vfjjie .ow.v. wm , age l0 .tij, me oiuy uciici-umu-.iw Poiizhkeensie trainlmr test finished n't- " m one run and scoring the game neany two weens ago wras w on Kw Kiggs" eror. ott siammea regular ln either circuit. Gehrig. Wand half lPtJth flh.ii or er. r i aiis. ocaiisc, wiui iwo i irjnjii wunjr vj uc uu viatic uuu sties, was the only other Eau Butland Is expected ire player to connect more than oe. . Vfter a scoreless first Inning, nestown took the lead ln the ond with a run Kraus slapped single to right and went to sec-i as Barnett was throwing out dak. Javol fanned but Castrop Sled to left scoring Kraus. Kash funded out to prevent further ring. rhe Jimmies teed off on Ood-ison Jn third and scored three es before Willard came to the cue. With one out, Djuira slngl-I to right and was forced by Cavb-L K02y walked and Kraus slngi-to center, scoring Cavosie and -ding Kozy to second. Medak. hit c:ouble to the fence In left, brnlg-; ln Kozy and Kraus before mager Mostil called in Willard Hard hit Javor, first man to face vi, but then forced Castro to pop Ma jeski, retiring the side. rhe Bears, held hitless by Kash ' PHILADELPHIA.-The Chicago c.omt&"' V,CiUi Cubs pounded out a 10 to 5 victory .. . R enCC te Phllhes ayWto-remain th Pta: Dolf Camilll. Phillies, hit Srac hard-hitting outfielder Isn't very halr a gftme thleague lea1. better than -J500 and took sixth with SJw forhe first huncrea tainui. iuab uiui juu uiuw ruutc- I mg New York GlantS. I D. "H JimuB axu j iscm ui me man Clayton Wold or some other of- The Cubs knocked Wavne iAmas- Cubs hit an even .500 for seventh, fleer of the law will be on his trail ter out of the box with a seven-hit with -33. with a warrant charging "grand attack ln two Innings and then went Best week-long performance ln the et. ixuis .. ....000 130 0127 12 0 Gomez. Malone and Dickey; Hog-sett and Hemsley. White Sox Lose CHICAGO. Wes FerrelL reDeated- ly rough-housed by the White Sox when with Boston, made his debut In a Washington uniform here today as he held the Chlcagoans to four hits for a 6-2 victory. A liner off Jonathan fibne's bat bounced nast rrontorffalrfa vt 11,. yards. California slowly eased ahead, Kxeevirh for n fnew- tv, however, as the Golden Bear stroke, homer with two nn th. 11:01. In a preliminary race, the California freshmen stroked the two miles in 10 minutes, S3 seconds, leading the Badger yearlings over the line by about 10 boat lengths. The Wisconsin frosh, badly outclassed from - the start- were clocked in 11:35. Both shells got off to a good start workout Louis showed Improved spirit, but appeared to be trying too hard at times. of West Virginia, had posted a near record total Of 283 that represented the third best performance in tourni-ment history. Trailing by one shot at the outset of the fourth and final round, Guldahl shot two birdies and -an eagle to register an outgoing 33 and take a three-shot lead over Snead. Faltering as he entered the stretch, with a pair of bogey fives that cost him all of his hard won advantage. Guldahl grinned and proceeded to "rip" the course apart with a fight-ine finish that sent chills running NORTHERN LEAGUE alonir the snines of all who could W. L. Pet. scramble Into places to see the big The Standings Larry Arpln of Wiscossin Rapids, to hreak a 2.3 tie and ,ve Duluth , ........20 13 .606 pr0 wiU a new chapter ln golf larceny." - Not content with stealing second and third bases, Levan pilfered home In the fifth Inning Friday night against Jamestown. If there hadnt been a rule against It. there Is hardly any doubt but that he would have stolen first base, too. The Jlm- a two were out ln the third, mies probably will agree that Levan a bunched three blows for two I is not a very safe character to have is. Barnett singlea to start tne around partciularly in a ball game when he's on base. PICKS FRANKLIN Howard Sorenson, who assisted on to win easily behind Larry American league was oy cnarley French's southpaw pitching. Frencn Oehringer of the Tigers, with ten yielded a run in the first on three nl in 23 cnances. successive singles and the remaining I Standing sof the ten leaders 1 in four Philly runs came on homers by I each league: Chuck Klein and Morrle Arnovich. ' Three homfn bv Uo Martv American Larae Auele Qalan and Rlnwr Collins Flayer, C1UD UAflftH PCI. featured the Cubs 15-hlt atUck. Gehrig. New York 44 167 31 64 .383 Two of them came ln the second Greenberg, Detroit 47 178 49 68 .382 i M firm r. , " nistory. ...in If .o-o 17 17 00 18 19 .486 met a Badger challenge wun a wno wa. traded to th anatnr. . Crookston faster beat t five-man deal Thursdav. hi fourth Winnipeg Open water gleamed between tne victory 0f the season Jamestown California stern and Wisconsin His brother. Rick. kn inh,.. Eau Claire bow as the shells passed the 1- in the deal, caught him w wor,.ii Wausau mile buoy. The Badger oarsmen contributed a double and rind. tJ Fargo-Moorhead . 14 Increased the beat but the Bears I th fifnottrcf iKif AtVkAir t I Superior .12 S "Alnaned 'the STI t'TLZ1 Minn '.3o 22 ".577 break on two ucceedinghc4e. and the Californlans skimmed to for th. Mmo ,,... Toledo ......28 22 Recoveries Astounding Birdies on the 12th and 13th, due in marvplmu finnrrtthM. nmwd dw 17 91 Ail I . , t J? H cisive but they were no more vital 19 .387 J to Guldahl's successful ' finish than tne recoveries ne maae, to onset Daa J60 Having refused to "crack' under the i and scored as Uhle tripled past or In right field.-Janes beat out infield hit. scoring Uhle but an fanned to end the Inning, amestown got its first run off lard in the fifth when Cavosie out a slow roller to Ellison l; scored on Kozy's double. A til play, Scallse to Bamett pre-fed Medak's succeeding double n doing further damage, 'he day's scoring ended as the mies scored twice in the sixth Willard ran Into a streak of Iness. With one down. Willard ;ed Kash, Pellicore, Djuira and csie In succession, forcing ln a : and the second came home as y was flying out to Janes in with the promotion of golden glove boxing bouts here last February, was saying the other day that anytime now we could auote him as i Inning off Lams ter and gave the Walker. Detroit. ..47 199 38 74 J72 victory easily ana unurea sented, besides the usual traveUng ausee, westerners a commanding lead. Bell. 8KX Louis ....43 180 30 68 .367 The caiiionuans ana uie wis- Dag, with a gold watch and flowers. Anaiariapous Chuck Klein, Bui Jurges and Col- uimaggio. New yort 38 ioi 38 s jee consin varsity wui leave wbcmicj - wasnington ....000 200 0406 14 0 I lu"'uua iins each smashed out four hits. I cromn. Boston ....37 m u w jbi i morrow ior rougiuteeiiejvucic cnicago 002 000 0002 . 4 2 cracago 132 101 no 10 15 l Bonura, cnicago na 33 64 .360 wui compete in uie wwi-w- vv. rerreu and R. Ferrell: Riirnev VL. 11 J m ha St a a m m A I Ma J 1 A a MM A ft A AFAl J 1 11. T,iH j& f . . . " x-nuaaeipma . ,iw viu uji 9 iv 11 iravis. wasnmgion 10 v 10 jsn giaie rcsuua iiuuc . 1 jarown ana tie well French and Bottarlnl: Lamaster. Gehrlncer. Detroit 36 132 34 47 .356 Coach Ralph Hunn, who nas pre Toreens. Johnson and Grace. iLarv. Cleveland ..42 182 39 63 .348 dieted his Badgers will finish filtn Indians Beaten Pirates Trim Dodgers In the big race, said he bellevea tne vusveLiAND. A ninth inning ral- BROOKLYN . The Pittsburgh national League Golden Bears have an excellent Iy which filled the bases three times 27 23 40 1 heaviest kind of pressure, 1 he came !!.25 23 J2l " -conqueringn thhrough the tur- Louisville . . , Kansas City St. Paul OJ 11 Alt ....22 28 .458 29383 289 ........18 11 27 moil with flawless golf on the last three holes. Through - an eight-hole Wretch- In his march to victory from the 8th Minneapoiis'-Columbus'and Toledo- th 15th delusive Guldahl had sajlng that Lem Franklin, national PiratS poundgd jy Henshaw lor Medwick. St. Louis 42 160 38 66 .413 cnance t0 win on the Hudson, goiaen gioves iieavyweigm, cjjamjjjwi, 1 jjve jn the seventh inning to- vaugnan, rutsourgn 44 us n 00 am would scome day be king of tne professional heavies. So we are taxing Uie liberty to quote Mr. Sorenson. ' I'HLE niTS NOW day to whin the DodKers. 8 to 3. Jordan, Cincinnati 35 113 18 43 Ml I i j .... , .,. . .. -Dl.1.nn 1A 1 Vt OA KA ICS Blanton. Manush, Brooklyn ..39 146 22 51 .349 Detroit Catcher GetS .Bianton, winning his seventh vie- I camim, fnus zs i w h tory against two defeats for the I 0"Dea, Chicago ...29 87 11 30 .345 proauced only one run for the Cleveland Indians today as the Philadelphia Athletics scored their second straight victory of the series. 3-2. Harry Kelley successfully halted Chicago 29 IB Pittsburgh .... ........28 19 St Paul games not included, ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 10; Milwaukee 5. Louisville 5; Kansas City 0. NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet New York .... ........30 18 .625 .617 .578 exactly seven one-putt greens as he survived the strain that took an otherwise heavy toll among contenders in the final stages of the. battle. - ' Almost four years ago. to the day, Guldahl, then a comparative ' unknown, missed a short putt on the home green and his chance to tie ed above the .200 mark in hitting for the first time since well., since (we've forgotten), has at last hit his stride, we hope. And if the Bears' outfielder keeps hitting the w.-b Visa vpn for th Tiitf. tpvrrtt Bears kept Pecking away at d tnen he woud have Manager Johnny Mostil to thank for correcting a "hitch" In his stance. Stanley Uhle, who has Just climb- I season, was touched for 11 hits, but Brack. Brooklyn P. Waner, Pitts. L. Waner, Pitts. 38 147 29 50 MO 44 174 34 59 .339 20 68 7 23 .338 h but were unable to score. Sea- singled with one down ln the Lh, Uhle tripled with two out ln fifth, and Levan and Scallse hit 3y ln the sixth hut their mates i unable to bring them arouna the Jimmies still held their flve '. lead when Knutson called a ' as the Bears were cominar to In their half of the seventh! estown core, "2b xa, ss . sie, If r. cf .... .is, 3b ., An R HO ......2 1 3 0 3 2 3 1 4 3 tk, lb 3 0 r, rf ro, c i. P ....3 ....3 ,...3 For many days now. Uhle has looked and acted the part of a ball player ln many ways His fielding, particularly of fly balls well out of his range, drew plenty of notice. He evened looked great at bat and took . . n 1 U..I t.. .ft Ik. a neauny f uuj uuo -vmy " i boston. Lon Warneke, the wind many times. Ana wnen ne m. cardinals' righthander who has the ol' apple, he was thrown out too been blasted twice this season by often. His catting average siippeu me Bees, gained some slight satis- fanned 11 batters to pull out of sev era! tight spots. Heinle Manush accounted for all the Dodgers' runs with a homer with two mates on base which sent the Brooklyns out in front. Pittsburgh tied it up with a run In the second and two more m tfc' third before putting the game on -.ee ln the seventh inning spree which was featured by Al Todds homer with a, runner on base 2?? SS?-!?? Duluth; Dukes Defeat Bianton and Todd; Henshaw, uamjin ana spencer. Cards Beat Bees BOSTON. Lon Warneke. w v t I 01airATani4'w hlfA.. i j i Arm Broken Wnen JTllt phiiadinhi.. ma mi M. - Int. Ty,u 51 Johnny Goodman for the open - I ww v. Wl 1J I " I .V I .LI. . i-n-l - T5 TUUA RacAhal! Cleveland 000 100 001-2 7 1 Boston 20 24 55 f . jlj Kellev SUPERIOR BEATS PIRATES AGAIN 1 .Winnipeg by 8-7 ' Score down to well below .201 Corrects Hitch But that "hitch" that Manager Mostil has corrected, was a little twist of the wrists and shift in arm movement that caused Uhle to swing late at a pitched ball Manager Mostil said that Ulile hadnt faction today by holding the Bos tons to live hits as his mates pounded out a 4-1 victory. The Cards, who found Deacon Danny MacFayden facing off against them at the start, clinched the game in the third frame by Diasting the veteran for three runs. tals ........ Claire' ieit, ss . rf , ...... s. If n, cf ..... jn, 2b ' se. lb ..... ski, 2b c ....... redson, p,, rd, p ..... .27 .......3 .......3 3 .......3 3 3 ....3 0 ......3 0 0 0 ......2 0 7 9 18 5 I been gettin his bat back far fePP" Martin was the big gun ln mc i.um.& wiui a pair oi two-baggers. St Louis 003 000 1004 10 0 Boston 000 COD 0i0 i . Warneke and Ogrodowskl; MacFayden, Lannlng and Lopez. "Tuffy" Leemans Wed to Theodora Rinaldi 2 4, 0 0 2 0 1 '0 1 9 i 1 0 ..-.26 2 7 18 10 .013 0127 :als stown Claire me called in 7th. rain.) ors, Pellicore. Kozy. Runs bat- n. Castro, Kraus, Medak 2, 2. Cavosie, Uhle, Janes. Two hits, Djuira. Medak 2. Kozy. base hits, Uhle 2. Stolen base, e. Double plays, Bamett to a to Scallse; Scallse to Bar- enough in time for the throw. However, baseball fans who saw Uhle swat that home run out of the park the other night against Fargo-Moorhead will agree that there was nothing wrong with the way the cutflelder was swinging and connecting that night. Besides the homer, he' hit two sides, one of which won a game in the ninth inning. Hit Two Triples Saturday afternoon against Jame- .002 0002 town. Uhle again swung at the baD like he meant to h't it. He aia ioi two triples out of three times up. Well, here's hoping he has found himself, at bat. There could be no more opportune time than now. WASHINGTON, June 12. (AP) Alphonse 'Tuffy" Leemans, professional f ootfeJJk star, and Miss Theodora Rinaldi of Silver , Spring, Md., were married ' today after a romance which began at a football game nearly two years ago. Leemans, former halfback at George Washington university and now a member of the New York Giants professional football team, and Miss Rinaldi met when George MIAMI. Fla.. June 12. (AP) Tt.r.rur T.vnwood (schoolbov) Rowe Washington's team olaved Rice here cii, uu uaoco, uuiewwu - the Tigers planned to leave w in 1335. aire 6. Bases on balls, otf eflson 1, Willard 5 Struck out ash 5, Godfredson 1. Willara s off, Godfredson 6 in 2 2-3; illard 3 in 3 1-3. Hit by pltch- Wiliard (Javor). xsing pit night for Detroit with a tentative 'o. k." stamped on his ailing, right arm. Dr. Cecil B. Ferguson, who has been treating Rowe for a pulled tendon, said he . had advised the pitcher to go back home and take Go-airedson. Umaires Knut- easy workouts for a few days be-1 3 Zviurpny. Time j:20. i fore rejoining the team. The ceremony was performed ' at St. Michael's Catholic -church. Silver Spring, with former team mates of "Leemans serving as best man and ushers. . The couple planned to spend their honeymoon inthe west, visiting Leemans' home airJuperior, WIS. " ' T " SUPERIOR, Wis., June 12. (AP) For the first time this season, Crookston found itself out of first place as result of 11 to 1 pasting by Superior today. Producing twelve hits. Two ot them home runs, the Blues made an easy job for Marion Cibrowskl, who turned ina six hit performance to handcuff the Pirates. For eight Innings Cibrowskl , pitched shutout ball, and was scored upon only when he grooved .a fast one to Hansen, who rode It over the right field fence, . for the Pirates lone tally: Crookston .....000 000 0011 6 2 Superior .....402 001 40x 11 12 1 Rudolph, Asselmeler and Erickson; Cibrowskl and TreadwelL Duluth Wins DULUTH. June 12. (AP) An error by Benny Bennett, Maroon catcher, enabled Ray Helixon to score from second with the winning run as Duluth moved into first place in the Northern league race by defeating Winnipeg,, 8 to 7, as Crookston lost to Superior. The Maroons, trailing 5 to 3 going into the firth, cut loose with a four hit attack to push acros3 four runs and take a one-run lead. However, the Dukes retaliated with two runs in the seventh but Bennett's homer knotted the count again ln the ninth. In the ninth, Helixon and Wleczorek singled, Bennett attempted to nab Wleczorek off first but threw wild and Helixon scored from second on the error. Winnipeg 110040 0017 11 3 Duluth 500 C0J 2018' 13 0 Shuppe and Bennett; Cooper, Tlkvich and Felderman, i a ball pitched by Louts (Buck) ew- Detroit's four-run lead to win the sora lO-innlne nlehtcan 5 to hoforo Word from the Detroit dugout 40550 fans. said the arm was broken between A ball DltchAd hv fT.m the wrist and the elbow. : Newsom fraeturod hnn i , Hayworth is the second Tiger ht am of n, Wanh catcher to be injured this season. - catChor. m th- fourth inni f Manager Mickey Cochrane, lilt on oam hM.,.- ul NewV gS? 2 of e Tneup for a at New York, is in Ford hospital ioef .hM , ,. . here with a triple skull fracture. It Z.Z;. Marvin Owens, third baseman, U. J, Zl 'rt! I suffered a fracture in his left hand "ri'.r;"-' uu . cp? Kelley and Hayes: Galehouse. Brooklyn 19 24 .442 on..xo?. 01 "c "J01 m" ilcap' Harder and PyUak. Philadelphia 18 28 .391 wun uie aoor 01 oppwiiumy opea Cincinnati 18 30 J48 MOT s weu Split Two ATurpRirAv assnrTATTow with a berth on the American Ryder DETROIT. The Boston Red Sox New York 27 18 .600 cup team that next WMk ,or mi r 10 MoiEngiana ...... . , j . , 1L. V. XM C71 I uuiaiini won just mc wj 11c iuu DETROIT, June 12. (AP) Ray Havworth. catcher of the Detroit Timers, suffered a broken arm ln the fourth innlnsr of the secona game lost the first earn of a donhiohoad. against Boston today when hit by er here today, 3 to 2, but overcame Detroit ": 28 .21 Cleveland . Boston .... Washington Philadelphia St. Louis .. a ..19 28 ..15 29 .404 3411 several days ago. Iowa Guard to Play Pro Football With Brooklyn Dodgers Detroit from advancing to a virtual tie with the New York Yankees for top position in the American league. Blly Rogell and Jmmy Fcxx knocked out home runs in the opener and Foxx tied the, score in the second game with his 12th homer of the season. First game. Boston 000 200 0002 4 0 Detroit 120 000 OOx 3 11 2 Walberg, Ostermueller and De IOWA CITY, la., June 12. (UP) Don (Red) Nelson. Rockford. la- guard on the University of Iowa Sautels; Lamson and Tebetts, football team for the past three sea- Second game sons, signed a contract today to play Boston 000 000 000 15 with the Brooklyn Dodgers of the Detroit 100 100 200 04 national professional foobtall league. He was recommended by two former Iowa stars who now play with Brooklyn, Dick Crayne and Dwight TTnntzor Nelson is five feet 10 and weighs Indians Sign Young 100 pounas. ne won a major letter in track and a minor letter ln baseball at Iowa. . YESTERDAY'S RESULTS : Northern Legaue - Jamestown 7 .Eau Claire 2. Superior 11, Crookston 1, " " " ' Duluth 8, Winnipeg 7. Fargo-Moorhead - Wausau game postponed (rain). NATIONAL Chicago 10; Philadelphia 5. - Pittsburgh 8; Brooklyn 3. St. Louis 4; Boston 1. New York 4; Cincinnati 3. AMERICAN Detroit 3-4 r Boston 2-5." Philadelphia 3; Cleveland 2. Washington 6; Chicago 2. St. Louis 7;' New York 6. 24 19 .558 I 1 wouia. ne was me wait yiv hi 20 21 .488 1 start practice at oaxiana nuis two ' 20 26 .4351 ecs "e0' uuuug "c irctu uj town or ponuac witn nis xamuy ana to the locality where he began his financial comeback a year ago. Sup-erby confident, he was always at -or close to the top from start to finish. He had the shots and "what it took" to go with them. - ' The victory was worth $1,000 In cash on the spot to Guldahl as the U. S. Golf association boosted the total prize money from $5,000 to $6,000, spilt among 30 players, Instead of the customary 20. Second money of $800 went to Snead, who performed sensationally In his first ODen championship, while wee Bobby Cruickshank, Richmond. Va, took down $700 third prise with his 285, and "Iighthorse" Harry Cooper of Chicago, at 286, carried off fourth money of $600. 6 1 6 4 Newsom and De Sautels; Wade, Russell and Hayworth, Tebbetts. Yale Dropped from Navy Grid Schedule ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 12. (AP) Naval academy athletic authori- Hoosier Relay Team ;-Breaks Old Record COLUMBUS. O, June 12. (AP) T.J. .,-1 1 ...I. V ,1.. ties today announced a football "'T"" 7 u . Ti X..A..1- .. ...u ,ij .v.. distance team established a new San Francisco Star BROOKLYN, June 12. (AP) The Brooklyn Dodgers today announced the purchase of Walts Hoyt, veteran right handd pitcher, from the Pittsburgh- Pirates in a straight cash transaction. . ' Hoyt once known as the "boy wonder" of the Yankees, has been dropping of the Yale and Davidson games. ' In the place of these two, Columbus and Citadel were substituted. Commander Andrew C. McFall, graduate manager of athletics, said y " . m,.rfpr and Smith throo.miartor. the Cleveland Indians and left im- usual naval practice of playing Yale " n American every other year. - .. ; m. . auv iviivua a Ji si utes, four and seven-tenths seconds. SAN FRANCISCO, June 12. (AP) Robert Kelly, 18, San Francisco baseball star, was signed today by world's record of 10 minutes and four-tenths Of one second for the medley event today in a dual meet with Ohio State university. Don Lash, Hoosier distance star, ran the mile anchor of the medley with Trutt a half, mile, Miller a mediately to league team. Join the J Kelly, a catcher, was described by "Lash To Be Onerated "a dead ringer" for Mickey Coch in the majors 6lnce 1919, playing rane, Detroit manaeer. This kid has witih the Red Sox, Yankees. Tigers, Athletics, Dodgers and Giants be fore going to the Pirates in 1933. With the Pirates he proved a con sistent winner but ,has bpen . used almost exclusively as a rel et hur f r this year. He won one and dropped two decisions. all the actions of Cochrane had when he was catching for' the Portland club out here years ago," Kelly said. .' ; Kelly -weiehs 180 pounds and stands 5 feet. 11 fnchev He playsd for the Sacred Heart college team here. . , On for Appendicitis wwwwmwuwwww.w DAGEDALL BLOOMINGTON, Ind-. June 12. (AP) Don Lash, Indiana university track star, said today he planned to undergo an appendectomy soon after commencement and would do no -more running until Sept. 4. when he will, enter a Can- aaian meet, f CARSON PARK TONIGHT AT 8:45 JAMESTOWN . vs. EAU CLAIRE

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